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475 r: New York 27, N. Y. 

Cibrarjp oft he trheological ^tmxmxy 


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Matthew ... . 


Luke ... ... . 

John ... ... . 

The Acts ... •. 
k'^xstle to the Romans 

I. Corinthians... .. 

II. Corinthians ., 
Galatians ... ., 
Ephesians ... ., 
Philippians ... ., 
Colossians ... . 

I. Tliessalonians .. 

II. Tliessalonians .. 

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II. Timothy 


Philemon ... .. 
Hebrews 、-. .. 
Epistle of James .. 

I. Peter 

II. Peter ... .. 

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II. John 

III. Joliii 

Jude .. . ... ,. 

Revelation ... •• 




目書 全約靳 

章八 十二計 

章 六十計 
章四 十二計 
章一 十二計 
章八 十二計 
章六十 計 
章 六十計 
意 三十計 
章 六 計 




立 rr ^ 
早二 a 

章 三十計 



立一小 — 54« 
早 一 "T 一 5t 

書音福 傳可馬 
書音福 傳加路 
書昔福 傳翰約 
傳 行徒使 
書人 馬羅達 
書 前人多 林哥達 

書後 人多林 
書人太 泣加達 
計 書人所 弗以達 

計 書人比 立腓達 

計 書人西 羅哥^ 

針 書前人 迦尼羅 撒帖達 
計 書後人 迦尼羅 撒帖達 
書前太 摩提達 

書門 立腓達 
書人來 伯希達 

書 前得彼 
寄 後得彼 
書一 第翰約 
書二 第翰約 
書三 第翰約 
錄示 默翰約 

道 WED mimimm min \mm 

.i^Sjjvefsirfe Drive New M 27, N.^ y 

I 斗 s 027 

書音福 傳太馬 




THE book of the generation of 
Jesus Christ, the son of David, 
the son of Abraham. 

2 A uraham begat Isaac ; and 
Isaac begat Jacob ; and Jacob begat 
Judas and his brethren ; 

3 And Judas begat Phares and 
Zara of Thamar ; and Phares begat 
Esrom ; and Esrom begat Aram; 

4 And Aram begat Aminaclab ; 
and Aminaclab begat Naasson ; and 
ISaasson begat Salmon ; 

5 And Salmon begat Booz of 
Rachab ; and Booz b?gat Obed of 
Ruth ; and Obed begat Jesse ; 

6 And Jesse begat David tlie king ; 
and David the kiujr begat Solomon 
of her that had been the wife of Urias ; 

7 And Solomon begat Roboam ; 
and Roboam begat Abia; and Abia 
begat Asa ; 

8 Aucl Asa begat Josaphat ; and 
Josaphat begat Jorara ; and Joram 
begat Ozias ; 

9 And Ozias begat Joatham ; and 
Joatlmm begat Achaz ; and Achaz 
begat Ezekias ; 

10 And Ezekias begat Maiiasses ; 
and Manasses begat Araou ; and 
Anion begat Josias ; 

11 And Josias begat Jechonias 
and his brethren, about the time 
they were carried away to Babylon, : 

12 And after they were brought 
to Babylon, Jechonias begat Sala- 
thiel ; and Salathiel begat Zorobabfil ; 

13 And Zorobabel begat Abiud ; 
and Abiud begat Eliakim ; and 
Eliakim begat Azor ; 

第】 章 l_、 — —、 — —, 

kH^l. 的後 的 子孫、 耶穌基 督的家 記 在下面 l^sl. 生 SI 、^& 生 生^ 

和 ^ 的弟 兄、 ff^ 與 S. 氏生 同 ^生^ 生, ^ 

S1 生 sfei® 生 1^、^ 娶 氏生. 士、 ^ 娶^ 氏生 ^ 生^ 配、" 1 生編 王一 

^王娶 ^Iws 的 妻子生 SSTSl^ 生 WM^Il 喂生^ iw^、^MM 生^^ 、 

生^、 0^ 生^^ 餅, 生 耶哥尼 I 和耶哥 尼亞的 弟兄、 那時 候&姓 被遷到 去、 了、 i 

到 之後、 生^ 生 ^s&ss^ 生跑询 生、^ M、^ 


•2 St. MATTHEW, 

14 And Azor begat Sadoc; and Sadoc 
begat Aehim; and Achim begat Eliud; 

15 And Eliud begat Eleazar ; and 
Eleazar begat Matthan ; and Mat- 
thau begat Jacob ; 

16 And Jacob begat Joseph the 
hnsbaud of Mary, of whom was born 
Jesus, who is called Christ, 

17 So all the generations from 
Abraham to David are fourteen 
generations ; and from David until 
the carrying away into Babylon are 
fourteen generations ; aud from the 
carrying away into Babylon unto 
Christ are fourteen generations. 

18 , Now the birth of Jesus Christ 
wfis on this wise : When as his moth- 
er Mary was espoused to Joseph, 
baforc they came together, she was 
found with child of the Holy Ghost. 

19 Then Joseph her husband, 
being a just man, and not willing 
to make her a public example, was 
luiuded to put her away privily. 

20 Bnt while lie thought on these 
things, behold, the angel of the Lord 
appeared unto him in a dream, 
saying, Joseph, thou son of David, 
fekr not to take unto thee Mary _ thy 
wife : for that which is conceived 
ill her is of the Holy Ghost. 

21 And she shall bring forth u son, 
and thou shalt call his name JESUS: 
for he shall save his people from 
their sins. . 

22 Now all this "'as clone, that it 
might be fulfilled which was spoken 
of the Lord by the prophet, saying, 

23 Behold,avirgiiishallbewithchild, 
and shall bring forth a son, and they 
shall call his name Emmanuel, which 
being iiiterpretfd is, God with us. 

24 Tliea Joseph being raised from 
slec'i) (lid as the angel of the Lord 
l.acl bulfien him, and took unto him 
his with : 

25 And knew her not till she had 
brouglit forth her firstborn son : 
and he called his uamn JESUS. 

章一 第太馬 

g 生,^ 撒, Igin 生! 生^^ 1 以. "生§、5^|、 聯 galtg 就造 m 的丈 

生 稱呼基 督的耶 伯,^ t 到叫 #共 有十四 ^從! 到^^ S 的 時候、 共存十 四^」 !的時 

候到 基督、 又有十 四代。 〇, 穌基督 降生的 記 在下^ 他母親 被 I 聘定 還 未曾迎 受了 聖靈 

的感勸 、有了 身孕。 S 丈夫 i 是個 義人、 不肯 明明的 羞辱^ 想要暗 暗的將 他休一 思 念這事 的時^ 夢。! f 主 的使者 

來 對他說 VI 的子孫 你只 管娶過 你妻子 來、 不用疑 鉱他有 身孕、 是因 爲受了 聖靈的 感齓- 鲈必" ^ 生 一 個 

兒子、 你可 以給他 起名^ 耶穌、 @爲 他要將 他的百 姓從罪 惡裏救 出來。 一一一 ^ 事成 就、 便應驗 或作 ffi 驗 主 託先知 所說的 

話、 i&m 女將 耍懷孕 生子、 人將 稱他的 名爲^ S 繙出^ 就是 舯在 我們中 間的意 j。f 醒 了起^ 就遵著 主 

的使者所吩附的、將他妻子娶過舦_!^〈是沒有和他同1等他生了頭 一 個 兒子、 就起名 叫耶穌 1 


章二 第太馬 3 


NOW when Jesus was born in 
Bethlehem of Judea in the 
days of Herod the king, behold, 
there came wise men from the east 
to Jerusalem, 

2 Saying, Where is he that is 
born King of the Jews? for we 
have seen his star in the east, and 
are come to worship him. 

3 When Herod the king had 
heard these things, lie was troubled, 
and all Jerusalem with him. 

4 And when he had gathered 
all the chief priests and scribes 
of the people together, he demanded 
of them where Christ should be born. 

5 And they said unto him, In 
Bethlehem of Judea : for thus it is 
written by the prophet, 

6 And thou Bethlehem, in the 
land of Juda, art not the least 
among the princes of Juda : for 
out of thee shall come a Governor, 
that shall rule my people Israel. 

7 Then Herocl, when he had 
privily called the wise men, inquired 
of them diligently what time the 
star appeared. 

8 And he sent them to Bethlehem, 
and said, Go and search diligently for 
the young child ; and when ye have 
found him, bring me word again, that 
I may come and worship him also. 

9 When they had heard the king, 
they departed ; and, lo, the star, 
which they saw iu the east, went 
before them, till it came and stood 
over where the young child was. 

10 When ihey saw the star, they 
rejoiced with exceeding great joy. 

11 , And when they were come 
into the house, they saw the young 
child with Mary his mother, aud fell 
down, and worshipped him : and when 
they had opened their treasures, 
they presented unto him gifts ; gold, 
and fraukinceuse, aud myrrli. 


1 9 == 1 、 ==== oil , I , 

當¥ 律王的 時候耶 穌生在 ^的^ 利恒有 幾個博 士從東 方來到 耶路撒 冷說那 剛纔生 的猶太 人的王 在那裏 我們在 

、 C 一一 1 、—— 、 四 . 〔 

東方看 見他的 星特來 拜他希 律 王聽見 就懼怕 gMl^ 合 城的人 也都懼 怕了希 律就召 了衆祭 司長和 民間讀 書人來 

間他 們!^ ^基督 當生在 何%他 們回答 ^應 當生在 的 m、 因 爲 有先 知記的 話說、 的 阿、 你在! ^的府 

、 、 、 . 1 〇 七 、 

驟裏 並不是 最小的 將來有 一 位 君王從 你那裏 出來牧 養我、 W 色列 民當下 希律喑 喑的召 了博士 來細問 那星出 現的時 

、lc 、 、 , , 、 OA 、 > , 

候就差 遣他們 往伯利 恒去對 他們說 你們去 仔細尋 訪那嬰 孩遇見 他就來 報信與 我我也 去拜他 博士領 命去了 那東方 

所看見 的星、 忽 然在前 引路、 直引到 嬰孩的 地方、 就停住 在上亂 +博士 看見那 si 大大歡 iniDil 了房子 、看見 嬰孩和 他母親 W 

i 、就俯 伏拜那 pi 揭開資 Anm 獻 上黄金 乳香沒 藥爲禮 I 

4 St. MATTHICW, 11. 

章二 第太馬 

12 And being warned of God ia 
a dream that they should not return 
to Herod, they departed into their 
own country another way, 

13 And when they were depart- 
ed, behold, the angel of tlie Lord 
appeareth to Joseph in a (lreara, 
saying, Arise, and take the young 
child and his mother, and flee into 
Egypt, and be thou there until I 
bring thee word : for Herod will seek 
the young child to destroy him. 

14 When he arose, he took the 
young child and his mother by night, 
and departed into Egypt : 

15 And Avas there until the death 
of Herod : that it might be fulfilled 
which Avas spoken of the Lord by 
the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt 
have I called my son. 

16 ^ Then Herod, when he saw 
that he was mocked of the wise men, 
was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, 
and slew all the children that were 
in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts 
thereof, from two years old and 
under, according to the time which 
lie had diligently inquired of the 
wise men. 

17 Then was fulfilled that which 
was spoken by Jeremy the prophet^ 

18 In Rama was there a voice 
heard, lamentation, and weeping, 
and great mourning, Rachel weeping 
for her children, and would not be 
comforted, because they are not. 

19 ^ But when Herod was dead, 
behold, an augel of the Lord ap- 
peareth in a dream to Joseph in 

20 Saying, Arise, and take the 
young child and 】iis motlicr, ami go 
into the land of Israel : for they are 
dead which soujrht the young chilcVs 
life. ^ 

21 And he arose, and took tlie 
young child and his mother, and 
came into the land of Israel. 

士因 r . HI 在夢 中措示 他們、 不耍 回去見 #1、 就從別 的路上 、回本 地去了 〇^ 們去 後、 ^ 夢兒 主 的使者 來對他 

說、 起來、 帶 著嬰孩 同他母 親逃往 去、 在那 裏住、 等我吩 咐.! ^因爲 要尋找 嬰孩、 將他殺 1-1|0,就 起來、 夜間 帶著嬰 

孩同 他母親 逃往伊 及去住 在那裏 直到希 律死的 時候這 就應驗 主 託先知 所說我 從伊及 召我兒 子出來 的話了 i 割 

想自己 是被博 士愚弄 、就 大怒、 差 遣人將 «^ 城裏、 並四境 所有的 婴孩、 照著他 向博士 所詳細 查問的 時候、 凡 兩歲以 1^ 

、 十七 、十 rC I 、 、 、 

的都殺 盡了這 正應驗 先知耶 利米的 話說在 拉馬聽 見悲傷 哀痛號 哭的聲 昔是! ^氏哭 他兒子 不肯受 安慰因 ^他兒 

十 A 、 == * 一 Ir 、 , MM . 9 

子 都不在 了希律 死後約 瑟在伊 及夢見 主的 使者來 對他說 起來帶 著嬰孩 同他母 親回以 d 列地 方去因 爲要害 ^<孩 

性 命的九 巳經死 1,^1,1 就起來 、帶荖 嬰孩同 他母親 、往 地 方去。 


22 But when lie heard that Arclie- 
laus did reign in Judea in the room 
of his father Herod, he was afraid to 
go thither : notwithstanding; being 
warned of God in a dream, he turned 
aside into the parts of Galilee : 

23 And he came and dwelt in a 
city called Nazareth : that it might 
be fulfilled which was spoken by the 
prophets, He shall be called a 


IN those days came John the Bap- 
tist, preaching in the wilderness 
of Judea, 

2 Aucl saying, Kepeiit ye : for 
the kingdom of heaven is at hand. 

3 For this is he that was spoken 
of by the prophet Esaias, saying, 
The voice of one crying in the 
wilderness, Prepare ye the way of 
the Lord, make his paths straight. 

4 Aucl the same John had his 
raiment of camel's hair, and a leath- 
ern girdle about his loins ; and his 
meat was locusts and wild honey. 

5 Then went out to him Jeru- 
salem, and all Judea, and all the 
region round about Jordan, 

6 And were baptized of him in 
Jordan, confessing their sins. 

7 T[ But when he saw many of the 
Pharisees and Sadducees come to his 
baptism, he said unto them, O gen- 
eration of vipers, who hatli warned 
you to flee from the wrath lo come ? 

8 Bring forth therefore fruits 
meet for repentance : 

9 And think not to say within 
yourselves, We have Abraham to 
our father : for I say unio you, that 
God is able of these stones to raise 
up children uuto Abraham. 

10 And now also the axe is laid 
unto the root of the trees : therefore 
every tree which bringeth not forth 
good fruit is hewn down, and casi 
into the fire. 

章三 第太馬 

二. ==u 、 9 , I , on 一 f- 

口 (因 聽見, 接著 他父親 作了 王就 懼怕不 敢往那 裏去在 ivt 蒙 主措 示便往 加利利 境內去 了到了 一 

個地 i» ^名 ^a-ws 就住在 那裏、 這正應 驗先知 所說、 人將 稱他爲 1¥§ 人的話 t-^J 

第三章 — 。一 、 、 


、 、 00 、 、 0E —— 、 M. 、 

喊叫 說豫備 主的道 修直了 主的路 穿 ^5 駝毛 的衣 服腰整 fe^ 帶喫的 是蝗. 蟲野蜜 那時候 耶路撒 冷猶太 全地和 

、一. * 、 0.V 、 , 

¥3 河兩邊 的人都 出去到 那 裏敢認 自己的 罪惡在 SI 河裏受 他的洗 ^見許 多法利 赛人、 1 都 該人也 到他、 0,1^ 

裏 來受, ^就 對他們 ^毒蛇 一 額^ 誰吿訴 你們躲 避將來 的荆罰 # ^們 應+ 當結善 Bl^ 表明 悔改的 V 仏" 4 要自 己心褢 說、^ 

^Mlf 是 我們的 祖宗、 我對你 們說、 祌能^ 這些 石!^ 做 的子 # 如今斧 子巳經 放在樹 根.. ^凡 不結好 果子的 

li 就砍下 ^1* 在火一 4 


章四第 太 馬 

11 I indeed baptize you with 
water unto repentance : but he that 
cometh after mo is mightier than 
I, whose shoes I am not worthy to 
bear : he shall baptize you with the 
Holy Ghost, and with fire : 

12 Whose fan is in his hand, aud 
he will thoroughly purge his floor, 
aud gather his wheat into the 
garner ; but he will burn up the 
chaff with unquenchable fire. 

13 t Then cometh Jesus from 
Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be 
baptized of him. 

14 But John forbade him, say- 
ing, I have need to be baptized 
of thee, and comest thou to me ? . 

15 And Jesus answering said 
unto him, Suffer it to be so now : 
for thus it becometh us to fulfil all 
righteousness. Then he suffered 

16 Aud Jesus, when lie was 
baptized, went up straightway out 
of the water: and, lo, the heavens 
were opened unto him, and he saw 
the Spirit of God descending like 
a dove, and lighting upon him : 

17 And lo a voice from heaven, 
saying, This is ray beloved Son, 
in whom I am well pleased. 


THEN was Jesus led up of the 
Spirit into the wilderness to 
be tempted of the devil. 

2 And when he bad fasted forty 
days and forty nights, he was after- 
ward a l)ungere(l. 

3 And when the tempter came 
to him, lie said, If thou be the 
Son of God, coram and that these 
stones be made bread. 

4 But he answered and said, It 
is written, Man shall not live by 
bread alone, but by every word 
that proceedeth out oi the mouth 
ot God, 

是用 水施. t 叫 你們悔 I 但那在 我以後 來:^ 能力比 我更. ^我 與他提 I 也 是不配 I 他將用 聖靈 和火與 你們 施^ 

i 手拏養 s{( 耍簸淨 了場上 的麥子 、將 麥子收 在倉. I 將糠用 不減, 的火燒 ^〇+ 船時候 耶穌從 到了^ 來見 

剩 i 要受 他的 #11 推辭說 、我 當受你 的洗、 你倒就 了我來 麼。^ 穌回答 I 你暫 且許 I 我們 應當如 此盡& 様的亂 終,^ 

就 許了他 1 穌受了 >1 就從水 裏上^ 天 忽然一 1 他 開了、 他看見 神的 聖靈 彷彿媾 降臨在 他頭. 天 上有聲 音齓 

這是 我的愛 我 所喜悅 I 

第四章 S 、 . 

t 下 耶穌被 . 聖靈引 到嚼野 、受 魔鬼的 試探、 Ik 艮四十 晝夜、 後來 就餓了 Ik 探他 的進前 來說、 你若是 神的 兒子、 可以叫 

這些石 頭變爲 酥回 答說、 經上說 、人 活著不 是眾靠 食物、 也是靠 神口裏 所說的 一 ®^。 


5 Then the devil taketh him up 
into the holy city, and setteth 
him oil a piuuacle of the temple, 

6 And saith unto him, If thou 
be the Son of God, cast thyself 
down : for it is written, He shall 
give his angels charge couccrniag 
thee : and in their hands they shall 
bear thee up, lest at any time thou 
dash thy foot against a stone. 

7 Jesus said uuto him, It is 
written again, Thou slialt not tempt 
the Lord thy God. 

8 Again, the devil taketh him 
up into an exceeding high mountain, 
aud sheweth him all the kingdoms 
of the world, aud the glory of them ; 

9 And saith unto i;im, All these 
things will I give thee, if thou wilt 
fall down and worship me. 

10 Then saith Jesus unto him, 
Get thee hence, Satan : for it is 
written, Thou sbalt worship the 
Lord thy God, and him only shalt 
thou serve. 

11 Then the devil leaveth him, 
and, behold, angels came and minis- 
tered unto him. 

12 ^ Now wheu Jesus had heard 
that John was cast into prison, 
he departed into Galilee ; 

13 And leaving Nazareth, he came 
and dwelt in Capernaum, which is 
ujion the sea coast, in the borders 
of Zabiilon and Nephthalim : 

14 That it might be fulfilled 
which was spoken by Esaias the 
prophet, sayiug, 

15 The land of Zabulon, aud the 
land of Nephthalim, by the way 
of the sea, beyond Jordan, Galilee of 
the Gentiles ; 

1 6 The people which sat in dark- 
ness saw great light ; and to them 
which sat iii the region and shadow 
of death light is spruug up. 

17 , From that time Jesus began 
to preach, aud to say, Hepcnt : for 
the kingdom of heaven is at hand. 

章四 第太馬 7 

魔 鬼就領 耶穌到 了聖京 k 他站在 殿頂上 他說、 你若是 神的 兒子、 可以跳 下去、 經 上說、 主吩 咐天使 用手扶 持你、 ts? 

得你 的脚碰 在石頭 上% 穌說、 經上 又說、 不 可試探 主你的 鬼又領 他上最 高的. ^將 天下的 萬國、 和萬 國的 榮華、 

、ft 、 、 〇卞 , . - 、 、 、 3^ . 

指給他 看說你 若俯伏 拜我我 就將這 一 W 都給 你耶穌 說撒但 返下去 經上說 應當拜 主你的 神單耍 事奉他 於是魔 

、 十一一 , I 、十一 一1 , M^NBMi , , 

鬼離 了耶穌 天使來 服事他 〇耶 穌聽見 約翰下 了監就 往加利 利去後 又離開 is 韌往 Is 去就 住在那 裏那 地方靠 

、 1 、十四 . 、十 S 、 HHMHHHM jphoH^ I 、 

海在西 布偷納 大利的 境內就 應了先 知以赛 亞所說 的詁他 說沿海 靠近^ 河 的御, 利 外邦. <所 居住的 ff, 

= ^、 十 六 , 、 , 〇+ 七、 、 、 

利 那地方 住在黑 暗裏的 百姓看 見大光 住在死 地幽晴 裏的人 有光照 耀他們 〇 從 這時候 耶穌講 道說天 國近了 你們應 

當 悔改。 

8 St. MATTHEW, V. 

18 I And Jesus, walking by the 
sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, 
Simon called Peter, and Andrew his 
brother, casting a net into the sea ; 
for tliey were fishers. 

19 And he saith unto them, 
Follow me, and I will make' you 
fishers of men. 

20 And they straightway left 
their nets, and followed him. 

21 Aud going on from thence, 
he saw other two brethren, James 
the son of Zebedee, aud John his 
brother, iu a ship with Zebedee 
their father, mending their nets ; 
and he called them. 

22 And they immediately left the 
ship and their father, ami followed 

23 And Jesus went about all 
Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, 
aud preaching the gospel of the 
kingdom, and healing all manner of 
sickness and all manner of disease 
among the people. 

24 And liis fame went throughout 
all Syria : and they brought unto 
him all sick people that were taken 
with divers diseases and torments, 
aud those wnicli were possessed with 
devils, and those which were lunatic, 
and those that had tlio palsy ; and 
he healed them. 

25 And there followed him great 
multitudes of people from Galilee, 
aud from Dccapolis, and from 
Jerusalem, and from Judea, and 
from beyond Jordan. 


AND seeing tlic multitudes, he 
went up into a mountain : 
ami when he was set, his disciples 
came unto Inni : 

2 And he opened liis mouth, 
and taught them, saying, . . 

3 Blessed arc the poor m spirit : 
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 

早五第 太馬 


他們說 、來跟 從我" 我 耍叫你 們得人 如得魚 一 樣。 i 們就丢 下服跟 從了耶 那一 教往前 t 又 Is^ 弟兄一 一人、 就是 gis- 

的 2^ 子 f 、和^ 的兄弟 ^1 同 組父親 在船上 補網、 耶穌招 呼他們 們立刻 離了船 、別了 父親、 跟從了 耶穌。 〇_, 穌走 


樣病痛 的人、 和被 鬼附^ 顥狂^ 癱瘋^ 到耶 穌面前 I 耶穌都 醫好他 ^^下 有許多 九從加 利利低 加波利 冷翻 

^¥1 河外 邊來跟 從耶^ 

第五章 。 

k "穌看 見這許 多人、 就上 山, 坐下、 門徒 進前^ _ 敉穌開 口敎訓 他們說 、霧心 的人是 有福^ 因 爲天國 就是他 們的亂 


4 Blessed are they that mourn : 
for they shall be comforted. 

5 Blessed are the meek : for they 
shall inherit the earth. 

6 Blessed 為 m 、& they which do 
hunger and thirst after righteous- 
ness : for they shall be filled. 

7 Blessed are the merciful : for 
they shall obtain mere)'. 

8 Blessed are the pure in heart : 
for they shall see God. 

9 Blessed are the peacemakers : 
for they shall be called the children 
of God, 

10 Blessed are they which are 
persecuted for righteousness' sake : 
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 

1? Blessed are ye, when mm 
shall revile you, and persecute you, 
and shall say all maimer of evil 
against you falsely, for my sake. 

12 Rejoice, and be exceeding 
glad : for great is your reward in 
heaven : for so persecuted they the 
prophets which were before you. 

13 Ye are the salt of the earth ; 
but if the salt have lost his savour, 
wherewith shall it be salted ? it is 
thenceforth good for nothing, but 
to be cast out, and to be trodden 
under foot of men. 

14 Ye are the light of the world. 
A city that is set on a hill cannot 
be hid. 

15 Neither do men light a can- 
dle, and put it under a bushel, 
but on a candlestick ; and it giveth 
light unto all that are in the house. 

16 Let your light so shine before 
men, that they may see your good 
works, and glorify your Father 
which is in heaven. 

17 ^ Think not tliat I am come 
to destroy the law, or the prophets : 
I am not come to destroy, but to 

章五 第太馬 9 

哀慟的 人是有 福的因 111 他 們必耍 受安慰 柔和的 人是有 福的因 i! 他們必 要得地 土羨慕 仁義如 貺如渴 的人是 有福的 

因 爲他們 必要得 i& 恤人的 人是有 福:^ 因 i! 他 們必要 蒙憐恤 Is 心的人 是有福 I 因一 1 他們必 耍得見 神。 & 人和睦 

、 十 、 01 

的人 是有福 的因一 1 他們必 耍稱爲 祌 的兒子 ii 義受 逼迫的 人是有 福的因 ii 天 國就是 他們的 國人若 因爲我 辱罵你 

\ \. 、 十 1 一 V. % \ 

們逼迫 你們造 谷檨惡 言毀謗 你們你 們就有 福了應 當歡喜 快樂因 ^你們 在天上 的賞賜 是大的 在你們 以前的 先知也 

cflll , 、 、、 、 十 E- 、 

是 這樣被 人逼迫 〇 你 們是世 上的鹽 鹽若失 了味如 何能再 鹹呢以 後無用 不過丢 在外面 被人踐 踏了你 們是世 上的光 

, 十 5 、 、 十六 、 、 

城 造在山 上是不 能隱藏 的人點 燈不放 在斗底 下放在 燈臺上 就照耀 一 家 的人你 們的光 也當這 樣照在 人前叫 人看見 



10 St. MATTHEW, V. 

18 For verily I say unto you, 
Till heaven and earth pass, one 
jot or one tittle shall in no wise 
pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. 

10 Whosoever therefore shall 
break one of these least command- 
ments, and shall teach men so, he 
.shall be called the least in the king- 
dom of heaven : but whosoever shall 
do and teach them, the same shall be 
called great in the kingdom of heaven. 

20 For I say unto you, That except 
your righteousness shall exceed the 
righteousness of the scribes and 
Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter 
into the kingdom of heaven. 

21 ^ Ye have heard that it was 
said by them of old time, Thou slialt 
not kill ; and whosoever shall kill 
shall be in clanger of the judgment : 

22 But I say unto you, That 
whosoever is angry with his brother 
without a cause shall be in danger 
of the judgment : and whosoever 
shall say to his brother, E-aca, shall 
be in danger of the council : but 
whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall 
be in clanger of hell fire. 

23 Therefore if tliou bring thy 
gift to the altar, and there remem- 
berest that thy brother hath aught 
against thee ; 

24 Leave there thy gift before 
the altar, and go thy way ; first be 
reconciled to thy brother, and then 
come and offer tliy gift. 

25 Agree with thine adversary 
quickly, while thou art in the way 
with Mm ; lest at any time tlie 
adversary deliver tliee to the judge, 
and the judge deliver thee to the 
officer, and thou be cast into prison. 

26 Verily 1 say unto thee, Thou 
slialt by iiO means come out tlience, 
till thou hast paid the uttermost 

27 , Ye have licard that it -.vas 
said by them of old time, Tlion slialt 
not commit adultery : 

章五 第太馬 

^ I , 、 、 〇十^ 

我實在 吿訴你 們等到 天地都 沒有了 律法的 一 點 一 畫也不 能廢掉 都耍成 全人若 廢掉這 誡命. M!;^ 小的 一 條、 又 敎訓人 

這紘 他在天 國就算 爲最小 人若遵 行這誡 < ^又敎 訓人遵 1, 仏 他在天 國就算 爲大: 吿弥 你們、 你們 § 善行、 若 不比讀 

書人和 法利蔡 人的善 行更. 斷不能 進入天 ^o-;^ 們聽見 有吩咐 古人的 不可殺 凡 殺人的 必當受 i-s 〈是 我吿 

訴你乳 人若無 緣無故 向兄弟 動!^ i 也 必當受 1 若罵 兄弟是 拉加、 就 當送到 公堂; 4 篤兄弟 是魔^ 就當 下在地 獄的火 1 

画二 一 一 、 、- la 、 、 

加 1 鬼利皆 是罵話 所以 你耍在 祭壇上 獻禮物 想起你 得罪了 兄弟就 將鱧物 留在澳 前先去 同兄弟 和好了 然後來 獻你的 

禮 物 1^ 人耍 吿你、 你還同 他在道 路上、 就趕緊 與他和 s>5 怕他 送你到 iai 官 K 乂給衙 ^ 將你収 監!^ 實在吿 lit 你、 你若対 1 

分 一 毫未 f Mi^ 萬 不能從 那裏出 t〇_i 們聽 見有吩 咐古人 tS 話, 不可 姦淫" 

St. MATTHEW, V. 章五 第太馬 11 

28 But 工 say unto you, That 
whosoever looketh on a woman to 
lust after her hath committed adul- 
tery with her already in his heart. 

29 And if thy right eye offend 
thee, pluck it out, and cast it from 
thee : for it is profitable for thee that 
one of thy members should perish, 
and not that thy whole body should 
be cast into hell. 

30 And if thy right hand offend 
thee, cut it off, and cast it from 
thee : for it is profitable for tliee 
that one of thy members should 
perish, and not that thy whole body 
should be cast into hell. 

31 It hath beeu said, Whosoever 
shall put away his wife, let him give 
her a writing of divorcement : 

32 But I say unto you, That 
whosoever shall put away his wife, 
saving for the cause of fornication, 
causetii her to commit adultery : 
and whosoever shall marry her that 
is divorced committeth adultery. 

33 , Again, ye have heard that it 
hath been said by them of old tiraa, 
Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but 
shalt perform unto the Lord thine 
oaths : 

34 But I say unto you, Swear not 
at all ; neither by heaven ; for it is 
God's throne : 

35 Nor by the earth ; for it is liis 
footstool : neither by Jerusalem ; for 
it is the city of the great King. 

36 Neither shalt thou swear by 
thy head, because thou canst not 
make one hair white or black. 

37 But let your communication be, 
Yea, yea ; Nay, nay: for whatsoever 
is more than these cometh of evil. 

38 1 Ye have heard that it hath 
been said, An eye for an eye, and a 
tooth for a toot h : 

39 But I say unto you, That ye 
resist not evil : but whosoever shall 
smite thee on thy right cheek, turn 
to him the other also. 

只是我 吿拆你 們凡看 見婦女 就動淫 念的這 人心裏 已經姦 淫了若 是右眼 叫你犯 罪就剜 出來丢 掉甯可 失去百 體中的 

一 齓 免得全 身被丢 在地獄 ifci^ 是右 手叫你 犯罪、 就砍下 來丢掉 、甯可 失去百 體中的 一 ii 免得全 身被丢 在地獄 Ibl^. 


姦淫的 h^cys: 們又 聽見有 吩咐古 人的話 I 起了誓 不可 違背、 對 主起 的誓、 必當謹 守。" S 是我吿 訴你們 、總不 許起誓 、不 

, o-i , 、 r , 

許措 著天起 誓天是 神 的座位 不許措 著地起 誓地是 神 的脚凳 也不許 措著耶 路撒冷 起誓耶 路撒冷 是大君 的京都 

一 1- 六 、 , 一一一 七、、 、 、 

又不 許措著 你的頭 起誓因 i! 你不 能將你 一 根頭髮 變黑變 白了你 們的話 是就說 是不是 就說不 是若再 多說就 是從惡 

裏出 來的。 Oi: 們聽見 有話說 、眼 還眼、 牙還牙 as 是 我吿訴 你們、 不耍和 2^ 惡作對 氣若有 人打你 的右臉 "連 左臉也 轉過來 

由 他打。 

12 St. MATTHEW, VI. 

40 And if any man will sue thee 
at the law, and take away thy coat, 
let him have thy cloak also. 

41 And whosoever shall compel 
thee to go a mile, go with him twain. 

42 Give to him that asketh thee, 
and from him that would borrow of 
thee turn not thou away. 

43 , Ye have heard that it liatli 
been said, Thou slialt love thy neigh- 
bour, and hate thine enemy. 

44 But I say unto you, Love your 
enemies, bless them that curse you, 
do good to them that hate you, and 
pray for them which despitefully 
use you, and persecute you ; 

-一 45 That ye may be the children 
of your Father which is in heaven : 
for he maketh his sun to rise ou the 
evil and on the good, and sendetli 
rain on the just and ou the unjust. 

46 For if ye love them which love 
you, what reward have ye ? do not 
even the publicans the same ? 

47 And if ye salute your brethren 
only, what do ye more than others f 
do not even the publicans so ? 

48 Be ye therefore perfect, even 
as your Father which is in Heaven 
is perfect. 


TAKE heed that ye do not your 
alms before men, to be seen of 
them : otherwise ye have no reward 
of your Father which is in heaven. 

2 Therefore when thou doest 
thine alms, do not sound a trumpet 
before thee, as the hypocrites do iu 
the synagogues and in the streets, 
that they may have glory of men. 
Verily 1 say unto yon, Tiiey have 
their reward. 

3 But when thou doest alms, let 
not thy left hand know what thy 
right hand doeth : 

4 That thine alms may be in secret : 
and thy Father which seeth in secret 
himself shall reward thee openly. 

章六 第太馬 

人想 吿你、 要你一 暴邊的 衣服、 連 外邊的 也由他 孥去。 # 人勉 强你先 一 里地、 你 就同他 走二里 地一? ^求你 I、 就給 I 有向、 你 

借貸: ^不 可推能 〇1 們聽見 有話說 、當愛 你的朋 ^恨 你的仇 Is 是我吿 訴你孔 你們的 仇敵、 倒耍 J 他、 wfi 你們的 、倒 

耍 一爲 他祝福 、恨你 們:^ 倒要 待他^ 毀謗 你們、 逼迫你 們的、 倒耍 i! 他禱肚 ^就可 以 作你天 父的兒 1 因 〔f 天父 叫日頭 


弟的安 、有甚 麼比人 强的呢 、税吏 不也是 這樣摩 以你 們應當 完.^ 傺 你們在 天上的 父完全 一 I 

第六章 。„ 、 

^們 要小心 、不 可在人 面前施 1 故意 叫人看 若是這 就 不能得 你天父 的賞賜 h^k 以你 施捨的 時候、 可在 人面前 

吹號 *i 傺那假 冒爲善 的人、 在會 堂裏和 街市上 所行^ 耍人誇 獎齓我 實在吿 訴你們 、他們 已經得 了賞賜 了#施 捨的時 

候、 不要 叫左手 知道右 手所作 施捨 的事、 總 耍在暗 中作、 你父在 暗中察 1*^ 必在 明處報 應你」 


5 ^ And when thou prayest, thou 
shalt not be as the hypocrites are •• 
for they love to pray standing in 
the synagogues and in the corners 
of the streets, that they may be 
seen of men. Verily I say nnto you, 
They have their reward. 
..: 6 But thou, when thou prayest, 
enter into thy closet, and when thou 
hast shut thy door ; pray to thy Fa- 
ther which is in secret ; and thy 
Father which seeth in secret shall 
reward tliee openly. 

7 But when ye pray, use not vain 
repetitions, as the heathen do : for 
they think that they shall be heard 
for their much speaking. 

8 Be not ye therefore like unto 
them : for your Father kuoweth 
what things ye have need of, before 
ye ask him, 

9 After this manner therefore 
pray ye : Our Father which art in 
heaven, Hallowed be thy name. 

10 Thy kingdom come. Thy will 
be done in earth, as it is in heaven. 

11 Give us this clay our daily 

12 And forgive us our debts, as 
we forgive our debtors. 

13 And lead us not into tempta- 
tion, but deliver us from evil : 
For thine is the kingdom, and the 
power, and the glory, for ever. 

14 For if ye forgive men their 
trespasses, your heavenly Father 
will also forgive you : 

15 But if ye forgive not men 
their trespasses, neither will your 
Father forgive your trespasses. 

16 ,!" Moreover when ye fast, be 
not, as the hypocrites, of a sad 
countenance : for they disfigure their 
faces, that they may appear unto men 
to fast. Verily I say unto you, 
They have their reward. 

17 But thou, when thou fastest, 
anoint thine head, and wash thy face; 

章六 第太馬 13 


0六 、 、 、 、 、 nv \ 

經得了 賞賜了 你耍禱 吿應當 進嚴密 的屋子 裏關上 門禱吿 你在暗 中的父 你父在 暗中察 看必在 明處報 應你你 們禱吿 

、 、 、 OA 、 、 、 

不可像 外邦人 說許多 重複話 他們以 爲話多 了必蒙 應允你 們不可 效法他 們因一 11 沒有禱 吿之先 你們所 需用的 你們的 

oft 、 、 、 G 十 、 、 

父巳經 知道了 你們禱 吿應當 這樣說 我們在 天上的 父願人 都尊你 的名爲 聖願你 的國降 臨願你 的旨意 行在地 上如同 

十 1 、 〇 十 11 、 〇十111 、 * 

行在天 上我們 日用的 飮食今 B 賜給 我們免 了我們 的債如 同我們 免了人 的債不 呌我們 遇見試 探救我 們脫離 惡因 

, , , 〇 十 四 、 〇 十 3 > 

i! 國度 權抦榮 耀全是 你的世 世無窮 阿們你 們饒恕 人的過 犯天父 也饒恕 你們的 過犯你 們不饒 恕人的 過犯天 父也不 

饒 恕你們 的過犯 。〇i! 們禁食 的時候 、不 可像那 假冒爲 善的. „ ^臉上 帶著愁 t4 他們 改變顏 故意^ 人看 出他們 禁食、 我 

、 十七 、 \ 

實在吿 訴你們 他們已 經得了 賞賜了 你禁食 應當梳 頭洗臉 

14 St. MATTHEW, VI. 

18 That thou appear not unto 
men to fast, but unto thy Father 
which is in secret : and thy Father 
which seeth in secret shall reward 
thee openly. 

19 ^ Lay not iip for yourselves 
treasures upon earth, where moth 
and rust doth corrupt, aud where 
thieves break through and steal : 

20 But lay up for yourselves 
treasures in heaven, where neither 
moth nor rust doth corrupt, and 
where thieves do not break tli rough 
nor steal : 

21 For where your treasure is, 
there will your heart be also. 

22 The light of the body is the 
eye : if therefore thine eye be single, 
thy whole body shall be full of 

23 But if thine eye be evil, thy 
whole body shall be full of darkness. 
If therefore the light that is iu thee 
be darkness, how great is that 
darkness ! 

24 ^ No man can serve two mas- 
ters : for either lie will hate the 
one, and love the other ; or else 
he will hold to the one, aud despise 
the other. Ye cannot serve God 
and mammon. 

25 Therefore I say unto you, 
Take no thought for your life, what 
ye shall eat, or wliat ye shall drink ; 
nor yet for your body, what ye shall 
put on. Is not the life more than 
meat, and the body than raiment ? 

26 Behold the fowls of the air : 
for they sow not, neither do they 
reap, nor gather into barns ; yet 
your heavenly Father feedeth them. 
Are ye not much better than they ? 

27 Which of you by taking 
thought can add one cubit unto his 
stature ? 

28 And why take ye thought 
for raiment ? Coivsidei' the lilies of 
the field, how they grow ; thoy 
toil not, neither do they spin : 

早六第 太馬 

耍叫人 看出你 禁食、 耍^ 暗中的 父看見 、你父 在晴中 察看、 必在 明處報 應你。 〇+一 耍 積蓄財 寶在地 么地上 A 蟲子; ^、能 

也有 賊挖洞 來偷。 S 耍積蓄 財寶在 天上、 天上 沒有蟲 子蛀、 不能銹 iii 也搜 有賊挖 洞來偷 ii 爲你 們的财 那裹、 你 

|二一 、 、 三 n 、 、 、 

們 的心也 在那裏 〇 眼 睛就是 身上的 燈眼睛 瞭亮全 身都光 明眼睛 昏花全 身都黑 你基 頭的光 若是黑 暗那黑 階就甚 

大了。〇7個人不能事奉兩個.^^或是1!這個、愛那個、或是重這個、輕那侗、你們不能又槳奉 i 又 事奉瑪 瑪門 利之 

以我吿 訴你們 、不要 生命 憂慮一 喫甚庐 i 甚 .脆爲 身體 憂慮、 穿甚 I 生命不 比飮食 食重」 良 身體不 比衣裳 3:0: 重 YisI 

看空 中的雀 ill 也不種 、也 不收、 也 不積蓄 在倉一 ^ 你們天 父尙且 養活. ^你們 不比雀 鳥貴重 得多麼 們 ••s^li 誰能 用思盧 

多加 一 刻 生命, Jgr 何必篇 衣服變 盧呢、 你看野 地裏的 百合花 、怎 麼長起 來這花 也不勞 #S 也不織 1 

St. MATTHEW, VII. 章七 第太馬 15 

29 And yet I say unto you, That 
even Solomon iu all his glory was 
not ai-rayed like one of these. 

30 Wherefore, if God so clothe 
the grass of the field, which to 
day is, and to morrow is cast into 
the oven, shall he not much more 
clothe you, O ye of little faith ? 

31 Therefore take no thought, 
saying, What shall we eat ? or, 
What shall We drink ? or, Where- 
withal shall we be clothed ? 

32 (For after all these things 
do the Gentiles seek :) for your 
heavenly Father knoweth that ye 
have need of ! ill these things. 

33 But seek ye first the kingdom of 
God, and his righteousness ; and all 
these things shall be added unto you. 

34 Take therefore no thought 
for the morrow : for the morrow 
shall take thought for the things 
of itself. Sufficient unto the day 
is the evil thereof. 


JUDGE not, that ye be not judged. 
2 For with what judgment ye 
judge, ye shall be judged : and 
with what measure ye mete, it shall 
be measured to you again. 

3 And why beholdest thou the 
mote that is in thy brother's eye, 
but considerest not the beam that 
is iu thine own eye ? 

4 Or how wilt thou say to thy 
brother, Let me pull out the mote 
out of thine eye ; and, behold, a 
beam is in thine owu eye ? 

5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out 
the beam out of thine own eye ; 
and then shalt thou see clearly 
to cast out the mote out of thy 
brother's eye. 

6 ^ Give not that which is holy 
unto the dogs, neither cast ye your 
pearls before swine, lest they trample 
them under their feet, and turn 
again and rend you. 

--41 、 I 、 、 0一_1十 , , , 

然 而我吿 11^ 你 們就是 極 榮華的 時候他 所穿戴 的還不 如這花 一 朶 呢你們 這小信 的人野 地裏的 草今日 還在明 

、 、 〇 ;一二 -、 、 、 olllll 、 » 

日就丢 在爐裏 神還^ 他有 這樣的 妝飾何 况你們 呢所以 不要憂 慮說喫 甚麼喝 甚麽穿 甚麼這 都是外 邦人所 求的你 

、 、 〇一一 二 n 、 、 、 〇一|1四 

們需用 這些物 你們在 天上的 父已經 知道了 你們須 耍先求 神的 國和他 的義天 父自然 將這些 東西加 給你們 了所以 

不要ir明日憂t明日的is!^明日憂^^i 1 日只受 1 日的勞 苦就穀 f.^ 


« 9 、一 1 、 , \ 03 

你們不 耍議論 人免得 你們被 議論你 們怎樣 議論人 也必怎 樣被議 論你們 怎樣度 量人人 也怎樣 魔量你 們爲甚 麼看見 

、 00 、 、 OS 、 

你兄弟 眼中有 刺倒不 覺自己 眼中有 梁木呢 你眼中 有梁木 怎能對 兄弟說 容我替 你撥出 眼中的 刺來呢 假冒爲 善的人 

, , 六、 % 

你先將 自己眼 中的梁 木除去 纔能看 得淸楚 將你兄 弟眼中 的刺撥 出來呢 不可將 聖物給 狗不可 將你的 珍珠丢 給猪恐 

怕踐踏 珍珠、 轉 過來咬 你們。 


7 T[ Ask, and it shall be giyen 
you ; seek, and ye shall find ; knock, 
and it shall be opened unto you : 

8 For every one that asketh 
receiveth ; and he that seeketh 
findeth ; and to him that knocketh 
it shall be opened. 

9 Or what man is there of you, 
whom if his son ask bread, will 
he give him a stone ? 

10 Or if he ask a fish, will he 
give him a serpent ? 

11 If ye then, being evil, know 
how to give good gifts unto your 
children, how much more shall 
your Father which is in heaven 
give good things to them that ask 

12 Therefore all things whatso- 
ever ye would that men should 
do to yon, do ye even so to them : 
for this is the law and the prophets. 

13 1 Enter ye in at the strait 
gate : for wide is the gate, and 
broad is the way, that leadeth to 
destruction, and many there be 
which go in. thereat. 

14 Because strait is the gate, and 
narrow is the way, which leadeth 
unto life, and few there be that 
find it. 

15 T[ Beware of false prophets, 
which come to you in sheep's cloth- 
ing, but inwardly they are ravening 

16 Ye shall know them by their 
fruits. Do men gather grapes of 
thorns, or figs of thistles ? 

17 Even so every good tree bring- 
etli forth good fruit ; but a corrupt 
tree bringetli forth evil fruit. 

18 A good tree cannot bring forth 
evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree 
bring forth good fruit. 

19 Every tree that bringeth not 
forth good fruit is hewn down, and 
cast into tlie fire. 

20 Wherefore by their fruits ye 
shall know them. 

章七 第太馬 

你們祈 求就必 給你們 尋;^ 就必 尋見叩 門就必 給你們 開門因 爲 凡 祈求的 就得著 尋找的 就尋見 叩門的 就給他 開門你 


十-- 、 、 +-11 

豈不更 將好處 賜給求 他的人 麽你們 耍人怎 樣待你 們你們 也當怎 樣待人 這就是 律法和 先知書 的大旨 〇 你們 耍進窄 

、 、 、 C 十 S 、 、 十 W 

門因 HI 頜到滅 C 地方的 門是寬 的路是 大的進 去的人 多頷到 永生地 方的門 是窄的 路是小 的找著 的人少 〇 你們 謹防 

、 、 、 十. K 、 、 、 

假先知 那樣人 到你們 這墓來 外面像 羊裏面 是豺狼 你們看 他們所 結的果 子就可 以認出 他們來 荆棘; 5^ 豈能摘 葡萄呢 

0卞七 、 Oft< 、 十. ft 

蒺藝裏 豈能採 無花架 呢好樹 結好果 子不好 樹結不 好果子 好樹不 能結不 好果子 不好樹 不能結 好架子 凡不結 好果子 

的樹、 就砍 了丢在 火裏。 i 以你們 看他們 結的果 就可 以認出 他們來 f.^ 


章 八第太 ^ 


21 Tf Not every one that saith 
unto rae, Lor(l, Lord, shall enter into 
the king<loni of lieavcn ; but he that 
doetli the will of my Fatlier whicli is 
in heaven. 

22 Many will say to me in that clay, 
Lord, Lor(】, have we not prophesiecJ 
in thy name ? and in thy name 
have cast out devils ? and in thj 
name done many wonderful works ? 

23 And then will I profess unto 
them, I never knew you : depart 
from me, ye tliat work iniquity. 

24 , Therefore whosoever lioareMi 
1 1 ) cse say ings of m i n e, and doeth 
them: I willliken liim imloa wisj man, 
which built lus Ituiisc upon a rock : 

25 And the rain dcscen<lcd,aa(l the 
floods came, and the wiikIs blew, and 
In at upon tliat liouse ; and it fell 
not : for it \\i\s founded upon a rock. 

! 2(3 A nil everyone that hoarcth these 
sayings of m'uic ;, and doetli them not, 
shall i)G likened unto a foolish man, 
which built his house upon the sand : 

"21 Ami the rain descended ^ and 
llio floods cam (?, and ihe winds 
l)lo\v, and beat iipoa that lionso ; and 
it fell : and great was the fall of it. 

28 And it came to pass, when 
Jesus had ended these sayings, 
the people were astonished at liis 
doctrine : 

29 For he taught them as one 
having authority, and not as the 


HEN he was come clown from 
the mountain, great multi- 
tudes followed liim. 

2 And J behold, there came a 
leper and worshipped him, saying. 
Lord, if tliou wilt, thou canst make 
me clean. 

3 And Jesus put forth his hand, 
a ad touched him, saying, I will ; be 
tlioii clean. And immediately his 
leprosy was cleansed. 

〇_;i 稱呼 伐說、 主阿 主 阿 的人、 宋必都 能進天 i 惟 獨遵行 c 天父 意:^ 錢能 進去" -i 邶;! :子、 必;: ?許 多人對 我說、 

主阿 卞.^我. 小是奉 你的名 佛敎、 皐你 的名 5,m 、泰你 的名作 許多奇 就明 吿" 弥他 們說、 我不曾 認得你 ^ 你們 



子、 房 子就倒 塌了、 並且倒 5i 得很 大。 i 穌講完 了話、 衆人 聽他的 敎訓、 都化. :詫 siii! 他敎 訓人、 正如 有權柄 的人、 不 同那讀 



一、 011 、 、 、 OS 、 、 、 > 

耶穌 F 山許多 的人跟 隨他有 一 個長 痛的 人來拜 耶穌說 主若肯 必能叫 我乾淨 了耶穌 伸手摸 他說我 肯你乾 淨了罷 

他 的瘤立 刻就乾 淨了。 


章 八第太 馬 

4 And Jesus saith unto him, See 
thou tell no man ; but go thy way, 
shew thyself to the priest, and offer 
the gift that Moses commanded, for 
a t'estimony unto them. 

5 1 Aud wlien Jesus was entered 
into Capernaum, there came unto 
him a centurion, beseeching him, 

6 And saying, Lord, my servant 
lieth at home sick of the palsy, 
grievously tormented. 

7 And Jesus saith unto him, I will 
come and heal him. 

8 The centurion answered and said, 
Lord, I am not worthy that thou 
should est come uiuler ray roof : but 
speak the word only, and my ser- 
vant shall be healed. 

9 For I am a man under authority, 
having soldiers under me : and I say 
to this vum, Go, antl he goeth ; and 
to another, Come, and lie conietli; and 
to my servant, Do this, and he doeth 

10 When Jesus heard it, he mar- 
velled, and said to them tlmtfollowod, 
Verily I f=ay unto you, I liave not 
found so great faith, no, not in 

1 1 And I say unto you, That many 
shall come from the east and west, 
ami shall sitdown with Abraham, and 
Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom 
of heaven : 

12 But the children of the king- 
dom shall be cast out into outer 
darkness: there shall be weeping 
and giiasliiiig of tectli. 

13 And Jesus said unto the cen- 
tin ion, Go thy way ; ami as thou 
hast believed, so he it done unto 
thee. Aiul his servant was healed 
in the .sc'lfsainc hour. 

14 1 Aud when Jesus was come into 
Peter's house, he saw liis wife's 
mother laid, and sick of a fever. 

I o Ami he touched her hand, aud 
the fever left her : and she arose, 
and miuisterod unto them. 


Is 有 一 個百 夫長、 進 前來求 他說、 ^^阿、我的僕人患靡瘋病、在屋.《^躺臥、甚是疼痛。^ 穌說、我去^:治他,&3夬長回答 

、 、 、 , OA 、 , . 、 . , 

說 主到 我家我 不敢當 只求說 一 句 話我的 僕人就 必好了 因爲我 歸人管 也有兵 風我管 叫道個 去就去 叫那個 來就來 

吩咐我 的僕人 作這事 、他就 去作。 釈穌聽 見就詫 BP; 灘跟從 的八說 、我 實在吿 你昏〕 3 樣 深信: ^ 就: 化在 3^ 人.^ 也沒 

〇 十】 、 、 、 I \. 、 ■ I 、 cltl- 、 

有遇見 過我又 吿!^ 你們從 東從西 將有許 多人來 在天國 與^^ —罕以 撒雅谷 1 同坐 席反將 本國的 子民^ 逐 到外? 5^ 

、 十 1 一一 、 、 、 +a 

黑暗 地方去 在那裹 必耍哀 哭切齒 了耶穌 對百夫 長說你 回去罷 照著你 的信與 你成全 了他僕 人立時 就好了 〇 耶穌到 

了 ¥1: 家裹、 看見他 岳母患 熟病躺 穌 一 摸他 的手、 熟病退 t,^ 他就 起來服 舉他^ 


16 T[ When the even was ccme, 
they brought unto him many that 
wore possessed with devils : and lie 
cast out the spirits with his 、vord, 
and lualed all that were sick : 

1 7 That it might be fulfilled which 
was spoken by Esaias tlic prophet) 
sayingj Himself took our infirmities, 
and bare our sicknesses. 

18 T[ Now when Jesus saw groat 
multitudes about liim, he gave 
com mandmont to depart u nto the 
other side. 

19 And a certain scribe camOj and 
.^aid unto him, Master, I w ill (ijlluw 
tlice wlii the! soever thou goest. 

20 And J('8us saitli unto liim, The 
foxes liave holes, and the birds of the 
air have nrsls ; but the Son of man 
liaih not whc're to lay h is head. 

21 And nnotlier of his disciples 
fa ill nn(o him, Lor(l, suffer me first 
U) go ami bury my father. 

22 But Jesus said untohimj Foilo tV 
nio ; and let tlie dead bury tlieir 

23 T[ And when he was entered into 
a ship, his disciples followed him. 

24 And, behold, tliere a rase a 
great tempest in the sea, iiisonmch 
tliat the ship was covered with the 
waves •• but he was asleep. 

25 And his disciples came to him, 
and awoke him, saying, Lord, save 
us : we perish. 

2G And lie saitli unto them, Why 
arc ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then 
lie aroso, and rebuked the winds aud 
(lie sea ; and there was a great 

27 But the men marvclledj saying, 
Wliat maimer of man is this, that even 
the winds and the sea obey him ! 

28 可 And when he was come to 
tl»c other side into the country of 
iho GergeseuGS, tliere met him two 
]io.ssessed with devils, coming oi]t of 
l!u' tombs, exceeding fierce, so that 
no mail might pass hy tliat way. 

章八 第太馬 19 

十六、 , , 、 9 ot« 

到了晚 上有人 帶著許 多被鬼 附的來 到耶穌 面前耶 穌只用 一 句話 將鬼 都趕出 去了並 且醫好 一 W 有病 的人這 正應職 1 

先知 所說、 他 承燈我 們的病 &i 擔當 我們的 痰痛; 了。 〇i 穌見 許多人 圍繞自 ni 就吩咐 門徒渡 到那邊 岸上. ^一 

^ 一 個讀書 人進前 來說、 夫子、 無 論往邪 惠去、 我要跟 從.^ _$穌1 狐趣 有、 i 飛鳥有 I 惟獨人 沒 有安身 的地. 有 T 一 

個 門徒對 耶穌! sli^ 主^容我先囘去#.我父>„穌1讓死<雜埋他們§死人.||^你跟從我^|0_&穌上了^1:徒跟從一 

他。, 裘忽 然起了 暴風、 波浪 幾乎掩 mTl 邶時 候耶穌 疋隨費^ 徒來科 醒他、 說、 主救我 ^我們 要死一 .^1: 穌, I 你 們這一 


• 到了 S1 地. 遇 見兩個 被鬼附 的人、 從墳慕 .M 出來、 甚是 s^!^ 向來沒 有人敢 從那條 路上經 I : 

20 St. MATTHEW, IX. 

29 And, behold; tliey cried out, 
saying, What have we to do with 
tliee, 。Jesiis, thou Sou of God ? art 
thou come hither to torment us before 
the time ? ' 

30 And there was a good way oft' 
from them a herd of many swine 

feeiling. . 

81 So tlic devils besought him, 
saying, If tliou cast us out, suffer us 
to go away into the lierd of swine. 

32 And he said unto them, Go. And 
when they were come out, they went 
into the herd of swine : and, beliold, 
tlic wliole herd of swine ran violcnt- 
Iv down a steep place into the sea, 
ami perish od in the waters. 

33 Aud they that kept them fled, 
and wont tlieir ways into the city, 
ami told every thing, and what was 
befallen to the possessed of the devils. 

34 And, behold, the whole city 
came out to meet Jesus : and when 
they saw him, they besought him that 
he would depart out of their coasts. 


AND he entered into a ship, and 
passed over, and came into 

his o、vti city. 

2 And, behold, they brought tohim 

a imu sick of tlic palsy, lying on a 
bed: aud Jesus seeing their faith said 
unto the sick of llie palsy ; Son, be of 
good cheer; thy kIus be forgiven thee. 

3 And, behokl, certain of ^ the 
scribes said witliiii tlicmsclves, This 
man blaspheirotli. 

4 A ucljesus k u o w i ng t h e i r tl 1 o u gl 1 ts 

said, Wherefore think yc evil in your 
hearts ? 

5 For whethei- is easier, to say, 
Thy sins be forgiven thee ; or to say, 
Aviso, and wal k ? 

6 But that ye may know that the 
Son of mail liatli power on etvrth (o 
forgive sins, (then sailh he to the 
sick of the palsy,) Arise, lake up "ly 
bed, and go uuto thine house. 

章 九 第太馬 

! &們呼 叫說、 神的 Jw! 子耶 1 我們 與你有 甚麼相 時候 沒有乳 你就來 一.^ 科我們 受苦. 脉 i 遠的^ 一舉緒 .^1^ 喫^ 

&八 i 耶 若^ 我 ^ 容我進 stl 附著猪 去。, 穌. I 去, 就出離 1,5^ 進人, M 裴那 举緒忽 J 脇下山 f 投^ 海 

甚掩死 一」" &豬的 入跑進 城.^ 將這 事和被 鬼附的 人的情 1 都吿 拆城^ 的 城^ 人 都出來 兒耶 穌求 他離^ 他們的 

^九章 、 。 、- "ffcl 

了齓渡 過海、 囘到 自己城 (34^ 人擡著 一 個患攤 ¥辆 躺臥在 牀的人 來見耶 穌耶穌 m 他們 一樣 信他就 紫&" 奴化、 

人 ^ 小子放 ^ 你的 罪赦 1.^5^ 幾 個讀書 入心裏 1 這 人說僭 妄的話 ^ 耶穌知 逍他們 的心力 一就説 、你們 "严 ^.^d 麼心 懷^ 

惡-念 Is 你想 或說你 的罪赦 4 或說你 起來行 ^ 那 一 樣容? .1"^ 在要 叫你們 知道人 子在低 赦 罪的權 柄就對 撫瓶的 

人說、 起來、 拏你的 牀囘家 去罷。 . I 


7 And lie arose, and departed to 
his lioasc. 

8 But when tlie multitudes saw it, 
they marvelled, and glorified God, 
which hud given such power mi to 

9 T[ Aiul as Jesus passed forth 
from thence, he saw a man, named 
Matthew^ sitting at the receipt of 
custom : and he saith unto him, 
Follow ine. And he arose, and 
followed him. 

10 ^ And it came to pass, as Jesus 
sat at meat in the house, behold, 
many publicans and sinners came and 
s:it down with him and his disciples. 

11 And when the Pliarisecs saw 
it, they said unto his disciples. Why 
eatctli your master with publicans 
and sinners ? 

12 But when Jesus heard that, he 
said unto them, They tliat be wliole 
need not a pl)ysician^ but they that 
arc sick, 

13 But go ye ami learii what that 
meanetli, I will liave mercy, and not 
sacrifice: for I am not come to call the 
righteous, but sinners to repentance. 

1 4 ^ Til en came to him the dis- 
ciples of John, saying, Why do we 
and the Pharisees fast oft, bat thy 
(li^cipks fast not ? 

15 And Jesus said unto tliem, Can 
the cliildreu of the bridcchamber 
mourn, as long as the bridegroom is 
with them ? but the days will conic, 
when the bridegroom sliall be taken 
from theiii, and then sliall they fast. 

16 No mail ])iittetli a piece of new 
cloth unto an old garment ; for that 
which is put in to fill it up takoth 
from the garment, and the rent is 
made worse. 

17 Neither do men put new wine 
into old bottles : else the bottles break, 
ami the wine runneth out, and the 
bottles perish : but they put new wine 
into new bottles, and both are 

章九 第太馬 21 

七、 oc、 \ OA 、 

那人 就起來 囘家去 了衆人 看見詫 異就歸 粲耀袷 神因爲 神將這 樣的權 柄賜給 人〇耶 穌從這 裏往 前行看 見一個 

、 、 、 、 、 、 〇十 、 、 

人名叫 姆太坐 在稅關 上就對 他說你 跟從我 來他就 起來跟 從了耶 M 耶鮮 在他家 襄坐席 !;? 許多 说吏和 li- 人來 與耶穌 

〇十 1 、 、 、 、 ot= 、 、 

並耶穌 的門徒 一 同坐席 法利赛 人看見 就問門 徒說你 們先生 i! 甚麼 與税吏 並罪人 一 同 喫飯呢 耶穌聽 見就說 随肚的 

、 、 十 一一一 、 、 * 、 、 

人 用不著 臀生患 病的人 線用得 著我歡 喜憐恤 的事不 歡喜祭 祀這句 經的意 S3 你們 且去 揣摩我 來不是 耍叫義 人悔改 

十 a , 、 、 OV5 

正是 耍叫罪 人悔改 〇 那時約 翰的門 徒來見 耶穌問 他說我 們和法 利!^ 人 常常禁 食你的 1: 徒!! 甚麽倒 不禁食 耶穌囘 

答說新 郎和慶 賀新郞 的人同 在的時 候慶賀 的人豈 能哀働 呢將求 新郎離 開他們 去了那 時候必 耍禁貧 沒有拏 新布補 

舊衣服 恐怕 所補的 新布、 反帶 壤了舊 衣服、 破 綻更大 有將新 酒盛在 W 皮袋 裏的、 恐怕皮 袋裂開 、酒湿 出來、 連皮袋 

也 i.^ 惟 將新酒 盛在新 皮袋氣 兩樣就 都保全 一.^ 


18 T[ While he spake these things 
unto them, behold, there came a 
certain ruler, and worshipped him, 
saying, My daughter is even now 
dead : but come and lay thy hand 
upon her, and she shall live. 

19 And Jesus arose, and followed 
him, and so did his disciples. 

20 1 And, behold^ a wonnin, which 
was diseased with an issue of blood 
twelve years, came behind and 
touched the hem of his garment : 

21 For she said within herself, If 
I may but toncli his garment, I shall 
be whole. 

22 ButJesus turned him about,and 
wlieu lie saw lier, lie said, Daughter, 
be of good comfort ; tliy faith hath 
made thee whole. And the woman 
was made whole from that hour, 

23 And when Jesus came into the 
ruler's house, and saw the minstrels 
and the people making a noise, 

24 He said unto them, Give place: 
for (he maid is not dead, but sleepetb. 
Ami they laughed him to scorn. 

25 But when tlie people were put 
forth, he went in, and took her by 
the hand, and the maid arose. 

26 And the fame hereof went 
abroiul into all that land. 

27 ^[ And when Jesus departed 
tlienco, iwo blind men followed him, 
cry in &, and saying Thou Son of 
Duvid, have mercy on us. 

28 And wliGi) he was come into the 
house, the blind men came to him : 
ami Jesus saith unto them, 】5L、li('ve 
yo that r am able to do this ? They 
said unto liim. Yea, Lord. 

29 Then touched ho their eyes, 
saying, A cording to your faith be it 
unto you. 

; 50 And their eyes were opened ; 
and Jesus straitly charged them, 
say 1 1)1!;, See that no man know it. 

ol But tlu'V, when they wore 
dei)arto(l, spiunul abroiul his lame in 
all I hat (; oiuitry. 

章 九第太 馬 

〇i 穌正 說這話 的時: 一 個官來拜^^我女2^方纔死了、伹願你去按手在他=3„-上、他就必活了。取觔起.來、跟隨他.!|^ 

門徒也 跟隨他 .fs^ 一 個婦. ^患 了十! 一年血漏的l^來到耶穌背l摸他的衣裳稳#一sk^tt他心;炎^^找恨投耶g的衣o_^ 


吹手、 又有許 多人喧 亂_§ 對他 們說、 你們且 退去、 這 女孩兒 不是死 |4 是腿覺 „』他 們都笑 人!^ 被赴: 氹 出來耶 穌就進 

去、 拉著女 孩兒的 ^女孩 《g 就起 來了。 i 是 這事傳 遍了那 地方。 i 穌從那 ^往前 定> 兩個瞎 子跟在 後面、 呼 叫說、 ^的 

子孫 憐恤我 H 穌進了 房子、 瞎 子就來 到他翌 i 耶穌對 他們說 、你們 信我能 做這事 不信、 瞎 子說、 主、 我 們信。 1= 穌就摸 

他們的 眼睛、 說、 照著你 們的信 、與你 們成全 了罷。 i 們的眼 睛就能 看見了 、耶穌 切切的 鴨咐他 們說、 你們耍 小心、 不 可叫人 

0H 1 、 、 



32 1[ As they went out, behold, 
tliey brought to him a dumb man 
possessed with a devil. 

33 And when the devil was cast 
out, the dumb spake : and the multi- 
tudes marvelled, saying, It was never 
so seen ill Israel. 

34 But the Pharisees said, He 
casteth out devils through the prince 
of the devils. 

35 And Jesus went about all the 
cities and villages, teaching in their 
synagogues, and preaching the gospel 
of the kingdom, and healing every 
sickness and every disease among the 

36 T[ But when he saw the multi- 
tucks, he was moved with compassion 
on them, because they fainted, and 
were scattered abroad, as sheep having 
no slieplierd. 

37 Then saith he unto his disciples, 
The harvest truly is plenteous, but 
the labourers are few ; 

38 Pray ye therefore the Lord of 
tlie liar vest, that lie will send forOi 
labourers into his harvest. 


AND when lie had called unto 
him his twelve disciples, he 
gave them power against unclean, 
spirits, to cast them out, and to heal 
all manner of sickness and all man- 
lier of disease. 

2 Now the names of the twelve 
apostles are tliesj ; The first, Simon, 
who is called Peter, and Andrew liis 
brother ; James the son of Zebcdee, 
and John his brother ; 

3 Philip, and Bartholomow ; Tho- 
mas, and Matthew the publican ; 
James the son of Alplieus, aud Lob- 
beus, whose surname was Th ad dens ; 

4 Simon the Canaanite, and Judas 
Iscariot, who also betrayed liim. 

章 十第太 馬 23 

M -、 、 、 oi 、 、 , , iHNn. 

〇 他們 去後有 人頜著 一 個啞 i? 是被 鬼附的 來到耶 穌面前 耶穌將 鬼趕出 去啞吧 就說話 了衆人 都以爲 希奇說 在以色 

! ■ 、 0-5 、 1=H- 、 、 

列人中 Si 從來沒 有看見 這樣的 事法利 赛人說 他是靠 著鬼王 趕鬼的 〇耶 穌走遍 谷城各 鄕在會 堂裹敎 訓人宣 講天國 

、 Oil 一六 、 、 、 o_5 

的福 昔驛治 民間谷 樣的病 患疾痛 看見大 衆的人 就憐恤 他們因 篇 他們困 苦流離 如同羊 沒有牧 養的人 一 般 耶穌對 門 

、 、 01|一< , 

徒說 耍收的 i 壯稼 多作 工的人 少當求 莊稼的 主多 遣工人 去收他 的莊稼 


^ 穌 叫了十 1 一個門 徒恭賜 給他們 權柄、 叫他們 能逐出 邪鬼、 醫好各 樣疾病 1)3 十 1 1 使徒的 名、 頭 一 個叫 、又稱 S2、 還 

、 、 、 一 一一 、 ■ ■ - -. 、 \ I 、 . 、 

有 他兄弟 安得烈 西庇太 的兒子 雅各和 雅各的 兄弟^ 腓力 ilfilu;^ 税吏 W, 太,! 勒,! 的兒 子.^ 谷 #S 又稱 M 

?_、s^ 又稱勢 返有賣 耶穌的 gss 割 ^ 

24 St. MATTHEW, X. 

5 These twelve Jesus sent forth, 
and commanded them, saying, Go not 
into the way of the Gentiles, and into 
any city of tl)e Samaritans enter ye 
not : 

6 But go rather to the lost sheep 
of the house of Israel. 

7 And as ye go, preach, saying, 
The kingdom of heaven is at hand. 

8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, 
raise the dead, cast out devils : freely 
ye have received, freely give. 

9 Provide neither gold, nor silver, 
nor brass in your purses ; 

10 Nor scrip for your journey, 
neither two coats, neither shoes, nor 
yet staves : for the workman is wor- 
thy of his meat. 

1 1 And into whatsoever city or 
town ye shall cuter, inquire who in 
it is worthy ; and there abide till ye 
go thence. 

12 And when ye come into a house, 
salute it. 

13 And if tlie house be worthy, let 
your peace come upon it : but if it be 
not worthy, let your peace return to 
you. • 

1 4 And whosoever shall not receive 
you, nor hear your words, when ye 
depart out of that house or city, shake 
off the dust of your feet. 

15 Verily I say unto you, It shall 
be more tolerable for the land of 
Snilom and Gomorrah in the day of 
jiKli;nK'ut, than for that city. 

1 (] ]5ehol(l, I send you forth as 
sheep ill the midst of wolves •• be ye 
therefore wise as serpents, and harm- 
less as cloves. 

17 J>iit beware of men : for tlioy 
will deliver yon up to tlic councils, 
and tliey will scourge you in their 
synagogues ; 

18 And ye shall be brought before 
governors and kings for my sulcc, for 
a (cstimony them and the 

章十 第太馬 

〇, 耶穌差 遣這十 二使徒 的時^ 吩 咐他們 lil^ 外邦人 的道路 、你們 不要击 、撒 妈利亞 人的城 《 ^你們 不一 1 進 去"^ "^往 3^ 

残家 迷失的 羊那一 去。 k 處宣 傅說、 天國近 的醫好 的 治乾淨 I 蚪死人 、復 I 將邪 你、 們白 3 的待^ 

也 當白白 I 捨 你們 腰袋一 圾不: 帶金 銀和銅 ^1 仃 路不耍 帶口& 不要帶 兩套衣 严 WPWJ^WS 工 人得飮 


1^ 安。? y 家若當 得>^《.^ 你們 所求的 ^就 必臨到 這家、 若不當 得平安 、你. f 所求的 ft 就歸你 們^" . ^若不 接 待你^ 




外邦 人作見 rl 


章 十第太 馬 25 

19 But when they deliver you up, 
take no thought I】o、v or what ye shall 
speak : for it si i all be given you in 
that same hour what yc shall speak. 

20 For it is not yo that speuk, 
but the Spirit of your Father which 
speaketh in you. 

21 And the brother shall deliver 
lip the brother to death, and the 
father the child : and the children 
shall rise up against their parents, 
and cause them to be put to death. 

22 And ye shall be hated of all 
men for my name's pake : but he that 
end u rot li to the cml sliall be saved. 

23 But wlion tliey persecute you 
in this city J flee ye into another : for 
verily I say unto you, Ye sliall not 
have gone over the cities of Israel, 
till tlie Sou of man be come. 

24 The disciple is not above his 
master, nor the servant above his 

25 It is enough for the cHsciple 
that he be as his master, and the 
servant as his lord. If they have 
called the ruaslcr of the house Beel- 
zebub^ how nuich more shall they 
call them of his liouscliold ? 

26 Fear tlieni not therefore : for 
there is nothing covered, that shall 
not be rev( alcd ; and hid, that shall 
not be known. 

27 Wliat I toll you in darkness, 
tliat speak yo in li^lit : and what yc 
hear in the car, that {)iTach ye upon 
the housetops. 

28 Ami fear not them which kill 
the body, but are not able to kill the 
soul : but rather f( ar Inm wliicli is 
able to destroy both soul and body 
ill hell. 

29 Arc not two s])arrovvs sold for 
n fai'lhing ? and one of tliCDi shall 
not fall oil the ground witliout your 

1你們的時候、不耍憂盧怎樣說|^:^到那時:^必而你們當說的話。_£§.小是你們自己說、是你們的父的 聖靈在你們「S^J; 

面說 I 駆時候 弟兄要 將弟兄 、父 親要將 兒子、 送到 死地、 兒女耍 與父降 爲仇、 害 死他氣 g 們必耍 「s^ 的名、 被衆人 怨恨、 能 


到一. ^學生 不能越 過先化 (僕人 不能越 過家主 if 生 和先生 一 ^^僕人和家主一 ^也就酒卜人旣蹈家主=^^^^何况他 

二六 、 、 、 、 

的家人 呢你們 不耍催 怕他們 Eaifi 沒有 掩藏的 事不露 出來的 沒有隱 隨的事 被. <• 知道 的我在 昭中吿 1^ 你們 I 你們 

耍在明 處說出 ^我 附耳說 給你們 聽的. st^ 耍在房 上宣揚 出來。 i 殺身 li 不能殺 靈魂; ^不耍 怕他、 能將身 體和靈 i 都滅 

在地 獄裹^ 耍怕 fet 個雀 inii 不是 一 分銀子 買的 I 若 不是天 父的意 1 i 個也 不能掉 在地. 4 

26 St, MATTHEW, X. 章十 第太馬 

30 But the very liau's of your 
head are all numbered. 

31 Fear ye not thcivfure, ye are 
of more value tliai\ many sparrows. 

32 Whosoever therefore shall 
confess me before men, him will I 
confess also before my Father which 
is in heaven. 

33 But whosoever shall deny me 
before men, him will I also deny 
before my Father which is in 

34 Thiuk not that I am come to 
send peace on earth : I caiue not to 
send peace, but a sword. 

35 For I am come to set a man at 
variance against Iiis fatlier, and tlic 
daugliter against her mother, and the 
daughter in law against her mother 
in law. 

36 And a man's foes shall be they 
of his own household. 

37 He that lovotli fatlioror mother 
more tlian me is not woiiliy of me : 
niul he that lovetli sou or daugliter 
more than me is not worthy of me. 

38 And he tlmt taketh not his 
cross, and foUowetli after me, is not 
worthy of me. 

39 He tliat fin doth his life sliall 
lose it: and he tlmt loseth his life 
for my sake shall find it, 

40 ^ He that rcceivctli yoii rcceiv- 
otli me ; and he lliat rccci voth me 
rtceiveth liiin lhat sent me. 

41 He tlmt rcceivcth a proptiet in 
the name of a proplict shall receive 
a j)ro}>hGt's rewa rd ; and ho that 
rewivcth a rig! it cons inai\ in llio 
name of a righteous man shall itcc ive 
a righteous man's rcwaid. 

42 And wliosocvcr siinll give to 
drink unto owq of (lu\se little ones a 
cup of colli vudcr only in tlic ii:iine 
ol ! I (li.s(Mj)l(', verily I f^ay imto 
you, lie shall in no wise lose liis 
WW urd. 

r-t 、 OB- 1 、 03-- 、 

就是你 們的頭 髮也都 被數過 了所以 不耍懼 怕你們 比許多 的雀鳥 贵重多 了凡在 人面前 認我的 ^在 找天父 而 前也認 

05 一 、 一一一 S 、 、 、一 

他在人 而前不 認我的 我在我 天父面 前也不 認他你 們不耍 想我來 楚^ 肚界上 太平我 來並不 是叫^ 界 上太: 牛乃: 叫 一 

世界上 動刀兵 我來了 兒子耍 和父親 生疏女 SI- 耍和 母親生 疏始婦 和 「婆婆 生疏人 的仇敵 就是自 己家: 处 的人! -父母 一 


命:^ 必耍 失喪生 ^10 我失喪 生命: ^必耍 得著生 <f ^待你 ^就 是接侍 I 接侍 £ ^就是 接待 差我來 的父。 W 人接 待先饥 

因爲 他是先 知就必 得先知 所得的 賞賜有 人接待 義人因 11 他是義 A 就必 得義人 所得的 赏^. ^人 但將 一 杯 W 水給這 

小子. :, &的 】 個人 #,因|!:! 他是 門 徒、 我 實在吿 1:^ 你們、 這人沒 有不得 赏賜的 了。 

St. MATTHEW, XI. 章一十 第太馬 27 


AND it came to pass, when Jesus 
liad made an. end of com- 
manding liis twelve disciples, he 
departed thence to teach and to 
preach in their cities. 

2 Now when John bad heard in 
the prison the works of Christ, he 
sent two of his disciples. 

3 And said unto him, Art thou he 
that should come, or do we look for 
another ? 

4 Jesus answered and said unto 
iliGm, Go and shew Jolin again those 
tilings which ye do hear and see : 

5 The blind receive their sight, 
and the lame walk, the lepers are 
cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead 
are raised up, and the poor have Ihe 
gospel preached to them. 

6 And blessed is he, whosoevcjr 
shall not be ofFeiidcd in me. 

7 *f And as they departed, Jesus 
began to say unto the miiltiludcs 
concerning John, Wliat went ye out 
in to the wilderness to see ? A reed 
shaken with the wind ? 

8 But what went ye out for to 
see ? A man clothed in soft raiment ? 
behold, they that wear soft clothing 
are iti kings' houses. 

9 But what went ye out for to see ? 
A prophet ? yea, I say unto you, and 
more than a propliet. 

10 For this is he, of whom it is 
written, Behold, I send my messenger 
before thy face, which shall prepare 
thy way before thee. 

11 Verily I say unto you, Among 
them that are born of women there 
hath not risen a greater than Jolui 
the Ba])tist; uotwitlistancling, he tlmt 
is least in the kingdom of heaven is 
greater thau he. 

12 And from the days of John the 
Baptist until now the kingdom of 
heaven suffereth violence, and the 
violent lake it by force. 

第十 一章. 


、三、 、 〇E 、 、 05 

門 徒去問 耶穌說 應當來 的是你 呢還是 我們等 候別人 呢耶穌 回答說 你們將 所看見 所聽見 的去吿 lit 約 翰就是 瞎眼的 

、、、、、 、o 七 、 


、 、 、 、 OA 、 

穌對衆 人講論 約翰說 你們從 前到喊 野裏去 是耍看 甚麼要 看風吹 動的遣 薰麼你 們出去 是耍看 甚麽耍 看穿華 美衣服 

、 、 OA 、 、 、 、 〇十 

的 人麽穿 華美衣 服的人 是在王 宫裏的 你們出 去究竟 是耍看 甚麼耍 看先知 麼我實 在吿! 你們 這人比 先知更 大經上 

lil^ 我差遣 我的使 者在你 前頭預 瞒你的 道路、 這 就是 指著這 人說的 實在吿 訴你們 、凡 婦人所 生的、 沒有大 過施洗 ,1 

1,1 然 而天國 S 最小 的人、 還比 他大。 i 施洗 的,^ 到如今 、人人 努力耍 得天國 、努 力的人 就得著 t.^ 

28 St. MyVTTIlEW, XI. 

1 3 For all tlie prophets and the 
law proplicsif'd until John. 

14 And if yc will receive it, this 
is Klins, wliich was for to come. 

15 He that hath ears to hear, let 
him hear. 

16 1 But whereunto shall I liken 
this generation ? It is like unto 
children sitting in the markets, and 
calling unto their fellows, 

17 And saying, We have piped 
unto you, and ye have not danced ; 
we have mourned unto you, and ye 
have not lamented. 

18 For John came neither eating 
nor drinking, and they say, He hath 
a devil. 

1 9 The Son of man came eating 
and drinking, and they say, Behold 
a man gluttonous, and a wine-bibb6r, 
a friend of publicans aud sinners. 
But wisdom is justified of her 

20 T[ Then began he to upbriiid 
the cities wherein most of his mighty 
works were done, because they re- 
pented not : 

21 Woe unto thee, Choraziii ! woe 
unto tlicc, Bethsuidu ! for if the 
mighty works, which were done in 
yuu, had been done in Tyre and 
Sidon, they would have repented long 
ago in sackcloth ami ashes. 

22 But I say unto you, It si i all bo 
more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon 
at the day of jiitlguicnt, tliiui for 
y'ni. . 

23 And thou, Capornauni, wliich 
art exalted unto heaven, slialt bo 
brought down to lu'll : for if llic 
niiglily works, wliicli have boeii done 
in thee, liad been done .ia Scxlom, 
it would lux so reiuiiiiiL'cl until this 
day. r 

24 But I say unto you, Tliat it 
sliiill be more tolci-able fur tlic land 
of Sodom ill the tlay of jiulgincut, 
than for thee. 

章一十 第太馬 

十一 T! \ 、 o 十 M! 、 、 o 十 m 、 o 


〇+i 拏 鹿比 現今的 世代、 就 如孩童 坐在 <w .4 招呼他 們的同 i^s 、我 a; 你們吹 I 你們 不舞跳 「我對 你們, s 哀、 你 們不號 



也是 布禍; i 我 在你們 中間所 作的奇 若作在 UBS 那 史的人 1 十 B 披蘇蒙 灰侮改 吿訴你 # 當范判 的=^ ^则 


若作在 那地 方還可 以存到 今日。 i: 吿 1^ 你們、 當 藩判的 U 子、 多化的 刑^_ 、比你 們的刑 "氣還 容易忍 K 乂 


輋 二十第 太 馬 


25 , At that time Jesiin ausworcd 
and said, I thank theo, O Fatlior, 
Lord of heaven, and cuitli^ because 
thou liast thosG things from the 
wise and prudent^ and hast revealed 
til em unto babes. 

26 Even so, Father ; for so it 
seemed good in tliy siglit. 

27 All tilings are delivcrc<l iinio 
me of my Father : and no man 
kiu)weth the Son, but the Father : 
noitlior knowcth any man tlie Futlier, 
save the Son, and he to whomsoever 
the Son will reveal him, 

28 T[ Come unto me, all ye that 
lalxjur and are heavy laden, and I 
will give you rest. 

29 Take my yoke upon you, aad 
learn of me ; for I an) meek and 
lowly in lioart : and ye shall find rest 
unto you r souls. 

30 For my yoke is easy, and my 
burden is light. 


AT lliat lime Jesus went on the 
sabbath day through the corn : 
and his disciples were a liungerecl^ 
and began to pluck the ears of corn, 
and to eat. 

2 But when the Pl:arisecs saw it, 
they said imto . him, Bel i old, tliy 
disciples do that, wliich is not lawful 
(o do upcai the .^abbatli day. 

3 Bat he said nnto thom, [Iiweye 
not road what David did, when he 
was a hungered^ and tliey that were 
Avitli 1 1 i m ; 

4 How he entered into tlic house 
of Godj and did cat the slicwbrcud, 
^vhich was not lawful for him to eat, 
neither for tliom which were with 
him, but only for the priests? 

5 Or have yc not read in the law, 
liow that oil the sabbath days the 
priests in (he temple profane the 
sabbath, and are blameless? 

6 But I say unto you. That in this 
place is one greater than the temple. 

o_i 時 耶穌昏 L 天地的 .^efss^g 一 If 你 將這道 iii 對 著聰明 達人犹 藏起^ 對著 ffis 就 是這樣 

:^因<爲 你的意 11:^ 本是如 此的" S 物都是 我父交 付我; ^除了 (!? ^沒有 人知? 5! 除了 子和子 所願意 as 敎:^ 沒有 A 知道; ^ 

一】 、 、 一一 if 、 、 、 、 


心 裏必得 歴 我叫你 們負的 齓且; gMl 叫你 們挑: si 是鸭省 

第 十二章 

1 、 、 、 、 01- 、 、 03 

那時耶 穌在安 息日從 麥田經 過門徒 餓了就 摘麥穏 喫法利 赛人看 3^ 就對耶 穌說你 的?: 徒作安 息:: :" 不常 作的事 了耶 

穌囘 答說、 經 上記著 ^ 和跟 從的人 E 餓的時 所 作的象 你們沒 有讀過 進了 种的^ 喫 了陳設 的昏〕 3 餅不 

、 〇3 、 、 、 

是 他和跟 從的人 可以喫 得惟獨 祭司趨 可以喫 得律法 上寫著 祭司在 殿裏犯 了安息 rn 的 规條是 沒有罪 的你們 沒有讀 

六 、 〇 

過 麼我吿 訴你們 這褒有 一 個人 比殿: 史大 

30 St. MATTHEW, XI 1. 

7 But if yo 1 1.1(1 known what this 
moanctli, 1 will have mercy, and not 
fincrificc, ye would not have con- 
demned the guiltless. 

8 For the Son of man is Lord even 
of (he sabbath day. 

9 And when he was departed 
thence, he went into their synagogue : 

10 t And, behold, there was a 
man which had his hand withcrea. 
And they asked him, saying, Is it 
lawful to heal ou the sabbath clays ? 
til at they miglit accuse him. 

11 And he said unto them, Wliat 
man shall there be among y(m,. that 
shall have one sheep, and if it fall 
into a pit on the sabbath day, will lie 
not lay hold on it, and lift it out? 

1 2 How much then is a nuui better 
tliiin a sheep ? Wherefore it is lawful 
to do well oil the sabbath days. 

13 Then saith lie to the man, 
Stretch forth thine hand. And he 
stretched it fortli ; aiul it wsis restored 
whole, like as the other. 

14 t Then the Pharisees went out, 
and h( kl a council against him, How 
they iiiiglit destroy him. • 

15 But when Jesus knew it, lie 
witluh-ew himselt from 1 lie nee : aiul 
great multitiules followed liim, aiul 
lie healed tlicm all ; 

16 And clmrgcd tluMn that t\\vy 
should not mako liim known : 

17 TliiU it miglit l)o fulfUUd wliidi 
was sp )ken by ' Esuias the proplief, 

18 Behold luy KM-vant, \vlmm I 
have chosen ; niy beloved, iii wimm 
my st>ul ia woU pUased : I will put 
my Spirit upon liini, :'i、(l lie shall 
sIkw jiulgment to the (;。 "ik's. 

19 lie shall not strive, nor cry ; 
neither si i all any man lioar his voice 
in the st reels. 

20 A Wuis(、(l nod sluiU he not 
break, and HinokiM*!; Hax shall lie not 
qvicncli, till lie scud forth judgment 
vinlo vicloiy. 

章 二 十 第 太 

^歡 喜憐恤 的事、 不 歡喜祭 1 你們若 明白這 句話的 意想、 也就不 將無辜 的當作 有罪的 了因^ 人子也 是安愚 H 的 主 

〇 矿穌 離了那 地方、 進了 一 個會 堂、^ 裏有 一 個枯乾 一 隻手 的人、 有入問 耶穌說 、安息 B 治 病可以 不可以 他們: SKa 是 

耍 控吿耶 grlMl 你 們中間 誰;^ 一 隻^ 當 安息: "掉 在坑一 4 不拉 上他來 呢?. ^不比 羊貴重 得多良 "所 以安患 = 怍善^ 

是可以 Is 對那人 I 伸出手 I 他將手 一 ^手就 好:, ^和那 乎 一 赛人出 ^商 議怎樣 可以殺 W 耶胍 

道 h-ilf 許 多人跟 1 耶 I 他們 都 I 一. 咐他 a 不 i 他 S 出 就應) 「光知| 

的;^ 我所楝 I 所疼愛 、心裏 所喜悅 的僕. ^我耍 將我的 染 靈賜給 I 他必將 具道措 敎列邦 不爭 競不. 咁嚷 

上 沒,; C 人聽 見他 的聲昔 1;<傷 的蘆葦 、他不 折斷、 將殘 的燈^ 他不吹 1 並且 施行」 叫眞 逍得獻 

m 讚 I 鹏 隱涵, ""匪 I 

21 And ill liis name shall the 
Gentiles trust. 

22 , Then was brought unto him 
one possessed with a devil, blind, 
and dumb : and he healed liini, iii- 
sonuicli that the blind and dumb 
botli spake and saw. 

23 And all the people were 
amazed, and said, Is not this the 
Son of David ? 

24 But wlieii tlie Pharisees heard 
it, they said, This fdlow doth not 
cast out devils, but by Beelzebub 
the prince of the devils. 

25 And Jesus knew tlicir thoughts, 
and said unto them, Every kingdom 
divided against itself is brought to 
desolation ; and every city or house 
divided against itself sliall not stand: 

26 And if Satan cast out Satan, 
lie is divided against himself ; how 
shall then his kingdom stand ? 

27 And if I by Beelzebub cast out 
devils, by whom do your children 
cast ill cm out ? therefore they sliall 
be your judges. 

28 But if I cast out devils by the 
Spirit of God, then the kingdom of 
God is come unto you. 

29 Or else, how can one enter into 
a strong raan^s house, and spoil his 
goods, except he first bind I lie strong 
man ? and then he will spoil his 

30 He that is not with me is 
against me ; and he that gatheretli 
not with me scattercth abroad. 

31 Tf Wherefore I say unto you^ 
All maimer of sin and blaspluiuy 
shall be forgiven unto men : but the 
blasphemy against the Holy Ghost 
sliall not be forgiven unto nion. 

32 And whosoever spcakcth a word 
against the Son of man, it sliall be 
forgi veil liim : but wl losoe ver spcaketh 
against the Holy Ghost, it sliall not 
be forgiven him, neither in this 
world, neither in the world to come. 

^邦 人也仰 of 他的 名了。 〇i. 時候、 有 Aiw 著 一 個被鬼附^又瞎又啞的.^到耶穌面前、耶穌醫治他、叫他瞎眼能看見、@1 

吧能說 iiA 都詫 異說、 這不是 ^的 子孫麽 利 賽人聽 就說、 他 趕鬼無 非是靠 著鬼王 WM,hii 穌知道 他們的 

意今 i 就對 他們! ilii 凡 一 國自相分(?^必耍滅{3 一 城 一 家 自相分 必站立 不:^ 1^1^ 趕逐^ 就是自 相分、 他 的國如 

何 立得住 我靠著 趕^ 你們的 子弟趕 I 又 靠著誰 I 這^ 他們就 必說" 你們 是有錯 我靠著 眞神的 

垂靈 趕.^ 神 的齔就 臨到你 們這裏 〃如何 能進勇 士家一 ski 椋他 S 傢具 -J 不 先捆住 後錢可 以搶掠 他的家 

or? 、 \ > 05 - 、 、 、 


、 21-1 , , * 

若毀誇 魏靈永 遠不得 赦?! g 凡毀 謗人 子的還 可赦! 5^ 他毀誇 靈的今 ^來世 永不赦 他 


33 Either make the tree good, and 
his fruit good ; or else make the tree 
corrupt, and iiis fruit corrupt : for 
the tree is known by his fruit. 

34 O generation of vipers, how 
cnn ye, being evil, speak good tilings? 
f<jr out of the abundance of the heart 
the mouth speaketli. 

35. A good man out of the good 
treasure of tlie heart briiigetli forth 
good things : and an evil man out of 
the evil treasure bringeth forth evil 

36 But I say imto you, That every 
idle word tliat men shall speak, tliey 
simll give account thereof in the day 
of judgment. 

37 For by tliy words tlioii slialt 
be ju.'^ti filed, and by thy words thou 
siialt be condemnecl. 

38 1" Tlion certain of the scribes 
aiul of the Pliarisecs answered, say- 
ing, Master, we would see a sign 
fr()ni thee. 

39 J>iit he answered and said im(o 
tlicm, An evil and adulterous genera- 
ti(jn socket li after a sign ; and tiiere 
shall no sign be given to it, but the 
sign of the prophet Jonas : 

40 For as Jonas was three days 
ii 11(1 tlivee nights in the whale's 
b"lly ; so shall the Son of man be 
three days and three niglits in the 
heart of tlic earth. 

41 Tli(; men of Ninevcli sliall rise 
ill judi>m( lit with tlnsgencration, and 
si ! a 11 condemn it; bccauso they rqiciit- 
C(l at tlu! preacliing of Jonns ; iiiul, 
bcliold, a greater tlian Jonas is here. 

42 The q HOC 11 of" tlie south sliall 
rise u]) in the judgment with this 
gciici nlion, and sliall condcnin it: 
for sliG cainc from the u Iter most parts 
of tlic oiii 111 (o hear the wi.stloni of 
Solonum ; iiiul btliold, a greater than 
Solomdii is hero. 

4 .'3 Wlioii tlio luickaii spirit is gone 
outol a man, ho walkcth tlirougli dry 
|)lacc.s, s. (.king rest, and fiiideth none. 

章二 十第太 《"》 

■ 、 , , , 2.B 、 、 、 

£1-干好就當說樹奸5^子不好就常説樹不好^|!!看果千可以知,道樹^1?蛇 一 額的你 們旣是 惡人怎 能;^ 出好& 來呢因 

爲心裹 著 〈^;: 麼嘴 裏就說 麼養 人心襄 存著 齊就發 出萬來 怒人心 :4 存 著惡就 發出惡 來我吿 1;^ 你們凡 ft^ 所 說的虛 

妄的 到.! ^判的 、必 耍句句 究問: ^11一爲 憑你的 話定你 爲義. <、. ^憑 你的; 定你爲 罪人。 o;^^;;;: 幾個 i|g 書 人和法 

利赛人 、對耶 穌的、 請夫子 作奇蹯 給我們 sffc^ 囘 答說、 奸惡的 肚代、 iis 奇蹟 、除了 先知 ts. 的奇 蹟之化 沒有^ 麼奇^ 

與你們 • 巧約 拏三日 三夜在 大负腹 中人子 也耍三 H 三夜 在地惠 頭尼尼 微的人 當審判 的:! 1 子要起 來定這 ^代 的罪因 

一爲他 們聽了 的勸^ 就悔改 在這襄 還有 比自; 史大的 #4 方的女 當審判 的:" J4:5^ 起來 定這世 代的, 仏^§ 一 

他, 地邊上 I 耍聽别 —羅. ^智 慧的; ^1 在這 裏還有 比树^ 大的, ^1 鬼離了 <J 就在 無水的 先 來走^ 尋找安 E 一 

的地 i» ^竟尋 不 I . 


章三十 第太馬 33 

\iil5 Jliverside Drive Npw Ynrk 97 n v 

44 Tlien he saith, I will return 
into my house from whence I came 
out ; and when lie is come, he fimletli 
it empty, swept, and garnished. 

45 Then g.octli he, and lakctli 
Willi liimsclf sevrn other spirits more 
wicked than liiniself, and tliey enter 
in and dwell there : and the last state 
of that man is worse than the first. 
Even so shall it be also unto this 
wicked generation. 

46 1 While he yet talked to tlie 
people, bell old, his mother and his 
brethren stood without, desiring to 
speak with him. 

47 Then one paid unto him, Be- 
hold, thy mother and tliy brethren 
stand without, desiring to speak with 

48 But lie answered and said unto 
him that told him, Who is ray 
ixiotlier ? and who are my brethren ? 

4d Ami ho stretched forth his liaiid 
toward his disciples^ and said, Behold 
my mother and my brethren ! 

50 For whosoever shall do the will 
of niy Father which is in heaven, 
the same is my brother, and sister 
and mother. 


THE same day went Jesus out of 
the house, and sat \iy the sea 


2 And great multitudes were 
gathered together unto him, so that 
he went into a ship, and sat ; and the 
whole multitude stood on the shore. 

3 And he spake many tilings unto 
tliem in parables, saying, Behold, n 
sower went forth to sow ; 

4 And wlien he sowed, some seeds 
fell by the wayside, and the fowls 
came and devoured them up: 

5 Some fell upon stony places, 
wliere they had not much earth : and 
forthwith th^l|lpii|Rg».-Hp», — ^use. 
tiny had no dlflJCeWiltfWli:"" 

於是 說不 如囘到 我所出 來的屋 子去到 了那裏 看見一 裘面穴 v| 閒 打婦乾 淨修飾 好了就 去帶了 七個比 自己還 a- 惡 的鬼進 

去住 I 那個人 的後串 ^比從 前更甚 這好惡 的世^ 也必 要如此 a〇ai 穌同衆 人說話 的時^ 他 降親和 他弟兄 站在外 

耍同他 說話。 人吿 訴耶穌 s?^ 你 &\親 和你弟 兄站在 外邊、 要同你 說話、 耶穌囘 答說。 g 是我的 母親、 誰是 我的弟 Dl^ 伸!^ 

、 、 ow 十 、 o ffpt 

措著? :徒說 你們看 我的^ 親我 的弟兄 凡遵我 天父旨 意行的 人就: iW 我 的弟兄 姐妹和 母親了 

第 十三章 一 , 

1 、 一 1 、 、 03 - 

當:" 耶 穌從房 子裏出 來坐在 海邊有 許多人 聚集在 他面前 耶穌就 上艄坐 下衆人 都站在 岸上耶 穌用許 多比^ 對他們 

, 、 ora 、 、 OS 、 、 - % 

講道說 有撒種 的人出 去撒鍾 撒的時 候> ^落在 道旁 的雀鳥 來喫^ 了有落 在土藉 有石頭 的地上 的土旣 簿發苗 鼓侁」 


章三 十第太 A§ 

6 And when the sun was up, they 
were scorched ; and because they had 
no TO' A, they withered away. 

7 And some fell among tlioms; and 
the thorns sprung up, and choked 
thera : 

8 But other fell into good ground, 
and brought forth fruit, some a hun- 
dredfold, some sixty fold, some thirty- 
fold. . 

9 Who hath ears to hear, let him 

10 And the disciples came, and 
said unto him, Why speakest thou 
unto them in parables ? 

11 He answered and said unto 
them, Because it is given unto you to 
know the mysteries of the kingdom 
of heaven, but to thera it is not given. 

12 For whosoever hath, to liim 
shall be given, and he sliall have more 
abundance : bat whosoever hath not, 
from him shall be taken away even 
that lie hath. 

13 Therefore speak I to tliem in 
parables : because they seeing see not ; 
and hearing they hear not, neither 
do they understand. 

14 And in them is fulfilled the 
prophecy of Esaias, which saitli, By 
hearing ye shall lieiir, and shall not 
uiulerstand ; and seeing ye shall see, 
and sliull not perceive : 

1 5 For tills people's heart is waxed 
gross, and their ears are (lull of hear- 
ing, and their eyes they liave closed ; 
lest at any time thoy should sec with 
their eyes, and hear \\h\\ their ears, 
aiul should undersliuKl with their 
heart, and should be converted, and 
I .should lical them. 

IG But blessed are your eyes, for 
tliey SCO : and your oars, for they hear. 

17 For verily I say unto you, That 
many pr()]>liets and righteous men 
have desired to see those things which 
ye see, and have not seen them ; and 
to hear those ihings which ye licar, 
and have not heard them. 

日 頭出來 一 曬、 因爲沒 有根、 就枯乾 在荆棘 裏:^ 荆 棘長起 I 將苗 遮蔽住 f.^" 有落在 好土; 提;^ 結實有 一 百倍的 、有 


f . 、、 f 、 C 十 = 、 、 、 、 、 5 

的奥秘 只賜奥 你們知 道不賜 與他們 知道凡 有的還 耍加給 他叫他 有餘沒 有的連 他所有 的也耍 奪過來 我向他 們說比 

、 、 、 C 十 n 、 、 

喩 的話因 In! 他們是 看也看 不見聽 也聽不 見總不 5^ 悟這 些人正 應了^ ffl 的預言 說你們 將來聽 見也不 看見也 

、 十五 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 

不 曉得因 爲這百 姓心裏 愚頑掩 耳不聽 閉眼不 看恐怕 眼睛看 見耳柒 聽見心 裏省悟 悔改: j 我就 憐治他 你們的 服睛是 

、 P 、 、 C 十七 、 、 

有 福的因 §0 看見了 你們的 tn- 柒是有 福的因 爲 聽見 了我實 在吿訴 你們從 前有許 多先知 和義人 耍看你 們所看 的不得 

看見、 要聽你 們所聽 的不得 聽見。 


童三十 第太馬 3 5 

18 Hfar ye therefore the par- 
able of the sower. 

1 9 When any one hearetli the word 
of the kingdom, and understandeth 
it not, then cometh the wicked one, 
aud catcheth away that wliicli was 
t:own in liis heart This is he which 
received seed by the way side. 

20 But he that leceived the seed 
into stony places, the same is he that 
heareth the word, and anon with joy 
receiveth it ; 

21 Yet hath he not root in himself, 
but dnreth for a wliilc: for when trib- 
ulation or persecution ariseth because 
of the word, by and by he is offended. 

22 He also tliat received seed 
among the thorns is he that hcaretli 
the word ; and the care of tliis world, 
and tlie deceitfulness of riclies, clioke 
tlie word, and he becometh unfruitful. 

23 But he that received seed into 
the good ground is he that heareth 
the word, and understandeth it , 
wl.ich also beareth fruit, and bringeth 
forth, some a hundredfold, some 
sixty, some thirty. 

24 Another parable put he forth 
unto them, saying, The kingdom of 
heaven is likened unto a man wliicli 
sowed good seed in his field : 

25 But wliile men slept, his 
enemy came and sowed tares among 
the wheat, and went his way. 

26 But when the blade was sprung 
up, and brought forth fruit, then 
appeared the tares also. 

27 So the servants of the house- 
holder came and said unto him, Sir, 
didst not thou sow good seed in thy 
fitUl ? from whence then hath it tares? 

28 He said unto them, An enemy 
liath done this. The servants said 
unto him, Wilt thou then that we go 
and gather them up ? 

29 But he said, Nay ; lest while ye 
gather up the tares, ye root up also 
the wheat with them. 

、 o 十 < 、 、 、 o 

所以 撒種的 比喻你 們應當 聽凡聽 見天國 的道埋 不明白 那兇惡 的來將 所撒在 他心裏 的奪了 去這就 撒在道 旁的了 

i 在有 石頭的 地上^ 就 是人聽 當下 歡喜聽 Kt^_nkE 他心 裏沒有 I 也不 過是暫 t^;^ 及至爲 道遇患 ^《J> -迫 就厭棄 

二一一 II 、 、 、 、 % oi \ 、、 

了撒在 荆棘裹 的就是 人聽道 後來世 上的思 慮貨财 的迷威 遮蔽了 道不能 結實撒 在好地 h 的 就是人 道^ 白 了後來 

結 實有一 百倍:^4?:六十倍:^有三十倍1〇_§穌又設一 個比 I 對衆人 天國 如同人 撒好種 在田一 睡覺的 時候、 仇 


I 怎麼有 這稗子 £siA!il?^ 這是仇 敵作^ 僕<1 你 耍我們 去拔除 不 恐怕 拔除稗 連 麥子也 拔出^ 


30 Let both grow together until the 
harvest : and iii the time of harvest 
I will say to the reapers, Gather ye 
together first the tares, and bind 
them in bundles tu burn them : but 
gather the wheat into my barn. 

31 , Another parable put he forth 
unto them, saying, The kingdom of 
heaven is like to a grain of mustard 
seed, which a nmii took, and sowed 
in liis field : 

32 Which indeed is the least of all 
seeds : but wlien it is grown, it is the 
greatest among herbs, and becometh a 
tree, so that the birds of the air come 
and lodge in tlie branches thereof. 

3 t Another parable spake lie 
unto them ; The kingdom of heaven 
is like unto leaven, which a woman 
took, and hid in three measures of 
meal, till the whole was leavened. 

34 All these things spake Jesus 
uiito the multitude in parables ; and 
without a parable spake lie not unto 
them : 

35 That it miglitbe fulfilled wliicli 
wan spoken by the propliet, saying, I 
will open ray mouth in parables; I 
will utter things which have been 
kept secret from the foundation of the 

36 Tlien Jesus sent the multitude 
away, and went into the house : and 
his disciples came unto liim, saying, 
Declare unto us the parable of the 
tares of the field. 

37 lie answered and said unto 
them, He tliat soweth the good seed 
is the Sou of man ; 

38 The field is the world ; the good 
seed are the children of the king- 
dom ; but the tares are the children 
of the wicked one ; 

39 The cneiny that sowed them is 
tlie devil ; tlie harvest is the end of the 
world ; and the reapers are the angels. 

40 As therefore the tares are 
I gathered and burned in the fire ; so 
I shall it be in the end of this world. 

章三十 第太馬 

i! 這兩樣 一 齊 IJll^ 等 著收^ 到了收 割的時 i 我吿訴 割麥子 ^先將 稗子拔 ^捆成 捆留著 ^後將 麥子收 在聿氍 〇"" 处設 

! 個比喩 對衆. <^天 國如同 一 粒 芬菜称 被人種 在田一 Bsi 百種中 最小: i 等到長 成一. ^比 谷樣榮 都.^ 成了 1』 仝中的 

雀鳥飛 ^住在 他的枝 .4〇_s; 對 他們講 1 個比 氣天國 如同夠 婦人 擎來掘 在三斗 Eis^ 麪就都 發起來 :.^一_ ^都娃 耶 


講明 h^〇_i 下耶穌 這散了 衆人、 進了 房子、 H 徒進前 來說、 請將 田間稗 子的比 t 講給 我們 1_ 夢穌 對他們 1 那撒 好髓, 化 

就是人 那田, i 就是世 1" &称就 是天國 的子民 稗子就 是那惡 魔的種 斷^ 稗子 的仇. 6 就是単 I 收割的 時紘就 K 化世 

、 OE 十 、 、 、 

界的 末日收 割的人 就是天 使把稗 子聚起 來用火 焚燒這 世界的 末日也 是如此 

St. MATTHEW, XIIL 章三十 第太馬 37 

41 The Son of man shall send 
forth his a u gels, and tliey shall gather 
out of his kingdom all tilings that 
offend, and them which do iniquity ; 

42 And shall cast them into a 
furnace of fire : tliei'e shall be wail- 
ing and gnashing of teeth. 

43 Then shali tlie righteous shine 
forth as the sun in the kingdom of 
their Father. Who liath cars to 
hear, let him hear. 

44 I Again, the kingdom of 
heaven is like unto treasure hid in a 
field ; the which when a man hath 
found, 】ie hidetb, and for joy thereof 
goeth and selleth all that lie hath, 
and buyetli that field. 

45 Again, the kingdom of 
heaven is like unto a merchantman, 
seeking goodly pearls : 

- 46 "Who, when he had found one 
pearl of great price, went and sold 
all that he had, and bought it. 

47 T[ Again, the kingdom of heaven 
is like unto a net, that was cast into 
the sea, and gathered of every kind : 

48 Which, when it was full, they 
drew to shore, and sat down, and 
gathered the good into vessels, but 
cast the bad away. 

49 So shall it be at the end of the 
world : the angels shall come forth, 
and sever the wicked from among 
the just, 

50 And shall cast them into the 
furnace of fire : there shall be wail- 
ing and gnashing of teeth. 

51 Jesus saith unto them, Have 
ye understood all these things ? 
They say unto him, Yea, Lord. 

52 Then said he unto tliem, There- 
fore every scribe which is instructed 
unlo the kingdom of heaven, is like 
unto a man that is a householder, 
which briiigeth forth out of his treas- 
111 e things new and old. 

5:3 1 And it came to pass, that 
when Jesus had finished these para- 
bles, he departed thence. 

El 、 , , 、E -一 , 3a 3 

人子 將要差 遣他的 使者將 凡陷. < 在罪裏 的和作 惡的人 從他的 國裏挑 揀出來 丢在. ^爐 裏在那 褢必耍 哀哭切 簡了^ 

、 - 、 ng! 、 、 

時義人 在他們 父的國 裏有光 彩如同 H 頭 一 般凡 有耳可 聽的都 應當聽 〇 天國又 如寶貝 藏在田 地裏人 遇見了 就隱脇 

% 、 WIS CIHC 、 , 

著歡歡 喜喜的 去賣了 他所有 的買這 塊田地 〇 天國 又如買 寶人尋 找好珠 子遇見 一 顋重 價的珠 子就去 賣了他 所有的 

貢這 顆珠子 Q 天國又 如同網 撒在海 真聚集 谷樣水 族滿了 人就拉 到岸上 來坐下 揀好的 收在器 皿奥將 不好的 丢棄了 

K 凡、、 、 、五十 、 0S1 、 

世界的 末日也 是如此 天使出 來從義 人中將 惡人分 別出來 丢在火 塞裏在 那裏必 耍哀哭 切齒了 耶穌問 他們說 這話你 

們都 明白麼 他們說 主我們 明白了 耶穌說 所以凡 讀書. < 學間能 通達天 國道理 的就如 一 個家 主從他 庫裏擎 出新舊 

of 、 、 

的 東西來 〇 耶 穌說完 這些比 喩就離 了那襄 

38 St. M ATTH EW, "XIV. 

64 And when he was come into 
his own country, lie laujjht them in 
their synagogue, insomuch that they 
were astonisluKl, and sa id, Whence 
liatli this man this wiscic m, and. these 
mighty works ? 

55 Is not this the Citrpeiiter's sou ? 
is not his raotlier (ialled Mary ? 
and liis brethren, James, and Joses, 
and Si mon, and Judas ? 

56 And his sisters, are they not 
all with us? Whence t'hen liath this 
man all these tilings? 

57 And they were offended in him. 
But Jesus said unto theiu, X prophet 
is not without honour, save in his 
own country, and in hia own house. 

58 And be did not many mighty 
works there because of their unbelief. 


AT that time Herod the tetrarcli 
heard of the fame of Jesus, 

2 And said unto his servants, 
Tills is Jolm the Baptist ; he is 
risen from the dead ; and therefore 
mighty works do shew forth them- 
se 1 ves in him. 

3 1 For Herod had laid hold on 
John, and bound him, and put him 
in prison for Herod ias* sake, his 
bi'otlier Philip's wife. 

4 For Jolin said unto liim, It is 
not lawful for thee to have her. 

5 And when he would have put 
liim to death, he feared the multi- 
tude, because tliey counted him as a 

6 J Jilt wlien Herod's birthday was 
kopt, the daugliterofHerodias danced 
before them, and pleased Herod. 

7 Whereupon he promised with 
an oath to give her whatsoever she 
would ask. 

8 And slie, being before instructed 
of her mother, said, Give me licre 
John Baptist's head in a cliarger. 

章四十 第太^ 

囘到家 鄉 在會 堂 襄敎 訓那裏 的人、 他們都 詫異, 昏, g 人 如何有 這樣的 智亂這 樣的異 能呢。 ^不是 木匠的 圮干^ 他母鋭 

不是名 gafl^ 他: 15^ 兄不是 姐妹不 是都住 在我們 這一裘 ^這人 如何能 這樣, 們就 M 厭 

棄^ 耶穌對 他們說 、大凡 先知、 除了本 地本家 之外、 沒 有不被 人尊敬 Is 暴 穌因一 他們不 就 在那一 级不多 (^奇 J 了。 . 

第 十四章 

k 時候分 封的王 1 聽見耶 穌的聲 ^對他 子!^ 這必是 施洗的 -i 從死一 逸復活 所以能 行這些 奇事。 >先 是!^ 

他兄弟 的 妻子、 # ^的綠 故、 將 ^ 鎖孥下 ifsgi 曾向 f I 你娶這 婦.^ 是不合 堙的。 就耍殺 扎^ 是 

懼怕 百紘因 f li 爲先知 lilsl 的生 niw« !的女 兒在 衆人面 I 鉱^ §2 就 i 應許. ^隨 幻所求 

的賜給:^1*聽了母親的嘱1便求^,1請將施洗!的;^放在盤子鬼^賜我。 F 


9 And the king was sorry : never- 
theless for the oath's sake, and them 
which sat with him at meat, he 
commanded it to be given her. 

】0 And he sent, and beheaded 
John in the prison. 

11 And ills head was brought in a 
charger, and given to the damsel : 
and slie brought it to her mother. 

12 And his disciples came, and 
took up the body, and buried it, and 
went and told Jesus. 

13 1 When Jesus heard of it, he 
departed thence by ship into a desert 
place apart : and when the people 
liad heard thereof, they followed him 
on foot out of tlie cities. 

14 And Jesus went fortli, and saw 
a great multitude, and was moved 
with compaf-sion toward them, and 
he healed their sick. 

15 1 And when it was evening, 
his disciples came to liini, saying, 
This is a desert place, and the time 
is now past ; send the multitude 
away, that they may go into the 
villages, and buy themselves victuals. 

1 6 But Jesus said unto them, 
Tliey need not depart ; give ye thcra 
to eat. 

17 Ami they say unto him, We 
have here but five loaves, and two 

18 He said, Bring them hither 
to me. 

19 And he commanded the multi- 
tude to sit down on the grass, and look 
the five loaves, and the two fishes, 
and looking up to heaven, he blessed, 
and brake, and gave the loaves to 
his (1 isciples, and tlie disciples to the 

20 And they did all eat, and were 
filled : and they took up of the frag- 
nienls that remained twelve baskets 

章四十 第太馬 39 

fn 就憂愁 、無奈 已經起 了誓、 並且同 席的人 都在那 一4 於是 吩咐給 # 打發 人到監 I 斬了^ 的: Is 在盤 子裏、 給了女 

〇 十一一 、 、 o 卞 m \ 、 、 

女子送 給他母 親約翰 的門徒 來收他 的屍首 葬埋了 就去吿 訴耶穌 耶穌聽 見了就 上船離 開那地 方獨自 往野地 裏去衆 

、 c,」 十 n 、 、 、 十 S 、 

人 聽見都 從谷城 裏步行 跟隨他 〇 耶 穌出來 看見許 多的人 就憐恤 他們醫 好他們 中間的 病人天 將晚的 時候門 徒進前 

來; 這是野 ^ 天已 經晚 請遣散 衆,^ 叫他 們往村 子裏去 買東西 穌! il^ 不 用他們 4i5 你們給 他們喫 #1: 徒 lilii 我們 

、 、 2i: 、 十凡 、 、 \ \ 、 

這裏口 〈有 五個 餅兩尾 魚耶穌 說拏來 給我就 吩附衆 人坐在 草地上 拏著五 個餅兩 尾魚望 著天祝 謝了擘 開餅遞 給門徒 

門徒 分給衆 人。^ 人都喫 飽了、 收拾 賸下的 零碎、 盛滿了 十二箇 


21 And they that had eaten were 
about five thousand men, beside 
women and cluldrou. 

22 1" And straiglitway Jesus con- 
strained his disci }>les to get into a 
ship, and to go before him imto the 
other side, while lie sent the multi- 
tudes away. 

23 1 And when he had sent the 
multitudes away, he went uj) into a 
mountain apart to pray : and wheu 
the evening was come, he was there 

24 But the ship was now in the 
midst of the sea, tossed with waves : 
for the wind 、vas contrary. 

25 And in the fourth watch of the 
night Jesus went unto them, walking 
on the sea. 

26 And when the disciples saw 
him walking on the sea, tliey were 
troubled, saying, It is a spirit ; and 
they cried out for fear. 

27 But siraightvvay Jesus spake 
unto them, saying, Be of good cheer ; 
it is I ; be not afraid. 

28 And Peter answered him and 
said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me 
come unto thee on tlie water. 

29 And he said, Come. And when 
Peter was come down out of the 
ship, he walked on tlic water, to go 
to Jesus. 

30 But when lie saw the wind 
boisterous, he was afraid ; and begin- 
ning to sink, lie cried, saying, Lord, 
save me. 

31 And immediately Jesus stretcli- 
ed fortli his Imiul, and caught him, 
and said unto him, O thou of little 
faith, wherefore didst thou doubt? 

32 And when llioy were come into 
ihc sliip, the wind ceased. 

;33 Then tlicy that we. e in the sliip 
came and worshipped liim, saying, 
Of a truth til on art tlie Son of God. 

34 1 And when tlioy were gone 
over, they came into the luiul of 

章四十 第太馬 

is 人、 除了婦 人孩子 、約有 五千。 〇^ 穌耍遣 散衆人 、就 催門徒 上船、 先渡到 那邊岸 上去^ 人 m 後、 耶穌獨 3 上山祈 %天 

就黑 一.^ 只 有耶穌 一 人在那 一《? ^在海 因 爲風不 1 被 波浪搖 fcis 四更 時分、 耶 穌在海 -,3 上 行走、 往門徒 1 裘去。 £ 徒 

看見 耶穌在 海面上 行走、 就驚 慌了、 說、 這必是 怪物、 就懼 怕喊呌 起來。 聊穌急 忙對他 們說、 你們 放心、 oyl 不? fits,! 說、 

果然是 .H^請^我也從水面上走到你那裏去。&穌說、你來。^就從船上下來、在水面上行走、耍到耶穌那^&^^拔 

、 、 01111 、 、 、 一: 一 1 一 、 一一 1; 一一 

大就懼 怕將要 沉下去 喊叫說 主 救我耶 穌伸手 拉住他 說你這 小信的 Ati 甚麽 疑惑呢 上了船 風就息 了在船 ...,的 

、 、 、 一一一 EI 、 II ,a ^ 

人都 來拜耶 穌說你 實在是 神的 兒子了 〇 耶穌 和門徒 過了海 到了革 尼撒勒 的地界 


五十 第太馬 41 

35 And when the men of that 
place had knowledge of him, they 
sent out into all that country round 
about J and brought unto him all that 
were diseased ; 

36 And besought him that they 
might only touch the hera of his 
garment: aud as many as touched 
were made perfectly whole, 


THEN came to Jesus scribes and 
Pharisees, which were of Jeru- 
salem, saying, 

2 Whydotriyclisciplestrau'sgressthe 
traditiou of the elders ? for they wash 
not their liaiuls when they eat bread. 

3 But lie answered and said unto 
them, Why do ye also transgress 
the commandment of God by your 
tradition ? 

4 For God commanded, saying, 
Honour thy father and mother : and, 
He that cuiseth father or mother, let 
l)im die the deatli. 

5 But ye say. Whosoever shall say 
to his father or his mother, It is a 
gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be 
profited by me ; 

6 And honour not his father or 
liis mother, he shall be free. Thus 
have ye made the commandment of 
God of none effect by your tradition. 

7 Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias 
prophesy of you, snying, 

8 This people draweth nigh unto 
me uith their mouth, and honouretli 
me with their lips; but their heart is 
far from me. 

9 But in vain tlicy do worship me, 
(racl)ing /or doctrines the command- 
ments of men. 

10, And he called the multitude, 
and said unto them, Hear, and under- 
stand : 

11 Not that which goeth into the 
uioath defileth a man ; but that which 
Cometh out of the mouth, this defileth 
a man. 

i -、 , , 、! r*c 

那褢的 人認識 耶穌就 打發人 到問圓 地方去 報信有 人將那 裹所有 的病. < 帶來見 耶穌只 求耶穌 准他們 摸耶穌 的衣裳 

穂子、 摸著 的人、 就都 好了。 

第 十五章 . 

k 時候 有耶路 撒泡. 的讀 窘.^ 和法 利赛. = ^來見 耶穌 的門徒 一爵 甚麼犯 了從古 人傳下 來的規 I 喫飯 的時候 不洗手 

一一一 、 、 on \ 、,、 、 

呢耶穌 囘答說 你們爲 甚麽因 一1 邪傳下 來的親 矩犯了 神 的誠呢 祌盼咐 說應當 孝敬父 母又說 罵父 K< 的 必當治 

OH 、 、 、 、大 、 、 

死他 你們倒 說人若 對父^ 說 我所當 奉給你 的已經 作了禮 物以後 不孝敬 父母是 可以的 這就是 你們守 著那傅 下來的 

、 0^ \. 、 、 、八 、 、 

親 矩廢了 神的 誡了假 冒爲 善的人 ^f^l® 先指 荖你們 說的話 是不錯 的他說 這百姓 用口親 近我用 唇尊敬 我他的 

oft 、 、 _}1 十 、 、 、 、十 1 

心都 是遠離 我他們 將人所 吩附的 當作道 理敎訓 人所以 拜我也 是柱然 耶穌^ 了 衆人來 對他們 說你們 要聽耍 明白不 

是入口 的能 汚糠人 、乃 是出口 的能 汚穢 人。 

42 Sr. MATTHEW, XV. 

12 Then came his disciples, and 
said unto him, Knowest tliou that the 
Pharisees were offended, after they 
heard this saying ? 

13 But lie answered and said, 
Every plant, whicli my heavenly 
Father liatli not planted, shall be 
rooted up. 

14 Let them alone : they be blind 
leaders of the blind. And if the 
blind lead the blind, both shall fall 
into the ditch. 

15 Then answered Peter aud said 
unto him, Declare unto us this 

16 And Jesus said, Are ye also 
yet without uaderstandiiig? 

1 7 Do not ye yet understand, tliat 
wliatsoever enteretli in at the mouth 
^00 th into the belly, and is cast out 
into the draught? 

18 But those things which proceed 
out of the mouth come forth from the 
heart ; and they defile the man. 

1 9 For out of the heart proceed 
evil tliouglits, murders, adulteries, 
fornications, thefts, false witness, 
l)l:is|)l>cmies •• 

20 Th( se are the things which defile 
ji man : but to eat with unvvaslien 
hands (lelilctli not a man. 

21 T[ Then Jesus went llicnce, and 
d^])artc'd into the coasts of Tyre and 

22 Ami, bell old, a woman of 
Canaan cainc out of the same coasts, 
aud cried unto him, saying, Have 
inorcy on me, O Lord, thou Son of 
Diivid ; my daughter is grievously 
vexed with a devil. 

23 But ho answered her not a 
woril . And liis disciples came and 
besouglit him, saying, Send lieraway ; 
for she crielli alter us. 

24 But he answeicd atid said, I 
am not sent but mi to the lost sliecp 
ol' the of IsfiU'l. 

25 Tlien carao she iuu\ wm'shipped 
lilm, saying, Lord, liclj) iii". 

章五十 第太馬 

£ 徒進 前.^ 說、 法利赛 人聽見 這話、 甚不 喜悅、 你知道 穌囘答 _ 齓凡栽 稀的^ 若 不是我 天父栽 稲的必 耍拔出 他的根 

憑他 們罷、 他們是 瞎子領 瞎子、 若是 瞎子頜 瞎子、 兩個 人必都 耍掉在 坑.; 翻說、 請將 這個比 喩講給 我們聽 耶穌說 

你 們也不 明白良 知 凡人口 運化在 肚一染 終久落 在茅则 裏^蜘 有出口 ^是從 心邀發 ^這維 能汚穢 .^t 像那惡 

gg^ 姦 ^ 苟.^ 盜竊、 妄亂誘 iFs 都是從 心裏發 都能汚 穢.^ 若是不 洗手喫 1 那 不能汚 穢人。 〇_ 蕲穌離 開肌地 ^化 g 

繊 SI 的境內 一 個 11 的婦人 、從 那地方 出來、 大 徵求耶 穌說、 .Hii 的子孫 憐彻我 我的女 3- 被 附著^ ".^u 耶 

穌 1 言不^ 門徒 進前^ 求耶穌 他在 我們後 面喊^ 請. 叫他去 穌囘答 I 我奉差 遣而來 RES^ 族迷失 的羊" 

^人 來拜耶 穌說、 求 主 極救。 


'26 But lie answered and said, It 
is not meet to take the children's 
bread, and to cast it to dogs, 

27 Ajid she said, Truth, Lord : 
yet the dogs tat of tlie crumbs 
which fall from their masters' table. 

28 Then Jesus answered and said 
unto her, O woman, great is thy 
faith : be it unto thee even as thou 
wilt. And her daughter was made 
whole from that very hour. 

29 And Jesus departed from 
tlience, and came nigh unto the sea 
of Galilee ; and went up iuto a moun- 
tain, and sat down there. 

30 And great multitudes came unto 
him, having with them those that were 
lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and 
many others, and cast them down at 
Jesus' feet ; and he healed them : 

31 Insomuch that the multitude 
wondered, when they saw the dumb 
to speak, the maimed to be whole, 
the lame to walk, and the blind to 
see : and they glorified the God of 

•32 Then Jesus called his disciples 
unto him, and said, I have compas- 
sion on the multitude, because they 
continue with me now three days, 
and have nothing to eat : and I will 
not send them away fasting, lest 
they faint in the way. 

33 And his disciples say unto him, 
Whence should we have so much 
bread in the wilderness, as to fill so 
great a multitude ? 

34 And Jesus saith unto them, 
How many loaves have ye ? And 
they said, Seven, and a few little 

35 And he commanded the multi- 
tude to sit down on the ground. 

36 And he took the seven loaves 
and the fishes, and gave thanks, and 
brake them, and gave to his disciples, 
and the disciples to the multitude. 

章 五十? 1 太馬 43 

S 穌囘答 li^ 將兒 女的餅 丢給狗 #是 不可以 I 鎖 人說、 主阿、是:^但是狗也喫他主人掉子底下所掉的零碎。|穌說、^^ 

< ^你的 信是大 照你所 願意: ^與 你成全 了罷。 從這 時候他 女兒就 好了。 〇^ 穌離 開那地 t 到了^ ^的海 ^ 上山坐 


見啞吧能說5^^有殘疾的痊愈了、瘸腿的能行#瞎眼的能看11;;甚覺希^歸榮耀與^^的 ; i〇i 穌呌 門徒^ 說、 我 

憐憫這 衆人、 他們 在我這 已 經三日 ^4 沒有甚 麽吃: ^我不 願叫他 們餓著 囘去、 恐怕他 們在道 路上困 乏了。 徒 5^- 我們 

在 野地一 I 從那裏 得這許 多餅、 叫這許 多人吃 飽呢。 聊穌說 、你 們有多 少餅、 他們說 、有 七個、 還有幾 尾小魚 。聊 穌就吩 附衆人 

〇= 一. K 、 、 、 \ 

坐在 地上擎 著那七 個餅和 幾尾魚 祝謝了 镇開遞 給門徒 門徒分 給衆人 

41 St. MATTHEW, XVI. 章六十 第太馬 

.37 And they did all eat, and were 
filled : and they took up of the broken 
meat that was left seven baskets full, 

38 And they tluit did eat were 
four thousand men, beside women 
and children. 

39 And he sent away the multi- 
tude, and took ship, and came into 
the coasts of Magdala. 


THE Pharisees also with the 
Sadclucees came, and tempting 
desired him that he would shew 
them a sign from heaven. 

2 He answered and said unto them, 
When it is evening, ye .'-ay, It will 
be fair weather : for the sky is red. 

3 And ill the morning, It will be 
foul weather to clay: for the sky is red 
and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can 
discern the face of the sky ; but can 
ye not discern the signs of the times ? 

4 A wicked aud adulterous gener- 
ation seeketh after a sign ; and there 
shall no sign be given uuto it, but 
the sign of the prophet Jonas. And 
he left them, aud departed. 

5 And when his disciples were 
come to the other side, they had 
forgotten to take bread. 

6 1 Then Jesus said unto them, 
Take heed and beware of the leaven 
of the Pharisees and of the Sadclucees. 

.7 And tliey reasoned among them- 
selves, saying, It is because we have 
taken no bread. 

8 U hicli when Jesus perceived, he 
said unto tliem, O ye of little faith, 
why reason ye among yourselves, 
because yc have bruiiglit no broad ? 

9 Do yc not yet understand, 
neither remember the five loaves of 
the five thousand, and liow iiuuiy 
baskois ye took up? 

10 Neither tlie seven loaves of 
the four thousand, and how many 
baskets yc took up? 

衆人 都吃飽 了收拾 賸下的 零碎盛 滿了七 個籃子 吃的人 除了婦 人孩子 共有 il 千 耶穌造 散了衆 人就上 船來到 抹大拉 

的 境內」 

第 十六章 

1 、 、 0- 一、、 、 03 

法利赛 和撒都 該人來 試探耶 穌請耶 穌從. 天上 顯奇^ 他們 看耶穌 回答說 晚上天 有紅光 你們就 說天必 天 


世代、 要 奇 除 了先知 ^ 的那件 奇槊、 再沒 有奇事 給你們 1;::^ 耶穌 就離開 他們去 了。 oi: 徒渡 到那邊 -riJ: 上、 忘:. ift 

f 穌對他 們說、 你們 謹防法 利赛和 撒都該 人的醉 1: 徒彼此 議論說 、這是 ras 我們沒 有祭餅 耶穌知 si 就對他 們:^ 、你 

們這 小信的 人、! II 甚麽因 沒有拏 I 彼 此議論 們還不 省悟良 ;五個 餅分給 五千九 又收拾 了幾筵 子-塔 ,1 你 們不記 

得 個餅 分給四 千-^ 又收 拾了幾 籃子零 i 你們不 記得』 i 


1 1 How is it that ye do not under- 
stand tliat I spake it not to you con- 
cerning bread, that ye slionld beware 
of the leaven of the Pharisees and 
of the Sadducees ? 

12 Then understood ihey how that 
he bade them not beware of the 
leaven of bread, but of tlie doctrine of 
the Pharisees and of the Sadducees. 

13 1 When Jesus came into the 
coasts of Cesarea Pliilippi, lie asked 
his disciples, saying, Whom do men 
say tliat I, the Sou of man, am'? 

14 And they said, Some say that 
thou art John the Baptist ; some, 
Elias ; and others Jereinias, or one 
of the prophets. 

15 He saith unto them, But 
whom say ye that I am ? 

16 And Simon Peter answered 
and said, Thou art the Christ, the 
Son of the living God. 

17 And Jesus answered ;i nd said 
unto him, Blessed art tliou, Simon 
Bar-jona : for flesh and blood hath 
not revealed it unto thee, but my 
Father which is in heaven. 

18 And I say also unto thee, That 
tlioli art Peter, and upon this rock I 
will build my church ; and the gates 
of hell shall not prevail against it. 

19 And I will give unto thee the 
keys of the kingdom of heaven : and 
whatsoever thou sbalt bi iifl on earth 
shall be bound in heaven ; and 
whatsoever tliou shalt loose on earth 
shall be loosed in heaven. 

20 Then charged he his disciples 
that they should tell no man that 
he was Jesus the Christ. 

21 T[ From tliat time forth began 
Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how 
that he must go unto Jerusalem, and 
suffer many tilings of the elders and 
chief priests and scribes, and be killed, 
and be raised again tlie third day. 

22 Then Peter took him, and began 
to rebuke him, saying, Be it fur from 
thee, Lord -.this shall not be unto tlice. 

章 六十第 太.? r 43 

+ 1 、 , 、 - -;. o 十一一 

我吿 11^ 你們說 謹防: ty 利赛和 撒都該 人的隨 這話不 的指著 餅說的 你們怎 麼不明 白呢門 徒這饞 明白耶 穌不是 說謹吸 

餅的 1 乃是 法利赛 撒都該 人的道 t^〇+ 夢穌 到了該 撒利亞 的境. si 問 門 徒. 人說我 人子是 HIS: 徒 I 有人 .I 是 

施洗的 約翰有 人說是 利亞又 有人說 是耶利 米或是 先知; 袅的 一 位耶穌 說你們 說我是 誰西, 說 你是基 督是永 

〇 十. 1? 、 、 、 C 十 p: 

生 神 的兒子 耶穌說 西門巴 爾約擎 你是有 福的因 i! 這不 是世上 的人指 示給你 的乃是 我在天 上的父 措示的 我又吿 

訴你 、你: i5 卽磐 石之意 我耍立 我的敎 會在這 磐石. 4 陰間的 樯枘不 能勝他 。g 並且耍 將天國 的踰匙 賜給: ^凡你 

在 地上所 捆鄉陬 在天上 也耍捆 i 在地上 所釋放 I 在天 上也耍 釋放。 i 是耶 穌吩咐 門徒、 不可吿 ^人說 他是基 督。: 


勸:^ 說 .^^這 是? 不可: ^也不 至於如 =^ 


章 七十 第太馬 

23 But he turned, and said unto 
Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan : 
thou art an offeuoe unto rue: for 
thou savourest not the things that be 
of Go(,l, but those that be of men, 

24 , Then said Jesus unto his 
disciples, If any man will come after 
me, let hira deny himself, and take 
up his cross, and follow me. 

25 For whosoever will save his life 
shall lose it : and whosoever will lose 
his life for my sake shall find it. 

26 For what is a man profited, if 
he shall gain the whole world, and 
lose his own soul ? or what shall a 
man give in exchange for liis soul ? 

27 For the Son of man shall come 
in the glory of his Father with Iiis 
angels ; and then he shall reward 
every man accor'.liiig to his works. 

28 Verily I tixy unto you, There 
be some standing here, which shall 
not taste of death, till they see tlie 
Son of man coining in his kingdom. 


AND after six days Jesus laketh 
Peter, James, and John his 
brother, and bringctli them up iute 
a high mountain apart, 

2 And was transfigured before 
them : and liis face did shine as the 
sun, aud liis raiment was white as 
the light, 

3 And, behold, there appeared 
unto them INFoses and Elins talking 
with him. 

4 Then answered Peter, and said 
unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to 
be here : if thou wilt, let us make here 
three tabernacles ; one for thee, and 
one for Moses, aud one for Klias. 

5 While he yet spake, behold, a 
bright cloud overshadowed them: and 
behold a voice out of the cloud, wliich 
said, This is my beloved Son, in whom 
I am well pleased ; licar ye him. 


i 穌 轉身對 l^lw^ 退去 I 你是阻 擋我: ^你 不體貼 神的意 J 只體貼 人的意 ^1 穌對 門徒! ili 有人耍 趿從^ 就 


或作 姨魂有 甚麽益 t 人能 拏甚麼 換生命 或作靈 魂呢。 子必 得天父 的榮氣 同著衆 天使降 1那£ 候 必耍照 著谷人 的行爲 


^十 七章 - 、 、 

k 了六 H 、耶 穌帶著 彼得雅 各和^ 的兄弟 ^、暗 喂的上 了高山 %穌 在他們 面前、 變了形 面明一 如 衣 e.?; 潔 

n~0 . i . 、 C-El 、 、 、 、 

白 放光忽 有摩西 以利亜 顕現在 他們面 前和耶 穌說話 彼得對 耶穌說 主我們 在這& 最好你 -;^ 願意 我們就 在這: 炎搭 

三座 1 一 座 爲;^ 一 座 、一座 爲、; ^Mi^ 話之間 、有 光明的 溝遮住 他們、 有聲音 從雲 裏出來 I 這是我 的愛千 、我所 

葛悅: ^你們 應當聽 I 


6 And when the disciples licaid 
it, they fell on their face, and were 
sore afraid. 

7 And Jesus came and touched 
thfm, and said, Arise, and be not 

8 And when they liad lifted up 
their eyes, they saw no man, save 
Jesus only. 

9 And as they came down, from 
the mountain, Jesus charged tliera, 
saying, Tell the vision to no man, 
until the Son of man be risen again 
from the dead. 

10 A 1x1 his disciples asked him, 
saying, Why then say the scribes 
that Elias must first come ? 

11 And Jesus answered and said 
unto them, Elias truly shall first 
come, and restore all things. 

12 But I say unto you, that Elias 
is come already, and they knew him 
not, but liave done unto him what- 
soever they listed. Likewise shall 
also the Son of man suffer of them. 

1 3 Then tlie disciples understood 
that he spake uuto them of John 
the Baptist. 

14 , And when they were come 
to the multitude, there came to him 
a certain man, kneeling down to 
liim, and saying, 

15 Lord, liave mercy on my son ; 
for lie is lunatic, and sore vexed : 
for ofttimes he falleth iuto the fire, 
and oft into the water. 

16 And I brought him to thy dis- 
ciples, and they could not cure hira. 

17 Then Jesus answered and said, 
O faithless and perverse generation, 
how long sliiiU T be with you ? how 
long shall I suffer you ? bring him 
hither to me. 

18 And Jesus rebuked the devil ; 
and he departed out of him : and the 
child was cured from that very hour. 

19 Then came the disciples to 
Jesus apart, and said, Why could 
not we cast him out ? 

章七十 第太馬 47 

<、 、c* \ \ o-^ 、、 oft 

門 徒聽見 就俯伏 在地懼 怕得很 耶穌進 前摸他 們說你 們起來 不耍懼 怕門徒 舉目舰 看不見 一 人只 有耶穌 在那某 〇 下 

川的時 I 耶穌吩 咐他們 I 人子還 沒有從 死裹復 你們 不可將 所看見 的吿訴 人。 i: 徒 問耶穌 I 讀書 人爲甚 麽說^ 

2-1 、 、 十 1一 、 - 、 % % 


C 十 一一一 、 十 、 、 、 十 5-* 

受他們 的害門 徒這纔 明白耶 穌所說 的是指 著施洗 的約翰 〇到 了衆人 那裏^ 人 來到耶 穌面前 跪下說 主憐 恤我的 

, 、 、 十六 GrJJ 、 

兒子他 害顦癎 的病甚 苦屢次 跌在火 襄屢次 跌在水 裏我帶 他到你 門徒那 裏他們 不能醫 治耶穌 囘答說 這悖逆 不信的 

世代 (我 在你們 這裏到 幾時、 我忍耐 你們到 幾時呢 、帶 他到我 這裏來 。§ 穌措 那鬼、 鬼就 出去、 那 人的; % 子立刻 好了。 £徒 

暗暗 的到耶 穌面前 來說、 我們不 能逐出 那鬼、 是甚麼 綠故。 

48 St. MATTHEW, XVIII. 章八十 第太馬 

20 And Jesus said unto them, 
Because of joiir unbelief : for verily 
I 8ay unto you, If ye Imve faith as a 
grain of mustard seed, yc shall say 
unto this mountain, Remove hence to 
yonder place ; and it shall remove : 
and nothing shall be impossible unto 
you. • • • 

21 Howbeit tins kind goeth not 
out but by prayer and fasting. 

22 1 And while they abode in 
Galilee, Jesus said unto tlieni, The 
Son of man shall be betrayed into 
tl、e hands of men : 

23 And they shall kill liim, and 
llio third day he shall be raised again. 
And they were exceeding sorry. 

24 , And when they were come 
to Capernaum, they that received 
tribute money came to Peter, and 
said, Doth not your master pay 

25 He saith, Yes. And when he 
was come into the house, Jesus pre- 
vented him, saying, wliat thinkest 
thou, Simon ? of whom do the kings 
of the earth take custom or tribute ? 
of their owu children, or of strangers. 

20 Peter saitli unto him, Of 
strnngers. Jesus saitli uuto liim, 
Then are tlie children free. 

27 Notwitli.staiuling, lest we should 
offend tlieni, go thou to the sea, and 
cast a hook, and take up the fish 
that fii'st Cometh up ; and when tlion 
hast opened his mouth, thou slialt 
a piece of money : that take, 
give unto them for rue tnid 


AT the same time cunio llie dis- 
ciples unto Jesus, saying, Who 
is the greatest in the kingdom of 
licavtMi ? 

2 And Jesus called a little child 
imlo him, and set liim in the midst 
of tliem, 

i 穌, I 因一 H 你們不 III 我實 在吿訴 你钆^ 有芥 榮種那 樣大的 信心、 就是吩 咐這座 山從這 邊掷移 到那邊 、也必 挪移、 並且 

你 們沒有 一 件不能 作的事 I^^s 於那 一 類的鬼、若不?鶴吿禁食、就不能趕他出去。〇_轳穌周流11^的時候、對門徒,^;^八 

上二 1一 、 , --r r 、 、 \ 

子將; 被資 在人 手一袭 被他們 殺窗第 三日必 耍復活 iZ 徒就 大大的 il- 愁 〇 到了 Is 有 殿收 枕的. 對! 5^ 

你們先 生納税 不納。 說、 納税。 ^ 進了 屋子、 耶穌 先向他 說、^ 你的意 怎樣、 世上谷 M 的王、 向誰徴 收關税 丁税、 

向自己 的兒子 -I 還是 向外人 向 外人徵 t 耶穌 I 旣然 如此、 兒子就 可免税 h^il 恐怕, 他們不 喜悅、 你 且往海 

邊去釣^^;將先釣上來的魚取泉開了他的:^可以得 一 塊銀^ 擎 去給他 i 作你 找的税 ■ 

第 十八章 

1 時候 iZ 徒進 前來、 問耶 穌說、 天國: E?ifi 是最大 II 穌叫 一 個孩 子來、 使 他站在 他們巾 gi、 

1 e- -- - 

St. MATTHEW, XVIII. 章; \ 十 第太馬 49 

3 And said, Verily I fay UMto you, 
Except ye be converted, and become 
as little cliiklren, ye shall not enter 
into the kingdom of heaven. 

4 Whosoever therefore shall luim- 
ble himself as this little cli-id, the 
same is greatest in the kingdom of 

5 Aud whoso shall receive one such 
little child in my name receiveth 

6 But whoso shall offend one of 
these little ones uhicli believe in 
me, it were better for him that a 
millstone were hanged about his 
neck, and that he were drowned 
in the depth of the sea. 

7 T[ Woe unto the world because 
of oflPciices! fur it must needs be 
that offences come ; but woe to that 
man by whom the offence cometh ! 

8 Wherefore if thy hand or thy 
foot offend Ihee, cut them off, and 
cast them from thee : it is better for 
tliee to enter into life halt or maimed, 
rather tljan having two liands or two 
feet to be cast into everlasting fire. 

9 And if thine eye offend thee, 
pluck it out and cast it from thee : 
it is belter for thee to enter into life 
with one eye, rather than having two 
eyes to be cast into hell fire. 

10 Take heed that ye despise not 
one of these little ones ; for I say 
unto you, That in heaven their 
angels do always behold the face of 
my Father which is in heaven. 

1 1 For tlie Son of man is come to 
save that which was lost. 

12 How think ye? if a man have 
a hundred sheep, and one of them be 
gone astray, doth he not leave the 
ninety and nine, and goeth into the 
mountains, and seeketh that which 
is gone astray? 

13 And if so be that he find it, 
verily I say unto you, lie rejoicetli 
more of" tliat sheep, than of the ninety 
and nine wliich went not astray. 

Sig 、我 實在 吿訴你 扎你們 若不改 變氣臂 〔不像 小孩子 、就不 能進天 國一義 去。, 以凡自 己謙卑 、像 這小孩 子的、 他在天 國就曰 

最大: 凡爲 我的^ 接侍 一 個像這 小孩子 就是 接待我 f,^k 叫這 信我的 一 個 小子陷 在罪裏 I 這 人倒不 如早有 人將一 

、 、 、 、 、- 

磨盤 石径在 他的頸 H 〈上 沈在深 海裏這 世界是 有禍的 因篇陷 A 、在罪 裏陷人 在罪裏 固然是 不能免 的寧只 是陷人 在罪, 

裹的人 "是有 禍#懈 若你 一 隻 一 隻亂 叫你犯 就砍 下來丢 你短 一 手 一 脚進入 永生、 强 如有兩 手兩脚 被投在 永火一 

oft 、 、 、 十 、 1 

裏倘若 你的眼 睛. 路你犯 罪就剜 出來丢 掉你短 一 隻服 進入永 生强如 有雨隻 眼被投 在地獄 的火裏 〇 你們耍 小心 不可: 

9 、 、 0十1 > C 十一 1 

輕看 這小孑 裏的 一 個我 吿訴你 們他們 的天使 在天上 常見我 天父的 面人子 來特爲 耍救喪 13 的. „ ^比如 一 個人有 一 百: 

隻; 迷失了 一 隻你 們的意 如^ 那 個人豈 不是撇 下這九 十九雙 在山. 那 一 隻迷失 的羊去 %^是 找著了 、我實 

在吿訴 你仏他 害這 一 隻羊歡 nil 比 il 那沒^ 迷 失的九 十九隻 羊歡喜 還 大呢。 


14 Even so it is not the will of 
your Father which is in heaven, that 
one of these li ttle ones should perish. 

15 1 Moreover if thy brother shall 
trespass against thce^ go and tell him 
his fault between thee and him 
alone : if he shall hear thee, thou 
hast gaiued thy brother. 

16 Bui if he will not hear thee, then 
take with thee one or two more, that 
in the mouth of two or three witnesses 
every word, may be established. 

17 And if he shall neglect to hear 
them, tell it unto the church: but if 
he neglect to hear the church, let 
him be unto thee as a heathen man 
and a publican. 

18 Verily I say unto you, What- 
soever ye shall bind on earth shall 
be bound in heaven ; and whatsoever 
ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed 
in heaven. 

19 Again I say unto you, That if 
two of you shall agree on earth as 
touching any tiling that they shall 
ask, it shall be clone for them of ray 
Father which is in heaven. 

20 For where two or three are 
gathered together in my naine^ there 
am I in the midst of tliem. 

21 T[ Then came Peter to him, 
and said, Lord, how oft shall my 
brother sin against me, and I forgive 
him ? till seven times ? 

22 Jesus saith unto him, 工 say not 
uuto thee, Until seven times : but, 
Until seventy times seven. 

23 Tf Therefore is the kingdom of 
lioaven likened uato a certain king, 
which would take account of his 

24 And when lie had begun fo 
reckon, one was brouglit unto liim, 
which owed liini ten tliousaiul talents. 

25 But forasmuch as lie had 】iot 
to pay, liis lord commaudod him to 
be sold, and his wife, and children, 
and all tl)at he liiul, and payment to 
bo lujulc. 

章 八十第 太 《?! 

你 們天父 也不願 這小子 裏迷失 一 個 。〇 ,若 兄第得 罪你、 你就去 在货地 ias: 備他、 他, ^ 聽從、 就是 你救了 你兄弟 f4 

4《 、 、 . 、 、 o+t 、 、 

若 不聽從 你就帶 一 雨 個人同 去因爾 無論甚 麼事必 憑著兩 三人的 u 作見證 方能定 局若不 聽從他 們就吿 敎 ^&不 

聽從敎 t 就將 他看作 外邦人 和税吏 一 様。8! 實在吿 訴你們 、凡你 們在地 上所拥 柳的、 在天上 也要 捆鄉、 在地上 所释放 I 

在犬 上也耍 釋放。 g 又吿 IJ^ 你們、 ^你們 中問有 兩個人 、在地 上同心 合意的 求甚麼 5a. 、我 在天上 的父、 必.^ 他們成 

無; i 在何 1^ 有兩 三人奉 我的名 聚會、 我必在 他們中 sl〇-,,s? 候 進前來 、問耶 穌說、 弟得, 非我、 我 應常饒 恕他幾 

nllll 、 、 二一 11 、 * - a , 

次到七 次可以 麼耶穌 對他說 我說不 是到七 次乃是 到七十 個七次 天國如 同.^ 王, 架. 和他 的僕人 算跟, 力. 的時候 W 人帶 

一 個欠 一 千萬 銀的進 前來。 fffi 他無力 償還、 他主人 吩咐將 他和他 的妻子 女、; 他所 布的、 都" K 了 iid 


26 The servant therefore fell flown, 
and worshipped him, saying, Lord, 
have patieiioe with me, and 1 will 
pay thee all. 

27 Then the lord of that servant 
was moved with compassion, and 
loosed him, and forgave him the debt. 

28 But the same servant went cmt, 
and found one of his fellow servants, 
whicli owed him a hundred pence : 
and he laid bands on him, and took 
him by the throat, saying, Pay me 
that thou owost. 

29 And his fellow servant fell 
down at his feet, and besought liim, 
saying. Have patience with me, and 
I will pay thee all. 

30 And he would not : but went 
and east him iuto prison., till lie 
should pay the debt. 

31 So when his fellow servants 
saw what was done, tiiey were v?ry 
sorry, and came and told unto tht'ir 
lord all that was clone. 

32 Then his lord^ after that he had 
called him, said unto him^ O tliou 
"wicked servant, I forgave thee all 
that debt, because thou desiredst me : 

33 Shouldest not thou also have 
had compassion on thy fellow servant, 
even as I had pity on thee ? 

-)4 And his lord was wroth ^ and 
delivered him to tne toi、mentois, till 
1)6 should pay all that was due unto 

35 So likewise shall my heavenly 
Father do also unto yon, if ye from 
your hearts forgive not every one liis 
brother their trespasses. 


AND it came to pass, that when 
Jesns had finished tliese say- 
ings, he departed from GaliW、 and 
came into the coasts of Judca boy end 
Jordan ; 

2 Ami great multitudes followed 

him; and he healed them there. 

袁九十 第太馬 51 

^僕人俯伏拜他、說、請主宽容我、我將來必都還淸1主人就憐恤他、將他釋放、並且豁免€©2^1僕人出來、遇見 一 00 


0111 十 、 、 oil 一 1 、 , 一 一二一 

必要 還淸他 不應允 就將他 下了盟 等他還 淸了所 欠的債 他的衆 35 俾看 兒這 事很 不歡喜 將這事 吿訴了 主人主 人將他 

、/- ■ 、 、 、一 S 、 CMS 、 

^了 來說 你這惡 奴你求 我我就 將你所 欠的都 豁免了 你不應 當憐恤 你的同 伴像我 憐恤你 麽主人 就發怒 將他交 給獄 

官、 等 他還淸 了所欠 的債。 II 們谷人 若不誠 心饒恕 ^兄的 過犯、 我 天父也 必要如 此待你 們了。 

STA 十九章 

b 穌說完 這;^ 就離開 l¥i 到了 境界、 S1 河外。 許多 人跟隨 i 耶穌 在那氣 磐好他 們中間 的病. <。 


章九 十第太 

3 T[ The Pharisees also came unto 
him, tempting Mm, and saying unto 
Mm, Is it lawful for a man io put 
away his wife for every cause? 

4 Aucl he answered and said unto 
them, Have ye not read, that he 
which made them at the beginning 
made thera male and female, 

5 And said, For this cause sliall a 
roan leave father and mother^ and 
shall cleave to his wife : and thoy 
twain shall be one flesh ? 

6 Wherefore tliey are no more 
t\vain, but one flesh. What therefore 
God hath joined together, let not 
man put asunder. 

7 They say unto him, Why did 
Moses then command to give a writ- 
ing of divorcement, and to put lier 
away ? 

8 He saith unto them, Moses be- 
cause of the liarduess of your hearts 
suffered you to put away your wives : 
but from the beginning it was not so, 

9 And I say unto yoii, Whosoever 
shall put aM'ay his wife, except it 
be for foruicatioD, and sliall many 
another, committeth adultery : and 
whoso marrieth her which is put 
away doth commit adultery. 

10 T[ His disciples say uuto him, 
If the case of the man be so with his 
wifcj it is not good to marry. 

1 1 But he said unto them, All men 
cannot receive this saying, save they 
to whorn it is given. 

12 For there are some euuucliSj 
which were so born from their 
mother's womb : and there are some 
eunuchs, wliicli were niade eunuchs 
of men : and there be eu n uclis, whidi 
have made themselves eunuchs for 
the kingdom of heaven's sake. lie 
that is able to receive it, let him 
receive it. 

13 T[ Tlicn wore there brougnt un- 
to liini little cliiklrcn, that he sliould 
put his liaiuls on tlicni, and pray : 
and the disciples rebukoil them. 

s , , OH 、 、 、 \5 \ 

有法利 赛人來 試探耶 穌說人 無論^ 麽綠 故都可 以休妻 麽耶穌 回答. 説造 物的 主起, 初 造人是 造一 男: 女:^ 且說因 

此 人離開 父母、 與妻子 如膠似 I 兩 人成爲 一 i 這經你 沒有讀 過&适 樣看, 恭 夫妻不 算兩個 乃是 一 體的 f.^ 所以 祌 

、 七、 \ , - tc 、 \ 

配 合的人 不可分 開他們 說這樣 摩西又 i! 甚 麼吩咐 我們立 了休 書緣可 以休妻 1, 耶穌說 ffi: 因 爲你們 心太忍 所以容 _ 

你們休 ifn^ 但起初 不是這 liisnlli 你仏 若不是 淫 亂的綠 t 休妻另 ^就是 犯了姦 淫了、 有人娶 被休的 M 人、 也" ij- 犯: J I 

o 十 、 、 〇十1 、 、 o 十-一 

姦淫 了門徒 對耶穌 說人和 妻子旣 是這樣 倒不如 不娶耶 穌說人 不能都 聽受這 話惟存 惠賦這 樣性情 的人殺 能聽^ 因 一 

、 、 o、o 十 3、 , 

有生 來是閹 的有被 人陶割 的有因 爲天國 自己不 娶的這 話誰能 聽誰就 可以聽 〇 那時候 有人帶 著孩. m 來兑 耶穌求 

耶 穌桉手 在他們 頭上、 露他們 禱吿、 門 徒擺阻 他們。 


14 But Jesus said, Suffer little 
children, and forbid tliem not, to 
come unto me ; for of such is the 
kingdom of iicaven. 
- 1 5 And he laid his bands on them, 
n])(l departed thence. 

1 6 T[ And, behold^ one came and 
said unto him, Good Master, what 
good thing shall I do, that I may 
have elornal life? 

1 7 And he said unto !" m, Wliy 
callest tliou me good? there is none 
good but one, that is, God : but if 
thou wilt enter into life, keep the 

18 He saith unto him, Which? 
Je.sus sai(】, Thou shalt do no murder, 
Thoii slialt not commit adultery, 
Thou shalt not steal , Thou sl^alt not 
bear false witness, 

】9 Honour thy father aiul thy 
mother: and, Tiioii shalt love tliy 
nciglibont' as (Ityself. 

20 The young man saith unto him, 
All these things have I kept from 
my youtli up : what lack I yet? 

21 Jesus said unto him. If thou 
wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou 
hast, and give to the poor, and thou 
shalt have treasure in heaven : and 
come and follow me. 

22 But wheu the young man heard 
that saying, lie went away sorrowful : 
for he had groat possessions. 

23 T[ Then said Jesus unto 】iis 
disci{)leSj Verily I say unto you, Tliat 
a rich man sbali hardly enter into 
the kingdom of heaven, 

24 And again I say 'unto you, It 
is easier for a camel to go through 
the eye of a needle, than for a rich 
man (o enter into tlio kingdom of God. 

25 Wlion his disciples heard it, 
they were exceedingly amazed, say- 
ing. Who then can be saved ? 

26 But Jesus behck] them, and 
said unto th(?m, With men this is 
iiupossible ; but with God all things 
are possible. 

章九十 第太馬 53 

十四 、 、 、 、 o 十 5 、 

耶 穌說容 小孩子 到我這 裏來不 要禁止 他們因 _1 在 天國的 正是像 小孩子 這樣的 人耶穌 就按手 在他們 頭上離 開那地 

方去 h^osM 個少年人進前來對耶穌l良善的夫^l-我當行甚麼善l^^綴能得永l麟穌說^^i!甚麼稱我是良善的、除 

、 、 、 OK 、 、 、 、 、 、 

了 神沒 一 個良善 的你耍 進入永 生就當 謹守誡 命他說 甚麼誡 命耶餘 說就是 不可殺 人不可 姦淫不 可偷盜 不可妄 

作見 敬父 I 愛 人如已 _i 少年 人說" 這些誡 <i 我自幼 都遵守 f.^ 還有甚 麼缺欠 良# 穌說、 你要作 完全. ^去將 你所有 

、 、 、 211 一 、 、 1 二 一1 

的都 IM 了 賙濟貧 人就必 有財寶 在天上 你還要 來跟從 我少年 人聽了 這話就 憂憂愁 愁的去 了因一 II 他的產 業甚多 〇 於 

是耶 穌對門 徒說、 我實 在吿訴 你們、 財主是 難進天 國的. 1 又吿訴 你們、 凝駝 穿過緘 的眼、 比 財主進 神的 國還容 爲呢。 £ 

徒聽 甚詫 這樣誰 能得救 l-i 穌看著 m 們! 在人 固然不 i 在 神 是沒有 不能, 

54 St. MATTHEW, XX. 

章十二 第太馬 

27 T[ Then answered Peter and 
said unto hira, Behold, we have for- 
saken all, ami followed thee ; wliat 
shall we have therefore ? 

28 And Jesus said unto them, 
Verily I say unto you, That ye which 
have followed mc, in the regenera- 
tion when the Son of man shall sit 
in the throne of his glory, ye also shall 
sit iipou twelve thrones, judging the 
twelve tribes oi Israel. 

29 And every one that hath for- 
saken houses, or brethren, or sisters, 
or father, or mother, or wife, or 
cliildren, or lands, for my name's 
sake, shall receive a hundredfold, 
and shall inherit everlasting life. 

30 But many that are first shall 
be last; and tlie last shall be first. 


FOE, the kingdom of heaven is 
like unto a man that is a 
householder, which went out early in 
the morniug to hire labourers into 
his vineyard. 

2 And when he had agreed with 
the labourers for a penny a day, he 
sent them into his vineyard. 

3 And he went out about the 
third hour, and saw others standing 
idle in the marketplace, 

4 And said unto them ; Go ye also 
into the vineyard, and wluitsoever is 
right I will give yon. And thoy 
went their way. 

5 Again he went out about the sixth 
and niutli hour, and did likewise. 

6 And about tlie eleventh hour he 
went out, and found others standing 
idle, and saitli unto them, Why stand 
ye here all the day idle? 

7 They say unto liim, Because no 
man hath iiircd us. lie saith unto 
them, Go ye also into the vineyard ; 
ami whatsoever is riglit, that shall 
ye receive. 

〇_s,t!t^ 我 們松棄 一 所 有的跟 從你、 將來能 得著甚 m^i 穌說、 我寬 在吿訴 你們、 你們這 跟從我 的人到 一:. S 物復 的時 

候"人子坐在有榮耀的喪痤0:5,你們也耍^在十二個座位^^審問3,^十1 一支 派的. Siff 我 的札撇 下冢宅 弟 兄虮妹 


第 二十歡 

一、、 oil 、 一 r 、 

天 國如同 家主早 晨出去 餍人進 葡萄圓 作工相 工.^ 講定一 日 一 錢銀子 就打發 他們進 〈^_ ^園去 巳初 時分又 出去^ 見 

、! r -、 、 OS , 

又有人 在街上 閒站就 對他們 說你們 也進葡 萄圜去 我所應 當給的 必給你 們他們 也進去 了晌午 和申初 分出 去也是 

這樣行 出去、 看見又 有閒站 的人、 就問他 們說、 你們爲 某麼終 H 在這裏 閒站。 &們說 、因 i!l 沒有 A 歷我^ 尔主説 、你 

們也 到菊萄 園去、 所 應當給 I 你 們必得 I 


8 So when even was como, the 】or(l 
of the vineyard saith unto Lis steward, 
Call tlie labourers, and give them 
their liiro, beginning from the last 
unto the fiist. 

9 And when they came that were 
hired about the eleventh hour, they 
received every man a penny. 

10 But when the first came, they 
suppo.sed lliat tliey should have re- 
ceived more ; and they likewise re- 
ceived every man a penny. 

1 1 And when ihey had received 
it, llicy niui nuircd against the good- 
iiiau <»f the house, 

12 Saying These last liave wj'ought 
hut one li<jur', and thou hast made 
them equal imto us, which liave borne 
tlie burden and heat of the tl ay . 

13 But ho answered one of them, 
and said, Friend^ I do thee no wrong : 
(lidstfnut thou :ig!'ee with me for a 
poniiy ? 

1 4 Take that thine is, and go thy 
wuy : I will give unto this last, even 
as unto thee. 

15 Is it not lawfvil for me to do 
wliat I will with mine own ? Is thine 
eye evil, because I am good ? 

1 6 So the last shall be first, and 
the first last : for many be called, but 
few chosen. 

17 ^ And Jesus going up to Jeru- 
I salciu took the twelve disci])les apart 

in the way, and said unto them, 

18 BehoM, we go up to Jerusa- 
lem ; and the Son of man shall be 
betrayed unto the chief priests and 
unto the scribes^ and they shall con- 
demn him to death, 

1 9 And shall deliver him to the 
Gentiles to mock, and to scourge^ and 
to crucify him : and the third day he 
shall rise again. 

20 T[ Then came to him the mother 
of Zi'bedee's cliildrt'u with her sons, 
wor si lipping hini,' and desiring a 
certain thing of him. 

章十二 第太馬 55 

到 了晚上 園主人 對管家 說叫衆 工人來 都給他 們工餞 從後來 的起到 先來的 爲止酉 1 初展 的人來 了谷得 一 錢銀 子先展 

的也來 7、 以爲自 己必耍 多得。 誰知也 是谷得 一 ift 向家主 發怨一 IHri 我們終 23 負 苦受執 一那後 來的口 〈作了 竿個 時辰的 

你 m 叫他們 和我們 一 樣麽 mis 人 對他們 巾間的 一 個人 朋&我 不戯負 我與 你講定 的工! ^不是 一 錢 #i 拿了 

你的去 si 我給這 後來的 和給你 一 1 是我願 意如此 # 称的東 西不可 隨我的 意想用 I 我作 好. = ^你就 怒目相 K^I&i 就 

是在後 的將耍 在前、 在前的 將耍在 後了、 因 P 被召 的人& 選上的 人少。 〇 聊穌上 31¥ 的時候 、在道 路上、 暗暗 的叫過 


釘在 十字架 t; 第三 日他必 ls^o_i 時 iw^d 的 子的母 ,1 帶著他 兩個: Is^ 上前來 拜耶^ 耍求 一 件事。 

56 St. MATTHEW, XX. 

21 And he said unto her, What 
wilt thou ? She saitli unto liim, 
Graut that these my two sons may 
sit, the one on thy right luuul, and 
the other on the left, in thy kingilom. 

22 But Jesus answered and said, 
Ye know not wliat ye ask. Are ye 
able to drink of the cup that I shall 
drink of, and to be baptized witli the 
baptism that I am baptized with ? 
Tiiey say unto him, We are able. 

23 And he saitli unto them, Ye 
shall drink indeed of my cup, and be 
baptized with the baptism that I am 
baptized with : but to sit on my right 
hand, and on my left, is not mine to 
give, but it shall be given to them for 
whom it is prepared of my Father. 

24 And when tlie ten heard it, 
they were moved with indignation 
against the two brethren. 

25 But Jesus called them unto 
him, and said, Ye know that the 
princes of the Gentiles exercise do- 
minion over them, and they that are 
great exercise authority upon them. 

26 But it shall not be so among 
you : but whosoever will be great 
among you, let him be your minister ; 

27 And whosoever will he chief 
among you, let him be your servant : 

28 Even as the Son of man came 
not to be ministered unto, but to 
minister, and to give liis life a ransom 
for many. 

29 And as they departed from 
Jericho, a great multitiule followed 

30 1 And, bohoUl, two bliml men 
sitting by the way .side, wlien they 
heard that Jesus passed by, cried 
out, saying, Have lutTcy on us, O 
liortl, thou Son of David. 

31 And the multitudo rebuked 
them, because tliey si i on Id their 
pence : but tliey crictl tlic inoi'e, s;iy- 
iiig, J lave mercy on us, O Lunl, thou 
Sun of" Davkl. 

章寸二 as 太 ^ 

f 穌說、 你耍甚 良他說 、在 你國氣 許我 這兩個 US, 、 : 個坐在 你左邊 、一 個坐在 你右逸 f 穌說、 你們所 求的、 你們 不知. 道、 5? 

將 喝的那 : 杯你們 能喝麼 我將受 的洗你 們能受 麼. 船們 說我們 能耶, 說我所 一 杯你們^^1必:€1-^我所受的洗 

你們 也必耍 1^ 只是坐 在我的 左.! i 不是我 賜 I 我父 爲誰 豫亂我 或作無 我字 就賜與 &十個 i: 徙聽 2^ 就惱 怒他們 

第兄 二人。 職.穌§.-§: 徒來說 、外邦 人有君 王管束 他們、 有大 臣轄制 他們、 這是你 們知道 l.s: 是你 們不可 如此、 你們屮 ii 

誰耍爲 4^ 就當 服堪你 耍居 首化 就當作 你們的 僕人。 § 如人子 來不是 耍受 人的服 5^ 乃是? * 服 事.. ^並且 耍松: g! 性 


OH 1 、 、 、 〇 . 

恤我們 衆人資 備他 們叫他 們不耍 LU- 嚷他 們越發 t-^ 說主 大衛的 子孫憐 恤我們 


32 And Jesus stood still, and called 
thom, and said, What "'ill ye that I 
shall do unto you ? 

33 They say uiilo liitn, Lord, that 
our eyes may be opened. 

34 So Jesus had compassion on 
them, and touch e'l tlif ir eyes : and 
immc'clialcly their eyes received siglit, 
and they followed hira. 


AND when they drew nigh unto 
Jerusalem, and were come to 
Beth phage, unto the mount of Olivca, 
then sent Jesus frwo di.sciplcs, 

2 .Sa) 力 ig unto theiD, Go into the 
village over against yon, and straight- 
'Avay ye shall find an ass tied, aud a 
f^t with her': loose them, and bring 
(hem unto me. 

3 And if any man say n light unto 
you, yc ^' .all say, The Lord hath need 
of then) ; and straightway he will 
send tli^ni. 

4 All til is was done, that it might 
be fiilfifled which was spoken by tlie 
prophet, saying, 

: 5 Tell' ye the daughter of Sion, 
Beliold/thy King coraetli unto thee, 
n^eek, and silling 11 pon an ass, and a 
cplt the^foal of an ass. 

. 6 And the disciples went, and did 
as "Jesus' commanded them, 

^ And brought the ass, and the 
colt, and put on them their clothes, 
and they set him thereon. 

8 And a very great multitude 
spread their garments in the way ; 
others cut down branches from the 
tret's, aud strewed them in the way. 

9 Aud the multitudes that went 
before, and that followed, cried, say- 
ing, Hosanna to the Son of David : 
Blessed is he tliat cometh in the 
name of the Lord ; Hosanua in the 

10 Aud when he was come into 
Jerusalem, all the city was moved, 
saying, Who is this? 

章 -十二 第太馬 57 

3一1 、 , 、 CiKH 一、、 一 3 、 9 

耶穌站 住叫他 們來對 他們說 要我爲 你們作 i„ ^麼瞎 子說 主我們 耍眼睛 能看見 耶穌憐 恤他們 將他們 的眼睛 一 摸眼睛 

就看 見了。 他們從 此跟從 了耶穌 『 , 

一 第二 十一章 II 

b 穌和門 徒將近 sls§ 先 到了綠 IS 山的 ^^(、^ 穌就差 遺兩個 門徒、 說、 你 們往對 面村子 么必耍 看見那 惠栓著 

\ 、 ^ C 二 11 、 、 、 「四 

1 匹 驢還有 ! ^驢 駒你們 解開牽 到我這 來倘或 有人問 你們就 說主耍 用他必 叫你們 牽來這 箏正應 了先知 所說的 

l&flts 吿 訴鲷民 11_^你 的王到 你那裏 和和 1^ 平的騎 著驢、 後 面 跟隨 一 個驢 fe: 徒遵 著耶穌 所吩附 的去行 % 了驢 

、 、 、 、.A 

和驢. 1 來 將自己 的衣、 服搭在 上面扶 著耶穌 騎上衆 人有將 衣服鋪 在道路 上的有 砍下樹 枝來鋪 在道路 上的並 且前前 

後後的 衆人、 都大聲 說、^ 1 的子 孫和。 散 1 卽求救 之為奉 主名來 是應當 稱頌的 、在 至上之 1^ 當 稱和散 耶穌 進了辆 

mi 八 2 城的人 都驚# 了、 說這 是誰。 . , 


11 And the multitude said, This is 
Jesus tlie prophet of Nazii reth of 

】 2 , And Jesus went into the tem- 
ple of God, and cast out all them that 
sold and bought in the temple, and 
overthrew the tables of the money 
changers, and the seats of them that 
sold doves, 

13 And said unto them, It is writ- 
ten, My house shall be called the 
house of prayer ; but ye have made it 
a den of thieves, 

J 4 And the blind and the lame came 
to liim in the temple ; and lie healed 

1 5 And wiien the cliicf priests and 
scribes saw the wonderful things that 
lie did, and the children crying in the 
temple, aud saying, Hosanna to tlie 
Sun of David ; they were sore dis-, 

i 6 And said unto him, Hearest thou 
what these say ? And Jesus saith unto 
thera, Yea; have ye never read, Out 
of the mouth of babes and sucklings 
thou hast perfected praise? 

17 1 And he left them, and went 
out of the city into Bethany ; and he 
lodged there. 

18 Now in the morning, as he 
returned into the city, he hungered. 

19 And when he saw a fig tree in 
tlie way, he came to it, and found 
nothing therein, but leaves only, and 
said unto it, Let no fruit grow on 
thee heiiccforward for ever. And 
present ly the fig tree withered away. 

20 And when the disciples saw it, 
they marvelled, saying, How sooa is 
the fig tree withered away ! 

21 Jcsiis answered and said unto 
tliein, Verily I say unto yoii, If ye 
have faith, and (luu'ot not, ye .shall 
not only do this which is done to the fig 
tree, but also if ye sliall say imto this 
mountain, He thou roinovod, and be 
tliou cast into tlie sea ; it .shall be 

章 一十二 第太馬 

^人 說、 這是加 利利祭 撒勒的 先知耶 iti 穌進了 ; t 的殿宇 、將 .:s?g 作 ^;3«的< ?都^ 出去、 椎倒^ 換 m 錢的 人的拇 

、十 m , 、 、 orM 

和资 鸽子 的人的 子 對他們 說經上 說我的 rasi 殿必稱 爲禱告 的地方 你們覚 將這. 聖殿 當作盗 贼的^ 穴了殿 ^.:^ ^々瞎 

、 、 〇十5 、 、 , 

子 IT 子到 耶穌面 前來耶 穌就^ 好 他們祭 司長和 讀寄人 看見耶 穌所行 的奇樂 又見; ^孩 :宽 在殿: 大^ 稱 說 大衛的 

孫和散 1 他們 就大不 喜悅、 i 耶穌說 、他們 所說的 、你聽 見了麼 ^耶 穌說、 是 i 經上 說、 我將藉 著孩: 宽和吃 孩的 口、 

、 十七 、 、 〇 +«: 、 、 

說 完全了 讚美的 話你們 沒有讀 過麼耶 穌就離 問他們 出城到 了百大 尼在那 裹住了 一 夜〇 第二: nsf:!^ 進城的 時候餓 

O+J^ , , 、 、 、 、 、 

了見道 旁有一 裸 無花果 樹進前 一看樹 上波沒 有果子 R 有葉子 就對樹 說從今 以後你 永不結 si- 子無花 樹就 立刻枯 

0-+ 、 、 o= - \ 、 、 、 

乾了 門徒看 25? 詫異 說無花 果樹怎 麼立刻 枯乾了 耶穌說 我實在 吿訴你 們,^ 是你們 ^信心 不疑或 不徂能 作像 無花果 

樹上這 樣的事 、就 是吩咐 這痤山 離開此 t (投 在海氣 &必 成就。 


22 And all things, whatsoever ye 
si 1 all ask in prayer, believing, ye 
shall receive. 

23 % And Avlicn 】ie was come into 
the temple, the cliief priests and the 
elders of the people came unto him 
as he was teaching', and said, By 
what authority doest tliou these 
things ? and wlio giive thee this 
authority ? 

24 And Jesus answered and said 
unto then), I also will ask you one 
thiug, which if ye tell me, I in like 
■wise will tell yon by what authority 
I do these things. 

25 The baptism of John, whence 
WHS it ? from heaven, or of men ? 
And they reasoned with themselves, 
saying:, If we shall say, From heaven ; 
he will .say unto us, Why did ye not 
then believe him ? 

26 But if Ave shall say, Of men ; 
we fear the people ; for all hold John 
as a prophet. 

27 And they answered Jesus, and 
said, We cannot tell. And he said 
unto them, Neither tell I you hy 
what authority I do these things. 

28 But what thiuk ye? A certain 
mail had two sons ; and he came to 
the first, and said, Sou, go work to 
day in my vineyard. 

29 He answered and said, I will not ; 
but afterward he repented, and went. 

30 And lie came to the second, 
and said likewise. And he answered 
and saifl, I go, sir ; and wont not. 

31 Whether of them twain did the 
will of Ms father ? They say unto 
him, The first. Jesus saith unto 
tliein, Verily I say unto you, That 
the publicans and the harlots go into 
the kingdom of God before you, 

32 For John came unto you in the 
way of righteousness, and ye believed 
him not ; bat the publicans ami tlie 
harlots believed hira : and ye, when 
ye liad seen it, repented not after- 
ward, that ye might believe him. 

章 一十二 第太馬 59 

你們 禱吿的 時候若 有信心 無論求 茶麼必 全得著 耶穌上 in 殿 敎訓人 祭司長 和民間 的長老 來問耶 穌說你 用甚麼 權抦. 

作 這些氣 賜你這 權柄的 是誰。 i 穌囘 答說、 我也有 一 句話問 你們、 你們若 是吿訴 I 我就吿 訴你們 我用甚 麽權柄 作這些 


01- 六 , 、 = 七 、 、 


你們我 用甚麼 欉柄作 這些事 。聯穌 又說、 一 個人有 兩個兒 子、 先對 他大兒 子說、 我兒、 你今: 11 到葡 萄圓作 工去。 力 G^" 子說、 我 

、 011 一十 、 、 、 03 1 

不 去後來 懊侮就 去了對 他二兒 子也是 這樣說 I 一 子 說父阿 我去他 却不去 你們想 這兩個 兒子 誰是遵 父命的 他們囘 

答 ifi 大兒子 。耶 穌對他 們說、 我實 在吿訴 你們、 税吏和 娼妓、 要比你 們先進 神的 iigs, 翰遵 正道而 t 你們 不信 I 稅 

® 和娼妓 信他、 並且你 們看見 了這事 、仍舊 不侮改 、不 信他。 

60 St. MATTHP:\V, XXI. 

33 1 Hear another parable : There 
was a certain householder, which 
planted a vineyard, and hedged it 
round about, and digged a winepress 
in it, and built a tower, and let it 
out to husbandmen, and went into a 
far CO II a try : 

34 And when the time of the fruit 
drew near, he sent his servants to 
the husband men, that they might 
receive the fruits of it, 

35 And the InisbandQieu took his 
servants, and beat one, and killed 
another, and stoned auotliej'. 

36 Again, he sent other servants 
more than the first : and they did 
unto them likewise. 

37 But last of all he sent uuto them 
his son, saying, They will reverence 
niy son. 

38 But when the husbandmen saw 
the son, they said among themselves, 
This is the heir ; come, let us kill hiiii, 
and let us seize on his inheritance. 

39 And they caught liim, and cast 
him out of the vineyard, and slew 

40 When the lord therefore of the 
vineyard coiuetli, what will he do 
unto those husbandmen ? 

41 Tliey say unto liiin, He will 
miserably destroy those wicked men, 
ami will let out hh vineyard uuto 
other husbandmen, which shall reader 
him the fruits in their seasons. 

42 Jesus saith unto them, Did ye 
never road in the Scriptures, Tlie 
fctoiie which the builders rc'jwtcd, 
the same is become tlic head of the 
corner : this is the Lord's doing, and 
it is marvellous in our eyes ? 

43 "Therefore say 1 unto you, The 
kingdom of God shall be taken h um 
you, and given to a nation !) ringing 
Ibrlii the Iriiits thereof. 

44 And whosoever shall fall on 
this stone shall be broken : but on 
whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind 
hiiii to powder. 

章 十二 第太馬 

oi 們 sfi 1 個比 、有 一 個家 主稱菊 萄圓、 周園 阁上籬 銘〕、 裏面挖 一 個應 酒處、 造 一 座樓 、祖給 € ^"夫 、就. :^^l".^Ti^ 

\ 、 01115 、 、 、 

子 的時候 近了打 發他的 溪人往 農夫那 裏去收 槊子農 夫拿住 他的僕 人打了 - 個殺了 一 個 出石: H 砍死 一 ^主 人又打 

、 、 一 I 一七 、 0«."^ 、 


、 -、 、 o=s 、 、 、 

就彼 此商議 說這是 承接產 纖的我 們不如 殺了他 得他的 產業就 拿住他 推出葡 萄圓去 殺了葡 _甸 圓的主 人到了 將怎^ 

M 治 這農夫 lis 們. 囘答說 、他必 要滅了 這惡人 、將 f 5^ 園另租 給能按 時候交 果子的 農夫。 i 穌對他 們說、 終 上!^ 工冗所 

棄的石 氣作了 的頭塊 石頭、 這是主 所成全 的 在我 們服中 ® 覺希否 〔這終 你們沒 有誠過 吿一, 你仏 舯 

、 、 OBM^ 、 、 、 

的國必 從你 們這裏 奪去賜 給能結 子的& 姓凡落 在這石 頭上的 身體必 碎這石 ^落在 誰的身 上誰就 被石, §»爛 

St. MATTHEW, XXII. 章二 十二第 太馬 似 

45 And when the chief priests ana t 
Pharisees had heard his parables, 
they perceiv^ed that he spake of them. 

46 But when they sought to lay 
hands on liim, they feared the multi- 
tude, because they took him for a 


A ND Jesus answered and spake 
/ \ . unto them again by parables, 
and said, 

2 The kingdom of heaven is like 
unto a certain kinp^, which made a 
marriage for his son, 

3 And sent forth his servants to 
call them that were bidden to the 
wedding: and tliey would not come. 

4 Again, he sent forth other ser- 
vants, saying, Tell them wliich are 
bidden, BelioUl, I have prepared my 
dinner : my oxen and my fat lings are 
killed, and all things are ready : come 
unto the marriage, 

5 But they made light of it, and 
weut their ways, one to his farm, 
another to his merchandise : 

6 And the remnant took his ser- 
vants, and entreated them spitefully; 
and slew them, 

7 But when the king heard thereof, 
he was wroth : and he sent forth 
his armies, and destroyed those mur- 
derers, and burned up their city. 

8 Then saitli he to his servants, 
The M'edding is ready, but they wliich 
were bidden were not worthy. 

9 Go ye therefore into the high- 
ways, at\d as many as ye shall find, 
bid to t!;e marriage. 

10 So those servants went out into 
the highways, and gathered together 
all as many as they found, both bad 
and good : and the Aveddiiig was 
furnished with guests. 

11 And when the king came in 
to see the guests, he saw there a man 
which bad not on a wedding gar- 
ment : 

i 司長和 法利赛 人聽見 他的比 I 就知 道他是 指著他 們自己 說的、 i 捉拿他 、却懼 怕衆人 、因一 1 衆人 以耶穌 爲先知 

第二 十二章 

t 穌又用 比喩的 對衆人 Ifik 國如同 一 個 Hk? 他的 兒子設 擺娶親 的筵氣 纩發僕 人.^ 叫 那被召 的人來 赴席、 人都不 

ra 、 、 、 、 、 OS 

肯來又 打發別 的僕人 說你們 吿訴那 被召的 人說酒 席已經 豫備我 的牛和 肥畜已 經宰殺 各樣齊 全你們 就來赴 席那些 ■ 

、 、 , 六 、 、 七 , 、 

人不理 就走了 一 個 到自己 田裏去 一 個上 市去其 餘的人 拿住僕 人凌尊 他將他 殺了王 聽見大 怒發兵 滅了那 手將他 

們 一 城都 燒毀了 就對僕 --說 筵席已 經豫備 好了口 〈是 所召 的人不 配現在 你們可 往通行 的大路 上去無 論遇見 誰都叫 

來赴ni人出.ll^到了路上、凡所遇見的人、不論善惡都領了來坐滿了筵il^^-進來觀看坐席的A^見那裏有 一 個 沒有穿 

禮服: i . 

62 St. MATTHEW, XXIL 章 二十二 第太馬 

12 And he saitli unto liira, Friend, 
how earnest thou in hither not hav- 
ing a wed di 1115 garment ? And he was 
speeclilcss. >' 

13 Then said tlie king to the ser- j" 
vants, Bind him liaud and foot, and 
take him away, and cast him into 
outer darkness ; there shall be weep- 
ing and gnashing of teeth. 

14 For many are called, but few 
are chosen. 

15 t Then went the Pharisees, 
and took counsel how tlicy might 
entangle him in his talk. 

16 And they sent out unto liim 
tlieir disciples with the Herod ia as, 
saying, Master, we know that thou 
art true, and teacliest the way of 
God in truth, neither carest thou for 
any man : for thou regardest not 
the person of men. 

17 Tell us therefore, AVhat tliink- 
est thou? Is it lawful to give tribute 
unto CVsar, or not ? 

18 But Jesus perceived their 
wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye 
mo, ye hypocrites? 

19 Shew me the tribute money. 
And they brought unto him a penny. 

20 And he saith unto them, Whose 
is this image and superscription ? 

21 They say unto liira, Cesar's. 
Then saith he unto them, Render 
therefore unto Cesar the things which 
are Cesar's ; and unto God the 
things that are God's. 

22 When they 】ia(l heard these 
words, they marvelled, and left him, 
and went their way. 

23 , The same day came to him 
the Sadducoes, which f^ay that there 
is no resurrection, and asked liira, 

24 Saying, Master, Moses said, If 
a man die, Imving no child ren, liis 
brother sliall man v liis wife, and 
raise up seed unto liis brother. 


.i^ 在那 裹必要 哀哭切 损了。 sg 被召 s.^,.^ 選上的 人.^ 力 a 跏時 候法 利赛人 出.^ 大家商 t 一 耍就效 耶穌所 說的話 m 害 

fes 打發 徒弟和 ¥1 一 黨的人 、去見 耶穌説 、夫子 、我 們知道 你是誠 實人、 也 誠誠實 實的傳 神的 1 待人 是不狗 情的、 収 

人是不 論柑貌 &| 吿 訴我^ 納稅給 你 n 爲應 當不應 %i 穌知道 他們的 § 仏就說 、假, 爲善的 A>u 茶麼 U 探^ 

+4一 個上税的銀錢來給我i^^^€們就拿了一 個銀錢 來給耶 穌 割他們 Jt^ 道 像和這 號是誰 們 .1 是 耶穌 

說、這|^31的東西當歸給1、 神 的柬西 當歸給 l」i 們 見、 基以爲 希奇、 就離 開耶穌 去了。 „3撒 都該人 ^説 A 死 

不能 I 反活、 那 S 攸他 們有 幾個人 來見耶 穌說、 SH-*^ 說、 人若 死了、 沒有 兒子、 他兄 弟就當 娶他的 妻子、 化兒千 承繼好 I 


25 Now there were with us seven 
broth roiT : and the first, vv lien he had 
married a wife, deceased, and, hav- 
ing no issue, left his wife unto his 
brother : 

26 Likewise the second also^ and 
tlie third, unto the seventh. 

27 And last of all the woman 
died also. 

28 Theref^jre In the resurrection, 
wliose wife shall she be of the seven ? 
for they all Imd her. 

29 Jesus answered and said unto 
thcni, Ye do err, not knowing the 
Scriptures, nor the power of God. 

30 For in the resurrection they 
neither marry, nor are given in 
marriage, but are as the angels of 
Gocl in heaven. 

31 But as touching the resurrec- 
tion of the dead, have ye uot read 
that which was spoken unto you by 
God, saying, 

32 I am the God of Abraham, and 
the God of Isaac, and the God of 
Jacob? God is not the Gocl of the 
dead, but of the living. 

33 And when the multitude heard 
this, they M'ere astonished at his 

34 可 But when the Pharisees had 
heard that be had put the Sadducces 
to silence, they were gathered together. 

35 Then one of tliem, which was a 
lawyer, asked him a question, tempt- 
ing him, and saying, 

36 Master, which is the great 
commandment in the law ? 

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou 
slialt love the Lord thy God with 
all tliy heart, and with all tliy soul, 
and with all thy mind. 

38 This is the first and great 

39 And the second is like unto it, 
Thou .sbalt love thy neighbour as 

40 Oa these two commandments 
hang all the law and the prophets. 

立 - 
早 - 

二 十 







我 B 











:!^ 十 








麼。 神 


y V 


? J 


― 的 



e 戒、 

3 戒 



^ 大 







異 c 








































M J 










神、 不 






















fiiK 的 













y V 


n 、 



叶 J 


«@、 、 






神、 上 








樣 C 




IT 义 









fE 五 




、'。 5 













祌、 經 

Wu 、 












t - 

















其 ft 







神。 你 


後 《 




m 們 














十 -5 












64 St. MATTHEW, XXIIL 章 三十二 第太馬 

41 1 Whiiv» the Pharisees were 
gatliercd together, Jesus asked them, 

42 Saying, What think ye of 
Christ ? whose son is lie ? They say 
unto him, The son of David. 

43 He saith unto thera, How then 
dotli David in spirit call him Lord, 
say ill Of, 

44 The Lord said unto ray Lord, 
Sit thou on my riglit hand, till I 
make tliine enemies thy footstool ? 

45 If David then call him Lord, 
how is he his son ? 

46 And no man was able to answer 
him a word, neither durst any man 
from that day forth ask him any 
more questions. 


IHEN spake Jesus to the multi- 
tude, and to his disciples, 

2 Saying, The scribes and the 
Pharisees sit in Moses' seat : 

3 All therefore whatsoever they 
bid you observe, that observe and do ; 
but do not ye after their works : 
for they say, and do not. 

4 For tliey bind heavy burdens 
and grievous to be borne, miuI lay 
them on men's shoulders ; but they 
themselves will not move them with 
one of their fingers. 

5 But all their works they do for 
to be seen of men : they make broad 
their pliylactcries, and enlarge the 
borders of their garments, 

6 And love tiie ■ uppermost rooms 
at feasts, and the chief seats ia the 

7 And greetings in the markets, 
and to be called ot men, llabbi, Kabbi. 

8 But be not ye called llabbi : 
for one is your Master, even Christ ; 
and all ye arc brethren. 

9 And Old I no man your father 
upon the earth : for one is yuur 
Father, which is in houvdi. 

10 Neither l)c ye called masters : 
for one is you r Master, even Clirist. 

〇„i5 利蹇人 聚翁的 時:^ 耶穌 問他們 iu^i 到基 氰你們 以总怎 t 他是誰 的後裔 I 他 們囘答 lili 是 |^§後#§ 穌紘這 

樣. |<衞被^ -靈感 動怎麽 又稱基 督爲主 說主對 我的主 說坐在 我的右 邊等我 使你的 仇敵爲 你的脚 s;^ 大衛旣 ,:$ 基督 〔t 

、 OH A 、 o 

基條如 何是大 衛的後 裔呢衆 人都無 言可答 從此沒 有人敢 問他了 

? 一十, 二章 

1 、 、-- 、 03 ,9 

那 時候耶 穌對衆 人和門 徒說續 書人和 法利赛 A 坐在糜 西的位 上凡: g 們所吩 咐你們 遵守的 你們就 當遵守 ffll 不可效 

他們的 行爲、 因 一1 他們能 說不能 行# 們將難 擔的重 i 捆起 來放在 A! 局娘 .乜9己 一 個指. 如也不 i:.::: 氣 作 is^ 都是, 

叫人看 將佩 戴的經 文做宽 r.^ 衣裳穂 子做長 們 愛坐筵 席的上 ilf^ 堂的高 i^k 喜.^ 在 街市上 給他請 t 乂微^ 

、 、 CPC 、 、 、 CA 

人稱呼 他說夫 子夫子 只是你 們不可 受失 子的 稱呼你 們只有 一 位師 尊就是 基營你 們都是 js^ 兄.^ 不可 m 在^ 上的人 

爲父、 你 們只有 .一 位父、 就是在 天上的 (、 也不可 受師尊 的稱呼 、你們 R 有 一 位師坊 、就是 基督。 


11 But he that is greatest among 
you shall be your servant. 

12 And whosoever shall exolt him- 
self slmll bo abased ; and he that shall 
humble himself shall be exalted. 

13 ^ But woe unto you, scribes 
and Pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye 
shut up the kingdom of lieaven 
against men : for ye neither go in 
yourselves, neither suffer ye them 
that are entering to go in. 

14 Woe unto you, scribes and 
Pliarisees, hypocrites ! for ye devour 
widows' houses, and for a pretence 
make long prayer : therefore ye shall 
receive tlic greater damuatioii. 

15 Woe unto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye com- 
pass sea and laud to make one 
proselyte ; and wlien he is made, ye 
make liim twofold more the child of 
hell than yourselves. 

16 Woe unto you, ye blind guides, 
which say, Whosoever shall swear 
by t\\Q tern pie, it is nothing ; but 
wliosoever shall swear by the gold 
of the temple, he is a debtor! 

17 Yc fools and blind: for wliether 
is greater, the gold, or tlie temple 
that saiictifieth the gold ? 

18 Andj Whosoever shall swear 
by the altar, it is nothing ; but who- 
soever sweareth by the gift that is 
upon it, he is guilty. 

19 Ye fools and blind: for whether 
is greater, the gift, or the altar that 
sanctifieth the gift ? 

20 Whoso therefore shall swear 
by the altar, sweareth by it, and by 
all things thereon. 

•21 And whoso shall swear by the 
temple, sweareth by it, and by him 
that dwelleth therein, 

22 And he tlmt shall swear by 
licaven, sweareth by the throne of 
God, and by him that sitteth thereon. 

章 三十二 第太馬 65 

4-1 、 〇4-ll 、 o 十 In 

你 們中間 誰要爲 大誰就 應當作 你們的 僕人因 自高 的必降 卑了自 卑的必 升高了 〇 你們 這些假 冒爲善 的讀書 A 法 

利赛- ^是必 有禍; ^因 你們 在人而 氣關了 天國的 sf 自己不 進去、 有人耍 進去、 你們也 不容他 進去。 1 們 這些假 冒爲善 


冒爲善 的讀書 人法利 赛人、 是必有 禍:^ 因 11 你們走 遍千山 is! 水、 引 一 個人入 I 入了敎 、却 叫他作 地獄蛊 的人、 比你們 ■ 

〇十.1.; 、 、 、 I 、 、 、 十 七 

加倍你 們這些 瞎服領 人的是 必有禍 的你們 說指著 殿起誓 Is 不耍 緊的指 著殿裏 的金子 起誓就 當謹守 又糊塗 又瞎眼 

、 、 、 orA 、 、 、 、 

的人: 麼是 大的是 金子大 還是^ 金 子成爲 物的 殿大你 們又說 指著塘 起誓是 不要緊 的措著 墻上的 供物起 誓就當 

十 *! , 、 、 、 oil 卞 、 


S 東 ® 起 著殿 起誓、 就是指 著殿和 住在殿 裏的起 §1^^著 天起誓 、就 是指著 祌的贊 鼠和 坐在上 面的起 §|S 


章 三十二 第太馬 

23 Woe unto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe 
of mint and anise and cummin, and 
have omitted the weightier matters of 
tlie law, judgment, mercy, and faith : 
those ought ye to have done, and 
not to leave the other undone. 

24 Ye blind guides, which strain ! 
at a gnat, and swallow a camel. ! 

25 Woe unto you, scribes and ! 
Pliarisees, hypocrites ! for ye make 
clean the outside of the cup and of 
the platter, but within they are full 
of extortion and excess. 

26 Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse 
first that which is within the cap and 
platter, that the outside of them 
may be clean also. 

27 Woe unto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye are 
like unto whited sepulchres which 
indeed appear beautiful outward, 
bat are within full of dead men's 
bones, and of all unclean ness. 

28 Even so ye also outwardly ap- 
pear righteous unto men, but within 
y (! arc full of hypocrisy and iniquity. 

29 Woe unto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye 
build the tombs of the prophets, and 
oaniishthoscpnlclircsol the righteous, ! 
' 30 And say, If we had been in | 
tlic days of oar fathers, we would j 
not have been partakers with them 
in t he blood of the prophets. 

31 Wherefore ye be witnesses unto 
yourselves, tluit ye arc the cliildren 
of tlu iu which killed the prophets. 

32 Fill ye up then the measure of 
your fiithers. 

33 Ye serpents, ye generation of 
vipers, liow can ye escape tlie dam- 
nation of hell ? 

34 Wherefore, behold, I sen. 1 un- 
to you propliets, and wise men, aiul 
scribos : and some of them ye shall kill 
and crucify ; and some of tlicni shall 
ye scourge in your synagogues, and 
persecute ihem irom city to city : 

g 們這 些假冒 爲善 的讀書 人法利 赛人、 是必有 禍的、 因一爲 你們將 §何>:11香 、芹氣 十分之 一 獻. t; 反 一將律 法中: W 要 緊的。、^ 

if 就是 公義仁 愛誠實 丢棄了 、這是 應當 行的、 那也 =y 不可丢 棄的" i 服鎖 人的、 蚊子 你們就 t£ 來、^ 酡你們 倒.^ 下去。 ^ 

們 這些假 冒爲善 的讀書 人法利 審人、 是 必有禍 1因焉 你們洗 淨杯盤 的外丽 > ^八面 却 5^ 滿了、 m 翁和 不義、 的物」 的法 

利^. =s 先潔淨 Ti^ 盤的裹 ^ 那 外面自 然也潔 淨了。 S: 們這些 假冒爲 善的讀 » 人法利 ^人、 n 乎必对 禍的、 你們如 ::^ 

修飾的 ^1 原文 作抹灰 的墳墓 外面好 l^ss 却是死 人的骨 1^ 和谷樣 K 稳的 I 一!^ 歡 你們外 面在人 ^ 乎是 災而却 J 

滿 了假蕃 和不法 的事。 i 們 這些假 冒爲善 的讀書 A 法利 賽人、 是必有 禍的、 Sti!! 你們 建造先 知的氣 修怖義 人,^ 乂 1 


滿盈你 們祖宗 的惡貫 fei 蛇 一 類的. 你 們怎能 逃脫地 獄的刑 s^n: 差造先 知和賢 人並^ 薔. < ?到你 們那一 迫些 

人將來 有被你 們殺害 有 被你們 釘十字 架的、 有被你 們在笛 堂鞭打 I 有被你 們從這 城追逼 到那城 


章四十 二第太 馬 


35 That upon you may come all 
the righleous blood shed upon the 
earth, fnra the blood of righteous 
Abel unto the blood of Zacliarias son 
of Baracliias, whom ye slew between 
the temple and the altar. 

36 Verily I say unto you, All 
these things shall come upon this 

37 O JeiusaleiUj Jerusalem, thou 
that killcst the proplie<s, and stonrst 
them which are sent unto thee, liow 
often would I have gathered thy 
chilclreu together, even as a hen 
gatliercth her chickens under her 
、vings, and ye would not ! 

38 Behold, your house is left unto 
you desolate. 

39 For I say unto you, Ye shall 
not see me henceforth, till ye shall 
snjj Blessed is he that cumeth in the 
name of the Lord. 


AND Jesus went out, and de- 
parted from the temple : and 
his disei})los came to him for to shew 
him the buildings of the temple. 

2 And Jesus said unto them, See 
ye not all these things? verily I say 
uuto you, There shall not be left here 
one stone upon another, that shall 
not be thrown down. 

3 T[ And as lie sat iipoD the mount 
of Oliycs, tlie disciples came unto him 
privately, saying. Tell us, when shall 
these things be? and what shall be 
the sign of thy coming, and of the 
end of the world ? 

4 And Jesus answered and said 
unto them, Take heed that no man 
deceive you. 

5 For many sliall come in my 
name, saying, I am Christ ; and sliall 
deceive many. 

6 And ye shall liear of wars and 
rumours of wars : see that ye be not 
troubled : for all these things must 
come to pass, but the end is not yet. 

■ 歡凡 E 上殺 害義人 的罪、 都耍 歸在 你們身 t; 就 從殺害 魏,^ , ^勢说 到 你們在 殿墙中 間殺害 SI 的 子 

. oil: 六 、 oil 一 y 、 、 、 

利 亞爲止 我實在 吿訴你 們這些 罪都 要歸在 這世代 了耶路 撒冷阿 耶路撒 冷阿你 常殺害 先知乂 用石: m 砍死那 奉差遣 

到你 這襄來 的人我 次耍 聚镇你 的子民 如同^ 雞將 小雞聚 在翅膀 底下一 般只是 你不願 意你的 家將耍 變爲荒 :^" 我 

吿!; si:^ 從今以 I 你們 不能再 必耍等 到你們 說奉主 名來: 福的那 時;^ tl- 

第二 十四章 

^穌出了^-^§:徒進前請他觀看殿(>^一1穌對他們^15^你們看見這殿宇麻?我實在吿1^你1在這裏將來沒有 一 塊石頭 

留在 石頭. 4 都必 被拆毀 了。, 穌在 11 山上 坐著、 門徒暗 暗的上 前來說 、請吿 iii 我們甚 麼時候 有這事 、你 降臨和 肚界的 

、 ora 、 、 〇5 、 、 〇 六 

末: n 有 甚麼豫 兆耶穌 說你們 須要小 心恐怕 被人迷 戚了因 爲將來 有許多 冒我名 來的自 稱是基 督要迷 威許多 人你們 

將來聽 兒打仗 、和 打仗的 風聲、 不耍懼 ^這事 是必苻 ^口 〈是 末日 還沒 巧到。 


7 For nation shall rise against 
nation J and kingdom against king- 
dom : and there shall be famines, 
and pestilences, and earthquakes, in 
clivers places. 

8 All these are the begiKning of 

9 Then shall they deliver you up 
to be afflicted, and shall kill you : 
and ye shall be hated of all nations 
for my name's sake. 

10 And then si i all many be offend- 
("tl, and sliall betray one another, and 
shall hate one another. 

11 And many false prophets si i all 
rise, and shall deceive many. 

12 And because iniquity shall 
abound, the love of many shall wax 

13 But lie that sliall endure unto 
the end, the same shall be saved. 

14 And this gospel of the kingdom 
sliall he preached m all the world for 
a witness unto all nations; and then 
shall the end come. 

1 5 When ye therefore shall see the 
abomination of desolation, spoken of 
l>y Daniel the prophet, stand in the 
lioly place, (whoso readeth, let him 

16 Then let them which be in 
J"(】ea flee into tlie mountains : 

17 Let him which is on the house- 
top not come down to take any thing 
out of liis house : 

18 Neither let him which is in the 
field return back to take liis clothes. 

19 And woe unto tlieru that are 
with cliild, and to them that give 
suck in those clays ! 

20 But orav vc that your flight be 
not ill the winter, neither on the 
sabbath day : 

21 For then shall be great tribula- 
tion, such as was not since tlie begin- 
ning of the world to this time, no, nor 
ever shall be. 

章 四十二 第太馬 

民 耍攻槃 國耍 攻蔡 i 饑荒、 瘟疫、 地 谷 處都仏 k 都 是災難 的起; # 那時: ^人耍 將你們 g 在患難 4 耍 殺你乳 並且你 

們 ¥1 我 的名、 被萬國 人怨恨 31 時候、 必有許 多人厭 棄我的 I 彼此互 相陷鬼 T 互相 怨恨。 許多假 先知起 ^迷 M 許多 人。 

Siti 罪惡衆 I 許多八 的愛心 漸漸冷 淡了。 g 有忍 g 到底 的、 必耍得 tj?: 國的福 iii 將耍 傳遍普 天下、 與 民作兒 1 然後 

〇 卞五 % \ OJ- 

末 H 臨 到你們 見先知 但以现 所說殘 暴可憎 的物站 在聖地 讀這經 的人應 當思紙 那時; ^住在 、國 I 應常 逃到山 

上。 & 2!$ 上的、 不 要下來 取家裹 的東西 1 田奥的 、不耍 囘來取 衣服? 跏時化 懷孕的 和乳養 的:^ 人 冇禍了 St 應常祈 

禱、? ; g 得你 們逃走 的時^ 遇 見冬天 和安息 日.1 時候、 必有大 S 火難、 從創 世以來 S 到如 今、 沒有這 樣的災 i 後來也 是不能 


22 And except those days should 
be shortened, there should no flesh 
be saved : but for the elect's sake 
those days shall be shortened. 

23 Then if any laan shall say un- 
to you, Lo, here is Christ, or there ; 
believe it not. 

24 For there shall arise false 
Clirists, and false prophets, and shall 
shew great signs and wonders ; in- 
somuch that, if it were possible, they 
shall deceive the very elect. 

25 Behold, I have told you before. 

26 Wherefore if they shall say 
unto you, Behold, he is in the desert ; 
go not forth : behold, he is in the 
secret chambers ; believe it not. 

27 For as the lightning cometh 
out of the east, and sliineth even 
unto the west ; so shall also the 
coming of the Son of man be. 

28 For wheresoever the carcass is, 
there will the eagles be gathered to- 

29 ^ Immediately after the tribula- 
tion of those days shall the sun be 
darkened, and the moon shall not 
give lier light, and the stars shall 
fall from heaven, and the powers of 
the heavens shall be shaken : 

30 And then shall appear the sign 
of the Son of man in heaven : and 
then shall all the tribes of the earth 
mourn, and they shall see the Son of 
man coming in the clouds of heaven 
with power aud great glory. 

31 And he shall send his angels 
with a great sound of a trumpet, and 
they shall gather together bis elect 
from the four winds, from cue end of 
heaven to the other. 

32 Now learn a parable of tlie fig 
tree; When his branch is yet tender, 
and pnttetli f».>rtli leaves, ye know 
that summer is nigh: 

33 So likewise ye, when ye slinll 
see all tl.cse things, know tliat it is 
near, even at the doors. 

章 四十二 第太馬 69 


1 更 






動 o 

































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因 5 


1 小三 







































































口 J 






















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口 J 





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6 与 
日 3 


— ,产 

J c 











tffi* - 

? 5C 



























34 Verily I say unto you, This 
generation slxall not pass, till all these 
things be faliiOed. 

35 Heaven and cartli shall pass 
away, but my words shall not pass 

36 T[ But of that day and hour 
knoweth no man, no, not the angels 
of heaven, hnt my Father only. 

37 But as the days of IS'oe were, 
so shall also the coming of the Son 
of man be. 

38 For as in the days that were 
before the flood they were eating 
and (Iriiikiug, marrying ami giving 
in marriage, u】iti】 the day that Noe 
entered into the ark, 

39 And knew not until the Hood 
came, and took them all away ; so 
shall also the coining of the Son of 
man be. 

40 Then slvall two be in the field ; 
the one shall be taken, and the other 

41 Two women shall be grinding 
at the mill ; llie one shall be taken, 
and tlie other left. 

42 , Watch therefore ; for yo 
know not wlnit hour your Lord doth 

43 But know this, that if the good- 
imii of tlie house had known in wluit 
watoli (ho thief would com(、, he would 
liave watched, and would not have 
suffered liis house to be broken up. 

44 Therefore be ye also ready : 
fur ill such an hour as ye think not 
the Sou (if man comet h. 

45 Who tlicu is a fuitliful and 
wise servant, whom liis lord halh 
made viiler over his household, tu 
give llicm meat in due season ? 

4G Blessed is that servant, whom 
his lord wlien lie oonietli shall iiiu! 
so tloiiij^ 

47 Vol ily [ say unto you, That 
lie sliall muke liim ruler over nil liis 

意四十 二第太 M 

_s 赏在 吿訴你 t 一一 _3 股代 還沒有 過去、 這些事 必都成 就"" K 地必齓 我的: 斷不能 •i".^ 那:: 那時: ^沒 有人知 就是 

、 oil- 七 , 一 一八、 、 、一一 *; 、 

天使. si 不知道 只有我 父知道 人子降 臨正如 挪亞的 時候洪 水以前 A 照常吃 if 嫁娶到 挪亞進 方舟的 :!: 子不 知不^ 洪 

水來^ 將 他們都 淹沒一 4 人子 降臨也 是這添 „^時 候有兩 個人在 mii 收去 一 齓搬下 一 fc^ 兩個 女子推 I 一 也收去 一 i 

OEM 一 、 、 、 〇e: 一一一 、 , 

摄下 I 個這樣 你們必 當微醒 因> ^不知 道你 們的主 麼-时 候來到 若是家 主知道 幾更天 來就 必傲醒 不至贼 :!;^;! 

、 o^n , 、 CEIS 、 、 

進屋這 是你們 知道的 所以你 們也當 豫備因 i! 想不到 的時候 人子就 來了誰 是忠信 聰明: S 僕 A 家主用 他^ 现 家人按 

n0 、 、 七 、 

著時 候分糧 呢主人 囘來看 見他這 樣辦事 這僕人 就有福 了我赏 在吿^ 你們 主必用 他管理 全家^ 


48 But and if that evil servant 
shall say in his 】i<?art, My lord 
delayeth his coining ; 

49 Ami shall begin to smite his 
fellow SPrvnutSj ami to cat and drink 
with the drunken ; 

50 The lonl of that servant shall 
come in a day when he looketli not 
for him, and iu an hour that he is 
not aware of, 

51 And shall cut him asunder^ and 
appoint him his portion with the 
hypocrites : there shall be weeping 
and gnashing of teeth. 


THEN shall the kingdom of 
heaven be likenetl unto ten 
virginSj which took their lamps, and 
went forth to meet the bridegroom. 

2 And five of them were wise, and 
five tvere foolish. 

3 They that loere foolish took their 
lamps, and took no oil with them: 

4 Bat the wise took oil in their 
vessels with their lamps. 

5 While the bridegroom tarried, 
they all slu mbered aud slept. 

6 And at midnight there was a 
cry m:!(h', Behold, the bridegroom 
coinctli ; g() ye out to meet him. 

7 Tliou all those virgins a rose, and 
trimmed their lamps. 

8 And the foolish said unto the 
wise, Give us of your oil ; for our 
lamps are gone ont. 

9 But the wise answered, saying. 
Not so ; lest there be not enough for 
us and you : but g*> yo i atlier to tlu m 
tliat sell J and buy for yourselves. 

10 And while tliey went to buy, 
the bridegroom came ; and (hey that 
were ready went in with him to the 
marriage : and the door was shut. 

11 Afterward came also the other 
virgins, saying, Lord, Lord^ open 
to us. 

1 2 I>ut he answered and f^aid, 
Vorily J .say u ii t o y ou ^ I k now y ( ' u not. 

章 五十二 第太馬 7 i 

倘若 那惡僕 心袅說 我主人 來的必 遲就打 起他的 同伴來 又和酒 醉的人 一 同吃 喝在想 不到的 H 子不知 道的時 候那僕 

人: S 主人必 重 的處治 I 趕 他到假 冒爲善 的人的 地方、 和他們 一 樣受 1 在那 •: 教必 耍哀 哭切齒 h^」 

第二 十五章 

1 、 、 、一一 、 0M 一一 、 、巧 、 

那時候 天國比 如十個 董女拿 燈出去 迎接新 郞五個 是聰明 的五個 是愚拙 的愚拙 的拿著 燈不豫 備油聰 明的拿 著燈豫 

OH \ 六、、 七 、 

備 油在器 皿裏新 郞來得 遲他們 都在那 裏打肫 睡著了 半夜有 人喊叫 說新郎 到了你 們出來 迎接衆 童女 都起來 整理他 

們的 I 胸" 黾 i 的對聰 明的^ 我們的 燈耍滅 r.^ 請分 給我們 一 點: 明 的囘答 I 恐怕不 彀你我 用:^ 不如 你自己 到油坊 

十 、、 、 \0十1 、、、、 

去買 正買去 的時候 新郎來 了豫備 汕的童 女同他 進了筵 席門就 關了後 來那: H 〈餘 的童女 到了說 主阿主 阿請給 我們開 

O.H1 、 、 

門囘 答說我 實在吿 訴你們 我不認 識你們 


13 Watch therefore ; for ye know 
neither the day nor the hour wherein 
the Son of man cometh. . 

14 ^ For the hingdon of heaven is 
as a mail travelling into a far coun- 
try, icho called his own servants, and 
delivered unto them M。 goods. 

15 And unto one he gave five 
talents, to another two, ami to an- 
other one ; to every man according to 
his several ability ; and straightway 
took his journey. 

16 Then lie that had received the 
five talents went and traded with the 
same, and made them other five 

17 And likewise he that had 
received two, he also gained other two. 

18 But he that had received one 
went and digged in the earth, and 
hid his lord's money. 

19 After a long time the lord of 
those servants cometh, and reckoneth 
with them. 

20 And so he that had received 
five talents came and brought other 
five talents, saying, Lord, thou deli- 
veredst luilo me five talents : behold, 
I have gained beside them five 
talents more. 

21 His lord said unto him, Well 
done, thou good and faitliful servant : 
thou hast been faiihrul over a few 
things, I will iiiiike tlice ruler over 
many things : enter thou into the 
joy of thy lord. 

22 He also that had received two 
t:ileuts came and said, Lord, thou 
(lc'livere(]st unto me two talents : 
l)t'li<)ld, I liiive <^!vi 110(1 two otlier 
tulcnts beside thoin. 

23 His lord said unto him, Well 
clone, go('tl and failiifiil servant ; 
thou liast beon laitlif'iil over a few 
things, I will nmk" tliee ruler over 
many thitii^.s: cuUt tlii>n into (lie joy 
of thy lord. 

章 五十二 第太馬 

S 樣、 你 們必常 儆醒、 因爲不 知道人 子甚麼 =R 么甚 麼時候 臨到。 國 乂比如 一 個 人將耍 出外叫 衆?^ 來將所 有的家 

财交給 他仏+ ^著他 們的才 ^有給 五千銀 有給一 一千, 有給 一 千,i主人就出外去^^%照五千的拿去作HiK又赚了 

五 If^ll 一千的 又賺了 1 1 千。 S 有那領 一 千:^ 掘地將 主人的 銀子埋 藏了" i 了 許久、 主人囘 來與僕 A 算張- &領五 vt.=^ 又 

拿 著那另 外的五 進前 來說、 主、 交給我 五千、 我又 賺了五 千了。 -芬人 ^^你 這善良 忠義的 僕,^ 你在小 事上旣 々忠、 ^ 我 

要交給 你大事 管理、 可以進 來和你 主人同 享安樂 。膨 二千的 也來^ 牛 (交給 我二^ 我又 賺了二 ^-^..-^^ 你這善 良 忠 

義的 僕人、 你在小 事上旣 有忠心 、我 耍交給 你大事 管理、 可 以進來 和你主 人同享 安紫。 


24 Then he which had received 
tlie one talent came and said, Lord, 
I knew tlice that thou art a hard 
man, reaping where thou hast not 
sown, and gathering where thou hast 
not stiewed : 

25 And I was afraid^ and went and 
hid thy talent in the earth : lo, there 
thou hast that is thine. 

26 His lo】'.:】 answered and said unto 
him, Thou wicked and slothful ser- 
vant, thou knewest that I reap where 
I sowed not, and gather where I have 
not strewed : 

27 Thou oughtest therefore to have 
put ray money lo the exchangers, and 
then at my coming I should have 
received mine own with usury. 

28 Take therefore the talent from 
him, and give it unto hira which hath 
ten talents. 

29 For uuto every one that hath 
shall be given, and he shall have 
abundance : but from him that hath 
not shall be taken a^vay even that 
which he hath. 

30 And cast ye the unprofitable 
servant into outer darkness : there 
shall be weepingandgnashingof teeth. 

31 ^ When the Son of man shall 
come in his glory, and all the holy 
angels with him, then shall he sit 
upon the throne of his glory : 

32 And before him shall be gath- 
ered all nations: and he shall separate 
them one from anotlier, as a shepherd 
dividetli his sheep from the goats : 

33 And he shall set the sheep ou 
his right liand, but the goals on the 

34 Then shall the King say uuto 
them on his right hand, Come, ye 
blessed of my Father, inherit the 
kingdom prepared for you from the 
foundation of" the world : 

35 For I was a hungered, and ye 
gave me meat : I was tliirsty, and ye 
gave me drink: I was a stranger, and 
ye took me in : 

章 五十二 第太馬 73 

,頜 一 千的 來說、 主、 我知道 你是忍 心的. ^沒有 種的地 方耍收 ^沒有 散的地 方耍聚 1_ 所以我 懼怕、 將你的 1 千 銀子埋 

藏 在地一 4^ 今將 你的本 還你。 S 人說、 你這 懶惰的 惡奴么 旣知道 我沒有 械的地 方耍收 i 沒有 散的地 方要聚 I 裏當把 

我的銀 放給兌 換銀錢 的人、 好叫我 囘來時 得本又 得称_ &以奪 過他這 一 千^ 交給那 有十千 :^ss 有^ 還耍給 I 

、 、 、 〇 一 1 一十 、 、 =11 

叫他. 1^ 餘沒有 的連他 所有的 也必奪 過來將 那無用 的僕人 趕到外 面黑暗 地方去 在那裏 必耍哀 哭切齒 了〇當 人子顯 

、 \ 0一一一11 、 、 

榮耀帶 頜墨天 使降臨 的時候 耍坐在 有榮耀 的寶座 上萬民 都聚集 在他面 前必將 他們分 別出來 如同牧 羊的分 別綿羊 

、一 II 一一一 、 〇 一一. 四 、 、 、 OSS 

山羊叫 綿羊在 右邊山 羊在左 邊王耍 對那在 右邊的 說蒙我 父寵愛 的可來 承受創 世以來 爲 你們 所豫備 的國因 爲我餓 

了你 們給我 I 渴 了你們 給我^ 我作客 旅你們 留我: ij5 

74 St. MATTHEW, XXVL 窒 六十二 第太馬 

36 Naked, and ye clothed me : I 
was sick, and ye visited me : I was in 
prison, and ye came unto me. 

37 TI:on shall tlievigliteous answer 
him, saying;, Lord, when saw we thee 
a hungered, and fed thee f or thirsty, 
and gave thee drink ? 

38 When saw we thee a stranger, 
and took thee in ? or naked, and 
clothed thee ? 

39 Or when saw we thee sick, or 
in prison, and came unto thee ? 

40 And the King shall answer aud 
say unto them, Verily I say unto you, 
Inasmuch as ye have done it unto 
one of the least of these my brethren, 
ye have clone it unto me. 

41 Then shall he say also unto 
them on the left hand, Depart from 
me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, 
prepared for the devil and his angels: 

42 For I was a hungered, and ye 
gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and 
ye gave me no drink : 

43 I was a stranger, and ye took 
me not in : naked, and ye clothed me 
not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited 
me not. 

44 Tlien shall they also answer 
him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee 
a hungered, or athirst, or a stranger, 
or naked, or sick, or in prison, and 
did not minister unto thee ? 

45 Then shall he answer them, 
saying, Verily I say unto you, Iiias- 
rnucli as ye did it not to one of the 
least of these, ye did it not to me. 

46 And these shall go away in to 
everlasting punishment : but the 
righteous into life eternal. 


AND it canio (o pass, whoa Jcsns 
liad finished all these siyings, 
he said unto his disciples, 

2 Yc know that after two days ifl 
the feast of the p:>s.sovor, and the Son 
of man is betrayed to hv. ci ucifiod. 

_g 赤身露 你們給 我衣裳 ^我病 了你們 看顧我 、我 在監裏 你們來 看^" _ ,教人 耍説、 麼時候 兒你餓 T 伶 

了給你 時候見 你作客 旅留你 tt5 赤身露 體給你 衣裳^ _ 刃甚 麼時候 兒你或 J? 有病或 是在監 J 來看 你呢, 王耍囘 

$^答^|^^^在吿訴你&追事旣作在我 一 個最小 的兄弟 身么就 是作在 我的身 上一, J 那在 的亂你 們_ 迫些 可咒組 

的人、 離開我 進人篇 魔鬼和 魔鬼的 使者所 豫備的 永火襄 .^,"1 爲我 餓了、 你們 不給我 吃渴了 你們不 給我吸 我作客 旅你、 


或是作客旅、或是赤身露體、或是存"抵或是在監一铷不服事你「1^?5囘答^我實吿在一弥你^這事旣不作在我 一 個 „ 取小 

的兄弟 .is 么 就是不 作在我 的身上 t.^? 一八 g 一一人 必要入 永刑的 地.^ 那義人 必耍入 永生的 地.^ 

第二 十六衰 、 。 

b 穌說完 了這些 對門 徒說、 t^B 後就是 逾越齓 你們是 知道: ^人 子將耍 被寶釘 在十 字 架上了 

St. MATTHEW, XXVI. 章 六十二 第太馬 75 

3 Thon assembled together the chief 
priests, and the scribes, and the elders 
of the people, unto tlie palace of the 
high j>riest, who was called Caiaplias^ 

4 And consuUed that they miglit 
take Jesus by subtilty, and kill him. 

5 But they said, Not on the feast 
day, lest there be an uproar among 
the people, 

6 ^ Now when Jesus was in Beth- 
any ^ in the house of Simon the leper, 

7 There came unto him a woman 
having an alabaster box of very 
precious ointmentj and poured it on 
his head, as he sat at meat. 

8 Rut when his disciples saw il, 
they 1 i ad i ml ignation , say i iig, To 
what purpose is this waste ? 

9 For this ointment miglit have 
hvpu sold for mucli, uuJ given to the 

10 When Jesus understood ii^ he 
said unto tlicm, Why trouble ye the 
woman ? for she hath wrought a good 
work upon me. 

1 1 For yc have the poor always 
witli you ; but me ye have not always. 

J 2 For in that slie hath poui etl 
this ointment on my body, slie did it 
for my huriiil. 

13 Verily I say unto ),cm, Where- 
soever this gospel shall be preached 
in the whole world, there shall also 
this, that this woman liath donc^ be 
toll I for a luemorial of her. 

14 1 Then one of the twelve, 
culled Jiiclas Iscariot, wont unto the 
chief priests, 

15 And said unfo them. What will 
ye give me, and I will deliver him 
unto you? And they covenanted with 
him for thirty pieces of silver. 

】6 And from that time he sought 
opportunity to betray liim, 

17 1 Now the first day of tlie feast 
of unleavened broad the disciples 
came to Jesus, saying unto him, 
Where wilt thou that we prepare for 
thee to eat the pa.-sover ? 


節 的日子 不可拿 I 恐怕民 問生⑨ lob 穌在? ^長 過癩的 BE 家襄坐 席的時 I^?^ . 個 M 人拿著 玉盒、 摸 著杨 


他 們的意 <,i 就 甚麼難 爲>道 婦人、 他向我 所作^ 是 一 件好 islii 人常和 你們在 一 t 我 不常和 你們在 一 處。 i 將香膏 

澆在我 身上、 是爲我 安葬作 Hi 實在吿 Is^ 乳 普天之 無論在 何處傳 總耍述 說這婦 人所行 ^叫 人記念 to 系 

時候、 十二門 徒裏、 有 一 個門徒 名叫^ ^li^M^ 去見 衆祭司 „fe 、我 將他賣 給你^ 你們願 意給我 多少銀 M; 就 講定了 

十六 、 十七 、 、 、 

三十 塊銀錢 從此猶 大尋找 機會耍 賣耶穌 〇 除酵 節的頭 一 日 門徒進 前來間 耶穌說 你吃逾 越節的 煞羊 耍我們 在何處 



18 And he said, Go into the city 
to such a man, and say uuto liiin, 
The Master saith, My time is at 
hand ; I will keep the passover at 
thy house with my disciples. 

19 And the disciples did as Jesus 
had appointed tbem ; and they made 
ready the passover. 

20 Now when the even was come, 
he sat down with the twelve. 

21 And as they did eat, he said, 
Verily I say unto you, that one of 
you shall betray me. 

22 And they were exceeding sor- 
rowful, and began every one of them 
to say unto him, Lord, is it I ? 

23 And he answered and said, He 
that dippeth his hand with rae in the 
dish, the same shall betray me. 

24 The Son of man goeth as it is 
written of him : but woe unto that 
man by whom the Sou of man is 
betrayed ! it had been good for that 
man if he hrd not been born. 

25 Then Judas, winch betrayed 
him, answered and said, Master, is it 
I? He said unto him, Thou hast said. 

26 , And as they were eating, 
Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and 
brake it, and gave it to the disciples, 
and said, Take, eat; this is my body. 

27 And he took the cup, and gave 
thanks, and gave it to them, saying, 
Drink ye all of it ; 、 

28 For this is my blood of the new 
testament, which is slied for many 
for the remission of sins. 

29 But I say unto you, I will not 
drink henceforth of this fruit of tlie 
vine, until that day when I drink it 
new with you in ray Father's kingdom. 

30 And wlien they had sung a 
hymn, they went out into the mount 
of Olives. 

31 Then saith Jesus unto them, 
All yc shall be ofFcndod because of 
me til is night: for it is written, 1 will 
smite the fSliephcrd, and the sheep of 
tlie flock shall be .scattered abroad. 

章六十 二第太 'I 培 



一 個. < 要寶我 r-^i: 徒 就甚憂 1 1 個 一 個的問耶穌1|^.1^^是我^=穌說、和我 1 同雍一 手在盤 子裏: ^他就 我: ^^子 

必 耍照著 經上所 指著他 說的話 去世、 口 〈是 寶人 子的. „ ^必定 有 禍了、 i 人倒不 如不生 在世. "^- ^耶 穌的^ 問耶 穌說、 夫 

子、 是我 耶穌說 、你說 得是了 。〇i& 的時 I 耶穌拿 起餅來 祝謝了 、攀開 分給門 你們拿 這個^ 這是我 的身, 刃拿起 一 

杯來、祝謝了、遞給門11你們都喝這1,是我的,^就是新約的.^爲赦衆人的罪流出來1^吿一弥你^從今=庇到我 一 

和 你們在 我父國 la^ 喝新 酒的那 日子、 我不再 喝這葡 萄汁了 。,們 歌了詩 、就 出來往 SB 山去。 響時 耶穌對 i: 徒說、 這夜 

裏你 們都要 棄絕^ 因 i! 經上 lil^i 我耍打 牧羊^ 羣羊 就都散 t.^ 


章 六十二 第太馬 


32 But after I am risen again, I 
will go before you into Galileo. 

33 Peter answered and said unto 
hin], Though all men shall bo offt'iided 
because of thee, yet will I never be 

34 Jesus paid untohim, Verily I say 
iiuto tlice, Tliat this iiiglit, before 
the cock crow, thou slialt deny me 

35 Peter said unto him, Though I 
sliould die with thee, yet will I not 
dony thee. Likewise also said all 
the disciples. 

36 T[ Then cometli Jesus with them 
unto a place callfd Getlisemane, and 
saitli unto the disciples, Sit ye here, 
while I go and pray yonder. 

37 And he took with him Peter 
and the two sons of Zebedee, and 
began to be sorrowful and very heavy. 

38 Then saitli he unto them, My 
soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto 
dtath : tarry ye here, and watch 
with me. 

39 And he went a little further, 
and foil on his lace, and prayed, say- 
ing, O my Father, if it be possible, 
let this cup pass from me : neverthe- 
less, not as I will, but as thou wilt. 

40 And he cometh unto the dis- 
ciples, and findeth them asleep, and 
saitli unto Peter, Wliat, could ye not 
watch with me one hour ? 

41 Watch and pray, that ye enter 
uot into temptation : the spirit indeed 
is willing, but the flesh is weak, 

42 He went away again the second 
time, and prayed, saying, O my 
Father, if this cup may not pass away 
from me, except I drink it, thy will 
be done. 

43 And he came and found thera 
asleep again : for their eyes were 

44 And he left them, and went 
away again, and prayed the third 
time, saying the same words. 

復活 之後、 耍 在你們 以先往 m 去。 衆人 雖然棄 絕你、 我永不 棄絕你 。聯 穌說、 我實 在吿, si: 、這夜 裏雞叫 以么一 

o-rs 、 、 、 D --^ 

:^耍三次說不認識我彼得說我就::.^1和你同死也不說不認識你衆門徒也都如此說〇耶穌和門徒到了 一 個地. 方叫 作一 


他們, 1 我心惠 甚是憂 I 幾乎耍 I 你們在 這: M 等: i 和我 一 同儆 往前行 了幾步 、俯伏 在地、 禱吿說 、我父 、假若 可行、 就一 

卧這 一 杯離 開我、 然. m 不 要照著 我的意 S^R 耍照著 你的意 ^is 門徒 那裏、 見他們 睡覺、 就對 說、 你不 能同我 儆醒. 

片時 # 膨當儆 醒祈禱 、免得 入了迷 惑、 心惠 固然願 I 身子却 軟弱了 。聊穌 又去、 第 I 一次禱 吿說、 我父、 這 一 杯若 不能離 開我、 一 

必耍我#就願你的意11!1:成4^"1:來、又看見他們腿|厘爲他們服睛困§.^1^離開他們.|^5第三次禱生^話也和先前 一 & 

78 St. MATTHEW, XXVI. 章 六十二 第太馬 

45 Then comcth lie to his dificiples, 
and saitli nulo tlicni, Sleep on now, 
and I like your rest : behold, the hour 
is lit hand, and the Son of man is 
b.( rayed into the hands of sinners. 

46 Rise, let ns be going : behold, 
he is nt hiiiid that doth betray me. 

47 1 And while lie yet spake, lo, 
Judas, one of tlie twelve, came, and 
witli liiin a great multitude with 
swords and staves, from the chief 
priests and elders of the people. 

48 Now he that betrayed him gave 
them a sign, saying, Wiiomsoever I 
shall kiss, that same is he ; hold him 

49 And forthwith he came to Jesus, 
and said, Hail, Master ; and kissed 

50 And Jesus said unto him, 
Friend, wherefore art thou come? 
Then came tJiey, and laid hands on 
Jc'sus, and took liim. 

: 51 And, behold, one of them which 
were with Jesus stretched out his 
hand, and drew his sword , and strViok 
a servant of the high priest, and smote 
off his ear. 

52 Then said Jesus unto him, Put 
up again thy sword into liis place : 
for all they that take tlie sword shall 
perish with the sword. 

53 Tliiiikest tliou tliat I cannot 
now pray to my Father, and lie shall 
presently give me more than twelve 
legions of angels? 

54 But how then shall the Scrip- 
tures be fiiHHleil, that thus it must 

55 In tliat same hour said Jesus 
to the multUude?, Are yo come out 
gs against a tliief with swords and 
staves for to take me ? I sat daily with 
you tcacliing in the temple, luul ye 
laid 110 hold on nie. 

56 But all til is WHS done, lliat ilic 
Scri[)lures ui the piopliofs iniglit be 
fulHIIcd. Then all the di—k's for- 
sook liim, and fled. 

"^又 ^到 門 徒那一 對他們 I 現 在你們 仍然睡 覺安息 Si 時候 到了人 子被" M 在 1^ 人手; 提了 起來我 們去^ S 我 的人離 


他們 一 個 1" 號說、 我與 誰親嘴 誰就是 那人你 們可以 拿住^ 猶,^ 赶 緊到耶 穌-, W 前來說 ^夫子 (A 就和 他親嘴 耶穌. 俞他 

說、 朋友、 你是 i!!! 甚麼來 I 那些人 就上前 下手拿 住耶穌 『^從 耶穌的 一 個人、 仲手拔 几砍大 ^:.^ 的?^ 削:^ 了他 一 個=^ 

朶。 穌! 收 你的刀 入鞘、 凡勸刀 I 必被刀 所殺。 想 我現在 不能求 我天父 我差造 十二一 多大 使下來 站是這 I 經 

上所 說這事 必有的 那話、 怎能 應驗呢 1^ 時耶 穌對衆 人說、 你們帶 蓊刀棒 來捉我 、如同 從^. 脉一我 在殿 hs^^ 敎訓人 、和 

你們在 一 良你們 反倒不 拿我。 il 這事成 耍應 驗先知 所記的 i 這時候 衆門徒 都離開 耶穌逃 类.^ 


67 1 And tliey that had laid i:ol(l 
on Jesus led him away (o Caiaplias 
the liigh priest, where llie scribes 
and the elders were assembled. 

58 But Peter followed him afor off 
iiuto tlie high priest's palace, and 
went in, and sat witli the servants, 
to see the end. 

59 Now tliecliiefpriestSj niulclclcrSj 
and all the council, souglit false wit- 
ness against Jesus, toput him to death ; 

60 But found none : yca, though 
many false witnesses came, yd found 
tlicy none. At the last came two 
false wi til esses, 

61 And said, This fdlow said, I 
am al)le to destroy the temple of 
God 5 and to build it in three (lays. 

6 '2 Ami the high priest ai'Dsc, and 
said unto liini, Auswerest thou nolli- 
ing? whfxt is it which these witness 
nj^ainst thee ? 

63 But Jesus lieUl his peace. And 
the liigli priest answered and isaul 
unto him, 1 adjure thee by the liviiii^ 
God, that tliou tell us whether thou 
be the Christ, the Sou of God. 

64 Jcsnssaitli unto liim, Thoii hast 
said : nevertheless I say imto yon, 
Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man 
sitting Oil tlie right hand of power, 
and coming in the clouds of heaven. 

65 Then the liigh priest rent his 
clothes, .saying. He hath spoken blas- 
phemy ; what furtlici' need have Ave 
of witnc8SGS ? bel)o!<l, now ye have 
heard his blasphemy, 

66 What think ye ? They answered 
and sjiid. He is guilty of death. 

67 Then did tliey spit in his face, 
and buffeted liiin ; and others smote 
him with the palms of their liands, 

68 Sayino:;, Prophesy unto us, thou 
Christ, Who is he that smote tlice ? 

69 *1[ Now Peter sat without in 
Ihe palace : and a damsel came unto 
him, saying, TLou also wast with 
Jesus of Galilee, 

章 六十二 第太馬 79 

〇 拿耶穌 的八將 耶脉解 到大^ 司該亞 法那. 拔去讚 書人和 長老都 在那臭 聚曾彼 得逮遠 的跟隨 耶穌到 了大祭 司的院 


著、 雖有許 多作假 見設: ^八來 、總 ST 不著 忍據。 後來有 兩個作 假見證 S 人 來說、 i 個人 II" 說、 我能 拆毀. 1: 的殿、 三: 》 之內 

c-nii 、 、 、 六一二 , 

又建造 起來大 ^司就 起來問 耶穌說 你沒有 答對麼 他們作 見證^ =^的 是甚麼 耶穌不 作戟大 祭司又 對他說 我叫你 

在永生 神面前 起誓吿 我你^ 然是 神的子 基督不 耶 穌說你 說的 nlj ^了只 是我吿 訴你們 後來你 們要看 見人子 

、 o*c!?l 、 、 、 、 n' 

坐在^ 大權柄 的主的 右邊^ 著天 上的雲 降臨大 ^司 就術開 自己的 衣裳說 他說惜 妄的話 了何 用別的 兑證現 在你們 

都萨 V 見他惜 妄的^ 了你 們的窓 如何衆 人;^ ^説他 犯了死 罪了就 吐唾沫 在他臉 上用举 ::^ 打他^ 啊 用手掌 打他的 

説、 普你是 先知、 可:^ 吿! it 我說打 你的" 氣 〇s,i; 坐在 外院子 ..4 射 一 個使 女進前 來說、 你也; :y 跟從 s¥ 耶穌的 I 


7.0 But he denied before them all, 
saying, I know not what thou say est. 

71 And when he was gone out into 
the porch, another maid saw him, and 
said unto then] that were there, This 
fellow was also with Jesus of Nazareth. 

72 And again lie denied with an 
oath, I do not know the man. 

73 And after a while came unto 
they that stood by, and said to 

Peter, Surely thou also art one of 
them ; for thy speech bewrayelh tliee. 

74 Then began he to curse and to 
swear, saying, I know not the man. 
And immediately the cock crew. 

75 And Peter remembered the 
word of Jesus, which said unto him, 
Before the cock crow, thou slialt 
deny me thrice. And he went out, 
and wept bitterly. 


HEN the morning was come, 
all the chief priests and elders 
of the people took counsel against 
Jesus to put him to death : 

2 And whea they liad bound him, 
tliey l(>d him away, and delivered 
liini io Pontius Pilate the governor. 

. 3T[Tlieii Ju(1a,s, 、vlii<?】i liad betrayed 
liim, when lie saw that lie was 
condemned, repented himself, and 
b/oiiglit again the thirty pieces of 
silver to the chief priests aiul elders, 
4 Saying, I have sinned in that I 
liave betrayed the inuooent blood. 
And they said, AVIiat is that to iis? 
sec thou to thxtt. 

. 5 Ami Jic cast down the pieces of 
silver in the temple, and do par ted, 
and wont and liangcd himself: 

6 Ami the chief" priests took the 
(silver piews, and said, It is not linvful 
for to put them into tlie treasury, 
bt'cmse it is t!ie price of bluo(】. 

7 And they took counsel, and 
l)uiigU with tliem the potter's field, 
to bury strangers in. 

章 七十二 第太馬 

* 十 、 、 0七 1 、 、 j 

彼得 在衆人 面前不 認對他 說你所 說的我 不知道 就出來 到了門 口又有 一 個使女一;;^2?他、就對那>&的人^;^、他也:3^跟從 

MMUShMHU 0* 一一 、 、 o:-J 一 It 、 

拿撒勒 耶穌一 的人彼 得又不 認並且 說 我不認 得這個 人過了 多的時 候旁: 逸站著 的八進 前來對 ,^,1 你. M 在是 

他一黨 的人、 你的 口音就 是憑據 就發咒 起誓的 ,t 我不 認得 這個. = ^立時 難就叫 想起耶 穌對他 所說難 

^之 # ^你 要三次 說不認 得我的 -话、 就出去 悲悲慘 慘的哭 起來了 e 

二 十七章 

ki 一 日、 衆祭司 長和民 間的長 老大家 商#^ 治死耶 麽將他 綁 上 解注方 伯^? 那: 处去。 〇, 時候 ir^ 耶穌 



§ 、 、 n / 1 

不可 放在庫 裹就 彼此商 議用這 銀子買 了燒蜜 的人的 一 塊 ffl 地作 了埋^ 外鄉人 的義地 


8 Wherefore that field was oallcil, 
The field of bloody unto tliis day. 

9 Then was fulfilled that which 
was spoken by Jeremy the prophet, 
sayi ng, A nd tliey took the tli irty 
pieces of silver, the price of him that 
was valued, whom tiiey of the chil- 
dren of Israel did value; 

10 And gave them for tlie potter's 
field, as the Lord appointed me. 

】 1 And Jesus stood before the 
governor : and the governor asked 
him, sayiug, Art thou the King of the 
Jews ? And Jesus said unto l"m, 
Thou sayest. 

12 AqcI wlicn lie was accused of 
the chief priests and elders, he 
answered nothing. 

】3 Then said Pilate unto liirn, 
Hearcst thou not how many things 
they witness against thee? 

】4 And he answered him to never 
a word ; insomuch tliat the governor 
marvelled greatly. 

1 5 Now at that least the governor 
was wont to release unto the people a 
prisoner, whom they would. 

16 And they had then a notable 
prisoner, called Barabbas. 

1 7 Tlioiefbre when they were 
gathered together, Pilale said unto 
them, Whom will ye that I release 
unto you ? Barabbas, or Jesus which 
is called Christ ? 

1 8 For he knew that for envy they 
liad delivered him. 

19 ^ When he was set down on 
tlie judgment scat, his wife sent unto 
liim, sayingj Have thou nothing to do 
with tliat just ra:m : for I have 
suffered many things this day in a 
dream because of him. 

20 But tlio chief priests and elders 
p M.smuled the mnltilude that they 
rtlionldask BarabbaSjand destroy Jesus. 

21 The govcnior answered and 
said unto tlieni, \V hether of the 
twain will ye tliat I release unto you ? 
They said, JBaiabbas. 

章七十 二第太 fr^ 81 

所以到 如今這 塊田還 作 血田。 f 應了先 知聊, 的話說 、他 們將這 三十塊 銀錢、 就 人 所估定 被貲的 人的慣 

齔 k 了燒塞 的人的 田地、 這都是 照著主 所吩咐 我的。 〇^ 穌站在 方伯面 方伯問 他說、 你是 人的王 耶穌 li^ 你說 

的日 liila 下衆祭 司長和 長老吿 I 他都 不囘 就對他 這些人 作見證 吿你這 許多的 |4 你沒有 見麼。 职 穌還是 

不答 一 一一 iii 方伯甚 以爲希 lli 到這個 鉱方伯 的規! ^照衆 人所耍 的釋放 一 個囚 犯。, 時候有 一 個出名 的罪人 、晔作 ^ 

,— G 十七 、 、 、 、 十 r 、 

巴 衆人聚 會的時 候彼拉 1^ 就 問他們 說你們 耍我釋 放誰是 還是 稱爲基 督的耶 穌呢; 說這 話因爲 知道衆 

, ?n. 、 、 、 \ 、 

人 嫉妒耶 穌纔將 他解了 來坐堂 的時候 的 妻子遣 人對他 說這義 人的事 你不可 辦狸因 li 我今日 在夢裏 多多的 

他傷 司長和 長老挑 唆衆. ^求放 了叫^ 殺了 耶穌^ 伯對 衆人, ^ 這兩個 人你們 要我放 衆人! il^HI^S 


章 七十二 第太^ 

22 Pilate saitli unto them, What 
shall 1 do tlieii with Jesus which is 
call 0(1 Christ? Tlicy all sny unto liini, 
JLc't him l.>c crucified. 

23 And the governor said, Why, 
wliat evil hath he done ? But tliey 
cried out tlic more, saying, Let him 
be crneificd. 

24 t Whoii Pilato sa\v tliat lie 
could prevail nothing, but that rather 
a tumult was made, he took water, 
and washed his hands before tlic 
iiuiUittulo, saying, I am imiocent of 
tlie of this just person : sec ye 
to it. 

25 Tlic'ii answered all the pcoplo, 
and said, His blood be on us, and on 
our cliiltlrcn, 

2G Tlicu released 】ie Burabbas 
unto thcni : and wlieti he had 
seom'g(、(l Jesus, lie delivered him to 
be crucified. 

27 Thoii 1 lie soldiers of tlic governor 
took Jesus into the common liall, and 
gatlicrod unto biin tlie.、vhol(! band 
of sol(l.ierf<. 

28 And tliey .strii)])c(l him, and put 
on liim a scarlet robe. 

29 If And wlicn tliey Juul phittcd a 
crown of thorns, thoy put if, upon liis 
head, and a rood in Iii.s I'iglit iiaiul : 
and tlioy bowed tlic kiioc; bfforo liim, 
and inockod liiin, saying, Mail, King 
of the Jews ! 

30 And they spit upon liim, and 
took the reed, find stiK)tc liim on the 

31 And iiitcr that they li;ul m'ldml 
liiii), they toolv tlie rol)C oiV f rom him, 
and ])ut his own raiment on liim, and 
led him awiiy to crucify him. 

32 Ami as they canio out, tliey 
found a mail of CJyrciio, Simon by 
iijiiiic : liim tlicy cn in pel led to bear 

Ill's (; I'OSS. 

3;> And when they were come unto 
a place called Golgothn, fliat is to sfiy, 
a place of a ."kiill, 

i^^, 說、 那稱 爲基督 的耶^ 我 怎様辦 法呢。 衆人都 I 釕在 十字架 4PSI^ 他作了 站麽惡 寧了。 衆 人越發 喊叫, 么釘 

十字架 見 說也無 (I 又恐怕 生亂、 就在衆 人面前 、傘水 洗手說 、殺這 義人、 不 2:^ 我 的罪、 你們自 己承常 .li 百姓囘 


丁 m 耶穌進 了公堂 "聚齊 了全營 繞耶 了耶 穌的衣 1 給 他货上 絳色, 棘編作 M.^- 戴在他 一如. ^拿 一 根箪 


上原 舊的衣 I 拉他去 耍釘在 十字架 4i 來的 遇兒 一 個 人、 名叫 ^就 勉强他 讶著耶 穌的十 字架。 0^ 了 

1 個地.}^时作^^繊出來就=:^^1體地|=^ 


34 1 They gave liim vinegar to 
drink mingled with gall: and wlion 
he liad fu.'^tod thereof, he would not 
(1 rink. 

35 And they cruci fuH] liim, and 
])aried his garments, casting lots : tl»at 
it ! night bo fulfilled whicii Nvasspokon 
l)y tlic prophet, They parted my gar- 
ments among; tliera, and upon my 
vesture did (hoy cast lots. 

36 And sitting clown they watclicd 
Iiiin there ; 

37 And set 11]) over his head his 
節 isation written, TUTS IS JESUS 

38 Then were tliore two thieves 
crucified M'itli him ; one on the riglit 
hniKl, and unotlier on the left. 

39 1[ And tl)oy that passed by 
reviled him, wagging their lioads, 

40 And sayings Thou that dc- 
stroycst tlio temple, and buildest it 
in three days, save thyself. If thou 
he the Sou of God, couio down from 
tlie cross. 

41 Likewise also tlie chief priests 
mocking liim, with the scribes and 
elders, said, 

42 Ho .saved others ; himsolf lio 
cannot save. If he be the King of 
Israel, lot him now conic down from 
the cross, and \vc will bolieve him. 

43 He trusted in God ; let him 
deliver liim no、v, if ho will have him : 
lor he said, 工 am the Son of God. 

小 I Tlu* tliiovcs also, which wcro 
criKMfied with him, cast the Siune in 
his teeth. 

45 Now from the sixth hour there 
was darkness over all the land unto 
the ninth hour. 

46 And about theniiilli iiour Josus 
cried witli a loud voice, saying, Eli, 
Eli, lanm 8al)achthani ? that is to 
say, My Gud, my God, why hast thou 
forsaken me ? 

47 Some of them that stood there, 
wlion they licard that) said, This man 
callcth for Elias. 

章 七十二 第太瑪 83 

脇酷調 和苦草 I 給耶穌 ^耶穌 43If.^ 不?: :吸^ 們將他 十字 架.. ^枯 鬧分他 :5 衣 i 正. 應了先 知所說 ts!^ 、說、 他們分 

了我的外衣、估闘分了我的一-»^^|1兵丁坐在那一,=^1^寸。^在他的_§以上、安 一 個^上面寫著吿他的!^^11^這=81人的 

2A 、 % G n- 凡 、 、 、Et , 

王耶穌又^^兩侗强盜和他 一 同被釘 十字架 1 個 在左邊 一 個 在右邊 〇 從 那裹經 過的人 譏請耶 穌搖^ 說拆毀 in 殿三 

B 又建造 起來^ 現 在你救 救自己 I 你架然 化 t 的兒 子、 可以從 十字架 上下來 Ik 小司 長讀 書人 ss^ 也戯 弄他、 i 

他救 別.^ 倒不能 救自己 。他 si- 然是 的 可 以從十 字架上 我 們就信 ##„li! 倚 神; i 神_ ^?: ^悅齓 就必 

救^ 因 他蠶 ^我是 舯 的兒么 1 1 同被 釕的强 I 也是 這樣的 £^〇„&午冗 到巾氣 編地都 mp" 了。" i 穌約在 Si 孤 

大将喊叫!^:^札3札拉&撒巴佟大:^就=;^^^^我 歡 ; 联酵 站 i ^的人 說他^ ^¥^1 


48 And straightway oim vf (lu'iii 
ran, and took a sponge, and filled it 
with vinegar, i\nd put it on reed, 
and gave liim to drink. 

49 The rest said, Let be, let us see 
whetlier Elias will come to save liini. 

50 T[ Jtsus, wlienheliad cried again 
witli a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. 

51 And, behold, the vail ot the 
temple was I'ent in t\\ aiii from the 
lop to the bottom ; an'l the earth did 
quake, and the rocks rent ; 

52 And tlie graves were ope nod ; 
and many bodies of the saiuts wliich 
slept arose, 

53 And came out of the graves af- 
ter liis resurrection, and went into the 
lioly city, and appeared unto many. 

54 Now when the centurion, and 
they that were with liim, watching 
Jesus, saw the earthquake, and tho^e 
things that were clone, they fearod 
greatly, saying, Truly this was the 
Sou of God. 

55 And many women were there 
bell old ing afar oft', which followed 
Jesus from Galilee, ministering unto 
liim : 

56 Among wliicli was Mary Magda- 
lene, and Mary the mother of James 
and Joses, a ad the mother of Zebedee's 

57 When the even was come, there 
came a rich man of Arimathea, named 
Joseph, who also himself was Jesus' 
disciple : 

58 He went to Pilate, and bogged 
the body of Jesiis. Then Pilate oom- 
maiided the body to be delivered. 

59 And when Joseph had taken 
the body, he wrapped it in a clean 
linen cloth, 

60 And hiid it in lii.sown new tornl), 
which lie liad liewii out in the rock : 
ami lie rolled a great stone to tlie door 
of tlie sepulchre, and departed. 

6 1 Ami there was Mary Magdalene, 
and tlic other Mary, sitting over 
against tlic sepulchre. 

章七 十 二第太 

i 們 裏頭有 一 個人就 跑過恭 拿海; i 浸在酷 is?/ 绑在 荤子, 4 送 給他喝 1 餘的 人說、 且 等著、 看、^ ^來救 他不來 救他。 〇 

,穌又大#-喊&^就絕1.^^^然殿._袭的11.^從上到1^裂爲兩^}^地震、磐石崩15;墓自^裹面去世8<作唯著 的 的 

身體冬 有起來 的到耶 穌復活 之後出 了墳墓 進了聖 京被許 多人看 見百夬 長和看 守耶穌 的人看 見地動 和那所 經歴的 

、 、 、 OHi lln^_ 、 、 

事 就懼怕 得很說 這眞是 神的兒 子了有 許多從 和耶穌 同來事 奉 耶穌的 婦人在 那奥遠 遠的舰 一;;:;、!; 中有 

hhuh — 、 , 、 I I cw 七 、 

拉的 馬利 ffi 又有雅 和 約西的 母親, i^.s^i^g,^ 兩個 兒子的 母親有 一 個财主 是亞利 •iLTI 太的 人名叫 M 他也是 

耶 穌的門 徒晚上 到彼拉 多那褢 求耶穌 的身體 就吩咐 人將身 體給他 取了 身體用 乾淨細 棘布^ 起來 放 

在 a: 己的新 墳慕裏 、這墳 墓磐在 磐石之 將大石 轉在墓 門口、 就 去了。 5^1^ 的 、和 那個 is 對荖填 墓坐在 


章 八十二 第太馬 85 

62 t Now tlie next day, that fol- 
lowed the (lay of the preparation, the 
chief priests ami Pharisees came to- 
gether unto Pilate, 

G3 Saying, Sir, we remember that 
that deceiver said, while he was yet 
nlivo, After three clays I will rise 

G4 Com man (1 therefore that the 
sepulchre be made sure until tlie third 
day, lost his disciples come by night, 
and steal him away, and say unto the 
people, He is risen from the dead : so 
the last error shall be worse than the 

65 Pilate said unto them, Ye have 
a watch : go your way, make it as 
sure as ye can. 

66 So they went, and made the 
sepulchre sure, sealing the stone, and 
sotting a watcli. 


IN Ihe end of the sabbath, as it 
began to dawn toward the first 
day of the week, came Mary Magda- 
lene and the other Mary to see the 

2 And, beliold, there was a great 
earthquake : for the angel of the Lord 
descended from heaven, and came 
and rolled back the stone from the 
door, and .*?at upon it. 

3 His countenance was like light- 
ning, and liis raiment white as snow : 

4 And for fear of liim the keepers 
did sliake, and became as dead men. 

5 And the angel answered and ? aid 
unto the women. Fear not ye : for I 
know that ye seek Jesus, whicli was 

6 He is not here : for he is risen, 
as lie said. Come, see the place 
where the Lord lay. 

7 And go quickly, and tell his dis- 
ciples tliat he is risen from tlie dead ; 
and, behold, he goetli before you into 
Galilee ; there shall ye see him : lo, 
I have told you. 

AJi 、 、 . 、 , 、六 111 、 、 、 

〇 次日就 是豫備 安息 日的第 二日衆 祭司長 和法利 賽人聚 集來見 彼拉多 說大人 我們記 得那引 誘人的 活著^ 候曾說 

三日後 我耍復 ill 在請 派人將 他的墳 墓看守 三日、 恐怕他 徒弟夜 間# 偷了 他的身 體去、 後來吿 訴百姓 說他是 從死裏 

、 、 、 C.KK1 、 、 0六 六 

復活這 樣那後 來的迷 惑比以 前的更 大了彼 拉多說 你們自 己有看 守的兵 可以照 著你們 自己的 意想去 看守他 們就去 

將墓門 口的石 頭封上 派兵看 # 

第二 十八章 

1 、 、 、 . 、 、 Oil \ 、 

安息 U 旣過七 H 的頭 一 ni 天 將亮的 時候抹 大拉的 馬利亞 和那個 馬利亞 來看墳 墓忽然 地大震 勸主的 使者從 天降下 

、 OH 、 、E1 、 、 05 

進前 將慕門 口的石 轉開 坐在上 邊他的 像貌如 同閃電 衣服潔 G 像雪看 守墳墓 的人懼 怕戰戰 兢棘幾 乎嚇死 天使對 

婦人 lil^ 不耍 懼怕、 我知道 你們尋 找釘在 十字架 上的耶 不在這 1 照 著他所 說的已 經復活 1,^ 你且 j 看主葬 埋的地 



章八十 二第太 馬 

8 And they departed quickly from 
tliG sepulchre with fear and great 
joy ; and did run to bring his dis- 
ciples word. 

9 ^ And as they went to tell his 
ciisciples, beliokl, Jesus met them, 
saying, All hail. And they came 
and liekl him by the feet, and wor- 
shipped liim. 

10 Then said Je.sus unto them, Be 
not afraid : go tell my brc-tiirea that 
they go into Galileo, and there shall 
they fcee me. 

】1 帀 Now wlieii tlicy were going, 
behold, some of the watch came into 
the city, and shewed imto the chief 
pries'is all the tilings that were 

1 2 And when tliey were assembled 
witli the elders, and had taken coun- 
sel, they gave large money unto the 

1 3 Saying, Say ye, His disciples 
came by night, and stole him away 
while we slept. 

J 4 And if this come to the govern- 
or's ours, wc will persuade liim, and 
secure you. 

15 So they took tlie money, and 
did tts they were taught : and tliis 
saying is commonly reported among 
tlie Jews until this day. 

16 T[ Tlien the eleven disci pies went 
away into Galileo, iuto a mountain 
wliere Jesus had appointed (lieni. 

17 And when they saw hi in, they 
worshipped liira : but sortie doubted. 

18 And Josns came and spake unto 
them, saying, All power is given unto 
me ill licaveii and in earth. 

1 9 Go yc tlierc'forc, and teach all 
nations, baptizing tlieni iu ti.e name 
of tlx; FtitlitT, and of the Son, aiicl of 
the Holy Ghost : 

20 Toacliing tlicm to observe all 
things whatsoever I have commanded 
you : aii(l, lo, J mil with you alway even 
unto the eml of tlio world. A men. 

婦 人就急 忙 從墳墓 issfi 來、 乂懼怕 、又 大大的 歡喜、 跑去報 給耶穌 的門徒 知道。 f 去的 時候、 耶 穌遇見 他們、 I 願你 們-牛 



、 C 十 S3 、 、 0^5 、 


人所 嗎咐他 們的話 去說、 所以這 話傳在 人中間 、直到 如今。 〇|- 一 個門徒往511.^^到了耶穌所說的山上.新見耶 

、 、 十 rc 、 , n.rK. 、 、 

穌就拜 他然而 還有人 疑威耶 穌進前 對他們 說天上 地上所 有的權 柄都賜 與我了 你們當 去勸化 民 e. 我的門 徒牽父 

子 ilff 的名、 給 他們施 我所吩 咐你們 都敎訓 他們遵 我就 常在你 們屮^ f 到世 界的末 H 。阿仏 

書音福 傳可馬 




THE beginning of the gospel of 
Jesus Christ, the Son of God ; 

2 As it is written iu the prophets, 
Behold, I send my messenger before 
tliy face, which shall prepare thy 
way before thee. 

3 The voice of one crying in the 
wilderness, Prepare yc the way of the 
Lord, make his paths straight. 

4 John did baptize in the wilder- 
ness^ and preach the baptism of re- 
pentance for the remission of sins. 

5 And there went out unto him 
all the laud of Judea, and tliey of 
Jerusalem^ and were all baptized of 
him iu the river of Jordan, confessing 
(lieir sins. 

G And Johu was clotlied with 
caniePs hair, aud with a girdle of a 
skin about his loins ; and he did eat 
locusts and wild liuiiey ; 

7 Aud preaelicd, saying, There 
Cometh oae miglitier than I after me, 
the latchet of whose shoes I am not 
worthy to stoop down and unloose. 

8 I indeed have baj)tizcd you with 
water: but lie shall baptize you with 
the Holy Ghost. 

9 And it c;irae to pass in those 
days, that Jesus came from Nazareth 
of Galilee, and wf^s baptized of Jolm 
in Jordan. 

10 And straightway coming up out 
of the water, he .saw the lieavcns 
opened, and the Spirit like a do\'e 
dGseeuding upon him : 

11 And there came a voice from 
licavcn, saying^ Thou :irt my beloved 
Son, iu whom I urn well pleased. 


i 的 耶穌 甚督. 1 音的起 ^知書 上記著 ^我要 差遣我 的使者 在你面 i 豫備 你的道 1 "在 


m 、 J. I ;u 、 I . > 、 、 I 0六 

猶太 全地和 耶路撒 冷的人 出去到 約翰那 裏都承 認自己 的罪惡 在約但 河受他 的洗約 翰穿^ 酡毛 


fi 也是 不配: il§ 是 S 水與你 們施, ^ 他將用 in 靈與你 們施, iok 時 耶穌從 1¥1 的 ¥!¥ 氣 

= , \ 、 、 、十】 

在約 但河裏 受了約 翰的洗 他從水 惠上來 就看見 天開了 靈彷 彿鵠子 降在他 • 姐上 又有聲 昔從天 

上來 |_ ^你是 我的愛 f.}- 我所喜 悅:^ 

88 St. mark, 

章一 第可馬 

12 And immediately the Spirit 
drivt'tl) him into the wilderness. 

1 3 And he was there in the wilder- 
ness forty clays tempted of Satan ; 
and was with the wild b:'ast.s ; and 
the angels ministered unto him. 

14 Now after that John was put 
in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, 
preaching the gospel of the kingdom 

of God, ' 

15 AikI saying, The timo is fulfil led, 
and the kingdom of God is at liand : 
repent ye, and believe the gospel. 

16 Now as he walked by the sea of 
Galilee, lie saw Simon aud Andrew 
his brother casting a net into the sea : 
for tliey were fishers. 

17 Aiul' Jesus said unto them, 
Come ye after me, and I will nmke 
you to become fishers of men. 

18 And straightway they forsook 
their nets, and followed liira. 

19 And when lie liad gone a little 
further thence, lie saw James the 
son of Zebedee, and John liis brother, 
who also were in the ship mending 
their nets. 

20 Ami straightway he called them : 
and they letl their fati cr Zebedee in 
the ship with the hired servants, 
and went after him. j 

21 And they went into Capernaum ; i 
and straightway on tlie sabbath day | 
he entered into the synagogue, and | 
taught. I 

22 And they were astonished at 
his doctrine: for lie taught them as | 
one that had authority, and not as | 
the scribes. I 

23 And there was in their syna- j 

with an unclean s])int; | 
and lie cried out, 

24 Saying, Let alone ; what 
liavc wc to do witii tlico, thou Jesus 
of Nazareth ? art thou come to destroy 
us? I know thee who thou art, the 
Holy One of God. 

25 And Jesus rebuked liim, saying, 
Hold thy i)L'ace, and come out of liiin. 

ii 靈就叫 他往曠 野去。 i 在那一 S5 住了四 十日、 受 ^ 的試^ 和野獸 同住、 並 且有天 使服事 to,^,^ 下被以 I 耶 穌到了 

Iwm 傳 神國的福-1^1^日期到了、 神的國 近一. ^你 們應當 侮改、 信福一 li^o.* 穌在 的 海邊行 ^ 看兒 和他 

兄§^得^、在海1撒氣他們本.^化打魚的人。政,穌對他們^來跟從我、我耍叫你們得人如得负 一 瑪釙 們就手 .(r 綱、 跟從 

了耶^ gler 和往前 又看見 的 子^ 和 W, 备 的兄弟 1€ ^在 船上铺 穌叫 他們^ 他們就 別了父 報翻 

他 和雇工 人在船 么跟從 了耶穌 I〇i:KSS 耶穌就 在安息 日、 進了 會堂敎 訓人。 ^人 聽他的 敎謂都 ^^w; 因 

爲他敎 訓人、 正如 有權柄 的人、 不 同那讀 書八。 堂袅有 一 個被邪鬼附著的人、膚叫1^&^^的耶穌我們和你甚麼相 

n: 你來滅 我們麻 pii^ 曉 得你是 5^ 就是 神的聖^1^"聊穌貴備他說、不要作^從這人身上出來1 

St. mark 

章一 第可馬 89 

26 And wlien tlie unclean spirit 
had torn him, and cried with a Joud 
voice, he came out of him, 

27 And they were all amazed, 
insomuch that they questioned among 
themselves, saying, Wliatthingislhis? 
what new doctrine is this ? for with 
authority commamleth he even the 
uncloan spirits, and they do obey him. 

28 And immediately his fame 
spread abroad throughout all the 
region round about Galilee. 

29 And forthwith, when they were 
come out of the synagogue, they en- 
tered into the house of Simon and 
And reWj with James and John. 

30 But Simon's wife's mother lay 
sick of a fever ; and anon they tell 
him of licr. 

31 And he came and took her by 
the liandj aiicl lifted her up ; and im- 
mediately the fever left her, and she 
ministered unto them. 

32 And at even, when the sun did 
set, they brought unto him all tliat 
were diseased, and them that were 
possessed with devils, 

33 And all the city was gathered 
together at the door. 

34 And he healed many that were 
sick of divers diseases, and cast out 
many devils ;aad suffered not the dev- 
ils to speak, because they knew him, 

35 And in the morning, rising up 
a great while before day, he went 
out, and departed into a solitary place, 
and there prayed. 

36 And Simon and they that were 
witli him followed after him. 

37 And when they had found him, 
they said unto him, All men seek 
for thee. 

38 And he said unto them, Let us 
go into the next towns, that I may 
preach there also: for therefore came 
I forth. • • 

39 And he preached in their syna- 
gogues throughout all Galilee, and 
cast out devils. 

=A 、 , oil 七 、 , 、 、 

邪 鬼叫邠 人抽了 一 陣瘋大 聲喊若 就出來 r 衆人驚 訝彼此 問說這 是怎樣 的事這 是甚麽 新道理 呢因爲 他用權 柄吩咐 

邪鬼、 鬼也聽 從他。 g 穌的? ^就傳 遍!^ 的四方 fhol 人 出了會 (ti; 耶穌 和^^ 進了西 門安得 烈的家 isii,^ 

f • - % k • *-TJ ^ - 〇 一一二 、 、 、 、 03 = 

的岳母 患熟病 躺臥有 人來吿 1!^ 耶穌耶 穌前去 拉那婦 人的手 扶他起 來熟病 立刻返 了婦人 就服事 他們到 晚上: W 落的 

、 、 、 一一二 ri 、 o-s 、 

時候肩 人帶著 一 W 患病的 被鬼附 的到耶 穌這裏 來合城 的人都 聚:^ 在門 前耶穌 醫好許 多患谷 樣病的 人又趕 出許多 

鬼、 不 許鬼說 因 it 鬼 認識: ioiK 未亮的 時:^ 耶穌早 皁起來 、到 曠野. h5 在那裏 禱吿、 ii: 和他的 同恨追 了耶穌 見 

、 \ 、 、 , . OI 一一凡 1=^^ 

他就 說衆人 尋找你 耶穌說 我們往 附近的 鄉村去 我也耍 在那裏 講道因 我是特 ti 這事來 的於是 在列^ 谷處 會堂講 

道趕 I 

90 Sr. MARK, II. 

40 And there came a leper to him, 
beseeching him, and kncoling clown 
to him, and saying mitu him, If thou 
wilt, thou canst make me clean. 

41 And Jesus, moved with com- 
passion., put forth his hand, . and 
touched him, and saith unto l"m, I 
will; bo thou clean. 

42 And as soon as he had s[>oken, 
immediately the leprosy departed 
from him, and he was cleansed. . 

43 And he straitly charged him, 
and foitlnvith sent him Jiway ; 

44 And saith unto him, See lliou 
say nothing to any man •• but go thy 
way, shew thyself to the priest, and 
olfer for tliy cleansing those things 
Avhich Moses cttnimanded, fur a tcsti- 
raony unto them. 

45 But he went out, and beo-an to 
publish it much, and to blaze abroad 
the matter, insomuch that Jesus 
could no more openly enter into the 
city, but was without ia desert 
places : and they came to him from 
every quarter. 


AND again he entered into Caper- 
naum after some days; and 
it was noised that he was iu the 

2 And straightway loaay were 
gathered together, insomuch that 
there was no room to receive them, no, 
not so much as about the door: and he 
preached the word unto them. 

3 And thoy come unto hira, bring- 
ing one sick of the palsy, which was 
borne of four. 

4 And when they could not come 
nioli unto him for the press, they un- 
covered the roof where he was : and 
when (hey liad broken it up, tlicy let 
down llic bed wlicicin the sick of the 

palsy lay. . 

5 Wheu Jesus saw their faith, he 
said unto tiic sick of the palsy, Son, 
thy sins be forgiven t hee. 

章二 第可馬 

〇^ 1- 個長癩 的人來 求他、 跪下說 、你 f.: 、必 能抖我 乾浮了 1 穌發了 憐憫的 、仏 伸手摸 他說、 我肯、 你 乾淨了 11 著瘤病 

立刻 離.. 他的. ^人 就乾淨 1^ 穌叫^ 的嗨 咐他齓 ^耍諜^ 不 4 吿? ^耍去 蚪祭巧 察看你 的身^ 因 爲你乾 


在野 外居^ 人從 g 方 都就了 ml 

第一 5 、 、 J 0. 1 i 

i 了幾 H 、耶 穌乂進 Is 人德 見他^ 屋一 ^存許 多人聚 翁連門 外都沒 有空地 了耶穌 對他們 講道^ „人^ 一 ^^1 

瘋病的 來見耶 ^用四 個人擡 著 SBg 人多 不得進 I 就拆 邠房 1 旣 拆通一 h 將忠 攝瘋 的人連 牀都驟 下恭" 耶穌見 他們這 

樣 就 對患癱 瘋的人 1小> ^你 的罪赦 【.^ , 

St. mark, II. 

6 But there were certain of the 
scribes sitting there^ and reasoning 
in their liearts, 

7 Why doth this man thus speak 
blasphrraies ? who can forgive sins 
but God only ? 

8 And immediately, when Jesus 
perceived in his spirit that they so 
reasoned within them'selves, he said 
unto thera, V^hy reason ye these 
tilings in your hearts ? 

9 Whether is it easier to say to tlie 
sick of the palsy, Thy sins be for- 
given thee ; or to say, Arise, and take 
up thy bed, and walk ? 

1 But that ye may know that the 
Son of man Imth poAver on earth to 
forgive sins, (he saith to the sick of 
the palsy,) 

1 1 I say unto tliee, Arise, and take 
up tliy bc'd^ and go thy way i ato 
thine housi\ 

1 2 And immediately he arose, took 
up the bed, and went forth before 
tlu^ra all ; insomuch that they were 
all amazed, and glorified God, saying, 
We never saw it on this fashion. 

13 And he went forth again by the 
sea side ; and all the muititude resort- 
ed unto him, and he lauglit them. 

14 And as he passed by, liesaw Levi 
tlie 5on of Alphcus si ttingat the receipt 
of custom, and said unto lum. Follow 
me. And he arose and followed him. 

15 And it came to pass, that, us 
Jesus sat at meat in his house, many 
publicans and sinners sat also together 
with Jesus and his disciples ; for there 
were many, and they followed him. 

16 And wheu the scribes and 
Pharisees saw him eat with publicans 
and sinners, they said unto his dis- 
ciples, How is it that he eatetli and 
clritikoth with publicans and sinners ? 

17 When Jesus heard it, he saith 
unto theiu, They that are whole have 
no need of the physician, but they 
that are sick : 工 came not to call the 
righteous, bat sinners to repentance. 

章二 第可馬 91 

個讀 書人坐 在那裏 、心 裏議& 追個尺 怎麼說 道樣僭 妄的話 i 除了 神以外 、誰能 赦罪。 &穌心 :逸曉 得他們 這樣議 

、 、 、ft 、 、 〇十 

論就 說你們 爲 甚 麼心裏 這樣議 論對患 撫瘋的 人說你 的罪赦 了或說 起來拿 你的牀 行走那 一 樣容 爲呢現 在耍, 叫你們 

曉得 人子在 世上有 赦罪的 權柄、 就 對患瘋 靡的人 吩咐你 起#拿 你的牀 囘家去 人立刻 起氣在 衆人面 前拿著 

、 、 、 、 r- 十 =1 \ 、 

牀出去 了衆人 驚異歸 榮耀與 神說 我們從 來沒有 見過這 樣的事 〇 耶穌 又出去 到海邊 有許多 人來見 他耶穌 便敎訓 

、十 四 、 . , 、 、 、 C 十 3 

也們 再往前 走看見 勒腓的 子利未 坐在税 關上就 對他說 你跟從 我來利 未就起 來跟從 他去了 〇 耶 穌在利 未家裏 

坐席、 許 多税& 和罪人 ^ 與耶穌 並耶穌 的門徒 1 同坐席、因霄這樣的人、跟隨耶穌的不.^^15書人和法利赛.=^見耶穌 

與税吏 並罪人 同席吃 鉱就對 他門徙 他 一1 甚麼 與稅吏 並罪人 一 同吃喝 #珍穌恥|«1^ 就對 他們. 健壯 的人用 不著醫 


92 St. mark, II. 

18 And the disciples of John and 
of the Pliarisees used to fast : and 
they come and say mi to him, Why 
do the disciples of John and of the 
Pharisees fast, but tliy disciples fast 
not? 、 

19 And Jesus said unto them, Can 
the children oftlie bridechamber fast, 
while the bridegroom is with them ? 
as long as they have the bridegroom 
with them, they cannot fast. 

20 But the days will come, when 
tlie hridegroora shall be taken away 
from them, and then shall they fast 
ill those days. 

21 No man also seweth a piece of 
new cloth on an okl garment ; else 
the new piece timt filled it up taketh 
away from the old, and the rent is 
made worse. . 

22 And no man putteth new wine 
into old bottles ; else the new wiae 
doth l?urst the bottles, and the wine 
is spilleil, and the bottles will be 
marred : but new wine must be put 
into new bottles. 

23 And it came to pass, that he 
went through the corn fields on the 
sabbath day ; and his disciples began, 
as they went, to pluck the ears 
of corn. , 

24 And the Pharisees said unto 
him, Behold, why do they on the 
sabbath day that which is not lawful? 

25 And he said unto them, Have 
ye never read what David did, when 
he had need, and was a liungered, 
he, and they that were with him ? 

26 How he went into the house of 
God in the days of Abiatliar the higli 
priest, and did cat the sliewbread, 
which is not lawful to eat but for the 
priests, and gave also to them which 
were with him ? 

27 And he said unto tlicm, The 
sabbatli was made for ninu, and not 
man for the sabbath : 

28 Therefore the Son of man is 
Lord also of the sabbatli. 

章二 第可馬 


爲甚 麼 #6 穌囘答 > 亂新 郎和慶 賀新郎 的人同 在的時 I 慶贅的 人怎能 禁食, 亂有 新郎同 払他們 不能禁 來 新郞離 

開他們 去了、 那時 候他們 必要禁 食。^ 有拿 新布補 舊衣服 I 恐 怕所補 的新狐 反帶鐵 了舊衣 I 破 的史大 ^-^ 沒有 將新 

、 5、 ^ 

酒盛在 舊皮袋 袭:^ 恐怕新 酒裂了 皮代^ 酒漏出 瓜連皮 袋也壞 了新 酒只當 盛在新 皮袋裏 〇,f 安息日 1 穌從 麥田^ 


和跟 隨他的 人乏用 R 餓的 時候 所作的 ii. 你們沒 有讀過 1-^,®^^^®^ 口作 祭司長 的時^ 進了 祌的殿 、吃了 陳設、 

的^ 並且給 跟隨他 的人. ^這餅 除了祭 司以: ^人 都不當 他們! 1^ 安息日 是爲人 設立^ 人不„^!:! 安息 H 設立的 

n 以人子 也是安 息日的 

St. mark, III. 

章三 第可馬 93 


AND he entered again into the 
synagogue ; and there was a 
man there which bad a withered baud. 

2 And they watched him, whether 
he would heal him on the sabbath 
day ; that they might accuse him. 

3 And he saith unto the man wliich 
had the withered hand, Stand forth. 

4 And he saith unto them, Is it 
lawful to do good on the sabbath 
clays, or to do evil ? to save life, or to 
kill ? But they held their peace. 

5 And when he had looked round 
about on them with anger, being 
grieved for the hardness of their 
hearts, he saith unto tl)e man, Stretch 
forth thine hand. And he stretched 
it out : and his hand was restored 
whole as the other. 

6 And the Pharisees went forth, 
and straightway took counsel with 
the Heroclians against him, how they 
might destroy him. 

7 But Jesus withdrew himself with 
his disciples to the sea : and a great 
multitude from Galilee followed him, 
aud fi'om Jiidea, 

8 And from Jerusalem, and from 
Idumea, and from beyond Jordan ; and 
they about Tyre and Sidon^ a great 
multitude, when they had heard what 
great things he did, came unto him. 

9 And he spake to bis disciples, 
that a small ship should wait ou him 
because of the multitude, lest tliey 
sliould throng him. 

10 For he had healed many ; i nso- 
irmch that they pressed upon him for 
to touch him, as many as liad plagues. 

11 Aud imcleau spirits^ wlien they 
saw liim, fell down before him, and 
cried, saying, Thou art the Sou of God. 

1 2 And he straitly charged them 
that they should not make h i m known. 

13 And he goeth up into a luoun- 
tain. am! callcth unto him whom he 
would : and they came unto him. 


b 穌又進 了會堂 、在那 裏有一 個枯乾 一隻手 的.^ _t 尔人 窺探耶 I 在 安恿日 翳他不 意 耍 控吿耶 i" 耶 穌對那 枯乾手 

的人說 你起來 站在中 間就問 衆人說 在安息 日作善 事作惡 事救生 命害生 命那是 應當的 呢他們 都不作 聲耶穌 怒目周 

、 r> r- 、 、 、 O 六、 

園 看衆人 愛愁他 們心太 就 對那- -說伸 出你的 手來那 人將手 一 伸手就 好了像 那隻手 一 樣 法利赛 人出去 相希律 一 

黨的. = ^大家 商議、 怎樣可 以殺害 耶稣? 耶穌 同門徒 離了那 地方、 往海 邊去、 有許 多人從 sws、s^ss—il3^Dil 

则河^ 來跟隨 返有 推羅西 頓許多 的.^ 聽見他 所作的 也 就了他 f 耶穌因 爲人^ 就吩附 門徒豫 備小. 昏免 得受他 

十 、 、 十 1 、 N \ 

們 的擁擠 耶穌醫 好許多 人所以 凡有病 的都進 到他面 前耍摸 他邪鬼 一 見他 就俯伏 在他面 前喊叫 說你是 神的^ 子 

十一 1 、 ?十 1, 、 、 


94 St. mark, III. 

14 And he ordained twelve, that 
they should be with hiui, and that he 
might send them forth to preach, 

J 5 And to have power to lieal sick- 
nesses^ and to cast out devils : 

16 And Simon he surnamecl Peter ; 

17 And James the son of Zebedee, 
and John the brother of James ; and 
he surnamecl them Boanerges, which 
is. The sons of thunder : 

18 Ami Audrew, and Philip, and 
Bartholomew, and Matthew, and 
Th raas, an cl Ja nies t he son of 
A!ph(3USj and Thacldeiis, and Simon 
the Canaauite^ 

19 And Jiulas Iscariot, whicli also 
betrayed him : and tbcy went into a 

20 And the multitude cometh to- 
gether again, so that they could not 
so much as eat bread. 

21 And when his friends heard of 
it, they went out to lay hold on him : 
for they said, He is beside himself. 

22 % And the scribes which came 
down from Jerusalem said, He hath 
Beelzebub, and by the priuce of the 
devils casteth he out devils. 

23 And he called tliem itnto him, 
and .said unto them in parables, How 
can Satan cast out Satan ? 

24 And if a kingdom be divided 
against itself, Jdngdom cannot 

25 And if a house be divided 
against itself, that liouse cannot 

26 And if Satan rise up against 
himself, and be divided, be cannot 
stand, but hath an end. 

27 No man can enter into a strong 
mail's house, and spoil liis goods, 
except lie will first bind the strong 
man ; and then he will spoil his 

28 Verily I say unto yuu, All sins 
shall be forgiven unto the sons of 
men, and blasplicmios wherewith 
soever they shall blaspheme : 


章三 第可馬 

+ 3 、 、 、丁 5 o 十 力 、 

§ 設立十 二個人 要他們 常和自 己在一 處又 耍差這 他們去 傅道並 賜他們 II: 病趕^ 的權 1^.M 一人! 5; 西?: 耶穌又 ^名 

與他^ 有, ^ 由 的兒子 fflil 和 的兄弟 這兩 個人又 賜名叫 意 就是 ISH^,?^ 有^ 皿 s^i^ 


以致他 們連吃 飯也不 穌的 親屬聽 就出^ 耍拉住 I 說他 是癲狂 讀蒈 人從, 111,^§下 ^說他 =1- 被^, 

附 I 靠鬼 王趕鬼 叫他們 ^用比 #對 他們! 一!iwsss 逐出 wilil^li^ 國若 自相分 必站 立不仏 .:^|^ 自相 


男 4^ 後 緣可以 m 掠他的 家^_ &實在 吿訴你 t 世人 無論 犯甚麼 isg 說甚麼 毀謗的 ^ 都可 以赦 -=^1 

St. mark, IV. 

29 But he that shall blaspheme 
against the Holy Gliost hath never 
forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal 
dain nation : 

30 Because they sal J , He bath an 
unclean spirit. 

31 ^Thcre came then his brethren 
and his mother, and, standing witliout, 
sent nnto him, calling liiiu. 

32 Aud tlic multitude sat about 
him, and tliey said uuto him, Behold, 
thy mother aud thy brethren without 
seek for thee. 

33 And he answered them, saying, 
Who is my mother, or ray brethren ? 

o4 And he looked round about on 
them which sat about liim, and said, 
Behold my mother and ray brethren ! 

35 For whosoever fcliall do the will 
of God, tlio same is my brother, and 
my sister, and mothor. 


AND lie began again to teach by 
the sea side : and there was 
gathered unto him a great multitude, 
so til at he entered into a ship, and 
sat in the sea ; aud the whole multi- 
tude was by the sea on the land. 

2 And he taught them many things 
by parables, and snid unto tliem in 
his cioctrine, 

3 Hearken ; Behold, there went 
out a sower to sow : 

4 And it came to pass, as he sowed, 
some fell by the way side, and the 
fowls of the air came and devoured 
it up. 

5 And some fell oii stony gfoniid, 
where it had not much earth ; and 
immediately it sprang up, because it 
had no depth of earth : 

6 But when the sun was up, it 
was scorched ; and because it had no 
root, it withered away. 

7 And some fell among thorns, aud 
the tliorns grew up, and choked it, 
and it yielded no fruit. 

章四 第可馬 95 


兄弟來 ff^ 站在 外面、 打發 人去叫 人 在耶歸 周園坐 吿訴他 氣你的 母親和 你的弟 0^ 在外 面尋找 :!! 撃 穌囘答 

、 、 〇 一一 K 、 、 〇11一五 、 

說誰是 我的母 親誰是 我的弟 兄就四 面觀看 周園坐 著的人 說你們 看我的 母親我 的弟兄 凡遵行 神旨 意的人 就是我 

的弟 0^ 我的 姐;^ 我的 £^ 親 . 


^ 、 、、 \ or 

耶 穌又在 海邊敎 訓人有 許多人 聚集在 他面前 他就上 船坐下 II 在 海裏那 許多人 都沿著 海邊站 在岸上 耶穌用 比喩多 

I ^ 、 、一 一一 、 、 Dra 、 、 C 五 

多的敎 訓他們 敎訓的 時候對 他們說 你們聽 著有撒 踵的人 出去撒 種撒的 時候有 落在道 旁的空 中的雀 鳥來吃 盡了有 

落在土 簿有石 頭的地 上:^ 土旣淺 fi 發苗最 日 頭岀來 一 -i 因一 1 沒有 I 就枯乾 1.^" 有落在 荆棘裏 荆棘 長起^ 將苗 

遮蔽住 t.^ 就 不能結 m 


St. mark, IV. 章四 第可馬 

8 And otlier fell on good gronncl,aml 
did yield fruit that sprang up and in- 
creased,andbroughtfortli,some thirty, 
and some sixty, and some a hundred. 

9 And lie said unto them, He that 
hath ears to hear, let him hear. 

10 And when he was alone, they 
that were about him with the twelve 
asked of him the parable. 

11 Aud he said unto them, Unto 
you it is given to know the mystery 
of the kingdom ot God : but unto 
them that are without, all these things 
are done in parables : 

12 Tliat seeing they may sec, aud 
not perceive ; and hearing they may 
hear, and not uud erst aud ; lest at 
any time they should be converted, 
and their sms should be forgiven them. 

13 And he said uuto them, Know 
ye not this parable ? and how then 
will ye know all parables ? 

14 ^ The sower sowetb the word. 

15 And these are they by I lie way 
side, where the word is sown ; but 
when they have heard, Satan cometh 
immediately, and taketli away the 
word that was sown in their hearts. 

16 And these are they likewise 
which are sown on stony ground ; 
who, when tliey have heard the word, 
immediately receive it with gladness ; 

17 And have no root ia themselves, 
and so endure but for u time: after- 
ward, when affliction or persecution 
ariseth for the word's sake, imme- 
diately they arc offended. 

18 Aud these are they which are 
sown among thorns ; such as hear 
llie word, 

1 9 And the cares of this world, and 
the deceitfulncss of riches, aud the 
lusts of other things entering in, choke 
the word, and it becoineth uufruitiul. 

20 And these .are they which are 
sown on good gnniiul ; such as hoar 
the word, and receive if, and bring 
forth fruit, some thirlyfbld, some 
sixty, and some a hundred. 

I 、 、 oft , 、 C 十 、 

;^落在好土裏:^就^^生起牀長大^^結實有三十倍的有六十倍的有 一 百 倍的又 說凡有 耳可聽 的都應 當聽衆 人散後 

跟從 耶穌的 人和十 1 一門 化問這 比喩是 甚麽意 穌 囘答^ 神國的 奥称口 〈賜與 你們知 若 是外. = ^凡事 就 用比喩 

敎訓他 他們 看見也 不曉^ 聽見也 不明. 6 恐怕他 們囘心 轉仏? 他 們的罪 就得赦 p^i^^ 這比喻 你們不 懂乍^ 能懂得 

各樣比 # 呢。, 種:^ 就是傳 道的. .^1 在 道旁^ 就是說 人聽了 所僖的 1^ 就來 將所撒 在他們 心拔的 道裔了 %^在 

有石 頭的地 上的、 就 是說人 聽道的 時候、 便歡喜 領受、 S 因他心 裹沒有 ^也不 過是暫 時:^ 及 至爲道 遇忠齓 父迫宋 ^ 脈 

棄 f,r 齔在荆 棘裏 I 就是說 人聽落 +力有 &上的 思亂貨 财的迷 # &各 樣的情 t 進來 遮蔽了 5^ 就 不能結 l-i 在 好地上 

就是說 人聽道 便領殳 並且結 有三 十倍: (十倍 ^有 一 百倍, 

St. mark, IV. 

21 1 And he said unto tliem. Is a 
candle brought to be put under a 
bushel^ or under a bed? and not to 
be set on a caiullostick ? 

22 For there is nothing' hid, wliicli 
shall not be manifested; neither was 
any thing kept secret, but that it 
should come abroad. 

23 If any man have ears to hear, 
let him hear, 

24 And he 8aid unto thoui, Take 
heed wliatye lioar. With 、vlmt meas- 
ure ye mete^ it shall be mensLircd to 
you; and unto you that licar shall 
more bo given. 

•25 For lie tlmt liatli, to him slinll 
be given ; and he that iialh uot, from 
liim shall be taken even that which 
he Iiath, 

26 ^ Ami lie '"li 山 So is the king- 
dom of God, as if a man should cast 
seed in(o the ground ; 

27 Ami should sleep, and rise 
night and day, and the seed should 
spring and grow up, he kiioweth »iot 

28 For tlie earth bringotli forth 
fruit of lierself ; first the blade, then 
the ear, after that the full corn in 
the ear. 

29 J3nt wlion tlie fruit is brought 
forth, immediately lie pultctli in the 
ciicklo, because the liarvcst is come. 

30 And he said, Whercmitosliall 
liken the kingdom of God? or 

with w hat comparison shall we com- 
pare it? 

31 It is like a grain of mustard 
seed, which, wlicn it is sown in llie 
curtli, is less tlmn all the seeds that 
be in the eardi : 

32 But wlien it is sown, it growetli 
up, aiul beeouK'th grcatei* I lian all 
herbs, a nd sliootelli out groat hi anclics; 
so that the fowls of (lie air may lodge 
under llie sliadow of it. 

33 And with many sucli parables 
spake he tlic word unto tliem, as they 
were able to hear it. 

章四 第可馬 97 

〇_, 穌又 lil^ 人拿 燈來、 tulj^ 放在斗 底下、 牀底下 、不是 放在燈 褢上麽 嚴密 的事、 沒哲 不現出 來的、 隱藏的 I 沒有 不露一 

oli 、 01:E! 、 、 、 一 

出來 的凡有 耳可聽 的都應 當聽又 說你們 道要 切心你 們用甚 麽量器 量給人 人也用 s 麼 器 2W 給你 們、 並且耍 加倍一 

賜給 你們這 聽 道的人 有的人 、還 耍加給 I 沒 的. = ^連 他所 有的也 耍奪過 4〇--力!1^ 神的 i 如问人 將種撒 在地一 


了穀 lii 是熟 就 招麵刀 去齓因 收成的 時候到 I^^oslili 神的國 、是 像甚 可川 ^^@比# 來比 i_ &比如 r 粒芥一 

菜種、極在地惠的時候、是地上百31;§^小:^1-了 之後、就生出來比.谷樣^^都丸又長了大^穴>|中的鳥可以住在他的一 

陰涼 sli^ 用許多 這樣的 比# 對他們 講道、 都照 著他們 所能聽 

98 St. mark, V. 

34 But without a parable spako lie 
not unto them : and when they were 
alone, he expounded all things to his 

35 Ami the same clay, when the 
even was come, lie saith unto them, 
Let us pass over unto the other side. 

36 And when they had sent away 
the multitude, they took him even as 
he was in the ship. And there were 
also with liim other little ships. 

37 And there arose a great storm 
of wiiul, and the waves beat into the 
ship, so that it was now full. 

38 Ami he was in the binder part of 
the ship, asleep on a pillow : and they 
awake him, ami say unto him, Master, 
carcst thou not that \vc perish ? 

39 And he arose, aud rebuked the 
wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, 
be still. And the wind ceased, aud 
there was a gvi at calm. 

40 And he said unto them, Why 
are ye so fearful ? how is it that ye 
have no faith ? 

41 And they feared exceedingly, 
and said one to another, What man- 
ner of man is this, that even the wind 
and tlie sea obey him? 


AND Ihey caine over auto tlie 
other side of the sea, into the 
country of the Gndarencs. 

2 A lul wlieu lie was come out of the 
sliip,iininKllatcly there mot liimout of 
the tombs a man with an uiiclcanspirit, 
;i Who liiid his dwell in;^r {un(.>ng 
tlic tombs ; and no man could bind 
liini, no, not with chains : 

4 Jiccausc til at lie liad been often 
bound wilh fetters aiul chains, and the 
cliaiiis liad been plucked asunder by 
him, and the letters broken in pieces : 
neither could any man tame him. 

5 And always, nigl>t ami day, lie 
was in the mountains, and in the 
tombs, crying, aiul cutting liimsclf 

I with stones. 

章 五第可 馬 

i 不是 比哦、 就不對 他們說 、到沒 有人的 時候、 將這些 比喩都 講解給 門徒聽 當= 晚上對 門徒說 我們渡 到邪邊 -^, ^ 去耶 

穌 S 坐在 船上、 §: 徒造散 了衆人 、就開 船去一 .^x 有训的 船同一 仏_^ 然狂 膩大^ 波泊翊 氣打進 船.一 "-水 將要滿 了船; I 穌住 

船尾 上枕著 枕頭睡 徒叫醒 了:^ 對他^ 夫 我們耍 死?. ^你 不顧良 聊穌起 示 I 對海& ^了^ 靜 就止。 

住, 大大 1^ 靜了。 § 穌說、 你們 Iss 這樣懼 队怎麼 不信呢 d 爬們 都驚恐 得很、 彼此 1 這是 怎樣的 A 、述 風和 海郤^ 從他了 

第五章 、 2 、 

^們來 到海邯 邊!: S 的地方 、^穌 下了船 、就 存被邪 鬼附荖 的.^ 從墳 m 一裘出 ^遇 見他" 那入素 S 化在 逝人 就是、 

鏈捆^ 也捆不 iS" 因 爲人屢 次用脚 镣和鐵 鏈捆^ 鐵鏈被 他採, 脚綠被 他^. I 總 沒有人 能制伏 I" 卞" 夜赏 在山^ 

在境蔡 ;裂喊 I 又 ffl 石頭 打傷 自己。 I 

St. mark, V. 

6 But when he saw Jesus afar off, 
he ran aiul worsliippcd liiin, 

7 And cried with a loud voice, and 
said, What have I to do with tlicc, 
Jesus, ihou Son of the most high 
God ? I adjure thee by God, that 
tliou torment me not. 

8 (For lie sakl unto l"m, Come 
out of the mfm, ihou unclean spirit.) 

9 And he asked liim, VVliat is thy 
name ? And he answered, saying, 
My name is Legion : for we are 

10 And he bcsoiiglit liim much 
tliat he would not send tbcin away 
out of the country, 

11 Now there was there nigh unto 
the mountains a gicat herd of swine 

12 And all the devils besought 
liim, saying, Send us into the swine, 
llmt we may enter into them. 

13 And fortliNvitli Jesus gave them 
leave. And the unclean spirits went 
out, and entered into the swine ; and 
the herd ran violently down a steep 
place into tlio sea , (tlu.y were about 
two thousaiul;) and were choked in 
the sea. 

14 And tlicy tliat fed the swine 
fled, and told it in the city, and in 
the count ly. And they went out to 
see wliat it was that was done. 

15 And they come to JcsuSj ami 
see him tliat was possessed with the 
devil, and had (lie legion, sitting, 
niul clollicd, aiul m his riglit mind ; 
and tliey were afiaicl. 

16 And tliey that saw it (old them 
how it befel 1 to him that was 
possessed with (lie devil, and also 
concerning the swine. 

17 And llicy began (o pray him to 
depart out of their coasts. 

】8 And when lie' was come into 
the shi'p; lie that Imd been possessed 
witli llic devil prayed liim that he 
miglit be whh liiiu. 

意五 第可馬 99 

遠遠: M 耶穌 〔就 跑上 前來拜 I* 大聲 t- 叫說、 至上 祌 的兒子 耶阪我 與你有 涉、 我舉 祌 的名、 求你不 耍叫我 

CA 、 oft , 、 、 0+ 

受苦因 耶穌 t5 吩 W 他說邪 鬼離開 這個人 耶穌問 他你叫 麼名^ 答說 我名叫 舉因一 爲我們 多的綠 故就懇 求耶穌 

C 十 1 、 十 11 、 十一 n 、 

不 要趕逐 他們離 開這地 方在那 S 山邊 上有 一 大羣 猪吃食 衆鬼求 耶穌說 容我們 往緒羣 衷附著 猪去耶 穌許了 他們邪 

、 、 % 、 十 S 、 

鬼就出 離人身 進入緒 羣那 攀豬^ 下山坡 投在海 奥俺死 了猪数 約冇二 千放緒 的跑去 牛", 城一裘 鄉下的 人衆人 都出來 

〇十5 、 \ 、 、 0-tA 

要看所 作的是 甚麼事 到了耶 g 那裹見 那從前 被華^ 所附 的人坐 著穿上 衣服心 •: 幾明 G 過 來他們 就懼怕 f 那 一;;:; 3- 耶 

、 、 、 〇 十七 G+A 、 

穌 趕鬼的 就將被 鬼附的 人所遇 的和那 一 羣猪的 i5 &都^ 訴他 們衆人 便求耶 穌離開 他們的 境界 耶穌上 船的時 換那從 

前被鬼 附的人 、懇求 耶穌准 他和耶 穌在一 =i 

100 St. mark, V. 

19 Howbeit Josus sufFcred him 
not, but saith unto him, Go liomc lo 
thy f riends, and tell tliein how gv< at 
tliinj.;s the I^ord liatli done for tliee, 
and hath I ad compassion on thee. 

20 Aivd he departed, and gnu to 
])ublisli in Decapuli-s liow great things 
Jesus liad done for him : and all men 
did marvel. 

21 And when Jesus was passed 
over again by si tip unto the other 
side ,! niicli people gathered ii nlo liini ; 
and he was nigli unto the sea. 

22 And J behold, there cometli one 
of the rulers of the synagogue, Jairus 
by name ; and when he saw liim, he 
fell at liis feet J 

23 And besoiiglit him greatly, .say- 
ing, my littlo daiiglitor lietli at the 
point of death : / pray thee, come 
and lay thy hands on her, tliat she 
may be healed ; and she shall live. 

24 And Jesus went with him ; 
and mtich people followed liim, and 
thronged him. 

25 And a certain woman, which 
had an issue of blood twelve ycars^ 

2G And had 'suffered many things 
of many ])liysiciauSj and Iiud spent 
all tliat slie liad^ and wns nothing 
bettered, but rather grew worse, 

27 Wlien she had heard of Jesus, 
came ill tlie press belund, and touched 
his garment. 

28 For slic 'said, If I may touch 
but his clotl)('S, I shall be whole. 

29 And straightway tlie founlaiii 
of her blood was dried up ; and she 
felt in her body that site was healed 
of that plague. , 

30 And Jesus, iinmcdiiitoly know- 
ing in himself tliuL virdie had gone 
out of liim, turned liiin al)t)ut in l!ie 
])ros8, and .said, Who touolied my 
clothes ? 

31 And liis disciples said unto liim, 
Tlioii socst the muliitiule tlirongiiij^ 
thee, and sayost tli(m, Who touched 
me ? 

章五 第可馬 


所行 衆 人都詫 B^l 一 5 耶 穌上了 齓又渡 到那邊 岸上. Hi 有許 多人到 他邠; 聚 4、 他正在 §^4-^ 一 個资 f >1| 的人來 

了、 名叫 1、 見了耶 胍就俯 伏在他 脚前、 §^ 的求 他說、 我 的小, 兒快 死了、 請你來 按手在 他身上 治他、 他必活 穌 

同他去 、有 許多人 跟隨擁 S 著 fe^ 一 個婦.^忠了十二年血漏:@^45許多雜生手一,4受了許多的#^&^^所^的家1逸 

, =七 、 、 crA 、 、 

不 見好病 勢反利 害了這 婦人聽 見耶穌 的名^ 就從後 頭雜在 衆人中 問 摸耶 穌的 衣服意 S3 說我 只摸耶 穌的衣 肌就必 

疫 lis 的血; 1 立刻 止住、 覺得 身上的 病巳經 好了。 i 穌心 裘覺得 有能力 從自己 出來、 就在 衆人屮 Hit 過 來齓誰 投我的 

S 1 、 、 

衣服 i: 徒說你 1« 衆 人擁濟 你怎麼 倒問誰 摸我呢 

St. mark, V. 

32 And he looked roiiiid about to 
see lier that liad done this flung. 

But tlie woiuau fearing and 
trembling, knowing what was dene 
in her, came and fell down before 
him, ami told liim all fhe tnUli. 

34 And lie said uutolior, Daughter, 
tliy faith liuth made thcc whole ; 
go In })eaco, and he whole of i\\y 

35 AVhile he yet spake, there came 
from the ruler of the sy nagogue's 
house certain which said. Thy daugli- 
ter is dead ; wliy troiiblcst thou the 
Master any further ? 

36 As soon as Jesus lu-ard the 
woixl that was spoken, he saith unto 
the ruler of tlie synng<、guc, Be not 
afraid^ only believe. 

37 And lie suffered no man to 
follow him, save Peter, and James, 
and John the brother of James. 

38 And he conicth to the house of 
llie ruler of the synagogue, and seeth 
the tumult, and llicin that wopt and 
wailed greatly. 

39 And when he was come in, he 
saith unto them, Why make yc tin's 
ado, and weep? the damsel is not 
dead, but sleopcth. 

40 And tlioy lauglicd liiin (o scorn. 
But when he Itad \n\t tlicni all out, 
he taketli the father and the mother 
of the damsel, and them that were 
with him, and entcreth in " here the 
damsel was lyings. 

41 And !tc took tlie damsel by the 
hand, and said unto her, Talitlia 
cumi ; which is, being interpreted, 
Damsel, (I -^ay imto thee,) arise. 

42 And .straightway Ihc damsel 
arose, and walked; fur she was of 
the age of twelve years. And tiioy 
were aslouislicd with a great as- 

43 Ami he charged them straitly 
that DO man should know it; and 
commanded that something si 謂 Id 
be given her to eat. 

章 五第可 ,11:》 101 

一 一二- 、 CIS 、 、 、 OKIE 、 、 



還勞 動先生 。• 穌聽見 所吿訴 的話、 就對管 會堂的 人說、 你不 要怕、 只 要信。 i 是帶著 ^化^ 和 的兄弟 斜,! 同行 

一 一一一 八 、 、 0-S 、 、 , 、 

許別 人跟隨 到了管 會堂的 家襄看 見衆人 忙亂號 眺痛哭 進到裏 面就對 他們說 i! 甚麼忙 亂痛哭 呢這女 孩兒不 是死是 

0E 十 C 、 、 、 C-EM 、 、 

膙覺 呢衆人 都笑他 耶穌, 衆人 出去帶 了女孩 C 儿的父 ^和跟 隨的人 進了女 孩兒躺 著的地 方就拉 女孩; 5- 的手 對他說 

大利大 古米、 總出來 、就是 說、, 兒 I 我吩附 你起氣 1 女孩兒 立刻起 來行. 他年 方十二 1 衆人 驚異得 t 聊穌 WW 的嘱 

咐他們 、不 可叫人 曉得這 ISif 就吩咐 拿東^ 給 女孩兒 ^ . 

102 St. mark, VI. 


AND he went out from (licnce, 
and came into 】】iso\vii country ; 
and liis disciples follow him. 

2 And wlien the sabbath day 、vas 
coine, lie began to tcacli in the syna- 
gogue : anil many hearing him were 
ast on i shed , say i ng, Fiom wlicnceliatli 
this man these tilings ? and what 
wisdom is this \vhicli is given unto 
him, that even such mighty works 
are wrought by his hands ? 

3 Is not tliis t!ie carpenter, the 
sou of Mary, ihe brother of Jainos, 
and Josos, and of 'Ju(la, and Simon ? 
and arc not iiis sisters here with us? 
And tlioy were offoiuled at 】iim. 

4 But Jesus said unto them, A 
prophet is not "ithout honour, but 
in his own country, ami among liis 
own kin, and in his own house, 

5 And he could there do no mighty 
work, save that he laid liis hands 
upon a few sick folk, and lira】e<l them. 

6 And he marvel led because of 
their uubelirf. And lie went von nd 
about the villages, touching. 

7 T[ And li(3 called unto him the 
twelve, and began to send them 
forth by two and two ; and gave them 
power over unclean spirits ; 

8 And Cum 111 and cd llicin tlmt they 
sluuild take nothing for 仏 e"' journey, 
save a staff only ; no scrip, no bread, 
no money in their purse : 

9 But be sliod with sniidals ; and 
not put on two coals. 

10 And lie said untotlicin, In what 
place soever ye enter \uto a liouse, 
(here abide till yo doj)ai t from that 

1 1 And whosoever shall not re- 
ceive you, nor hear you, wlicn ye 
depart thence, sliakc off the dust 
under your feet for a testimony 
against tlieni. Verily I say uutcyoii. 
It sluill be more tolcrahlo for Sodom 
ami Goinon nli in tlie day of jiulg- 
luent, tluui for tliat cily. 

意 六第可 M、5 



, oil 一 , I 、 、 \ i 、 、 


、 、 、 § 、 、 、 

兄 麼他的 姐妹不 是在我 們這奥 麼因此 就厭棄 他了耶 穌對他 們!^ 大凡先 知除了 家鄉親 戚本放 以外沒 有不被 人$ ?敬 

的。 擎穌 在那; 得行 K 麼奇 iis^ 口;: 按 手在幾 個病人 身上、 8^ 他 nIK 詫 w^ip 不 齓就^ 四而村 子上敎 訓人去 一.^0, 耶 

穌叫了 十二個 門徒來 、差遺 他們兩 個雨個 的出去 、賜 與他們 p,?^ 邪鬼; g 權 i^", 咐他 們不耍 路 lRf?w:i 不要 1" 口 

代^ 不要帶 ilH:^ 腰 一爪 乂不要 帶錢、 P (耍 突, ^ 不耍穿 兩套衣 it 又説無 論到那 .".^t 進了 人;^ (^就 住在邠 到你 們去: 


子、 13 的 刑罰、 比那地 方的刑 -1 還容爲 受呢。 

St. mark, VL 

12 An<\ they went out, and preach- 
ed that men should repent. 

】3 And they cast out many devils, 
and anointed with oil many that were 
sick, and licalecl them. 

14 And king Plerocl hvavd of him ; 
(for his name was spread abroad ;) 
and lie said, That John the Baptist 
was risen from the dead 5 and there- 
fore mighty works do shew forth 
themselves ill him. 

15 Others said, That it, is Elias, 
And others said, That it is a prophet, 
or as one of the pi'opbets. 

16 Bat when Herod heard thereof, 
he said, It is John, whom I beheaded: 
he is risen from tlic dead. 

17 For Herod himself had sent 
forth and laid hold upon Jolni, and 
bound him in prison for Herod i as' 
sakoj Ins brother Philip's wife ; for 
he Imd married her. 

18 For John had said unto Herod, 
It is not lawful for thee lo liavc thy 
brother's wife. 

1 9 Therefore Herodias liadii quar- 
rel against him, aivl would liave kill- 
ed liim ; hut slie coiikl not : 

20 For Herod feared Johiij know- 
ing that lie was a just man and a 
liuiy, and obser vcd liim ; nnd wlion 
he lu arcl liim, bo (lid many things, 
and heard hiin gladly. 

21 And wliGii a convenient day 
was come, tliat Herod on his birthday 
made a sup]>er lo his lords, hli>;h cap- 
tains, and chief estates of Galilee ; 

22 And wlicn the dauo;liter of the 
said Herodias eaiuc in, luid danced, 
and pleased Herod and them that s'at 
with liim, the king said unto the 
(Inni.sclj Ask of ine whatsoever tlioii 
wilt, and I will give it tlice. 

23 And lieswarcimto her, Wliafso- 
ever thou slialt ask of nio, I will give 
it thee, unto the half of my kingflom. 

24 And she went fortli, and said mi- 
lo her nioihtT, What shall I ask ? And 
si ic said. The head of Joliu tlio Baptist, 

2 £:( 化出去 修浴) 勸人 悔改、 逐出 許多的 d 用油抹 了許多 病.. ^鷗 好他化 穌的聲 名傳揚 出恭. s; 王聽 In^ 便 是 

. 施洗的 約,! 從死衷 復、^ 所以 能行這 些奇氣 +i 人說、 是^ 還有人 是先, 氣或 是像 古時的 一 個 先知。 斷聽見 、就 

M 這是 我所斬 的,^ 他從 死裏復 活了. 是 #1, 差 人拿住 ®S 鎖在 監裏、 因一 他兄 的妻子 # ^离的 綠故、 #1 & 5 

^ 娶了他 爲妻。 i 糊對 ^¥說 、娶兄 弟的妻 是不合 理的。 i 此 恨 耍殺他 卻是不 ^知道 是義 人、 

六 是 ilf; 人、 敬设他 、保護 聽他 的話多 照著行 、並 且歡喜 聽他的 敎訓。 1- 日 恰巧是 ifS 的生: n、g 擺設筵 請了許 多的大 

章 人千央 長一 1 加利 利的尊 貴人、 isg 的女兒 進來跳 同席的 八都歡 喜、 王 對女子 I 你無論 耍装 良一 可向我 :!^ 我 

必 g 給你 rl^ 對 他起誓 I 凡 你向我 所求; i 就是 我國的 一 ef. 我必 賜給你 15 子就出 他母 Sri 我 當求甚 囘答 當 

求 施洗^ 的頭、 

104 St. mark, VI. i 六第可 All 

25 And slic came in straightway 
with liaste unto the king, and asked, 
saying, I will that thou give me by 
and by in a charger the head of 
Jo! in tlic Baptist, 

26 And the king was exceeding 
sorry ; yd for his oath's sake, and 
for their sakes which with him, 
he would not reject licr. 

27 Ami immediately the 】(ing sent 
an executioner, and coimiiaudcd his 
head to be brought : and he went and 
belieiuled liim in the prison, 

28 And brouglit his head in a. 
charger, and gave it to the damsel ; 
and the damsel gave it to licr mother. 

29 And when his disciples heard 
of it, they came and took up Iiis 
corpse, and laid it in a tomb. 

30 And the apostles gatlicred them- 
selves together unto Jesus, and told 
him all things, botli what they had 
done, and what they had taught. 

31 And he said unto tlicni, Come 
ye yourselves apart into a desert place, 
and rest a wliile : for there were many 
coming and going, and they had no 
leisure so much as to eat. 

32 And they departed into a desert 
place hy ship privately. 

33 And the people saw them depart- 
ing, and miuiy knew liim, and lan 
afoot thither out of all cities, and out- 
went them, and came together unto 

34 And Jesus, when he came out, 
saw much people, and 、vas moved 
Avith compassion toward tliem, because 
they were as sheep not having a shep- 
herd : ami lie began to teach lliciii 
muiiy tilings. 

,35 And when the (Iny was now far 
spent, liis disciples came unto him, 
and said, 'J'liis is a cl(,sei t place, niid 
now the time is far passed : 

36 Send away, lliat tliey may 
go into tlic country romul abouf, and 
into the villngfs, ami buy tlu nisei v< s 
bi ( ad : for tlicy have iiotliiiig to cut. 


那 iE^ 、就不 货推卻 15, 刻吩咐 創子手 、去將 的; g 拿來、 那入 就去、 在 fe^ 斬了^ g.S 放 在盤子 1 傘 來給女 女子交 

給 他母親 ll 的門徒 聽見、 就东 葬 在填慕 is^bs 使徒聚 = ^來見 耶穌、 將 所作的 frw 傅的、 ^ 全吿訴 t&p"^ 你們 

、 、 、 〇11 一一- , 〇一 二 r 、 


多 認得耶 穌的、 從各城 r^I 步行、 跑 到那一 比他 們先到 一 齊來見耶1〇__|穌出來、1^^見衆.^憐恤他^;^&^他們如1^?^ 

、 ollls 、 鬌, 、:, 六 、 

羊 沒有牧 養的人 一 般就將 許多的 逍^ -敎訓 他們天 將晚的 -". 候 門^ 來對他 說這是 野地天 將晚: j 將?. 3 散衆人 叫他們 


St. mark, VI. 

37 He answered and said unto 
tliem, Give ye them to eat. And they 
say unto him, Shall we go and buy 
two hundred pennyworth of bread, 
and give them (o eat? 

38 He saitli unto them, How many 
loaves have ye? go and see. And 
Avlien they knew, they say, Five, and 
two fishes. 

39 Ami he commanded them to 
make all sit down by companies upon 
the green grass. 

40 And they sat clown in rauksj 
by hundreds, and by fifties. 

41 And when he had taken the five 
loaves and ihc two fishes, he looked 
u[) to heaven, and blessed, and brake 
the loaves, and gave them to his dis- 
ciples (0 set before them ; aud the two 
fishes divided he among them all. 

42 And they did all cat, and were 

43 And they took up twelve baskets 
full of the fragments, and of the fishes. 

44 And they that did cat of tlie 
loaves were about five thousand men. 

45 And straightway he const raiuod 
liis disciples to get into the sliip, and 
to go to the other side befoie unto 
B(^'tli8ai(!a, while he sent away tlie 
p'. oplo. 

4G And when he had sen t ( hem away, 
he departed into a mountain to pray. 

47 And wlieu even was come, (he 
sliip 、vas in tlie midst of tlie sea, and 
he alone on tlio 】am】. 

48 And hesaw tlicni (oiling in row- 
ing ; for the wind wus contrary niito 
(licm : aud about the fourth watch of 
tlie niglit he conieth unto them, walk- 
ing upon the sca, and would have 
passed by them. , 

49 Bid when tlicy saw liini walk- 
ing upon the sea, tlioy suppuscd it 
had been a spirit, and cried out : 

50 For they all saw liim, nnd wore 
trmiblecl. Ami ininicdiately ho tnlkcd 
with them, and saitli unto thciu, J>o 
of good cheer : it is I ; be not afraid. 

章六 第可馬 105 


、 、 〇ll; 凡 、 o£ 十 、 、 r 

就說 有五個 餅兩尾 耶穌吩 附他們 叫衆人 一 排 1 排的 坐在靑 草地上 衆人就 坐下有 一 kn 在 一 處的訂 五十在 一 處:^ 

&穌 拿著五 個餅、 兩尾氣 望著天 祝謝了 、戦開 餅遞給 門徒、 叫擺 在衆人 而前、 乂將兩 SJ^C^ 分給他 fe^ 人都吃 飽了。 £ 拾碎 

餅勝激 装滿了 十二僚 子吃餅 的人約 有五千 〇 耶穌催 門徒上 船先渡 到那邊 Iss^i 等自 己逍散 衆,^ 穌造 散衆人 

以 後往山 上去禱 吿天已 晚了船 在海中 他獨自 一 人在岸 上看見 門 徒因風 不順搖 船甚^ 夜衷約 有四更 時分耶 穌在海 

面上行 ^到 門徒這 裏來、 彷彿耍 過去的 樣子。 f: 徒看見 耶穌在 海面上 行走、 ::-爲 是极 I 就 喊叫起 來、, Id 他們 兌 I 都 一 


106 St. mark, VII. 

Ml L 可' a!§ 

51 A lid he went up unto thorn into 
the ship ; and the wind ceased : and 
they were sore anir.zcd in themselves 
bcyoiul measure, and wondered. 

52 For they considered not the 
miracle of the loaves ; for their heart 
was liardened. 

53 And wlien they had passed over, 
they came into the land ofGenncsaret, 
and drew to the shore. 

54 And when they were come out 
of the ship, straightway they knew 

55 And ran th rough that whole 
region round about, unci began to 
carry about in beds those that were 
sick, where they heard lie was. 

56 And whithersoever he entered, 
into villages, or cities, or country, 
they laid the sick in the streets, and 
besought him that they might touch 
if it were but the border of his gar- 
ment : and as many as touched liim 
were made whole. 


THEN came togctlier unto liira 
the Pharisees, and certain of 
the scribes, wliicli came from Jeru- 

2 And when they saw s mo of liis 
disciples eat bread with defiled, that 
is to say, with un wash en hands, tlioy 
found fault. 

3 For the Pharisees, and all the 
Jews, except they wash their liands 
oft; oat not, holding the tradition of 
the elders. 

4 And when they come from tlic 
market, except tlicy wash, (hoy cat 
not. And many other things there 
be, wliicli they have received to liokl, 
as the wasliiiig of cups, and pots, 
brazen vessels, ami of tsiblcs. 

5 Then tlic Pharisees and scribes 
asked liim, AVIiy walk not thy dis- 
ci pics according to the (rsulitioii of 
the cldors, hut cat bread \vl(li uii- 
washeii liands? 


尼撒勒 地方將 船泊在 邊他們 下了船 衆人就 認得耶 穌跑遍 周園地 方聽見 耶穌在 那一, 就將 &;;^的<用 牀搔到 那一逸 

S 耶穌 所到的 地方、 或村中 、或城 I 或鄕 1..^ 人都 將病人 放在街 市.. ^只 求耶穌 容他們 m 他的衣 稱子、 投 著的九 就都好 


第七意 。 


II 一 mMMHMM 、 、 、、四 、、c 

因一! !!! 法利卷 人和猶 太衆人 都守古 人所傅 下來的 規矩若 不淨淨 的洗手 就不吃 飯從街 市上: 來 g 不洗浴 也不吃 

、 、 、、〇 五 、*、 

有許多 的親矩 他們承 接堅守 就是洗 盌銅器 和牀當 下法利 P 、人和 籠書人 問耶穌 說你的 門徒露 ^麼不 、泣 古人所 

傅下來 的親矩 、吃飯 不先洗 手呢。 

St. mark,. VII. 意七 第可馬 107 

6 He answered and said unto 
them, Well hath Esaias propliesicd 
of you Jiypocrites, as it is written, 
This people honoureth me with their 
lips, but tlieir heart is far from mo. 

7 Howbeit in vain do they worship 
me, teaching for doctrines the com- 
mandments of men. 

8 For laying aside the command- 
ment of God, ye hold the tradition 
of men, as the washing of pots and 
cups : and many other siicli like 
things yc do. 

9 And he said unto tliein, Full 
well ye reject the comiuandraent of 
God, that ye may keop your own 

10 For Moses said, Honour tliy 
fatlier and thy mother ; and, Wlioso 
cursetli father or mother, let liim (He 
the death : 

11 But ye say, If a man shall say 
to his father or mother, It is Corljaii, 
tliat is to say, a gift, by wlialsoevcr 
thou niiglilest bo profited by mo ; 
he slio.ll he free. 

12 And ye suffer him no more 
to do aught for his father or his 

13 Making tlie word of God of none 
effect through you r tradition, which 
ye liave delivered : and many sucli 
like things do ye. 

14 T[ A 11(1 when he had called all 
the people imto him, lie said unto 
them, Htat ken unto me every one 
of you, and underslaiul : 

15 There is uotliing from without 
a. man, that enleritig into liim can 
defile liim: but the things which 
come out of him, those are they tliat 
ck'filc the man. 

16 If any man liavc ears to licar, 
let liim hear. 

17 And when he was entered into 
the house from tlic people, liis dis- 
ciples asked liim concerning the 


f 穌. 囘答 說、^ 豫 先指著 你們假 G:- 爲善的 人說的 話是不 錯的他 說這^ 姓用口 尊敬我 心襄^ 是遠 離我他 們將人 

所吩 咐的、 當作 道理敎 訓.^ 所以拜 我也是 徒然。 & 們丢棄 祌的誡<^守著古人所傅下來的規矩、去洗1^餅^^1你們還 

、 十 、 、 、 、 

作許 多這樣 的事" &<說 、你 們實在 是廢了 神 的誡命 守自己 所承接 的規矩 §曾 說應當 孝敬父 ^又說 篤父^ 的人 

必當 治死他 1^ 們倒說 、人 若對父 、我所 應常奉 給你^ 已經 作了各 爾板、 谷爾板 總出^ 就 是禮^ 金不^ 泰父母 、是 

可以: ^這就 是你們 不許他 :與^泰 父 113 己所承 接的親 廢了 神的 道了、 你 們還作 許多這 樣的事 a〇i 穌 叫衆人 


〇 十七 、 、 ■ 、 

都應 當聽耶 穌離了 衆人進 屋子裏 門 徙來問 這比^ 的意^ 

108 St. mark, VII. 

18 And lie saitli uuto them, Are 
ye so without understanding also ? 
Do ye not perceivo, that whatsoever 
thing froiTi without c iitereth into tlic 
man, h cannot defile him ; 

19 Because it en tenth not into 
his lioart, but into the belly, and 
goeth out into tlie dnmglit, purging 
all moats ? 

20 And liesaidjTliatwliicli comctli 
out of the man, that clefileth the man. 

21 For from within, out of (he 
heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, 
adulteries, fornications, luurdcrs, 

22 Thefts, covetoiisness, wicked- 
ness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil 
eye, blasphemy, i)ri(l(_、, foolishness: 

23 All these evil things come from 
within, niid defile the man. 

24 ^ And from thonce lie arose, 
and went into the borders of Tyre 
and Sidon, and entered into a house, 
ami would have no man know it : bul 
he could not be hid. 

25 For a cerlain woman, whose 
young daughter had an unclean 
spirit, heard of him, and came and 
fell at his feet : 

2G The woman was a Greek, a 
Sy roplionicinii by imti(m ; and slie 
besoiiglit him that lie would cast 
forth the devil out of licr daughter. 

27 ]jnt Jcsiis said unto her, Let 
the children first be filled : for it is 
not meet to take the children's 
brcud, and to cast it unto the (logs. 

28 And she answered and said unto 
liini, Yes, Lord : yet the dogs under 
the table eat of the cliildren's crumbs. 

20 And he said uiUo hor, For this 
saying go thy way ; the dovil is gone 
out of thy (liiuglitcr. 

30 And wlien she was come to her 
lionso, she f (雇 (1 the devil gone out, 
and her daugliter luid upon the bed. 

31 1 And again, dopivrting from 
the coas'.s of Tyre ami Sidon, he 
came unto the sea ofGalik'O, through 
thfi midst of the coasts of Dcciipulis. 

章七 第可馬 

穌 你們些 适様不 w 白 良-豈 不曉得 凡從外 面進去 I 不能丁 ^ 械 -.^..^m 不.^ 化進 他心 炎去、 乃是、 進他肚 ¥^、 落?^ 漆则 - 

裏、 ^ 所吃的 就乾淨 刃說、 從一裘 面出來 I 這凝能 巧穢. ^-, ^從 從人心 出來: i 就。 是 J 今仏姦 苟" ^兇殺 - 

1|^邪||^詭眠浪氣嫉1謗齔驕1狂1^ 一 M 不好的 都是從 出來 並且能 i.^〇iM 從那忠 起.^ 往!^ 

^的^ 內去、 進入 一 家 k 願人 知道、 邵不能 隱氣, 1 個婦人 、他女 被邪鬼 附著、 聽兒耶 穌的事 、就來 俯伏在 他脚前 

婦人是 i¥w< 、或作 外邦人 屬 tmss 族、 他求耶 穌„.« 鬼離開 女兒。 ^ 穌對 他說、 先. 衫 2^ 女吃飽 、拿兒 女的餅 ^^狗 


你的女 了。: i 人囘到 自己家 就曉 得鬼巳 經出. li^ 看見女 躺在牀 .^〇聰 穌離了 iSBl 的地 方從^ 加汲^ ^內 

經過、 又到了 的海 

St. mark, VIII. 

毫 八第可 


32 And they bring unto him one 
that was deaf, and had an impedi- 
ment in Ins spoecli ; and they bcscc ch 
him to put liis hand upon him, 

33 Ami lie took liim aside from 
tlie multitiulc, and put his fingers 
into his oars^ and he spit, and touched 
liis (ongue ; 

34 And looking up to lioaven, he 
siglud, and (^uith unto ! lim, Epli- 
1 山 atlui, llint is, Be oponod. 

35 And s( ralghtway his ears were 
openci.1 y and the string of his tongue 
was loosed, and lie spake pLiin. 

36 And he di urged them that tlicy 
sliould loll no man : but the more 
lio clinigcd iheiu, so much the more 
a great deal tlicy published it; 

37 Ami were beyond measure 
aslonislicd, saying, He liatli clone .ill 
tilings \\cll : he makoth both tJie 
dcai to hear, and the dumb to speak. 


IN those days the multitude being 
very great, an<l having nothing 
to cat, Jesus called his discij)Ies unto 
him, and saith unto them, 

2 I have compa'^sion on the multi- 
tude, because they have now been 
with me three days, and have nothing 
to eat : 

3 And if I send them away fasting 
to their own houses, tlicy will faint 
by the way : for divers of them came 
from far. 

4 And his disciples answered him, 
From whence can a man satisfy 
these men with bread here in the 

5 And liG asked them, How many 
loaves Imve ye ? And they said, 

6 And he commanded tlie people 
to sit down on the ground : and he 
took the seven loaves, and gave 
thanks, and brake, and gave to his 
disciples to set before them ; and 
they did set them before the people. 

有人帶 一 個 耳録口 吃的人 來見耶 穌求耶 穌按手 在他身 上耶穌 領他離 開衆人 到僻靜 的地方 用手指 探他的 14 朶用唾 

、33 、 、 、 、 crria \ 、 

沫 抹他的 舌頭望 天歎息 對他說 以法大 if 出 來就是 開了罷 那人的 Jut 朵就 開了舌 頭也舒 展了說 Si 也淸楚 f 耶穌 禁止 

、 、 OS 七 、 , • 



時候、 有許 多人在 邠.; si 沒有東 西&耶 穌叫了 門徒^ 對 他們說 、&憐 g 這衆人 、他 們同我 在這; 巳經三 E 、沒 有東西 

苦叫他 們餓著 囘家、 必在 道路. t 困 |.<>因一爲 内 中有從 遠處來 II: 徒, _ ^在這 膦野地 方從那 m 得^ 叫這 許多 人吃飽 

呢。 &穌問 門徙說 、你 們存多 少餅。 囘答說 、七 穌就吩 W 衆人坐 在地. r 一拿這 七個餅 祝謝、 gfii 遞給? :徒、 科 他們擺 I 門 

徒就 擺設在 衆人面 i 

110 St. mark, VIII. 

章 八第可 

7 And ihey liad a few small fishes : 
and lici blessed, and commanded to 
sot ihvm also before them. 

8 So tlioy cli(】 eat, aud were filled : 
iuh\ llioy took up of the broken meat 
iliat was left seven baskets. 

9 Aud they that had eaten were 
about four thousaud : and he sent 
them away. 

10 T[ And straightway he entered 
into a ship with his disciples, and 
came into tlie parts of Dalmanutlia. 

11 And the Pharisees came forth, 
and began to question with him, 
seeking of him a sign from heaven, 
tempting him. 

12 And he sighed deeply in liis 
spirit, and saitli, Why doth this 
generation seek after a sign ? verily 
I say unto yon, There shall no sign 
be given unto this generatiou. 

13 And he left them, and entering 
into the ship again departed to the 
other side. 

14 T[ Now the disGiples]ia(\ forgotten 
to take brcacl, neither had they in Ihe 
s]iip with them more than one loaf. 

15 And lie cliarged them, saying, 
Take hee(l, beware of the leaven of ! he 
l^liarisecs, and of the leaven of Horod. 

IG Ami they reasoned among tlieni- 
selveS; saying, It is because we have 
u'o broad. 

17 And when Jesus knew it> he 
saith uuto them, Why reason ye, be- 
cause ye have no bread ? perceive ye 
not yet, neither understaml ? have ye 
your heart yet hardened ? 

18 Having eyes, see ye not? aud 
having ears, hear ye not? and do ye 
not reinomber ? 

19 When I brake the five kavos 
among five thousand, liow 】^、ny 
baskets full of fragments took ye u}) ? 
They say unto liim, Twelve. 

20 And wlicn the seven among 
four thousand, 】io、v many basla'ls 
lull of fVaf^iiK'nt.s took yc up? Ami 
llicy said, Seven. 

is ;?^MM 小 I 耶穌乂 祝謝了 、叫 擺設在 衆人面 # 衆人 都吃飽 :.^ 收拾腊 下的. 塔象装 滿了七 個篮干 "is 人約 千。 耶 

穌逍 散了衆 人。, 和門徒 上船、 柱大 拿大 地方去 利赛、 人出來 、盤問 耶穌、 求耶穌 從天上 奇 ul^ 與他們 I:;;:、 意^ 要試探 

十一 5 , 、 , 十 S , 、 

他耶 穌心裘 歎息說 這低代 HI 甚麽求 奇事呢 我實在 吿!! ^你 們斷 沒有奇 事給這 世代^ 耶 穌就離 開他們 乂上船 渡到那 

十 H 、 、 「-. ? i 、 , . 

邊岸 上去了 〇門 徒忘 了帶 餅在船 上除了 1 個餅沒 有別的 物 耶穌做 戒他們 說應當 謹^ 法利! ^人的 蹈和希 ^的醉 

J '六 、 o 十七 、 、 、 、 , , 

門徒 彼此議 論說這 是西一 我們沒 w 帶餅 g§ 耶穌 曉得 就說一 甚麼因 t!!! 沒^ Iw^ 彼 此識論 呢你們 『、纽 不^ 不明. M 麼 

、七 *c 、 、 十 *J , 、 , 

心 r& 還是 愚顽麼 你們有 眼看不 見麽有 耳聽不 見麼^ 不記 得麼我 開五個 餅分^ 五 干人你 們收拾 碎裝滿 了幾個 

筐子。 囘 答說、 十二個 開七 個餅、 分給四 千人、 你們收 拾得碎 、装滿 了幾個 篮子。 囘答 .1 七個; 

St. mark, VIII. 

21 And he said unto them, How 
is it that ye do not understand ? 

22 , And he cometh to Betlisaida ; 
and they bring a blind man unto 
him, and bcsouglit him to touch 】um. 

23 And he took the blind man 
by the hand, and led him out of the 
(own ; and vvhen lie bad spit on his 
eyes, and his hnnds uj)on him, 
lie asked him if lie saw aught. 

24 And he looketl up, uiul »^aid^ I 
see men as trees, walking. 

25 After tliat hv put his hands 
again upon liis eyes, and made him 
look up ; i\nd he was restored^ and 
saw every man clearly. 

26 And he sent him away to his 
house, saying, Neither go into the 
town, nor tell it to any in the town. 

27 ^ And Jesus went out, and his 
disciples, into the towns of Cesar ea 
Philippi : and by the way lie asked 
his disci [)les, saying nnto them. 
Whom do men say that I am ? 

28 And tliey answered, Jolin the 
Baptist: but some say , Elias ; and 
otliorSj One of the prophets. 

29 And he saith unto tliem, But 
whom say ye that I am ? And Petor 
answereth and saith unto him, Thou 
art the Christ. 

30 And he charged them tliat they 
should tell no man of him. 

31 And he began to toacli tliein, 
that (he Son of Man must suffer 
many things^ and be rejected of the 
elders, and of the chief priests, and 
scribes, and be killed, and after three 
clays rise again. 

32 And lie spake that sayi ng open- 
ly. And Peter took hiiu, and began 
to rebuke him, 

33 But when he had turned about 
and looked on liis disciples, he 
r( buked Peter, saying, Get thee 
behind me, Satan : for thou savoiirest 
not the things that be of God, but 
the things that be of men. 

章八 第可馬 111 

-二、 o -1" - > , 30 : , , 

就對 他們說 你們怎 麽還不 明白呢 〇 耶 穌到了 百赛大 有人帶 一 個 瞎子來 求耶穌 摸他耶 穌拉著 瞎子的 手頜他 到衬外 

吐唾 床在他 服睛. M 、又 用手按 -仏問 他看見 甚麼沒 子 就望上 HSJIllii 我看 見行走 的人、 彷 彿樹木 一 氣 i 穌又按 手在他 

眼晴上 k 他 看、 就痊愈 谷 樣東^ 都看得 穌打發 他囘. I 齓不 可進村 子襄. fi5 也不 可吿訴 村裏的 -^〇_& 


、 01 一九 、 、 C1 一一十 〇 一 fll 、 

有人說 是先知 惠的 一 位耶 穌說你 們說我 是誰彼 得說你 是基督 耶穌切 S 的禁 戒他們 不可吿 於是 敎訓 他們說 

、 , • 2J= 、 

人子 必受許 多的苦 被衆長 老祭司 長和讀 書人厥 棄還耍 被殺過 三日必 耍復活 耶穌明 白白的 說這話 彼相就 拉著他 

OS 、 、 、 、 \ 3 

勸他耶 穌轉身 看荖門 徒責備 彼得說 撒但返 去^§ 因一 H 你不體 貼神的 意想 R 體貼人 的意想 

112 St, mark, IX, 

34 T[ And when he had called the 
people unto him with his disciples 
also, he said unto tliem. Whosoever 
will come after me, let him deny 
himself, and take up his cross, and 
follow me. 

35 For whosoever will save liis life 
shall lose it ; but wliosocvcr shall lose 
his life for niy sake 請 1 the gospel ,s, 
the same shall save it. 

36 For what shall it profit a man, 
if he shall gain the whole world ^ and 
lose his own soul ? 

37 Or what sliall a raaii give in 
exchange for his soul ? 

38 Whosoever therefore shall be 
ashamed of me and of my words, iti 
this adulterous and sinful generation, 
of him also shall the Son of man be 
asliamed, when lie cometh in the 
glory of his Father with the lioly 


AND he said unto tliem. Verily 
I say unto you, That there be 
some of them lliat stand here, which 
shall not tasle of death, till they 
liave seen tlie kingdom of God come 
with power. 

2 T[ And after. six days Jesus (aketli 
with him Peter, and James, and 
John, and leadetli them up into a 
high mouiilaiu apart by themselves : 
and he was traiisfigurcd before them. 

3 And his raiment became sliiiiing, 
exceeding white ns snow ; so as no 
fuller on earth can white them. 

4 And there appeared unto them 
Elias with Moses : and they wore 
talking wiUi Je.sus. 

5 Ami Peter answered and said to 
Jesus, Master, it is good for us to be 
hero : and let us make three taberna- 
cles ; ono for tlit'e, and one for 
Moses, and one for Elias. 

C For li(3 wist not what (o say ; 
for they were sore afraid. 

章九 第可馬 

fs , , , , C 一 rw 、 9 

〇 耶穌叫 衆人和 門徒來 對他們 說有人 .fli- 跟從 我就當 克己背 著卞字 架趿從 我凡耍 保<^ 生命 的必喪 掉化, 命凡 SI 我和 

福音 的道 mf 喪掉生 命的、 必 保全生 命。^ 若得盡 天下的 W 札喪: g: 生命、 或作 效魂^ 華髮 t^t" 〃能^ 甚麼米 換生命 卞 i 

呢。 S 在這姦 淫作惡 的 世代、 將我和 我的道 is 作可恥 人子得 了天父 的榮耀 、:! 天使 降,; il 的^ :^、^ 必 將那人 作 



b 穌又說 、我 實在吿 你^ 站在 這裏: i€ 人在 末死以 必耍 看兒 祌的^ 大々 威權臨 #〇| 了六 =、 耶穌 i^^^i 


^1 在 他們 面前顯 I 和 耶穌說 I 一 I 對耶 穌說、 夫 找們在 這: gr.^!^ 容我們 搭三. :t-l ... §^ 一 00 一 00 

以利 g^^:^ 說這詁 、郤不 知道 說的是 辟一因 _!!| 三個 A 都懼 ■ 

St. mark, IX. 

7 And there was a cloud that over- 
shadowed them : and a voice came 
out of the cloud, saying, This is my 
beloved Son : hear him. 

8 And suddenly, when they had 
looked round about, they saw no 
man any more, save Jesus only with 

9 Ami as they came down from 
the 'mountain, lie charged them that 
they should tell no man what things 
they liad sm】, till the Son of man 
were risen from the dead. 

10 And they kept that saying 
with themselves, questioning one 
with another what the rising from 
the dead should mean. 

11 T[ And they asked him, paying, 
Why say the scribes that Elias must 
first come ? 

12 And he answered and told theiDj 
EUas verily Cometh first, and restoretli 
all things ; and how it is written of 
the Son of man, that he must suffer 
many things, and be set at nought. 

1 3 Bat I say unto ycm, That Elias 
is indeed come, and they have clone 
unto him whatsoever they listed, as 
it is written of him. 

14 ^ And when he came to his 
disciples, he saw a great multitude 
about them, and the scribes question- 
in 2: M'ith them. 

1 5 And straightway all the people, 
vdien they beheld him . were greatly 
amazed; and running to him saluted 

1 6 And he asked the scribes, 
AVhat question ye with them ? 

17 And one of the multitude an- 
swered and said, Master, I have 
brought unto thee ray son, which 
hath a dumb spirit ; 

1 8 And Avhoresoover ho taketh 
liiu3, hetearcth him ; and lie foameth, 
and gnasheth with his teeth, and 
pi net h away : and I spake to thy 
disciples that they should cast him 
out; and thev could not. 

章九 第可馬 113 

55i 遮住 他們、 有聲音 從雲裏 出來說 、這是 我的愛 你們 應當聽 他。, 阿徒忽 然周圍 一 看、 不見 一 人、 只有耶 穌和他 們自己 

ofc > > \ 〇 卞、 

在 那裏下 山的時 候耶穌 叮鶴他 們說人 子還沒 有從死 裏復活 你們不 可將所 看見的 吿!^ 人門徒 將這話 記在心 裏彼此 

、 、 十 1 、 十一 1 、 、 

議 論說從 死裏復 活是甚 麼意想 呢就問 耶穌說 讀書人 11 甚麽說 .^w® 必 須先來 耶穌囘 答說以 利亞自 然先來 整理萬 

事、 經上說 、人 子必受 許多的 苦害、 被 人輕慢 11 吿訴你 們、^ ^WMilJ 經來了 、人 卻任意 待他、 應了 經上措 著他所 說的話 

、 、 OM-S 、 、 o 十 六 

穌到 了門徒 那裏看 見有許 多人圍 繞他們 又有讀 書人和 他們辨 論衆人 一 見耶穌 就大大 的詫異 跑上去 與他誚 安耶穌 

、 C 十七 • 、 、 勢 、+八 

問讀書 人說你 們和他 們辨論 的是甚 麼眾人 中間有 一 人囘 答說夫 子我帶 著我兒 子來見 你他被 啞吧的 鬼附著 無論在 

那" I 鬼 捉弄亂 就將他 推抓科 他口中 流沫、 咬牙切 身子枯 I 我曾請 你的門 徒逐出 這,^ 他們郤 是不化 . 

114 St. mark, IX. 章九 第可馬 

19 He answereth hira, and saith, 

faithless generation, how long 
shall I be with you ? how long shall 

1 suffer you ? bring him unto me. 

20 And they brought him unto 
him : and when he saw him, straight- 
way the spirit tare him ; and he 
fell on the ground, and wallowed 

21 And he asked his father, How 
long is it ago since this came unto 
him ? And he said, Of a child, 

22 And ofttimes it hath cast him 
into the fire, and into the waters, to 
destroy him : but if thou canst do 
any things have compassion on us, 
and help us. 

23 Jesus said unto him^ If thou 
canst believe, all things are possible 
to him that believeth. 

24 And straightway the father of 
the child cried out, and said with 
tears. Lord , I beli eve ; help thou 
mine unbelief. 

25 When Jesus saAv that the I 
people came running together, he ! 
rebuked the foul spirit, saying unto 
him, Thou dumb aud deaf spirit, I 
charge thee, come out of him, and 
enter no more into him. 

26 And the spirit cried, and rent 
him sore, and came out of him : and 
he was as one dead ; insomuch that 
raany said, He is dead, 

27 But Jesus took him by the 
hiind, aud lifted him up ; and ho 

28 And when he was come into 
the house, his disciples asked 】iim 
privately, Why could not we cast 
him out ? 

29 And he said unto them, Thin 
kind can come forth by nothing, but 
by prayer and fasting. 

30 ^ And they departed thence, 
and passed through Galilee; and lie 
would not tliat any man should 
know it 

i 穌囘 答說、 這不信 ^世代 、我 在你們 這裏到 幾時、 我忍耐 你們到 幾時, I 將孩子 Iw 到我這 :,E^ 氣-, 人就帶 孩子前 4 1 見 

耶穌、 鬼就叫 他抽了 一 陣 氣跌倒 在地、 翻來覆 41- 口流 涎沫. i 穌問 他父親 I 他忠這 1^ 苻多 少時候 i 囘答^ 從小 時候、 觔 

、 、 、 , G- 一 in 、 、 、 0-1B 

屢次叫 他跌在 火裏水 裏要害 死他你 若能作 這事就 憐憫我 們救濟 我們耶 穌說你 若能信 在信的 人凡事 沒有不 能的孩 

子的 父親、 就流涙 喊叫說 、主阿 、我信 、但 我的信 不足、 求你 輔助。 职穌看 見衆人 跑上來 、就震 嚇邪, I 說、 tt 啞的 t 我吩 咐你從 

他裏頭 出來、 不許再 進去。 i 鬼喊盼 、使孩 子大大 的抽了 一 陣瘡、 就出 來了、 孩子如 同死了 一 般、 有 許多人 説他是 已經死 1.^ 

一一七 , 、 onf^ 、 、 C 二 ft \ 

耶 穌拉著 孩子的 手扶他 起來该 子就站 起來了 耶穌進 了屋子 門徒暗 暗的問 他說我 們一爲 甚麼不 能逐出 這鬼呢 耶穌說 

、 、 三十 、 I -、 

這 一 類 的鬼若 不禱吿 禁食總 不能趕 他出去 〇 以後他 們離開 那地方 經過加 利利耶 穌不願 人知道 

St. mark, IX. 

31 For he taught liis disciples, 
and said unto them, The Sou of man 
is delivered into the Imnds of men, 
and they shall kill him ; and after 
that he is killed, he shall rise the 
third day. 

32 But they uuclerstood not that 
saying, and were afraid to ask him, 

33 And he came lo Capernaum: 
ami being in the house he asked 
thora, What was it that ye disputed 
among yourselves by the way ? 

34 But they held their peace : for 
by the Avay they had disputed among 
themselves, who shouldbe the greatest. 

35 And he sat down, and called 
the twelve, and saith unto them, If 
any man desire to be first, the same 
shall be last of all, and servant of all. 

36 And he took a child, and set 
him in the midst of them : and when 
he had taken him in his arms, he 
said unto them, 

37 Whosoever shall receive one of 
such children in my name, receiveth 
me ; and whosoever shall receive 
me, receiveth not me, but him that 
sent me. 

38 T[ And John answered him, 
sayiiig, Master^, we saw one casting 
out devils in . thy name, and he 
followeth not us.; and we forbade 
liim, because he followeth not us. 

39 But Jesus said. Forbid him 
not : for there is no man which shall 
do a mira^ile in my name, that can 
lightly speak evil of me. 

40 For he that is not agaiust us is 
on our part. 

4 1 For whosoever shall gi ve you a 
cup of water to drink in my name, 
because ye belong to Christ, verily I 
say unto you he shall not lose his 

42 And whosoever shall offend one 
of these little ones that believe in me, 
it is better for him that a millstone 
were hanged about his neck, and he 
were cast into the sea. 

章九 第可馬 115 

一一 M \ 、 、 、 OH = , G HMIl . 

就吿 訴門徒 說人子 將耍被 寶到人 手裏爲 人所殺 殺後第 三日必 耍復活 門徒不 明白這 話又不 敢問他 〇 耶穌到 了迦百 

酈、 在屋 裏問門 徒說、 你們在 路上彼 此議論 甚麼。 _£ 徒不 作鼠因 一1 在路上 彼此議 論:^ 是誰 爲大。 撃穌坐 _L 叫十二 個門徒 

、 、 、 、 0=一六 、 、 、 、一 一一七 

來對 他們說 凡耍作 首先的 必耍落 在衆人 末後服 事衆人 就拉著 一 個小 孩子^ 他 站在門 徙中間 又抱著 他對門 徒說凡 


的名、 接待 一 個像小 孩子這 樣的. ^就是 接待我 、凡接 待我的 、不是 接待我 、是接 待差我 來的父 bi¥ 對耶 穌說、 夫子 

、 、 、 0-I 、 、 

我 們看見 一 個不 跟從我 們的人 奉你的 名趕鬼 我們就 禁止他 因露他 不跟從 我們耶 穌說不 耍禁 &他因 爵沒有 人奉我 

、 0E1 十 、 〇En 、 、 

的名 施行異 能反倒 輕爲毀 謗我凡 不與我 們爲敵 的就是 順從我 們的凡 ii 我 的名拿 一 盃 水給你 們喝因 爲你們 是屬基 

督的、 我實在 吿訴你 i 那人 必不 失掉他 的賞氣 S 叫信 我的 一 個 小子陷 在罪一 《i 這入倒 不如將 磨盤石 投在頸 項.^ 投在 

海一 . 

116 St. mark, X. 

43 And if thy hand offend thee, 
cut it off: it is better for thee, to 
enter into life maitned, than having 
two hands to go into hell, into the 
fire that never shall be quenched : 

44 Where their worm dietli not, 
and the fire is not quenched. 

45 And if thy foot offeud thee, cut 
it off: it is better for thee to enter 
halt into life, than having two feet 
to be cast into hell, into the fire that 
never shall be quenched : 

46 Where their worm dietli not, 
and the fire is not quenched. 

47 And if thine eye offend thee, 
pluck it out: it is better for thee to 
enter into the kingdom of God with 
one eye, than having two eyes to be 
cast into hell fire : 

48 Where their worm dietli not, 
and the fire is not queaehed. 

49 For every one shall be salted 
with fire, and every sacrifice shall 
be salted with salt. 

50 Salt is good : but if the salt have 
lost his saltness, wherewith will ye 
season it? Have salt in yourselves, 
and have peace one with another. 


AND he arose from thence, and 
Cometh into the coasts of 
Judea by the farther side of Jordan : 
and the people resort unto lum again; 
and, as he was wout, he taught them 

2 1 And the Pharisees came to 
him, and asked him, Is it lawful 
for a man to put away his wife ? 
tempting him. 

3 And he answered and said unto 
them, Wliat did Moses command you? 

4 And tlicy said, Moses suffered 
to write a bill of divorcement, and to 
put her away. 

5 And Jesus answered and said 
unto them, For the liardneas of your 
lieart he wrote you this precept. 

章十 第可馬 

i 若你 一 隻手叫 你犯罪 、就砍 斷了、 你短 一 隻 孚進入 永&强 如有兩 隻手落 到地獄 不滅的 火裏、 在那襄 „^ 是小 死的 火是 

不滅射 gi 若你 一 隻脚 叫你犯 it 砍斷 孓你短 一 隻脚進 入永^ 强如有 雨隻脚 落到地 獄不滅 的火一 1^ 那 一炎, 蟲 是不死 

,5、 火. 不滅 Si 若你 一 隻眼^ 你^ 5i 就挖 出來、 你短 一 隻 眼進入 神的國 、强 如有兩 隻眼落 到地獄 火氣 &那^ 蟲 

是不死 I 火 是不滅 Islkl 凡人 必被火 祭物 必用鹽 iig 好^ 醚^ 失了配 如何能 g 一 鹹呢 你們. 一.^ 面應當 

有醚、 也當 彼此和 ^ 

b 穌) 起身、 徑過 河外、 入了 的境內 、衆人 又聚集 來見^ 耶 穌照常 敛訓他 們。^ 、利^ 人來問 P 穌 說、^ # 

可以 不可以 >g 耍試探 他% 穌囘 答說、 s,®gl 吩附你 他 們說、 吩 咐我們 寫了休 書纖可 以休赛 耶穌說 摩西因 

! g 你們 心裏剛 t 與你們 留下這 條例。 

St. mark, X. 

章十 第可馬 117 

6 But from the beginning; of the 
creation God made them male and 

7 For this cause shall a man leave 
his father ami mother, and cleave to 
his wife ; 

i 8 And they twain shall be one 
flesh : so then they are no more twain, 
but one flesh. 

9 What therefore God hath joined 
together, let not man put asunder. 

10 And iu the house his disciples 
asked him again of the same matter. 

1 1 And he saith unto them, 
Whosoever shall put away his wife, 
and marry another, committeth adul- 
fcery against her. 

12 And if a woman shall put away 
her husband , and be married to an- 
other, she committeth adultery. 

】3 1 And they brought young 
children to him, that lie should 
touch them; and his disciples rebuked 
those that brought them, 

14 But when Jesus saw it, be was 
much displeased, and said luito them, 
Suffer the little children to come 
uuto me, and forbid them not; for of 
such is the kingdom of God. 

15 Verily I say unto you, Whoso- 
ever shall not receive the kin^cl ora 
of God as a little child, lie shall not 
enter therein. . 

16 And he took them up in his 
arms, put his hands upon them, and 
blessed them. 

17 1 And when he was gone forth 
into the way, there came one run ning, 
and kneeled to him, and asked him, 
Good Master, what shall I do that I 
may inherit eternal life ? 

18 And Jesus said unto him, Why 
callest thou me good ? there is none 
good but oiie> that is, Gocl. 

19 Thou knowest the command- 
ments. Do not commit ad ultery, Do 
not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear 
false witness^ Defraud uot, Honour 
thy father and mother. 

其實 起初造 萬物的 時!^ 神造. ^是造 一 男 一 女、^^人耍離開父1^與妻子如膠似^^兩人成爲 一 %m 樣看^ 夫妻不 

\ 〇九 、 or \ 十 1 、 

再箪 是兩個 A 乃算 是一 體的 了所以 神所 配合的 人不可 以分開 到了屋 裹門徒 也將這 事問他 耶穌囘 答說凡 休妻另 

、 、 十-一 、 一一一一 、 髻 

娶就 是犯了 姦淫辜 負妻子 妻子若 離棄丈 夫另嫁 也是犯 了姦淫 〇 有人帶 著小孩 子來見 耶穌耍 耶穌摸 他們門 徒責備 

? SS 、 、 、 , , 、 

那帶小 孩子來 的人耶 穌看見 就不喜 悅對門 徒說容 小孩子 到我這 裏來不 耍禁, b 因爲在 祌國 的正是 像小孩 子這樣 

的<^1^實在吿訴你乳凡耍承受 神國^ 若 不像小 孩子的 樣子、 必不得 進去。 i 抱著小 孩子、 按手 在他們 頭上、 爲 他們祝 

福。 〇 职穌出 來行路 的時候 、有 一 個人 跑來、 跪在他 面前、 問他說 、良善 的夫子 、我當 行甚麼 if 錢能 得永生 Ti 穌 lili^ 你!! 甚麽 

稱我是 良善的 、除了 沒有 ; 個良善 

118 St. mark, X. 

20 And he answered and said unto 
him, Master, all these have I observed 
from my youth. 

2 1 Tlieii Jesus beholding him loved 
him, and said unto Mm, One thing 
thou lackest : go tliy way, sell what- 
soever thou hast, and give to the 
poor, and thou sbalt have treasure iu 
heaven : and come, take up the cross, 
and follow rae. 

22 And lie was sad at tliat saying, 
and went away grieved : for lie bad 
great possessions. 

23 ^ And Jesus looked round about, 
and saith unto his disciples, How 
hardly shall they that have riches 
enter into the kingdom of God ! 

24 And the disciples were astonished 
at liis words. But Jesus answereth 
again, and saitli unto them, Children, 
how liard is it for them that trust in 
riches to enter into the kingdom of 
God ! . 

25 It is easier for a camel to go 
through the eye of a needle, than lor 
a rich man to enter into the kingdom 
of God. . 

26 And they were astonished out 
of measure, saying among themselves, 
Who then can be saved ? 

27 And Jesus looking upon them 
saith, Witli men it is impossible, but 
not with God : for with God all 
things are possible. 

28 1 Then Peter began to say unto 
liim, Lo, wo have left all, and luive 
followed tlice. 

29 And Jesus answered and said, 
Verily I say unto yon, There is no 
man that bath left house, or brethren, 
or sisters, or father, or mother, or 
wife, or cliildron, or lands, ' for my 
sake, and the gospel's, 

30 But lie shall receive u liuiKlml- 
fulcl now in this time, houses, and 
brethren, and sisters, and mothers, 
and children, and lands, with por- 
seoutions; and in the world to come 
eternal life. 

章十 第可馬 


我 從小時 候都遵 守了。 itff^ 著 邢人、 就愛惜 I 對他說 、你 還缺少 一 ^你 去資 了你所 有的、 胸濟 腐-^ 就必对 财资在 天.^ 

又當背 著十字 架來跟 從我。 聽見 這話、 就 了頓 is,%?8 愁愁 的去了 、因一 的 產業甚 &1穌 阁 圓 一 !^對?: 徒!^ 、有 

錢财 的人進 神的國 .1 輿是難 iiL 徒詫異 他的詁 、耶 穌又^ 小 倚: iiis 的入進 神的亂 4、 埜難亂 錄過城 SI 

比 财主進 神的國 、寧 s^slyi: 徒甚 雜異、 彼此說 、這^ 誰能 得救, 穌看著 他們說 、在人 固然不 ^在 神就 不然、 21爲 

#是沒有不能1_|¥對耶穌1^^我們巳經搬下 一 !^所^^:^跟從你一^#穌囘答6我實在吿1!^你^凡^我和1.化撒 

、、、、、、 \ =- r 、 、、、*、、 、 

下 家宅弟 兄姐妹 父母妻 子兒女 M 地的 必在 今世得 A 倍就是 家宅弟 兄姐妹 母親兒 女田 地並且 要受逼 迫到來 世必得 


St. mark, X. 

31 But many that are first shall 
be last ; and the last first. 

32 ^ And they were in the way 
going up to Jerusalem; and Jesus 
went before them : and they were 
amazed ; and as they followed, they 
were afraid. And he took again the 
twelve, and began to tell them what 
things should liappeu unto him, 

33 Saying, Behold, we go up to 
Jerusalem ; and the Son of Man shall 
be delivered unto the chief priests, 
and unto the scribes ; and tliey shall 
condemn him to death, and shall 
deliver him to the Gentiles : 

34 And tliey shall mock him, and 
shall scourge him, and shall spit upon 
him, and shall kill him ; and the 
third day he shall rise again. 

35 And James aud Jolin, the 
sons of Zebedee, come unto him, 
saying, Master, we would that thou 
shoiilclest do for us whatsoever we 
shall desire. 

36 And he said uuto them, What 
would ye that I should do for you ? 

37 They said unto him, Grant unto 
lis that we may sit, one on thy right 
hand, and the other on thy left liand, 
in thy glory. 

38 But Jesus said unto them, Ye 
know not what ye ask : can ye drink 
of the cup that I—driiik of? and be 
baptized with the baptism that I am 
baptized with ? 

39 And tliey said uuto liim, We 
can. And Jesiis said unto them, Ye 
shall indeed drink of the cup that I 
drink of ; and with the baptism that 
I am baptized withal shall ye be 
baptized : 

40 But. to sit on my right hand 
and on my left 】iand is not mine to 
give ; but it shall be given to them for 
whom it is prepared. 

41 And when the ten heard it, 
they began to be much displeased 
with James and John! 

章十 第可馬 119 


耶穌叫 了十二 個門徒 恭苒將 自己耍 遇見的 訴他钍 li 、我們 上耶路 撒冷、 人子 將被資 給祭司 長和讀 書.^ 他 們耍定 

他 死罪、 解交外 邦人、 i 辱他、 鞭打他 、吐唾 沫在他 身上、 殺害他 、第三 H 他必 復活 bils? 的;! ^干^ 、f ^、來 見耶穌 1_^夫 

子、 我 們無論 求你甚 良耍你 In! 我們 成就補 穌說、 要我 你 們作甚 麽呢。 i 答, I 你 得榮耀 的時^ 許我們 一 個坐在 你右: 殊 

1 個坐 在你左 穌! 你們 所求, 咏, 自己 不知 I 我將 喝的那 一.1^你們能喝队疾將受的,1,你們能受&|:答_^我們能。 

耶穌說 、我所 喝的那 一 不^ 你們也 必耍喝 、我所 受的洗 、你們 也必耍 jcfri 是坐在 我的左 4^ 不是 我可以 賜的、 乃是 豫備給 

我或 作無, 就賜給 If 個門徒 聽見、 就惱怒 

120 St. mark, X. 

童十 第可馬 

42 But Jesus called them to him, 
apd saith' unto them, Ye know that 
they which are accounted to rule 
over the Gentiles exercise lordship 
over them ; and their great ones 
exercise authority upon them. 

43 But so shall it not be among 
you : but whosoever will be great 
among you, shall be your minister : 

44 And whosoever of you will 
be the chiefest^ shall be servant 
of all. 

45 For even the Son of Man came 
not to be miuistered unto, but to 
minister J and to give his life a ransom 
fur many. 

46 可 And they came to Jericho : 
and as he went out of Jericho with 
his disciples and a great number of 
people, blind Bartimeus, the son of 
Time us, sat by the highway side 

47 And when he heard that it was 
Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry 
out, and say, Jesus, thou Son of 
David, have mercy on me. 

48 And many charged him that he 
should hold his peace : but lie cried 
the more a great deal, Thou Son of 
David, have mercy on me. 

49 And Jesus stood still, and com- 
maoded him to be called. And they 
call the blind man, saying unto him, 
Be of good comfort, rise ; he calletli 

50 And he, casting away l)is gar- 
ment, rose, and came to Jesus. 

51 And Jesus answered and said 
unto him, What wilt thou that I 
should do unto tiiee ? The blind man 
said unto him, Lord, that I might 
receive my ^iglil. 

52 And Jesus said unto him, Go 
thy way ; thy liiith hath made thee 
whole. And immediately he received 
his sight, and followed Jesus in the 

,穌 叫了他 們來、 說、 外邦 人有君 王管束 他們、 有大 臣轉制 他們、 這是你 們知道 〈是 你們 不可這 I 你們 中間誰 耍爲九 

就當服 事你們 、,要 居首位 、就當 作你們 衆人的 僕人. S 爲 人子來 並不是 要受人 的服事 、乃 是耍服 事人、 並 a 扮命 替衆人 

DA I I , 、 : ^ 、 \ 、 、 E* 

赜罪 〇 後 來到了 耶利哥 耶穌同 著門徒 和許多 A 出耶 利哥的 時候有 一 個瞎 子巴底 買是底 贸的 2^ 子坐 在道旁 對飯^ 

見是 的耶 氛就喊 叫說、 的子 孫耶穌 憐恤氣 11 人 责備%不 許他喧 # 他越發 喊叫; 子孫 憐恤^ "勝穌 

、 、 、、、、0|? 、 CS1 、 

站住吩 咐人叫 他來人 就去^ 那瞎子 對他說 你放心 起來主 ^你瞎 子丢下 衣服起 來到耶 穌面前 耶穌對 他說. ^耍我 15211 

、 、 05= 、 、 、 £ :0 

你作甚 麽瞎子 囘答說 拉波尼 S 我夫 子之意 我耍能 看見耶 穌說你 去罷你 的信救 了你了 瞎子就 看見了 在路上 sdsS 耶 M 

St. mark, XL 


A]ND when they came iiigli to 
Jerusalem , ii ti to Betli phage 
and Bethaiiy, at the mount of Olives, 
lie sendeth forth two of his disciples, 

2 And saitji unto them, Go your 
way into the village over against you : 
and as soon as ye be entered into it, 
ye shall find a colt tied, whereon never 
man sat; loose him, and bring him. 

3 And if any man say unto you, 
Why do ye this ? say ye that the 
Lord hath need of him ; and straight- 
way he will send him hither. 

4 And they went their way, and 
found the colt tied by the door with- 
out in a place where two ways met ; 
and they loose liim. 

5 And certain of them that stood 
there said unto them, What do ye, 
loosing the colt? 

6 And they said unto them even 
as Jesus had commanded : and they 
let them go. 

7 And they brought the colt to 
Jesus, and cast their garments on 
liini ; and he sat upon hira. 

8 And many spread their garments 
in the Avay ; and others cut down 
branches off the trees, and strewed 
them ia the way. 

9 And they thtit went before, and 
they that followed, cried, saying, 
Hosanna ; Blessed is he that cometh 
ill the name of the Lord : 

10 Blessed be the kingdom of our 
father David, that corueth in the 
name of the Lord: Hosanna in the 

11 And Jesus entered into Jeru- 
salenij and into the temple : and 
when he had looked round about 
upon all tilings, and now the even- 
tide was ''ome, he went out unto 
Bethany with the twelve. 

12 And on the morrow, when 
they were come from Bethauy, he 
M^as hungry : 

章一十 第可馬 121 


歡 穌和門 徒將近 、先 到了靠 fS 山的伯 法其伯 大尼、 耶穌差 遣兩個 門徒、 _t 他們 你們 往對面 村莊. Ij^ 進去的 

時候、 必耍看 見那. 甚径著 一 個沒有 人騎過 的驢駒 。你們 可以解 i 牽到 我這裏 有人問 你們爲 甚麼解 t 就 主耍用 

、 CM 、 、 、 05 ^ 、 

他那 人必叫 你們牽 來門徒 去了果 然看見 驢駒投 在門外 1^3 路口上 就將他 解開在 那裏站 著的人 有幾個 問他們 說解驢 

0大 、 /• 、 、 

作 甚麼門 徒按著 耶穌所 吩咐的 ,^ 囘答那 些人就 由他們 去了他 們牽了 驢駒到 耶穌這 裏东將 a 己的衣 服搭在 上面耶 

r OA 9 oft 、 、 、 

穌就騎 上了有 許多人 將自己 的衣服 錦在道 路上也 有人砍 下榭枝 來鋪在 道路上 並且前 前後後 的人都 大聲說 和散那 

卽求救 之意塞 主的名 來的、 是應當 竊頌的 1§ 祖:^ 的 國、, 泰主的 名而來 、是 應當稱 頌的、 在,; I- 上之處 、當稱 和散那 。配 穌到了 

3!$ 進了攀 ^周 圍觀看 殿中谷 # 時候 已經晚 就和十 二個門 徒出^ 往„ ^^去 fho+ti 離 rjw^ 耶穌餓 



122 St. mark, XL 

章一十 第可馬 

13 And seeing a fig tree afar off 
liaving leaves, he came, if haply he 
might find any thing thereon : and 
when he came to it, he found nothing 
but leaves ; for the time of figs was 
not yet. O 

14 Aud Jesus answered and said 
unto it, No man eat fruit of thee 
hereafter for ever. And his disciples 
heard it. 

】 5 1" And tliey come to Jerusalem : 
and Jesus went into the temple, and 
began to cast out them that sold aud 
bought, in the temple, and overthrew 
the tables of the money changers, and 
the seats of them that sold doves ; 

16 And would not suffer that any 
man should carry any vessel through 
the temple. 

17 Aud he taught, saying uuto 
theru, Is it not written, My house 
sliall be called of nil nations the house 
of prayer? but ye have made it a 
den of thieves. 

18 And the scribes and chief priests 
heard it, and sought liow they might 
destroy him : for they feared liini, be- 
cause all the people was astonished 
at his doctrine. 

19 And wlien even was come, he 
went out of the city. 

20 1 And in the morning, as they 
passed by, they saw the fig tree 
dried up from the roots. 

21 And Peter calling to remem- 
braucesaith unto him, Master, behold, 
the fig tree wliicli tliou cursedst is 
withered away. 〜 

22 And Jesus answering saith 
unto tliein, Have faith iu God. 

23 For verily I say unto you, That 
whosoever shall say unto tliis moun- 
tain, Be thou removed , and be tliou 
cast into the sea ; and sliiiU not doubt 
in his heart, but shall believe tliat 
those tilings which he saitli shall 
come to pass ; he shall have wliatso- 
ever he saitli. 

S 遠看見 一 ? s 一花 eK 樹、 樹上有 葉子、 就往 前來、 想在樹 上得果 到了樹 1^ 找不蓊 甚良一 :1〈 有葉么 結果 子的 時候還 

沒有^ ,穌對 樹說、 從今以 t 你永 遠不 能結果 子給人 門徒 都聽見 f..^cfe 們來到 SUM 耶. 穌進入 將 isis 作 

買賣的 \趕 出去、 椎倒兌 換銀錢 的人的 棹子、 和賣鵠 子的人 的凳子 、力 不許人 拿器具 (從 殿經 訓他們 I 經 上不是 

說、 我的 殿必稱 爲莴國 禱吿的 地方, 氣你們 竟將這 殿當作 盜賊的 巢穴了 1i 書入 和衆祭 司長聽 見這話 、就 闘 謀 II- 殺辔 I 

卻乂權 I 因爲 衆人以 他的敎 訓爲希 1〇1 了晚上 、耶穌 出城. fll_ ^日 他們 從無花 si- 榭 下經、 # 看見 粉述根 都枯乾 

了。 il 得, 想起 耶穌的 I 就說、 失 請 看你所 咒組的 無花果 lifl:- 經枯乾 一.. ^1 穌囘答 I 你們 應當信 _| ^實在 吿,; 

無! i 何人 對這座 .3 說、 離開 此處、 投在海 iB^J 心裏沒 有疑或 ;深信 所說的 必成、 所說 的就必 1^ 他成 

St. mark, XII. 章二 十第可 A!S 123 

24 Therefore I say unto you, \V hat 
things soever ye desire, when ye pray, 
believe that ye receive them, and ye 
shall have them. 

25 And when ye stand praying, for- 
give, if ye have aught agaiiivSt any ; 
that your Father also which is in heav- 
en may forgive yon your trespasses. 

26 But if ye do not forgive, ueither 
will your Father which is in heaven 
forgive your trespasses, 

27 1 And they come again to 
Jerusalem : and as he was walking 
in the temple, there come to him 
the chief priests, and the scribes, 
and the elders, 

28 Aud say unto him, By what 
authority doest thou these things ? 
and who gave thee this authority 
to do these things ? 

29 And Jesus answered and said 
unto them, I will also ask of you one 
question, and answer nie, and I will 
tell you by what authority I do these 

30 The baptism of John, was it 
from heaven, or of men ? answer me. 

31 And they reasoned with them- 
selves, saying, If we shall say, From 
heaven ; lie will say, Why then did 
ye not believe him ? 

32 But if we shall say, Of men ; 
they feared the people : for all men 
coimted John, that he was a prophet 

33 And they answered and said 
unto Jesus, We cannot tell. And 
Jesus answering saith unto them, 
Neither do I tell you by what au- 
thority I do these things. 


AND he began tospeak unto them 
by parables. A certain man 
planted a vineyard, and set a hedge 
about it, and digged a 2)lace for the 
win^fat, and built a tower, and let it 
out to liusbaudmeii; and went into a 
far country. 

,所, w 對你們 I 祈禱的 時候、 無論求 甚良口 〈要 信我必 得著、 就 必得著 f.^_ii! 們站著 祈氣若 想起有 人得罪 =1^ 就 當饒恕 I 


1、 耶穌 在塞殿 行走的 時候、 衆祭司 長和讀 書人並 長老、 都 到他面 前來、 is 說、 你用 甚麽權 i£ 作這 些氣誰 賜你權 抦作這 

二. ^ 、 、 、 〇一1一 1- 、 

些事 呢耶穌 囘答說 我也有 一 句話問 你們你 們若是 吿拆我 我就吿 訴你們 我用甚 麼權柄 作這些 事約翰 的洗鱧 是從天 

、 、 2 二 、 、、 il- 、 

上來的 還是從 人問來 的你們 囘答我 他們私 下議論 說我們 若說從 天上來 他必說 一爲 甚麽 不信他 我們若 說從人 間來卻 

、 0-- H 、 O 、 

懼怕百 妙因一 M 衆人 都以 爲約翰 實在是 先知 就囘答 耶穌說 我們不 曉得耶 穌說我 也不吿 訴你們 我用甚 麽權柄 作這些 


第 十二章 

b 穌用比 喻對衆 人,! ^有 一 個人 種葡萄 i 周 圍圈上 籬笆、 裏面挖 一 個壓 酒處、 造 一 座樓、 租給園 ti 就往 別處去 

124 St. mark, XII. 

2 And at the season lie sent to 
the husbaudmeu a servant, that he 
might, receive from the luisbandmen 
of tlie fruit of the vineyard. 

3 And they caught kirn, and beat 
him, and sent him away empty. 

4 And again he sent unto them 
another servant ; and at him they 
cast stones, and wounded him in the 
head, and sent him away shamefully 

5 And SL<ia'm he sent another ; and 
him they killed, and many others ; 
beating some, and killing some. 

6 Having yet therefore one son, 
his well beloved, he sent him also 
last unto them, saying, They will 
reverence my sou. 

7 Bat those husbandmen said 
among themselves, This is the heir ; 
come, let ns kill him, and the in- ' 
heritauce shall be ours. 

8 And they took him, and killed 
him, and cast him out of the vineyard. 

9 What shall therefore the lord of 
the vineyard do ? he will come and 
destroy tlie husband men, and will 
give the vineyard uuto others. 

10 And have ye not read this 
Scripture ; The stone which the 
builders rejected is become the head 
of the corner : 

11 Til is was the Lord's doing, and 
it is marvellous in our eyes ? 

12 And they sought to lay hold on 
him, but feared the people ; for they 
knew that he had spoken the parable 
aoaiust them : and they left him, 
and went tlieir way. 

13 % And they send uuto him 
certain of the Pharisees and of the 
Horodians, to catch him in his words. 

14 And wheji they were come, they 
t-ay unto 】iin3, Master, we know that 
tliou art true, and carcst for no mi\n ; 
for thou regard est not tlie person of 
men, hut teachost the 、、.ay of God 
in truth : Is it lawful to give tribute 
to Cesar, or not ? 

章二十 第可馬 

、- n 、 OS 

k 了 H 肌打發 一 個 僕人、 到了圓 e- 那裹 耍從 園戸手 a 收葡 萄園的 果子^ 戶拿 住打。 了他^ 他空 手回去 又打發 別的僕 

人去、 園戶 拿石" § 砍傷他 的頭、 又凌辱 I 阱他囘 .Hff 乂打發 一 僴僕人4|5圓戶殺了^#打發許多僕人.^*^有被他們打1 

C 七 、 % I 

有被他 們殺的 1i 主還有 一 個愛子 、末 後打發 他去、 以 爲他們 必耍尊 敬我的 子了園 戶彼此 說這是 承接產 業的我 們不。 

如殺了 I 產業必 歸我們 t<% 拿住殺 了他、 S 在圓^ ?铜萄 園的主 人將怎 樣辦理 11 他必" 耍、 來滅 那圓^ 將固 子祖, ^ 別人。 

+ 經上說 、工匠 所廢棄 的石頭 、作了 房角的 -頓塊 石頭、 主 所作^ 在我們 服睛裏 甚覺希 I 這經 你們沒 有續過 1^ 們曉 

得這比 ^是指 著他們 自己說 ^想耍 捉住耶 ^又懼 怕百^ 就 離開他 去了。 〇% 來 打發幾 個法利 赛.^ 」|個^ 一 黨 

,i 人去、 耍就 著耶穌 所說的 話陷害 fe^i 些人 來對耶 穌說、 夫子、 我們曉 得你是 誠實^ 是不 狗情待 人的、 因 篇你不 是看外 

貌 取.^ 乃是用 誠實傳 神的道 。納税 給^^ 應 當不應 《„i 

St. mark, xir. 

15 Shall we give, or shall we not 
give ? But he, knowing their hypoc- 
risy, said unto them, Wliy tempt ye 
me ? bring me a penny, that I may 
see it. 

16 And they brought it. And he 
saith unto them, Whose is thi? image 
and supei'scription ? And they said 
unto him, Cesar's. 

17 And Jesus answering said unto 
them, Render to Cesar the things 
that lire Ccsai's, aud to God the 
things that are God's. And they 
marvelled at him. 

18 ^ Then come unto him the Sad- 
dncees, which say there is no resur- 
rection ; aud they asked liim, saying, 

19 Master, Moses wrote unto us, 
If a man's brother die, and leave his 
wife behindhim, and leave no children, 
that his brother should take his wife, 
and raise up seed unto his brother. 

20 Now there were seven brethren: 
and the first took a wife, and dying 
left no seed. 

21 And the second took her, and 
died, neither left lie any seed : aud 
the third likewise. 

22 And the seven had her, and 
left no seed : last of all the woman 
died also. 

23 In the resurrection therefore, 
whei] they shall rise, whose wife shall 
she be of them ? for the seven Lad 
her to wife. 

24 And Jesus answering said unto 
them, Do ye not therefore err, be- 
cause ye know not the Scriptures, 
neither the power of God ? 

25 For when they shall rise from 
the dead, they neither marry, nor are 
given in marriage ; bat are as the 
angels which are in heaven. 

26 And as touching the dead, that 
they rise ; have ye not read in the 
book of Moses, how in the bush God 
spake unto him, saying, I am the 
God of Abraham, and the God of 
Isaac, and the God of Jacob ? 

章二十 第可馬 125 

4i \ 、 、 、 PT^C O 、 

可交 納不可 交納耶 穌曉得 他們的 假意就 說你們 tl 甚麽試 探我拿 一 個銀 錢來給 我看他 們就拿 了來耶 穌說這 像和這 

, 、 十七 、 、 、 , tc 

號是誰 的囘答 說是該 撒的耶 穌說該 撒的東 西當歸 給該撒 神 的東两 當歸給 神衆 人甚以 爲希奇 〇 撒都該 人常說 

尺死 不能復 1^ 他們 有幾個 人來見 耶穌, H 子、 8£|曰 上曉 諭我們 lil^ 人若死 沒有兒 留下妻 他 兄弟應 當娶他 

、 C 、一十 、 、 、 9 二 、 、 

的妻子 生兒子 承繼哥 哥有弟 兄七個 人居長 的娶了 妻子死 了沒有 留下兒 子第二 個娶了 他的妻 子也死 了沒有 留下兒 

011 二 、 三一一 、 、 

子第三 個也是 這樣那 七個人 都娶過 他總沒 有留下 子末 後那婦 人也死 了七個 人旣都 娶過他 到復活 的時候 他們都 

復活、 這婦 人算是 誰的妻 子呢。 i 穌囘 答說、 你們不 明白. 聖!^ 也 不明白 神 的大? „^ 竟這樣 lil^ 豈不 是錯了 活之後 、人 

都不嫁 不娶、 如同 天上的 使者一 樣。 i 到 死人復 ii^ 你們沒 有讀過 SM 的 書荆棘 篇上所 載的話 良那篇 上記著 祌對剩 

S 說、 我是 S¥SIf 的 神、 ^ 的 神、 雅,^ 的 神? 

126 St. mark, XII. 章二十 第可馬 

27 He is not the God of the dead, 
hnt the God of the living : ye there- 
fore do greatly err. 

28 1 And one of the scribes came, 
and having heard them reasoning to- 
gether, and perceiving that he had an- 
swered them well, asked him, Which 
is the first commandment of all ? 

29 And Jesus answered him, The 
first of all the commandments is, 
Hear, O Israel ; The Lord our God 
is one Lord : 

30 And thou slialt love the Lord 
thy God with all thy heart, and with 
all tliy soul, and with all thy mind, 
and witli all thy strength : this is the 
first commandment. 

31 And the second is like, namely 
this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour 
RS thyself. There is none other com- 
manclment greater than these. 

32 And the scribe said unto him, 
Well, Master, thou hast said the 
truth : for there is one God ; and 
there is none other but he : 

33 And to love bim with all the 
hearty and with all the understanding, 
and with all the soul, and with all the 
strength, and to love his neighbour 
as himself j is more than all whole 
burnt offerings and sacrifices. 

34 And when Jesus saw that he 
answered discreetly, he said unto him, 
Thou art not far from the kingdom 
of God. And no man after that durst 
ask him any question. 

35 1 And Jesus answered and said, 
while he taught in the temple, How 
sav the scribes that Christ is tlie son 
of David? 

36 For David himself said by the 
Holy Ghost, The Lord said to my 
Lord, Sit tliou on my right hand, till 
I inak (; tliinc enemies tliy footstool. 

37 David there fore himself calleth 
him Lord ; and wlience is he t—lirn 】iis 
son ? And the common people lieard 
him gladly. 

i 不是 死人的 神、 乃是 活人的 舯、所以你們大錯一,^〇_^^ 一個讀書人^聽見他們辨^^曉得耶穌囘答的荘^就問 

他說、 衆 誡命中 那是第 一 耍緊 的呢。 暴穌說 、衆誡 命中第 一 耍緊 I 就是 ln^will 人應 當聽、 主 我們的 神、: lijs 一 無二的 

、一 ?、、 、 、 疇 OS - 、 、 

主你當 盡> ^盡性 盡意 盡力愛 主你的 祌 這是誡 命中第 1 要緊的 其次也 是這樣 就是愛 人如己 再沒有 比這兩 條誠命 

更大 的了。 S 書人 對他! 好 1 夫子所 說:^ 是眞實 因爲 只有一 位 ; i 除了他 沒有別 的了。 仏盡. 盡 力的愛 

、 、 OS H 、、 

主又愛 人如己 就勝過 一 ^燔祭 和諸般 祭祀耶 穌見他 囘答有 智慧就 說你離 神 的國不 遠了以 後再沒 有人敢 盤問耶 


,呈在 我右疲 等我使 你的仇 敵爲你 的脚登 自已旣 稱他爲 ±i 墓督怎 麽是. S 的子孫 i 衆人 都歡歡 喜喜的 聽耶穌 

響】 . I ;, 

St. mark, XIIL 

38 % And he said uuto them in his 
doctrine, Beware of the scribes, which 
】ove to go in iong clothing, and love 
salutations in the marketplaces, 

39 And the chief seats in the syna- 
gogues, and the uppermost rooms 
at feasts : 

40 Winch devour widows' houses, 
aud for a pretence make long pray- 
ers : these shall receive greater 

41 ^\\ And Jesus sat over against the 
treasury^ and beheld how the people 
cast money into the treasury : and 
many that were rich cast in much. 

42 And there came a certain poor 
widow, and she threw in two mites, 
whicli make a farthng. 

43 Aud he called unto him his dis- 
ciples, and saith unto them, Verily I 
say unto you, That tliis poor widow 
hath cast more in, than all they which 
have cast into the treasury : 

44 For all they did cast in of their 
abundance ; but she of her want did 
cast in all that slie had, evert all her 


AND as he went out of the temple, 
one of his disciples saith uuto 
him, Master, see what manner of 
stones and what buildings are here ! 

2 And Jesus answering said uuto 
hiru, Seest thou these great buildings? 
there shall not be left one stone upon 
anotherj that eliall not be thrown 

3 And as he sat upon the mount of 
Olives, over against the temple, Peter 
and James and John and Andrew 
asked him privately, 

4 Tell us, when shall these things 
be? and what shall he the siga when 
all these things shall he fulfilled ? 

5 And Jesus answering them began 
to say, Take heed lest any rami 
deceive you : 

章三十 第可馬 127 

-rlc , , , 、 、一, s 、 

〇 耶穌^ ^訓\ 的時候 又說應 當謹防 讀書人 他們愛 穿長衣 行走歡 喜人在 街市上 與他請 安在會 堂裏坐 高位在 筵席上 

坐首、 亂 • 們卻 浸呑 了寡 婦的 家妒? 假意作 長長的 ¥i 他 們必受 更重的 刑罰一 4〇"1 穌對銀 庫坐著 、觀看 衆人怎 樣指錢 

入庫 i 許多 財主" 招了 許多錢 1^ 一 個 貧窮的 ils 來捐兩 個小^ 就是 一 個大錢 穌 就卧門 徒來、 對組們 t 我實 在吿 -li 

你們、 這貧 窮的寡 婦招入 庫裏的 、比衆 人捐的 還多。 is 衆人是 自己有 拿出 來招、 這寡 婦是 自己不 1« ^反將 所存 一 

生 的拿出 來指。 

第 十三章 

b 穌 出了聖 1 有 一 個門徒 對他說 、夫子 、請 看這些 石頭、 這些 殿宇、 是何 等的雄 t_ 霧穌對 他說、 你看見 這些大 殿宇^ 後來 

沒有 一 塊石頭 留在石 頭上、 都必 拆毀 、^穌 在 IS 山,^ 對殿 坐著、 晴 的問他 &i 吿訴 我們甚 

麼時 候有這 些事、 並且這 一 彷的 事將耍 臨到的 時候、 1^ 甚 麼豫兆 耶穌囘 答說、 應當謹 免得 有人迷 1i 你們。 

128 St. mark, XIII. 

章 三十第 er m 

6 For many shall come in my name, 
saying, I am Christ; and shall de- 
ceive many. 

7 And when ye shall hear of wars 
and rumours of wars, be ye not troub- 
led : for such things must needs be ; 
bat the end shall not be yet. 

8 For nation s;;all rise against 
nation, and kingdom against king- 
dom : and there shall be earthquakes 
in divers places, and there shall be 
families and trouble's: these are the 
beginnings of sorrows. 

9 But take heed to yourselves : for 
they shall deliver you up to councils; 
and in the synagogues ye shall be 
beaten : and ye shall be brouglit be- 
fore rulers and kings for my sake, for 
a tostimony against them. 

10 And the gospel must first be 
published among all nations. 

11 But when tlioy shall lead you, 
and deliver you up, take no thought 
beforehand what ye shall speak, nei- 
ther do ye prctiieditute : but whatso- 
ever shall be given you in tliat hour, 
that speak ye : for it is not ye that 
speak, hut tlie Holy Ghost. 

12 Now the brother shall belray 
the brother to doath, and the father 
the sou ; and children, shall rise up 
against their ])arents, nnd shall cause 
thera to be put to death. 

13 And yc shall be hated of all 
men for niy name's sake : but he that 
shall end are unto the end, the same 
shall be j?avecl. 

14 ^ But when ye shall see the 
abomination of desolation, spoken of 
by Daniel thopropliut,&t?Jiding wliere 
it ought not, (let hiin that readcth 
understand;) tlicu let thcni that bo in 
Judea flee to the mountains : 

15 And let 】iim that is oii the 
housetop not go down into the, 
neither enter therein) to take any 
thing out of his house : 

因爲將 來有許 多人冒 我的名 來自稱 是基督 迷惑許 多人你 們聽見 打仗和 打仗的 風聲不 耍催怕 這事是 必有的 R 是术 

rA 、 、 、 、 、 、 GkJ , 

日 還沒有 到民耍 攻打 民國耍 攻打 國地震 凯荒反 亂谷處 都有這 是災難 的起. 娘你 們應 當自己 謹愼人 爲我耍 將 你們解 

、/- 十 1 \ 

到 公會在 會堂裏 鞭打又 叫你們 姑在君 王侯 伯面前 作見證 然而輻 音必先 傳遍萬 國人將 你們送 宫的時 候不耍 先籙算 

, , 、 、 , 十" 




、+' 5 , , 、 

山上在 房上的 不耍下 來進屋 子也不 耍進去 取東西 

St. mark, XIII. 

16 And let him that is in the field 
not turn back again for to take up 
his carmeut. 

17 But woe to them that are with 
child, and to them that give suck in 
those days ! 

1 8 And pray ye that your flight be 
not in the winter. 

19 For in those days shall be afflic- 
tion, such as was not from the begin- 
ning of the creation which God creat- 
ed unto this time, neither shall be. 

20 And except that the Lord had 
shortened those days, no flesh should 
be saved : but for the elect^s sake, 
whom he hath chosen , he hath 
shortened the days. 

21 And then if any man shall say 
to you, Lo, here is Christ ; or, lo, he 
is there ; believe him not : 

22 For false Christs and false pro- 
phets shall rise, and shall shew signs 
and wonders, to seduce, if it were 
possible, even the elect. 

23 But take ye heed : behold, I 
have foretold you all things. 

24 , But in those days, after that 
tribulation^ the sun shall be dark- 
ened, and the moon shall not give 
her light, 

25 Aud the stars of heaven shall 
fal 1 , and the po wers that are in 
heaven shall be shaken. 

26 And then shall they see the Son 
of man coming in the clouds with 
great power and glory. 

27 And then sluill he send his 
angels, and shall gather together his 
elect from the four winds, from the 
uttermost part of the earth to the 
uttermost part of heaven. 

28 Now learn a parable of the fig 
tree : When her branch is yet tender, 
and putteth forth leaves, ye know 
that summer is near : 

29 So ye in like manner, when ye 
shall see these things come to pass, 
know tliat it is nigh, even at the 

章三十 第可馬 129 

、 O 十 A? 、 o 十飞 、 

在田裏 的不耍 囘家取 衣服那 時候懷 孕的和 乳養嬰 孩的婦 人有禍 了:^ 們 應當祈 禱免得 你們在 冬天逃 走因篇 那時必 

有災難 、從 神 創造萬 I 直到 如今、 沒有 這樣的 炎難、 後來 也必沒 有。. S 若不 減少那 H 子、 就沒有 一 個人 得救、 只是^ 那蒙 

楝選 的人、 已 經將那 HI 子減少 f4 麥時 若有人 吿訴你 們說、 基督 在這一 I 基督 在那一 你 們不可 Jggs 假基 |J 假先, ^將要 

起來、 施行異 蹟奇事 、若能 迷或揀 選的. < 、也就 迷或 了。 I; 們須 要謹齓 這事我 都豫先 吿拆你 們了。 那些日 f,!: 那炎難 以後、 

日頭必 耍黑喑 、月 不放光 ¥ 星從天 上墜落 、天 象都耍 震動。 i 時衆人 耍看見 人子有 大權柄 、大榮 鼠駕著 雲來。 § 時 必差遣 

他的 使者、 從四方 、從 地極、 直到 天邊、 將所揀 選的人 、都 招聚了 來。; I 們可以 拿無花 果樹作 比.^ 當 樹枝柔 嫩發葉 的時候 * 就 

011 一九 , , 、 ◦ 

曉得夏 天快到 了這樣 你們看 見這些 兆頭也 就曉得 時候近 了已在 門前了 

130 crx'. MARK, XIV. 

30 Verily I say unto you, that this 
generation shall not pass, till all these 
things be clone. 

31 Heaven and earth shall pass 
away : but my words shall not pass 
away. < & 

32 可 But of that day and that hour 
knoweth no man, no, not the angels 
which are in heaven, neither the Son, 
but tlie Father. 

33 Take ye heed, watch and pray : 
for ye know not when the time is. 

34 For the Son of man is as a man 
taking a far journey, who left his 
house, and gave authority to his 
servants, and to every man his work, 
and commanded the porter to watch. 

35 Watch ye therefore : for ye kuo w 
not when the master of the house 
cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at 
the cockcrowing, or in the morning : 

36 Lest coming suddenly lie find 
you sleeping. 

37 And what I say unto you I say 
unto all, Watch. 


AFTER two days was the feast of 
the passover, and of unleavened 
bread : and the chief priests and the 
scribes sought how they might take 
him by craft, and put him to death. 

2 But they said, Not on the feast 
day, lest there be an uproar of the 

3 1 And being in Betliany, in the 
house of Simon the leper, as he sat at 
meat, there came a wornau having an 
alabaster box of ointment of spike- 
nard very precious ; and she brake 
the box, and poured it on his head. 

4 And there were some that had 
indignation within themselves, ami 
said, Wliy was this waste of the oint- 
ment made ? 

5 For it might have been sold for 
more than three hiindrod pence, and 
have been given to tlie poor. And 
they murmured against lier. 

章四十 第可馬 

3+ 、 、 3=、 、- 1 J 

我實 在吿訴 你們這 一 代、 還沒有 過去這 些事都 必成就 IK 地必廢 我的話 斷不能 廢只是 那:: If^ 邠時: ^沒; 人知道 :躭是 

在天 上的使 者也不 知道、 子 也不知 只 有父知 Ji〇l 們 應當謹 儆 齓祈氟 n 爲 你們不 隨 得這 U 期幾 時夾, f^^::^ 子如 

同 一 個人離 家往遠 處去、 將權 柄交給 僕人、 分 派各人 當作的 i4 又 吩咐看 門的儆 iiw 你們 應當儆 i 因 你們不 

家主甚 麼時候 囘來、 或晚上 、或半 或雞叫 、或 早氣^ 怕他忽 然囘來 、看見 你們睡 著了。 g 所吿訴 你們的 、我也 耍吿訴 衆人、 

應當 儆醒。 

- 第. 四章 、 

兩, 日、 :;£1 越 I 又叫 除酵^ 衆祭 司長和 讀書人 商議要 用詭計 捉拿耶 穌殺, ^-口 〈是說 常節的 子 、不可 4^ 恐 怕;; 》 

姊生 t〇 響穌在 ^^長 過瘤的 ^家裏 、坐、 席、 有 r 個 婦人拿 著玉合 面 盛著至 眞至赏 的那達 t::" 前 開 玉盒、 

將膏 澆在耶 穌的頭 有幾個 人心中 不歡喜 、說 k 甚麽 這樣糜 費香齊 11 适香膏 可以資 三十多 兩銀子 、^濟 is: 他們就 

怨恨那 婦人。 

St. mark, XIV. 

6 And Jesus said, Lot her alone ; 
why troubleyeher ? she hath wrought 
a good work on me. 

7 For ye have the poor with you 
always, and whensoever ye will ye 
may do them goo4: but me ye have 
not always. 

8 She hath done what she could : 
she is come aforeliand to anoint my 
body to the burying. 

9 Verily I say unto you, Whereso- 
ever this gospel shall be preached 
throughout the whole world, this also 
that she hath done shall be spoken of 
for a memorial of her. 

10 , And Judas Iscariot, one of 
the twelve, went unto the chief priests, 
to betray him unto them. 

11 And when they heard it, they 
were glad, and promised to give him 
money. And besought how he might 
conveniently betray him. ' 

12 And the first day of un- 
leavened bread, when they killed the 
passover, his disciples said unto him, 
Where wilt thou that" we go and 
prepare that thou may est eat the 
passover ? 

13 And he sendeth forth two of 
his disciples, and saith unto them, 
Go ye into the city, and there shall 
meet yon a man bearing a pitcher 
of water : follow him. 

14 And wheresoever he shall go in, 
say ye to the goodman of the house, 
The Master saith, Where is the 
gnestchamber, where I shall eat the 
passover with my disciples ? 

15 Aud he will shew yon a large 
upper room furnished and prepared: 
tliere make ready for us. 

16 And his disciples went forth, 
and came into tlie city, and fouiul as 
he had said unto them : and they 
made ready the passover. 

17 And ill the evening he cometh 
with the twelve. 

章四十 第可馬 131 

^穌說 、你們 由他。 、罷、 爲甚 麽難爲 他呢、 他向我 所作的 是好氣 l¥< 常和 你們在 一 ^你 們蕃待 窮人、 隨時都 可以、 口 〈是 我不 

常和 你們在 一 處 1?! 婦人所 作的、 是盡 他的力 氣他將 香膏澆 在我身 是 豫備我 安葬的 實在吿 訴你們 、普天 之下、 無 

論。 1^ 何處傳 音、 必 1 述說 這婦 人所。 行的、 叫人記 念他。 ^一 一 門 徒裏有 一 個^ *^3^、 去見祭 司長、 耍 將耶穌 資給他 

i 們聽見 、就歡 喜了、 應 許給他 銀子。 §讽 尋找機 會要寳 耶穌。 〇, 驟 節的頭 一 日、 宰 逾越節 羊的 時候、 門徒 對耶穌 

說、 你。 越節的 盖羊、 耍我 們往那 裏去豫 齓稱穌 差遣兩 個門: 11^ 吩咐 他們, I 你們進 城去、 必遇兒 一 個寧水 敏的人 、就跟 

著他。 i 進、 那 一 家去、 你們 就對那 一 家的主 人說、 夫子. I 客房 在那一 I 我 和門徒 要在裏 面吃逾 越節的 筵席。 § 必指 給你們 

一 間 大樓、 ^ 設 1^ 氟就 在那裏 禱我們 豫齓^ 徒出去 、進了 所遇 果然 與耶穌 對他們 所說的 一 他 們就豫 備了逾 

越 節的筵 tdi 了晚上 、耶穌 和十一 一門 徒來坐 席。 

132 St. mark, XIV. 

章四十 第可馬 

18 And as they sat and did eat, 
Jesus paid, Verily I say unto you, 
One of you which eateth with me 
shall betray me. 

19 And tliey began to be sorrowful, 
ami to say unto him one by one, Is it 
I ? and another said, it I ? 

20 And he answered and said unto 
them, It is one of the twelve, that 
dippeth with me in the dish. 

21 The Son of man indeed goeth, 
as it is written of him : but woe to that 
man by whom the Son of man is 
betrayed ! good were it for that man 
if he had never been born. 

22 T[ And as they did eat, Jesus 
took bread, and blessed, and brake it, 
and gave to thera, aud said, Take, 
eat ; this is my body. 

23 And he took the cup, and when 
lie bad given thanks, lie gave it to 
them : and they all drank of it. 

24 And he said unto them, This is 
my blood of the new testament, which 
is shed for many. 

25 Verily I say unto you, I will 
drink no more of the fruit of the vine, 
until that day that I drink it new in 
tlie kingdom of God. 

26 1 And when they had sung a 
hymn, they went out into the mount 
of Olives. 

27 And Jesus saith unto them, All 
ye shall be offended because of me 
this night : for it is written, I will 
smite tlie Shepherd, and the sheep 
shall be scattered. 

28 But after that I am risen, I 
will go before you into Galilee. 

29 But Peter said unto him, Al- 
though all shall be offended, yd 
will not I. 

30 And Jos us saith unto liim, 
Verily I say unto thee, That this day, 
even in this night, before the cock 
crow twice, thou shalt deny me thrice. 

吃的 時候、 耶穌說 、我實 在吿訴 你們、 你們 中問有 一 個和 我同吃 的人、 耍) K 我了 £徒.:^ 愁起 4 1 個 一 個的問 耶穌説 、是 

我良是 我麼。 i 穌囘 答說、 十 二個人 裹、 有 一 個和 我熊手 在盤子 iAS 、就 是他。 V 子必要 照著經 上所^ 著 他説: S5 去世、 R 

是資人 子的人 、必定 有禍、 這人倒 不如不 ifi 在世. 4^1 的 時:^ 耶穌拿 起餅來 、祝謝 一.. ^攀開 、分給 門徒、 I 你們拿 這個^ 這是 


吿訴 你們、 從今: n 直 到我和 你們在 神國裏 喝新酒 那曰子 、我不 苒喝這 萄汁了 們歌 了詩、 就出來 、往 fSa 去 1 

穌對 他們說 b 夜裹你 們都耍 厥棄我 、因爲 經上說 、我 將打牧 羊的、 羣 羊就都 散了。 i 復活 之後、 耍 在你們 以先往 

「凡 、 、 CMll 十 , , 、 

§ 說衆人 雖然厭 棄你我 必不厭 棄你耶 穌說我 實在吿 訴你這 ^奥雞 叫第二 次以先 你耍三 次說不 認識我 , 

St. mark, XIV. 

章四十 第可瑪 133 

31 But he Fpake the more vehe- 
mently, If I should die with thee, I 
will not deny thee in any wise. Like- 
wise also said they all. 

32 And they came to a place which 
was named Gethsemane : and he 
saith to his disciples, Sit ye here, 
while I shall pray, 

33 And he taketh with him Peter 
and James and John, and began to 
be sore amazed, and to be very 
heavy ; 

34 And saith unto them, My soul 
is exceeding sorrowful unto death : 
tarry ye here, and watch. 

35 And he went forward a little, 
and fell on the ground, and prayed 
that, if it were possible, the hour 
might pass from him. 

36 And he said, Abba, Father^ all 
things are possible unto thee ; take 
away this cup from me : nevertheless, 
not what I will, but what thou wilt. 

37 And he cometh, and findeth 
them sleeping, and saith unto Peter, 
Simon, sleepest thou ? couldest not 
thou watch one hour ? 

38 Watch ye and pray, lest ye 
enter into temptation. The spirit 
truly is ready, but the flesh is weak. 

39 And again he went away, and 
prayed, and spake the same words. 

40 And when he returned, he 
found them asleep again, (for their 
eyes were heavy,) neither wist they 
what to answer him. 

41 And he cometh the third time, 
and saith unto them, Sleep on now, 
and take your rest : it is enough ^ the 
hour is come ; behold^ the Son of man 
is betrayed into the hands of sinners. 

42 Rise up, let us go ; lo, he that 
betrayetli roe is at hand. 

43 , And immediately, while he 
yet spake, cometh Judas, one of the 
twelve, and with him a great multi- 
tude with swords and staves, from 
the chief priests and the scribes and 
the elders' J H f 謂 , ■ SlfflE 

來 c 

了 r 










猶 I 
大 I 



睛醒范 等你彼 i 
困 祈 離 候 們 得 I 
m 禱、 開 儆坐極 
了。 免 我、 醒。 在 力 

他 得但他 i 這 的 

們 人 不 就 裏、 說 
也了耍 往等我 
不迷從 前我就 
知惑、 我 行去是 
道 g 7 禱 和 

樣 固 想、 步、 於 5 同 

囘然 耍俯是 



你 C 


答願從 伏 帶 
耶 意、 你 在 了 
穌。 身 的 地、 彼 

第 2 子 意 祈 得 

三 卻 @ 。禱 雅 

次 顿 耶 S 說、 各 

來弱 穌假約 
對 了。 囘 若 翰 
他 耶! 來、 可同門 
們 穌 看 行、 去、 徒 

說、 又見 就就也 

現去門 P 斗 驚 都 

在 f# 徒 這恐這 
你 吿、 睡時 悲 樣 
們話覺 、候 傷、 說 
仍 和對過 對^ 他 ^ 
然先彼 去。 他們 
睡前得 ? 們 g 

覺 一 說、 說、 說、 了 

安 樣。 西 I 阿 我 一 
息、 囘? p^l 巴、 心 個 
罷 來、 你 父裏地 
了、 看 睡 阿、 甚 方 
時見覺 你是名 
候 門 麽、 是憂 叫 
到徒不 無傷、 客 
了、 又 能 所幾西 
人睡儆 不乎馬 
子覺、 醒 能要尼 
被因 片的、 死、 耶 
賣 爲時求 你 穌 
到 他 麽。 你 們 對 
惡 們 應^叫 在 門 
人的當 這這徒 

a 雄麵 說 

\ ilC n :"〜 /t:rlA n'/ii'n IJniii VnrU 07 M Y 

134 St. mark, XIV. 

44 And he that betrayed hira had 
given them a token, saying, Whom- 
soever I shall kiss, that frame is 
he ; take him, and lead him away 

45 And as soon as he was come, he 
goeth straightway to him, and saith, 
Master, Master ; and kissed him. 

46 , And they laid their hands on 
him, and took him. 

47 And one of tliem that stood by 
drew a sword , and smote a servant 
of the high priest, and cut off his ear. 

48 And Jesus answered and said 
unto them, Are ye come out, as 
against a thief, with swords and with 
staves to take me ? 

49 I was daily with you in the 
temple teaching, and ye took me not : 
but the Scriptures must be fulfilled. 

50 And they all forsook him, and 

51 And there followed him a cer- 
tain young man, having a linen cloth 
cast about his naked body ; and the 
young men 】akl hold on him : 

52 And he left the linen cloth, 
and fled from them naked. 

5B 1 And they led Jesus away to 
the high priest : and with him were 
assembled all the chief priests and 
the elders and the scribes. 

54 And Peter followed him afar 
off, even into the palace of the high 
priest : and he sat with the servants, 
and warmed himself at the fire. 

55 And the chief priests and all 
tlie con noil sought for witness against 
Jesus to put him to death; and Ibund 
none. . 

56 For many bare false witness 
against him, but their witness agreed 
not together. 

57 And there arose certain, and 
bare false witness against hira, saying, 

58 We heard him say, I will de- 
stroy this temple that is made with 
hands, and within three days I will 
build smother made without bands. 

章四十 第可馬 

s* 穌的人 、曾與 他們定 一 個暗 號說、 我與誰 親嘴、 誰就是 那人、 你們將 他捉住 、小 心帶去 1 來到耶 穌面前 、夫子 、夫子 、便 

和 他親嘴 些人就 下手捉 住耶穌 1 邊站 著的有 一個. = -拔出 刀來、 砍祭 司長的 僕.^ 、削 掉了他 一個耳 t,l 穌 對衆人 1 

你們 帶著刀 棒來捉 1 如同 捉賊氣 g 曰日 坐在聖 殿裏敎 訓人、 和 你們在 一 良 你們反 倒不拿 但這 事成了 ^ 耍應 驗經 

上的氣 ^徒 都離開 耶穌逃 走了。 1 個少 年人、 身上 R 披著蔴 ^跟隨 耶穌、 有幾個 U 將他 捉仏 S 釙就丢 了蘇 布赤著 身子、 

逃走了 „?〇 ^人 將耶穌 解到大 祭司面 衆祭司 JfrM^ 和讀書 都在 那裏聚 %s ^遠遠 的跟隨 耶穌進 入大祭 司的院 

和差 役同坐 火 1 祭司長 和全公 會的人 、尋找 見氣控 吿耶穌 (耍 治死 I 卻尋不 著、^ 許 多.. ^作假 見證、 來 控吿他 R 

是他 們所見 證的不 <r 力有 幾個人 起來作 假見證 告他、 i 、我 們聽見 這個人 ^ 我耍 拆毀 這人手 所建造 的殿三 B 內^ 建 

造 一 座殿、 那殿 不是入 手所建 造的。 

St. mark, XIV. 

章四十 第可馬 


59 But neither so did their wit- 
ness agree together. 

60 And the 】iigh priest stood 
up ill the midst, and asked Jesus, 
saying, Answerest, thou nothing? 
what is it which these witness 
against thee ? 

61 But he held his peace, and 
answered nothing. Again the high 
priest asked him, and said unto him, 
Art thou the Christ, the Son of the 
Blessed ? 

62 And Jesus said, I am : and ye 
shall see the Son of man sitting 
on the right hand of power, and 
coming in the clouds of heaven. 

63 Then the high priest rent his 
clothes, and 'saith, What need we 
any further witnesses ? 

64 Ye have heard the blasphemy : 
what think ye? And they all con- 
demned him to be guilty of death. 

65 And some began to spit on 
hira, and to cover his face, and to 
buffet him; and to say unto him, 
Prophesy : and the servants did strike 
him witii the palms of their hands. 

66 , And as Peter was beneath in 
the palace, there cometli one of the 
maids of the high priest : 

67 And when she saw Peter warm- 
ing himself, she looked upon him, 
and said 5 And thou also wast with 
Jesiis of Nazareth. 

G8 But he denied, sayiug, I know 
not, neither understand I what thou 
sayest. And he went out into the 
porch ; and the cock crew. 

69 And a maid saw him again, 
and began to say to them that stood 
by, This is one of them. 

70 And he denied it again. And 
a little after, they that stood by said 
again to Peter, Surely thou art one 
of them : for thou art a Galilean, 
and thy speech agreeth thereto. 

71 But he began to curse and to 
swear, saying^ I know not this man 
of whom ye speak. 

, O.K 十 、 、 、 O 0六1 、 

但他 們的見 證也是 不合 大祭司 起來站 在中間 問耶穌 說你沒 有話答 對麼這 些人作 見證吿 你的是 甚麼耶 穌閉口 一 句 

不答、 大祭 司又問 他說、 你是 I 稱頌的 神的 21^ 子基督 不是" i 穌說、 我是: ^後 來你們 要看見 人子、 坐在有 大權的 主的右 

、 六一一 一 、 、.KEI- 、 〇 

邊駕著 天上的 雲降 臨大祭 司就撕 開衣服 說我們 何必尋 別的見 證呢你 們已經 聽見他 僭妄的 話了你 們的意 S3 如何衆 

O.KK1 、 、 、 、 、 、 

. ^就將 他定成 死罪有 人吐唾 沫在他 身上又 遮住他 的臉用 拳頭打 他凿他 說你是 先知可 說打你 的是誰 衆僕人 也用手 

0六六 、 . 、六 i? . 、 、 . 、 

掌打 他彼得 在外院 子裏大 祭司的 一 個使女 出來見 了彼得 火就 看著他 說你也 是跟從 #s 人耶 穌的罷 i 傳不認 

說、 我不 知道、 也不明 白你說 的是甚 、是出 ^到了 門前、 雞就抖 h^s 有 一 個使 女看見 對旁邊 站著的 人說、 這 也是他 

七卞 、 , 、 、 [ 1 ■ , 

們 一 黨 的人彼 得又不 認過了 不多的 時候旁 邊站著 的人又 對彼得 說你眞 是他們 一 黨 的因一 你是^ 利的人 你的口 

音也 像彼得 發咒起 誓的說 你們所 說的這 個人我 不認識 

136 St. mark, XV. 

72 And the second time the cock 
crew. And Peter called to raind the 
word that Jesus said tin to him, 
Before the cock crow twice, thou 
shalt deny me thrice. And when he 
thought thereon, he wept. 


AND straightway in the morning 
― the chief priests held a con- 
sultation with the elders and scribes 
and the whole council, and bound 
Jesus, and carried him away, and 
delivered him to Pilate. 

2 And Pilate asked him, Art thou 
the King of the Jews ? And he an- 
swering said unto him, Thou sayest it. 

3 And the chief priests accused 
him of many things ; but he answered 

4 And Pilate asked Mm again, 
saying, Answerest thou nothing ? 
behold bow many things they witness 
against thee. 

' 5 But Jesus yet answered nothing; 
so that Pilate marvelled. 

6 Now at that feast he released 
unto them one prisoner, whomsoever 
they desired. 

7 AdcI there was one named Earab- 
bas, which lay bound with them 
that had made insurrection with him, 
who bad committed murder in the 

8 And the multitude crying aloud 
began to desire him to do as he had 
ever done unto them. 

9 But Pilate answered them, say- 
ing, Will ye that I release unto you 
the King of the Jews ? 

10 For he knew that the chief 
priests had delivered him for envy. 

11 But the chief priests moved 
the people, that he should rather 
release Barabbas unto them. . 

12 And Pilate answered and s:ii(l 
again unto them, Wluit will ye then 
that I slmll do unto him wliom ye 
call the King of the Jews? 

i 就 叫了第 二次、 於是衝 得想起 耶穌所 說雞^ 第二次 之见你 要三次 說不認 識我的 一一 思念就 哭了。 

第 十五章 、 、,, 、 I 。 

k 了淸早 、衆 祭司長 長老讀 書人和 全公會 的人、 大家商 f 將耶 穌綁 上解交 § 彼拉多 問他說 你是猶 太.^ 的王 

耶穌囘 答說、 你說的 求 祭司長 將許多 的事吿 1§ 乂問 他說、 他們作 見證吿 你這許 多^、 你不囘 答麼耶 穌仍^ 

囘答、 讓以爲 希奇。 f 這節、 方伯照 百姓所 求的、 給他們 I 一 個囚犯 # 一 個人 名叫^ 和造 反的」 糾 

他 們在造 反的時 ^ 曾殺 過人 1外 人大聲 求方伯 照常例 辦理。 囘答說 、你^ 釋^ 人的^ - 麽彼拉 1; 這話 

^爲 知道衆 祭司長 將耶穌 解了來 、是因 爲嫉妒 耶穌。 司 長挑唆 衆人一 求釋放 &〕" § ^又 說、 你們所 稱爲猶 太人的 

王的、 耍我 怎樣辦 I I 

St. mark, XV. 

13 And they cried out again, 
Crucify liira. 

14 Tlicn Pilafe said niito thorn, 
AVliy, what evil hath he done ? And 
i\wy cried out the more exceedingly, 
Crucify Iiim. 

15 T[ And so Pilate, willing to con- 
tent the people, released Barahhas 
unto them, and delivered Jesus, wiien 
lie Imd scourged him, to be crucified. 

16 And the soldiers led liim away 
into the hall, called Protoriiini ; ami 
they call together the whole band. 

17 And they clothed hira with 
purple, and platted a crown of thorns, 
and put it about his head, 

18 And began to salute him, Hail, 
King of tlie Jews! 

19 And they smote him on the 
head with a reed, ami did spit upon 
him, and bowing their knees wor- 
sliij)ped him. 

20 And when they had mocked 
liim, they took off the purple from 
him, and put his own clothes on him, 
and led him out to crucify him. 

21 And they compel one Simon a 
Cyrenian, who passed by, coming out 
of the conntrVj the father of Alexan- 
der and Ilufus, to l)ear his cress. 

22 And they bring him unto the 
place Golgotha, which is, being 
interpreted, The place of a skull. 

23 And tliey gave him to (】rink 
wine mingled with myrrii : hut he 
received it not. 

24 And when they had crucified 
him, they parted his garments, casting 
lots upon them, what every raau 
should take. 

25 And it was the third hour, and 
they crucified him. 

26 And the superscription of his 
accusation was written over, THE 

27 Ami with him they crucify two 
thieves ; the one on his right liand, 
and the other on his left. 

章五十 第可馬 137 

i 人乂喊 叫說、 釘他在 十字架 說、 他作了 ^麼 惡樂。 衆人 越發喊 叫說、 釕他在 十字架 tMg^ 耍作 la 姓 所歡喜 

的 is^ 就於了 isEl 將邢 穌鞭打 r 、交 給人^ 在十字 架上。 15;^ 叙耶 穌進了 院內、 就是 公堂. 齊 了全螢 的兵、 g 著紫 袍給 

他$^^又用枳棘編作&^給他戴,45|給他請^;&|„1^人的王^^^拿 一 根萆子 打他的 i 吐唾 他身. ^跪下 Itl 

&弃完了、脫了紫^?^紛他|?^上28的衣服、抆他出恭耍釘在十字架上1;^: ! 個 §s 人、 名叫 SI: 、就 =:J^ 亞刈 ^ 和 

父親、 從鄕 下來、 終過那 地方、 衆人 勉强他 背著耶 穌的十 字架。 g 們帶耶 穌到了 一 個地方 、名叫 總 出來就 是獨體 

1 沒藥 調和的 酒給耶 穌喝、 耶穌不 肯吸。 i 們將 他釕在 十字架 H 、拈蹰 分他的 衣服、 看是誰 得甚麽 「g 他在十 字架上 、是 

巳初時分。^1上面^:|_^:^€他的1^^說、1^人的^^,1們又將兩個强1,^他:一!釘十字架、 一 個在 左邊、 一 個在右^^仏 

13S St. mark, XV. 章 五十 第可馬 

2S And the Scripture was fulfilled, 
wl.lch saith, And he was numbcml 
with the transgressors. 

29 And they that passed by railed 
on him, wagging their lieads, and 
sayin<r, Ah, thou that -lostroyest tlie 
temple, and buildest it in three Hays, 

30 Save thyself, and oome down 
from the cross. 

31 Likewise also the cliief priests 
mocking snid among themselves witli 
the scribes, He saved others ; himself 
he cannot save. 

32 Let Christ the King of Israel 
descend now from the cmss, that we 
may see and believe. And they that 
were crucified with him reviled him. 

33 And when the sixth hour was 
come, there was darkness over the 
whole land until the uinth hour. 

34 And at the ninth hour Jesus 
cried with a loud voice, saying. El?i, 
Eloi, lama sabaclithani ? which is, 
being interpreted, My God, my God, 
why hast thou forsaken me? 

35 And some of them that stood 
by, when they heard it, said , Behold, 
he calletli Elias. 

36 And one ran and filled a sponge 
full of vinegar, ami put it on a reed, 
aud gave him to drink, saying, Let 
alone ; let us see whether Elias will 
come to take him down. 

37 And Jesus cried with a loud 
voice, and gave up tlie ghost. 

38 And the vail of the temple was 
rent in twain from the top to the 
bottom. . 

39 1 And when the centurion, 
which stood over a,o;ainst him, saw 
that he so cried out, and gave up the 
ghost, lie said, Truly this man was 
die Son of God. • 

40 There wore also women looking 
on afar off: among wliom was Mai'y 
Magdalene, and Mary the mother of 
James the less and of Joses, and 
Salome ; 





i 就應了 經上, ^-s^ 他列在 罪犯中 1 那 裏經過 的人, 誚耶穌 、搖著 頭說、 你這 拆毀^ 既三日 又建造 起來的 $在 

、 、 03= I .h 

可以救 自己、 從十 字架上 下來罷 I 祭司 長和讀 書人、 大家 也是這 樣戲弄 他說他 救別人 倒不能 救自己 以色列 的王" * 督 

如今可 以從十 字架上 下來、 我們 看見就 信了。 和他 同釘的 人也篤 他。〉 f 午正到 申韌、 遍地都 黑暗了 初時候 、耶穌 大驟喊 

卧說、 以羅 羅^ 拉馬撒 巴谷 大尼、 繙出來 就是我 ^我 ^一 麼離 了我」 S 邊站著 的有幾 個人聴 《 ^就 說、 他呼蚪 

、 3 ; 「七 

一 個人 跑來、 將海 滅浸在 酷裏、 綁在葦 子上、 送給 他喝、 說、 且等著 、看^ WM 來取他 下來不 來取他 下來耶 穌大碟 

.^叫l^就斷^-s奥的幔^^從上到下、裂爲兩半i面站著的百夫艮看見耶穌這樣喊^斷氣.^說、這人^是 神 的兒子 

St. mark, XVI. 

41 Wiio also, when he was in 
Galilee, followed him, and minis- 
tered unto him ; and many other 
women which came up with liim unto 

42 ^ And now when the even was 
come, because it was the preparation, 
that is, the day before the sabbath, 

43 Joseph ot'Ariraathea, an honour- 
able counsellor, which also waited for 
the kingdom of God, came,au(l went 
•in boldly unto Pilate, and praved the 
body of Jesus. 

44 And Pilate marvelled if lie were 
already dead : and calling unto him 
the centurion, he asked him whether 
he had been any while dead. 

45 And when he knew it of the 
centurion, he gave the body to Joseph. 

46 And he bought fine linen, and 
took him clown, and wrapped him in 
the lineiijand laid him in a sepulchre 
which was hewn out of a rock, and 
rolled a stoue unto the door of the 

47 And Mary Magdaleue and 
Mary the mother of Joses beheld 
where he was laid. 


AND when the sabbath was past, 
Mary Magdalene, and Mary 
the mother of James, and Salome, had 
bought sweet spices, that they might 
come and anoint him. 

2 And very early in the morning, 
the first day of the week, they came 
unto the sepulchre at the rising of 
the sun. 

3 And they said among them- 
selves. Who shall roll us away the 
stone from the door of tlie sepulchre? 

4 And when they looked, they saw 
that the stone was rolled away : for 
it was very great. 

5 And entering into the sepiilclire, 
tliey saw a young man sitting on the 
riglit side, clothed in a long white 
garment ; and they were affrighted. 

章六十 第可馬 13 9 

ik 一一 婦人、 就是 耶穌在 Wll 的時 t 跟隨 服事耶 穌的、 還?^ 耶 穌同上 的許 多婦人 在那裏 觀看。 0?^ 日是豫 

備安 息日的 日子就 是安息 H 的前一 日時 候已經 晚了有 l^ww,^ 的人 約瑟前 來他是 尊貴的 議士也 是盼望 神國的 

放膽進 去見彼 拉多求 耶穌的 身體彼 拉多詫 異耶穌 已經死 了就叫 百夫長 來問他 死的久 不久旣 從百夫 長的話 得知實 

、 1 C ^六 \ 、 \ 、 

情就將 耶穌的 身體賜 給約瑟 約瑟買 了細蘇 布將耶 穌的身 體取下 來用細 蔴布裹 好安葬 在墳墓 裏這墳 墓是態 在磐石 

、 七 I I 、 、 

裏 的又將 一 塊石頭 轉到墓 門口抹 大拉的 馬利亞 和約西 的母親 馬利亞 都看見 他安^ 的地方 

第 十六章 

i 女息日 過了、 的 、和 的母親 並: Is^ 買了 香紘耍 去抹耶 穌的身 i_ 七 日的頭 一 日、 淸 njf 日出的 

時候 他們來 到墳墓 前大家 說誰一 我們將 墓門口 的石頭 轉開呢 原來那 石頭甚 大他們 一 望 就看 見已經 轉開了 進了墳 

氣就見 一 個少年 人坐在 右邊、 穿著白 氣那些 婦人驚 駭起氣 

140 St. mark, XVI. 

6 And he saith unto them, Be not 
affrighted : ye seek Jesus of Nazareth, 
which was crucified •• he is risen ; he 
is not here : behold the place where 
they laid him. 

7 But go your way, tell liisdisciples 
and Peter that he goeth before you 
into Galilee : there shall ye see him, 
as he said unto you. 

8 And they went out quickly, and 
fled from the sepulchre ; for they 
trembled and were amazed : neither 
said they any thing to any 滅 w ; for 
they were afraid. 

9 , Now when Jesus was risen 
early the first day of the week, he 
appeared first to Mary Magdalene, 
out of whom he had cast seven devils. 

10 And she went and told them 
that had been with him, as they 
mourued and wept. 

11 And tliey, wlicu they had heard 
that he was alive, and had been seen 
of her, believed not. 

12 \ After that he appeared in an- 
other form unto two of them, as they 
walked, and went into the country. 

13 Aiul they went and told it unto 
the resiilue: neither believed they 

14 , Afterward he appeared unto 
the eleven as they sat at meat, and 
upbraided them with their unbelief 
and hardness of heart, because they 
believed not tliom which had seen 
him after he was risen. 

15 And he said unto them, Go ye 
into all the world, and preach the 
gospel to every creature. 

] G He thatbelievctli and is baptized 
shall Ije saved ; but ho that believetli 
not shall be damixed. 

17 And these signs sliall follow 
them that believe ; In my name shall 
they cast out devils; they sliall speak 
with new tongues ; 

章六十 第可馬 


且去吿 訴他的 門徒、 和! 說、 耶 穌比你 們先到 去了、 在那裏 可以見 I 正如 他從前 吿訴你 們的^ i 些、 婦 人,. ^忙 

出來、 從墳 墓前跑 囘去、 又戰兢 、又驚 駭、】 句話 也不吿 訴人、 因 i! 他們 甚懼怕 b& 穌在 七.^ 的頭 一 U 淸早復 活、 先願現 。1 

的 、耶穌 曾從這 身上逐 出七個 鬼^? 婦人去 吿訴那 向來趿 隨耶穌 的.^ • 那時他 們正^ 泣悲^ 。^ 

們聽 見耶穌 復活、 被這婦 人看見 、卻 不肯信 1 來他們 中間有 兩個人 往鄉下 .H5 走路的 時候、 耶穌改 iffl 貌一. m 現給 他們私 

is 個人就 去吿訴 其餘的 門徒、 其 餘的門 徒還是 不信。 i 來十 一 個 門徒坐 席的時 I 耶穌願 現給他 們看、 si 他們。 

剛硬 不信、 因 一1 他 復活以 人看 見他、 吿訴 他們、 他們仍 是不信 1 穌對他 們說、 你們 往普天 下去、 傅福 音與萬 民聽。 寧而 

受洗的 、必耍 得救、 不信的 、必耍 定他的 fci 的人必 能施行 奇事、 靠我的 名趕鬼 、說 谷國的 方言、 一 

St. mark, XVI. 

章六十 第可馬 141 

18 They shall take i^p serpents ; 
and if they drink auy deadly tiling, 
it shall not hurt them ; they shall lay 
hands on the sick, and they shall 

19 ^ So then, after the Lord had 
spoken uiito them, he was received 
up into iieaven, and sat on the right 
hand of God. 

20 And they went forth, and 
preached every where, the Lord work- 
ing with them, and confirming the 
word with signs following. Amen. 

能拿蛇 、若喝 了毒物 、也 不受害 

手按病 <; 、病人 就好了 ao^ti 和他 

們說完 了話、 就升 了天、 坐在 神 

0-1 十 , 

的 右邊門 徒出去 往各處 宣講福 

音、 主也輔 助他們 施行奇 氣見證 

所傅 的道。 阿 1 

書音福 傳加路 




FORASMUCH as many have 
taken iu hand to set forth in order 
a declaration of those things which 
are most surely believed among us, 

2 Even as they delivered them 
unto us, which from the beginning 
were eyewitnesses, and ministers of 
the word ; 

3 It seemed good to me also, 
having had perfect understanding of 
all things from the very first, to write 
unto thee in order, most excellent 

4 That thou mightest know the 
certainty of those things, wherein 
thou hast been instructed. 

5 1 rpHERE was in the days of 

i Herod, the king of Judea, 
a certain prie&t named Ziicliarias, of 
the course of Abia : aud his wife was 
of the daughters of Aaron, and her 
name was Elisabeth. 

6 And they were both righteous 
before God, walking in all tlie com- 
mamlments and ordinances of the 
Lord blameless. 

7 And they had no child, because 
that Elisabeth was barren ; and they 
both were now well stricken in years. 

8 And it came to pass, that, while 
he executed the prirst's office before 
God in the order of his course, 

9 According to the custom of tlie 
priest's office, his lut was to bum 
incense when, he went into the k'mpl" 
of the Lord. 

10 And the whole multitude of the 
people were praying without at the 
time of incense. 


yls 大. <J 有許多 人作書 記載我 們所深 信的事 、就 体道的 人起初 親服所 一;;? 見、 又傅 給我們 I 

if 一些事 我旣從 起頭詳 細考究 、也想 按著次 序記截 、達與 你知、 t 你 曉得向 來所舉 的道、 都是確 赏的。 〇 

I 田 1^ 王 的 時候、 班裏有 一 個祭司 、名叫 IWH^ 他的 妻是^ 的 後人、 名叫、 

^ 們 二人在 神面前 是義. = ^遵奉 主的 誡命禮 儀行事 ,沒 有可指 摘的、 P 是沒有 子、 因 _0 以 利沙伯 

不能 生育、 兩個人 年紀又 老了。 按他的 班次、 在 神 面氣供 祭司的 職;; 的例 iHt 

得進 主的殿 燒香。 ^ 香的時 衆百 姓在外 面祈齓 . 

St. LUKE. 

11 And there appeared unto him 
an ail gel of the Lord standing on the 
right side of the altar of incense. 

12 And wlien Zacliarias sawhivi,he 
was troubled, and fear fell upon him. 

13 But the angel said unto him, 
Fear not, Zacliarias : for thy prayer 
is heard ; and tliy wife Elisabeth 
shall bear thee a son, and thou sbalt 
call his name John. 

14 And thou slialt have joy and 
gladness; and many shall rcjoico at 
his birth. 

15 For he shall be great in the 
sight of the Lord, and shall drink 
neither wine nor strong drink ; and 
he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost, 
even from his mother's womb. 

16 And mauy of the children of 
Israel shall lie turn to the Lord 
their God, 

17 And he shall go before him in 
the spirit and power of Elias, to turn 
the hearts of the fathers to the 
children, and the disobedient to the 
wisdom of the just ; to make ready 
a people prepared for the Lord. 

18 And Zachariiis said unto the 
angel, Whereby shrill I know this ? 
for 工 am an old man, and my whe 
well stricken in years. 

19 And the angel answering said 
unto liiai, I am Gabriel, that stand 
ill the presence of God ; and am sent 
to speak unto thee, and to shew thee 
these glad tidings. 

20 And, behold, thou shalt be dumb, 
and not able to speak, until the day 
that these things shall be performed, 
because thou believest not my words, 
which sliall be fulfilled in their season. 

21 And the people waited for 
Zacliarias^ and marvelled that he 
tarricel so long in the temple. 

22 And when he came out, lie 
could not speak unto them : and they 
perceived that he had seen a vision 
ia the temple ; for he beckoned unto 
them, and remained speechless. 

章 一第加 路 143 

4-1 、 0.M 一 , 0^3 \ I 、 \ 

主 的使者 顯現出 來站在 香壇的 右邊撒 加利亞 看見就 驚駭懼 怕天使 對他說 !^,^ 不 耍懼怕 你所祈 禱的話 已蒙應 

允。 你的妻 i^w^ 、將 耍生 一 個 GJ- 子、 你須 給他起 名^^ 。1 必耍 喜樂、 衆人 si 他生出 來也必 喜樂。 i 在主 面前、 必爲 

尊大、 淡酒 濃酒都 不飮、 從母 胎裏生 出來、 就 足足的 被聖靈 感動。 i 必叫 許多 人囘 i 歸服主 他們的 神。^ 必有^ 

刺, § 的心志 才能、 在主 的前面 開路、 叫爲 父的 疼愛兒 子、 悖逆的 羨慕義 人的智 鼠豫備 :6 勉歸 順主。 iw, 亞— 對天 使說、 我 

, 、 〇 十 4? 、 、 、 r> 

怎 能曉得 必有這 事呢我 已經老 了我的 妻也年 邁了天 使說我 是站在 神面 前的. 奉差遣 來將這 好信息 報與你 

I 一卞、 、 , 9 〇| 二 、 

. 時候 到了我 的話必 耍應驗 你因不 信我的 話必要 啞吧不 能說話 直到這 事成就 的日子 百姓等 候^; iWS 詫異 他許久 

在 聖 殿裏。 i 出來、 不能與 人說話 、百姓 就知道 他在殿 裹看見 異< ^因爲 他只能 點頭示 意、 竟 成了啞 吧了。 

144 St. LUKE, 

23 And it came to pass, that, as 
soon as tlie days of his ministration 
were accomplished, he departed to 
his own house. , 

24 And after those days bis wife 
Elisabeth conceived, and hid herself 
five months, saying, 

25 Thus hatli the Lord dealt with 
me in the days wherein he looked 
OD me, to take away my reproach 
among men. 

26 And in the sixth month tiic 
angel Gabriel was sent from God unto 

' a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, 
I 27 To a virgin espoused to a man 
! whose name was Joseph, of tlie 
i house of David ; and the virgin's 
j name was Mary. 

i 28 And the angel came in unto her, 
ami said, Hail, thou that art highly- 
favoured, the Lord is with thee : 
blessed art thou among women. 

29 And when she saw him, she 
was troubled at his saying, and cast 
in her iniud what mauuer of saluta- 
tion this should be. 

30 And the angel said unto her, 
Fear not, Mary : for thou hast found 
favour with God. 

31 And, behold, thou shalt con- 
ceive in thy womb, and bring forth a 
con, and shalt call his name JESUS. 

32 He shall be great, and shall be 
called the Son of the Higliest ; and 
the Lord God shall give unto him the 
throue of his father David : 

33 And he shall reign over the 
house of Jacob for ever ; and of his 
kingdom there shall be no end. 

34 TJien said jNIary unto the augel, 
How shall this be, seeing I know 
not a man ? 

35 And the angel answered and 
said unto lier, The Holy Ghost shall 
come upou thee, and the power of the 
Highest shall overshadow thee : 
therefore also tluit holy thing which 
sliall he born oftlicc shall be callt-d 
the Sou of God. 

章 一第加 路 

|i 差的日 子滿了 、他就 囘家去 1 來他的 妻子^ 有 了孕、 隱藏五 個月、 眷顧 私這樣 12^ 我、^ 我在 人問沒 

恥了 co_, 了第六 個月、 天使加 -伯, ^奉 神的 差遣、 往 SW 利的 ¥W 城去、 一 個 量女、 就是力 f 的後 人自所 聘定爲 

妻的、 名叫 ^®lk" 使進 去對他 說.^ 大恩的 女子、 我與你 請,安 、主 保佑^ 你在衆 女中間 、是有 福的。 船.^ 見了天 使、^ 見 

、 一; 十 、 I 、 0:1 、 

他的話 、就甚 驚訝思 想這樣 的問安 是甚麼 意想天 使說^ —湎 不耍懼 怕你在 神面前 蒙恩了 你將耍 懷, 今生子 可起名 

^耶 穌。 g 將爲大 、稱 爲至上 神的 兒子、 神必要將他祖^的位賜給鹬舻必永遠作¥^一 家的^+^他的^沒有§| 

&,¥1對天使說、我末曾出嫁怎能有這事^__1^使囘答_1^聖靈將耍降臨在你身,.^至上的 ; i 將耍 用大能 寧肚= ^所以 

你 所生的 1^ 者、 必 耍稱爲 种的 a 子。 


36 And, behold, thy cousin Elis- 
abeth, she hath also conceived a sou 
in her old age ; and this is the sixth 
month with her, who was called 

37 For with God nothing shall be 

38 And Mary said, Behold the 
handmaid of the Lord ; be it unto me 
according fo thy word. And the angel 
dejxirted from 】ier. 

• 30 And MYiry arose iu those days, 
aud went iuto the hill country with 
haste, into a city of Juda ; 

40 And entered into the house of 
Zacb arias, aud saluted Elisabeth. 

41 And it came to pass, that, when 
Elisabeth 】ie"a,(l the salutation of 
Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; 
aud Elisabeth was filled the 
Holy Ghost : 

42 And she spake out with a loud 
voice, and said, Blessed art thou 
among women, and blessed is the 
fruit of thy womb. 

43 And whence is this to me, that 
the mother of my Lord should come 
to me ? 

44 For, lo, as soou as the voice of 
thy salutation sounded in mine ears, 
the babe leaped in my womb for joy. 

45 Aud blessed is she that believed : 
for there shall be a performance of 
those things which were told her 
from the Lord. 

46 Aud Mary said, My soul doth 
magnify the Lord. 

47 And my spirit hath rejoiced in 
God my Saviour. 

48 For he hath regarded the low 
estate of his handmaiden : for, behold, 
from henceforth all generations shall 
call me blessed. 

49 For he that is mighty hath clone 
to me great things ; and holy is his 

50 Aud Lis mercy is on them that 
fear him from generation to genera- 

章 一第加 路 145 

一 r 六 , , , 、一 n 七 

况且你 的親戚 以利沙 伯年紀 老邁也 懷了男 胎素常 人所稱 爲不生 養的現 在有孕 六個月 了因爲 神沒 有一樣 不能的 

事。 摩¥1, 說、 我是主 的使女 、情願 照你的 話應驗 在我身 .4 天使就 離開他 去了。 〇, 時^ 急忙 起身、 往山地 襄去、 到 

■ 、? 、 oalnlll , 、 

了猶 太的一 個 城進了 撒加利 fSi 的家問 以利沙 伯安以 利沙伯 一 聽馬 利亞問 安那 懷的胎 就在腹 中跳勸 以利沙 伯便被 

、E:n 、 、 、 、 「- Mnll 、 rnn 

聖靈大 大的感 動大聲 說你在 衆女中 間是有 福的你 所懷的 胎也是 有福的 我主的 母到我 這裏來 這是從 那墓得 的呢因 

、 , Oram 、 、 、 六 、 

爲 你問安 的聲音 一 到我耳 這胎就 在我肚 內歡喜 跳勸你 信主的 話就有 福了因 i! 主對你 所說的 話都要 應驗馬 利亞說 

、F.: 七 C 四 , 、 OH 九 、 P 

我的心 尊主爲 大我的 靈歡喜 救我的 神他 顧念使 女卑微 從今以 後萬代 要稱我 有福因 n 有權 能的主 11! 我成 就大事 

OS 十 、 

他的 名是至 ill 的他 憐憫敬 畏他的 人到世 世代代 

146 St. LUKE, I. 

51 He hath chewed strength with 
his arm ; lie liath scattered the proud 
in the imagination of their hearts. 

52 He hath put down the mighty 
from their seats, and exalted them of 
low degree. 

53 He hath filled the hungry with 
good things ; and the rich he* hath 
sent empty away. 

54 He hath holpen his servant 
Israel, in remembrance of his mercy ; 

55 As he spake to our fathers, 
to Abraham, cind to his seed for 

56 And Mary abode with her 
about three months^ aud returned to 
her own house. 

57 Now Elisabeth,s full time came 
that she should be delivered ; and she 
brought forth a son. 

58 Aud her neighbours and her 
cousins heard how the Lord had 
shewed great mercy upon her ; and 
they rejoiced with her. 

59 And it came to pass, that on 
the eighth day they came to circum- 
cise the child ; and they called him 
ZachariaS; after the name of his 

60 And his mother answered and 
said, Not so; but he shall be called 

61 And they said uuto her, There 
is none of thy kindred that is called 
by this name. 

62 And they made signs to his 
father, how he Avould have him 

63 And he asked for a writing 
table, and wrote, saying, His name is 
John. And they marvelled all. 

64 And his mouth was opened 
immediately, and 】iis tongue loosed, 
and he spake, and praised God. 

65 Aud leal' came on all that 
dwelt round about them : and all 
these sayings were noised abroad 
throughout all the hill country of 

章 一第加 路 

主用 一 臂之力 將那心 驕氣傲 的人都 趕散了 有權柄 的人^ 他 失位卑 賤的人 使他升 高饑餓 的人賜 得飽 富足的 

、 五 21 ^0 、 、 Dsft 

人叫 他空空 的囘 去主扶 持他的 僕人, W 色列永 遠記念 憐憫亞 伯拉罕 和他的 子孫疋 如從前 對我們 列祖所 說的話 利 

— 、 、 5? 、 owrc 、 、 

亞和以 利沙伯 同居約 有三個 月就囘 家去了 〇 以利 沙伯日 期滿了 就生了 一 個 兒子隣 里親戚 II 見主 ,:!: 他大施 憐悯也 

、 、 、 04cf* 、 、 ^ 

就都 喜歡了 到了八 日都來 給嬰孩 行割鱧 耍照他 父親的 名給他 起名. 叫 fwi 他^ 親說不 可必須 叫他: 衆尺說 

9 、 六一 1 , 六; n 、 

你親 戚本族 中沒有 叫這個 名的衆 人就點 頭示意 問他父 親給他 起甚麼 名他父 親,; 1: 他 們耍了 一 塊為字 的板就 $1? 在上 

、 C 六 、 、 、 〇六五 

面 說他的 名是約 翰衆人 甚覺希 奇撒加 利亞口 就開了 舌頭也 舒展了 說出話 來讚美 神隣里 都驚催 這事就 傳遍^ 

的 山地。 

St. LUKE, I. 

66 And all they that heard them 
laid them up in their hearts, saying, 
What manner of child shall this be! 
And the hand of the Lord was with 

67 And his father Zacharias was 
filled with the Holy Ghost, and pro- 
phesied, saying, 

68 Blessed be the Lord God of 
Israel ; for he hath visited and re- 
deemed his people, 

69 And hath raised up a horn of 
salvation for us in the house of his 
servant David ; 

70 As he spake by the mouth of 
his holy prophets^ which have been 
since the world began : 

71 That we should be saved from 
our enemies^ and from the hand of 
all that hate us ; 

72 To perform the mercy promised 
to our fathers, and to remember his 
holy covenant ; 

73 The oath which he sware to 
our father Abraham, 

74 That he would grant unto us, 
that we, being delivered out of the 
hand of our enemies^ might serve him 
without fear, 

75 In holiness and righteousness 
before him, all the days of our life. 

76 And thou, child, shalt be called 
the prophet of the Highest : for thou 
shalt go before the face of the Lord 
to prepare his ways ; 

77 To give knowledge of salvation 
uuto his people by the remission of 
their sins, 

78 Through the tender mercy of 
our God ; whereby the dayspring 
from oa high hath visited us, 

79 To give light to them that sit 
in darkness and in the shadow of 
death, to guide our feet into the 
way of peace. 

80 And the child grew, and waxed 
strong in spirit, and was in the 
deserts till the clay of his shewing 
unto Israel. 

章一 第加路 147 

聽見 的人都 將這事 存在心 裏大家 說不曉 得這嬰 孩將來 如何主 的手扶 持他了 他父親 被聖靈 感齓說 豫言、 i 

主^ W 的 神、 是應當 讃美的 、因 一1 他眷 顧他的 百姓、 將他 們救齓 1i 他僕人 ^家中 、一 1 我們 挺生有 大能的 救主、 -;^ 如 

主託 古時的 聖先知 所說的 Ilk 救我們 脫離衆 仇敵、 股離 一 W 恨我 們的人 的手、 i 著應 許列祖 的話、 憐憫 我默記 念他的 

、七 一二 、七 ra、 、七五 、 、 

犁. 約就 是向我 祖亞伯 拉罕所 發的誓 說耍從 仇敵手 中救我 們出來 叫我們 一 生 一 世在主 面前度 誠公義 服事他 毫無懼 

「-. V 六 、 

怕, 你這嬰 孩將稱 爲至上 神的先 知因霄 你耍在 主的前 面開^ 豫 備主的 百鮏 得蒙赦 il^ 就 曉得主 極救的 E^i 

神向我 們發憐 憫的心 、叫 淸晨的 日光、 從天上 照臨我 ^11 在幽暗 死地的 有光照 著他^ 將我們 領到平 安的路 4, 嬰 

孩漸 漸的長 大、 心裏 强健、 住在 曠野、 直住到 顯明在 人面 前的日 

148 St. LUKE, II. 

; t 二 第加路 


AND it came to pass in those 
days, that there went out a 
decree from Cesar Augustus, that all 
the world should be taxed. 

2 (And this taxing was first made 
when Cyreniuswasgoveruor of Syria.) 

3 And all went to be taxed, every 
one into his own city. 

4 And Joseph also went up from 
Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, 
into Judea, unto the city of David, 
which is called Bethlehem, (because 
he was of the house and lineage of 

5 To be taxed with Mary his 
espoused wife, being great with child. 

6 And so it was, that while they 
were there, the days were accom- 
plished that she should be delivered. 

7 And she brought forth her 
firstborn son, and wrapped him in 
swaddling clothes, and laid him in a 
manger ; because there was no room 
for them in the inn. 

8 And there were in the same 
country shepherds abiding in the 
field, keeping watch over their flock 
by nig'ht. 

9 And, lo, the angel of "the Lord 
came upon them, aud the glory of tlie 
Lord shone round about them ; and 
they were sore afraid. 

10 And the angel said unto thcra, 
Fear not : for, behold, I bring you 
good tidings of great joy, which shall 
be to all people. 

11 For unto you is born this clay 
ill the city of David a Saviour, which 
is Clirist the Lm-l. 

1 2 And this sJi all be a sign unto you ; 
Ye si 1 all find the l)abo wrappcxl in 
s\vii(klliiig clothes, lying in a manger. 

lo And siuWenly there was with 
the angel a multitiule of tlic licavcu- 
ly liost praising God, and paying, 

] 4 Glory to God in the highest, and 
oil earth peace, good will toward men. 



天 日 
軍、 在 
同 大 
那 衛 
天 的 
使 城 
稱 連、 
讃 爲 
神 們 
說 i 降 
在 ^ 生 
天 了 
上 救 
有 主、 
榮 就 
光 是 
歸 主 
神、 督 





平 見 

小 - 


都 婴 
康 孩、 

恩。 裹 











臨 m 
在 上 
他 放' 

, 們 在 
面 馬 

前、 i? 
主 s、 
的 因 
榮 m 
光 客 
四 店 
面 裹 
照 沒 
著 有 
他 空 
們、 閒 
牧 地 
羊 方。 
的 〇 
人 在' 1 
極 伯 
其 利 
m 恆 
怕。 的 
天+ 郊 
使 野、 
對 有 
他 牧 
們 羊 
說、 的 
你 人、 
們 夜 
不 間 
要 按 
If 著 
怕、 更 
我 次 
報 看 
給 守 
你 羊 
們 羣 g 
大 忽 

的 主 
信 的 
息、 使 
是 m、 
m 降 

他 行。 當_ 
所 衆 S 那 
聘 人時第 
j 勺 各 候、 二 
妻歸該 i 章 
一 各撤; 
同 城、 亞 
上 上 督 I、 
册、 册。 有 
那 約「 旨 
時 瑟 I 意 
馬 I 本 下 
利 是 來、 
亞 I 大 I 吩 
已 衛 I 咐 
懷 中 下 
孕。 人、 民、 
他力 所 都 
們 以 報 

住 從 
在 加 

M 利 
M 利 
的 的 

時 拿 I 
候、 撒 I 



猶 I 
的 太 I 
產 去、 
期 到 
到 了 
了、 大 i 

生 的 
了 城、 
m 名 
胎 叫 
的 伯 I 
^ 利 i 
子、 I'd 

布 和 


居 -— 

叙 i 





章二 第加路 149 

15 And it came to pass, as the 
angels were gone away from them 
into heaven, the shepherds said one 
to another, Let ns now go even unto 
Bethlehem, ami see this thing which 
is come to pass, which the Lord hath 
made known unto us. 

16 And they came with haste, and 
found Mary and Joseph, and the 
babe lying in a manger. 

1 7 And when they had seen it, they 
made known abroad the saying which 
was told tliem concerning this child. 

18 And all they that heard it 
wondered at those things which were 
told them by the shepherds. 

19 But INfary kept all these things, 
and pondered them in her heart. 

20 And the shepherds returned, 
glorifying and praising God for all 
the things that they had heard and 
seen, as it Avas told unto them. 

21 And when eight days were ac- 
complished for the circumcisingofthe 
child, his name was called JESUS, 
which was so named of the angel 
before he was conceived in the womb, 

22 And when the days of her 
purification according to the law 
of Moses were accomplished^ they 
brought him to Jerusalem, to present 
him to the Lord ; 

23 (As it is written iu the law of 
the Lord, Every male that openetl) 
the womb shall be called holy to the 
Lord ;) 

24 And to offer a sacrifice accord- 
ing to that which is said in the law 
of the Lord, A pair of turtledoves, or 
two young pigeons. 

25 And, behold, there was a man in 
Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon ; 
and the same mau just and devout, 
waiting for the cousolatiou of Israel : 
and the Holy Ghost was upoa him. 

26 And it 、vas revealed imto him 
by the Holy Ghost, that he should 
not see death, before he had seen 
the Lorcl,s Christ. 

十 W , 、 , O 十六 9 \ 

衆天使 升天去 了牧羊 的人彼 此說我 們往^ 1¥ 去看 主所措 示我們 的事就 急忙去 了看見 WW! 和^ 又看 昆嬰孩 

C 十七 、 〇十》^ 、 十凡 - 、 

臥 在馬槽 裏旣看 見了就 將天使 所說嬰 孩的話 傳開了 凡聽見 牧羊人 的話的 都甚詫 異馬^ 記住這 一 W 的事 心裏常 

常 思想。 i 羊的人 囘去、 因爲所 看見所 聽見的 、正如 天使所 說的^ 就讚美 神、 歸 榮耀與 神。 〇_i 了八 HI 、給 嬰孩 行割齓 

起名叫 耶穌、 這名 就是沒 有懷孕 以前、 天使所 命;^ 的 律法、 滿了潔 淨的日 1 他們 就帶著 塑孩上 耶路撒 $e 去、 耍將 

0-H , 9 oils 、 、 

他獻與 主這是 照著主 的律法 所說凡 頭生的 男子必 稱聖歸 主又耍 用兩隻 班媽或 用兩隻 雛媾獻 祭也! f& 照著主 的律法 

所 說的話 。〇5&§¥11 有 一 個,^ . 名叫 si 這人 又公氣 又虔; li 常盼望 那安慰 3^ 民的主 ^並且 lis 感動 得 

了聖靈 的默示 、知道 在未死 以先、 必耍 看見主 所立的 基督。 

150 St. LUKE, II. 

27 And lie came by the Spirit 
into the temple: and wlien the 
parents brought in the child Jesus, 
to do for him after the custom of 
the law, 

28 Then took lie liim up in his 
arms, and blessed God, and said, 

29 Loi'd, now lettest thou tliy 
servant depart in peace, according 
to thy word : 

30 For mine eyes have seen thy 

31 Which thou hast prepared be- 
fore the face of all people ; 

32 A light to lighten the Gentiles, 
and the glory of thy people Israel. 

33 And Joseph and his mother 
marvelled at those things which 
were spoken of him. 

34 And Simeon bleseed them, 
ami said unto Mary his mother, 
Behold, this child is set for the fall 
and rising again of many in Israel ; 
and for a sign which shall be spoken 
against ; 

35 (Yea, a sword shall pierce 
til rough thy own soul also ;) that the 
thoughts of many hearts may be 

3G And there was one Anna, a 
prophetess, the daughter of Phauuel, 
of the tribe of Aser: she was of a great 
age, unci liad lived with a husband 
seven years from her virginity ; 

37 And she was a widow of about 
fourscore and four years, wliich de- 
parted not from the temple, but 
served God with fasthigs and prayers 
night and day. 

38 And she coming in that instant 
gave thanks likewise unto the Lord, 
and spake of him to all them that 
looked for redemption in Jerusalem. 

39 And when they had performed 
all things according; to the law of the 
Lord, tiicy retiinipd into Galilee, to 
tlieir own city Nazareth. 

i 二 第加路 

時候^ 被聖靈 感氣進 了殿、 嬰孩 耶穌的 父母、 正抱著 耶穌進 ^耍 照著律 法行軋 _sl 就抱過 他來、 Mis 神^^_^阿、 

如今可 ,;^- 照著你 的話、 使你的 僕人安 然去羾 sg 我的眼 ^已經 看見你 所立的 救主了 、維 是你設 立在一 W 民面 前的、 S 是 

照臨 外邦人 的光、 是^ W 民 的榮耀 If 耶穌的 母親、 聽見 這話、 就詫 思^ 卸 I 給他 祝福、 叉對耶 穌的母 親馬利 亞說、 這 


被刀刺 透了。 〇s^ 女 先知名 的支派 ^^的 女兒、 年 紀已經 老氛出 嫁後、 M 丈夫住 了七^ 就^ 居了。 ^ 有 

八十 四歳、 不離 聖殿、 禁食 祈禱、 畫 夜禮拜 & 那時候 進前^ 也讃美 ±^ 又將這 嬰孩的 吿師诹 一 W 盼 si 救 

的人" 1,1 照主 的律^ 辦完了 谷樣的 Sif 就囘 自己家 鄕加利 利的拿 撒勒去 了。 

St. LUKE, 】L 

40 And the child grew, and waxed 
sti ong in spirit, filled with wisdom ; 
and the grace of God was upon him. 

41 Now his parents went to Jeru- 
salem every year at tlie feast of the 

42 And when he was twelve years 
old, they went up to Jerusalem after 
the custom of the feast. 

43 And when they had fulfilled 
the (lays, as tliey returned, the child 
Jesus tarried behind in Jerusalem ; 
and Joseph and his mother knew 
not of it. 

44 But they, supposing him to 
have been in the company, went a 
day's journey ; and they sought him 
among their kinsfolk and acquaint- 

45 And when they found him not, 
they turned back agaiu to Jerusalem, 
seeking him. 

46 And it came to pass, that after 
three days they found him in the 
temple, sitting in the midst of the 
doctors, both hearing them, and ask- 
ing them questions. 

47 And all that heard him were 
astonished at his understanding and 

48 And when they saw him, they 
were amazed : and bis mother said 
unto him, Son, why Imst thou thus 
dealt with us ? behold, thy father 
and I have sought thee sorrowing. 

49 And he said unto tliem, How is 
it that ye sought me? wist ye not 
that I must be about my Father^s 
business ? 

50 And they aucleistood not the 
saying which lie spake unto them. 

51 And he M'ent down with them, 
and came to Nazareth, and was sub- 
ject unto them : but his mother kept 
all these sayings in her heart. 

52 And Jesus increased in wisdom 
and stature^ and in favour with God 
and nian. 

章二 第加路 151 

十 、 、 、 〇 EM 、 、 - 、 

嬰孩 漸漸長 大心裏 强健智 慧充足 神常常 賜恩給 他〇 他的 父母每 年到了 逾越節 上耶路 撒冷去 耶穌十 1 一歲 的時候 

他們按 著節下 的親矩 上耶路 撒冷去 節期過 了他們 囘去嬰 孩耶穌 還在耶 路撒冷 他的母 親和約 瑟並不 曉得想 他必在 

同行 的人中 間走了 一 日的路 程饞柱 親友裏 去尋找 沒有遇 見就囘 耶路撒 冷去尋 找他三 no 後遇 兒他在 薬殿襄 坐在敎 

師中間 一 面聽 一 面問聽 見的人 都詫異 他的聰 和 他的應 對耶穌 的父母 一 見甚以 爲希奇 他母親 說我兒 焉 甚 麽向我 

們這 樣行、 你父親 和我傷 心來尋 找你。 i 穌 ^爲 甚 麼尋找 私豈不 曉得我 應當以 我父的 事爲念 ^ 或作秉 曉 t 審在我 

S 十 五 1 、 1 —— 、 、 、 、511 

〈久的 地^« ^麼他 們不明 白耶穌 所說的 話耶穌 跟隨父 母囘到 拿撒勒 順從他 們他母 親將這 一 W 的事 存記在 心耶穌 的年歳 

智 utl 日見增 inj^ 舯和世 人越發 喜悅: i 

152 St. LUKE, III. 


NOW in the fifteenth year of the 
reign of Tiberius Cesar, Pontius 
Pilate being governor of Ju(lea, and 
Herod being tetrarcli of Galilee, and 
his brother Philip tetrarch of Iturea 
and of the region of Trachonitis, and 
Lysanias the tetrarch of Abilene, 

2 Armas and Caiaphas being the 
high priests, the word of God came 
unto John the son of Zacharias in 
the wilderness. 

3 And he came into all the country 
about Jordan, preaching the baptism, 
of repeat ance for the remission of sins; 

4 As it is written in the book of 
the words of Esaias the prophet, say- 
ing, The voice of one crying in the 
wilclernesSj Prepare ye tlie way of the 
Lord, make his paths straight. 

5 Every valley shall be filled, and 
every mountain and liill shall be 
brought low ; and the crooked shall 
be made straight, and the rough ways 
shall be made smooth ; 

6 And all flesh shall see the salva- 
tion of God. 

7 Then said he to the multitude 
that came forth to be baptized of 
him, O generation of vipers, who hath 
warned you to flee from the wrath 
to come ? 

8 Bring forth therefore fruits wor- 
thy of repeutauce^ and begin not to say 
within yourselves, We have Abraham 
to our father : for I say unto you. 
That God is able of these stones to 
raise up cidldrm unto Abraham. 

9 And now also the axo is laid imto 
the root of the trees: every tree there- 
fore wliicli bringeth not fort h good fruit 
is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 

10 And the people asUccl him, say- 
ing, What shall we do then? 

11 He answcreth and saith unto 
them, He that hath two coats, let him 
impart lo liim that liutli none ; and lie 
that hath meat, let liiin do likewise. 

立 ― 
早 二 

第 加 路 



你" 凡力 的 



該 「 


現 * 



道、 分。 封 撒 1 

















的、 了 


呂 i 








撒 i 



架、 得 


約 1 








路。 但! 






诋 S 


























方、 尼 



心、 恩 

3 方、 
































王、 作 











來 小 

m. 那 


樣 C 































洗、 要 



















衆 T 





長、 利 

宗、 他 
















、 曲 














加! 王、 





















說、 兒 

腓 1 






力 1 


1 斤' 








翰'、 以 






翰 1 













亞 i 將 





說、 伯 來 


























章三 第加路 


12 Then carne also publicans to be 
baptized, and said unto him, Master, 
wlmt shall we do? 

13 And he said unto them, Exact 
no more than that which is appointed 
yoii. • 

14 And the soldiers likewise 
cleraancled of him, saying, And what 
shall we do? And he said unto theiu, 
Do violence to no man, neither 
accuse any falsely ; and be content 
witli your wages. 

15 And as the people Mere in ex- 
pectation, and all men mused iu 
their hearts of John, whether he 
were the Christ, or not ; 

16 John answered, saying unto 
them all, I indeed baptize you with 
water ; but one mightier than I 
cometl), the latcliet of whose shoes 
I am not wortliy to unloose : he 
shall baptize you with the Holy 
Ghost nad with fire : 

17 Whose fan is in his hand, and 
he will thoroughly purge his floor, 
and will gather the wheat into his 
garner ; but the chaff he will burn 
with fire unquenchable. 

18 And many other thingsinhisex- 
hortatioD preached he unto the people. 

19 But Herod the tetrarcl), being 
reproved by him for Herodias his 
brother Philip's wife, and for all the 
evils which Herod had clone, 

20 Added yet this above all, that 
he shut np John in prison. 

21 Now when all the people were 
baptized, it came to pass, that Jesus 
also being baptized, and praying, 
the heaven ^vas opened, 

22 And the Holy Ghost descended 
in a bodily shape like a dove upon 
him, and a voice caiiie from heaven, 
which said, Thou art niy beloved 
Sou ; in thee I am well jjieased. 

23 And Jesus himself began to be 
about thirty years of age, being (as 
was supposed) the son of Joseph, 
which 、vas the son of Heli, 

十 -1 、 、 c 十 in , , 0个四 9 o 

税吏也 來受洗 說夫子 我們當 作甚麼 事約翰 對他們 說除了 例定的 税銀不 耍向人 多取兵 丁也問 他說我 們當作 甚麽事 

、 f 、 % 、 十 S 、 > 十六 

約翰 說不要 勒索人 不要訛 誰人自 己有餞 糧應當 知足這 時候百 姓指望 基督來 心襄猜 疑不知 ^是不 是約翰 對衆人 

說、 我用水 與你們 施洗、 還有能 力比我 更大的 耍來、 我給他 解溪帶 、也是 不配的 、他 耍用聖 靈和火 與你們 施洗。 it 手 拿著簸 

\ ,譽 十 fC 、 〇f.ft 、 

笑耍 凝淨了 塲上的 麥子將 麥子收 在倉裏 將糠用 不滅的 火燒了 約,! 又用許 多話勸 百姓向 他們宣 講福音 分 封的王 

1: 因一! I 他兄弟 的妻 #s 的事、 又 因爲他 所行的 許多惡 isf 受了 1! 的責 l_t?s 添 一 件惡事 、將 收 在監一 《i〇 

姓受洗 已畢、 耶穌也 受洗、 祈禱的 時候、 天就 開了、 S 靈降在 他頭上 、形 狀彷彿 鵜子、 有聲音 從天上 來說、 你 是我的 愛子、 

我所喜 悅的。 〇 聊穌 年紀三 十歲、 人以 爲他是 的 iss^^w 以上是 M 

154 St. LUKE, III. 

章三 第加路 

24 Wliicli was the son of Mattliat, 
which was ihe son of Ijevi , which was 
the son of Mclchi, which was iJie son 
of Janna, which was the son of Joseph, 

25 Which was the son of Matta- 
tliias. vvliicli 、vas the son of Amos, 
whicii was the son of Nauru, which 
was tJie son of Esli, which was the son 
of Nagge, ^ 

26 Which was the son of Maath, 
which was the son of Mattathias, 
which was the son of Semei, which 
was ihe son of Joseph, which was the 
son of Juda, 

27 Which was the son of Joanna, 
which was the son of Rhesa, which 
was the son of Zorobabel, which was 
the son of Salathiel, whicli was the 
son of Neri, 

28 Which was tke son of Melclii, 
whicli was the son of Addi, which 
was the son of Cos am, which was the 
son of Elraodam, which was the son 
of Er, 

29 Which was the son of Jose, 
which was the son of Eliezer, which 
was the son of Jorini, which was tke 
son of Mattliat, whicli was the son 
of Levi, 

30 Which was the son of Simeon, 
whicli was ihe son of Juda, whicli 
was the son of Josepli, which was the 
son of Jonan, wliich was the son of 

31 Which was the son of Mclea, 
whicli was the son of Menan, which 
was the son of Mattatlia, which was 
the son of Nathan, wliich was the son 
of David, 

32 Which was the son of J esse, 
uliicli was the sow of Obed, which 
was ihe son of Jiooz, which \vas the 
son of Salmon, which was ihe son of 

33 Which was //lesonof Aniinadab, 
whicli was the son of Aram, Avliicli 
"'as ike son of" Ksroni, wliich was the 
son of Pliarcs, -which was the sort of- 

是 其上是 i 其上是 £ 其上是 iiS 其上是 上是 其上是 其上是 si 其上是 g 


1^ 其上是 、其 上是 I^、ii 上是 M 、其上 是^^ 、其 上是 ^ 、其 L 是^ fflf 其上是 s、i 上是 ¥1、1«5^ 上是以 

% 、 , 、 、一? , , 、 、- 1 二 — 

1,^ 其上是 其上是 § 其上是 其上是 其上是 猶大其 上是約 瑟其上 是約南 ^上 是以利 lei 金 上" 15^ 米 

、 \ 、 I 、 、三 -1 、 、 , — 、 、 

1 其上 是^^ 上是 其上是 其上是 ^其上 是耶西 (上 是阿伯 其上是 波士其 上是撒 們其上 是牵顺 


St. LUKE, IV. 

章四 第加路 


34 Which was the son of Jacob, 
which was the son of Isaac, M^hicli 
was the son of Abraham, which was 
the son of Thara, which was the son 
of Nachor, 

35 Which was the son of Saruch, 
which was the son of Ragaii, which 
was the son of Phalec, which was the 
fion of Heber, which ^vastheson ofSala, 

36 Which was the son of Cainan, 
which was the son of Arpbaxacl, which 
was the son of Sem, which was the 
son of Noe, which was the son of 

37 Whicli was i/ie son of Matlinsala, 
which was the son of Enoch, which 
was the son of Jared, which was the 
son of Maleleel, which was the son 
of Cain an, 

38 Which was the son of Enos, 
which was the son of Seth, which 
was the son of Adam, which was 
the son of God. 


AND Jesus being full of the Holy 
Ghost returned from Jordan, 
and was led by the Spirit into the 

2 Being forty days tempted of the 
devil. And in those clays he did eat 
nothing : and when they were ended, 
he afterward hungered. 

3 And the devil said unto him, If 
thou be the Son of God, command 
this stone that it be made bread. 

4 And Jesus answered him, saying, 
It is written, That man shall not 
live by bread alone, but by every 
word of God. 

5 And the devil, taking him up 
into a high mouiitaiu, shewed unto 
him all the kingdoms of the world 
in a momeijt of time. 

6 And the devil said unto him, 
All this power will I give thee, and 
the glory of them : for that is deliv- 
ered unto me ; and to whomsoever 
I will, I give it. 

上是 ^ 、其 上是 SI 、其上 是^^ Mif 其上 是^、 其上是 Ift^s 上是 其上是 al, 、其上 是^ 其上是 ¥ ^其 


是§^ 其上是 Bis; 上是^ rtri 其上是 si 其上是 M 其上是 神。 


耶穌被 聖靈大 大的感 動從約 ^河囘 來聖靈 引他往 曠野去 四十日 被魔鬼 試探這 些日子 沒有吃 甚麽後 來就餓 了魔鬼 

> 、 〇四 、 、 、 

對他說 你若是 神 的兒子 可以^ 這些石 頭變作 餅耶穌 說經上 說人活 著不單 靠食物 原文作 餅也靠 神 一 ^所 吩咐的 

05 9 \ /M〈 、 , . 

話 魔鬼又 領他到 高山上 去轉眼 之間將 天下的 萬國都 措給他 看說我 要將這 一 ^權柄 榮華都 給你因 i! 這權柄 都歸了 

我、 隨我的 意想、 耍 給誰就 給誰。 

156 St. LUKE, IV. 

7 If thou therefore wilt worship 
me, all shall bo thine. 

8 And Jesus answered and said 
unto him, Get thee belnnd me, 
Satan : for it written, Thou sbalt 
worship the Lord thy God, and him 
only shalt thou serve, 

9 Aud he brought him to Jerusa- 
lem, and set him on a pinnacle of 
the temple, and said iiuto him, If 
til oil be the Son of God, cast thyself 
down from hence: 

10 For it is written, He shall give 
his angels charge over thee, to keep 
thee : 

11 And in their liands they shall 
bear thee up, Jest at any time thou 
flash thy foot against a stone. 

12 And Jesus answering said unto 
him, It is said, Thou shalt not tempt 
the Lord thy God. 

13 And when the devil had ended 
all the temptation, he departed from 
liim for a season. 

14 "I And Jesus returned in the 
power of the Spirit into Galilee : and 
there went out a fame of him through 
all the region round about. 

15 Aud he taught in their syna- 
gogues, being glorified of all. 

16 1 And he came to Nazareth, 
where lie had been brought up : and, 
as his custom was, lie went into the 
synagogue on the sabbath day, and 
stood up for to read. 

17 And there was delivered unto 
liim the book of the prophet Esaias. 
And when he had opened the book, 
he . found the place where it was 

18 The Spirit of the l^orcl is upon 
nic, l)( causc he liatli anointed me to 
preach the gospel to the poor ; he 
hatli Bent me to heal the broken- 
hearted, to preach deliverance to the 
captives, and recovering of sight to 
tin; blind, to set at liberty them 
tliat are bruised, 

章四 第加路 

你若 拜我、 必都 歸與氣 I 穌囘 答說、 撒创返 下去、 經 上說、 應當拜 主你的 祌、 單 要事舉 1^ 鬼又領 耶穌到 去、 叫 

他站在 殿頂上 、對 他說、 你若是 神的兒子、可以跳下去%上說、主必吩咐他的使者保護„^^們必用手抉持你、免得^^的 

脚碰存 石頭上 1 穌囘 答說、 經上說 、不 耍試探 主你的 神。 膨鬼試 探已畢 、就 暫時離 開耶穌 bi 穌大得 聖靈的 能.? 到 

Bl , o^s - , c 十六 、 \ 、 

加利利 他的聲 名俾徧 四方在 各會堂 敎訓人 衆人都 稱讃他 耶穌到 了#^ 就 是他長 大的地 方在安 息:! : 照他尋 (:5 的 

親矩 >P7 會堂、 站著耍 讀聖經 。称人 將先知 的書变 給他、 耶穌 展開、 遇見 一 處寫著 ,^5^ 的 ii- 降臨在 我身上 、他用 

膏抹我 、科 我傳福 音 給窮 人聽、 差 遣 我醫好 傷心的 

St. LUKE, IV. 

19 To preach the acceptable year 
of the Lord. 

20 And he closed the book, and 
he gave it again to the minister, aud 
sat down. And the eyes of all them 
that were in the synagogue were 
fastened on him. 

21 And he began to say unto them, 
This day is this Scripture fulfilled in 
your cars. 

22 And all bare him witness, and 
wondered at the gracious words which 
proceeded out of bis mouth. And 
they said, Is not this Joseph's son? 

23 Asrjd he said unto them, Ye will 
surely say unto me this proverb. 
Physician, heal thyself: whatsoever 
we have heard done in Capernaum, 
do also here in thy country. 

24 And he said. Verily I say unto 
you, No prophet is accepted in his 
own country. 

25 But I tell you of a truth, many 
widows were ia Israel in the days of 
Elias, when the heaven was shut up 
three years and six months, when 
great famine was throughout all the 
land ; 

26 But uulo none of them was 
Elias sent J save unto Sarepta^ a city 
of Sidoii, unto a woman that was a 

27 And many lepers were in Israel 
in the time of Eliseus the prophet ; 
and none of them was cleansed, sav- 
ing Naaman the Syrian. 

28 And all they in the synagogue, 
when they lieard these things, were 
filled with wrath, 

29 And rose up, and thrust him 
out of the city J and led him unto the 
brow of the hill whereon their city 
"was built, that they might cast him 
down headlong. 

30 But he, passing through the 
midst of them, went his way. 

31 And came down to Capernaum, 
a city of Galilee, and taught them on 
the sabbath days. 

章四 第加路 157 

十 *^ \ \ 、 o = 十 、 

吿訴 被囚的 得釋放 瞎眼的 得看見 受壓制 的得自 由宣揚 神 悅納人 的膊年 耶穌捲 上書遞 給執事 的人自 己坐下 %1堂 

裏的人 都注目 看他。 i 穌對他 們說、 你們 方鍵聽 的經、 今日應 驗了。 i 人都稱 讃他、 聽見他 口裏所 講有恩 惠的話 、甚 以爲希 

、 、 0--3 、 、 、 

奇 說這不 是約瑟 的兒子 麽耶穌 說你們 必引俗 語向我 說醫生 須醫治 自己我 們所聽 見你在 行的事 、也當 行在自 

己家 鄕裏。 &ig 吿訴 你們、 沒有先 知在本 鄕被人 敬重的 1 實在吿 訴你們 、從前 .^ws 的時 i 天閉 塞不下 }i 有 三年零 


Iw^ 的 一 個寡婦 那裏去 1^ 知, 的 時候、 saw 百姓裏 有許多 長礦的 、其 中沒有 一 個得潔 淨的、 只有 SI, 國的 

^ 得潔 淨了。 S 堂裏的 人聽見 這話、 就甚 發怒、 i 來、 趕逐耶 穌出城 、那 城造在 山上、 他們將 耶穌拉 到山崖 、耍推 他下去 

穌 一 直從衆 人中間 經過、 就 去了。 i 了. 的 Is 、每逢 安息日 、必敎 訓衆人 

]58 St. LUKE, IV 

32 And they were astonished at his 
doctrine; for hia word was with power. 

33 T[ And m the synagogue there 
was a mail, which had a spirit of an 
unclean devil, and cried out with a 
loud voice, 

34 Saying, Let us alone ; what have 
we to do with thee, thou Jesus of 
Nazareth ? art thou come to destroy 
us ? I know thee who thou art ; the 
Holy One of God. , • 

35 And Jesus rebuked him, saying, 
Hold thy peace, aud come out of 
him. And when the devil had thrown 
him in the midst, he came out of 
him, and hurt him not. 

36 And they were all amazed, 
and spake among themselves, saying, 
What a word is this ! for with 
authority and power lie commandeth 
the unclean spirits, and they come out. 

37 And the fame of him went out 
into every place of the country round 

38 t And he arose out of the 
synagogue, and entered into Simon's 
house. And Simon's wife's mother 
was taken with a great fever ; and 
they besought him for her. 

39 And he stood over her, aud 
rebuked the fever ; and it left her : 
aud immediately she arose and min- 
ister eel unto them. 

40 , Now when the sun was set- 
ting, all they that had any sick with 
divers diseases brought them unto 
him ; and he laid his hands on every- 
one of them, and healed them, 

41 And devils also came out of 
many, crying out, and saying. Thou 
art Christ the Sou of God. And he 
rebuking them suffered them not to 
speak : for they knew that he was 

42 And wheu it was day, he 
(le pur ted and went into a desert 
place : and the people souglit liim, 
and came unto him, and stayed liim, 
that he should not depart from them. 

章四 第加路 

ml 、 、 Oli 二一一 、 , 、! 「E!.-.y^J=M 

衆入 聽他的 敎訓甚 以爲希 奇因爲 他講道 大有權 柄在會 堂裏有 一 個被 邪鬼的 精氣附 著的人 大凝喊 叫說. 牮撒 勒的耶 

穌、 我們和 你有甚 麼相干 、你來 滅絕我 們麼、 我知道 你是誰 、你是 祌的聖^|!&穌責備他說、不耍作1從這人身上出來1 

、 、 、 , 、 , 

鬼將那 人摔倒 在衆人 當中就 出來了 那人卻 沒有傷 損衆人 驚訝彼 此問說 這是甚 麽道理 呢因^ 他用權 柄能力 吩咐邪 

鬼、 鬼就 出去。 iris 穌的聲 名傳徧 四方。 o-i 穌出了 會堂、 進了 的家、 的岳母 患熟病 、甚 是沉 t 有人 -属他 求耶穌 q 

i 穌進前 、站 在病人 旁邊、 措 u£; 那熟病 、熟就 退了、 婦人立 刻起來 、服事 他們。 S 落的 時候、 巧人帶 著思谷 病的人 、來 見耶阪 

耶 穌一個 一 個的按 手在他 們身上 、醫 好他們 1^ 鬼從許 多人身 子裏出 恭喊^ 說、 你是 神的兒 子基仏 耶穌因 他們認 

得 自己是 某督、 就禁止 他們、 不許他 們說這 tlK 亮的 時候、 耶穌往 曠野. ^衆人 尋找^ 來到面 前强留 %不 叫他離 S 他們。 

St. LUKE, V. 

章五 第加路 159 

43 And he said unto them, I must 
preach the kingdom of God to other 
cities also : for therefore am I sent. 

44 And he preached in the syna- 
gogues of Galilee. 


AND it came to pass, that, as the ! 
people pressed upon him to | 
hear the word of Gocl, he stood by | 
the 】ake of Gennesaret, 

2 And saw two ships standiDg by 
the lake : but the fishermen M'ei'e 
gone out of them, and were washing 
their nets. 

3 And he entered into one of the 
sliips, which was Simon,s, and prayed 
him that he would thrust out a little 

! from the land. And he sat down, 
and taught the people out of the ship. 

4 Now wh^n he had left speaking, 
he said unto Simon, Launcli out into 

I the deep, and let down your nets 
for a draught. 

5 And Simon answering said unto 
him, Master, we have toiled all the 
night, and have taken nothing : 
nevertheless at thy word I will let 
down the net. 

6 And when they had this done, 
they inclosed a great multitude of 
fishes : and their net brake, 

7 And they beckoned nuto their 
partners, which were in the other 
ship, that they should come and help 
them. And they came, and filled bot'ii 
the ships, so that they began to sink. 

8 When Simon Peter saw it, he 
fell down at Jesus' knees, sayiug, 
Depart from me ; for I am a sinful 
man, O Lord. 

9 For he was astonished, and all 
that were with luro, at the draught 
of the fishes ^vhicli they had taken : 

10 And so was also James, and 
John, the sons ofZebedee, which were 

* partners with Simon. And Jesus 
said imto Simon, Fear not ; from 
henceforth thou slmlt catch men. 

&穌說 、我也 當在^ 處傳 神國的 福音、 我奉差 遣原是 一1 這事。 ,是 耶穌在 HI 的各 會堂襄 講道。 


^ 人擁 擠到耶 穌面前 〔耍聽 神的道、耶穌站在ssl*的湖氣i-有兩隻艄泊在湖邊、打魚的人離開艄、洗綱去^^_l穌 

就上了 的那隻 1 吩 咐襟氣 稍微離 3.^ 耶 穌就坐 在船上 敎訓衆 &完了 、對 ssli^ 、將 船搖到 水深的 地方、 下網打 t 

5 、 、 、 \ 〇 大、 、 0V 

^^囘答說夫子我們終夜勞苦並沒有打著甚麽如今我遵你的命下網剛 一 下 綱就圏 住許多 的负網 幾乎裂 開就招 S 

S 船上的 同伴來 |;€助 。來了 、就 將魚装 滿了兩 隻氣船 將要沉 下去。 s^z^ 一 見、 就俯伏 在耶穌 脚_ ^說、 主離 開我、 我是罪 

和他的 同伴、 見打了 這許多 的魚、 都甚 驚懼。 的同 伴、^ g,^ 的 25- 子^^ 也 都驚爆 ^ 穌對^ 說、 不耍 ^ 

從今 wti 你將 耍得人 了。 

160 St. LUKE, V 

章五 第加路 

11 And when they had brought 
their ships to laud, they forsook all, 
and followed him. " 
, -' 12 f And it came to pass, when 
lie was in a certain city, behold a 
man full of leprosy ; who seeing 
Jesus fell on his face, and besought 
him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou 
canst make me clean. 

13 Aud he put forth his hand, and 
touched him, saying, I will : be thou 
clean. And immediately the leprosy 
departed from him. 

14 And he charged him to tell 
110 man : but go, and shew thyself to 
the priest, and offer for thy cleansing, 
according as Moses commanded, for 
a testimony unto them. 

15 But so much the more went 
there a fame abroad of him : and great 
multitudes came together to heai-, aud 
to be liealed by him of their in- 

16 ^ And he withdrew himself in- 
to the wilderness, and prayed. 

17 Aud it came to pass on a cer- 
tain day, as he was leaching, that 
there were Pharisees and doctors of 
the law sitting by, which were come 
out of every town of Galilee, and 
Judoa, and Jerusalem : and tlie power 
of the Lord was present to heal them. 

18 ^ And, behold, men brought iu 
a bed a man which was taken witli a 
palsy : and they sought means to bring 
him in, and to lay him before him. 

19 And "'hen they could not find 
by what loay they might bring him 
in because of the multitude, tliey 
went upon the housetop, aud let him, 
down through the tiling with his 
couch into the midst before J esiis. 

20 Aud when he saw their fiiith, 
he said unto him, Man, thy sins are 
forgiven thee. 

21 And the scribes aud the Pluiri- 
sees began to reason, saying, Wliu is 
til is which speak (! th blasphemies? 
AVlio can forgive sins, but Godaloue? 

i 們 將兩隻 船拉上 岸去、 就撇下 一 ^所 有的、 跟從耶 穌去了 。〇i 穌在 一 個城 ^ 有人 長了 一 身的 癩看見 耶穌、 就 俯伏在 

地、 求他說 、主 若肯、 必能 叫我潔 淨了。 i 穌伸 手摸著 他說、 我肯、 你潔 淨了罷 「癥 病立刻 離了他 的身。 象。 穌禁止 他說、 不 耍吿訴 

人耍去 ^祭司 察看你 的身體 、照 SI 所定的 親矩、 獻上 鱧物、 在 衆人面 ^ 作你 潔淨的 憑據。 ^ 穌的 聲&越 發傅揚 出來、 有 

許多 人聚集 聽道、 也措 他 醫病。 i 穌返到 喊野去 祈禱。 〇1、 日耶穌 敎訓人 、有法 利赛人 和敎法 師在那 ^坐著 、他 們是從 

m 谷鄕村 、和 i.^ 並 來的、 主顯出 大能、 醫治 病人。 人用 牀擡著 一 個患 痴瘋病 的人、 耍擾進 年放在 耶穌面 

氣 i 爲人多 If 得擡他 進去、 就 上房揭 1^。 用 牀將他 繁下、 到耶穌 面前。 i 穌見他 們這樣 信他、 對病人 ^你的 罪赦了 些誠 

書人和 法利赛 人心裹 議論說 、這 說僭妄 話的是 艮除了 !^誰能赦罪^ 

St. LUKE, V. 

22 But when Jesus perceived their 
thoughts, he answering said unto 
them, Wlmt reason ye in your hearts? 

23 Whether is easier, to say. Thy 
sins be forgiven thee ; or to say, Rise 
up and w alk ? 

24 But tliat ye may know that the 
Son of man hath power upon earth 
to forgive sins, (he said unto the sick 
of the palsy,) I say unto thee, Arise, 
and take up thy couch, and go into 
thine house. 

25 And immediately he rose up 
before them, and took up that where- 
on he lay, and daparted to his own 
house, glorifying God. 

26 And they were all amazed, and 
tlioy glorified God, and were filled 
with fear, saying, We have seen 
strange things to day, 

^Ancl after these things he went 
forth, and saw a publican, named 
Levi, sitting at the receipt of custom: 
ami he said unto liira, Follow me. 

28 And he left all, rose up, and 
followed him, 

29 And Levi made hiui a great 
feast ill his own house: and there was 
a great company of publicans and of 
others that sat down with them. 

30 But their scribes and Pharisees 
murmured against his disciples, say- 
ing, Wliy do ye eat and drink with 
publicans and sinners? 

31 And Jesus answering said unto 
them, They that are whole need not 
a physician ; but they that are sick. 

32 I came not to call the righteous, 
but sinners to repentance. 

33 T[ And tlieysaid unto him, Why 
do the disciples of Job a fast often, 
and make prayers, and likewise the 
dkciples of the Pharisees ; but thine 
eat and drink ? 

34 And lie said unto thein, Can 
ye make the children of the bride- 
chamber fast, while the bridegroom 
is with them ? 

牽五 第加路 161 

1 一二 一 、 、 O 一二 1一 、 、 〇 一一 EI 

耶 穌知道 他們的 心意就 對他們 說你們 禱甚麽 心基議 論呢或 說你的 罪赦了 或說你 起來行 走那樣 容葛呢 現在耍 叫你 

們曉得 人子在 傲上、 有赦罪 的權抦 。就對 癱癡的 人說、 我吩附 你起來 、拿 你的牀 囘家去 gii 人當衆 人面前 、立刻 站起來 、拿 

他躺臥 的牀囘 家去、 稱讃 神。 i 人 詫異、 也稱讃 神、並且滿心懼怕說、我們今日看見意外的事了。〇^事以後、耶穌出^|^ 

看見 一 個稅 吏名叫 ffl^^ 在稅 關上、 就對 他說、 你跟 從我夾 就搬下 一 W 所有的 > 逛來、 跟從耶 穌去了 1* 在自己 家一晃 

、 Oil 一十 * 、 

il 耶穌 擺設豐 盛的筵 席有許 多稅吏 和別人 一 同^ 席讀 書人和 法利赛 人就向 耶穌的 門徒發 怨言說 ii 甚麽你 們和稅 

Oil 一 1、、 、、、3-1 、 

吏 並罪人 一 同 吃喝呢 耶穌囘 答說健 壯的人 用不著 醫生有 病的人 纔用得 著我來 不是耍 叫義人 悔改是 耍叫罪 人悔改 

、 、 、 、 、- ollira 、 

他們 說約翰 的門徒 常常禁 食祈禱 法利赛 的門徒 也是這 樣惟獨 你的門 徒又吃 又喝是 it 甚麽呢 耶穌說 新郎與 慶賀新 

郞的 人還在 一 彪焉能 ^慶賀 的人禁 食呢。 

162 St. LUKE, VI. 

35 But the days will come, when 
the bridegroom shall be taken away 
from tlicui, and then shall they fast 
in those days. 

36 1 Ami he spake also a parable 
unto them ; No man putteth a piece 
of a new garment ii[>on an old ; if 
otherwise, then both the new maketh 
a rent, and the piece that was taken 
out of the new agreelh not with tlie 

37 And no man putteth new wine 
into old bottles ; else the new wine 
will burst the bottles, and be spilled, 
ami the bottles shall perish. 

38 But new wine must be put into 
new bottles; and both are preserved. 

39 No man also having drunk old 
zt'Mie straightway desireth new; for he 
saitli, The old is better, 


A it came to pass on the second 
-i-JL sabbath after the first, that he 
went through the corn fields, and his 
disciples plucked the ears of corn, and 
did cat, rubbing them in their hands. 

2 And certain of tlie Pharisees said 
unto them, Why do yo that which 
is not lawful to do on tlie sabbath 
days ? 

3 And Jesus answering them said, 
Have ye not read so much as this, 
、vli£it David (lid, wlien himself was a 
liungerecl, and they wliich were with 
liim ; 

4 How he went into tlie house of 
God, and did take and cat the shew- 
broad, and gave also to them that 
were with him; whidi it is not law- 
ful io oat but for tlie priests alone ? 

5 Ami he said unto tliem, Tliat 
the Sou of man is Lord also of the 

6 And it came to pass also on an- 
other sabbath, that lie entered into 
tlic synagogue and taught: and there 
was a mail whose right hand was 

章六 第加路 

來新郞 離開他 們去了 、那 時他們 就必禁 食了 1 穌用比 對衆 人說、 沒有 用新布 補舊衣 服;^ f 适樣^ 新布 必將^ 

服帶 、並且 所補的 新布、 和 舊衣服 也不稱 1 有將新 酒盛在 蔡皮袋 裏^ 若 是這樣 t 新酒列 &開皮 ^酒漏 出來、 連 皮袋也 

壤了 1 將新酒 盛在新 皮袋教 、雨樣 就都保 全了。 S 有人 吃了隙 ;氣立 刻想吃 新洒、 總 說陳的 更好。 


t 越節第 二曰後 、頭 一 個安 息日、 耶穌從 麥田裹 經過、 他的門 徒摘了 麥穂^ 用手搓 著吃。 il^: 幾個 法利蹇 \對 他們說 、你們 

Id! 甚麽作 tfsB 所不可 作的事 耶穌囘 答說經 上記著 大阔和 跟他的 人饑餓 的時候 所作的 I5J^ 你 們沒有 蘭過良 鲈走進 

神的殿 、將陳 設的餅 吃了、 又給跟 他的人 ,1 這餅 除了祭 fl^ 別人都 不可, 耶穌乂 -齓人 子也是 安息日 的.^ -a 又 j 個安 

息 H 、耶穌 進會堂 敎訓人 、在 那裏有 一 個 人右手 枯乾。 


7 And the scribes and Pharisees 
watched liim, whether he would heal 
oil the sabbath day ; that they might 
find an accusation against him. 

8 But he knew their thoughts, and 
sai d to the man wh i ch had t he 
withered liond, Rise up, and stand 
forth in the midst. And he arose 
and stood forth. 

9 Then said Jesus unto them, I 
will ask you one thing; Is it lawful 
on the sabbath days to do good, or to 
do evil ? to save life, or to destroy it f 

JO And looking round about upon 
tlioni all, he said unto the man, Stretch 
forth lliy hand. And lie did so : and 
his hand was restored whole as the 

11 And they were filled with mad- 
ness ; and communed one with an- 
other what they might do to Jesus. 

12 And it came to pass in those 
clays, that lie went out into a mountain 
to pray, aud continued all night in 
prayer to God. 

13 \ Aud when it was day, he 
called unto him his disciples : aud of 
them he chose twelve, whom also he 
named apostles ; 

14 Simon, (whom he also named 
Peter,) and Andrew his brother, 
James and John, Philip and Bar- 

15 Matthew and Tliomas, James 
the son of Alphens, and Simon called 

1 6 And Judas the brother of James, 
and Judas Iscariot, which also was 
the traitor, 

17 T[ And he came dowa with them, 
and stood in the plain, and the com- 
pany of his disciples, and a great 
multitude of people out of all Juclea 
ami Jeriisalemj aud from the sea coast 
of Tyre and Sidon, which came to 
hear him, and to be liealcd of their 
diseases ; 

18 And they that were vexed with 
unclean spirits : and they were healed. 

章六 第加路 163 

ia 曰人 和法利 赛人、 窺探耶 穌在安 息日、 醫治不 醫治、 耍 得把柄 去吿氣 II 穌曉得 他們的 意&^ 吩咐 那枯乾 一 隻 手的人 

、 、 % ofc 、 、 、 、 * 、 

說 起來站 在當中 那人就 起來站 著耶穌 對他們 說我有 一 句 話問你 們在安 息日作 善事作 惡事救 性命害 性命那 是應當 

&穌就 周圍看 著衆人 、對那 人說、 伸出 手來、 那 人將手 一 手就 好了、 同 那隻手 一 樣> (人大 怒、 彼此商 氪怎樣 處治耶 ^ 

4-1; 、 、 十一 f- 、 、 , 十四 

〇 那 時候耶 穌出诚 上山去 禱吿終 夜祈禱 神次 H 淸早 了他的 門徒來 楝選十 二個人 稱他們 爲使徒 這十二 人就是 

、 、 、 、 、十 s 、 、 

和 他兄弟 耶穌又 賜名給 西門叫 彼得還 有雅各 和約翰 腓力和 巴多羅 買馬太 和多馬 亞勒腓 的兒子 雅谷和 


、 ]1 、 == ■ 、 、 十 n: , 

而和叫 §1 冷 並推羅 西頓的 海邊來 聽他講 道乂望 他醫病 還有被 邪鬼纏 磨的都 被耶穌 醫好了 

164 St. LUKE, VL 

19 Aud the whole multitude souglit 
to touch him : for there wcut virtue 
out of him, and liealed them all. 

20 And ho lifted up his eyes on 
his disciples, and said. Blessed be ye 
poor : for yours is tlie kingdom of 

21 Blessed are ye tlial hunger now : 
for ye sliall be filled. Blessed are ye 
tiiat weep now : for ye shall laugh. 

22 Blessed are ye, when men shall 
hate you, and when they shall separate 
you from their company, aud shall 
reproach you, aud cast out your name 
as evilj for the Son of man's sake. 

23 Eojoice ye in that day, and leap 
for joy : for, beliolcl, your reward 
is great in hoaven : for in the like 
manner did their fathers unto the 

24 Bat woe u nto you that are rich ! 
for ye have received your consolation. 

25 Woe imto you that are full ! for 
ye shall hunger. Woe uulo you that 
laugh now ! for ye shall mourn aud 

26 Woe unto yon, when all men 
shall speak well of you ! for so did 
tlieir fathers to the false prophets. 

27 , But I 8uy unto you which 
hear, Love your enemies, do good to 
tliem which hate you, 

28 Bless them that curse you, and 
pray for tJiem which despitefuUy use 
you. • • 

29 And unto him tliat sniiletli thee 
on the one cheek offer also the other ; 
and him tliat taketli away thy cloak 
iijrbid not to take ihy coat also. 

30 Give to every man that asketh 
of thee ; and of him that taketh away 
thy goods ask ihcui not agiiiiu 

31 And as ye would that men 
'sliouhl do to yoU; do yc also to thoiu 

o2 Yov if yc love them wliicli love 
you, what tiiank have yc? lor sinners 
also love those that love them. 

章六 第加路 

i 人都耍 摸耶穌 、因爲 有能力 從他身 上出东 、醫治 他們。 〇&• 穌舉目 看著門 徒說、 你們 這貧窮 的人、 是有; i 的、 因^ 神的 

國、 是你 們的國 1 們現在 饑餓的 人、 是有福 I 因 爲 必耍得 氣你們 現在哭 泣的人 、是存 福:^ Ms 必耍喜 因爲 A 子 

、 、 、 、 、 G-l= 、 

恨惡你 們趕你 們出會 i% 罵你們 以你們 的名爲 惡棄絶 你們你 們就存 福了那 時候應 常歡喜 跳躍因 1^ 你 們在天 上的赏 

賜是 大的、 這 些人的 祖宗待 先知、 也是這 們 富厚的 人有禍 f,^ 因露你 們已經 得過安 i^i^ 們飽足 的人有 禍了、 因 _m 你 

們必耍 饑餓。 你 們現在 喜笑的 人有禍 1-- 困 一1 你們必 耍悲哀 哭泣。 i 們被 衆人誇 獎。^ 人有禍 一.^ 因爲 他們 S 、視 恃 

知、 也是這 吿訴你 們聽道 的人、 與你 們爲仇 的.^ 耍愛, 攸、 恨你 們的、 倒耍待 他好。 你們的 k0 他祝福 、輕 il:- 你們: i 

--ft 、 、 Q 、 - 「 三 

要爲他 祈禱有 人打你 這邊的 脸你就 轉過那 邊的臉 來由他 打有人 鸾你外 面的衣 服連^ 面的衣 服也由 他拿去 凡求你 

、 、 、 21 、 05 、 

的你就 給他有 人拿你 的東西 去不用 向他討 囘來你 耍人怎 樣待你 們你們 也翌怎 樣待. <你 們若 愛那愛 你們的 人有甚 

麼賞 賜呢、 有罪的 <s 也愛那 愛他們 的人。 

St. LUKE, VI. 

33 And if ye do good to them which 
do good to yon, wliat thank have ye? 
for sinners also clo even the same. 

34 And if ye lend to them of whom 
ye hope to receive, what tliank have 
ye ? for sinners also lend to sinners, 
to receive as much again. 

35 But love ye your enemies, and 
do good, and lend, hoping for nothing 
again ; and your reward shall be great, 
and ye shall be the childron of the 
Highest : for lie is kind u a to tlio un- 
tliankful and to the evil. 

36 Be ye therefore merciful, as 
your Father also is merciful. 

37 Judge not, and ye shall not be 
judged : condemn not, and ye sliall 
not bo condemned : forgive, and ye 
shall be forgiven : 

38 Give, and it shall be given uuto 
you ; good measure, pressed down, 
unci shakou together, and running 
over, shall men give into your bosom. 
For with tlio same measure that ye 
mete withal it shall be measured to 
you again. 

39 And he spake a parable uuto 
them ; Cau the blind lead the blind? 
shall they not both fall into the ditch ? 

40 The disciple is not above his 
nmster : but every cue that is perfect 
shall be as his master. 

41 Ami why beholdcst thou the 
mote that is in thy brother's eye, but 
perceivcst not the beam that is iu 
thine own eye? 

42 Either liow canst thou say to 
thy brother, Brotiior, let me pull 
out the mote that is in thine eye, 
when thou thyself beholdest not the 
beam that is in thine own eye ? Tliou 
hypocrite, cast out first the beam out 
of thine own eye, and then shalt thou 
sec clearly to puU out the mote that 
is ill thy brother's eye. 

43 For a good tree bringeth not 
forth corrupt fruit ; neither dolh a 
corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 

章六 第加路 165 

3 s 、 、 , §0 、、 、 

你們若 好待那 待你們 好的人 有甚麼 賞賜呢 有罪的 人也是 這樣行 你們若 偕給人 措望償 還有甚 麼賞賜 呢罪人 也借給 

罪人、 要 他照數 償還。 II 們的仇 I 倒要 愛他、 又耍善 待衆人 、借給 人不指 望償還 、你們 的賞賜 就必大 rl^ 也可以 作至上 舯 

、- 门一一.六 、 Omi 一七 V 

的 。子 因一 神 慈愛那 辜恩和 不善的 人所以 你們應 當有仁 慈像你 們天父 有仁慈 一 樣你 們不耍 議論人 人就不 議論、 

你們。 你們不 耍定人 的罪、 人就不 定你們 的罪。 你們要 饒恕人 。人 就饒恕 你們。 g 們耍 給人、 人必給 你們、 並且 ^ 公平 的升 I 

搖按 實在、 撒出來 放在你 們懷裏 、因篇 你們用 甚麽升 斗給人 、人 也用甚 麼升斗 給你們 。〇 戰穌 又用比 喻對他 們說、 瞎子怎 

能領瞎 子走路 呢兩個 人不都 掉在坑 裏麼學 生不能 越過先 生凡學 齊全了 的僅能 與先生 一 樣你 i! 甚麼 看見兄 弟眼睛 

^ 0011 、 、 、 

裏有刺 倒不覺 自己眼 睛裏有 梁木呢 你自己 不覺眼 睛裏有 梁木怎 能對弟 兄說兄 弟容我 I! 你撥 出眼睛 裏的刺 來呢假 


結好 果子。 

166 St. LUKE, VII. 

牽七 第加路 

44 For every tree is known by his 
own fruit. For of thorns men do not 
gather figs, run, of a bramble bush 
gather they grapes. 

45 A good man out of the good 
treasure of his lieavt briugeth forth 
that which is good ; and an evil mau 
out of the evil treasure of his heart 
bringeth forth that which is evil : for 
of the abundance of the heart his 
moil til spoaketh. 

46 T[ And why call ye nie, Lord, 
Lorcl^ and do not the things wliicli 
I say ? 

47 Whosoever cometh to me, and 
Iiearetli my sayings, and doetli them, 
I will sliew you to whom he is like : 

48 He is like a man which built a 
house, and digged deep, and laid the 
foundation ou a rock : and when the 
flood arose, Ihe stream beat vehe- 
mently upon that house, and could 
not shake it ; for it was founded upon 
a rock. 

49 But he that hearetli, and doetli 
not, is like a man that without a 
fouudatioii built a liouso upon the 
earth ; against which the stream did 
beat vehemently, and immediately it 
fell ; and the ruin of that house was 


NOW when he liad ended all his 
sayings in the audience of the 
people, he entered into Capernaum. 

2 And a certain centurion's servant, 
who was dear unto him, was sick, 
and roady to die. 

3 And wlieii he lieard of Jesus, he 
sent imto him tlie elders of the Jews, 
beseeching him that he would come 
and heal his servant. 

4 And when they came to Jesus, 
they besought him instantly, saying, 
That he was worthy for whom lie 
should do this : 

5 For he lovcth our nation, and he 
hath built us a synagogue. 

s 、 、 、 , OSS , , 、 

凡 樹看他 的果子 就認出 來了荆 棘中不 能採無 花果蔬 i 凝中 不能摘 葡萄善 人心裹 存著善 就發出 善來惡 人心裏 存著惡 

、 、 CEJ 六 \ 、 CE! 七 、 

就發出 惡來因 i! 心 裏有甚 麼口裏 就說甚 麼你們 一0 甚麼 稱呼我 主阿主 1: 卻不照 著我的 話行呢 凡到我 這.: 晃來 聽見我 

的 就去 行的、 我耍 吿訴你 們他像 1* 麼 4„i 像人建 造房子 、深深 的掘地 、將极 基安在 磐石, ^到了 大水漲 I 街 撃這房 

房子不能勸、因焉根基在磐石上。^聽見不去行:^就像.<在土地上建造房^-沒有根基、水 一 銜 I 就坍倒 t,^ 並且 枬倒的 

很大 , 

第七 章 

t 穌對 百姓講 完了這 一 W 的話、 就進了 13、4- 一 個&夫 長最愛 的僕人 忠病、 將耍 死了。 iJn 夫長聽 見耶穌 所行的 、就 

託幾個 5%11^老 去求耶 ^來醫 治他的 僕.^ 〔^些 長 老來見 耶穌、 的求耶 穌說、 你 iJif 他行 這事、 這恩是 他配受 爲 

他愛我 們百妙 一. 給我 們建造 會堂。 


章七 第加路 


6 Tlien Jesus wen t with thera. 
Au(] when lie was now not far from 
the house, the centurion sent friends 
to liim, saying unto lum, Lnr(l, trouble 
not tliysell'; for I am not' worthy that 
thou sliouldest enter under my roof: 

7 Wherefore neither thougiit I 
myself worthy to come unto thee : 
but say in a word, aud my servant 
slm】l be liealed. 、; 

8 For I also am a man set under 
authority^ having under me soldiers, 
and I say unto one, Go, aud he goeth ; 
and to another, Come, and he cometh ; 
aud to my servant, Do tliis, and lie 
doe til it. 

9 When Jesus heard these things, 
he marvelled at him, and turned 】iini 
aboutj and said unto the people that 
followed him, I say unto you, I have 
not found so great faitl】, no, not in 

10 And they that were sent, re- 
turning to the house, found the ser- 
vant whole tlmt had been sick. 

11 Tf And it came to pass the day 
nftor, that he went into a city called 
Nain ; and many of his disciples went 
with him, and much people. 

12 Now when he came nigh to the 
gale of the city, behold, there was a 
(lead man carried out, the only son of 
his mother, and she was a widow: and 
mucii people of the city was with her. 

13 And when the Lord saw her, 
lie had compassion on her, and said 
unto her, Weep not. 

14 And he came and touched the 
bier : and they that bare him stood 
still. And he said, Young man, I say 
unto thee, Arise. 

15 And he that was dead sat up, 
and began to speak. And lie delivered 
liim to his moiJie!: 

16 And there came a fear on all : 
aud they glorified God, saying, That 
a great prophet is risen up among us ; 
and, That God hath visited his 

k 穌就 和他們 一 同去。 離他家 不遠, 百夫長 又託明 友去見 耶穌說 、主阿 、不耍 勞氣你 到我家 裏來、 我 不敢當 1§ 也不 配去見 

你、 R 求說 一 句話、 我的 僕人就 必好了 lltf 我屬 人管、 也有兵 屬我管 、吩咐 這個去 就去、 吩咐 那個來 就來、 吩 附我的 僕人作 

、 ^ 

這事、 他就去 作% 穌聽見 這些話 、就詫 4 轉身對 那許多 跟隨的 人說、 我吿訴 你們、 這樣深 信的、 就是在 3^ 人中 我也 

沒有 遇見過 1 來的. = ^囘到 百 夫長 家裏、 看見 有病的 僕人、 已 經好了 。〇^ 日、 耶 穌進了 一 座城、 名 grfl 有許多 門徒、 和許 

多別 人與他 同行。 S 近城門 、有入 擡著死 人出來 那死人 的母親 、只 生了這 一 個兒子 、並且 是寡婦 、有城 裏許多 人和他 一 同 

* ' . 十 S 、 、 、 C 十四 , 、 ora 9 

送濱主 看見那 寡婦就 憐憫他 說不要 哭就進 前用手 摸枉擡 的人站 住了耶 穌說少 年人我 吩附你 起來死 人就坐 起來並 

、 卞六 、 9 , 、 

i 說 話耶穌 將他交 給他^ 親衆人 驚駭歸 榮耀與 舯說有 大先知 在我們 中間奥 起來了 神眷 顧他的 姓 

168 St. LUKE, VII. 

17 And this rumour of him went 
forth throughout all Judea, and 
throughout all the region rc und about. 

IS And the disciples of John 
shewed liim of all these things. 

19 1 And John calling unto him 
two of his disciples sent them to Jesus, 
saying, Art thou he that should 
come ? or look we for anotlier ? 

20 When the men were come unto 
him, they said, John Baptist liathsent 
iLS unto thee-, saying, Art thou he that 
should come ? or look we for anotlier ? 

21 And in that same hour he cured 
many of their infirmities and plagues, 
and of evil spirits ; aud unto many 
ih(d we're blind he gave sight. 

22 Then Jesus answering said unto 
them, Go your way, and tell John 
what things ye have seen and heard ; 
how that tlie blind see, the lame walk, 
the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, 
the dead are raised, to the poor the 
gospel is preached. 

23 And blessed is he, whosoever 
shall not be offended in me. 

24 ^ And when tlie messengers of 
John were departed, he began, to 
speak unto the people concerning 
John, What went ye out into the 
wilderness for to see? A reed shaken 
with the wind ? 

25 But what went ye out for to 
see? A mail clot lied in soft raiment ? 
Behold, they which are gorgeously 
a ])pa relied, and live delicately, are in 
kings' courts. 

26 But what went ye out for to 
see ? A prophet ? T ea, I say unto you, 
and much more than a prophet. 

27 This is he, of whom it is written, 
Bell old, I Kcnd my messenger before 
thy face, wliicli shall prepare thy 
way before thee. 

28 For I say unto you, Among 
those tliat are born of women there 
is not u gmit't'r prophet than John 
the Bapt ist : but he that is least in the 
kingdom of God is greater than he. 

章七 第加路 

十 i? I o 十 r: —— 、 o 十 ft , 、 、 

這事就 傳遍猶 太和四 外地方 〇 約翰 的門徒 將這些 事都吿 訴約翰 約翰就 叫了兩 個門徒 來差遣 他們去 見耶穌 說應當 

來的是 你呢、 還 是我們 等候別 人呢。 i 兩個 人來到 耶穌面 前說、 施洗的 ^ 差遣 我們來 見你、 問那應 當米的 是你 呢、? M 是 

我們等 候別人 候耶穌 醫好許 多病人 、遂 出許多 惡鬼、 又叫許 多瞎子 都能看 ar^i 穌 囘答. _ ^你 們去 將所着 見所聽 

、 、 、 、 、 、 、 ells 、 

見的事 告訴^ 翰 就是瞎 眼的看 見病腿 的行走 長癩的 乾淨耳 © 的聽 見死 人復活 貧窮的 得聽福 昔凡不 服棄我 的就有 

福了。 所差的 人去後 、耶 穌向衆 人講論 @說 、你們 從前到 曠野去 、是 耍看甚 I 要看 風吹動 的廬葦 41 們出^ 是耍 

看甚麼 、耍看 穿華美 衣服的 人麽、 那穿華 美衣服 樂的人 、都在 王宮 fei 們出去 、究竞 是耍看 甚蔽耍 看先知 良我實 

在吿訴 你們、 這人 比先知 更大。 4* 經 上說、 我差遣 我的使 t 在你 面; 豫備你 的道亂 這話正 是指著 這人說 :^^ 又 吿訴你 

們、 凡 婦人所 生的、 沒有一 個先 知大過 施洗的 然而 神 國裏最 小的. < 、比 ^ 還大。 


章七 第加路 


29 And all the pooj^le that heardhim , 
and the publicans, j iist ified God, beiug 
baptized with llio baptism of John. 

30 But the Plmrist'os and lawyers 
rejected the counsel of God against 
themselves^ being not baptized of him. 

31 t And the Lord said, Where- 
unto tli( n shall I \\kin\ the men of this 
generat ion ? and to what are they like ? 

32 They are like unto children 
sitting in the markei place, and calling 
one to auotlier, aiul saying. We have 
piped unto you^ unci ye have not 
danced ; we have mouniod (o you, 
and ye have not wept. 

33 For John the Baptist came 
neither eating bread nor drinking 
wine ; and ye say, He hath a devil. 

34 The Son of man is come eating 
and drinking ; and ye say, Behold a 
gluttonous man, and a vviiicbibber, a 
friend of publicans and sinners ! 

35 But wisdom is justified of all 
her children. 

36 1[ And one of the Pharisees 
desired him that, ho would eat with 
him. And he went into the Pharisee's 
house, and sat dowu to meat. 

37 And, behold, a woman in the 
city, Avhich was a siuner, when slie 
knew that Jesus sat at meat in the 
Pharisee's bouse, brought an alabas- 
ter box of ointment, 

38 And stood at his feet behind 
him weeping, and began to wash his 
feet with tears, and did wipe them 
with the hairs of her head, and kissed 
his feet, and anointed them with the 

39 Now when the Pharisee which 
had bidden him sa w it, he spake 
within himself, saying. This man, if 
he were a })rophet, would have known 
who and what jpianner of woman this is 
that toucheth him; for she is a sinner. 

40 And Jesus answering said unto 
him, Simon, I have somewhat to say 
unto thee. And he saith, Master, 
sav on. 

一一 A 、 - I . 、 、 O-^T 、 , \ 

衆 百姓和 税吏曾 受約翰 的洗聽 見這話 就鑽美 神是公義的法利赛人和敎法帥沒有受:9.的洗自暴自楚違?^- 祌 

011,-1 、 • 、1| 一一 1 、 、 、 、 

的旨 意主 又說我 用甚麼 比這世 代的人 他們像 甚麼呢 就如孩 童坐】 4- 街上彼 此呼^ 說我 對你們 吹笛你 們不舞 跳我對 

、 05- 、 、 、 一 5 、 、 、 

你們舉 哀你們 不啼& 犬施洗 的約翰 來不吃 餅不喝 酒你們 說他是 被鬼附 的人子 來也吃 也喝你 們說他 是貧食 3^ 酒的人 

是税 吏和罪 尺的朋 友但那 有道的 人都以 道爲是 〇有 一 個 法利赛 人請耶 穌吃飯 耶穌就 到他家 裏去坐 席那城 褢有一 

個女 A 、素 來是有 罪的、 知道 耶穌在 法利赛 人家裏 坐席、 拿著盛 香膏的 玉盒、 § 在耶穌 背後 啼哭、 眼涙濕 了耶穌 的脚、 用自 

己的頭 髮去擦 、又用 嘴親他 的脚、 將香 膏抹. 411 耶穌吃 飯的法 利赛人 、看見 這事、 心裏說 、這 人若是 先知、 必 知道摸 他的是 

誰、 是怎樣 的女人 、困一 他是有 罪的人 1 穌對他 說、^ 、我耍 向你說 一 句話。 S, 鬥說、 夫子 請說。 

170 St. LUKE, VII. 

章 八 第 加 路 

41 There was a certain creditor 
which had iwo ciebtors : the one owed 
five hundred pence, and the other lifty. 

42 And when thoy had notliing to 
pay, he fruukly forgave them both. 
Tell me therefore, which of them will 
】ove him most ? 吏, . 

43 Simon answered and Faid, 1 
suppose that he, to v、'hom he for_^ave 
must. And he said mito him, Thou 
hast riglitly j ndgecl. 

44 And ho turned to the woman, 
and said unto Simon, Seest thou this 
woman ? 1 entered into tliine house, 
thou gavest nie no water for my feet : 
but .she hath washed my feet witli 
tears, and wiped them with the hairs 
of her head. 

45 Thou gavest me no kiss : but 
this woman, since the time I came 
in, liatli not ceased to kiss my feet. 

46 My head with oil thou didst 
not anoint : but this woman liath 
anointed my feet with ointment. 

47 Wherefore I say unto thee, 
Her sins, which are many, are for- 
given ; for she loved much : but to 
M'liom little is forgiven, the same 
lovetli little. 

48 And he said unto her, Thy sins 
are forgiven. 

49 Aud they that sat at meat with 
him began to say within themselves, 
Wlio is this that forgiveth sins also ? 

50 And he said to the woman, Thy 
faith liath .saved thee ; go in peace. 


AND it came to pass afterward, 
that he went throughout every 
city aud village, prcacliiiig and shew- 
ing the glad tidings of the kingdom 
of God : and the twelve were with 

2 And certain women, which had 
been healed of evil spirits and infirmi- 
ties, Marv called Magdalene, out of 
whom woht seven ddvils, 

i 穌說、 一 個於债 的人、 有兩 個,, <欠 他的债 、一 個欠 五十兩 娥子、 一 涸 欠五兩 銀子、 § 爲他們 無力憤 d 憤 主就豁 了、 你說 

這兩 個.^ 那 一 個更愛 債主西 門 囘答 說我看 &多 得豁? g 的人 耶穌說 你所見 的不錯 就囘. 姐看 著那女 人對西 門說你 1^ 

見 這女人 了我到 你家奥 來你, Si 苻給我 水冼脚 R;^ 這 女人用 f 胀涙濕 了我的 脚用如 髮擦^ 你沒 i:? 和我 親嘴他 這女人 

從我進 ^的 時候、 就 不住的 川嘴親 我的脚 1 沒有用 橄潭油 抹我的 一酞惟 這女人 m 香 WW 抹我的 &吿^ 你、 他許 多的罪 

、 、 、 orax 、 、 、 

都赦 了闲一 他愛 的多那 赦觅少 的他愛 的也少 於是對 那女人 說你的 罪赦? „£了 同席的 人私下 說他是 一.^,:^< 党赦免 

人的 罪呢耶 穌對那 女人說 你的信 救了你 了你可 以平平 安安的 囘去罷 


後 來耶穌 m: 遊&城 谷鄕傳 祌國的 福音十 二個使 徒趿隨 他還有 素被惡 鬼所附 並且忠 病已好 的幾個 婦人跟 隨他内 

中 W 稱爲^ S 的 、曾 有七 個鬼從 他身上 出來。 


3 And Joanna the wife of Cluiza 
HerocFs steward, and Susanna, and 
many others, which ministered uiito 
him of their substance. 

4 1 And whfu much people were 
gathered together, and were come to 
him out of every oity, he spake by a 
parable : 

5 A sower went out to sow his seed : 
and as he sowed, some fell by the 
way side ; and it was trodden down, 
and tlie fowls of (he air devoured it. 

6 Aud some fell upon a rock ; and as 
soon as it was sprung up^ it withered 
away, because it lacked moisture. 

7 And some fell among thorns ; 
and the thorns sprang up with it, aucl 
choked it. 

8 And other fell on good ground, 
and sprang iip, aud bare fruit a hun- 
dred fold. And when he had said 
these thing?, lie cried. He that hal h 
ears to hear, let him hear. 

9 And his disciples asked him, 
saying, Wlmt might this parable be? 

10 And he said, Unto you it is given 
to know the mysteries of* the kingdom 
of God : but to others in parables ; 
that seeing they might not see, aud 
healing tliey might not understand. 

11 Now the parable is this: The 
seed is the word of God. 

12 Those by the way side are tliey 
that hear ; then Cometh the devil, 
and taketh away the word out of 
their hearts, lest tliey should believe 
and be saved. 

13 They on the rock are they, 
Mhichj when they hear, receive the 
\\oxi\ with joy ; and these have no 
root, which for a while believe, and 
ill time of temptation fall away, 

14 And that which fell among 
thorns are tliey, which, when they 
have heard, go forth, and are choked 
with cares aud riches and pleasures 
of this life, and bring no fruit to 

章 八第加 路 171 

〈有, ^的 家宰 的妻 並一 il* 、和許 多婦入 、都 是用自 己的資 財供給 耶穌。 〇 許多人 和谷城 裏的人 聚集、 來 

、 、五 、 、 、 、 C 六 

見耶穌 耶穌就 用比喩 說有撒 鍾的人 出來撒 種撒的 時候有 落在路 旁的被 人踐踏 空中的 雀鳥來 吃盡了 有落在 石頭地 

、 、 、 七 、 on 、 、 

上的生 出苗來 就枯乾 了因一 II 得不 著滋潤 有落在 荆棘裏 的荆棘 一 同長起 就將苗 遮蔽住 了有落 在肥地 上的生 出來結 

、 、 、 oft 、 十 、 、 

實有 一 百倍講 完了就 大聲說 凡有耳 可聽的 都應當 聽門徒 問耶穌 說這比 ^是甚 麼意想 耶穌說 神國 的奧妙 只賜與 

你們 知道、 若是 別人、 就 屈比# 、叫 他們看 見也不 曉歡聽 見也不 明白。 1: 吿訴你 們這比 喻的意 &那種 、就是 神 的道。 i 在 

、 、 、 、 C-.H 一一 、 、 、 、 

跻 旁的就 是人聽 道魔鬼 就來從 他心裏 將道奪 去恐怕 他信了 得救落 在石頭 地上的 就是人 聽道歡 喜聽受 R 因沒 有根 

不 過暫時 信從、 遇見試 燎就違 背了。 i 在荆棘 襄的、 就是 人聽道 去後、 被世 上谷樣 的思盧 財貨快 蒙蔽住 不能結 ^ 

172 St LUKE, Vlil. 

章 A 第加路 

15 But that on the good ground 
are they, wbich in an honest and good 
heart, having heard the word, keep it, 
and bring forth fruit with patience. 

16 ^ No man, wlien he hath 
lighted a candle, covereth it with a 
vessel, or putteth it under a bed ; but 
settetl) it on a candlestick, that they 
which enter in may see the light. 

17 For nothing is secret, that shall 
not be nade luanifest ; neither any 
thing hid, that shall not be known 
and come abroad. 

18 Take heed theiefore how ye 
hear : for whosoever hath, to liira 
shall be given ; and whosoever hatli 
not, from him shall be taken even 
that which lie sccineth to have. 

19 1 Then came to him his 
mother and his brethren, and could 
not come at him for the press. 

20 And it was told him by certain 
which saiJ, Thy mother and thy 
brethren stand without, desiring to 
see thee. 

21 And he auswered and said unto 
them, My mother and my brethren 
are these which hear the word of 
(3!o l, and do it. 

22 1 Now it came to pass on a cer- 
tain day, that he went into a ship with 
his disciples : and lie said unto them, 
Let us go over unto the other side of 
the lake. And they launched forth. 

23 】M' as tliey sailed, he fell asleep : 
and there came clown a storm of wind 
on the lake ; and they were filled 
with water, and were in jeopardy. 

24 And they came to him, and 
awoke him, saying, Master, Master, we 
perish. Tlieii lie arose, and rebuked 
the wind and the raging of the water : 
and they Gcased, and there was a calm. 

25 And he said uuto them, Where 
is your faith? And they being afraid 
wondered, saying one to another, 
What manner of man is tliis ! for 
he commaudeth even the Avinds and 
water, and tliey obey liiiu. 

^在 肥地 上的) §^ 人用 善良的 心聽道 遵守、 忍耐著 結實。 〇t 點燈不 用器皿 蓋上、 也不 放在牀 底下、 必定 放在燈 亳上、 叫 



人 告訴. 耶穌說 、你母 親和你 第兄、 站 在外面 耍見 穌囘 答說、 聽了 神的道 、就去 行的人 、是我 的母親 、我的 弟兄。 〇1_ 

日耶穌 同門徒 上了艄 、對門 徒說、 我們 且渡過 湖去、 他們就 開了氣 i 行的 時候、 耶穌 睡了、 湖上忽 然起了 狂風、 滿船是 水、^ 

是危險 1? 徒進 前來、 叫醒了 耶穌、 說、 夫子、 夫子、 我們耍 死了。 耶穌 起來、 措斥 風浪、 風浪就 止住、 都平靜 了。^ 穌對門 徒說、 你們 

的信心 在那裏 、衆人 恐懼詫 M 一彼 此! y 這是怎 樣的. ^連風 和水都 聽從他 一.^ 

St. LUKE, VIII. 章 八 第加路 173 

26 1 And tlicy arrived at the 
country of the Gadarenes, which is 
over against Galilee. 

27 And when lie went forth to 
land, there met him out of the city a 
certain man, wliich had devils long 
time, and ware no clothes, neither 
abode in any house, but in the 

28 When ho saw Jesus, he cried 
out, and fell down before hiiu, and 
with a loud voice said, Wliat have 1 
to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of 
God most high ? I beseecli thee, 
torment me not. 

29 (For he had commanded the 
unclean spirit to come out of the man. 
For oftentimes it had caught liim : 
and he was kept bound with clmins 
and iu fetters ; and he brake the 
bands, and was driven of the devil 
into the wilderness.) 

30 And Jesus asked him, saying, 
What is thy name ? Aud he sakl, 
Legion : because many devils were 
entered into him. 

3】 And tliey besought him tl)at he 
would not command them to go out 
into the deep. 

32 And there was there a herd of 
many swine feeding on the mountain : 
and they besought him that he would 
suffer thetn to enter into them. And 
he suffered them. 

33 Then went the devils out of the 
man, and entered into the swiue : 
and the herd ran violently down a 
steep place into the lake, and were 

34 When they that fed them -"aw 
what was clone, they fled, aud went 
and told it in the city and iu the 

35 Then they went out to see what 
was done; and came to Jesus, and 
found the man, out of whom the devils 
were departed, sitting at the feet of 
Jesus, olotlicd, and in his right mind : 
and they were afraid. 

〇 賽仃到 地方、 在 SIW 的 對面。 i 穌上 了岸、 有 ! 個人 從城裏 出來、 遇見 耶穌、 這人多 時爲鬼 所附、 不穿 衣服、 不在 

屋裏住 、只 在墳墓 裏住。 了耶穌 、就俯 伏在他 面前、 大聲喊 叫說、 至上 神 的兒子 耶穌、 我和你 有甚麽 關涉、 求你不 要叫我 

受苦。 ii! 耶穌曾 吩附邪 鬼離開 那.^ 這邪鬼 屨次强 扭那人 、人雖 用鐵鐽 脚繚、 將他捆 鎖看守 、他竟 掙斷捆 鎖他的 鐵具、 被 

2 十 , 、 — 05 、 

鬼趕到 曠野去 耶穌問 他說你 叫甚麼 名囘答 說我名 叫羣原 來有許 多鬼附 著那人 鬼就求 耶穌不 耍叫他 們到無 底坑去 

11 二! 、 、 \ oui 、 、 

那 地方有 一 大羣 猪在. W 上吃 食衆鬼 就求耶 穌許他 們進緒 羣裏附 荖緒去 耶穌許 了他們 鬼就出 離人身 進入豬 羣那羣 

、 0-5 、 Oil 一 W 、 、 、 

豬闖下 山坡投 在湖裏 淹死了 放豬的 人看見 這事就 跑去吿 lii 城裏 鄉下的 人衆人 出來要 看看所 成的事 到了耶 穌那裏 

看見鬼 所離開 的那人 明白過 來了、 穿著 衣服、 坐 在耶穌 脚前、 衆人就 懼怕。 

174 St. LUKE, VIII. 

36 They also which saw it told 
them by what means he that was 
possessed of the devils was healed. 

37 , Then the whole multitude of 
the country of the Gadarenes round 
about besought him to depart from 
them : for they were taken with great 
fear : and he went up into the ship, 
and returned back again. 

38 Now the man, out of whom the 
devils were departed, besought him 
that he might be with hira : but Jesus 
sent him away, saying, 

39 Return to thine own house, and 
shew how great things God hath clone 
unto thee. And lie went his way, 
and published throughout the whole 
city how great things Jesus had done 
imto him. 

40 And it came to pass, that, when 
Jesus was retiirnetl, the people gladly 
received him: for they were all wait- 
ing for him. 

41 1" And, behold, there came a 
man named Jairus, and lie was a 
ruler of the synagogue ; and he fell 
down at Jesus' feet, and besought him 
that he would come into his house : 

42 For he had one only daughter, 
about twelve years of age, and she 
lay a dying. But as he went the 
people thronged him. 

43 T[ And a woman having an 
issue of blood twelve years, which had 
spent all her living upon physicians, 
neither could be healed of any, 

44 Came beliind him, and touched 
the border of his garment : and im- 
mediately her issue of blood stanched. 

45 And Jesus said, Wlio touched 
me? "When all denied, Peter iind 
llicy that were M'itli him said, Master, 
the raultitude throng tlioe and press 
thee, and say est thou, Who touclicd 

46 And Jesus said, Somebody hath 
touched me : for I perceive that 
virtue is gone out of me. 

章八 第加路 

見的人 、就將 被鬼附 的人如 何得救 的事、 吿訴他 氣,^ 四方 求耶穌 離開他 ^因- 爲他們 大大的 懼怕耶 穌就上 

船囘去 f,^ 鎖所 離開的 那八、 求耶 穌許他 跟隨。 耶穌 叫他囘 你囘 家去、 將 神? li: 所作的 isssA 。那 人就往 谷城一 1=,( 

揚耶穌 i! 他所作 的事。 〇i 穌囘來 、衆人 迎接他 、因 if 衆人 都盼望 他囘來 。和 一 個管會堂的人、名叫11^來俯伏在耶穌 

脚前、 求耶 穌到他 家裏去 1i§ 他有 I 個獨生 女兒、 約有十 二歲、 將要 死了. W 穌去的 時候、 存許多 人擁^ 良§ 一 個婦人 、忠 

了 十二年 漏的病 、因 請醫生 費盡了 所有的 家财、 1^ 沒有人 能醫好 他的」 id ,就走 到耶穌 背後、 摸耶鮮 的衣裳 穏子、 血漏 

OS 01 . 、 、 , 

立刻就 止住了 耶穌問 摸我的 是誰衆 \ 不承認 彼得和 同行的 人都說 夫子衆 人擁擁 擠擠緊 $^著 你你還 問摸我 的是誰 

麼耶穌 說必有 人摸我 我覺得 ^能力 從身上 發出來 , 

St. LUKE, IX. 章九 第加路 175 

47 And when the woman saw that 
she was not hid, she came trembling, 
and falling down before 】iim, she de- 
clared unto him before all the people 
for what cause she had touched him, 
and how slie \vas healed immediately. 

48 And he said unto her, Daughter, 
be of good comfort : thy faith hath 
made thee whole ; go in peace. 

49 可 While lie yet spake, there 
Cometh one from the ruler of the 
synagogue's house , saying to him, 
Thy daughter is dead ; trouble not 
the Master. 

50 But when Jesns heard it, he an- 
swered him, saying, Fear not: believe 
only, and she shall be made whole. 

51 And when ho came iuto the 
house, he suffered no man to go in, 
save Peter, and Jaraes^ and John^ 
and the father and the mother of the 

52 And all wept, and bewailed 
her : but lie said, Weep not ; she is 
not dead, but sleepeth. 

53 And tliey lauglied him to scorn, 
knowing that she was dead. 

54 And he put them all out, aud 
took her by the hand, and called, 
saying, Maid, arise. 

55 Aud her spirit came again^ aud 
she arose straightway : and he com- 
ma ucled to give her meat. 

56 And her parents were aston- 
itihed : but he charged them that they 
should tell no man what was done. 


TFT EN he called his twelve dis- 
ciples together, and gave them 
power and authority over all devils, 
jind to cure diseases. 

2 Aud lie sent them to preach the 
kingdom of God, and to heal the sick. 

3 And he said unto tlieru. Take 
nothing for your journey, neither 
staves, nor scrip, neither bread , noi tlior 
money ; neither have two coats apiece. 

E 七 , , 9 \ , OKA ,考, 

婦人 自知不 能隱瞞 戰戰兢 鋭來俯 伏在耶 穌脚前 當著衆 A 說明 摸他 的緣故 和立刻 疫愈的 情形耶 穌說女 放心: w 的 

、 OMA 、 , 、 c.s 十 、 

信救了 你了, 牛 1^ 安安 的囘去 罷說話 的時候 有人從 管會堂 的家惠 來說你 的女兒 死了不 耍勞動 夫子耶 穌聽見 就說不 

、 、 05 、 , 、 、 §-】 

耍怕 IX 耍信你 女兒必 定得救 就到了 他的家 除了彼 得約翰 雅谷和 女孩兒 的父母 不許別 人進屋 裹去衆 人爲這 女孩兒 

、 、 、 .65 一 一一 、 . OSS 9 、 、 、 

哀 §=|<耶 穌說不 耍哭他 不是死 是睡覺 呢衆人 知道是 已經死 了就都 笑他耶 穌叫衆 人出去 拉著女 孩兒的 手大聲 說女兒 

OSH 、 CE 六 、 , 

你起來 他的靈 魂囘來 就起來 了耶穌 吩附給 他東西 吃他父 母驚訝 得很耶 穌囑咐 他們不 耍將所 作的事 告訴人 


^ 穌叫齊 了十二 個門徒 、賜 給他們 制鬼醫 病的權 柄能力 1^0^ 差遣 他們、 去宣講 神國的 I 醫 治有病 的人。 |j 他們說 、不 

耍帶 路費、 不 要帶拐 &不耍 帶皮袋 k. 耍帶 糧< 艮、 不要帶 銀子、 不要 IW 兩套 衣服。 

176 St. LUKE, IX. 

章九 第加路 

4 And whatsoever house ye enter i 
into, there abide, ami thence depart. 

5 And whosoever will not receive 
you, when ye go out of that city, 
shake off the very dust from your 
feet for a testimony against them. 

6 And they departed, and went 
through the towns, preaching the 
gospel, and liealing every where. 

7 , Now Herod the tetrarcli heard 
of all that was done by bim: a ad he 
was perplexed, because that it was 
said of some, that John was risen 
from the dead ; 

8 And of some, tliat Elias had 
appeared ; and of others, that one of 
the old prophets was risen again. 

9 And Herod said, John have I 
beheaded ; but who is this, of whom 
I hear such things? And he desired 
to see liiai. 

10 1 Aud the apostles, when they 
were returned, told him all that they 
had done. And he took tliem, and 
went aside privately into a desert 
place belonging to the city called 

11 And the people, when they 
knew it, followed him : and he receiv- 
ed them, and spake uuto them of the 
kingdom of God, and lienled them 
that had need of licaliug. 

12 And when the day began to 
wear away, then came the twelve, 
and said unto him, Send the multi- 
tude away, that they may go into the 
towns and country round about, and 
lodge, and get victuals : for we are 
here in a desert place. 

13 But he said unto them, Give 
yc them to cat. And they said, We 
liave no more but five loaves aud two 
fishes ; except we should go and buy 
racat for all this people. 

14 For they were about five thou- 
sand men. And he said to his 
disciples, Make tlioin sit down by 
fifties in ii coiupaiiy. 

\ OB \ 、 t OA 

„進 那 一 家、 就 在那裏 住也要 從那裏 起行凡 不接待 你們的 你們出 那城的 時候將 脚上的 1^ 土 抖下去 對他們 作見設 i: 徒 

就 出去、 i 遍谷鄕 、處 處宣講 福音、 醫人 疾病。 〇^ 封的 王^、 聽見耶 穌所作 的事、 心裏 沒有主 見。^ ^有 人說、 是^ 從死 

裏復活 、又有 人說、 是、^ S 顯現、 又有 人說、 是古時 一 個先知復活"M說、^我已經斬^.^如今又聽見這些事、這人^然 

是誰呢 。就 耍見他 徒囘來 、將所 作的專 吿 訴耶阪 耶穌帶 領他. 們喑 暗的往 8^ 喊野地 方去。 义知、 ^ 就跟 隨良耶 

穌接待 衆人、 和他 們講論 神國 的道、 醫治那 些需醫 的人。 S 將 1^ 西的時 1 十 1 一個 C 徒進 前來、 對耶 穌說、 我 們這: f 

、 、 十 =一 、 〇 、 、 、 

野地方 、請 遣散衆 人柱四 圓鄕村 上借宿 找吃食 去耶^ 對他 們說你 們給他 們吃罷 門徒說 我們口 (^五 個餅 兩尾负 「&不 

十 E , r , 、 

去買食 物我們 拿甚麽 給這許 多人吃 呢那裏 的人數 約有五 千耶穌 對門徒 說叫衆 人排著 坐下毎 一 排五 十個人 

St. LUKE, IX. 

15 And they did so, and made 
them all sit down. 

16 Then he took the five loaves 
and the two fishes, and looking up to 
heaven, he blessed them, and brake, 
and gave to the disciples to set before 
the multitude. 

17 And they did eat, and were all 
filled : and there was taken up of 
fragments that remained to them 
twelve baskets. 

18 ^ And it came to pass, as he 
was alone praying, liis disciples were 
with him ; and lie asked them, saying, 
Whom say the people tliat I am ? 

19 They answering saicl, John the 
Baptist ; but some say , Elias ; and 
others my, that one of the old prophets 
is risen again. 

20 He said unto them, But whom 
say ye that I am ? Peter answering 
said, The Christ of God. 

21 And he straitly charged them, 
and commanded them to tell uo man 
that thing ; 

22 Saying, The Son of man must 
suffer many tliiugS; and be rejected 
of the elders and chief priests and 
scribes, and be slaia, and be raised 
the third day. 

23 T[ And he said to them all, If 
any man will come after me, let him 
deny himself, and take up his cross 
daily, and follow me. 

24 For whosoever will save his life 
shall lose it: but whosover will lose 】iis 
life for my sake, the same shall save it. 

25 For what is a man advautaged, 
if he gain the whole world, and lose 
himself, or be cast away '? 

26 For whosoever shall be ashamed 
of me and of my words, of him shall 
the Son of man be ashamed, when he 
shall come in his own glory, and in 
his Fa therms, and of the holy angels. 

\ 27 But I tell you of a truth, there 
1 be some standing here, wliich shall 
I not taste of death^ till they see the 
I kingdom of God, 

章九 第加路 I 77 

十 2 、 o 十六 、 、 、- 、 O 十 :!? % 

門徒 就照話 去行^ 衆人^ 下 耶穌拿 起五個 餅兩尾 魚望著 天視謝 了攀開 餅遞給 門徒叫 擺在衆 人而前 衆人都 吃飽了 

、 十 、 、 C 十. ft 

收拾剩 下的零 碎盛滿 了十二 個蜜子 〇 耶穌 獨自在 一 處祈 禱門徒 到他那 奥去耶 穌問他 們說衆 人說我 是誰他 們囘答 

1^ 有人說 、是施 洗的^ 、有 人說、 是^ ¥® 、又有 人說、 是 一 個上古的先知復活^^_i穌^^^你們說我是誰。gl囘答!i^^是 

神所立 的基督 。夢 穌禁戒 他們、 不要 將這話 吿訴人 1 ^說、 人子必 耍受許 多苦數 被長老 祭司長 和讀書 人溉棄 、旌且 被他們 

、 〇 三一 1 、 9 、 OS 、 

殺 害第三 U 必要 復活 耶穌又 對衆人 說有人 要跟從 我就當 克己日 日背著 十字架 跟從我 凡要保 全生命 的必喪 掉生命 

、 0--E 、 、 〇 一一六 * 、 

凡 i! 我喪 掉生命 的必保 全生命 人若得 盡天下 的财利 自己喪 1:! 有 甚麼益 處凡有 人將我 和我的 道理當 作可恥 的人子 

得了 自己的 榮耀、 和 天父並 聖使的 榮耀降 臨的時 1^ 也必 將那人 當作可 恥的。 S 實在吿 訴你們 、站 在這裏 的人、 有幾 個在 

未死以 jg 、必 耍看見 神 的國。 

178 St. LUKE, IX. 

28 If And it came to pass about an 
eight days after these sayings, he took 
Peter and John and James, and went 
up into a mountain to pray. 

29 And as he prayed, the fashion 
of his countenance was altered, and 

j his raiment was white and glistering. 

30 And, behold, there talked with 
him two men, which were Moses and 
Elias : 

31 Wlio appeared in glory, and 
spake of his decease which he should 
accomplish at Jerusalem. 

32 But Peter and they that were 
with him were heavy with sleep : 
and when they were awake, they saw 
liis glory, and the two men that stood 
with liim. 

33 And it came to pass, as they 
departed from him, Peter said unto 
Jesus, Master, it is good for us to be 
here : and let us make three taber- 
nacles ; one for thee, and one for 
Moses, and one for Elias : not know- 
ing what he said. 

34 While he thus spake, there 
came a cloud, and overshadowed 
them : and they feared as they 
entered into the cloud. 

35 And there came a voice out of 
the cloud, saying, This is my beloved 
Son : hear him. 

36 And when the voice was past, 
Jesus was found alone. And they 
kept, it close, and told no man in 
those days any of those things which 
they had seen. 

37 ^ And it came to pass, that on the 
next clay, when tliey were come down 
from the hill, nnicli people met hira. 

38 And, behold, a man of the 
company cried out, saying, Master, I 
beseech thee, look upon my son ; for 
he is mine only child. 

39 And, lo, a spirit taketli him, 
and he suddenly crieth out ; and it 
tearctli him that he foamcth again, 
and bruising him, liardly departeth 
from him. 

章九 第加路 

一一一 C 、 、 I, 、一 、 . 

〇 說 這話以 後約有 八日耶 穌帶著 彼指約 翰雅各 上山祈 禱祈禱 的時候 他的容 貌就與 1^ 常不同 、衣 服咬白 放光。 &兩個 

人和耶 穌說話 、就是 亞、 他們在 熒光裏 顯現、 i 論耶穌 將耍在 ssis 去世 的事。 g, 得 和他的 同人、 都困倦 睡巧』 

他們旣 醒了、 就看見 耶穌的 榮光、 叉看見 和耶穌 一 同站 立的雨 個人。 ri 人將 耍離開 主的時 對耶 穌說、 夫子、 我們在 

這裹 最好、 容我 們搭三 座棚、 一 座 In 你、 一 座 mis 一 座 H^WM 徵 化卻不 知所說 的是甚 m 一 說這話 的時候 、忽 然有雲 

遮蓋 他們、 他們進 入雲裏 、三 個門徒 就懼怕 起來。 聲 昔從雲 裏出來 &m 是我的 愛子、 你們 應當聽 從他。 I 昔止住 〔只 有耶 

穌在 那裏、 門徒 當時不 言語、 不將 所看見 的事吿 1^ 入。 〇"^ 日下山 、有許 多人來 迎接耶 穌:; S: 中有 一 個人、 大聲說 、夫 求你 一 

來看 顧我的 兒子、 他是 我的獨 生子。 i 時被鬼 扭住、 他就忽 然喊叫 抽瘋、 口流 诞沫、 鬼不輕 馬離開 I 也叫 他?^ 一 

St. LUKE, IX. 

40 And I besought thy disdp】es to 
cast him out ; and they could not. 

41 And Jesus answering said, O 
faithless and perverse generation, how 

] long shall I be with you, and suffer 
i you ? Bring thy son hither. 
I 42 And as he was yet a coming, the 
devil threw him (lown, and tare him. 
And Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, 
and healed the child, and delivered 
him again to his father. 

43^ And they were all amazeo at the 
mighty power of God. But while they 
wondered every one at all things wh icli 
Jesus di(J, he said unto his disciples, 

44 Let these sayings sink down into 
your ears : for the Son of man shall 
be delivered into the hands of men. 

45 But they understood not this 
saying, and it was hid from them, 
that they perceived it not : and they 
feared to ask him of that saying. 

46 T[ Then there arose a reasoning 
among them, which of them should 
be greatest. 

47 And Jesus, perceiving the 
thought of their heart, took a child, 
and set hira by liim, 

48 And said unto them, Whosoever 
shall receive this child in my name 
receiveth me ; and whosoever shall 
receive me, receiveth him that sent 
me: for he that is least among you 
all, the same shall be great, 

49 T[ And John answered and saicl, 
Master, we saw one casting out devils 
in thy name ; and we forbade him, 
because he followeth not with us. 

50 And Jesus said unto him, For- 
bid him, not : for lie that is not 
against us is for us. 

51 ^ And it came to pass, when 
I the time was come that he should be 

received up, he steadfastly set his face 
.to go to Jerusalem, 

52 And sent messengers before his 
face : and they went, and entered into 
a village of the Samaritans, to make 

i ready for him. 

章九 第加路 179 

我求 過你的 S: 徒、 逐出 這鬼、 他們 卻是不 穌說、 悖逆 不信的 ©代1^ 我在你 們這裏 、忍 耐你們 到幾時 t 帶你 子到這 

ora-^ % 、 、 、 、 0H-= 、 

裏 來來的 時候鬼 將他推 倒叫他 抽瘋耶 穌就措 斥邪鬼 醫好了 孩子交 給他父 親衆人 都詫異 神 的大能 以耶穌 所作的 

、 , 、EIra 、 oral 五 、 , 


、 六 、 〇四七 、 、 

明白 又不敢 問耶穌 〇 那時門 徒彼此 議論他 們中間 誰將爲 大耶穌 曉得他 們心中 的議論 就拉了 一 個小孩 子來. 科他站 

在旁 #i 門徒說 、凡一 1 我的名 、接待 這小孩 子的、 就是 接待^ 凡 接待我 I 就是接 待差遣 我來的 (力你 們中間 極小的 、他將 

. — 、 , 、 、 、 05 r 、 、 

耍爲大 約翰對 耶穌說 夫子我 們看見 一 蹈人 泰你的 名趕鬼 我們禁 止他因 if 他不 跟從我 們耶穌 說不耍 禁止他 凡不與 

,、 OS1 、 , 、-— I OS-- , I Mynl 

我們爲 敵的就 是順從 我們的 〇 耶穌昇 天的日 子將耍 到了就 立定主 意向耶 路爛^ 去差 遣使者 先去他 們到了 SI 

一 個郷 衬、 IS 他 豫備住 ^ 

180 St. LUKE, X. 

意十 第加路 

53 Aud they did not receive him, 
because his face was as though he 
would go to Jerusalem. 

5-1 And when his disciples James 
and Jolm saw this, they said, Lord, 
wilt thou that we command fire to 
come down from heaven, aad con- 
sume them, even as Elias did ? 

55 But he turned, and rebuked 
them, aud said, Ye know not what 
ruanuer of spirit ye are of. 

56 For the Son of man is not come 
to destroy men's lives, but to save them. 
And they went to another village. 

57 If And it came to pass, that, as 
they went in the way, a certain man 
said unto him, Lord, I will follow 
tliee whithersoevei' thou goest. 

58 And Jesus said unto him, Foxes 
have holes, and birds of the air have 
uests ; but the Sou of man hath not 
where to lay his head. 

59 And he said unto another, Fol- 
low me. But he said, Lord, suffer 
me first to go and bury my father. 

60 Jesus said unto him, Let the 
dead bury their dead : but go thou 
and preach the kingdom of God. 

61 Aud another also said, Lord, I 
will follow thee ; but let me first go 
bid them farewell, which are at home 
at my house. 

62 And Jesus said uuto him, No 
mail, having put his hand to the 
plough, and looking back, is fit for 
the kingdom of God. 


AFTER these things the Lord 
appointed other seventy also, 
and sent tlicm two and two before his 
face into every city and place, whither 
lie himself would come. 

2 Therefore said lie unto them, 
Tlie harvest truly is great, but the 
labourers are few : pray ye therefore 
the Lord of the harvest, that he would 
send forth labaurers into his harvest. 

0s 、 、 - —— r ! osa ! . . 、 , , 、-、 

那 鄕衬的 人不肯 收留耶 穌因禱 他向耶 路撒冷 去門徒 雅谷約 翰看見 這事就 說主要 我們吩 w 火從 天降 下燒滅 他們像 

035 、 、 OS 大 、 、 

以 利亞所 作的麼 耶穌轉 身責備 他們說 你們的 心怎樣 你們自 己郤不 知道人 子降臨 不是耍 滅人的 性命是 耍救 人的性 

、 、 5 七 、 、 、 、 9 

命說著 就往別 的村^ 去了 〇 在路上 行走的 時候有 人對耶 穌說主 無論往 那裏去 我耍跟 從你耶 穌說狐 涯;^ 洞飛 d| 有 

、 OHA 、 、 、 OiC 十 、 

m 人子倒 沒有安 身的地 方又對 一 個 人說跟 從我來 那人說 主容我 囘去先 靡埋我 父親耶 穌說由 死人^ 埋他們 的死人 

. 』 六 1 , , 、 、 C 六一 1 、 , 一 

你去傳 神國的 道又有 一 個人說 主我要 跟從你 但容我 先囘去 辭別了 我家一 的人 耶穌說 手扶著 犁向後 看的. 小配進 





稼主、 遣工人 去收莊 i 

St. LUKE, X. 

章十 第加路 


3 Go your ways : behold, I send 
you forth as lambs among wolves. 

4 Carry neither purse, riOrscrip,nor 
shoes : and salute no roan by the way. 

5 And into whatsoever house ye 
enter, first say, Peace be to this 

6 And if the son of peace be there, 
your peace shall rest upon it : if not, 
it shall turn to you again. 

7 And in the same house remain, 
eating and drinking such things as 
they give : for the labourer is worthy 
of his hire. Go not from house to 

8 And into whatsoever city ye 
enter, and they receive you, eat such 
things as are set before you : 

9 And heal the sick that are there- 
in, and say unto them, The kingdom 
of God is come nigh unto you, 

10 But into whatsoever city ye 
enter, and they receive you not, go 
your ways out into the streets of the 
.same, and say, 

1 1 Even the very dust of your city, 
which cleavetli on us, we do wipe off 
against you : notwithstauding, be ye 
sure of this, that the kingdom of God 
is come nigh unto you. 

12 But I say uuto you, that it shall 
be more tolerable in that clay for 
Sodom, than for that city. 

13 Woe unto thee, Chorazin ! woe 
unto thee, Bethsaida ! for if the mighty 
works had been done in Tyre and 
Sidon, which have been done in you, 
they had a great while ago repented, 
sitting in sackcloth and ashes. 

14 But it shall be more tolerable 
for Tyre and Sid on at the judgment, 
than for yoUo 

15 And tlioUj Capernaum, which 
art exalted to heaven, shalt be thrust 
down to hell. 

16 He that heareth you heareth 
me ; and he that despiseth you de- 
spiseth me; and he that despiseth 
me despiseth him that seat me. 

3、 、 oa 、 , , OS 、 一 

你們去 罷我差 遣你們 彷彿羊 煞人了 狼羣不 耍帶搭 稱不耍 帶皮袋 不耍帶 轉在路 上不耍 問人的 安進了 人的家 裏先耍 

、〇.,、、、 、 、 、 、 七 

說 願這家 f^i 女, 那家裏 的人若 當得平 安你們 所求的 1^ 安就 必臨。 到 那家若 不當得 平安你 J 、求 的平安 就歸你 們了你 

們住在 那家、 吃喝他 們所供 給的、 因 一爲 作工 的人得 工錢、 是應 當的。 不 耍從這 一 家 搬到那 一 ^||^論進那 一 城、 有人 接待你 

、 ofc 、 、 、 十、 、 

們就吃 他給你 們擺上 的東面 醫治城 襄的病 人吿訴 衆人說 神 的國離 你們不 遠了無 論進那 一 城人若 不接待 你們就 

、十 1、 %. \ 、 、 十一 1 

到街 上去說 你們城 裏的塵 土黏在 我們脚 上我對 著你們 抖下去 雖是如 此你們 當知道 紳的國 離你們 不遠了 我吿訴 

、 > I , 、 、 c+m ==■ 、 —— - 、 

你們到 了那日 gfi 的刑罰 比那城 的刑罰 還容爲 受呢哥 拉讯是 有禍的 伯赛大 也是有 禍的我 在你們 中間所 作的奇 

事、 若作在 那裏 的人早 已披麻 蒙灰、 坐 在地上 侮改了 審判的 日子、 推羅 西頓的 刑罰、 比你們 的刑罰 、還 容葛受 

十 5 、 、 O^A 、 、 , 、 、 

呢迦 1 你已 經升到 天上後 來必要 墮落在 地獄裏 又對門 徒說凡 聽從你 們的就 是聽從 我違背 你們的 就是違 背我違 

劳我 就是違 我來 的父。 

182 St. LUKE, X. 

17 1 And the seventy returned 
again with joy, saying, Lord, even 
the devils are subject unto us through 
thy name. 

18 And he paid unto them, I beheld 
Satan as li.ditning; fall from heaven. 

19 Behold, I give unto you power 
to tread on serpents and scorpions, 
and over all the power of the enemy ; 
and nothing shall by any means hurt 

20 Notwitlistaiiding, in this rejoice 
not, that the spirits are subject unto 
you ; but riither rejoice, because your 
names are wiitten in heaven. 

21 , In that hour Jesus rejoiced 
in spirit, and said, 1 thank thee, O 
Father, Lord of heaven and earth, 
that thou hast hid these things from 
the wise and prudent, and hast 
revealed them unto babes : even so, 
Father ; for so it seemed good in thy 

22 All things are delivered to me 
of my Father : and no man knoweth 
who the Son is, but the Father ; and 

j who the Father is, but the Son, and 
he to M'hom the Son will reveal him. 

23 1 And he turned him unto his 
disciples, and said privately, Blessed 
are the eyes which see the things 
that ye see : 

24 For I tell you, that many 
prophets and kings have desired to 
see those things which ye see, and 
have not seen them ; and to hear 
those things which ye hoar, and have 
not heard them. 

25 t And, behokl, a certain lawyer 
stood up, and tempted 】iim, sayinj^, 
Master, what si i all T do to inherit 
eternal life? 

26 He said unto him, What is writ- 
ten in the law ? how readcst thou ? 

27 And he answering said, Thou 
sbalt love the Lord thy God with all 
tliy heart, and with all thy soul, and 
with all thy strength, uiul with all tliy 

i mind ; and tliy iioiglibour as tliyselt. 

章 十第加 路 

o:^ 十個人 歡歡喜 喜的囘 ^說、 主、 因爲 你的^ 鬼也服 我們一 hi 穌^ 我看見 從天上 落下^ 像閃 m 一 

們權能 、可以 i 踏毒蛇 蠍子、 除 滅仇敵 一 ^的能.^„^決沒有能害你的^^i^不耍因爲鬼服了你們就歡*^耍因爲你們的名 

紀 錄在天 上歡喜 1i 時、 耶穌心 裹喜悅 、說、 父^ 天地 的主^ 我讚美 I® 爲你 將這道 氣對著 聰明通 達入、 就 藏起^ 對著嬰 

短出來 、父阿 、是這 樣:^ 因爲你 的意旨 、本 是如此 物都是 我父交 付我的 、除 了父、 沒"^ 人知 道誰是 A 除了 和子 

所願 ilf 有 A 知道 1 父。 i 穌轉身 II 門徒 tl 們所 1 的^ i 就 il^i&t 

許多先 知和君 王!^ 看你們 所看的 、不得 看見、 要聽 你們所 聽的、 不得 聽見。 〇 躬 一 個敎 法師來 試探耶 I 夫子我 應常作 

^^麼、線可以得永1瑜穌說、律法上所寫的是甚良你所讀的是怎樣呢。^答說、應當^心、溢1儘力、盛1愛主你的 神化 

耍愛 你的朋 如同 自己。 I I 

St. LUKE, X. 

28 And lie said unto him, Thou 
hast answered right : this do, and 
thou shalt live. 

29 But he, willing to justify him- 
self, said unto Jesus, And who is my 

30 And Jesus answering said, A 
certain man went down from Jerusa- 
lem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, 
which stripped him of his raiment, 
and wounded him, and departed, 
leaving him half dead. 

31 And by chance there came down 
a certain priest that way ; and when 
he saw him, he passed by on the other 

32 And likewise a Levite, when 
he was at the place, came and looked 
on him, and passed by on the other 

33 But a certain Samaritan, as he 
journeyed, came where he was ; and 
when he saw him, lie had compassion 
on him, 

34 And went to him, and boimcl 
up his woimds, pouring in oil and 
wine, and . set him on his own beast, 
and brought him to an inn, and took 
care of him. 

35 And oil the morrow when he 
departed, he took out two pence, and 
gave them to the host, and said uuto 
him. Take care of him ; and whatso- 
ever thou spend est moi'e, when I come 
again, I will repay thee. 

36 Which now of these three, 
tliinkest. ihou, was neighbour unto 
liim that fell among the thieves ? 

37 And he said, He tliat shewed 
mercy on liim. Then said Jesus unto 
hiru, Go, und do thou likewise. 

38 Now it came to pass, as they 
went, that he entered into a certain 
village : and a certain woman named 
Martha received him into her house. 

39 And she had a sister called 
Mary, which also sat at Jesus' feet, 
and heai'd his word. 

章十第 加 路 183 

耶穌 說你囘 答的是 照這樣 行就必 得永生 那人耍 自稱爲 義對耶 穌說誰 是我的 朋友呢 耶穌囘 答說有 一 個人從 

¥ 下來、 往 gww 去、 遇去 强盜、 刹去他 的衣服 、並且 將他打 I 直到 半死、 就丢 下他去 1.^"^ 巧有 一 個祭司 、從 這條路 下來、 看 

見他 就過去 了又有 一 個利 未人來 到這地 方進前 一 看也 就過去 了後有 一 個 撒馬利 亞人行 路來到 這地方 一 見 就憐憫 

-.' S 、 、 、 Oil 一五、 、 ■ 

他進前 來用油 和酒澆 在他受 傷的地 方裹好 了扶著 他騎上 自己的 牲口領 他到店 r& 去照 應他次 日將要 起身拿 出二錢 

銀子來 、交給 店主說 、你 且照應 這-^ 若多有 費用^ 我囘來 必還給 二 個人一 你想誰 是遇見 强盜的 人的朋 友呢. S 

、 * 、 、 、 、 

是憐憫 他的. <>耶 穌說你 就照這 樣去作 〇 他們 行路的 時候耶 穌進了 一 個 鄕村有 一 個婦 人名叫 編大迎 接耶穌 到自己 

家裏。 i 有 一 個妹子 、名叫 、坐 在耶穌 脚前聽 I 

184 St. LUKE, XI. 

章一十 第加路 

40 But Martha was cumbered about 
much serving, and came to him, and 
saidj Lord, dost thou not care that my 
sister hath left me to serve alone ? 
bid her therefore tliat she help me. 

41 And Jesi3S answered and said un- 
to her ^ Martha, Martha, thou art care- 
ful and troubled about many things : 

42 But oue thing is needful ; and 
Mary hath chosen that good part, 
which shall not be taken away from 


AND it came to pass, that, as he 
was praying in a certain place, 
wlien he ceased, one of his disciples 
said unto him. Lord, teach us to pray, 
as John also taught his disciples. 

2 And he said unlothem. When ye 
pray 5 say, Our Father which art in 
heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy 
kingdom come. Thy will be clone, 
as in heaven, so iu earth , 

3 Give us day by day our daily 

4 And forgive us our sins ; for we 
also forgive every one that is indebted 
to us. And lead us not into tempta- 
tion ; but deliver us from evil. 

5 And he said unto them, Which 
of you shall have a friend, and shall 
go unto him at midnight, and say 
unto him, Friend, lend me three 
loaves ; 

6 For a friend of mine in his 
journey is come to rae, and I have 
nothing to set before him ? 

7 And he from within shall answer 
and say, Trouble me not : the door 
is now shut, and my children are 
with me in bed ; I cannot rise and 
give theo. 

8 I say unto you, Though he will 
not rise and give him, because ho is 
liis friend, yet because of his impor- 
tunity ho will rise and give him as 
many as he needeth. 

^^因||供給他們、事情繁多、心裏忙亂、來到耶穌面前!^^主阿、我的妹子绍下我 一 久作事 、主不 在意良 一請吩 咐他來 W5 助 

我「§ 穌囘 答說、 ^ 繃 W 你因篇 許多的 iBIl^ 心思擾 緊 的惟有 一 已經楝 擇永不 可奪的 好事業 f.^ 

-第 十一章 

I 穌在 一 個地方 祈禱、 祈禱 已 畢、 有一 個門徒 I 求主指 敎我們 祈禱、 像 1,1 措 敎他的 門徒。 I 穌對他 們說、 你們祈 禱的時 

候、 應當說 、我們 在天上 的父、 願人都 尊你的 名爲聖 、願 你的國 降臨、 願 你的旨 意行在 地上、 如同行 在天上 們需 用的飮 <ni 

on 、 、 、 OS 、 

日 日賜與 我們赦 觅我們 的罪因 爲我們 饒恕得 罪我們 的人不 叫我們 遇見試 探救我 們脫離 惡 耶穌又 說我們 中間若 

、 、 、 、 〇六 、 、 0« 

有人有 一 個朋友 半夜到 他那裏 去說朋 友借給 我三個 餅因一 1 我有 一 個朋 友從跻 上來到 我家一 H_ 我沒 有東西 供;; M 他他 

在裏面 囘答說 、不耍 煩擾我 、門巳 經關了 、孩子 和我都 已經躺 在牀么 不能起 來給: C 拔吿訴 你們、 雖不因 他是朋 I 起來給 

他 、終必 因他不 住的懇 1^ 起來 給他、 應他 所需用 I 

St. LUKE, XL 章一十 第加路 

9 And I say unto you, Ask, and 
it shall be given yon ; seek, and ye 
shall find ; knock, and it shall be 
opened unto you. 

10 For every one that asketh re- 
ceivetli ; and he that seeketli findeth ; 
and to him that knocketh it shall 
be opened. 

11 If a son sliall ask bread of 
auy of you that is a father, will 
be give him a stone ? or if he ash 
a fish, will lie for a fish give him a 

12 Or if he shall ask an egg, will 
he offer him a scorpion ? 

13 If ye then, being evil, know 
how to give good gifts unto your 
children ; how much more shall your 
heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit 
to them that ask him ? 

14 ^ And he was easting out a 
devil, and it was dumb. And it came 
to pass, when ^he devil was gone out, 
the dumb spake ; and the people 

15 But some of them said, He 
casteth out devils through Beelzebub 
the chief of the devils, 

16 And others, tempting him, 
sought of him a sign from heaven. 

17 But he, knowing their thoughts, 
said unto them, Every kingdom 
divided against itself is brought to 
desolation ; and a house divided 
against a house falleth, 

18 If Satan also be divided against 
himself, how shall his kingdom 
stand ? because ye say that 1 cast 
^ut devils through Beelzebub. 

19 And if I by Beelzebub cast out 
devils, by whom do your sons cast 
them out ? therefore shall tliey be 
your judges. 

20 But if I with the finger of 
God cast out devils, no doubt the 
kingdom of God is come upon 

我又 IT^t 吿你們 、你們 祈求、 就必給 你們、 尋找、 就必 尋見、 叩門、 就必 與你們 開門。 凡祈 求的就 得著、 尋 找的就 尋見、 叩門的 

就與他 開門。 i 們中 間作父 親;^ 誰有 2^ 子求 ^ 反給他 石頭呢 、求魚 、卻拿 蛇當作 魚給他 難蛋、 反給他 蠍子呢 。g 們雖 

是不好 、尙 且知道 將好東 西賜紛 子、 難 道天父 倒不將 璧靈賜 給求他 的人麽 穌趕出 一 個叫 人啞吧 的鬼、 鬼出去 、啞 


i 穌曉得 他們的 意@ 、因對 他們說 、凡 國自相 分爭、 必耍滅 C 、凡 家自相 分爭、 必耍 敗落。 是!^ 自相 分爭、 他的國 如何立 

- % 十 *J \ G -、、 

得住 呢我說 這詰因 it 你們 說我靠 趕鬼 若我靠 趕鬼 你們的 子弟趕 鬼又靠 誰呢這 樣他們 就必說 你們是 

有 錯的。 itJ 我靠 神的 大能趕 t 就可 知道 神的 既已經 臨到你 們了。 

188 St. LUKE, XI, 

21 When a strong man armed 
kee[)eth his palace, his goods are in 
peace : 

22 But when u stronger than he 
shall come u poii him, and overcome 
him, lie takotli from \um all his 
armour Avherein he trusted, and 
divideth his spoils. 

23 He that is not tvith me is 
against me ; and lie that gathereth 
not with me scatteretli. 

24 When the nncleaii spirit is gone 
out of a man, lie walkf tli through 
dry places, seekii)g rest ; and finding 
noue, he eaith, I will return unto my 
house whence I came out. 

25 And when he cometlij he Hndeth 
it s\vej)t and gnniislied. 

26 Then goeth he, and takotli to 
him seven other spirits more wicked 
than himi^elf ; a ad they enter in, and 
dwell there: and the last state of that 
man is worse than the first. 

27 , And it came to pass, as he 
spake tJiese things, a certain woman 
of the company lifted up her voice, 
and said unto him, Blessed is the 
womb that bare thee, and the paps 
which thou hast sucked. 

28 But lie said, Yea, rather, 
blessed are they that hear the word 
of God, and keep it. 

29 ^ And when the people were 
gathered thick together, he began to 
say, This is an evil generation : they 
seek u sign ; and there shall no sign 
be given it, hut the sign of 'Jonas 
the prophet. 

30 Vor as Jonas was a sign unto 
the Niuevites, so shall also the Son 
of mail be to this generation, 

31 The queen of the south shall 
rise up ill t he judgment with the men 
of tliis gcnci'ation, and condemn 
tliein : for she came i'vom the utmost 
parts of the earth to hear the wisdom 
of Solomon ; and, behold, a greater 
than Solomon is liore. 

章一十 第加路 

士頂灰 M 莨 s. 、看守 C 己房尾 (他 一 有: i 就牛 安無 &比他 MB 的人 I 戰勝了 i 就森 去他 所倚仗 的灰」 "5.、 將他的 

喊分 散了。 與我 同心、 就是攻 打我的 、不 我收化 就是分 散: ^〇, 鬼離 了八、 就在無 水的野 地走來 走去、 尋找 安息 g 地 

. ^。尋 不著、 便說、 不 如囘到 我所出 來的屋 子去。 ih^ 就看: E^.s 面打掃 乾淨、 修飾整 lli 去帶了 七個比 自己還 的^ 表 

進去 居住、 那個人 的後患 、比 從前更 甚了。 g 穌說話 的時: ^衆人 中問有 一 個婦人 大聲; ^生宵 你乳養 你的人 有福: 八 i 穌 

說、 還 不如聽 神的 道能遵 守的人 有福。 顺時有 許多人 聚集、 耶穌對 他們說 、這 惡此代 求着奇 除 了先知 的 奇蹯、 

olli 十 - _ 、 、 C 一一 11 , 

再沒有 奇腈給 他們看 從前約 拿爲尼 尼微的 人成爲 奇蹟如 此人子 也耍爲 這世代 的人成 爲奇蹐 南方的 女王到 藩判的 

日子、 耍起 來定這 一 代人的罪、1爲他從地邊上來、耍聽,^^智餘的!^^在這襄還有比^^1:史大的£ 


32 The men of Nineveh shall rise 
up ill the judgment with this genera- 
tion, aiici shall condemn it : for they 
repented nt the preaching of Jouas ; 
and, behold, a greater than Jonas 
is here. 《 

33 No mail, when he hath lighted 
a candle^ putteth it in a secret place, 
neither under a bushel, but on a 
candlestick, that they which come in 
may see the light. 

34 The light of the body is the 
eye : therefore when thine eye is 
single, thy whole body also is full of 
light ; but when thine eye is evil; thy 
body also is full of darkness. 

35 Take heed therefore, that the 
light which is in thee be not darkness. 

36 If thy whole body therefore be 
full of light, having no part (lark, the 
whole shall be full of light, as when 
tlie bright shining of a candle doth 
give thee light. 

37 , And as he spake, a certain 
Pharisee besought him to dine with 
him : and he went iii, and sat down 
to meat. 

38 And when the Pharisee saw it, 
lie marvelled that he had not first 
washed before dinner. 

39 And the Lord said unto him, 
Now do ye Pharisees make clean the 
outside of the cup and the platter ; 
but your inward part is full ot raven- 
ing and wickedness. 

40 Ye foolsj did not he, that made 
that which is without, make that 
which is within also? 

41 But rather give alms of such 
things as ye have; and behold, all 
things are clean unto you. 

42 But woe unto you, Pharisees ! 
for ye tithe mint and rue and all 
manner of herbs, and pass over judg- 
ment and the love of God : these 
ought ye to have done, and not to 
leave the other undone. 

章一十 第加路 187 

li^wa 的人、 到審判 的日子 、要起 來定這 一 代人的|1^因|!!!他們聽了1¥的勸-一一5就悔改一.^在這裏還有比11更大的^ 

3 3 、 、 、 、 OIIIQ 、 、 、 

人 點燈必 不放在 暗處 也不放 在斗底 下必耍 放在燈 臺上叫 進來的 人得昆 燈光人 身的燈 就是眼 睛腺睛 瞭亮全 身都光 

明、 眼睛 昏花、 全身都 黑暗。 :i 要小心 、恐 怕你裏 頭的亮 t 變作黑 ftl 若全 身光^ 毫無黑 那光明 就完, 4;! 如同燈 的光焰 

〇 一一 V 、 、 、 OI=fc 、 〇 -一 一允 

照著你 〇說 話的時 候有一 個法利 赛人請 耶穌一 同 吃飯耶 穌進來 坐下那 法利蹇 人看見 耶穌不 洗手吃 飯就詫 異主對 

、 、 ■ Ogl 十 、 、 CS 1 

他說你 們法利 赛人洗 淨杯盤 的外面 裏面卻 充滿了 搶奪惡 毒的念 頭無知 的人阿 造外面 的不是 也造裏 面麽徂 當用邪 

盛在 杯盤裹 的施捨 給人、 就與 你們沒 有不乾 淨的了 。§^ 利赛 人有禍 t,- 因爲你 們將薄 ^ 芸,^ 並 谷樣榮 1 十分 中獻上 一 

分、 反 將公義 和敬愛 神的事 忽畧了 、這是 應當行 I 那也是 不可不 行的。 

188 St. LUKE, XI. 

43 Woe unto you, Pharisees ! for 
ye love the uppermost seats in the 
synagogues J and greetings in the 

44 Woe unto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye are as 
graves which appear not, and the 
men that walk over them are not 
aware of them. 

45 Tf Then answered one of the 
lawyers J and said unto liira, Master, 
thus saying thou reproachest us also. 

46 And he said, Woe unto you 
also, ye lawyers ! for ye lade men 
with burdens grievous to be borne, 
and ye yourselves touch not the 
burdens with one of your fingers. 

47 Woe unto you ! for ye build the 
sepulchres of tlie prophets, and your 
fathers killed tliem. 

48 Truly ye bear witness that ye 
allow the deeds of your fathers : for 
they indeed killed tliem, and ye bnikl 
their sepulchres. 

49 Therefore also said the wisdom 
of God; I will send them prophets 
and apostles, nud some of them they 
shall slay and persecute : 

50 Thut the blood of all the proph- 
ets, which was shed from the founda- 
tion of the world, may be required 
of tin's generation ; 

51 From the blood of Abel unto 
the blooil of Zacharias, which perished 
between the altar and the temple : 
verily I say unto you^ It shall be 
required of this generation. 

52 Woe uuto you, lawyers ! for ye 
have taken away the key of know- 
ledge : ye entered not in yourselves, 
and tliem that were entering in ye 

63 And as he said these things unto 
them, the scribes and the Pharisees 
began to urge him vehemently, and to 
provoke lilin to spoiik of many thin^js: 

54 Laying wait for him, and seek- 
ing to catch something out of liis 
mouth, that they might accuse him. 

章一十 第加路 

Es 、l - 、 02! 四 I ■: Hi, . 1 . Ml , I 

法利 赛人有 禍了因 i! 你們歡 喜在會 堂坐高 位在街 上歡喜 人向你 們問安 假冒爲 善的讀 書人和 法利赛 人有禍 了因爲 

你們 如同看 不出來 的墳墓 〔走在 上面的 人是不 覺;^ # 一 個敎法 1: 、對耶 穌說、 夫子這 樣說、 也羞 辱了我 們了。 g 穌說、 你們 

敎法師 有禍了 、因 你們將 難擔的 擔子叫 人擔著 、自己 一 個措頭 也不肯 ilr 們有 禍了、 因 ti^ 你們 建造先 知的坡 ias^ 那先 

知是 你們祖 宗所殺 足 可證明 你們喜 歡你們 祖宗所 作的事 1.^ 因 if 你 們的組 宗殺了 先知、 你們就 建立他 的墳氤 

、 、 、 C 五十 、 、 

神的 聖言說 我差遣 先知和 使徒到 他們那 裏去有 被殺的 有被逼 迫的這 樣從剣 世以來 殺害衆 先知的 罪都要 問在這 

05- 、 . 、 、 

1 代人身 上就是 從殺害 亞伯起 直到在 殿壇中 間殺害 g^i^,^ 爲化 我實在 吿訴你 們這些 罪都必 問在這 一 代 人身上 

一一 \ — 、 、 GS1 一一 、 

你們敎 法師有 禍了因 i! 你們奪 去開知 識的飽 匙自己 不進去 又阻檔 耍進去 的人說 這話的 時候讀 書人和 法利! ^人深 

恨耶穌 、多端 盤問良 i 階的 窺聽、 要就 他口裏 所說的 話去吿 • 


章二十 第加路 I 89 


IN the mean time, when there were 
gathered together an iu numer- 
able multitude of people, iusoniuch 
thai they trode one upon another, he 
began to say unto bis disciples first 
of all, Beware ye of the leaven of the 
I Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. 

2 For there is nothing covered, 
I that shall not be revealed ; neither 

hid, til at shall not be known. 

3 Therefore, whatsoever ye have 
spoken in darkness shall be heard in 
the light ; and that which ye have 

i spoken in the ear in closets shall be 
i proclaimed upon the housetops, 
i 4 And I say unto you my friends, 
Be not afraid of them that kill the 
body, and after that have no more 
that they can do. 

5 But I will forewarn you whom 
ye shall fear : Fear him, which after 
he hath killed hath power to cast into 
hell ; yea, I say unto you, Fear him. 

6 Are not five sparrows sold for 
two farthings, and not one of them 
is forgotten before God ? 

7 But, even the very hairs of your 
head are all numbered. Fear not 
therefore : ye are of more value than 
many sparrows. 

8 Also I say unto you, Whosoever 
shall confess me before men, him 
shall the Son of man also confess 
before the angels of God. 

9 But he that denietli me before 
men shall be denied before the 
angels of God. 

10 And whosoever shall speak a 
I word against the Son of man, it shall 
I be forgiven Isim : but unto hira that 
I blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost 
I it shall not be forgiven. 

I 11 And when they bring you uuto 

1 the synagogues, and unto magistrates, 

j and powers, take ye no thought how 

I or what thing ye shall answer, or 

I wliat ye shall say ; 

第士 一章 

k 時候 有幾萬 人聚在 1 處、 甚至 彼此踐 i 耶穌先 對門徒 I 你們應 當謹防 法利赛 人的酵 、就 是假冒 爲 善。&^ 有 掩藏的 16^ 

、 、 〇| 一一 、 、 \ 

不 露出來 的沒有 隱瞞的 事不被 人知道 的你們 在暗中 說的話 必在明 處被人 聽見你 們在嚴 密的屋 裏附 耳說的 話必有 

00 、 、 、 、 OS 、 

人在房 上宣揚 出來我 的朋友 我吿訴 你們只 能殺身 體以後 不能再 加害的 不耍怕 他們我 將那應 當怕的 指示你 們殺人 

、 、 、 六、 、 

身 體以後 又有權 柄將. < 下在 地獄裏 的我實 在吿訴 你們應 當怕的 就是那 一 位五 個雀鳥 不是二 分銀子 Ee; 的 麼但在 

* 〇 七、、 、 C-C 、 

神面前 一 個也 不忘記 就是你 們的頭 髮也都 數過了 所以不 要懼怕 你們比 許多雀 鳥貴重 多了我 吿訴你 們凡在 人面前 

、 OA \ 〇 十、 

認我的 人子在 神的 使者面 前也必 認他在 人面前 不認我 的我在 神的 使者面 前也必 不認他 凡毀謗 人子的 還可得 

、 、 〇十1 、 、 、 

赦 免惟獨 毀謗聖 靈的必 不得赦 免人拉 你們到 會堂和 有位有 權的人 面前去 不要憂 盧如何 申訴如 何分說 

190 St. LUKE, XII. 

12 For the Holy Ghost shall teach 
you in the same hour what ye ought 
to say. 

13 And one of the company 
! said unto him, Master, speak to ray 

brother, that he divide the in- 
heritance with me. 

14 And he said unto him, Man, 
who made me a judge or a divider 
over you ? 

15 And he said unto them, Take 
heed, and beware of covetousness : 
for a man's life consisteth not in the 
abundance of the things which he 

16 And lie spake a parable unto 
tliem, saying, The ground ofa certain 
rich man brought forth plentifully : 

1 7 And he thought within himself, 
saying, What shall I do, because I 
liave no room where to bestow my 
fruits ? 

18 And he said, This will I do : I 
will pull down my barns, and build 
greater ; and there will I bestow all 
my fruits and my goods. 

1 9 And I will say to my soul, Soul, 
thou hast much goods laid up for 
many years ; take thine ease, eat, 
drink, and be merry. 

20 But Gocl said unto him, Thou 
fool, this night thy soul shall be re- 
quired of thee: then whose shall those 
things be, whicli thou hast provided ? 

21 So is he that layeth up treasure 
for himself, and is not rich toward 

22 1 And lie said unto Ms disciples, 
Therefore I say unto yon, Take no 
thought for your life, what ye shall 
eat ; neither for the body, what ye 
shall put oil. 

23 The life is more thiiu meat, antl 
the body is more than raiment. 

24 Consider the ravens : for they 
neither sow nor reap ; wliicli neither 
have storehouse nor barn ; and God 
feedetli them : how much more are 
ye better than the fowls ? 



-* = % 十 一 一一 、 、 o^a ^1 . 

在那時 候聖靈 必指示 你所當 說的話 〇 衆人裹 有一 個人說 夫子請 吩咐我 的兄長 和我分 開家產 耶穌說 你這個 人誰立 

* 、 十五 、 、 、 、 3^*,. 

我作 你們斷 事的官 你 們分產 業呢因 對衆人 說謹愼 防備不 耍有貧 心因爲 人的生 命不在 乎家资 寬?, ^就 用比^ 的話一 

說、 有一 個财 主田產 豊盛、 S 己心甚 思想說 、我的 糧食沒 有地方 收藏、 怎麽辦 我 必這樣 化把倉 房拆毀 另造 更大" 

的、 可以 收藏我 一 W 的糧食 和貨物 。化" 後我必 m 己心 襄說、 我 有許多 M 文作我 必對 3! 已 gB^ 魂 §g 魂阿 現布. 許多 财物 騎存、 作多, A 

年的 费用、 我 F 乂作無 i 可以 安安 逸逸的 吃喝快 樂了。 察對 他說、 無知 的人、 今夜 必定耍 你的靈 I 你 所豫備 下的將 M 

誰呢。 M 穌說、 凡 i! 自己 積财、 在 神面前不富足的、也是這樣。1^對門徒|^所以我吿訴你,不耍爲生命.^^盧吃基良爲身.一 

體憂慮 穿甚麽 ^ 命比飮 食貴重 、身 體比衣 服貴重 II 想烏膽 也不種 "也 不收、 沒有 <m ^沒 神尙 且簦活 t 你們豈 不比一 

禽鳥 貴重得 多麼。 一 


25 And which of you with taking 
thought can add to his stature one 

26 If ye then be not able to do 
that thing which is least, why take 
ye thought for the rest ? 

27 Consider the lilies how they 
grow : they toil not, they spin not ; 
and yet I say unto you, that Solomon 
in all his glory was not arrayed like 
one of these. 

28 If then God so clothe the grass, 
wliicli is to day in the field, and to 
morrow is cast into the oven ; how 
much more will he clothe yon, O ye of 
little faith ? ' 

29 And seek not ye what ye shall 
eat, or what ye shall drink, neither 
be ye of doubtful mind. 

30 For all these things do the 
•atioiis of the world seek after : and 
your Father knoweth that ye have 
need of these things, 

31 1" But rather seek ye the king- 
dom of God ; and all these things 
shall be added unto you. 

32 Fear not, little flock ; for it is 
your Father's good pleasure to give 
you the kingdom. 

33 Sell that ye have, and give 
alms ; provide yourselves bags which 
wax not old, a treasure in the heavens 
that faileth not, where no thief ap- 
proacheth, neither moth corrupteth. 

34 For where youi* treasure is, 
there will your heart be also, 

35 Let you r loins be girded about, 
find your lights burning ; 

3G And ye yourselves like unto 
men that wait for their lord, when he 
will return from tiie wedding ; that, 
-u'licn liG Cometh and knocketh, they 
may open unto him immediately. 

37 Blessed a?'e those servants, whom 
the lord wlien he cometli sliall find 
watching : verily I say unto you, that 
he shall gird himself, and make them 
to sit down to meat, and will come 
forth and serve them. 

章二十 第加路 191 

i 們 裏頭、 誰能用 25 盧多加 一 刻生 命呢。 is 小的事 「尙 且不能 I 怎 麼去思 慮別的 11 想 百合花 怎樣長 起, 這 花也不 

勞苦、 也不 織約、 然而 我吿訴 你們、 就是 ISMI- 極榮華 的時嫁 、他所 穿戴! ^還不 如這花 一 朵呢。 I: 們這小 信的- ^野地 裹的 

草、 今 H 還在、 明日 就手. 在 爐裏、 神還叫 他有這 樣的妝 歡何, 况你們 們不 耍求吃 I 求喝: i& 不 耍心襄 |#&^ 都是 

外^ 人所 求的你 們需用 這些東 西天父 巳經知 道你們 須耍求 祌 的國天 父自然 將這些 東西加 給你們 衆小子 你們不 

要權怕 、因一 1 天父喜 歡將 天國賜 給你們 ai 當變賣 你們所 有的賙 濟人、 if 自己豫 備永不 破壤的 囊袋、 和用 不盡的 财寶在 

、 、 ClilG! 、 0-1 、 〇| 一一 大 

天上 就是賊 不能到 蟲不能 蛀的那 地方因 i! 你們 的財寶 在那裏 你們的 心也在 那裏你 們應^ 腰 裏蕩著 帶燈常 點著好 

像僕 人等候 主人從 喜筵上 囘來、 主入 來到^ 門、 就給他 開了。 .sk 來了、 看見僕 人儆醒 、這 僕人就 有福了 。我實 在吿訴 你钆 

主 A 必要 自己繁 上帶、 叫他們 坐席、 向前 服舉他 ^ 

192 St. LUKE, Xlf. 章二十 第加路 

38 And if he shall come in the 
secou watch, or come in the third 
watch, irad find them so, blessed are 
those servants, 

39 And this know, that if the good- 
man of the house had known what 
hour the thief would come, he would 
have watched, and not have suffered 
his house to be broken through. 

40 Be ye therefore ready also : for 
the Son of man cometli at an hour 
when ye think not. 

41 T[ Theu Peter saiJ unto him, 
Lord, speakest thou this parable unto 
us, or even to all ? 

42 And the Lord said, Who then 
is that faithful and wise steward, 
whom his lord shall make ruler over 
his household, to give them their 
portion of meat in due season ? 

43 Bk'&sed is that servant, whom 
liis lord when he coraeth shall find 
so doing. 

44 Of II truth I say unto you, that 
lie "'ill make him ruler over ail that 
he hath. 

45 But and if that servant say in 
his heart, jMy 】ord delay eth his com- 
ii;g; and ahail bpgiu to beat the 
men. 。《- vaiits and maidens, ami to eat 
and drink, and to be druiikeii ; 

4G The lord of that servant will 
come in a day when lie looketh not 
for him, and at an hour when he is 
not aware, and will cut, him in sunder, 
and will appoint him his portion with 
the unbelievers. 

47 And that servant, which knew 
his lord's will, and prepared not him- 
self, neither did according to his 
will, shall be beaten with many 

48 But he that knew not, and did 
commit things worthy of btripes, shall 
be beaten with few stripes. For unto 
whomsoever much is given, of him 
shall be inucli required ; and to wliora 
men have committed much, of him 
they will ask the more. 

i 是二更 囘來、 或是三 更囘來 、看 見僕人 這樣、 這 僕人就 有福了 是家主 知道賊 甚麽時 候來、 就必 做醒、 不至 賊挖洞 進堡、 

這 是你們 曉得的 你們應 當豫備 、因 你 們想不 到的時 I 人 子就來 f4„t_l 主 設這比 1是爲 我們 IHgl 衆人 I 

N - 一、 % 

卞- 說誰是 又忠信 又聰明 的管家 主人用 他管狸 家人、 按著 時候分 糧呢。 Ifi 人來的 時候、 看見 僕人這 樣行、 那僕人 就有福 


不到的 H 子、 不知道 的時候 、那 僕人的 主人、 必求重 重的處 治他、 將 他趕到 無信的 人的地 力去、 和他們 一 樣受刑。^_1僕人曉 

得主人 的意& 3、 卻不作 準備、 不順他 的意& 2、 那僕人 必多受 責打。 II 不 曉得主 人的意 就作 出該受 刑罰的 事恭那 僕人必 

少受 責打。 因蕭多 給人、 必定向 人多取 、多 託人、 必 定向人 多;? |_。 


49 ^ I am come to send fire on 
the earlli ; niid 、、,hat will I, if it be 
already kindled ? 

50 But I have a baptism to be 
baptized with ; and liow am I strait- 
CMiccl till it be accomplished ! 

51 Suppose ye that I am come to 
give peace on earth '? I tell you, Nay ; 
but rather divison : 

52 For from hence forth there shall 
be five in one divided, three 
against two, and two against thrte. 

53 The father shall be divided 
against the son, and tlie son against 
the father ; the niotlicr against the 
(laugliter, and llie daugliter against 
the mother; the mother in law against 
her daughter in law, ami the (laugh- 
ter in law against her mother in law. 

54 T[ And he said also to the people, 
When ye see a cloud rise out of the 
\、 est,, stra igh t way ye say, There 
Cometh a slio wer ; and so it is. 

55 And when ye see the south wind 
blow, ye say, There will be heat; and 
it cumc'lli to pass. 

56 Ye liypocritis^ ye can discern 
the face of the eky and of the earth ; 
but how is it that ye do not discern 
this time ? 

57 Yea, and why even of yourselves 
judge ye not wlmt is right ;' 

58 T[ When thou goest with thine 
adversary to the magistrate, as thou 
art in the way, give diligence that 
thou may est bo delivered from him ; 
lest be hale thee to the judge, and 
the judge deliver thee to the officer, 
and the officer cast tlice into prison. 

59 I tell thee, thou sl)alt not depart 
thence, till thou hast paid the very 
last mite. 


THERE were present at that 
season some that told him of 
the Galileans, M'liose blood Pilate had 
mingled with their sacrifices. 

章 E: 十 第加路 193 


、 、 cr-l 一 、 、 、 、i 

吿^ 你 們不是 的是要 叫人分 爭了從 今以後 一 家五個 人將耍 二個 人和兩 個人相 (廿 兩個 入和三 個人相 eK 乂親和 

、 、 、 、 、 OHH 、 

子相 ^?-兒, 子和父 親相爭 ^親和 女兒相 ^女 兒和 ③親相 爭婆 婆和媳 婦相^ 媳婦和 婆婆相 耶穌又 對衆人 說你們 

、 、 、 C 五 3 、 、 、 OS 六 、 

看見 有雷從 西方起 來就說 將耍下 雨這: Ili- 有 的看昆 風 從南方 吹來就 說將有 磬熟 也是有 的假冒 爲善的 A 你們 能分別 

天地的 氣色怎 麼不能 分辨這 時候呢 你們一 H 甚 麼不自 己審景 那是 公義的 事呢你 和吿你 的人去 見官還 在路上 應常儘 

\ 、 、 〇s 九 、 、 

力的 求他饒 恕恐怕 他拉你 到刑官 面前刑 官將你 交給差 役差役 將你下 在監裏 我吿? 你 一 毫 一 驚沒有 還淸你 是斷不 

能出 來的」 


194 St. LUKE, XIII. 

2 And Jesus answering said unto 
them, Suppose ye that these Galileans 
were sinners above all the Galileans, 
because they suffered such things? 

3 I tell you, Nay : but, except ye 
repent, ye shall all likewise perish. 

4 Or those eighteen, upon whom 
the tower in Si loam fell, and slew 
them, think ye tliat they were sinners 
above all men that dwelt in Jeru- 
salem ? 

5 I tell you, Nay : but, except ye 
repent, ye shall all likewise perish. 

6 1 He spake also this parable ; A 
certain man had a fig tree planted in 
his vineyard ; and he came and sought 
fruit thcreou, and found none. 

7 Then said he unto the dresser of 
1 1 is vineyard, Behold, these three 
years I come seeking fruit on this fig 
tree, and find none: cut it down ; why 
cumbercth it the ground ? , 

8 And he answering said unto him, 
Lord, let it alone this year also, till 
I shall dig about it, and dung it: 

9 And itit bear fruit, u'f/L-ancl if not, 
then after that thou shalt cut it down. 

10 And he was teaching in one of 
the synagogues on the sabbath. 

11 ^ 'And, behold, there was a 
woman whieh had a spirit of in- 
firmity eighteen years, and was bowed 
together, and could in no wise lift up 

12 And when Jesus saw her, be 
called her to him, and said unto her, 
Woman, thou art loosed from thine 

13 And lie laid his hands on her : 
ami immediately she was made 
straight, and glorified God. 

1 4 And the ruler of the synagogue 
answered with indignation, because 
that Jesus Imd healed on the sabbath 
day, and said uuto the people, There 
are six days in which men ought to 
work : in them therefore come and be 
lualed, ami not cm the sabbath 

章三十 第加路 

-歜 穌說、 你們以 爲那些 IWl 人、 比衆 ill 人更 爲有^ 所 以受這 害麼" 齿訴 你們、 不.^ ,^你 們, w 不 侮改此 必都. 变滅 

C1- 前 I 的! £ ^倒了 、避 死十八 個入、 你們 以爲那 些入、 比在 § ^"居 住的人 K 街罪良 ^吿師 你們、 不是的 、你們 

,&不 脇改、 也必 都要滅 a& 設比 有人 將無花 果樹、 M 在 葡萄園 I 後來 到了樹 前尋果 1 竞得不 # 對管圓 的人^ 

』 、 、 2 

我三 年來到 樹前尋 果子、 總得 不著、 可以 砍掉、 何必白 佔地土 園的說 、主乂 「年且 ^著等 我周園 掘開土 壅上^ 或者. = 

結^子 、若再 不結^ 子、 就將樹 砍掉。 or 息日、 耶穌在 1 個會 堂裏敎 訓人。 5h 個婦人 被鬼附 了十八 気腰每 不能伸 

直。 g 穌看 見他、 就對 他說、 婦人你 脫離這 病了。 g 用兩手 按他、 他立刻 仲§.. 腰、 證 S 神 Iks 的人、 兌耶 S 在安息 n. 據 

病、 就氣忿 忿的對 衆人說 、作 事自有 六日、 那六日 可以來 求醫、 不 必在安 息日。 


15 The Lord then answered liim, 
and said, Thou liypocritOj doth not 
Oiicli o\\i> of you en the sabbath loose 
his ox or his ass from the sfall, and 
l(a(l h im away (o watering? 

16 And ouglit not this woman, 
being a daughter of Abiabara, whom 
k-'afaii Iiatli bound , lo, these eighteen 
years, be loosed from this boud on 
the sabbath clay ? 

17 And when he had said these 
things, all liis adversaries were 
aslmmed : and all the people rejoiced 
for all the glorious things that were 
done by him. 

18 1 Then saul he, Unto what is 
the kingdom of God like ? and wlierc- 
unto shall I resemble it? 

19 It is like a grain of mustard 
sted , which a man took, and cast into 
Ills Gjardcn ; and it grew, and waxed 
a gn at tree; and tlie fowls of the air 
lodged in ihc branches of it. 

20 And again lie said, Whereunto 
shit 11 I liken the kingdom of God ? 

21 It is like leaven, which a woman 
look and hid in three measures of 
meal, till lliG whole was leavened. 

22 And lie went through the cities 
and villages, teachings and journeying 
toward Jerusalem. 

23 Then said one unto liim, Lord, 
are there few that be saved ? And he 
said unto them, 

24 Strive to enter in at the strait 
gate : for many, I say unto you, 、vill 
seek to enter in, and shall not be 

25 When once the master of tlie 
house is risen up, and hath shut to 
the door, and ye begin to stand with- 
out, and to knock at tlie dooi', saying, 
Lord, Lord, open unto us; ami he 
shall answer and say unto you, I 
know you not whence ye are : 

26 Then shall yc begin to say, We 
Imve eaten and drunk in tliy pre- 
sence, ami thou hast taught in our 

章三十 第加路 195 

十 Ja • 、 、 、 o 十 *c 、 

主 說假冒 爲善的 A 你們在 安息: :! 誰 不解開 槽上的 牛驢帝 去飲呢 况且這 婦人本 是亞伯 拉罕的 後代被 撒但姻 挑了十 

、 〇 十七 、 、 04ic \ 

入 年不當 在安息 H 解開 他的 結子麽 耶穌說 這話那 些仇敵 都慚愧 了衆人 見他行 事光明 卻-仏 歡饔耶 穌又說 祌的國 

\ 十. A % \ \ 0-+ 、 

好像 甚麼我 用甚麽 來比方 呢好像 一 粒芥菜 種被人 稀_ 在園裏 後來長 成大樹 中的害 鳥住在 他的枝 上又說 我將用 

@ 比方 神的 國呢。 S 比夠酵 、婦. <拿 來放在 三斗夠 裏、, € 就都發 起來 h^oi 穌經過 ^鄉 谷城敎 訓人、 向 行去。 

画 二一一 , 、 Gllra % 、 、 o-i % 9 

有人 問他說 主得 救的人 少麼耶 穌說應 當竭力 進窄. 門我吿 訴你們 必;^ 許 多人耍 進去不 得進去 家主起 來關上 門以後 

你們 就站在 外而叩 門說、 主阿、 主阿、 給我們 開門。 他必囘 答說、 你們 是那裏 來的、 我 不認得 你們。 i 時你們 必說、 我們 在你 

面前吃 過喝過 、你 也曾在 我們街 市上敎 訓人。 

196 St. LUKE, XIV. 

27 But he shall say, I tell you, I 
know you not whence ye are : depart 
from me, all ye workers of iniquity. 

28 There shall be weeping and 
gnashing of tcetli, when ye shall see 
Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and 
all the prophets, in the kingdom of 
God, and you yourselves thrust out. 

29 And they shall come from the 
east, and from the west, and from the 
north, and from the south, and sluall 
sit down in the kingdom of God. 

30 And, behold, there arc last 
wliich shall be first; and there are 
first which shall be last. 

31 t The same clay there came 
certain of the Pharisees, saying unto 
him, Get thee out, and depart hence ; 
for Herod will kill thee, 

32 And he said unto them, Go ye, 
and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out 
devils, and I do cures to day and to 
morrow, and the third day I shall be 

33 Nevertheless I must walk to 
clay, and to morrow, and the day 
fullowing : for it cannot be that a 
prophet perish out of Jerusalem. 

34 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which 
killlest the prophets, and sternest them 
that are sent unto thee; liow often 
would I liave gathered thy children 
togellier, as a hen doth gather her 
brood uiulcr her wings, and ye would 
not ! • 

35 Ik'hold, your house is left unto 
you desolate : and verily I say unto 
you, Ye shall not see me, until the 
time come wlien ye shall say, Blessed 
is he that cometh in ilic uanie of the 


AND it came to pass, as lie went 
into the house of one of the 
chief Pharisees to cat bread on the 
sabbalh day, that they watched hirp. 

2 And, behold, there was a certain 
man before him which had the dropsy. 

章 四十第 加 路 

必說、 我吿訴 你們、 我 不知道 你們是 1,4 來:^ 你們這 一 B 作恶 的人、 離 開我去 i ,時你 們必石 見^^ 邪 

和衆 先知、 都在 祌的 國襄、 惟獨你 們被趕 到外面 、必 耍哀^ 切齒了 「船^ 從面、 從.^ 從北、 將^ 人來在 种^" = -坐 席。^ 


穌說、 你 們去吿 訴那個 狐狸說 、今 :!: 明日、 我趕 5S 病、 到第 三日 我的事 就完 羅了。 iii 、今 後 nss 應常 行因 

^ 先 知不能 被殺在 311 外陶 is^wns 你常殺 害先知 、乂用 ^頭砍 死那泰 差遣到 你這一 1 來的 j 我 多.^ 

要聚集 你的子 如同^ 難將 小魏聚 第在翅 膀底下 一 ^是 你不願 i^lil 的 家將耍 變爲荒 t 我赏 在吿 訴你們 從今以 

後、 你們 不能再 見我、 必耍等 到你們 說舉主 名來的 應當讚 美的那 ^候了 

第 十四章 、 。,, 

1 女息 耶穌到 一 個法利 赛人的 首領家 裏去吃 飯衆人 艰窺探 他在他 面前贺 一 個患腹 服的人 

St. LUKE, X【V. 

3 And Jesus answering spake unto 
the lawyers and Phai-isco.'', faying, Is 
it lawful to Ileal on the sabbath clay ? 

4 And they hold tlieir peace. And 
he took him, and healed l)ini, and let 
him go ; 

5 And answered them, saying, 
Wliioli of yon shall have an ass or 
an ox fallen into a pit, and will not 
straightway pull him out ou the 
sabbath clay ? 

6 And they could not answer him 
again to these tilings. 

7 T[ And lie put forth a parable to 
those wliich were bidden, when he 
marked how they oliosc out the chief 
rooms ; saying unfo them, 

8 Wlieii tliou art bklcleiiofany 

to a wedding, si t not viown in the 
highest room ; lest a more honourable 
mail than thou be bidden of liim ; 

9 And he that bade thee and liim 
come and say to thee, Give this man 
place ; and iJioii begin with shame to 
take the lowest room. 

10 But when thou art bidden, go 
1 and sit clown in the lowest room ; that 
! when lie that bade thee cometh, he 
! may say unto thee, Friend, go up 
I liiglier : tlicn si i alt thou have worship 

in the presence of tlicm that sit at 
meat with thee. 

1 1 For whosoever exaltcth himself 
shall be abased ; and lie that humbleth 
himself shall be exalted. 

12 T[ Then saiJ he also to liim tliat 
bade liim, Wlicn thou inakest a dinner 
or a supper, call not tliy fi iends, nor 
thy bretliicu, ncitlier tliy kinsmen, 
uor thy rich iieiglibours ; lest they 
also bid tlice again, and a recompense 
be made ilicc. 

13 But w'hvn thou raakest a feast, 
call tliG poor, the maimed, the lame, 
tlie blind : 

14 And thou shalt be blessed ; for 
tliey cannot recompense tliee: for 
thou shalt be recompensed at the 
resurrection of the just. 

章 四十第 加 路 197 

3 、 、 〇ra 、 、 0-3 、 

耶 穌向敎 法師- 和法利 賽人說 安息日 醫病使 得使不 得衆人 一 言不 答耶穌 21: 好 那人打 發他去 了就對 他們說 你們中 問 

誰有 牛驢在 安息 曰落 在坑一 Eii 不立 刻拉上 來呢。 ^ 們都沒 有話答 l〇f 穌看 見所請 的客揀 擇首仏 就川. 比 方對他 們說、 

矿人請 你去赴 喜筵、 不要 坐在首 位上、 恐怕 W 比你尊 贵的客 、被他 請來。 象請你 們的人 前來對 你說、 讓 位給這 人罷、 你必羞 

十、 \ 、 .* 、 

羞 渐慚的 歸到末 位去坐 了你被 請的時 候就去 生在未 位上那 請你 的人必 來對你 說朋^ 請上坐 這樣你 在同席 的面前 

就 有榮光 〔自高 的必降 爲卑、 自卑 的必升 爲高。 S 穌又對 請他的 人說、 你擺設 早飯、 或晚 1^ 不要 請朋& 第兄、 親戚、 和豐 

、 、 ctm 、 、 、 、 十 S 、 、 

宫 的鄰舍 恐怕他 們也請 你你受 他們的 報答你 擺設筵 席就請 貧窮的 殘廢的 街腿的 瞎眼的 這樣你 必有福 了因一 他們 

不能報 答你、 到篛入 復活的 時候、 你 必得著 報答。 

198 St. LUKE, XIV. 

15 , And when one of them that 
sat at meat with him lieard these 
tilings, lie said unto him, Blessed is 
lie that shall cat bread in the king- 
dom of God. 

16 Then said iie unto him, A 
certain man made a groat supper, and 
bade many : 

17 And sent his servant at supper 
time to say to them that were bidden, 
Come ; for all things are now ready. 

18 And they all with one consent 
began to make excuse. The first said 
unto him, I liave bought a piece of 
ground, and I must needs go and see 
it : I pray thee have me excused. 

19 And another said, I have bought 
five yoke of oxen, and I go to prove 
tliem : I pray thee have me excused. 

20 And another said, I have 
marrkd a wife, nnd therefore I can- 
not come. 

21 So that servant came, and shew- 
ed his lord these things. Then the 
master of tlie house being angry said 
to his servant, Go out quickly into 
the streets and lanes of the city, and 
bring in hither the poor, and the 
maimed, and the Imlt, and the blind. 

22 And tliG servant snid, Lord, it 
is done as tliou liast commanded, and 
yet there is room. 

23 And the lord said unto the ser- 
vant, Go out into the highways and 
hedges, and compel them to come in, 
that my liousc may bo filled. 

24 Yov I say unto you, That none 
of those nun which were bidden shall 
taste of my supper. 

25 Au<\ there went groat nuilti- 
tildes with liini : and lie turned, aiul 
said unto them. 

2G If any man come to mc, nnd 
liate not Wis fatlior, ami mother, and 
wiib, and children, luul lm"limi,aml 
sisters, yoa, mid his own life alsr», lie 
cannot be my disciple. 

章四十 第加路 

i 席的有 一 個人聽見這11^就對耶穌說、在 祌國 裏吃飯 的有一 i 了。, 穌說、 有 一 個人擺設大筵席、¥.-許多-監^^|;了坐 

席的 時候、 打發僕 人去對 所請的 人說、 請來、 各樣 東西巳 經齊備 人 一 口同 1 种、 椎辭 不去、 頒 一 個說、 我 nrw^K 承乂去 

、 ? X , 、 \ C 一 1 十、 、 、?; 

看 請准我 推辭又 一 個說 我買了 五對牛 耍去試 一 試 II 准 我推辭 T?^ 一 個說我 新嬰了 ^所以 不能去 那僕. <罔 來都吿 11^ 

了主人 、主人 就動怒 、吩咐 僕人說 、快到 城奥大 街小卷 、領 那些贫 i 的、 殘廢的 腿的、 瞎股 的人來 Ik 人說、 .Hjru 經 你吩咐 

、 一 二一一 、 、 、 〇1-?- 、 

的話辦 了還, ^餘 勝的坐 位主人 對僕人 說你出 去到路 上和離 S3 中問遇 見人就 勉-^ 他 進來坐 滿我的 M 子我吿 訴你們 

先前所 請的人 、不許 一 個吃我的筵席。〇1人和耶穌同走的時候、耶穌轉身對他們_51^->來從^^^不愛我勝過愛他的父 

、妻 兄弟、 姊妹、 和自己 的生仏 就不能 作我的 E:.iil 

St. LUKE, XV. 

27 And whosoever dolh not bear 
Ins cross, and come after me, cannot 
be my disciple, 

28 For whicli of youj intending to 
build a (owcr^, sitteth not clown first, 
and couiitcth the cosf^ wliofhcr lie 
liave svjjiciciit to finish it f 

29 Jicsfc haply, after lie liath laid 
tlic foundation, and is not able to 
finish it, all that behold it begin to 
mock him, 

30 Saying, This man began to 
build, and was not able to finish. 

31 Or what king, going to nvikc 
war against another king, sittetli not 
down first, and consul teth wliethcr 
he be able wilh ten thousand to meet 
him that comotli against him wilh 
twenty thousand ? 

32 Or else, while the other is yet a 
great way off, lie sendetli an anibas- 
sago, and desireth conditions of peace. 

33 So likewise, whosoever lie be of 
you that f6rsakotli not all tliat he 
liatli, lie cnniiot ho my disciple. 

34 ^ Salt is good : hut if" the salt 
liave his savoii r, wherewith shall 
it be s(asoned ? 

o5 It is neither fit for the land, 
nor yet for the dunghill; bid mew 
cast it out. He that hath cars to 
hear, let him hear. 


THEN drew near unto l)im all the 
publicans and sinners for to 
hear him. 

2 And the Pliarisecs and scribes 
miu'mm,ecl, saying. This man recoiv- 
etli siiiuerS; and eatctli 、vith them. 

3 And he spake this parable 
unto thorn, saying, 

4 What man of you, having a 
hundred sheep, if he lose one of tlicm, 
(loth not leave the ninety and nine in 
(ho 、vil(lmv P.s, and go after that 
which is lost, iu\!il lie find it? 

5 And when lie bath found it, he 
layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing. 

章 五十第 加 路 199 

i_ ^背著 十 字架跟 從我、 也不能 作我的 門徒。 i 們中 si 誰 耍建造 1 座 不先 坐下計 算銀^ 能 造成不 怕有 了地墓 〔不 

、 i 十、 一二 、 V 

能 成功看 見的人 就都恥 笑他說 這個人 開了工 不能完 工或有 國王出 去和別 國的王 打仗豈 不豫先 坐下算 計能用 ! 萬 

一 1一= 、 、 C- 一一 |11一 、 、 

兵 敏那領 1 一萬兵 來攻打 的麼若 是不能 就趁他 還遠的 時候遣 人去求 和這樣 你們若 不搬下 一 M 所有的 就不能 作我的 

0-5 、 、 o=;a 、 、 〇 , 

門徒鹽 是好的 il 若 失了味 用甚麽 叫這鹽 鹹呢 不可撒 在地上 也不可 堆在糞 裏只好 扔在外 面了凡 有耳可 的就應 


第 十五章 

那時.^許多税吏*和巧,5^|-的入前來聽耶穌的敎訓法利蕃人和讀書人不悅就議論耶穌說他接侍有罪的人和 ^們 一 同 

吃飯 % 穌就 設比, 說、 li: 們中間 誰有一 百隻 失去 一 si{ 不 且撇下 這九十 九隻羊 在嚒^ 去尋 找那失 去的^ M 到尋 

OH \ 、 

見呢 尋見就 歡喜將 那隻羊 扛在! 屑上 

I 200 St. LUKE, XV. 章五十 第加路 

6 And when he conicth liome, he 
callelli together his friends and neigh- 
bours, saying unto them, Rejoice 
with rae ; for I have found my sheep 
which was lost. 

7 I say nil to yon, that likewise joy 
shall be in heaven over one sinner 
that rcpciitcth, more than over niiuty 
and nine just persons, which need no 

8 1 Either 、vlmt woman having ten 
pieces of silver, if she lose one piece, 
(loth not light a candle, and sweep 
the house, and seek diligently till she 
find Uf • 

9 And when she hath found it, she 
calletli her friends and her neighbours 
together, saying, Rejoice witli mc; 
for I have found the piece which I 
had lost. 

10 Likewise, I say unto you, there 
is joy in the presence of the angels of 
God over one sinner that repenteth. 

1 1 ^ And he said, A certain man 
had two sons : 

12 And the younger of them saiil 
to his father, Father, give me the 
portion of goods that falleth to me. 
And lie divided unto them his living. 

13 And not many days after the 
younger son gathered all together, 
and took his journey into a far coun- 
try, ami there wasted his substance 
with riotous living. 

14 And when lie had spent all, 
tlierc arose a mighty famine in that 
laud ; aiul he began to be iu want. 

15 And lie went and joined himself 
to a cili/.cu of that country ; and he 
sent him into his fields to feed svyiiie. 

1 G Aiul ho would fain have filled 
his belly with tlie liiisks that tlic 
swiuc <1k1 t at : and no man gave unto 
him. , 

17 And wlicn lie came to himself, 
he said, How many hired servants of 
my father's luwo bixad enough and 
to spare, and I perish with hunger ! 

k 讓中 >PTI 鄰 I、 說、 illts7、 你們 t 一 li 。: 說、 f i 們 一 個 I 的 4 改在天 

上也 是這謹他5 ^比 i 十九個 不£ 悔改 的義人 ss^^5 個婦人 ¥ tut 1 I 不點 上俊打 

婦屋 H.:^ 絀的 fasJA^ 到^ a 良! S 就請 了親友 鄰合來 對他們 I 失去的 銀錢已 經尋" ^你^ 我 一 同 快^^ 耶穌說 

我吿 訴你^ 一 個有罪 的人悔 ^ 祌的使 I 也是 這樣 纖他歡 M 敲穌又 I: 個人 W 则個 子對 父親說 詁父親 

將我 應得的 康業分 給我。 他父親 就將產 業給他 們分開 。懇了 不多幾 H 、小^ 子就把 他所有 的收拾 起來、 往遠 方去在 那." - 

毫無節 I 浪 1資# ^盡了 1 .Kg 有的、 又 遇見那 m 方人 大饑 t 钆就 困苦起 Is 是投靠 那地方 一 個.^ 那人打 發他往 W 

m 去看緒 、^一 1 沒布人 給他送 吃的、 甚 至耍將 猪所吃 的豆皮 充饑? 跏時就 醒快過 氣說、 我父親 &許多 工人、 口糧" ^餘、 我就 

餓死了 ^ 1 11 

St. LUKE, XV. 

章五十 第加路 201 

18 I will arise and go to my father, 
and will say unto him, Father, I 
have sinned against heaven, and be- 
fore lliec, 

19 And 腿 no more worthy to be 
called thy son : make me as one of 
thy hired servants. 

20 And lie arose, and came to his 
fatlier. 】hit wlioii lie was yet a great 
way off, his father saw hira, and had 
compassion, and ran, and fell on his 
neck, and kissed him. 

21 Ami the son said unto him, 
Father, I have sinned against heaven, 
and ill (hy sight, nncl am no more 
wortliy 【0 b(? called thy son, 

22 But the father said to his scr- 
vanls, Brinj^ forth the best robe, and 
put it on him ; and put a ring on his 
lian<l, and .shoes on his feet: 

23 Ami bring hither the fatted 
rnlf, and kill it ; and let us eat, and 
be merry : 

24 For this my sou was doatl, 
and is alive again ; ho was lost, nn/l 
is fouml. A 11(1 tliey began to be 

25 Now his cider son was in the 
He 1(1 : and as he came and drew nigh 
tn the liouso, lie luai d music and 

2G Ami he called one of the ser- 
\ ants, ami asked wliat these things 

27 Ami he said unto him, Thy 
biothor is come ; and thy father hath 
lei lied tilt! fatted calf, because he lialh 
received him safe and sound. 

28 And he 、v'ns angry, and woiiM 
i>ot go in : < hero (ore came his father 
outj and cutreated him. 

29 And he answering said to his 
father, Lo, 111 est many years do I 
serve tlioc, uoilhor tra】isgrcsse(l I ut 
any time thy conuuaiulnioat ; and 
}•( t (hou never gavest iiic a kid, 
that 1 might make merry with my 
Iriciuls : 

i: 耍起來 、到 我父那 鹿去、 向他說 、父親 、我得 罪了天 、又 得罪了 你、. g 今以 t 我不 配稱 爲你的 52,、 請你將 我當作 一 個展工 

人! 是起身 、往他 父親那 裏去。 相離 還遠、 他 父親看 見就憐 憫他、 跑上前 t 跑著 他的頸 〔與他 親嘴。 子對父 親說、 找 t;: 

罪了天 、又得 罪了你 、從今 以後、 我 不配稱 爲你的 子了。 ii^ 親就 吩附僕 人說、 把上好 的飽子 拿來給 他穿、 把 戒指套 在他^ 

頭上、 把 轉穿在 他脚上 ¥ 一 隻肥牛 i:^ 來 t 了、 我們可 以吃喝 快樂, 1爲 我這個 G^v. 、是 死而 復活、 失而復 得的。 他 們就快 

起來 ai 時大 2^ 子正在 田裘、 到 他囘來 I 家不遠 、聽見 吹彈歌 舞的# 昔.! 叫過 一 個僕 A 來、 是甚麼 綠故。 i 人說、 你兄弟 

來了、 你 父親因 i! 得他無 災無病 囘來、 將肥牛 積宰了 。力 兒子就 生氣、 不肯 進去、 父親 出夾, 働他。 力兒子 對他父 親說、 我服 

ii! 你多年 、從來 沒劳^^¥^4=、 你 未曾賞 給我 一 隻 山羊羔 、叫我 和朋友 一 快 if 

202 St. LUKE, XVI. 

30 But as soon as this tliy son was 
come, M liieli liath devoured tliy living 
with harlots, thou liast killed" for him 
the fait (id cnlf. 

31 And he said unto liim, Son, 
"lou art, ever with me, oiul all that 
I have is thine. 

32 It was meet that wo slionld 
make merry, and bo glad : for this 
thy brother was dead, and is alive 
again ; and was lost, and is found. 


AND he said also unto 】iis dis- 
ciples, There was a certain rich 
man, which had a steward ; and the 
same was accused unto him that lie 
liad wasted iiis goods. 

2 And he called 】iiiu, and said unto 
him, How is it that I hear this of 
tliee ? give au account of thy steward- 
ship ; for thoLi mayest be no longer 

. 3 Then the steward said within 

taketh away from me tliestewardsliip:. 
I cannot dig; to beg I am nshaDicd. 

4 I am resolved wliat to do, that, 
when I am put out of the steward- 
ship, they may receive mo into their 

5 So he called every one of his 
lord's debtors unto him, and said inito 
the first, How much owcst thou 
unto ray lord ? 

6 And he said, A. luindrcd incasniTs 
of oil. And he said unto him, Tak<; 
thy bill, and sit down quickly, and 
write fifty. 

7 TJicii said lie to another, And 
how uiucli owcst thou ? And lie said. 
A hundred measures of wiieat. Ami 
lie said unto liini, Take thy bill, and 
write fourscore. 

8 And the lord coQimendcd the 
unjust steward, because ho liad done 
wisely : for the cliildren oflliis world 
tm: in their <>;ciiGrutioii wiser Uiaii the 
children of light. 

章六十 第加路 

你 這個小 兒子。 f;^- 娼!, "妓花 ^了 你的產 業他囘 來倒一 tl 他宰了 肥牛牾 父親就 向他說 、我的 、你常 和我在 一 處、 我 一 ^所 

有 的都是 你的。 =^這 個兄弟 、死而 復活、 失而 〔饭得 、我們 應當歡 _-:_2快1 

- m 十六章 

^穌、 對 S: 徙說、 财主 家; 1 個§^^-的人、冇人在主人而前审旭!^^他^^践了主人的資^^1人就.叫了他^對他^我聽見 


來作站 良鋤地 ,^ 無力 k 飯 呢一怕 1^ 有 一 個主 可 以叫人 在我不 gyNS 、接我 到他家 •: 爪". C 他 就把欠 主人的 一 

1 一 個的, 了、 來、 對 _H】 。個說 、你 欠我主 人多少 ok 答說、 一 百瓶;^每瓶§!十斤86^的-^把你的賜傘^快坐下绍五十瓶" 

m 對 一 個人說 、你欠 多少。 囘 答說、 一 ^::石麥子。管寧的說、把你的賜拿去、寫八十1&^人就^^5獎這不義的管^|.人、作事^^1^ 


St. LUKE, XVI. 章 六十第 加 路 203 

9 And I say unto you, Make to 
yourselves friends of the niaininon of 
uni Ii^hteouteucs.s ; that, when ye fail, 
they may receive you into everlasting 

10 He tliat is faithful in that wliicli 
is least is faithful also in much : and 
he that is unjust in tlie least is 
unjust also in ranch. 

11 If therefore yo have not been 
faithful in tliG unrighteous ni amnion, 
who will commit to your trust the 
true riches f 

12 And if ye have not been 
faithful in timt which is aiiotlicr 
man's, who shall give you that which 
is your own ? 

13 T[ No servant can scm'vo two 
masters : for either he will Imtc (lie 
one, and love the other ; or else he 
will hold to the one, and dosj^iso 
the other. Yc cannot serve God and 

14 And tlie Pharisees also, ^vlio 
were covetous, he:inl all these tilings: 
and they derided him. 

15 Aiul he said luito thorn, Ye urc 
tltey wliidi jui^tify you rselvos before 
m''n ; but Goil knowetli you r licarts : 
for that which is highly osteciiied 
among men is abomiimtion in the 
siglit of God. 

IG The ! aw and the prophets ^ocrc 
iiiilil J()hn : since tliut time the king- 
dom of God is preached^ and cveiy 
mail prcssctli in to it. 

17 And it is easier for heaven and 
carLli to pass, than one tittle of the 
law to fail. 

18 Whosoever puttctli away his 
wifo, uiid marrietii iiiioLlior, conmut- 
tctlj adultery : ami whosoevci" inai- 
rielh lier that is put away from her 
husbaiid coniniittcth nd ultevy. 

19^ There ^vr's a cer(ain ricli man, 
which was clothed in [)urj)lo ami Hik; 
linen, and fared sumptuously every 


也忠信 、在小 1^ 上 不義、 在大攀 上 也不義 1 們 若在虛 浮的錢 w 上沒有 忠信、 Is 將眞 實的餞 Bis 付你們 們 別一 

、 . $3 、 、 、 、 V 

人的柬 IS 上沒 有忠信 誰肯將 你們自 己的柬 西給你 們呢一 個僕人 不能服 攀兩個 主或是 惡這 個愛 那個或 是重 這個 n 

、 、 十四 、 , C 十 S 、 

那個你 們不能 又服事 神又服 事瑪門 瑪門 S 叙利惡 一 n 财利 M 惹 法利 人是 貧财的 他們^ 見 這些話 就笑耶 穌耶穌 說你: 

們在 人面前 ,:::s 爲氣你 們的心 神都知 道了。 人以 爲翁^ 的、 卻是 神所 si 的 as 法和 先,^ 直到 ^ 爲止、 從此 ;!: 

的國就偉開了、並且人人努力耍進.|^||?:地廢壤、輓比禅法的 1 點 一 畫廢壞 還」 容爲呢 。^ 若休妻 另娶、 就 是犯姦 Slf 娶 人所一 

休:^?^也是犯姦&&3^ 1 個 W 主 ¥ 者紫跑 、和細 布衣服 、毎 :!! 奢, ¥::^1 一 

20 i St. LUKE, XVI. 

20 And there was a certain beggar 
imnieil I.a/.nnis, which was laid tit 
liis gate, full of FOros, . 

21 And (losiring (o be fed witli the 
crumbs wliich fell from the rich man's 
(able: moreover the clogs came and 
licked his sores. 

22 And it came to pass, that 
the beggar died, and was carried by 
the angels into Abraham's bosom : 
the rich man also died, and was 
buried ; . 

23 And ill hell he lifted up his 
eyesj being iu torments, and seeth 
Abraham lifar off, and Lazarus in 
1 1 is bosom. , 

24 And he cried and said, Father 
Ahialiam, -have mercy on mo, and 
.scud Lazarus, that he may dip the 
tip of his finger in water, and cool 
my tongue ; for I am tormented in 
this flame. 

2:5 But Abraham said, Son, re- 
member that, thou in thy lifetime 
rcceivedst thy good things, and like- 
wise Lazarus evil things : but now lie 
is com for tod, and thou art tormented. 

2(3 And beside all this, between us 
and you there is a great gulf fixed : 
so that Uicy which would pass from 
hence to you canno; ; neither cuu 
tliey pass to us, that would come from 

27 Then lie said, I pray thcc there- 
fore, father, that thou wouklcst scml 
hill) to niy father's liouse : 

28 For I have five bietliron ; that 
lie may testify Qiito them, lest they 
also come into this place of torment. 

29 Ahrahatn saitli unto liini, They 
have Moses and the prophets ; let 
Ihcm hear them. 

30 And he sail!, Nay, fallicr 
Abiiiliam: but if one went unto ihcin 
lioiu the dead, they will rcptMit. 

;31 And he said unto liini, If they 
licar not Moses and tlie propliots, 
lu illicr will they bo pcrsiiii(1c(!,tliuugh 
one I'osu from the dead. 

章六十 第加路 

?^_.有 一 個〔乙丐、名叫^111^|身生^^、被人放在财主門前1^寧^主掉子上掉下的1^1碎充1乂&狗來^他的^那乞:4„,> 

死了、 天使將 他扶去 、放在 懷一 财主也 死了、 埋葬了 1 時^ 主在陰 問受苦 、舉目 遠说的 ^見 《二, 、又 看見^ 

11 在他 懷裏。 i 喊叫說 、我祖 T^^sf 憐憫我 、打發 Mw^s 措 E 尖離 i 冷水泉 (況 涼我 的舌一 ^ 因爲我 在這火 焰。! ^苦 

得很 1^M¥ 說、 我的子 孫阿、 你要 追想你 在生前 享過你 的齓^ 撒,^ 也受過 他的苦 、現在 他得了 安亂你 受了痛 ^。但 ^ 

這樣、 在你我 常中、 有 .傑 淵隔開 、有 -^. 要從我 們這邊 過到你 們那氣 是不能 耍從你 們那邊 過到我 們這邊 、也" ^ 不 能的。 1 

主說、 旣然如 = ^求我 打發^ S 到我父 親家衷 1 有五個 兄弟、 可以警 敎他們 、免得 他們也 來到這 的 地方。 


們必 定悔改 li^^Mf 說、 不聽 ■ 和先知 的話、 就是有 從死奥 復活的 人拗他 們、^ 必 不聽。 - 



rr^Il EN said he unto the disciples, 
丄 It is impossible but that offences 
will come : but woe unto him, through 
whom they come ! 

2 It were better for luin (hat a 
niills(one Averc hanged about bis neck, 
and he cast into the sea, than tliat 
he should offend one of these little 

3 ^ Take hoed to yourselves: If 
tliy brother trespass against tliee^ 
rebuke him ; and if he repent, forgive 

4 And if he trespass against tlice 
seven times in a day, and seven 
(iiucs ill a clay turn again to thee, say- 
ing, I repent; thou sbalt forgive him. 

5 And the apostles said unto the 
Lord, Increase our faith. 

6 And the Lord said, If ye had 
faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye 
might say unto this sycamine tree, 
Be thou plucked up by the root, and 
be tliou planted in the sea ; and it 
should obey you. 

7 But which of you J having a ser- 
vant ploughing or feeding cattle, will 
eay unto him by and by, when he is 
come from the field, Go and sit dowu 
to meat ? 

8 And will not rather say unto him, 
INFake ready wherewith I may sup, 
and gird thyself, and serve me, till 工 
have eaten auJ drunken ; and after- 
ward thou slialt eat and drink? 

9 Doth he thauk that servant 
because he did the things that were 
cominanded him? I trow not 

10 So likewise ye, wlicii ye shall 
liave done all those things which are 
commanded you, say, We are nn pro fit- 
able servants : we have done that 
which was our duty to do. 

1 1 , And it came to pass, as he went 
to Jerusalem, that he passed through 
the midst of Samaria and Galilee. 

章七十 第加路 205 

第 十七章 

1穌又對門徒說、陷人在罪裏的事、是不能沒有的、但那陷人在罪衷的八有禍了。"^^©!返小子鬼4的一 個陷任 這 A: 

倒不如 將大磨 石套在 他的頸 "項上 、投 在海一 #1: 們自 己要謹 3.^: 兄 m 得罪你 、就勸 戒他、 他若 懊侮、 就览恕 他%^ 1 U 七次 

% 、、 5 、 OA m 

得罪你 一 日又 七次囘 心轉意 說我 懊悔了 你必當 寬恕他 耶穌的 使徒向 主 說請 主加增 我們的 信心主 說若是 你們^ 

信、 像芥 栾種那 樣大、 就是吩 咐這棵 桑樹拔 起恨來 、極 在海氣 血必聽 從你飲 們誰 僕人、 或耕地 、或 放羊、 從 a 奥囘來 、就 

對他說 、你 來坐下 吃飯呢 不對 他說、 你給 我豫備 晚飯、 盤上 IW 子服 率我、 等我吃 喝完了 、你線 可以去 吃喝良 命去 

9 、0十、 、、 、 • 

作主 人還謝 他麼我 想不能 這樣你 們作完 一 ^吩咐 你們的 事也必 當說自 己是無 ^ 的僕 人所 作的舉 是 本分中 應當作 

s。〇s 穌往 去、 經過 iwn 和 iw®、 , 

1 206 St, LUKE, XVII. ^七 十第 加 路 

12 Ami jis lie entered into a certain 
village, tliGio met lam ten men that 
were lepers, which Rtood afar off: 

13 And Uicy lifted np their voices, 
aiul said, Jesus, Master, have mercy 
on us. 

14 Ami wlien he saw them, he said 
unto tliera, Go show yourselves unto 
the priests. And it carae to pass, that, 
as they went, tliey were cleansed. 

15 And one of them, when lie saw 
that lie was healed, turned back, and 
with a loud voice glorified God, 

1 6 And fell down on his face at 
liis fret, giving him tliauks : and he 
was a Saniarilau. 

17 And Jesus answering said, Were 
there not ten cleansed ? but where 
are the nine ? 

1 8 There are not found that re- 
in rued to give glory to God, save this 
s( ranger. 

19 And he said unto liim, Arise, 
go tliy way : thy faith hath made 
thcc whole. 

20 , And wlicn he was demanded 
of the Phiirisccs, when the ldng(lo:ri 
of God should come, he answered 
llicni and said, The kingdom of God 
comctli not uitli observation : 

21 Ncitliev shall they say, Lo liorc-! 
or, lo there ! for, behold, the king- 
dom of God is within you. 

22 And lie said imto the tlisniplos, 
Tlic (lays will come, when ye slinll 
desire to see one of the clays of the 
Son of man, and yo sliall not see U. 

23 And they sliall sny to you, Sec 
licre; or, see there : go not after 
them, nor follow them, 

21 For as the lightning, that light- 
cnetli out of tlio one part under 
licaven, sliincth unto the oilier part 
under heaven; so sliall also [lie Son 
of man he in liLs day. 

25 But first must lie suffer many 
tilings, and be rejected of tlii.s g'on or- 

17 一 個村子、遇見十個長觀的.^遠遠的站t一2ss;i穌夫^^憐g我^l=穌p表他們^;?^你們去叫g:"司s!^你們的 

、 、 C 十 5 、 , , %+A 、 , 、 

身 體他們 去的時 候癩就 乾淨了 內中有 一 個人見 G: 己巳經 好了就 囘來大 ^^美 神俯伏 在耶穌 脚前稱 謝他? :3 人:: IJ^ 

T 十七 、 、 、 otA 、 ofK 、 

撒!! Jl^ 利 ffi 人耶穌 說乾淨 了的不 =1-1 個人麼 那九個 在那. 除了 個外族 人並未 ISIB^ 有囘來 1?^ 神 的就對 那人說 

起來、 11: 去罷、 你; i 信救 了你了 b:S 利燕人 E 的國、 甚麼 S 候臨 耶 穌說、 神的 13 亂不是 顯然 能 化在 

這裏、 是在那 I 因一腐 ; t 的國在 你們心 .-5. 穷對門 徒說、 時候 將到、 你們^ 願意着 見人子 一 個 H 子、 卻 不得, 見了" 人,^ 3 

、 、 、 、 、 、 \ O-IB 

! it 你們這 奥 來看 那裹去 看你們 不耍去 不耍跟 從因一 到了! :! 子 人子降 臨如同 電從天 這邊一 就到 了天那 只是 

他必先 受許多 苦難、 被這世 代的人 厥棄。 


26 And as it was in (lie clays of 
Noe, so shall it be also in the clays of 
(lie Son of man. 

27 They did cat, they drank, they 
married wives, tliey wero given in 
marriage, until the day that Noe en- 
tered into the ark, and the flood 
camOj and destroyed thorn ail. 

28 Likewise also as it was in (lie 
(!; lys of Lot ; tliey did eat, they drauic, 
they bought, they sold, they planted^ 
they buildcd ; 

29 But lliosame day tiiat Lot went 
out of Sodom it nuiiecl fire and brim- 
stone from heavoii; and destroyed 
(hem all. 

:)0 Even thus sliall it be in the clay 
when the Sou of man is revealed. 

31 In that day, he which shall be 
upon the housetop, and his stuff in 
the liouse, let him not .come down to 
take it away : and lie that \s in the 
field, let liim likewise not rcltirn back. 

32 Remember Lot,s wife. 

33 Whosoever shall seek to save 
liis life shall lose it; and whosoever 
sliall lose his life shall preserve it. 

34 I tell you, iu that night there 
f^hall be two men in one bed ; the 
one shall be taken, and the other 
shall be left. 

35 Two loomen shall be grinding 
together ; the one shall be taken, and 
the other left. 

36 Twommsball be i ii the field ; the 
one sliall be tnken^ and the other left. 

37 And lliey answered and said 
unto him, Where, Lord ? And he 
said unto tlicm, Wheresoever the 
body is, tli'tlier will the eagles be 
gathered together. 


AND he spake a parable unto 
them to this end, that men 
ought always to pray, and not to faint; 

2 Saying, There was in a city a 
judge, which feared not God, neither 
regarded man : 

章 A 十 第 加 路 207 

人子 來的^ 候 如同挪 亞的時 候人都 吃喝嫁 娶到挪 亞進方 舟的日 子洪水 來了就 將他們 都掩沒 了又如 同羅指 的時候 

\ \ ml — 9 、 OIH 十 、 

人都吃 ^作 寶種田 圓造房 屋到羅 得出所 多馬的 日子從 天降下 火和硫 磺來就 將他們 都滅了 到人子 顯現的 H 子也 

Ci 二 、 , 9 、 S11 OS 5 、 

必 這樣那 時人在 _M 上器 具在 屋裹不 耍下來 拿人在 田裏也 不耍囘 來應當 記念羅 得妻子 的事凡 耍保全 生命的 必定喪 

、 、 一一一 H 、 、 、 、 , 三 5 I 、 、 

ig: 生 命松棄 生命的 必得存 §3 生命 我吿訴 你們那 一 夜裹雨 個人同 牀收去 一 個撇下 1 個兩個 婦人推 磨收去 I 個撇下 

一 氣 人在 田.; 去 一 蹈、 搬下 1 個^ 1 人說、 主 iti 何處有 這事。 耶穌說 、屍 首在那 sifii 就 聚在那 裹。 


I 龄敎 訓人、 應常常 常: 政氣不 可懈& ^用比 拔 城襄有 一 個仏 不懼怕 ; i 不尊 意肚. 

208 St. LUKE, XVIII. 

3 And til ere was a widow in that 
city ; and ebe came unto liim, saying, 
Avenge me of mino adversary. 

4 And he would not for a wliilc : 
but afterward lie said within himself, 
Though I fear not God, nor regard 
man ; 

5 Yet because this widow troubleth 
me, I will avenge her, lest by her 
continual coming she weary mo. 

6 And the Lord said, Hear what 
tlie unjust judge saith. 

7 And shall not God avenge his 
own elect, which cry day and night 
unto liim, though he bear long with 
them ? 

8 I tell you that he will avenge 
them speedily. Nevertheless, when 
the Son of man cometh, shall he ll ud 
faith on the earth ? 

9 And he spake this parable unto 
certain which trusted in themselves 
that they were righteous, and despisod 
others : 

10 Two men went up into the 
temple to pray ; the one a Pliarisee, 
and the other a publican. 

11 The'see stood and prayed 
thus Avith himself, God, I thank thee, 
tliat I am not as other men are, 
extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or 
even as this publican. 

12 I fast twice in the week, I give 
tithes of all that I possess. 

13 And the publican, standing afar 
off, would not lift up so much as his 
oycs unto licavcn, but smote upon liis 
breast, saying, God be merciful to rae 
a sinner. 

14 I tell yon, this man went down 
to his house jiistKicd rather than the 
oilier : for every one that oxaltcth 
liinisolf sliall be abased; and lie that 
liuiiibleth himself slmll be exalted, 

15 And they brougiit unto him 
a! so infants, timt lie would (ouch 
lliein : but whfii his disci pics .saw it, 
(liry icbiikc'd tlicm. 

章八 十第加 路 

. 個.! ^:;^、 來見 他說、 我 何仇, 队 ifJi 你 仲我的 官許久 不允、 後來 a 己 想, 1 我雖 不懼怕 小竹 

1^^-!^15,絮我、我::(得仲他的免、;^;^他常來投擬我。?^^說、你們聽這不義的官所說的一!!| i的選i^^^^夜的t-l #^ 


信的人脉^^^幾個自以爲是義入、就輕看別人的、耶穌用比喩對他們說、^"兩個人上殿祈?幅、一 個是 法利^ 人、 - 個 u!;^ 收 

f^"的.<^"^利卷人獨^r::站立、祈禱說、戚鉗 神、我不像別人訛索、不義、姦§^也不像這收稅的人?^七=:1禁食兩.^^、將所;^ 

的^ *i 十分 巾捐 一 收稅 的入、 遠遠的 站著、 不敢舉 目望天 、極著 胸說、 求 神憐憫 我這有 的人. i 吿 !;! 你們) 一>3 個人 


- H , 、 i o 

們 門 徒 Ifi? 見不 許他 們進前 


章 A 十第 加路 '209 

16 But Jesus called them unto him, 
and said, Suffer little children to come 
unto me, and forbid them not : for of 
such is the kingdom of God. 

17 Verily I .say unto you, Whoso- 
ever shall not receive the kingdom of 
God as a little child shall in no wise 
enter therein. 

18 And a certain ruler asked him, 
saying, Good Master, what shall I do 
to inherit eternal life ? 

1 9 And Jesus said unto him, Why 
call est tliou me good ? none is good, 
save one, that is, God, 

20 Thou k no west the command- 
ments, Do not commit adultery, Do 
not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear 
false witness. Honour thy father and 
thy mother. 

21 And he said, All these have I 
kept from my youth up. 

22 Now when Jesus heard these 
things, he sai 1 unto him, Yet lack est 
thou one thing : sell all that thou 
hast, and distribute unto the poor, 
and thou shalt have treasure in 
heaven : and come, follow me. 

23 And when lie heard this, he was 
very sorrowful : for he was very rich. 

24 And when Jesus saw that he 
was very sorrowful, he said, How 
hardly shall they that have riches 
enter into the kingdom of God ! 

25 For it is easier for a camel to 
go through a needle's eye, than for a 
rich aiau to enter into the kingdom 
of God. 

26 And they that heard it said, 
Who then can be saved ? 

27 And he said, The things which 
are impossible with men are possible 
with God. 

28 Then Peter said, Lo, we have 
left all, and followed thee. 

29 And he said unto them, Verily 
I say unto you, There is no man 
that hath left house, or parents, or 
brethren, or wife, or children, for the 
kingdom of God's sake. 

十六 、 、 、 , 、 o 十 

耶 穌叫了 小孩子 來就對 門徒說 容小孩 子到我 這裏來 不耍禁 止因一 M 在 神國 的正是 像小孩 千這樣 的人我 實在吿 <ji 

你們、 凡 耍承受 神國的 、若 不像小 孩子的 樣子、 必不 得進去 b 称 一 個官 來問耶 穌說、 良善的 夫子、 我 當作甚 麼事、 繞能得 

〇十凡 、 、 , 〇11 十 、 、 、 、 

永生耶 穌說你 til 甚 麼稱我 是良善 的除了 神並 沒有】 個良 善的 誡命你 是曉得 的不可 姦淫不 可殺人 不可偸 盜不可 

妄作 見證、 孝 敬你的 父母。 i 人囘 答說、 這些 誡命、 我從小 的時候 都遵守 了「§ 一穌聽 見這話 ^ 向他 I 你 還缺少 一 件、 你變資 

了你 一 B 所有的 、賙濟 窮< ^就必 有财寶 在天上 、並且 來跟從 我滅人 聽見、 就甚 憂悶、 因 他極其 富足、 i 穌見 他憂氣 就說、 

有錢財 的人進 神的國 、眞 是難哪 1i 駝穿過 緘的眼 、比財 主進 神的 國還容 爲呢。 i 見的 人說、 這樣、 誰能得 救呢. i 穌 If^ 

人所不 能的、 神都是 能的。 、我們 已經捨 棄了一 所有的 、跟從 你了。 i 穌說、 我 實在告 1;^ 你們、 凡 11 神的國 、捨棄 

了 家宅父 母兄弟 妻子兒 女的、 . 

210 St. LUKE, XVIII. 

30 Who shall not receive manifold 
more in this present time, and in the 
world to come life everlasting 

31 , Then he took unto him the 
twelve, and said unto them, Behold, 
、ve go up to Jerusalem, and all things 
that are written by the prophets 
concerning the Son of man shall be 

32 For he shall be delivered unto 
the Gentiles, and shall be mocked, and 
spitefully entreated, and spitted on : 

33 And they shall scourge him, 
and put him to death ; and the third 
day he shall rise again. 

34 And they understood none of 
these things : and this saying was hid 
from them, neither knew they the 
tilings which were spoken. 

35 , And it came to pass, that as 
he was come nigh unto Jericho, a 
certain blind man sat by the way side 
beg;ging : 

36 And hearing the multitude pass 
by, he asked what it meant. 

37 And they told him, that Jesus 
of Nazareth passeth by. 

38 And he cried,sayiug,Jesus, thou 
Son of David, have mercy on me. 

39 And they which went before 
rebuked him, that he should hold 
his peace : but he cried so much 
the more, Thou Son of David, have 
mercy on me. 

40 And Jesus stood, and com- 
manded liim to be brought unto him : 
and when he was come near, lie 
asked hira, 

41 Saying, What wilt thou that I 
shall do unto thee ? And he said, 
Lord, that I may receive my sight. 

42 And Jesus said unto hira, 
Receive thy sight : thy faith hath 
saved thee. 

43 And immediately he received 
his sigh t,and followed him, glorifying 
God : and all the people, when they 
saw it, gave praise unto Gotl. 

章八十 第加路 

i 有在 今世不 得百倍 好處、 在來 世不得 永生的 "〇, 穌帶領 十二個 門徒、 對他 們說、 我 們耍到 sil 去、 先知措 著人子 

所寫 的話、 都 耍應驗 了。. 要將他 解交外 邦人、 戲弄他 、凌 辱他、 吐唾 沫在他 身上、 驅打他 、殺 害他、 到 第三日 他必復 ^ 一 話門 

一一 S 、 、 03* 

徒 一 句不懂 、因 HI 他的話 隱祕、 他 們不曉 得說的 是甚麽 〇^ 近 的 時候有 一 個瞎子 坐在路 旁討飯 聽見^ 許多人 

經過、 問是甚 麼事。 i 人吿訴 他說、 ¥!¥ 人耶穌 經過。 i 子就喊 姊說、 ^ 的 子孫耶 穌憐憫 前面定 的入、 就 "備他 、不 

許他作 鼠瞎子 越發喊 叫說、 ^的子 孫憐憫 ^"职 穌站住 、吩咐 人帶過 他來。 到了面 ^就問 他說、 ^我 與你作 拔良 那瞎子 

說、 主阿、 我耍 能看見 1= 穌說、 你可以 看見、 你的信 救了你 了.. 酷 子立刻 能看見 1 就歸 榮耀與 紳、 跟從 了耶穌 M 衆人 Is^ 這 

事、 也讚美 神。 



AND Jesus entered and passed 
through Jericho. 

2 And, behold, there ivas a man 
named Zaccheus, which was the chief 
among the publicans, and he was rich. 

3 Aud he sought to sec Jesus who 
lie was; and could not for the press, 
because he was little of stature. 

4 And he ran before, aud climbed 
up into a sycamore tree to see him ; 
for he was to pass that way. 

5 And wlieu Jesus came to the 
place, he looked up, and saw hira, 
and said unto him, Zaccheus, make 
haste, and come down ; for to day I 
must abide at thy house. 

6 Anci lie made haste, and came 
down, and received him joyfully. 

7 And when they saw it、 they all 
murmuredj saying, That he was gone 
to be guest witli a man that is a sinuer. 

8 And Ziiccheiis stood, and said 
unto the Lord ; Behold, Lord, the 
half of my goods I give to the poor ; 
and if I have taken any thing from 
any man by false accusation, I restore 
him fourfold. 

9 And Jesus said unto hiro/rhis day 
is salvation come to this house, foras- 
much as he also is a son of Abraham, 

10 For the Son of man is come to 
seek and to save that which was lost. 

11 And ay they heard these things, 
he added and spake a parable, because 
he was nigh to Jerusalem, and because 
tlioy thought that the kingdom of God 
should immediately appear. 

12 He said therefore, A certain 
nobleman went into a far country to 
receive for himself a kingdom^ and 
to return. 

13 Ami he called his teu servants, 
and delivered them ten pounds., and 
said unto them^ Occupy till I come. 

14 But his citizens liated him, ami 
sent a message after him, saying, We 
will not have this man to reign over us 

章九十 第加路 2U 

第 十尨章 

I 脉進了 i¥S 正走的 時候、 一 個人名阱8^作收税的總^是個財.1^耍看看耶穌是怎樣的.^!只是他的身量矮.^ 

、(a , , , r.s 、 、 It 、 

人也 多不得 看見就 跑到前 面上了 桑樹耍 看耶穌 rail 耶 穌必從 這裏經 過耶穌 到了那 地方擊 目看見 他說自 快快下 

% OA 、 〇 七、 on 

來今 HI 我要住 在你家 裏撒該 就急忙 下來歡 歡喜喜 的迎接 耶穌衆 人看! 就不 喜悅說 他到罪 人家裏 去住了 !就站 

起來對 主說、 主 阿、 我把所 有的家 鸯( 一 ^^|-賙濟窮,<、若是我訛詐過入、便加四倍償還。"耶穌說、今日這 一 家得 了救了 iif 他 

I 十、 , 卞 1 、 、 

也是! Si 伯拉 罕的子 孫人子 來正是 耍尋找 失喪的 人極救 他衆人 聽見這 話又見 耶穌已 經離耶 路撒^ 不 遠以爲 神的 

〇 、十 11 , 0+=一 、 

國 就耍顯 出來耶 穌因用 比喩的 話說有 一 個 世子往 遠方去 要得國 囘來就 將他十 個僕人 叫了來 交給他 們每人 十兩銀 

子、 說、 你們去 作生理 〔等 著我 囘來。 i 的百 姓恨 i 打發人 在他後 面說、 我 們不要 這個人 作我們 的王。 

212 St. LUKE, XIX 

15 And it came to pass, tl'at when 
he wviS returned, having received the 
kingdom^ then he commanded these 
servants to be called unto him, to 
whom he had given the 廳 ney, that 
he might know how much every man 
had gained by trading. 

16 Then came til c first, saying, Lord, 
thy pound hath gained ten pounds. 

17 And lie said unto him, Well, 
thou good servant : because thou hast 
been faithful in a very Kttle, have 
tliou authority over ten cities. 

18 And the second came, saying. 
Lord, thy pound hath gained five 

1 9 And he ? aid •likewise to hi。i, 
Bo thou also over five cities. 

20 And another came, saying, 
Lord, behold, here is thy pound, which 
I have kept laid up in a napkin : 

21 For I feared tliee, because thou 
art an austere man : thou takest up 
that thou layedst not down, and 
reapest that thou didst not sow. 

22 And he saith unto him, Out of 
iliine own mouth will I judge thee, 
thou wicked servant. Thou k newest 
that I was nn austere man, taking 
up that I laid not down, and reaping 
tlnat I did not sow : 

23 Wherefore then gavest not thou 
my mom、v into the bank, that at my 
coming I might have required mine 
own with usury ? 

24 And he said unto them that stood 
by, Take from liiin the pound, and 
give it to him that Imth ten pounds. 

25 (And they said imto him, Lord, 
he hath ten pounds.) 

2G For I say unto you. That unto 
evory one which liath shall be given ; 
and from him that hath not, even that 
ho hath shall be taken away from him. 

27 But those mine enornies, which 
woukl not that 】 should reign over 
tlioni, bring 】iitli(*r, ami slay them 
before me. 

章九十 第加路 

i 子得了 國囘來 、就吩 咐叫那 1^1. 銀 子的僕 A 來、 要 知道谷 人得了 多少利 息」^ 一 個 僕人來 Ifi 主的 十兩銀 H,;,L1 經賺了 一 

C4 七 、 、 、 、 〇十《^ 、 , 

百兩 銀子了 主人說 好良善 的僕人 你在極 小的事 上旣有 忠心可 以管理 十個城 r& 一個僕 人來說 主的十 兩銀子 已終赚 

〇 十. A 、 01 一十 , 、 一一 I 

了五十 兩銀子 了主人 說你也 可以管 理五個 城乂有 一 個僕人來說主的十兩銀子在這.^^我用手巾包起來收:;^2,5!!|你 

是嚴緊 的人、 沒有放 出的、 就耍 去取、 沒有穩 下的、 就要 去收、 我懼 怕了你 IfK 說 f 這惡僕 、我就 按著你 的口供 、定 你的" 訃。 你 

旣曉得 我是嚴 緊的人 、沒有 放出的 、就耍 去取、 沒有種 下的、 就 耍去收 II 甚麽不 把我的 銀子、 交給 兌換銀 錢的、 等 我囘來 、可 

以得本 又得利 &| 吩附旁 邊站立 的人說 、奢 過他這 十兩銀 子來、 給 那有一 百 兩銀子 的人。 i 人! 一!i^.Hj 他已經 有了一 百兩 

銀 子了。 .si 人說、 我吿 訴你^ 有 的人、 還耍給 I 沒有 的人、 連 他所有 的也耍 奪過來 於 我的仇 I 不耍我 作王的 那些. ^就 

拉了 他來、 在我面 前殺了 gi 


28 1 And when he had thnsspoken, 
lie went before, ascending up to Jeru- 

29 And it came to pass, when he was 
come nigh to Betlipliufje and Bethany, 
at the mount called the mount of 
Olives, he sent two of his disciples, 

30 Saying, Go ye into the village 
over against you; in the which at 
your entering ye shall find a colt tied, 
whereon yet never man sat: loose 
him, and bring him hither, 

31 And if any man ask you, Why 
do ye loose him ? thus shall yc say 
unto liira, Because the Lord hath 
need of him. 

32 \m\ they that were sent went 
their way, and found even as lie had 
said unto them. 

33 And as they were loosing the 
colt, the owners thereof said unto 
them, Wliy loose ye the colt ? 

34 And they said, The Lord liath 
need of him. 

35 And they brought him to Jesus : 
and they cast their garments upon the 
(! olt, arid they set Jesus thereon. 

36 And as he went, they spread 
their clothes iii the way. 

37 And when he was come nigh, 
even now at the descent of the mount 
of Olives, the whole multitude of the 
disciples began to rejoice and praise 
God with a loud voice for all the 
mighty works that they had seen ; 

38 Saying, Blessed be the King that 
Cometh in the name of the Lord : peace 
ill heaven, and glory in the highest. 

39 And some of the Pharisees from 
among the multitude said unto him, 
Master, rebuke thy disciples. 

40 And he answered and said imto 
them, I tell you that, if these should 
liold their peace, the stones would 
immediately cry out. 

41 T[ And when he was come near, 
he beheld the city, and wept over it, 

章九十 第加路 213 

i 穌說完 了這話 、就往 前走、 上 g, 斷 撒冷去 ci 了靠 iS 山的伯 法其伯 大尼、 就 差遣兩 個門徒 1i 、你 們往對 面的村 莊去、 進 

去的 時候、 必看見 一 個驢駒 在那裏 径著、 是從來 沒有人 騎過的 、你們 解開牽 了來。 乾有 人問你 解驢作 甚麽、 就囘 答說、 主耍 

一一 一一一 . 、 olli , o -- a 、 31115 

用他奉 差遣的 人去了 果然照 耶穌所 說的話 遇見了 解驢駒 的時候 主人問 解驢駒 作甚麽 囘答說 主要用 他他們 就將驢 

駒牽到 耶穌這 裹來、 將自 己的衣 服搭在 上面、 扶著耶 穌騎上 時 候?! ^人將 衣服鋪 在路上 1- 耶路撒 冷不遠 、將 耍下働 

簡山、 衆門徒 因篇所 看見的 奇事、 就都 歡喜、 大 骤稱讃 神、 i 、奉主 名來作 王的、 是應當 稱頌的 、在天 有,^ t: 牛、 在 極上有 榮光。 

111 H 、 , , 0E 十 * 、 

衆人 中間有 幾個法 利賽. < 對耶 穌說夫 子應當 貴備你 的門徒 耶穌說 我吿訴 你們若 是這些 人閉口 不言、 石頭也 耍說話 

了。 i 穌快到 、看 見了 :!^ 就 ti 那 一 城 的人哀 2?^ 

214 St. LUKE, XX. 

42 Saying, If thou hadst known, 
even thou, at least iii this thy day, the 
things which belong unto tliy peace ! 
but now they are hid from thine eyes. 

43 For the clays shall come upon 
thee, that thine enemies shall cast a 
trench about thee, and compass thee 
round, and keep thee in on every side, 

44 And shall lay thee even with 
the ground, and thy children within 
tlice ; aiici they shall not leave in thee 
one &tone upon another ; because thou 
knewest not the time of thy visitation. 

45 And he went into the temple, 
and began to cast out them that sold 
therein, and them that bought ; 

46 Saying uuto them^It is written, 
My house is the house of prayer ; but 
ye have made it a den of thieves. 

47 And he taug;ht daily in the 
temple. But the chief priests and the 
scribes and the chief of the people 
sought to destroy hira. 

48 And could not find what they 
might do: for all the people were 
very attentive to hear him. 


AND it came to pass, that on one 
of those days, as he taught 
the people in the temple, and preached 
the gospel, the chief priests and the 
scribes came u pon him with the elders, 

2 And spake unto him, saying, 
Tell us, by what authority doest thou 
these tilings? or who is he that gave 
thee this authority ? 

3 And lie answered and said unto 
them, I will also ask you one thing ; 
and answer me : 

4 Tlio baptism of John, was it 
from litavcn, or of men ? 

5 And they reasoned with them- 
selves, saying, If we shall say, From 
heaven ; he will say, Why then 
believed ye him not? 

6 But and if we say, Of men ; ull 
the people will stone us : for they be 
persuaded that John was a prophet. 

章十二 第加路 

i 、現、 在還是 你們、 的; nH^ 你們若 、能在 這時、 曉得 Jl- 你們 平安的 事就好 f.; 但如 今這事 在你們 眼前是 p 减: ^"i 子將 一 

到了、 你們的 仇敵、 必要築 起;. 吐城、 四面 環繞、 圍困你 且殺 你件和 你們的 i3-45s 不留 一 塊石頭 在石頭 .4 這都 @i! 你們 

不曉得 主眷顧 你們的 時化, 1 穌進 了聖欧 趕逐在 遵面作 買寶 的人 n 、經 上說、 我 的殿是 祈禱的 地方、 你們. 党 將這殿 作 

CM 七 、 、 、 、 

盗賊的 巢穴了 耶穌日 。日在 lii 殿裏敎 訓人衆 祭司長 和讀書 人旌民 間的尊 貴人都 耍殺: g 佴想不 出法子 來因爲 衆民都 

一 心 一 意的聽他講^^ 

_ 窮 二十意 

一 日、 耶穌在 聖殿臭 敎訓百 講 福昔的 時紘那 些祭司 長和讀 書人、 並 長老、 來問耶 穌說、 i 吿那我 ^ 你用 旌麽 權柄作 

\ G 三 、 、 、 , C _ 

這些^?:-賜紛你這權柄的是誰耶穌說我也存一 句話問 你們你 們且吿 訴我^ 的洗 觼是從 天上來 的?; ^nliK 從人 問 來的 

5 、 、 、 〇 六 、 

那 些,, ^私下 商罱: 說我 們若 說是. 從天上 來的他 必間我 們說你 們爲甚 麼不信 他若說 是從人 間來的 百;^ 必都要 用石頭 

砍我^ 因 ii 百姓 深信! 是 先知" 

St. LUKE, XX. 

章十二 第加路 


7 And they answered, that they 
could not tell whence it was. 

8 And Jesus said unto them, 
Neither tell I yon by what authority 
I do these things. 

9 Then began he to speak to the 
people this parable ; A certain man 
planted a vineyard, and let it forth 
to husbandmen, and went into a far 
country for a long time. 

10 And at the season he sent a 
servant to the husbandmen, that they 
should give him of the fruit of the 
vineyard : but the husbandmen beat 
him, and sent him away empty, 

11 And again he sent another ser- 
vant : and they beat him also, and 
entreated him shamefully, and sent 
him away empty. 

12 And again he sent a third : and 
they wounded him also, and cast him 

13 Then said the lord of the vine- 
yard, What shall I do ? I will send 
my beloved son : it may be they will 
reverence him when they see him. 

14 But when the husbandmen saw 
him, they reasoned among themselves, 
saying, This is the heir : come, let 
lis kill him, that the inheritance may 
be ours. 

15 So they cast him out of the vine- 
yard, and killed him. What there- 
fore shall the lord of the vineyard do 
unto them ? 

1 6 He shal 1 come and destroy these 
husbaudaien, and shall give the vine- 
yard to others. And when they heard 
it, they said, God forbid. 

17 And he beheld them, and said, 
What is this then that is written, 
The stoue which the builders rejected, 
the same is become the head of the 
corner ? 

18 Whosoever shall fall upon that 
stone shall be broken ; but on whom- 
soever it shall fall, it will grind him 
to powder. 

七、 c-c、 OA 、* 

就囘答 說我 們不曉 得是從 那裏來 的耶穌 說我也 不吿訴 你們我 用甚麼 權柄作 這些事 〇 當下 就用比 的活向 衆人說 

有人 揮了葡 萄園, 租給 農夫、 就往別 處去、 住了許 了結 果子的 時候、 打發 一 個僕人 到農夫 那裹去 、叫他 們把園 襄的果 

\ 、 十 1 、 、 、 十 -I 、 

子 交出來 農夫竟 打了他 使他签 手囘 去又打 發別的 僕人去 農夫也 打了他 又凌辱 他使他 {41- 手囘 去三次 打發僕 人去農 

% 十 II 一 , , , 0十四 、 、 

夫竟打 傷了他 趕他囘 去圓主 說我將 怎樣辦 呢我打 發我的 愛子去 或者他 們看見 就恭敬 了農夫 看昆他 就彼此 商量說 

、 \ 〇 十五 十丄八 

這是承 接產業 的我們 不如殺 了他產 業就歸 我們了 就將他 推出園 去殺了 園主將 怎樣魔 治這農 夫呢他 必來滅 了這農 

、 L * ,髻 十々 , • 、 、 

夫將葡 萄園租 給別人 聽的人 說這是 斷斷不 可的耶 穌看著 他們說 經上說 匠人所 棄的石 頭作了 房角上 頭塊石 頭這話 

C 十 r: 、 、 〇 

怎樣 講呢凡 落在這 石頭上 的身體 必碎這 石頭落 在誰的 身上誰 必被石 頭麵爛 

216 St. LUKE, XX 

19 1 And tlie chief priests and the 
scribes the same hour sought to lay 
hands on him ; and they feared the 
people : for they perceived that he 
had spoken this parable against them. 

20 Aud they watched him, and sent 
forth spies, which should feign them- 
selves just men, that they might take 
hold of his u-ords, that so they might 
deliver him imto the power and 
authority of the governor. 

21 And they asked him, saying, 
Master, we know that thou say est 
aud teach est rightly, neither acceptest 
thou the person of any, but teachest 
the way of God truly : 

22 Is it lawful for us to give tribute 
unto Cesar, or no? 

23 But he perceived their crafti- 
ness, and said unto them, Why tempt 
ye me ? 

24 Shew me a penny. Whose image 
and superscription hath it ? They 
answered ami suid, Cesar's. 

25 And he said unto them, Render 
therefore unto Cesar the things which 
be Cesar's, and unto God tlie things 
which be God's. 

26 And tliey could not take hold 
of his words before the ])L'ople : and 
they mar veiled at his answer, and 
held their peace. 

27 yriien came tohim certain of the 
ucees, which denv that there is 

any resurrection; and they asked him, 

28 Saying, Master, Moses wrote 
unto us, If any man's brother die, 
having a wife, aud lie die without 
children, that his brother should take 
his wife, aud raise up seed unto his 

29 There were therefore seven 
brethren : and the first took a wife, 
and died without children. 

30 And the second took .her to 
wife, and he died childless. 

31 And the third took her; and 
ill like manner the seven also : and 
they left no children, ami died. 

章十二 第加路 

i 時祭司 長和讀 書人、 曉得耶 穌設的 比# 是措 著他們 說的、 就要捉 拿他口 (是懼 怕_0 姓於 &窺探 耶穌打 發細作 装作好 

人、 耍在 他的話 上尋找 錯縫、 解他 到方伯 那裹去 處治。 問耶 穌說、 夫 我門曉 得你所 說^ 所傅的 、都是 正道、 你不 憑外貌 

r! 一二 r , C 二 -1 、 、 Jrn 

取人惟 誠誠實 實的傅 ; t 的道, 我們 納税給 1 應當 不應當 耶穌曉 得他們 詭詐因 說你們 til! 甚麼試 探我拿 一 個銀餞 

來給 我看. k 一像和 這號 是誰: 們說、 是 SS 的。 職穌說 、這樣 的 東西、 當歸給 M 神的柬 S 、當 歸給 氣^ 們當著 

百紘 不能在 他的話 上尋找 錯縫、 又聽 他的應 答以爲 希奇、 就沒有 話了。 〇_i 都該. ^常說 人死不 能復活 、他們 々幾 個.^ 表 


兄七 個人、 居長的 娶了妻 、沒 有兒子 死了。 i 二個 娶了那 婦人、 也沒 有兒子 死了。 &三個 直到第 七龍都 娶了那 婦人、 都沒有 

兒子 死了。 

St, LUKE, XX. 

32 Last of all the woman died also* 

33 Therefore in the resurrectiou 
whose wife of them is she ? for seven 
had her to wife. 

34 A ncl Jesus answering said unto 
them, The children of this world 
marry, and are given in marriage : 

35 But they which shall be ac- 
counted worthy to obtain that world, 
and the resurrection from the dead, 
neither many, nor are given in 
marriage : 

36 Neither can they die any more : 
for they are equal unto the angels ; 
and are the children of God, being 
the children of the resurrection. 

37 Now that the dead are raised, 
even Moses shewed at the bush, when 
he calleth the Lord the God of 
Abraham, and the God of Isaac, 
and the God of Jacob. 

38 For he is not a God of the 
dead 5 but of the living : for all live 
unto him. 

39 Then certain of the scribes 
answering said. Master, thou hast 
well said. 

40 Aud after that they durst not 
ask him any question at all. 

41 And he said uuto them, How 
say they that Christ is David^s son ? 

42 And David himself saith in the 
book of Psalms, The Lord said uuto 
my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, 

43 Till I make thine enemies thy 

44 David therefore calleth him 
Lord, how is he then his son? 

45 ^ Then in the audience of all 
the people he said unto his disciples, 

46 Beware of tl"' >ci'ibes, which 
desire to walk in long robes, and love 
greetings in the markets, and the 
highest seats in the synagogues, and 
the chief rooms at feasts ; 

47 Which devour widows' houses, 
and for a shew make long prayers : 
the same shall receive greater dam- 

章十二 第加路 217 

後 來那婦 人也死 了到復 活的時 候那婦 人算是 誰的妻 子呢因 il 七 個人都 娶過他 耶穌說 這世界 的人有 嫁有娶 惟有配 

、 、 011 一六 , 、 、 o-_-^ 

從死 裏復活 得作那 世界的 人不嫁 不娶也 不能再 死他們 旣作了 復活的 入就如 天使一 樣都作 神的兒 子至於 死人復 

活、 1 在荆棘 篇上、 已經 指示明 白了、 他 稱主是 亞伯拉 的 神、^ 的 神、 1 的 神。 秦不是 死人的 神、 乃是活 

, 、 一一一 45 、 orar 四1 \ 

人的 舯因 ti 人在 祌面前 都是活 著的有 幾個讀 書人說 夫子說 得是以 後再沒 有人敢 問耶穌 〇 耶穌 對衆人 說人怎 

CE3 一一 % 、 、四 11 一 owra 

麼說基 督是大 衛的子 孫呢詩 篇上大 衛自己 說主對 我主說 坐在我 的右邊 等我將 你的仇 敵給你 作脚凳 大衛旣 稱基督 

、 oras 、 、£六 、 , 

爲主基 督怎麼 是大衛 的子孫 呢衆百 姓聽的 時候耶 穌對門 徒說你 們謹防 讀書人 他們愛 穿長衣 行走喜 歡人在 街市上 

給他 請安在 會堂裹 坐高位 在筵席 間坐上 座他們 卻侵吞 了寡婦 的家财 假意多 時祈禱 他們必 受更重 的刑罰 

218 St. LUKE, XXI. 


AND he looked up, and saw the 
rich men casting their gifts 
into the treasury. 

2 And he saw also a certain poor 
widow casting in thither two mites, 

3 And he said, Of a truth I say 
unto you, that this poor widow hath 
cast in more than they all : 

4 For all these have of their 
abundance cast in unto the offerings 
of God : but she of her penury hath 
cast in all the living that she had. 

5 t And as some spake of the 
temple, how it was adorned with 
goodly stones and gifts, he said, 

6 As for these things which ye 
behold, the days will come, in the 
which there shall not be left one 
stone upon another, that shall not 

. be thrown down. 

7 And they asked him, saying, 
•Master, but when shall these things 
be? and what sign will there be when 
these things shall come to pass ? 

8 And he said, Take heed that ye 
be not deceived : for many shall come 
in my name, saying, I am Christ ; 
and the time drawetli near : go ye 
not therefore after them. 

9 But when ye shall hear of wars 
and commotions, be not terrified ; for 
these things must first come to pass ; 
but tlie end is not by and by. 

10 Tlieu said he unto them, Nation 
shall rise against nation, and king- 
dom against kingdom : 

11 And great earthquakes shall be 
in. divers places, and famines, and 
pestilences; and fearful sights and 
great signs shall there be from heaven. 

12 But before all these, they shall 
lay their hands on you, and persecute 
you, delivering you up to the syna- 
gogues, and into prisons, being 
brought before kings and rulers for my 
name's sake. 

意 一十二 第加路 

, 第二 十一章 、 

1 穌攀 目看昆 财主、 將所招 蝓的入 庫。^ 看見 一 個貧 窮的寡 亂捐入 二文錢 S 耶穌^ 我實在 吿拆你 們這貧 1 的 f 输所指 

的、 比衆 iMMT 因 爲 衆人都 是自己 有餘、 捐輸給 神、 這寡婦 是自己 不足、 反 將所有 一 ffli 生的 招輸了 1〇 1 入指著 殿宇。 

昏 <g 殿宇 用美石 和供獻 的物、 妝飾得 甚好。 &穌說 、你們 現在所 看見的 殿宇、 將 來沒有 一 塊石 頭留在 石頭. f 都必拆 毀了。 

k 們問耶 穌說、 夫子、 甚麼 時候有 這事、 這事將 耍臨到 的時候 、有甚 麼豫兆 1# 穌說、 你們 小心、 不耍 被人迷 I 因爲 將來有 

IMIIf 11 、雲 近了、 你 們不要 I 他們。 * 們 Iss 的 1st 些 11 有 t 

是末 日還沒 有到。 I 穌 又說、 民耍攻 擊民、 國要攻 擊國。 ^ 處地要 大震、 又有饑 荒瘟疫 、並且 有可怕 的奇像 、和 大大。 的 異蹈從 

天上 mF^^V 一 I 一攀 逼迫你 ^解 你們到 公會一 I 將你們 收&^ ^^ggg^,g , 你 們到王 伎面^ 


13 And it shall turn to you for a 

14 Settle it therefore in your 
】iearts, not to meditate before what 
ye shall answer : 

15 For I will give you a mouth 
and wisdom, which all your adver- 
saries shall not be able to gainsay 
nor resist. 

16 And ye shall be betrayed both 
by parents, and brethren ^ and kins- 
folks, and friends ; and some of you 
shall they cause to be put to death. 

17 And ye shall be hated of all 
men for my name's sake. 

18 But there shall not a hair of 
your head perish. 

19 In your patience possess ye 
your souls. 

20 And when ye shall see Jerusa- 
lem compassed with armies, then 
know that the desolation thereof is 

21 Then let them which are in 
Juclea flee to the mountains; and let 
them which are in the midst of it 
depart out ; and let not them that are 
ill the countries enter thereinto. 

22 For these be the days of ven- 
geance, that all things which are 
written may be fulfilled. 

23 But woe unto them that are 
with child, and to them that give 
suck, in those days ! for there shall 
be great distress in the land, aacl 
wrath upon this people. 

24 And they shall fall by the edge 
of the sword, and shall be led away 
captive into all nations : and Jerusa- 
lem shall be trodden down of the 
Gentiles, until the times of the Gen- 
tiles be fulfilled. 

25 T[ And thereshall be signs in the 
sun, and in the moon, and in the 
stars; and upon the earth distress of 
nations, with perplexity ; the sea and 
the waves roaring ; 

章 一十二 第加路 219 







你 S 










恨。 不 




了。 然《 能 


下、 驗 


- 而 









那 5 

候、 們 




















去。 孕 

的、 頭 















你 S 



















上、 損 

. 耍 





你^: 被 

一 r - 












踏、 有 

的、 當 












耐、 親 






















外、 命。 解 

















了。 大 

的 鄉 



i i^、 


' 你 

? 頭 

rr.t 十 











辰、 震 

城。 見 





= 耶 














象。 到 

















子、 圓 






困、 m 







國、 他 
















話、 城 



220 St. LUKE, XXI. 

章 一十二 第加路 

26 ISIeii's hearts failing tliem for 
fear, and for locking after those things 
which are coming on the earth : for 
the powers of heaven shall be shaken. 

27 And then shall they see the 
Son of man coming in a cloud vatli 
power and great glory. 

28 And when these things begin 
to come to pass, then look up, and 
lift up your heads ; for your redemp- 
tion draweth nigh. 

29 And he spake to them a pa ruble; 
Behold the fig tree, and all the 
trees : 

30 When they now shoot forth, ye 
see and know of your own selves that 
summer is now nigh at Iianci. 

31 So likewise ye, when ye see 
these things come to pass, know ye 
that the kiugdom of God is nigh at 

32 Verily I say unto you, This 
generation shall not pass away till 
all be fulfilled. ' ' 

33 Heaven and earth shall pass 
away ; but my words shall not pass 

34 \ And take heed to yourselves, 
lest at auy time your hearts be over- 
charged with surfeiting, and drunken- 
ness, and cares of this life, and so 
that clay come upon you unawares. 

35 For as a snare shall it come on 
all them that dwell on the face of the 
whole earth. 

36 "Watch ye therefore, and pray 
always, tliat ye may be accounted 
wortliy to escape all these things that 
shall come to pass, and to stand before 
the Son of man. 

37 And in the daytime he was 
teaching in the temple ; and at night 
lie went out, aiul abode in the mount 
that is called the mount of Olives. 

38 And all the people came early 
in the morning to Fiim in the temple, 
for to hear him. 

r* » 、 O 一 1* 、 、 cl;< 、 

天 象必要 震動. < 人想 著將要 臨到世 上的事 都驚懼 耍死那 時必耍 看見. < 子有大 權柄大 榮耀^ 著雲來 一 苻這 事你們 

、 ell 九 、 〇ln 十 , 

就當挺 身昂頭 因篇赎 你們的 =n 子 近了耶 穌又設 比喩對 他們說 你們看 無花果 樹和谷 樣的樹 I 發芽自 然曉得 夏天近 

0H 1 、 C- 一 n 一一 、 、 C-1 一二 11 、 

了這 樣你們 看見這 些兆頭 就曉得 祌 的國近 了我實 在吿訴 你們這 一 代 還沒有 過去這 些事都 耍成就 天地必 廢我的 

話 斷不能 廢你們 應當謹 愼不耍 貧食醉 酒與世 事纏繞 昏迷了 你們的 心恐怕 你們想 不到的 時候那 日子臨 到因一 爲那日 

子如 同綱羅 一 般、 必 在遍地 人民想 不到的 時候臨 以應當 儆亂常 常祈禱 、這 樣你們 就必能 躲避這 一 W 將 耍來的 i4 

站 立在人 子面前 耶穌白 書在聖 殿奥敎 訓人夜 間出城 到橄欖 山住宿 衆百姓 早晨起 來進殿 奥去聽 他講道 



NOW the feast of unleavened 
bread drew nigh, wliich is 
called the passover. 

2 And the chief priests and scribes 
sought liow tliey might kill him ; for 
they feared the people. 

3 可 Then entered Satan into Judas 
surnamecl Iscariot, being of the num- 
ber of the twelve. 

4 Aucl he went Ins way, and com- 
muned witli the chief priests and 
captains, how he might betray him 
unto tliem. 

5 And they were glad, and cove- 
nanted to give i)im money. 

6 And he promised, and sought 
opportunity to betray him unto them 
in the absence of the multitude. 

7 , Then came the day of un- 
leavened bread, when the passover 
must be killed. 

8 And he sent Peter and John, 
saying, Go and prepare ns the pass- 
over, that we may eat. 

9 And they said unto him. Where 
wi!t thoii that we prepare ? 

10 And he said unto them, Behold, 
when ye are entered into the city, 
there shall a man meet you, bearing 
a pitcher of water ; follow him into 
the house where he entereth in. 

1 1 And ye shall .<=ay unto the good- 
num ot the house. The Master saith 
unto thee. Where is the guestcham- 
ber, where I shall eat the passover 
with my disciples ? 

12 And he shall shew you a large 
upper room furnished : there make 

】3 And tliey went, and found as 
lie had said unto them : and they 
made ready the passover. 

14 And when the hour was come, 
he sat down, and the twelve apostles 
with liim. 

15 And he said unto them, With 
desire I have desired to eat this pass- 
over with you before I suffer : 

章 二十二 第加路 221 

第二 十二章 

J 、 0-- 、 、 03 、 

除酵 節又名 逾越節 近了衆 祭司長 和讀書 人商議 怎樣可 以殺耶 穌只是 懼怕: s 姓 那時撒 但入了 猶大的 心猶大 是十二 

、 100 、 、 OS 、 0*1 

使 徒裏的 一 個 又叫以 色加畧 他去見 衆祭司 長並衆 宫長 一 同商議 如何將 耶穌賣 給他們 他們歡 喜就應 許給他 銀子猶 

力應允 、耍 等著衆 人不在 那裏、 尋 機會將 耶穌交 給他們 。〇i 酵節殺 逾越羔 羊的日 子到了 。&穌 差遣 說、 你們去 

豫備逾 越節的 筵席、 叫 我們可 以吃。 il 們問耍 我們在 何處豫 11+ 耶穌 lilsi 你們進 了城、 必遇見 一 個拿水 瓶的人 、你們 跟他到 

他所 進的房 子裏去 it 那家的 主人說 、夫 子問你 客房在 那裏、 我 耍和門 徒在那 裏吃逾 越節的 筵席。 ^ 必指 給你們 一 間陳 

\ 〇十1一 一 , 9 〇 十四 、 、 

設齊整 的大樓 在那裏 可以豫 備門徒 去了果 然照耶 穌所說 的話遇 見就豫 備了筵 席時候 到了耶 穌坐席 十二使 徒和他 

〇十5 、 〇 

同坐耶 酥說我 甚願意 在受難 W 先和你 們吃這 逾越節 的筵席 

222 St. LUKE, XXII. 

章 二十二 第加路 

IB For I say unto you, I will not 
any more eat thereof, until it be 
fain lied in the kingdom of God. 

17 And he took the cup, and gave 
thanks, and said, Take this, and 
divide it among yourselves : 

18 For I say unto you, I will not 
drink of the fruit of the vine, until 
t!ie kingdom of God shall come. 

19 ^ And he took bread, and gave 
thanks, and brake it, and gave unto 
them, saying, This is my body which 
is given for yon : this do in remem- 
brance of me. 

20 Likewise also the cup after 
supper, saying, This cup is the new 
testament in my blood, wliicli is shed 
for you. 

21 t But, behold, the hand of him 
that betrayeth me is with me on the 

22 And truly the Sou ofmangoetli, 
as it was determined: but woe unto 
that man by whom he is betrayed ! 

23 And they began to inquire 
among themselves, which of them it 
was that slioulcl do this thing. 

24 可 And there was also a strife 
among them, which of them should 
be accuunted the greatest. 

25 And he said unto them, The 
kiugs of the Gentiles exercise lordship 
over them ; and they that exercise 
authority upon tliom are called bene- 

26 But yc shall not be so : but he 
that is greatest among you, let him 
be as the younger ; and he that is 
cliief, as he that doth serve. 

27 For whether is greater, he that 
sittetli at meat, or he that servetli ? 
is not lie that sitteth at meat ? but 
I am among you as he that serveth. 

28 Ye arc they which have con- 
tinued with me in my temptations, 

29 And I appoint unto you a king- 
dom, as ray Father hath appointed 
unto me ; 

1:告訴你們、從今=1^^到逾越節的筵席成全在 舯國 1 我不再 吃這筵 席了。 i 穌就 傘^ 杯祝謝 了說拿 這杯酒 分給大 

家喝 1 吿訴 你們、 從今 H 直到 神國 降臨的 時候、 我不再 喝這葡 萄汁了 1^" 傘起 餅來、 祝謝了 、攀^ 遞給門 徒說, 這 是我的 

身體、 i! 你們 松的、 你 們應當 這樣作 5;^^ 念我 「i 後、 也這樣 拿起杯 來說>3 杯就 是因我 i! 你們流 血所立 的新約 。服 資 我的人 

的手、 和我 一 同在棹 子,. 子 必耍照 著先前 所定的 去世、 但賣人 子的人 有禍了 。£ 徒 彼此對 問說、 是誰耍 作這事 1 時門 

徒爭 論他們 中間誰 將爲大 1 穌說、 外邦人 有君王 轄管、 在他 們中間 掌權的 稱爲恩 €i 你們 不可 這樣、 你們一 爲大 :,^ 

應當 像年幼 爲首領 I 應當 像服事 人的。 i 誰爲大 、是服 事人的 ^ 還是坐 席的呢 、不 是坐席 的大. 氣然而 我在你 們中間 

如 間服事 人的。 S: 們是 常和我 Ai 難的 II 將國賜 給你^ 像我父 賜給我 一 樣、 

St- LUKE, XXII. 衰 二十二 第加路 223 

30 That ye may eat and drink at 
my table in my kingdom, and sit on 
thrones judging the twelve tribes of 

31 Tf And the Lord said, Simon, 
Simon, behold, Satan hath desired 
to have you, that he may sift you as 
wheat : 

32 But I have prayed for thee, 
that thy faith fail not : and when 
thou art converted, strengthen thy 

33 And he said unto him, Lord, 
I am ready to go with thee, both 
into prison, and to death. 

24 And he said, I tell thee, Peter, 
the cock shall not crow this day, 
before that thou shalt thrice deny 
that thou knowest me. 

35 And he said unto them, Wlieu 
I sent you without purse, and scrip, 
and slioes, liicked ye any thing? And 
they said, Nothing. 

36 Then said he unto them. But 
now, he that hath a p'ui'se, let him 
take it, and likewise his scrip : and 
he that hath no sword^ let him sell 
his garment^ and buy one. 

37 For I say unto you, that this 
that is written must yet be accom- 
plished in me, And he was reckoned 
among the transgressors : for the 
things concerning me have an end. 

38 And they said, Lord, behold, 
here are two swords. And he said 
unto them, It is enough, 

39 , And he came out, and went, 
as he was wont, to the mount of 
Olives; and his disciples also followed 

40 And when lie was at the place, 
he said unto them, Pray that ye 
enter not into temptation. 

41 And he was withdrawn from 
them about a stone's cast, and kneeled 
clown, and prayed, 

42 Saying, Father, if thou be will- 
ing, remove this cup from me : never- 
theless, not my will, but thine, be done. 

_= r 、 、 、 cull > , , , 

使你們 在我國 裏坐在 我的席 上吃喝 能且坐 在位上 審判以 色列十 1 一支 派主又 說西門 西門撒 但耍凝 你們像 簸麥子 1 

o= 一一一 、 、 、 011:111 . 、 、 * 03 n 

般但 我已經 tl 你祈 禱叫你 的信心 不變你 歸正以 後耍堅 固你的 弟兄彼 得說主 阿我情 願和你 一 同下監 : 同受 死耶穌 

說、: S 、我吿 訴你、 今曰難 叫以前 、你 要三次 說不認 得我。 〇 頼穌 又對門 徒說、 我差遣 你們的 時候、 吩 附你們 不耍帶 氣不耍 

、 、 、 21 一六 、 、 ^ 、 

帶皮袋 不要帶 轉你們 有甚麼 缺少沒 有他們 囘答說 沒有耶 穌說現 在你們 有囊的 可以帶 囊有皮 袋的也 是這樣 沒有刀 

的、 可以賣 了衣裳 買刀。 ^吿訴 你們、 經上說 、人 看他是 罪犯中 的人、 這 話必耍 應在我 身.. ^因 爲 經上指 著我說 的話、 必耍成 

onic 、 、 〇 % olrft 、 == , 〇M +'、 , 、 

就 門徒說 主阿這 裏有兩 把刀耶 穌說彀 了耶穌 出來照 常到橄 欖山去 門徒跟 隨他到 了那裏 就對 門徒說 你們應 當祈禱 

免得 入了迷 著、 離開 他們、 約有扔 一塊石 頭那麽 1^ 跪下祈 ilk 、父若 t 就 ®m I 杯離 開称然 而不是 耍我的 意想成 


224 St. LUKE, XXIL 

章 二十二 第加路 

43 And there appeared an angel 
unto hira from lieaven, strengthening 

44 And being iu an agony he prayed 
more earnestly : and his sweat was 
as it were great drops of blood fall- 
ing down to the ground. 

45 And when lie rose up from 
prayer, aud was come to his disciples, 
be found them sleeping for sorrow, 

46 And said uuto them, Why sleep 
ye ? rise and pray, lest ye enter into 

47 f And while lie yet spake, 
behold a multitude, and he that was 
called Jiulas, one of the twelve, went 
before them, and drew near unto 
Jesus to kiss him. 

48 But Jesus said imlo him, Judas, 
betrayest thou the Son of niau with 
a kiss ? 

49 Wlien they which were about 
him saw what would follow, they 
said unto liim, Lord, shall we smite 
with the sword ? 

50 t And one of them smote the 
servant of the high priest, and cut 
off his right ear. . 

51 And Jesus answered and said, 
Suffer ye thus far. And he touched 
his ear, and healed l、im. 

52 Then Jesus said unto the 
chief priests, and captains of the 
temple, and the elders, which were 
come to liim, Be ye come out, as 
against a thief, with swords and 
staves ? . 

53 When I was daily with you in 
the t fill pie, ye strelclied forth no 
hands ngainsi me: but this is your 
liour, aiui the pow (; r of darkness. 

54 1 Then took tlioy him, and led 
him, and brought him into the high 
priest's house. And Peter followed 
iifar off. 

55 Ami when they had kiiullod a 
fire iu tlie midst of the hall, and 
were set down together, Peter 'sat 
down among them. 

^ 一 位 天使從 天上向 耶穌顔 Es. 、使 他健计 ei 穌極其 悲慯、 祈禱更 加懇切 、汗 如血點 〔滴在 地上" g 禱完了 、起 來到門 從那邀 

看見 他們因 瑪憂悶、 都睡著 tj§ 向他 們說、 你 們爲甚 麼睡覺 ^ 起來 祈禱、 免得入 了迷^ 〇„ ^話的 時候、 來 了許多 九十二 

門徒一 先走 到耶穌 面前、 耍 和他親 Is 穌 你 用親嘴 作暗號 〔來" K 人子麽 1 右的. ^見事 情將耍 不好、 就說、 

主阿、 我們 拿刀砍 他們、 可以不 可以。 £中有 一 個人 就砍祭 司長的 僕入、 削去 他的右 耳服穌 說事情 到這地 步山他 們罷耶 

穌便摸 那人的 耳朵、 那 人的耳 柒立時 好了。 i 穌對那 些来拿 他的祭 司艮和 管理^ 殿的、 並長老 1 你們严 W 著刀棒 來傘^ 

如 同拿强 盜麼。 g 日日同 你們在 藥殿裏 、你們 不下手 拿我、 現在是 你們的 時候、 幽喑當 權了。 〇 船人拿 住耶穌 、帶 到大^ 司 

家, A 罢、 ¥1 遠遠 的跟著 人在 院子裹 生.^ 、 一 同坐 也和他 們坐在 


56 But a certain maid beheld him 
as lie sat by the fire, and earnestly 

, looked upon him, and said, This man 
was also with him. 

57 And lie denied him, saying, 
Woman, I know him not. 

58 And after a little while another 
saw him, and said , Thou art also of 

! them. And Peter said, Man, I am not. 

59 And about the space of one 
hour after another .confidently affirm- 
ed, saying, Of a truth this felloio also 
was with him ; for he is a Galilean. 

60 And Peter said, Man, I know not 
what thou Ma vest. Aud immediately, 

j while he yet spake, the cock crew. 
I 6 1 And the Lord turned, and looked 
I upon Peter. And Peter remembered 
the word of the Lord , how he had 
said imto him, Before the cock crow, 
thou shalt deny me thrice. 

62 Aud Peter went out, and wept 

63 , And the men that held Jesus 
mocked him, and smote him. 

64 And when tliey had blind folded 
i him, they struck liira ou the face, and 
! asked him, saying, Prophesy, who is 
j it that smote thee ? 

I 65 And many other things blas- 
phemously spake they against him. 

66 1[ And as soon as it was day, 
the elders of the people and the chief 
priests and the scribes came together, 
aud led him into their council, saying, 

I 67 Art thou the Christ ? tell us. 

j And he said unto them, If I tell you, 

i ye will not believe : 

68 And if I also ask you, ye will 
not answer me, nor let me go. 

69 Hereafter shall the Sou of man 
sit on the right hand of the power 
of God. 

70 Then said tliey all, Art thou 
then the Son of God ? And he said 
unto them, Ye tay that I am, 

71 And they said, Wliat need we 
any further witness? for we ourselves 
have heard of his own mouth. 

章 二十二 第加路 225 

^ 一 個使女看見,^坐在那裏|^^、注目看他說、這個人也是跟隨耶穌^1,1不承認、說女子、我不認得他.1了不多時 

、 、 O 、 OH^ 、 \ 

候 又有一 個人 看見他 說你也 是和他 1 黨的 彼得對 那人說 我不是 再等了 宇個時 辰又有 1 個人 極力的 說他實 在是跟 

、 ■ 0.K 十 、 、 、 0六 1 , 

隨耶 穌的因 11 他是加 利利的 人彼得 說你這 個人說 的話我 不明白 正在說 話的時 候難就 叫了主 轉身看 彼得彼 得便想 

、 0六一1 六三 、 、.5,四 、 

起主 對他所 說雞^ 以先 你要三 次說不 認得我 的那句 話於是 彼得出 去痛哭 〇 拿耶穌 的 人戲弄 他打他 又遮住 他的眼 

、 、 、 〇 六五 C 六六、 , 

打他的 臉說你 是先知 可以吿 5!^ 我說 打你的 是誰還 用許多 的話譏 誚耶穌 淸早民 間長老 衆祭司 長讀書 人聚集 將耶穌 

、六 4,-、 、 、 、 O^A 、 、 OAft 

帶到公 會裏說 你若眞 是基督 就吿訴 我們耶 穌說我 若吿訴 你們你 們不信 我若問 你們你 們不囘 答又不 放我以 後人子 

七十 、 、 〇七1 、 、 

要 坐在有 大權的 神的右 邊了衆 人說這 樣你是 神的兒 子麽耶 穌說你 們說我 是了衆 人說何 用別的 見證他 親口所 

說的話 、我們 巳經聽 見了。 

226 St. LUKE, XXIII. 

章 三十二 第加路 


AND the whole multitude of them 
arose, and led him unto Pilate. 

2 And they began to accuse liim, 
saying, We found this felloio pervert- 
ing the nation, and forbidding to 
give tribute to Cesar, saying that he 
himself is Christ a king. 

3 And Pilate asked him, saying, 
Art thou the King of the Jews ? 
And he answered him and said, Tiiou 
savest it. 

4 Then said Pilate to the chief 
priests and to the people, I find no 
fault in this man. 

5 And they were the more fierce, 
saying, He stirreth up the people, 
teaching throughout all Jewry, begin- 
ning from Galilee to this place. 

6 When Pilate heard of Galilee, 
he asked whether the man were a 

7 And as soon as he knew that he 
belonged unto Herod's jurisdiction, 
he sent him to Herod, who himself 
also was at Jerusalem at that time. 

8 Tf And when Herod saw Jesus, 
lie was exceeding glad : for he was 
desirous to see him of a long season, 
because he had heard many things 
of him ; aud he hoped to have seen 
some miracle done by 】iim. 

9 Then lie questioned with him in 
many words; but he answered him 

1 And the chief priests and scribes 
stood and velicraenlly accused him. 

11 And Herod with his men of 
war set him at nought, and mocked 
him, and jirrayed him iii a gorgeous 
robe, and sent him again to Pilate. 

12 1" Aud the same day Pilate and 
Herod were made ffieuds together; 
for before thoy wore at enmity between 

13 1 And Pilate, when he had 
called together the chief priests aud 
tlie ruiers and the people, 

第二 十三章 

1 、 I 0一一 , , 9 9 D3 

衆人 一 同起 來將耶 穌解到 彼拉多 面前就 吿他說 我們看 這個人 是迷惑 百姓的 禁止入 納稅給 自稱 是基督 是王^ 

、 . 、 OH 、 * 

拉 多問耶 穌說你 是猶太 人的王 麼耶穌 囘答說 你說我 是了; 對那些 祭司長 和衆人 說我在 這人身 上察不 出罪來 

W , , I m 0六1 ■-■ 、 I 一 ■£ 

衆 人極力 的說他 搖動百 姓在猶 太遍地 傳敎從 直到這 裏了! 一 聽 IWl 就問這 人是. HI 的人 麽旣曉 

得他是 屬#5 所管^ 就派人 送他到 那裏去 。那時 正在 SllF#l 看 見耶敝 是歡喜 、因 見他 許多的 

事、 早要 見他、 並且指 望看他 作奇事 。^問 他許多 的話、 只 是耶穌 一 句不 S 效 祭司 長和讀 書人、 都 站起來 吿他、 甚是利 t 

5^,* 和兵丁 就欺凌 耶穌、 戯弄 給他穿 上華麗 的衣服 、又派 人送他 到^^ 那嘉 去。 和 ¥1 先前 有仇、 在 那日就 

0十|_1 、 、 

作了 朋友了 彼拉多 傳了衆 祭司長 和 官府並 百姓來 


14 Said unto them, Ye have brought 
this 11) an unto me, as one that per- 
verteth the people ; and, behold, I, 
having examined /im before you, have 
found no fault in this man touching 
those things whereof ye accuse him : 

15 No, nor yet Herod : for I sent 
you to him ; and, 】o, nothing worthy 
of death is done unto him. 

16 I will therefore chastise him, 
and release him. 

17 (For of necessity he must 
release one unto them at the feast.) 

1 8 And they cried out all at once, 
saying, Away with this mem, and 
release unto us Barabbas : 

19 (Who for a certain sedition 
made in the city, and for murder, 
was cast into prison.) 

20 Pilate therefore, willing to re- 
lease Jesus, spake again to them. 

21 But they cried, saying, Crucify 
him, crucify him. 

22 And he said unto them the third 
time, Why, what evil liath he done? 
I have found no cause of death in 
him : I will therefore chastise him, 
and 】et him go. 

23 And they were instant with 
loud voices, requiring that he might 
be crucified : and the voices of them 
and of the chief priests prevailed. 

24 And Pilate gave sentence that 
it should be as they required. 

25 And he released unto them him 
that for sedition and murder was cast 
into prison, whom they had desired ; 
but he delivered Jesus to their will. 

26 And as they led him away, they 
laid hold upon one Simon, a Cyreniau, 
coming out of the country, aud on 
him they laid the cross, that he 
might bear ti after Jesus, 

27 , And there followed him a 
great company of people, and of 
women, wliicb also bewailed and 
lamented him. 

章 三十二 第加路 2 27 

十四、 ri , , 、 、 o 十 s \^ 

說你們 解這個 人到我 這裏來 說他攪 亂百姓 我將你 們所吿 他的事 在你們 面前審 問卻察 不出他 有罪來 希,^ 也 是這樣 

我打 發你們 去見希 律他也 看耶穌 所作的 事沒有 1 件 是應當 定死罪 的我耍 責打了 他將他 釋放毎 到這個 節方伯 必要一 

十 < 、 、 十凡 、 0-? ^ 

釋放 一 個犯 人衆人 一 齊喊^ 說 除滅這 個人給 我們釋 放巴拉 巴巴拉 巴是因 if 在城 裏作亂 殺人收 在監裏 的彼, S 要一 

釋放 耶穌、 又勸 解他們 1 入喊 說、 將他釕 十字架 、將 他釘十 字架. lis 三次問 他們說 、他 作了甚 麽惡事 ^ 我察不 出他一 

、 0-1= 一 、 、 、 o_ 

有死罪 現在我 耍責打 了釋放 他衆人 越發大 聲喊^ 求彼拉 多釕他 在十字 架上百 姓和衆 祭司長 的聲音 就勝了 

is 便 照他們 所求的 定了氣 S 放那作 亂殺人 收監的 1 就是他 們所求 ^將 耶穌交 給百^ 順從他 們的意 耶穌 

去的 時!^ 1 個^11人^從田裏來衆人捉住良將十宇架擱在他身.%他背^^跟從耶1?:許多百姓跟隨耶1 

又有 許多婦 人悲傷 痛哭、 跟 隨他。 一 

228 St. LUKE, XXIII- 

28 But Jesus turning unto them 
said, Daughters of Jerusalem, weep 
not for nic, but weep for yourselves, 
and for your children, 

29 For, behold, the days are com- 
ing, in the which they shall say, 
Blessed are the barren, and the 
wombs that never bare, and the 
paps which never gave suck. 

30 Then shall they begin to say 
to the mountains, Fall on us; and 
to tlie hills, Cover us. 

31 For if they do these things in 
a green tree, what shall be done iu 
the dry ? 

32 And there were also two others, 
malefactors, led with him to be put 
to death. 

33 And when they were come to 
the place, which is called Calvary, 
there they crucified liim, and the 
malefactors, one on the right hand, 
and the other on the left. 

34 T[ Then said Jesus, Father, 
forgive them ; for they know not 
what they do. And they parted his 
raiment, and cast lots. 

35 And the people stood beholding. 
And the rulers also with them derided 
him, saying, He saved others ; let 
him save himself, if lie bo Christ, 
the chosen of God. 

36 And the soldiers also mocked 
him, coming to liim, and offering 
hira vinegar, 

37 And saying, If thou be the 
King of the Jews, save thyself. 

38 And a superscription also was 
written over him in letters of Greek, 
and Latin, and Hebrew, THIS IS 

39 T[ And one of the malefactors 
which were hanged railed on him, 
saying, If'thou be Christ, save thy- 
self find us. 

40 But the other answering re- 
buked liini, saying, Dost not thou 
fear God, seeing thou art in the same 
condemuatiou ? 

章 三十二 第加路 

_i 穌轉 身對那 些婦人 說、^ Wll 的婦女 、不耍 il 我哭、 當 it 自 己和自 己的兒 女哭。 ill 日子將 耍到了 、人必 耍說、 未曾懐 

孕的、 未 cli 產的、 未曾 乳養嬰 孩的有 福了。 蕭時候 人要對 山嶽說 、腮住 我們、 對岡陵 _^遮 住我& ^翠 的樹木 尙且這 ^枯 

乾 的樹木 將怎樣 呢。^ 有兩個 犯人、 和耶穌 一 同拉 來受刑 1 了 一 個地方 、名 髑體處 、就在 那裹釕 耶穌在 十字架 4 將兩 

個犯人 也釘了 、一 個 在左、 一 個在右 1 穌說、 求父 赦免這 些人、 因 II 他 們所作 的事、 他們不 曉得、 衆人拈 闘分他 的衣服 姓 

站在那 褢觀看 、官府 和衆人 譏銷耶 穌說、 他救 別人、 他若是 基督、 神所揀 選的、 可以救 自己。 i 丁也戯 弄他、 向前來 給他酷 

、一一 一七、 =^=: 、 2「< 

喝說你 若是! 人的王 可以救 自己在 耶穌的 上邊用 的文字 、寫 著說、 這是 11 人的王 。〇i 釘的兩 

個犯- ^有 一 個 譏銷耶 穌說、 你若是 基督、 可以救 自己和 我們。 i 一 個犯 人責備 他說、 你是 一 同受 罪的、 還不怕 舯麽。 


41 And we indeed justly ; for we 
receive the due reward of our deeds : 
but this man hath done nothing amiss. 

42 And he said unto Jesus, Lord, 
remember me whea thou coiuest 
into thy kingdom. 

43 And Jesus said unto him, 
Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt 
thou be with rae in paradise. 

44 And it was about the sixth 
hour, and there was a darkness over 
all the earth until the ninth hour. 

45 And the sun was darkened, 
and the vail of the temple was rent 
in the midst. 

46 T[ And when Jesus had cried with 
a loud voice, he said, Father, into 
thy hands I commend my spirit : and 
having said thus, he gave up the ghost. 

47 Now when tliecenturion saw what 
was done, he glorified God, saying, 
Certainly this was a righteous man. 

48 And all the people that came 
together to that sight, beholding the 
things which were done, smote their 
breasts, and returned. 

49 And all his acquaintaiice, and the 
women that followed him from Galilee, 
stood afar off, beholding these things. 

50 T[ And, behold, there was a man 
named Joseph, a counsellor ; and he 
was a good man, and a just : 

51 (The same had not consented 
to the counsel and deed of them ••) he 
v,as of Arimathea, a city of the Jews; 
who also himself waited for the 
kingdom of God. 

52 This man went unto Pilate, 
aud begged the body of Jesus. 

53 And he took it down, and 
wrapped it ia linen, and laid it in a 
sepulchre that was hewn in stone, 
wherein never man before was laid. 

54 And that day was the prepara- 
tion^ and the sabbath drew on. 

55 And the women also, which 
came with him from Galilee, followed 
after, and beheld the sepulchre, and 
how his body was laid. 

章 三十二 第加路 229 

E 1 、 、 、 OEM- 、 

我 們是應 當的因 i! 我們所 受的苦 與我們 所作的 事相稱 只是這 個人沒 有作過 1 件不好 的事就 對耶穌 說求主 到了你 

、 OE 一一一 , , 〇 \ 

國裏 或作 求主得 國降臨 的時候 記念我 耶穌說 我實在 吿訴你 今日你 必定和 我在樂 園裏了 〇 那時候 約有午 正遍地 都黑嗜 

9 .Lugs 、 , 四六 , , 、 〇E1V 

了^ 到 申初日 頭昏暗 殿裏的 幔子從 當中裂 爲兩半 耶穌大 聲喊叫 說父阿 我將我 的靈魂 交付你 說完氣 就斷了 百夫長 

看見 這事、 就歸 榮耀與 歡說這 眞是個 義人。 i 集觀 看的衆 《 ^見了 這些氣 都捶著 胸囘. 許多 與耶穌 相識的 九還有 

從111跟隨耶穌來的婦人、遠遠的站著、都看見了。〇5^ 1 個人名 叫@^ 是個議 事的官 、爲人 有仁有 ifi 人商 議行這 

事、 他並不 附和、 他是猶 太亞利 馬太城 I 的人、 也是素 常盼望 神的國 £1 進去見 grn 、求耶 穌的身 體。^ 取身 體下來 

用細麻 布裹好 、放 在石頭 整的墳 墓裏、 那墳 墓從來 沒有葬 過人。 是豫備 節的日 子安息 日的前 1 日 1 些從 HI 與 

耶穌同 來的婦 A 、跟在 後面、 觀 看這墳 也觀 看怎樣 安放耶 穌的身 gi 

230 St. LUKE, XXIV. 

意四 t 二 第加路 

56 Aud they returned, and prepared 
spices and ointments ; and rested 
the sabbath day according to the 


NOW upon the first day of the 
week, very early in the morn- 
ing, thoy came unto the sepulchre, 
bringing the spices which they had 
prepared, and certain others with tliem. 

2 And they found the stone rolled 
away from the sepiilelire. 

3 And they enterod in, and found 
not the body of the Lord Jesus. 

4 And it came to pass, as they 
were much perplexed thereabout, be- 
hold, two men stood by them iu 
shining garments : 

5 And as they were afraid, and 
bowed down their faces to the earth, 
they said unto them, Wliy seek ye 
the living among the dead ? 

6 He is not here, bat is risen : 
remember how he spake unto you 
when he was yet ia Galilee, 

7 Saying, The Son of man must 
be delivered into the hands of siuful 
men, and be crucified, and the third 
day rise again. 

8 And they remembered his words, 

9 And returned from the sepul- 
chre, and told all these things imto 
the eleven, and to all the rest. 

10 It was Mary Magdalene, and 
Joanna, and Mary the mother of 
James, and other ivovien that were 
with them, which told these things 
unto tlie apostles. 

11 And their words seemed to 
tliein as idle tales, and they believed 
tliem not. 

12 Then arose Peter, and ran unto 
the sepulchre ; and stooping down, lie 
belield the linen clothes laid by 
themselves, and departed, wonderiug 
in himself at that whicli was come 
to pass. 

、 、 o 

囘 去豫備 下香料 香膏在 安息: 》 遵著 誡命就 安息了 

第二 十四章 

- \ \ 、 \ 0-1 

七 日的頭 一 3 天將亮 那些婦 人來到 墳墓前 帶著所 豫備的 香料還 有幾個 婦人和 他們同 來他們 看見石 頭已經 從坡墓 

轉開。 Is 、不 見了主 耶穌的 身體. , pi- 猜疑 的時艮 有兩個 人站在 旁邊、 衣服放 光# 人們驚 將臉伏 I 那兩個 人對他 們說、 

tfr 甚麼在 死人裏 找活人 II 不在 這裏、 已經復 活了。 當 想他在 HI 的時候 、吿 訴你們 的話、 人子 必被? K 到 惡人手 |4 

、 n A OA 、 、 Q 

釘在 十字架 上第三 H 復活 婦人們 就想起 耶穌所 說的話 來從墳 墓那墓 囘去將 這事吿 訴了十 一 個使徒 和其餘 的門徒 

% 吿訴使 徒的人 、是 的 的 母親叫 並同 他們在 一 處的 女徒。 i 徒以 爲他們 的話虛 {<5 不肯 

相信 起來、 跑到壤 墓前、 低. g 觀私只 見細寐 布放在 那裘、 心甚 詫異、 就囘 去了。 

St. LukjjlJiiroffsiSe^lli 

13 T[ And, behold, two of them 
went that same day to a village called 
Em mans, which was from Jerusalem 
about threescore furlongs. 

1 4 And they talked together of all 
these things \vl)ich had happened. 

15 And it came to pass, that, while 
they communed together and rea- 
soned, Jesus himself drew near, and 
went with them. 

16 Bat their eyes were holden that 
they should not know lum. 

17 And he said unto them, What 
manner of communications are these 
that ye have one to another, as ye 
walk, and are sad ? 

18 And the one of them, whose 
name was Cleopas, answering said 
unto liim, Art thou only a stranger 
in Jerusalem, and hast not known 
the things wl)icli are come to pass 
there in the^e clays ? 

19 And he said unto them, What 
things ? And they said unto him, 
Concerning Jesus of Nazareth, which 
was a prophet mighty in deed aad 
woi *1 before God and all the people : 

20 And how the chief priests and our 
rulers delivered him to be condemned 
to death, and have crucified him. 

21 But we trusted that it had 
been he which should have redeemed 
Israel : and beside all this, to day is 
the third day since these things were 

22 Yea, and certain women also of 
our company made us astonished, 
which were early at the sepulchre ; 

23 And when they found not his 
body, they came, saying, that they 
Imd also seen a vision of angels, which 
said that he was alive. 

24 And certain of them which were 
with us went to the sepulchre, and 
found it even so as the women had 
said: but him they saw not. 

25 Then he said unto them,0 fools, 
and slow of heart to believe all that 
the prophets have spoken : 

、) I 醒 HY 

u": ― ― 

liVv ..Mm,.±iMW^ 231 

十 ui 、 、 、 , I > o 十 a otw 

〇 那日 有兩個 門徒往 一 個衬 褢去那 村名叫 以馬迕 斯離耶 路撒冷 約有二 十五里 兩個人 彼此談 論近來 所遇見 的事他 

、 、 〇 十六 、 十七 \ 、 、 

們談講 議論的 時候耶 穌往前 來和他 們同行 兩個門 徒兩眼 迷離不 認得他 耶穌說 你們走 路臉上 帶著愁 容彼此 談論的 

十,^ 、 、 II T -—. .Ilh 、 〇十凡 \ 

是甚麼 事兩個 人裏有 一 個名 叫革流 巴的囘 答說你 在耶路 撒冷作 客獨不 曉得那 裏近來 所有的 事麽耶 穌說甚 麼事他 

們說、 SS. 人耶穌 的事、 他是 先知、 在 神和 衆百姓 面前、 講道 行事、 都 有大能 1 們衆祭 司長和 官府將 他解去 、定了 死罪、 

〇 一: , 、 、 、 〇1二一 、 

釘在十 字架上 我們素 常盼望 這人必 贖以色 列民雖 然如此 這事成 就今日 已經三 天了並 且我們 中間有 幾個婦 人使我 

、 , oils 、 、 、 〇||四 

們驚駭 天剛亮 的時候 他們就 往墳墓 那裏去 不見了 他的身 體就來 吿!! i 我 們說看 見天使 顯現說 耶穌活 了我們 褢頭有 

幾個 人往墳 墓那襄 去、 所遇見 I 果然與 那婦人 所說的 一 樣、 只是不 見耶穌 「^穌 說、 無知 的人、 先知 一 說的 你們信 

得太運 鈍了。 、 

232 St. LUKE, XXIV. 

章 四十二 第加路 

26 Ought not Christ to have suf- 
fered these things, and to enter into 
his glory ? 

27 And beginning at Moses and all 
the prophet's, Tie expounded unto tliem 
in all the Scriptures the things con- 
cerning himself, 

28 And they drew nigh unto the 
village, whither they went : and he 
made as though he would have gone 

29 But they constrained him, say- 
ing, Abide with us; for it is toward 
evening, aud the day is far spent. 
And he went in to tarry with them. 

30 And it came to pass, as he sat 
at meat with them, he took bread, 
and blessed it, and brake, and gave 
to them. 

31 And their eyes were opened, 
aud they knew him ; and he vanished 
out of their sight. 

32 And they said one to another, 
Did not our heart burn within us, 
while he talked with us by the way, 
and while he opened to us the 

33 And they rose up the same 
hour, and returned to Jerusalem, and 
found the eleven gathered together, 
and them that were with them, 

34 Saying, The Lord is risen 
indeed, and hath appeared to Simon. 

35 Ami they told what things, 肪' e 
done ill the way, and how lie was 
known of them in breaking of bread. 

36 1 And as they thus spake, Jesus 
himself stood in tlie midst of tliena, 
and saith unto them, Peace be unto 


37 But they were tcrrifiecl and 
affrighted, and supposed that they had 
seen a. spirit. 

38 And lie said unto them, WUy 
are ye t roubled ? and why do thoughts 
arise in your hearts? 

i 督這樣 受害、 又得他 的榮耀 、豈不 是應當 的麼。 i 是耶穌 向他們 講§ 和衆先 知的書 、凡經 上所寫 指著自 己的訪 、都解 

說明 白了。 i 到他們 所去的 鄕村、 耶穌似 乎還耍 往前行 Ti 個人 勉强留 他說、 時候巳 經晚了 、日頭 已經. 牛西了 、請你 和我們 

、 C-? 、 、 、 OltM 、 、 

一 同住 下耶穌 就進去 和他們 一 同住 下坐席 的時候 耶穌拿 起餅來 祝謝了 擘開遞 給他們 兩個人 的眼睛 這凝淸 楚了認 

、 一-一 -一 、 、 、 rj=l-i % 

出他來 忽然耶 穌不見 了他們 彼此說 在路上 和我們 說話講 解聖經 的時候 我們的 心豈不 是火熟 的麽他 們就立 時起身 

i 11 , , 、一 一一 E 、 . 01 一一 S 、 

囘耶路 撒冷去 遇見十 一 個門 徒和同 人聚在 一 處說主 果然復 活現給 西門看 了兩個 人將路 上所遇 見的 和分餅 時候認 

、 > 、 一 1 一七 、 CMl-tc 、 

出耶穌 的事都 述說出 來說話 的時候 耶穌站 在他們 當中說 願你們 16« 安門徒 驚駭疑 惑所看 見的是 魂耶穌 說你們 甚 

麽驚駭 、心裏 起了疑 念呢。 


39 Behold my bands and my feet, 
that it is I myself : handle me, and 
see : for a spirit hath not flesh ami 
bones, as ye see me have. 

40 And wlien he had thus spoken, 
he shewed them his hands and his feet. 

41 And while they yet believed 
not for joy, and wondered, he said 
unto thera, Have ye here any meat ? 

42 And they gave him a piece of 
a broiled fish, and of a honeycomb. 

43 And he took it, and did eat 
before them. 

44 And he said unto them, These 
are the 、vords which I spake unto you , 
while I was yet with ycm, that ail 
things must be fulfilled, which were 
written in the law of Moses^ and in 
the prophets, and in the psalms, 
concerning me. 

45 Then opened he their under- 
standing, that they might understand 
the Scriptures, 

46 And said unto them, Thus it is 
wrilteDj and thus it behooved Christ 
to suffer, and to rise from the dead 
the third day ; 

47 And that repentance and re- 
mission of sins should be preached 
in Ills name among all nations, begin- 
ning at Jerusalem. 

48 And ye are witnesses of these 

49 And, behold, I send the pro- 
mise of my Father upon you : but 
tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, 
until ye be endued with power from 
on high. 

50 T[ And he led them out as far 
as to Bethany, and he lifted up his 
hands, and blessed them. 

51 And it came to pass, while he 
blessed them, he was parted from 
them, and carried up into heaven. 

52 And tliey worshipped him, and 
returned to Jerusalem with great joy : 

53 And were continually in the 
temple, praising and blessing God. 

Amen' THE 0::11;.0 

森 四十二 第加路 '233 

3^ % \ 、 、 , 0B4- , OEM 一 

看我的 手我的 脚就曉 得是我 了你們 摸我看 我魂是 沒有肉 沒有骨 的你們 看我是 有的說 罷就將 手脚給 他們看 門徒喜 

、 > 、 OH 一 1 , 「四 一一一 、 

出望外 甚至不 能相信 又甚希 奇耶穌 說你們 這裏有 食物沒 有他們 就遞給 他燒魚 一 片 和蜜房 一 塊耶 穌接過 來在他 f 

面 前吃。 i 他們說 、我 從前同 你們在 一 處的 時候、 吿訴你 們說、 MS 的律例 、先知 的書、 和詩篇 上指著 我所記 的話、 都 耍應& 

現在 果然應 驗了、 i 穌 就開導 他們的 心思、 叫他們 明白聖 說、 基督 受害、 第三日 從死裏 復活、 這是應 當的、 也是 經上^ 

寫的。 1: 人泰他 的名、 修悔 改赦罪 的道、 從 耶路機 冷起、 直傳到 萬國。 i 們是 11 這 事作見 證的、 耍將天 父所應 許的賜 給=% 卜 

們你們 應當住 在耶, 路 —撒,^ 城等候 祌 從天上 賜給你 們能力 耶穌帶 頜他們 到伯大 尼孿手 禱 他們祝 福觥福 的時候 

、 oar 、 、 ! ; —— 、; S Q ^ 'Ma 

穌就 離了他 們升天 去了他 們就拜 耶穌大 大的歡 喜囘耶 路撒冷 去常在 殿裏讃 美稱頌 神阿們 T 

Vnrl# 07 M V 


書音福 傳翰約 




IN the beginning was the Word, 
and the Word was with Gcd, 
and tlie Worii was God. 

2 Tlie same was in the beginning 
with God. 

3 All things were made by him ; 
and without him "'as not any thing 
made that was made, 

4 In liira was life ; and the life was 
the light of raen. 

5 And the light shineth in darkness; 
and til e darkness comprehended it not. 

6 H There was a man sent from 
God, whose name was John. 

7 The same came for a witness, to 
bear witness of the Light, that all 
•men through hira might believe. 

8 Ho was not that Light, but was 
sent to bear witness of that Liglit. 

9 That was the true Liglit, which 
ligbteth every man that cometh into 
the world. 

10 He was in the world, and the 
world was made by him, and the 
world knew him not. 

1 1 He came unto his own, and his 
own received him not. 

1 2 But as many as received 】iim, to 
tlieni gave he power to hecome the 
sons of God, even to them that believe 

his name : 

1 o Which were born, not of blood, 
nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the 
will of man, but of God. 

1 1 And tlie Word was made flesh, 
and dwelt among us, (and we beliekl 
glory, (he glory as of the only 
bcf^ottea of tlic Father,) full of grace 
and truth. 

第 一 章 

1 、 > o= 、3 * 

太初有 道道或 „g!n 下同 道與 神同在 道就是 祌 這道太 一观與 神同在 萬物是 藉著 道釗造 的凡創 

造 的沒有 一 樣不 是藉著 道創造 的生命 在道中 這生命 就是人 的光光 在黑喑 裹黑昭 〈爿不 認識光 

A 、 、 \ OA 

有 一 個人是 神差來 的名叫 他 來作見 證就是 an! 光作 見證叫 衆人因 著他可 以信約 翰不是 

那光、 CIS! 光作見 誇#光 是眞光 、普照 凡生在 世上的 -^。 i 在 世界、 世界是 藉著他 创造: i 世界 的人卻 

不認 識他。 i 到自己 的地方 ^自已 的人倒 不接待 t+c^ 接待 他的、 就是信 他名的 -^、 他就 賜他們 權柄、 

0+3 、 、 、 、 O+H 

作 神 的兒女 這樣人 不是從 血氣生 的不是 從情慾 生的不 是從人 意生的 乃是從 神生的 道成了 

人身、 住在我 們中間 、充充 滿滿的 有恩血 有眞 我們 看見過 他的榮 t 正是父 的獨生 子的榮 ^ 


15 John bare witness of hiiiij and 
cried, sayings This was he of whom 
I spake, He tliat cometh after me 
is preferred before irie ; for he was 
before me. 

16 And of his fulness have all we 
received, and grace for grace. 

1 7 For the law was given by Moses, 
but grace and truth came by Jesus 

18 No man hnth seen God at any 
time ; the only begotten Sou, which 
is in the bosom of tiie Father, he hath 
declared him. 

19 *f And tliis is the record of 
John, when the Jews seut priests and 
Levitos from Jerusalem to ask him, 
Who art thou ? 

20 And he confessed, and denictl 
not ; but confessed, I am not the 

21 And tlicy asked him, What 
then ? Art thou Elias? And hosaith, 
I am not. Art thou tliat Prophet? 
And he answered. No. 

22 Then said tlioy unto him, Who 
art thou ? that we may give an a ns wer 
to them that sent us. AVhat sayest 
thou of thyself? 

23 He said, I cm the voice of 
one crying in the wilderness, Make 
straight the way of' the Lord, as said 
the prophet Esaias. 

24 And they which were sent were 
of the Pharisees. 

25 And they asked him, and said 
unto him, Why baptizest thou tlien, 
if thou be not that Christ, uor Elia,s, 
neither that Prophet ? 

20 John answered tiiom, sa} iiig, I 
baptize with Avater : but there staudeth 
one among you, wliom ye know not; 

27 lie it is, who coming after me 
is i)refeiT(、d before me, whose shoe's 
! atchet I am not worthy to unloose. 

28 Tiu'se things were done in 
Both abara beyond Jordan , where 
Joiiii was baptizing. 

t: 一 第翰約 235 

to,. 、 、 、 、 、 04 上" 

〇 約副 !:! 他作昆 證大聲 說我曾 說有一 個 人比我 後來反 在我以 前因一 n! 他本來 在我. 以前所 說的就 是這 個入我 們從他 

充滿的恩典奥、都得了2^又恩上加&|1法是藉著§1傅的、恩典具理、都是從耶鮮基督來的" i 沒 有人看 見過、 R 有常 

在 父懷裹 的獨生 子將他 表明出 tb&l 如何作 見證. Si 在下面 。i^ 人從 illS 差^ 司和 人、 到約. S 那蒸 k 他 

說、 你 是誰。 i 就明 說、 §小 隱瞞、 明說我 不是基 問: g 說、 這樣你 是誰、 是^ Wat 他 說不: 又 問你是 那先知 ^ 他說不 

是。 i 們又問 他說、 你到底 是誰、 吿訴 我們、 我們好 囘覆差 我們來 的人。 你自己 說你是 何人。 i 說、 先知, ^ffl 曾說、 在 嚒野有 

人-聲 喊叫說 、修直 了主的 道路、 這 話是指 著我說 的。, 差來的 是法利 赛人。 i 們又問 他說、 你旣 不是基 t 也不是 也 

不是那 先知、 一 甚麼施 洗呢。 il 囘答^ 我不 過用水 施洗、 有 一 個 人站在 你們中 si 是你們 不認識 比 後來、 反在我 

以 氣我給 解 If 帶、 也是 不配: £^1¥這 樣作見 P 一是在 11 河外 就是他 施洗的 地方。 

236 St. JOHN, 

章一 第翰約 

29 1" The next clay Johnseetli Jesus 
coming unto him, and sailh, Behold 
the Lamb of God, which taketh 
away the sin of the world ! 

30 This is he of wliom I said, After 
me comet h a man wliich i.s preferred 
before me ; for he ,vas before me. 

31 And I knew him not : but 
that lie should be made manifest to 
Israel, therefore am T come baptiz- 
ing with water. 

32 And John bare record, ? nying, 
I saw the Spirit ck'scemling from 
heaven like a dove, and it abode 
upon him. 

33 And I knew him not : but he 
that sent me to baptize with water, 
the same said unto me, Upon whom 
thou slialt see the Spirit descending, 
and remaining on him, the same is 
he which baptizeth with the Holy 

34 And I ,?'w, and bare record 
that this is the Son of God. 

35 , Again the next day after, 
John stood, and two of his disciples ; 

3G And looking upon Jesus as be 
walked, he saith, Behold the Lamb 
of God ! 

37 And the two disciples heard 
him speak, and they followed Jesus. 

38 Then Jesus mriietl, and saw 
thcni following, and saith uuto them, 
What seek ye ? They said unto 
him, Rabbi, (which is to say, being 
interpreted, Master,) where dwellest 
thou ? 

39 He saith unto them, Come and 
see. They came and saw where he 
dwelt, and abode with him that day : 
for it was about the tenth hour. 

40 One of the two which heard 
John speak, ami followed liim, was 
Andrew, Simon Peter's brother. 

41 He first fiiidcth 1 lis own brother 
Simon, and :faith unto him, We have 
found the INlessias, which is, being 
interpreted, the Christ. 

o.,^^!!! 、約— 見耶穌 到他這 裏來、 就說 ^.>3是 神的、 1fj$、 背良 ffi 人罪孽 m 曾說、 有 一 個人比 我後來 、反 在我、 W 前、 因_ ^他 

, C 一- 二 、 9 oir 11 1— . , 

本 來在我 以前所 說的就 是這個 人我素 常不認 識他我 來用水 施洗禱 耍叫他 顯明在 以色列 人面前 約翰又 作見證 說我 

看見應 1- 彷彿 鸽子、 從天上 降下來 、止住 在他頭 .41 素 常不, 認識他 、只有 那差我 來用水 施洗的 、對 我說、 你 看見, 寧降 

、 2 一四 、 15 % 、 

止住在 誰的頭 上誰就 必用聖 靈施洗 我看見 了就見 證他是 祌 的兒子 〇次3 約翰 又姑著 還;; = 兩個門 徙同他 在一處 一 

一一 -4- 、 、 0一-- 七 、 clftc 、 、 、 

約 1 看 見耶穌 行走就 說這是 神的煞 羊雨 個門徒 聽見他 的話就 跟隨耶 穌去耶 穌轉身 看見他 們跟隨 問他們 説你們 

要甚麽 。他們 就說、 拉 比在那 裏住、 拉比繙 出來、 就是夫 聊穌 I 你們 來看。 他 們就來 看他的 住氣這 一 U 便和他 同住、 那時 

GEI 十 . \ \ . 、^1 1 1、 

候約有 申正了 聽見約 ¥ 的話跟 從耶 穌去的 兩個人 一 個是西 門彼得 的兄弟 安得烈 安得烈 先遇見 他的: 釙: 忡西 門就對 

他說、 我們遇 見彌赛 亞了、 彌赛亞 繙出來 、就是 基督。 一 

St. JOHN, II. 

I 42 And he brought him to Jtsus* 
And wb oil Jesus beheld him, he said' 
Thou art Simon the son of Jona : 
thou shalt be called Cephas, whicli 
is by interpretation, A stone, 
j 43 , The day following Jesns 
! would go forth into Galilee, and 
fiudeth Philip, and snith unto him, 
Follow me. 

44 Now Philip was of Jiethsaicl.a, 
the city of Andrew and Peter. 

45 Philip findetli Nalhauacl, and 
saith unto him, We have found 
hiiu, of whom Moses in the law, and 
the prophets, did write, Jesus of 
Nazareth, tlie sou of Joseph. 

46 And Nathanael said unto him, 
Can there any good tiling come out 
of ]SIazareth ? Philip saith unto iiini, 
Come and see. 

47 Jesns saw Nathanael coming to 
】- iim, and saith of liim, Behold an 
Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile! 

48 Nathanael saith unto hiai, 
Whence knowest thou me ? Jesns 
answered aiicl said unto liira, Before 
that Philip called thee, wlien thou 
wast under the fig tree, I saw theo, 

49 Nathanael answered and saith 
unto liim, Rabbi, thou art tlie Son of 
God ; thou art the King of Israel. 

j 50 Jesus answered and said unto 
I hi 01, Because I said unto thee, I saw 
I iliee under the fig tree, believest 
} thou? thcu shalt see greater things 
i than these. 

! 51 And he saith unto liiin, Verily, 
j verily, T say unto you, Hereafter ys 
shall sec; heaven open, and the angels 
! of God ascendiug and descending 
j upon the Son of man. 


AND the third clay there was n 
raarriage in Can a of Galiloe ; 
and the mother of Jesus was there : 
2 And both Jesus was called, and 
his disciples, to the marriage. 

章二 第翰約 237 

w"l 一 o 、 iii 、 、 、 o enn 、 

就引他 去見耶 穌耶穌 看著他 說你是 的兒 子茵門 可以稱 爲機法 璣法繙 出來就 是彼得 彼 得乃磐 石之意 〇 次 日耶穌 

I . 、 1、 、 c-gn ! i 、 , , c^a , 、 

耍往 利 去遇見 就 對他說 跟從我 來這, 力 是伯赛 大的人 和安得 烈彼得 同鄉腓 力遇見 拿佴業 對他說 摩西在 

、 、 、 —— f 1^ 3六 、 

律法上 所記的 和衆先 知所記 的那人 我們遇 見了就 是約瑟 的兒子 拿撒勒 人耶穌 拿但業 對他說 拿撒勒 還能出 甚麼好 

〕 、 ci: 七 、 、 — - ,JI 、 ora< I 、 


o 、 1 1 , 、 、 ora^ 、 、 、 

你怎 麼知道 我呢耶 穌囘答 說鹏^ 還沒 有招呼 你你在 無花果 樹底下 我巳經 看見你 了拿^ 業說夫 子你是 神 的兒子 

五 4- 、 、 〇s )■ 、 

你是〕:^^11的王耶穌囘答說因一1我說在無花鬼樹下看見你你就,1=,」,^ ^^,-要看見比這更大的事又對他說我實在吿 

拆你們 、你們 耍看見 天開、 神的使 者上去 下來、 在人子 身上。 

第二章 。 。 

k 三日在 n 利的 li 有娶親 的筵席 、耶穌 的母親 在那裏 。&穌 和他的 門徒、 也被 請去赴 6! 


St. JOirN, II. 


3 And wlicn tkey: wanted wine, 
the mother of Jesns saitli unto him, ! 
They have no wine. 

4 Jesus saith unto her, Woman, 
wluit have I to do with thee ? mine 
】K)m- is not. yet come. 

o His mother saith uuto the ser- 
vants, AVhatsoevcr he saith unto 
you, do it. 

6 And there were set there six 
wnterpots of stone, after the niannfir 
of the purifying of tlie Jews, contain- 
ing two or three firkins apiece, 

7 Jesus gaitli unto them, Fill the 
waterpots witli water. And I hey filU d 
Uiem up to the brim. 

8 And l)e saith unto them, Draw 
out now. aud bear unto the governor 
of the feast. And they bare it. 

9 When the ruler of the fca.rt liad 
tasted the water that was made wine, 
and knew not whence it was, (but the 
servants which drew the water knew,) 
l!ic governor of the feast called tlie 

1 And saith unto him, Every man 
at the beginning doth set forth good 
wine ; and when men have well clniiik, 
tliGu that which if; worse : hut thou 
hast kept the good wine until now, 

11 This beginning of miracles did 
Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and mani- 
fested forth his gloiy ; and his dis- 
ciples believed on him. 

12 1^ After this lie went down lo 
CapernaTini, he, und liis motlier, and 
liis breiiircji, aud lii.s disciples ; and 
they continued there not many days. 

1 3 T[ And the Jews'passover was at 
liand, aud Jcsns went up to Jerusalem, 

1-i And found in the temple tliosc 
thai, sold oxen aud sheep and cloves, 
and the clmugers of money sitting : 

1 5 A nd wlien lie Imd made a scourge 
of small cords, ]ic drove tlicm all out 
of the tein])le, and the shcop, and the 
oxoii ; a)i(] poured out tlic oli:ingcr.s' 
1 money, and overthrew the tables ; 

? i 用 §1、 耶穌的 親 對耶; i 說、 他們酒 沒有了 。& 穌說 、母氣 我與你 何干、 我的時 候還沒 w 到 i 战親 對僕 人阵肌 吩咐你 

們德麼 、你們 就作甚 ilis^ 人潔淨 的親炬 、有六 n 石缸、 擺在 那裏、 每口可 盛 兩三桶 lb 穌對? < 說、 將水倒 滿了, 仏 

他們就 倒滿了 、到了 缻口% 穌 又說、 g 出來 ^ 給管 筵席 的.. ?他們 就遞給 #.^變了、 氣管筵 席的转 I 不知道 及來的 

只有 水 的僕人 知道、 管筵席 I 就^ 新郎氣 f 他說、 人大槪 都是先 擺上好 一齓等 客喝足 I 再 擺上次 I 你倒 將好酒 ^到 

這 時氣? ^是 耶穌第 一 次作的 奇事、 是在 11¥的1¥ 作的、 顯出 他的榮 耀來、 門徒就 信他了 舉 以後、 耶穌和 他的③ 

〔十 一一, X ■ ■ . 十 E 、 

親弟兄 門徒、 都下 ISS 去、 在那逸 住了不 多幾日 人的逾 越節近 了耶穌 就上, 徵!^ 去在^ 殿惠 見有資 牛羊鵷 

子的、 並有 換. 级錢 的.^ 一在那 1 坐著。 擊穌 就拿繩 子做成 鞭子、 將 他們和 牛羊都 趕出講 1 倾掉兌 換銀錢 的人的 銀餞、 推 

翻他 們的掉 

St. JOim, III 章三 第翰約 2:39 

16 And said unto them that sold 

j doves, Take those things hoiioc ; | 
make not xny Father' & hoa-se a liouse j 
I of merchandise. 

17 And his disciples; remembered 
that it was written, The zeal of Ihino 
house liatli eaten me ii】). 

18 % Then answered the Jews and 
said unto him, What sign she west 

! thou unto us, seeing that thou doest 
these things? 

19 Jesus answered and said mito 
I til em J Destroy this temple, and in 

three clays I will raise it up. 

20 Then eaid the Jews, Forty and 
six years was this temple in buikling, 
and wilt thou rear it ii p iu three days? 

21 But he spake of the temple of 
liis body. 

22 Wheu therefore he was risen 
from the dead, his disciples remem- 
bered that he had said this unto them ; 
and they believed the Scripture, and 
the word which Jesus had said. 

23 , Now when he was in Jeru- 
saleni at the passover, in the feast 
day , many believed in his name, 
when they saw the miracles which 
lie did. 

24 But Jesus did not commit him- 
self unto thera, because he knew all 

25 Aud needed not that any should 
testily of man ; for lie knew what 
was in man. 


r INHERE was a man of the Phari- 
丄 sees^ named Nicocletnus, a ruler 
of the Jews : 

2 The same came to Jesus by night, 
and said unto him, Eabbi, we know 
I tha t thou art a toaclier come from God : 
I for no man can do these miracles that 
I thou doest, except God be with 】iim. 
I 3 Jesus answered and said unto 
liim, Verily, verily, I say unto tiiee, 
Except a man be born again, lie can- 
not see the kingdom of God. 

+六 9 , 、 〇4- 七 , 、 

义對寶 鵡子的 人說把 這些東 西拿去 不要將 我父; ^殿當 作買賣 的地 方門徒 就想起 經上記 著說因 i! 你的^ 殿我心 

裏焦急 、如同 火燒。 人問 他說、 你旣作 這些氣 顯甚麼 異蹟與 我們看 穌囘 答說、 你們拆 毀這殿 、我三 內就建 造起氣 

人說、 這殿 西十 六年繞 造成、 你三日 內就能 建造起 來良, 穌這話 、是將 殿比自 nj 的身子 。^耶 穌從死 裹復活 以後、 門 

、 、 三一一 , ■ ■-- ■■ ■ 、 、 

徒線想 起他說 過這話 就信了 聖經和 耶穌所 說的話 當逾越 節的時 候耶穌 在耶路 撒冷有 許多人 看見他 所作的 奇事就 

信了他 的名。 i 穌卻 不將自 己託付 他們、 因爲他 知道衆 不用人 吿訴他 別人怎 i 人心裏 所存的 、他 早已知 道了。 


^ 一 個法利 賽人、 名叫 1^,3, 取是 管堙! ^人的 inst 夜裏來 見耶穌 !ilii#¥ 、我 們知道 你是從 神那襄 來作師 傅的、 因 

、 、 2 一.、 、 、 

爲你! ^作 的奇事 若不是 紳保 佑沒有 人能作 耶穌囘 答說我 實在吿 訴你人 若沒有 重生必 不能見 神的國 

240 St. JOHN, III. ^ 三 第 翰 約 

4 Nicodemus saith unto him, How 
can a man be born when he is old ? 
can he enter the second time into 
his mother's womb, and be born ? 

5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I 
say unto thee, Except a man be born 
of water and of the Spirit, he cannot 
enter into the kingdom of God. 

6 That which is born of the flesh 
is flesh ; tiud that which is born of 
the Spirit is spirit. 

7 Marvel not that I said unto 
thee> Yo must be boru again. 

8 The wind bloweth whereit listetli, 
and thou hearest the sound thereof, 
but canst not tell whence it cometh, 
and whither it goeth : so is every- 
one that is born of the Spirit. 

9 Nicodemus answered and said 
unto hiui, How can these things be? 

10 Jesus answered and said unto 
him, Art thou a master of Israel, 
and k no west not these things? 

11 Verily, verily, I say unto thee, 
We speak that wc do know, and 
testify that we have seen ; and ye 
receive not our witness. 

12 If I havetokl you earthly things, 
and ye believe uot, how shall ye 
believe, if I tell you o/ heavenly things? 

13 And no man liath ascended up 
to heaven, but lie that came clown 
from heaven, even the Son of man 
which is ill licaven. 

14 , And as Moses lifted up the 
serpent in the wilderness, even so 
must the Son of man be lifted up : 

15 That whosoever bclievetli in 
Iiini should not perish, but have 
eternal life. 

16 ^ For God so loved the world, 
that he gave liis only begotten Sou, 
that whosoever bclievetli in liiiu 
should not perish, hut have everlast- 
ing life. 

17 For God sent not his Son into 
tlio world to condemn the world ; 
bill that the world through him 
miglit be saved. 

ss^ 底— 银說、 人已經 老了、 如何 能重^ 豈能 再進母 親腹中 生出來 呢"" 耶穌 1^ 我實在 吿訴: ^人 若不是 從水和 gls 生 I 必 

六 、 、 、 r- 七、 、 r.rc 、 

不能進 神的 國從肉 身生的 就是肉 身從靈 生的就 是靈我 說你們 必須重 生你不 可以爲 希奇風 隨著意 as 吹你 聽見風 

的聲音 、卻不 曉得從 那裏來 、往那 裏去。 凡從聖 靈生的 、都是 如&^ 問他! ^如 何能有 這樣事 呢 「&穌 囘答說 、你 是敎 

人的 先生、 還不曉 得這事 11 實在吿 訴你、 我們所 說的、 是 我們知 道的、 我們所 見證: s^ls 們看 見的、 無^ 你們不 

C 十 n 、 、 、 04-m 、 、 

信我們 所見證 的我說 地上的 事你們 尙且不 信若說 天上的 寨如何 能信呢 除了從 天降下 來仍蔡 在天的 人子沒 有人升 

十四 % 〇十2 -, 、 ^-A 、 

過天 摩西在 曠野舉 蛇人子 也必如 此被舉 起來^ 凡信 他的人 不至滅 U 必得 永生 神憐 愛世人 甚至將 獨生子 賜給他 

們、 叫凡 信他的 不至滅 d 必得永 I 1差€11:儿子降1不是耍定世<-的1_^^是要呀世人因€得救。 


18 1 He that belie vet h on liim is 
not condemned •• but lie that belie veth 
not is condcinncd already, because he 
hath not believed in the name of 
the only begotten Son of God. 

19 And this is the condemnation, 
j that light is come into the world, 
i and men loved darkness rather than 
j light, because their deeds were evil, 
j 20 For every one that doeth evil 
I hateth the light, neither cometh to 
; the lig'iit^ 】est his deeds should be 
j j-eproved. 

j 21. But he that cloeth truth cometli 
to the light, that his deeds may be 
j made niauifest, that they are wrought 
I in God. 

I 22 , After these things came Jesus 
j and his disciples into the land of 

Judca ; and there he tarried with 

them, and baptized. 

23 And John also was baptizing 

in Enou near to Salim, because there 

was much water there : and they 

came, and were baptized, 
j 24 For John was not yet cast into 


25 , Then there arose a question 
between some of Jol)n's disciples and 
the Jews about purifying. 

26 Aud they came unto John, and 
said unto him, Rabbi, he that was 
with thee beyond Jordan, to whom 
tbou barest witness, beliolcl, the same 
baptizcth, and all men come to him. 

27 John answered and said, A man 
can receive nothing, except if; be given 

I him from heaven. 
I 28 Ye yourselves bear me witness, 
I that I saidj I am not the Christ, but 
j tliat I am sent before him. 
I 29 He that hath the bride is the 
I bridegroom : but the friend of the 
; bridcgrnoin, which standeth and 
I heaieth him, rejoiceth greatly because 
of l!ic bridegroom's voice : this my 
j joy therefore is fulfilled. 
I 30 He must increase, but I rn ust 
i decrease. 

章三 第翰約 24 1 

i 子的人 、主 不定他 的罪、 不信子 的人、 罪已經 定了、 因 i! 不信 紳獨生 子的名 1^ 到世上 上人因 行爲不 善!^ 愛光倒 

愛黑喑 、定他 們的罪 、就是 在此。 it 作惡 的人、 必恨光 、不 肯就了 光來、 恐怕他 的行爲 受責備 1^ 著眞狸 行的、 必就了 光來、 要顯 

一 、 一一二 、 ■ 、 05 PMH^ ■ _ 、 

明他 作的事 是遵著 神作的 〇這 事以後 耶穌與 門 徒到了 猶太在 那裏居 住施洗 約翰在 靠近撒 冷的哀 嫩因一 1 那襄水 

\ 、 一 is 、 0--S =8 oil 六 - 、 、 I 

多也施 洗衆人 都來受 洗那時 候約翰 還沒有 下在監 裏約翰 的門徒 同猶太 人辯論 潔淨的 鱧就來 見約翰 說夫子 從前同 i 

你在 SI 河 I 你所見 證的那 人現在 施洗、 衆 人都到 他那裏 去了、 § 劍囘答 說、 若不是 從天上 賜的、 人就 不能得 甚麽^ i 不 

是基督 、我 是在他 以前差 來的、 我曾說 過這話 、你們 可以爲 我作見 fii 新婦的 、就是 新郞、 新郞的 朋友站 著聽、 聽見 新郞的 一 

、 3 C 二 1 一十 力 C 一 

骤音 就甚赛 樂我 如今也 得著這 樣的喜 樂了他 必耍興 旺我必 耍衰微 i 

242 St. JOHN, IV. 章四 第翰約 

31 He til at cometh from above is 
above all : he that is of the earth is 
earthly, and speakctli of the earth : 
lie that cometh from heaven is above 

32 And wliat lie lialh seen and 
heard, that he testifictli ; and no man 
receiveth liis testimony. 

33 He that hath received his testi- 
mony hath set to his seal that God 
is true. 

34 For he whoa) God hath sent 
s]3eaketh the words of God: for God 
giveth not the Spirit by moasure 
unto him. 

i 35 The Father iovctli tlie Son. and 
hath given all things into his band. 

36 He that believotli ou the Son 
liatli everlasting life: and he that 
belie veth not the Son sliall not see 
life; but the wratli of God abideth on 
him. i 


HEN therefore the Lord knew 
how the Pharisees bad heard 
that Jesus made and baptized more 
disciples than John, 

2 (Tlioiigli Jesus himsell" baptized 
not, but bis disciples,) 

3 He left Judea, and departed 
again into Galilee. 

4 And he ranst needs go through 

r> Then ooraeth he to a city of ! 
Samaria, wliicli is called Sy char, near j 
to the parcel of ground that Jacob j 
gave to his sou Joseph. I 
6 Now Jacob's woli was there, 
j Jo.sns therefore, being wearied with 
his journey, sat thus on tlie well : and 
I it was about the sixth hour. 
I 7 TJiere cometh a woman of Sa- 
1 ni^rin, to draw water : Jesus saith | 
I unto her, Give me to drink. j 
I 8 (For Ills disciples were gone away ! 
unto the city to buy meat.) j 

I ,上 、來的 、就是 、在^ 物之、 上、 從 地上來 I 就 是艇地 人、 他所 論的、 也是 Si 地的事 、從天 上來, 的、 就是 在一, 3; 物 之上, i 將所 

一 見的、 所 li 的、 見證 出來、 只、 是沒有 人信: 見 &i 他見 證的、 就如同 印上印 、指證 神是 處的。 i 所差造 ^就說 神 

的話、 ,神 賜霸靈 給他、 是沒有 限量的 3~ 力愛 將 萬物交 付他手 。鎖 子的必 得永: ij- 不 信子的 不能得 永生、 祌的震 ^、 

§s 在他 身上. - 


^£ ^法 J1 赛人、 ^他 ins 虞 _^門 徒比細 g 收的 還多 lis 不是耶 穌自己 施洗、 乃是 1: 徒施洗 It- 就離了 又往 

^.1^。|?須從撒^|^1^|經#就到了插1§11的 一 座城、 名叫 S1 、離 賜他 十 的那 塊地不 $^10,,^ 井在 

那氣耶穌因^!走路困倦^坐在井^!^那時候約有午^4^^ 一 個 inl 的婦 人來打 ^ 耶穌 對他 I 請你給 我水喝 ^ 時 

他的 s: 徒 進城、 買 食物 去了。 

St. JOHN, IV. 

9 Then saith the woman of Samaria 
unto liiai. How is it that thou, being 
a Jew, askest drink of me, whicli am 
a woman of Samaria? for the Jews 
have no dealings with tlie Sam nri tans. 

10 Jcsns answered and .^ai<l unto 
her, If thou knewcst the gift of God, 
find who it is that saith to tlieo, Give 
mo to drink ; thou wonkiest liave 
asked of him, and he would have 
given thee living water. 

1 1 The woman saith unto him, Sir, 
thou iiast nothing to draw with, and 
the well is deep : from whence then 
hast thou that living water ? 

12 Art thou greater than our father 
Jacob, whicli gave us the \vell, and 
drank thereof himself, and his chil- 
dren, and his cattle ? 

13 Jesus answered and said unto 
her, Wliosoever drinketli of this water 
shall thirst again : 

14 But whosoever drinketh of the 
water that I shall give him shall never 
thirst; but the water that I shall give 
him shall be in him a well of water 
springing up into everlasting life. 

1 5 The woman saith unto him. Sir 
give me this water, that I tliirst not, 
neither come hither to draw. 

16 Jesus saith unto her, Go, call 
thy husband, and come hither. 

17 The woman answered and sai(3, 
I have no luisbaud. Jesus said unto 
her, Thou hast well ? aid, I have no 
husband : 

1 8 For thou bast had five husbands ; 
and he whom thou now hast is not 
thy husband : in thatsaidst thou truly. 

19 The woman saith unto !】im,Sir, 
I perceive that thou art a prophet. 

20 Our fathers worshipped in this 
mountain ; and ye say, that in Jerusa- 
lem is the place where men ought 
to worship. 

21 Jesus saith unto her, Woman, 
believe me, the hour cometli, when 
yc shall neither in this mountain, nor 
yet at Jerusalem, worsliip the Father. 

章四 第翰約 243 

swii 的 婦人對 他說、 你餽是 人、 怎麼 向我這 iwws 的婦人 求水喝 luijuil? 人和 人素常 沒有來 

十、 、 、 、 C 十 1 、 

往 耶穌囘 答說你 若知道 神 所賜的 又知道 對你說 給我水 喝的是 誰你必 求他他 必賜你 活水婦 人說主 沒有打 水的器 

具、 井又深 、從 那奚得 活水呢 。i 們的 祖^、 將這井 遺留給 我們、 他 S 己同 子並 牲畜、 都是喝 這井裏 的水、 難道你 比他大 

r- 十 11 一 、 、 十 EI * 、 、 、 

麼耶穌 囘答說 凡喝這 水的必 耍苒渴 人若喝 我所賜 的水就 永遠不 渴因篇 我賜的 水必耍 在他裹 頭成了 泉源直 湧到永 

f〕 十五 、 、 、 、 〇4 丄 ( 、 十七 、 \ 

生婦人 說主求 你賜我 這水^ 我不渴 也不再 到這裏 來打水 耶穌說 你去叫 了你丈 夫同來 婦人說 我沒有 丈夫耶 穌說你 

、 O^A 、 、 、 十 A 、 、 o!. 个 

說沒有 丈夫是 不錯的 你已經 有過五 個丈夫 現在你 有的不 是你的 丈夫你 這話是 眞的婦 人說主 我看你 是先知 我們祖 

宗拜主 、在 這山. 4 你們 倒說、 應當 拜主的 地方、 就是在 ismi 穌 I 婦人、 你當信 ^時候 將到、 你們 拜父、 也 不在這 山上、 

也不在 fss 

244 St. JOHN, IV. 

22 Ye worship ye know not what : 
we know what 、ve worship ; for saiva- 
tioii is of the Jews. 

23 But the hour comet h, and now 
is, when the true worshippers shall 
worship the Father in spirit and in 
truth : for tiie Father sceketh such 
to worship him. 

24 God is a Spirit : and they that 
worship him must worship him in 
spirit and iii truth. 

25 The woman saith unto 】iim, I 
know that Messias cometh, which is 
called Christ: when he is come, lie 
will tell us all things. 

26 Jesus saith unto her, I tliat 
.speak unto thee am he. 

27 1" And upon this came his dis- 
ciples, aud marvelled that he talked 
with the woman : yet no man said, 
Wlmt seekest thou ? or, Why talkest 
thou with her ? 

28 The woman then left her water- 
pot, and went her way into the city, 
and saith to the meu, 

29 Come, see a man, which told 
me all things that ever I did : is not 
this the Christ ? 

30 Then they went out of the city, 
and came unto him. 

31 T[ 111 the mean while his dis- 
ciples prayed him, saying, Master, eat. 

32 But he said unto them, I have 
meat to cat that ye know not of. 

33 Therefore said the disciples one 
to another, ilatli any man brought 
liini aiif/Jit to cat ? 

34 Jesus .sai th unto them, My meat 
is to do the will of liira that sent me, 
and to finish his work. 

35 Say not ye, There are yet four 
months, and then comet!) harvest ? 
behold, 1 .say unto yon, I Aft np your 
eyes, and look on the fields ; fur they 
are white already to liar vest. 

3G And 】ie that roapctb recoi vctli 
wages, and s^atheretli fruit uuto life 
eternal : tlitit both he that so wet 1 1 and 
he that reapeth may rejoice together. 

牽四 第翰約 

-111 、 、 、 、 、 r O 三一 1 \ > % 

你們所 拜的你 們不知 道我們 所拜的 我們知 道因一 救低 的道理 是從猶 太人出 來的時 候將到 如今就 u;-r 與: 止拜 父的 

必用性 靈和誠 實拜他 、因一 1 父要, < 如此 拜他。 i 是個靈 、所以 拜他的 is 用 性靈和 誡實拜 人説、 我知近 彌芬: 亞就是 

tsj 必要氣 他來了 、就將 各樣道 理吿訴 我們。 ^穌說 、現在 同你說 話的、 就 是基督 IS 下門徒 囘來、 看見耶 穌同恥 

就 甚覺希 ^ 然而 沒有人 問他耍 甚麼、 &沒有 人問他 !!! 甚 麽同婦 人說話 II 人就 留下水 罐子。 進城去 、對衆 人說、 1?- 一 個人 

、 、 -0 一 一一十 、 0= 二 、 、 01- 一一 

將我 一 W 所行 的都說 出來這 不是基 督麼你 們來見 他衆人 就出城 到耶穌 面前來 婦人走 後門徒 對耶穌 說請夫 子吃耶 

、 、 〇slll 、 0: 一一 Q 、 , 



§ 成的人 必得工 .@ 、積萘 五穀到 永生、 ^耕 極的和 收成的 一 同喜 i 

St. JOHN, IV. 

37 And herein is that saying true, 
One soweth, and another reapeth. 

38 I sent you to reap that whereon 
ye bestowed no labour : other men 
laboured, and ye are entered into 
their labours. 

39 % And many oft he Samaritans 
of that city believed on him for the 
saying of the woman, whicli testified, 
He told rae all that ever I did. 

40 So when the Samaritans were 
come unto him, they besought him 
that he would tarry with them : and 
he abode there two days. 

41 And many more believed be- 
cause of his own word ; 

42 And said unto the woman, Now 
we believe, uot because of thy saying : 
for we liave heard him ourselves, 
and know that this is indeed the 
Christ, the Saviour of the work]. 

43 Ti Now after two days he depart- 
ed thence J and went into Galilee. 

44 For Jesus himself testified, that 
a propliet hath no honour in his 
own country. 

45 Then when he was come into 
Galilee, the Galileans received him, 
having seen all the things that he 
did at Jerusalem at the feast : for 
tliey also went unto the feast. 

46 So Jesus came again into Caua of 
Galilee, where heaiadethe water wine, 

! And there was a certain nobleman^ 
I whose son 、vas sick at Caperuauiii. 

47 When he heard that Jesus was 
come out of Judea into Galilee, he 
went unto him, and besought liim that 
he would come down, and heal his 
son : for he was at the point of death. 

48 Then said Jesus unto him, 
Except ye seo, signs and wonders, 
yo will not believe. 

The nobleman saith unto him. 
Sir, come down ere my child die. 

50 Jesus saith unto him, Go thy 
way ; thy sou liveth. And the man 
believed the word that Je&us had 
spoken uutoliim^and he weut his way. 

章四 第翰約 245 

3 七、 、 、 olrfc 、 、 、 r 、: I; 亿 

俗語 說!^ 人耕 種這人 收成這 話是眞 的你們 沒有勞 苦耕種 我差遣 你們去 收成别 人勞苦 你們享 受別人 所勞苦 的那城 

—— —— 、 、 十 1 、 

襄有許 多撒馬 利亜人 信了耶 穌因一 1 婦人作 見證說 他將我 一 IB 所行 的都說 出來撒 馬利— 亞人^ 見耶穌 請他在 他們那 

、 ran 、 、 

裹住 耶穌就 在那裏 住了兩 曰他們 聽見耶 穌的話 信他的 更多了 就對婦 人說現 在我們 不是因 Iff 你的話 纔信他 我們自 

己聽 見了、 知道 他眞是 救世主 基#^〇 濯了兩 日、 耶穌離 了那地 往 HI #is 耶 穌說、 I 先知 在本鄕 是沒有 人尊敬 

〇™:w 、 、 、 、 〇H.K 

的到了 加利利 加利利 人就接 待他因 爲他們 上過耶 路撒冷 守節守 節的時 候曾看 見他. 在那裏 所作的 一 W 奇事 耶穌又 

到 ill 的 就是他 從前變 水爲酒 的地. 1^ 有 一 個大 他的 兒子在 患 ill 見耶穌 從!^ 到了 SI 、就來 

見 耶穌求 耶穌下 去治他 eg 子 的病因 i! 他兒 子將耍 死了耶 穌對他 說若不 看見奇 事異能 你們就 不信那 官說我 兒子還 

、 c? 、 、 G 

沒有死 求主下 去耶穌 說囘去 罷你的 ^Ik>^活 了那人 就信了 耶穌的 話走了 

24G Si. JOHN, V. 

51 And as he was now going down, ! 
liis servants met him, and told him, j 
j saying. Thy son liveth. | 
j 52 Then inquired he of them the 
hour when he began to amend. Aud 
they said unto him, Yesterday at the 
seventh hour the fever left liim j 

53 So the father knew that it iocih 
at the same hour, in tlie which Jesus 
.said unto him, Thy son liveth : and 
himself believed, and his whole 

54 This is again the second mir- 
acle that Jesus did, Avheu he was 
come out of Judea into Galilee. 


\ FTER this there was a feast of 
r\ tlie Jews ; and Jesus went up 
to Jerusalem. 

2 Now there is at Jerusal-em by 
the sheep market a pool, which is 
called in the Hebrew tongue Be 二 
these] a, having five porches. 

3 111 these lay a great multitude 
of impotent folk, of blind, halt, 
witheixni, ^vaiting for the moving 
of the water. 

4 For an angel went down at a 
certain sfason into the pool, and 
troubled the water : whosoever then 
first after the troubling of the water 
stepped in was made whole of what- 
soever disease he had. 

5 And a certain man was there, 
which ! md an infirmity thirty and 
eight years. 

G When Jesus saw him lie, aiul 
know that he hud been now a loni^ 
lirne in that case^ ho saitl! unto him, 
Wilt tliou be made whole ? 

7 Tlie impotent man answemi 
hiu】, Sir, I have no man, when the 
water is troubled, to put nic into the 
pool : but while I a in coming, another 
sieppcth down before me. 

8 Jesus saith uato liini, liise, tako 
up thy bed, aucl walk. 

i 五第 翰;^ 

? i 走的 時候、 遇見 他的僕 人來吿 訴他? 你 21- 子活 f,^ ,就問 子 的病甚 麼時候 好的" 僕人說 、昨 u 宋時、 熱纖 返了、 S 就 

、 C 、 OSS 1 、 

知 道這時 候正是 耶穌對 他說你 子活 了的時 候所以 自己和 全家都 信了耶 穌這是 耶穌在 加利利 第二次 作的奇 事是 

他從 囘到 31 以後作 ^一 


事以後 、到了 人 一 個節、 耶 穌就上 去。 、離 If 門不遠 、存 一 個池 子、^ in 話、 叫作 、旁邊 W 

〇一_1 、 、 、 on , , , 

五個 廊子在 葛面躺 著瞎眼 的瘸腿 的血氣 枯乾的 許多病 人等候 水動因 i! 天使有 時下池 燈動池 水水勸 以後頭 一 個 f 

池子 的人、 無 論患甚 必得搭 fe^ 那墓有 一 個人、 病了三 十八年 。雾穌 看見他 躺著、 知 道他病 r 多年、 就問 他說、 你 耍疫 

愈 人囘答 lil^ 主阿、 水勸的 時候、 沒有人 扶我下 池子 4? 我還 沒有^ 就有人 先下去 穌對 他說、 起 來傘你 的牀去 I 

St. JOHN, V. 

章五 第翰約 2 4 7 

9 Ami immediately the man was 
made whole, and took up his bed, 
and walked : and on the same clay 
was the sabbath. 

10 ^ The Jews therefore said 
unto him that was cured, It is the 
sabbath day : it is not lawful for 
thee to carry thy bed, 

11 He nnswered them, He that 
made me whole, the same said unto 
me, Take up thy bed, and walk. 

12 Then asked they him, What 
man is that which said unto thee. 
Take up thy beel, and walk ? 

13 And he that was healed wist 
not who it was : for Jesus had con- 
veyed himself away, a multitude 
being in that place. 

1-1 Afterward Jesus findeth him 
ill the temple, and said unto hira, 
Behold ! thou art made whole : sin no 
more, lest a worse thing come unto 

15 The man departed, and told the 
Jews that it was Jesus, which had 
made him whole. 

16 And therefore did the Jews 
persecute Jesus, ami sought to slay 
him, because he had done these things 
on the sabbath day. 

17 T[ But Jesus answered theni, My 
Father worketh hitherto^ and I work, 

18 Therefore the Jews sought the 
more to kill him^ because he not only 
had broken the sabbath, but said also 
that God was his Father, making 
himself equal with God. 

19 Then answered Jesus and said 
unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto 
you, The Son can do nothing of him- 
seji^ 5ut~\vlia t he seetli the Father 
TIoTfor what things soever he (loeth, 
these also cloeth the Son likewise* 

20 For the Father loveth the Son, 
and shevveth him all things that him- 
self cloetli: and he will shew him 
greater works than these, that ye 
may marvel. 

^ % o O 十 - , 、 〇 十 1 、 

那人立 刻好了 拿著牀 去了這 日正是 安息 日猶太 人對那 病好的 人說今 H 是安息 日你不 可拿牀 他囘答 說醫好 我的人 

、 十一一 、 3 十 11 一 、 , 十四 

對我說 拿你的 牀去罷 他們問 他說對 你說拿 牀去的 是誰病 好的人 不知道 是誰因 in! 那襄 人多耶 穌早巳 躲開了 後來耶 

、 、 、 , 、 、 十五 I 

穌 在聖殿 裹遇見 那人對 他說你 巳經好 了不耍 再犯罪 恐怕遇 見炎禍 比以前 更大那 人就去 吿!! i 猶太人 醫好他 的是耶 


、 、 十 A 、 、 

越發 想耍殺 耶穌因 篇他不 但犯了 安息日 並且說 神是齒 的父將 自己與 神 4i 卒等耶 穌對他 們說我 實在吿 ^你們 

, , , , oil 十 、 

子看見 父作甚 麼事子 也作甚 麼事此 外自己 一 點事不 能作凡 父所作 的子^ 照樣作 父愛子 將自己 所作的 一 .3 事指給 

他着、 還 耍指給 他比這 更大的 事看、 阱你們 希奇。 

248 St. JOHN, V. 

章 五 第 翰 約 

21 For as the Father raiseth up 
the dead , and quickenetli them; even 
so the Son quickenetli whom he will. 

22 For the F*?,ther judgetli no man, 
but hath committed all judgment 
unto the Son: 

23 That all men should honour the 
Son, even as they honour the Father. 
He that honouretli not the Son 
honoureth not the Father which hath 
sent him. 

24 Verily, verily, I say unto 
yon, He that heareth my word, and 
believeth on him that sent me^ hath 
everlasting life, and shall not come 
into condemnation ; but is passed from 
death unto life. 

25 Verily, verily, I say unto you, 
The hour is coming, and now is, when 
the dead shall hear the voice of the 
Son of God : and they that hear shall 

26 For as the Father hath life in 
himself ; so hath lie given to the Son 
to have life in himself; 

27 And hath given him authority 
to execute judgment also, because he 
is the Sou of man. 

28 Marvel not at this: for the hour 
is coming, in the which all that are 
in the graves shall hear his voice, 

29 And shall come forth ; they that 
iiave done good, unto the resurrection 
of life ; and they that have done evil, 
uuto the resurrection of damnation. 

30 I ^iL-Of mine own self do no- 
thing : as I hear, } judge: and my 
judgment is just; because I seek not 
mine Own will, but the will of the 
Father whicli hath sent mo. 

31 If I bear witness of myself, niy 
witness is not true. 

32 T[ There is another that bcareth 
witness of me ; and I k now that the 
witness which lie wltne.sscth of mc 
is true. 

33 Yo sent unto Jolin. and he l)are 
witness unto tlie truth. 

JJi! 叫人 從死裏 復,^ 子也這 1^ 隨自 己的意 叫人 復活。 不審 判人、 將 一 w審判的^^^全交與^l.&人都敬子如敬父、不敬 

r4.、 就是不 敬差子 來的父 .1 實在吿 訴你們 、凡 聽我的 liti 、又 信差我 來的父 的人、 都有 永生、 不至於 定罪、 是 「J 經出 死入生 1,^ 

i: 實在 吿!! i 你們、 時 候將亂 現在就 是了一 死人必 耍聽見 祌的 兒子的 聲音、 聽見的 人就耍 活了" 在自己 有生命 、賜他 

ni 一七 、 C 二 A 、 、 

子也 照樣在 自己^ 生命並 a 賜他 權柄審 判人因 爲他是 人子你 們不耍 把這事 看作希 奇時候 將到凡 在喷^ :化^ 的都必 

聽見 他的聲 音就出 #£善 的復活 得永生 、作 惡的復 活受刑 1^ 自己 一 點事不 能作、 我怎樣 聽見、 就怎 樣蒋气 我的. 游判是 

, 、 CI-! 1 、 2- 一: * 

公 1^ 的我不 求按著 自己的 意想行 只求按 著差我 來的父 的意^ 行 我若露 a; 己作 見證我 所作的 見證就 不眞有 别人爲 

我作 見證、 我知 道他爲 我作的 見證是 眞:^ i 們曾 差遣 人去問 tl 鯽、 他爲 眞理作 過見氣 

St. JOHN, V. 章 五第翰 約 249 

34 But I receive not testimony 
from man : but these things I say, 
that ye might be saved. 

35 He was a burning and a shin- 
ing light : and ye were willing for a 
season to rejoice in his light. 

36 , But I have greater witness 
than that of John : for the works 
which the Father hath given me to 
finish, the same works that I do, bear 
witness of me, that the Father bath 
sent me. 

37 And the Father himself, which 
hatli sent rue, hath borne witness of 
me. Ye have neither heard his voice 
at any time, nor seen his shape, 

38 And ye have not his word abid- 
ing in you : for whom lie hath sent, 
him ye believe not. 

39 T[ Search the Scriptures ; for in 
them ye think ye have eternal life : 
and they are tliey which testify of 

40 And ye will not come to me, 
that ye might have life. 

41 I receive not honour from men. 

42 But I know you^ that ye have 
not the love of God in you. 

43 I am come in my Father's name, 
and ye receive me not : if another 
shall come in his own name, him ye 
will receive. 

44 How can ye believe, wliith re- 
ceive honour one of another, aud seek 
not the honour that Cometh from God 

45 Do not think tliat I Aviil accuse 
you to the Father: there is one that 
accuseth you, even Moses, in whom 
ye trust. 

46 For had ye believed Moses, ye 
would have believed me : for ho wrote 
of me- 

47 But if ye believe not liis 
writings, how shall ye believe my 

、 、 OHH 、 OH A III 

實我 不用人 的見證 我說這 話是耍 叫你們 得救約 翰是有 光焰的 明燈你 們暫時 喜歡他 的光我 還有比 約翰更 大的見 


C1 一^ 、 OHft % 

沒有 看見他 的形像 他的道 沒有存 在你們 心裏因 li 你們 不信他 所差來 的人你 們應當 或作無 應常字 査考 聖經因 ii 你們 

> • 、 、 s-h 〇EM 〇巧= 

&.? 想內 中有永 生的道 10 我作 見證的 就是這 經然而 你們不 肯到我 這裏來 得生命 我不求 世人榮 耀我我 知道你 們沒有 

愛 神的心 我霧我 父的名 來你們 不接待 我別人 靠自己 的名來 你們倒 接待他 你們只 求彼此 的榮耀 不求獨 一 無二的 

神所 賜的榮 耀怎能 信我呢 不耍想 我在父 面前吿 你們有 一 個吿 你們的 就是你 們所倚 $g 的摩 西你們 若信摩 西也必 

信我、 因寧! 所作的 書上、 有措 著我 的話。 S 們旣不 信他的 Hi 怎能 信我的 話呢。 

250 St. JOHN, VI. 


\ FTER these things Jesus went 
over the sea of Galilee, which 
is the sea of Tiberias. 

2 And a great multitude followed 
iiim, because they saw his miracles 
M'hicli he (lid on tliem that were 

3 And Jesus went up into a moun- 
tain, im (3 thereliesatwith his disciples. 

4 And the passover, a feast of the 
Jews, was nigh. 

5 , When Jesus then lifted up his 
eyes, and ^aw a great company come 
unto him, he saith unto Philip, 
Whence shall we buy bread, that 
these may eat ? 

6 And this ho said to prove him : 
for hehimself knew what lie would do. 

7 Philip auswered him, Two hun- 
dred pennvM'ortli of bread is not 
sufficient for them, that every one 
of them may take a little, 

8 One of his disciples, Andrew, 
Simon Peter,s brother, saith unto him, 

9 There is a lad here, winch hath 
five barley loavos^and twosmall fishes : 
but what are they t\ niong so many ? 

10 And Jesus said. Make the men 
sit down. Now there was much grass 
in the place. So the men sat down, 
in number about five thousand. 

11 And Jesus took tlie loaves ; and 
when he had given thanks, he dis- 
tributed to the disciples, and the dis- 
ciples to them that were set down ; 
and likewise of the fishes as much as 
they would. 

12 When they Avoro filled, he said 
unto his disciples, Gather up the 
fragmeuts (hat rem a i a, that nothing 
be lost. 

13 Therefore tlicy gathered (hem 
together, and filled twelve baskets 
with the fi :iii;mcMits of the five barley 
loaves, which romaiiied over and 
above unto them that had eaten. 

章六 第翰約 


1 , . . 9 一 01- -、 、 

這事以 後耶穌 渡過加 利利的 海就是 劉:^ —哩亞 海有許 多人因 爲看見 他在病 人身上 作的奇 iss. 就 跟隨他 來耶穌 上了山 

和門徒 一 同坐在 那.; 装" i 時候 1^ 人的逾 越節近 了%穌 舉目看 見有許 多人來 就對, s^l 我們從 那.: 忠 53; 餅、 給這 些人 

吃呢" I 穌原知 道是怎 樣作法 、他說 這話、 是試探 s^「i,^ 囘答說 、買二 十兩銀 子的餅 、卧 毎人吃 一 點、 也是不 一 個 

門徒、 就是 卿,^ 卿得的 兄弟^ 得1 一 對耶穌 Itilffs! 裏有一 個童子 、帶著 五個大 麥餅、 兩 尾小氣 只是給 這許多 人吃、 何彀 

驴穌說 、你們 叫衆人 坐下。 那 地上長 著許多 M 。衆人 就坐下 、人 數約有 五千。 i 穌拿起 餅來祝 謝了、 分給 門徒、 門徒 又分給 

坐蕃 的人。 分小魚 也是這 i 分多 分.^ , ^隨 著衆人 所要。 i 人都吃 飽了。 耶穌對 徒說、 將臉下 的零碎 、收 拾起來 一 點不耍 

O.H 二 、 * 

棄他 們就將 衆人吃 瞎下的 五個大 麥餅的 -審碎 收拾起 來装滿 了十二 個惶子 

St. JOHN, VI. 

14 Then those men, when they 
had o'eeu the minicle that Jesus did, 
said, This is of a truth that Prophet 
that should come into the world. 

】'5 1 W!>en Jesus therefore per- 
ceived that they would come and take 
him by force, to make him a king, 
lie departed again into a mountain 
himself alone. 

16 And wlieu even was noio cooie, 
liis disci pies went down unto the sea, 

17 And entered into a ship, aud 
went over the sea toward Capernaum. 
And it was now dark, aud Jesus was 
not come to them. 

18 And the sea arose by reason of 
a great wind that blew. 

19 So when they liaci rowed about 
five and twenty or thirty furlongs, 
they see Jesus walking ou the sea, 
aud drawing uigh nnto the ship : and 
they were afraid. 

20 Bat lie saitli uuto them, It is 
I ; be not afraid. 

21 Then they willingly received 
him into the ship : and immediately 
the ship was at the land whither they 

22 1 The day following, when the 
people, which stood on the other side 
of the sea, saw that there was none 
other boat there, save thai one where- 
into his disciples were entered, and 
that Jesus went not with his disciples 
into the boat, but that his disciples 
were gone away alone ; 

23 Howbeit there came other boats 
from Tiberias nigh unto the place 
where they did eat bread, after that 
the Lord had given tliauks : 

24 When the people therefore saw 
that Jesus was not there, neither his 
disciples, they also took shipping, and 
came to Capernaum, seeking for Jesus. 

25 And when they liad found him 
on the other side of the sea, they said 
unto him, Rabbi, wlieii earnest thou 

章六 第翰約 251 

人看 見耶穌 所作的 奇事、 就說、 這眞 是那應 當到^ 上 來的先 .ci 穌知 道衆人 要來强 逼他作 就 離開他 6K 獨自上 

3- 六 〇 +七 、 I ■ 、 、 〇 十< 、 、 广" A 

山去了 ^上門 徒到了 海邊上 了船耍 過海往 ISSM 去天已 昏黑耶 穌還沒 有到狂 風大作 海裏的 波浪翻 騰起來 ra: 徒搖 

氣 約行十 s| 多路、 看 EE- 耶穌從 海面上 走來、 離船 不遠、 門 徒懼怕 穌對姐 們說、 是我、 你 們不耍 懼怕! 徒就 歡歡喜 喜的接 

他上離 、船忽 然到了 他們所 耍去的 地方。 ol^ 二日、 站在 海那邊 岸上的 衆人、 見耶 穌和門 徒沒有 在那. Ml 又 知道除 了門徒 

、 、 、 91 一一一 、 J ^r. % 

所上的 那變船 沒有別 的船在 那裹並 知道耶 穌沒有 和門徒 上船同 行是門 徒自己 去的恰 遇街幾 隻小船 從提比 f 咄亞來 

fj 一一四 、 1 、 oli 、 、 , , 

到了 近主祝 謝後分 餅給人 吃的地 方他們 就上船 往加百 農去尋 找耶穌 過了海 遇見耶 穌就對 他說夫 子是幾 時到這 

252 St. JOHN, VI. 

26 Jesus answered them and said, 
Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye 
seek me, not because ye saw the 
miracleSj but because ye did eat of 
the loaves, and were filled. 

27 Labour not for the meat which 
l)erishetli, but for that meat which 
endureth unto everlasting life, which 
the Son of man ^hall give unto you : 
for him liath God the Father sealed. 

2<S Tlien said they unto him, What 
shall we do, that we might work the 
M'orks of God ? 

29 Jesus answered and said unto 
tliera, This is the work of God, that 
ye believe on him whom he liatlisent. 

30 They said therefore unto him, 
What sign shewest thou then, that 
we may see, and believe thee? what 
clost thou work ? 

31 Our fathers did eat manna in 
the desert ; as it is written, He gave 
them bread from heaven to eat. 

32 Then Jesus said unto them, 
Verily, verily, I say unto you, Moses 
gave you not that bread from l^faven ; 
but my Father giveth you the true 
bread from heaven. 

33 For the bread of God is he 
wliicli cometh down from heaven^ and 
giveth life unto the world, 

34 Then said they unto liim, Lord, 
evermore give us this bread. 

35 And Jesus said unto them, I 
am the bread of life : lie that cometh 
to me si mil never hunger ; and he 
that believeth on me shall never thirst. 

36 But I said unto you, That ye 
also liave seen rne, and believe not. 

37 All that the Father giveth nie 
shall come to me ; and him thatcometh 
to me I will in no wise cast out, 

38 For I came down from licaven, 
not to do mine own will, but the will 
of him that sent me. 

39 And tliisistlioF athor's will which 
hatii sent me, that of'all which lie hath 
given me I should lose iiotliing, but 
should raise it up again at the last day. 

窒六 第翰約 

_§穌 囘答, 鼠我實 在吿訴 你們、 你們尋 找我、 不是 因爲看 見奇事 、是因 i! 吃餅得 if;? 耍 爲那必 壊的糧 食勞苦 lipjl::! 邪? I 

存到 永生的 糧食勞 這是人 子所耍 賜給你 們的、 因 tt 父 ; t 如同 印上^ i! 他作見 t&l 人問 他説、 我們當 怎樣行 、紘算 

作 神所 喜悅的 事呢。 藝穌囘 答說、 信 神 所差來 的人、 就算作 神 所喜悅 的事了 1i 人又說 、你作 i= ^鹿奇 事、 科我們 1«兒 

、 C =二 、 、 S -- 、 

就信你 你到底 作甚麽 事呢我 們的祖 宗在醸 野吃過 瑪那如 經上說 主從天 降糧賜 給他們 吃耶穌 對衆人 說我實 在吿訴 

你們、 ■ 並沒 有將天 上的糧 賜給你 有我 的父將 天上的 眞糧賜 給你^ 咖 所賜的 li 就是從 天上降 下來、 科肚人 

nlll 四 、 一 lis 、 , , 六 

有生 命的, 衆 尺說求 主常將 這糧賜 給我們 耶穌說 我就是 生命的 糧凡到 我這裘 來的必 定不餓 信我的 永遠不 B§ 只 =1^ 我 

9 、 CM 一一七 、 、 C-Klc 

曾 對你們 說你們 看見過 我還是 不信凡 我父賜 給我的 人必耍 到我這 褢來到 我這裏 來的我 必不丢 棄他我 從天上 降下 

來、 不是要 按著自 己的意 想作事 、是 耍按著 差我來 的父的 意想作 i#S 他所 賜給我 的人、 我必不 失落、 在末 H 我耍^ 他復 

活、 這 就是差 我來的 父的意 1 

St. JOHN, VI. 

40 And this is the will of him that 
sent nie, that every one wliich seeth 
the Son, and believeth on liirc, may 
liave everlasting life: and I will raise 
liim up at the last day. 

41 The Jews then murmured at 
him, because he said, I am the bread 
Avliich came down from heaven. 

42 Aud tliey said, Is not this Jesus, 
the son of Joseph, whose father and 
mother we know ? how is it then that 
he saitli, I came down from heaven? 

43 Jesus therefore answered and 
said unto them, Murmur not among 

44 No man can come to me, except 
the Father which hath sent me draw 
liim : aud I will raise him up at the 
last day. 

45 It is written in the prophets, 
And they shall be all taught of God. 
Every man therefore tliat hath heard, 
aud hath learned of the Father, 
coraeth unto me. 

46 Not that any man iiatli seen 
the Father, save he which is of God , 
he hath seen the Father. 

47 Verily, verily, I say unto you, 
He that believeth on me hath ever- 

, lasting life. 

48 工 am that bread of life. 

49 Your fathers did eat manna in 
the wilderness, and are dead. 

50 This is the bread wbicli cometh 
clo、vu from lieav^en, that a man may 
eat thereof, and not die. 

51 I am the living bread which 
came clown from heaven : if any man 
eat of this bread, he shall live for 
ever : and the bread that I will give 
is my flesh, which I will give for the 
life of the world. 

5 2 The Jews therefore strove among 
themselves, saying, How can this man 
give us his flesh to eat? 

53 Then Jesus said unto them, 
Verily, verily, I say untoyou, Except 
ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and 
drink his biood, y'?. have no life iii you. 

章 六第翰 約 253 I 


、 cs 一一 , -,、 〇 、」01一1 

的 糧就不 喜悅說 這不是 ffl- 的 兒子耶 穌麼, M 的父 母我們 豈不認 得麼他 怎麼說 我是從 天上降 下來的 呢耶穌 對他們 

說你們 大家不 耍說這 樣的話 若不是 差我來 的父引 導沒有 人能到 我這裏 來到我 這裹來 的在末 日我必 叫他復 活在先 

、 、 OE 六 、 

知書上 說他們 全耍蒙 神的敎 訓凡聽 見父的 敎訓習 學的必 到我這 裏來這 不是說 有人看 見過父 只有從 神 那薹來 

的 他看見 過父我 實在吿 你 們信我 的必有 永生我 就是生 命的糧 你們的 祖宗在 曠野吃 過瑪那 後來也 死了這 是從天 

、 、 〇五1 , , , 

上降下 來的糧 凡吃的 人叫他 永遠不 死我是 從天上 降下來 的生命 的糧若 有人吃 這糧就 永遠活 著我所 賜的糧 是我的 

、 ns- 一 --n 、 、 〇3一1一 、 

肉 就是我 i! 世人的 生命捨 的猶, * 人 聽見這 話就彼 此爭論 說這人 怎能把 他的肉 給我們 吃呢耶 穌對他 們說, 我 實在吿 

訴你們 、你 們若不 吃人子 的肉、 不 喝人子 的血、 就沒有 生命在 你們裏 I 

2-j4 St. JOHN, VL 

54 Whoso eateth my flesh, and 
, drinketh ray blood, hath eternal life; 
i and I will raise liini up at the last clay. 

55 For my flesh is meat indeed, 
and my blood is driuk indeed. 

56 He that eatetli my flesh, and 
drinketh my blood, (Iwelleth h】 me, 
and I in him, 

57 As tlie living Father liatli sent 
rae, and I live by the Father; so 
lie that eateth me, even he shall 
live by me. 

58 This is that bread which came 
flown from heaven : not as your fathers 
did eat manna, and are dead : he that 
eateth of this bread shall live for ever. 

59 These things said he iu the 
synagogue, as he taught in Caper- 

60 Many therefore of his disciples, 
when they had heard this, said, This 
is a hard saying ; who can hear it ? 

61 When Jesus knew in himself 
tliat his disciples murmured at it., he 
said unto them, Doth this offend you? 

62 What and if ye shall see the 
Sou of man ascend up where he was 
before ? 

63 It is the Spirit that quickeiieth ; 
the flesh profiteth nothing : the 
words that I speak unto you, they 
are spirit, and they are life. 

64 But there are some of you that 
believe not. For Jesus knew from the 
beginniug wlio they wore that believed 
not, and who should betray him. 

65 And lie said, Therefore said I 
unto you, that no man. can come 
unto rae, except it were given unto 
him of uiy Father. 

66 ^ From that time many of his 
disciples went back, and \valkecl no 
more with liira. 

07 Then said Jesus unto the 
twelvoj Will ye also go away ? 

6<S Tl It'll Simon Peter ans\vcrcd 
him, Lord, to whom shall 、vc go? 
thou liast the wordw of eternal life. 

章六 第翰約 

凡吃我 肉喝我 血的人 必有永 生在末 日我必 他復 活我的 肉實在 是可吃 的我的 血實在 是可喝 的吃我 肉喝我 血的人 

他在我 裹面、 我在他 裹面。 或作 I 我聯合 我與他 聯<« i 生的父 差我來 、我 靠父得 生命、 吃我 肉的人 -ois 得生命 、也 是這 

〇 、 、 、 〇K*1 凡 1 

是從天 上降下 來的糧 人吃這 個糧就 永遠活 著不像 你們祖 宗吃過 瑪那後 來也死 了這話 都是耶 在 US 會堂 isj^ 敎 

. D 六十 、 、 、 〇六1 , , 

訓人說 的許多 門徒聽 見了就 說這話 甚難誰 能聽呢 耶穌心 一裘知 道門徒 不服這 ^就 對他們 說你們 厭鎖這 麼 i 或你 

們看見 人子升 到當, 初所在 的地方 、怎 麼樣呢 M 人有生 X 叩 的就是 i 肉體是 無益的 。我對 你們說 的話、 就是靈 、就 是生钇 S 

、 六 5 , , 、 

是你們 S 面有不 信的人 原來耶 棘從起 頭就知 道誰不 信他誰 耍貲他 耶穌又 說我曾 對你們 說若不 是我父 引導沒 ^人 

能到我 這裏來 、這話 就是一 1 這綠故 說# ^此 I 門徒多 有返去 、不 ® 跟從 他的。 i 穌 對十二 E 徒 們也耍 去麼" sgl, 

f 答說、 主;^ 永生 的道、 我們 p:?! 耍歸從 誰呢。 


69 And we believe and are sure 
that thou art that Christ", the Son - 
of the living God. 

70 Jesus answered them, Have 
not I chosen you twelve, and one of 
yon is a devil ? 

71 He spoke of Judas Iscariotif/ie son 
of Simon : for he it was tlmt should 
betray him, being one of the twelve. 


AFTER these tilings Jesus walk- 
. eel in Galilee: for he would not 
walk in Jewry, because the Jews 
sought to kill him. 

"1 Now the Jews' feast of taber- 
nacles was at hiiad. 

3 His brethren therefore said unto 
him, Depart hence, and go into 
Judoa, that thy disciples also may 
see the works that thou cloest. 

4 For there is no man ihxddoeth any 
thing in secret^ and lie liimselfseeketh 
to be known openly. If thou do these 
things, shew thyself to the world. 

5 For neither did his brethren 
believe in him, 

6 Then Jesus said unto tliem, My 
time is not yet come : but your time 
is always ready. 

7 The world cannot hate you ; but i 
me it hateth, because I testify of it:, | 
that the works thereof are evil. | 

8 Go ye up unto this feast : 工 go 
not up yet imto tliis feast ; for my 
time is not yet full come. 

9 When he had said these words 
uiUo tliem, lie abode still in Galilee. 

10 ^[ But when his brethren were 
gone up, then went he also up xnito 
the feast, not openly, but as it were 
in secret, 

11 Then tlie Jews sought liim at 
the feast, and said, Where is he ? 

12 And there was much murmuring 
among the people concerning him : 
for some said, Ho is a good man : 
others said, Xay ; but ho decciveth 
the people, j 

章七 第翰約 255 

我、 們 又信又 知道你 是基督 是永生 舯的 子耶穌 說我不 是揀選 你們十 二個人 麽但你 們中間 1 個人 是魔鬼 耶穌這 

話、 是指著 的兒 子以, 创加, 阒^ 他本 是十一 一門 徒裏的 一 鉱後來 賣了耶 ^ 

- . 第七、 章 

ias 、後、 ^周、 遊 ifW 不願在 行走、 因 人想耍 殺他。 1^ 人的搆 廬節快 到了。 響穌 的弟兄 他說、 你離開 

這地 方、, 去、 叫 你的、 門徒也 看見你 1^ 一 订的事 1^ 有耍顯 揚名聲 、反在 喑處行 事的、 你若 能作這 些氣何 不將自 己顯明 

給世人 看。, 弟兄說 這_^ 、因禱 5〕 是 不信他 穌囘 答說、 我的時 候還沒 有到; ti.. 們的 時候、 是沒有 不方便 ^i, 人不 能恨你 

們、 是 恨我、 一 14 指證他 們所作 J ,是惡 llf! 們可 以上去 過節、 我現 在還不 上去過 這節、 因露 我的 時候還 沒有到 f 穌 

掛他們 說完這 lli^ 仍舊 住茌加 利利。 ffls 兄去後 、他 自已也 去過節 〔不是 明去、 是 暗去的 1 了 節期、 n 人就尋 找耶穌 、說他 

十 I 一 、 、 、 、 

在 那裏衆 人因一 luf 耶穌議 論紛紛 有人說 他是好 人有人 說他不 是好人 是迷惑 衆人的 

256 St. JOHN, VII. 

章七 第翰約 

13 Howbeifc no man spake openly 
of him for fear of the Jews. - 

14 1 Now about the midst of the 
feast Jesus went up into the temple, 
and taught. 

15 And the Jews marvelled, say- 
ing, How knovvetli this man letters, 
having' never learned ? 

16 Jesus answered them, aud said, 
My doctrine is not mine, but his that 
sent me. 

17 If any man will do his will, he 
shall know of the doctrine, whether it 
be of GodjOr whether I speak of myself. 

18 Pie that speaketli of himself 
soeketh his own glory : but he that 
seeketh his glory that seat him, the 
same is true, and no unrigliteoiisiiess 
is ill him. 

19 Did not Moses give you the law, 
and yet none of you keepeth the law ? 
Why go ye about to kill me? 

20 The people answered and said, 
Tliou liast II devil: who goeth about 
to kill thee? 

21 Jesus answered and said unto 
them, I have clone one work, and ye 
all marvel. 

22 Moses therefore gave unto you 
circumcision ; (not because it is of 
Moses, but of the fathers ;) and ye on 
the sabbath day circumcise a man. 

23 If a man on the sabbath day 
receive circumcision, that the law of 
Moses fchould not be broken ; are ye 
angry at me, because I have made a 
man every whit whole on the sabbath 
day ? 

24 Judge not according to the 
ajiixaraiice, but judge righteous 

25 Then said some of them of 
JiTiisalem, Is not this he, wdoni 
ihcy seek to kill ? 

26 But, lo, lie sjxaketii boldly, 
jind they say nothing unto him. 

■: Do the rulers know indeed that this 
I is the very Christ? 








p t 





1 守 







他、 可 



'y 匕。 

M 士 








y V 







丄 1 叉 













義。 從 







說 麼^: 


W J 


非、 禮、 


' 西 1 


1 门 




人 5 


























事、 你 
















非。 可 








1 以 





乂乂 o 













! 個 







中、 得 



















H 、 

說、 摩 1 












們 們 






































1 J 







乂、 II 


) 將 


^1 他 

現>5 人 

的、 人 














iVu 、 




說、 的 
























道、 們 

的、 m 






的、 眞 









St.. JOHN, Vn. 章七 第翰約 257 

I 27 Howbeit we know this mau 
j whence he is: but when Christ comcth, 
I no mail kuoweth whence he is. 
j 28 Then cried Jesus in the temple 
as he taught, saying, Ye both know 
me, and ye know whence 工 am : and 
I am not come of myself, but he that 
sent me is true, whom ye know not. 
i 29 Bat I kuov/ him ; for I am 
from liim^ and ho hath sent me. 

30 Then they sought to take him : 
but no man laid hands on liim, 
because his hour was not yet come, 

31 And many of the people be- 
lieved on him, and saiclj When Christ 
cometh, will he do more miracles t han 
these which this man hath done ? 

32 The Pharisees heard that the 
people murmured such things concern- 
ing him ; and tlie Pharisees and the 
chief priests sent officers to take him, 

33 Then said Jesus unto them, 
Yet a little while um I with ycm, and 
then I go unto him tlint sent mc. 

34 Ye shall seek me, and shall not 
find me : and where I am, thither 
ye cannot come. 

35 Then said the Jews among 
themselves, Whither will he go, that 
we shall not find iiim ? will he go 
unto the dispersed among the Gen- 
tiles, and teach the Gentiles ? 

36 What manner of saying is this 
thut he said, Ye shall seek me, and 
shall not find me : and where I am, 
thither ye cannot come ? 

37 In the last day, that great day 
of the feast, Jesns stood and cried, 
saying, If any man thirst, let 】iini 

F come unto me, and drink, 

38 He that believeth on me, as the 
Scripture liath said, out of his belly 

I shall flow rivers of living water. 
! 39 (But this spake he of the Spirit, 
: which they that believe ou him shou Id 
receive : for the Holy Ghost was not 
yet given ; because that Jesus was 
mot yet glorified.) 

而這 人從那 裏來、 我們 知道。 基督來 的時候 、並 沒有人 知道他 從那裏 #§穌 在聖殿 襄講、 I 大聲說 、你們 也知道 ^也知 

道我 是從那 裏來的 U 我並不 是從自 己的意 想來的 、差我 來的、 乃是眞 實的、 你們 不知道 獨我知 道他、 因 一爲 我是 從他那 

, 0一一 一十 、 、 CM 一一 1 、 

裏來 的也、 是他所 差遣、 的他們 就要捉 拿耶穌 竟沒。 有人 下手因 -i! 他 的時候 還沒有 到衆人 裏頭有 許多信 他的就 說基督 

來的 時候. 作的 奇事、 豈能比 這人所 作的更 多呢! 1 利赛人 聽見衆 人因露 耶穌如 此爭論 、就和 祭司長 打 發差役 去捉拿 

CliHil 、 、 0-S 、 、 、 

耶 穌耶穌 說我還 存不多 幾時同 你們在 一 處以後 耍囘到 差我來 的父那 去你們 要尋找 我必尋 不見我 所在的 地方你 

rHi 、 、 、 I == 、 ! 

們不能 到猶太 人就彼 此對問 說他要 往那裏 去叫我 們不能 尋找難 道要往 散住在 ww^ 中間的 那襄去 敎訓^ 

nuH^y 〇1 一一六 、、 % 、 r- 一 一七、 、 

利尼人 麼他說 、你 們耍尋 找我必 尋不見 我所在 的地方 你們不 能到這 話是甚 麼意& 3〇 當 節的末 日就是 最大的 H 子耶 

穌站著 高聲說 、人若 渴了、 應當到 我這裏 。來 1^5: 若信我 、就 如經上 所說、 從他腹 中必要 流出活 水來如 同江河 一 穌這 

話、 是猎著 信他的 人所要 受的聖 靈說的 。那時 ,18 還沒有 降下來 、因篇 耶穌還 沒有得 著榮氣 

258 St. JOHN, VIII. 

40 1 Many of the people therefore, 
wlieu they heard tins saying, said, 
Of a truth this is the Prophet. 

41 Others said, This is the Christ. 
Bar some said, Shall Christ come 
ont of Galilee ? 

42 Hath not the Scripture said, 
TluiL Christ comet] i of the seed of 
David, and out of the town of Beth- 
lehem, where David was ? 

43 So there was a division among 
the people because of hiru. 

44 And some of them would have 
taken hi in ; but no man laid hands 
on him. 

45 , Then came the officers to the 
chief priests and Pharisees ; and they 
said unto them, AVliy have ye not 
brought him ? 

46 The officers answered, Never 
man spake like this man. 

47 Then answered them the Phari- 
sees, Are ye also deceived ? 

48 Have any of the rulers or of 
the Pharisees believed on him ? 

49 Bnt this people who knowetli 
not the law are cursed. 

50 Nicodemus saith unto them, 
(he that came to Jesus by night, 
being one of them,) 

51 Doth our law judge any 編 u, 
before it hear him, and know what 
ho doeth ? 

52 They answered and said unto 
him, Art thou alsoof Galilee? Search, 
and look : for out of Galilee ariseth 
no prophet. 

53 And every man went unto his 
own lioiise. 


TESTIS went unto the mount of 

2 And early in the morning ho 
came again into the temple, and all 
the people came \iulo him ; and he 
i sat down, and taught them. 

章八第 翰 約 


、 . cEi 一一 、 o^n 、 ^ 

基督是 .RM 的後 裔必從 的木 鄕,^ 恆出 來麼於 是衆人 因篇耶 穌就分 1_矛 起來有 人耍傘 他党沒 有下手 的差役 M 

、 CE.K % ^-Ht 、 n 

來、 祭司 長和法 利赛人 問他們 說怎麼 沒有拿 他來差 役囘答 說從來 沒有人 像這個 人說話 法利^ 人說你 們也受 了他的 

迷 1 ^良 iS 長和法 利赛人 中間、 有信他 的人良 1 這些百 姓不曉 得律法 、實 在是可 惡的 中有 一 個^ 哥底母 、就是 從前夜 

褢去見 耶穌的 、對 他們說 聽見人 的口供 、不知 道他所 作的事 、就 先定他 的罪、 按著我 們的律 ^有 這理良 §們 囘答說 、你 

、 、 I oil o 

也是 IWW 人麼你 且去査 考就可 以知道 加利利 沒有出 過先知 於是各 人都囘 家去了 

第八章 , 

b 穌往 IS 山. 晨又 囘水+ 上聖^ 衆百姓 就了他 ^ 耶穌坐 下敎訓 他們。 


3 And the scribes and Pfiarisees 
brought unto him a woman taken in 
adultery ; and wlien they \md set 
her in the midst) 

4 They say unto him, Master, this 
woman was taken in adultery, in the 
very uct. 

i) Now Moses in the law com- 
manded us, that such should be 
stoned : but what sayest thou ? 

G This they said, tempting hi 111; 
tliat they might have to accuse him. 
But Jesus stooped clown, and with 
his finger wrote on the ground, as 
i hough he heard them not. 

7 So when they continued asking 
him, he lifted up himself, and said imto 
them, He that is without sin among 
you, k't him first cast a stone at her. 

8 Ami again he stooped down^ 
and wrote on the ground, 

9 And they which heard it, being 
convicted by their own conscience, 
went out one by one, bcginniiig at 
the eldest, even unto the last : and 
Jesus was left alone, and the woman 
standing in the midst. 

10 When Jesus had lifted up liim- 
self, and saw none but the woman, 
he said unto l】er, Woman, where are 
those thine accusers ? hatli no man 
concleiiiiied thee ? 

11 She said, Iso man, Lord. And 
Jesus said viuto lier, Neither do I 
condemn thee : go, and sin no more. 

12 ^ Then spake Jesus again unto 
tliem, saying, I am the light of the 
world : he tliat followetli uie shall 
not walk in darkness, but slmll have 
the light of life. 

13 The Pharisees therefore said 
unto him, Thou bearest record of 
thyself ; thy record is not true. 

14 Josus answered and said unto 
tlicnij Tliougli I bear record of my- 
self, yet my record is true : for I 
know whence I came, and whitlier I 
go ; but yo oanuot tell whence I 
come, and whither T go. 

章 A 第翰約 259 I 

酽 書人 和法利 賽人、 拉著 一 個犯姦 淫的時 候被拿 的婦人 、到 耶穌面 前來、 叫他站 在當中 。酽 耶穌! 夫 這 婦人正 是在犯 

051 、 、 〇 O.K 、 、 

女 I 淫的 時候拿 著的摩 西在律 法上曉 諭我們 應當將 這樣的 婦人用 石頭砍 死你的 意想如 何他們 這話是 試探耶 穌耍得 

吿他的 把抦。 耶穌就 屈身用 措頭在 地上畫 字。, 們還是 不住口 的問他 、耶穌 起來、 對他 們說、 你們 裏頭誰 是沒有 罪的、 誰就 

可以先 拿石頭 砍他。 着、 又屈 身在地 上畫^ ^ 們 聽見這 lil^ 就良心 發現、 自己 責備自 n5 從老 到, 一 個 一 個的 都出去 11^ 

勝 下耶穌 一 個.^ 、還 有那 婦人站 在當中 。& 穌起來 、看 見婦人 之外、 沒有別 人在那 r4 就問 他說、 婦人、 那些吿 你的人 那裏去 

了、 沒有人 定你的 罪麼, i 說、 主阿、 沒有。 耶穌說 、我也 不定你 的罪。 去罷、 不耍 再犯罪 t-^oi: 穌又對 衆人說 、我 是世上 的光。 跟 

從我 I 就不 在黑暗 裏走、 必耍 得著生 命的光 as 利赛 人對他 Jf^ 你 II 自 己作見 I 所見證 的不簠 穌囘 答說、 我雖一 1 自己 

作見 證^? 所見 證的、 仍是 眞的。 因 ISI 我知道 我從那 裏來、 往那 裏來、 你們 不知道 我從那 柱那裏 .f^ 

260 St. JOHN, VIII. 

15 Ye judge after the flesh ; I 
judge no man. 

16 And yet if I judge, my judg- 
ment is true : for I am not alone, 
but 工 find the Fatlier that sent me. 

17 It is also written in your law, 
that the testimony of two men is true. 

18 I am one that bear witness of 
myself, and the Father that sent me 
beareth witness of me. 

10 Then said tliey unto him, Where 
is thy Father ? Jesus answered, Ye 
neither know me, nor my Father : if 
ye had known rae, ye should have 
known aiy Father also, 

20 These words spake Jesus iu the 
treasury, as he tanglit in the temple : 
and no man laid liaucls on him; for 
liis hour was not yet come. 

21 Then said Jesus again unto 
them, I go mv way, and ye shall seek 
me,and shall die in your sins : whither 
I go, ye cannot come. 

, 22 Then said the Jews, Will lie kill 
himself? because he saith, Whither 
I go, ye cannot come. 

23 And he said unto them, Ye are 
from beueath ; I am from above : yc are 
of this world ; I am nut of this world. 

24 I said therefore unto you, that 
ye shall die in your sins : for if ye 
believe not that I am he, ye shall die 
in your sins. 

25 Then said tlicy unto him, Who 
art thou ? And Jesus saith unto 
tliem, Even the same that I said 
unto you from tlio beginning. 

26 I luive many things to say and 
to judge of you : but he that sent me 
is true ; and I speak to the world those 
tilings which I have hoard of liiiii. 

27 TJiey mulerstood not that lie 
spake to tlioni of the Fatlicr. 

2<S Then said Jesus unto tlioin, 
Wlicn ye Imve lifted up the Son of' 
man, then sliall ye know that I 
he, and that I do notliing of myself; 
but as my Father luith (:uight mc, I 
speak these tliiiig.s. 

章 八 第 翰 約 

十 B n 、 十. K 、 、 

你們 是按著 外貌定 人的! 非我 卻不定 人的是 非我就 是定人 的是非 我所定 的總是 IMf^wntl 不是我 獨,: T: 在 這.? -還有 

差^ ^ 的父同 我在、 這 11 們的具 法上記 著說、 兩個人 作的見 1!^ 總是眞 ^.g 一 己 作見, 甿還 有差我 來的父 &fi:s 作 

見、 們就問 他說、 你、 的父 在那一 i| 耶穌囘 答說、 你們 也不認 識我、 也不認 識我的 父> 石是認 識我、 也必 認識我 的父, i 穌這 

話、 是、 在 聖殿的 m 房院、 敎訓 百姓的 S 候說的 、也沒 有人拿 ^因 ii 他的, 沒对. 穌又對 他們; ^、我 耍去 :.^ 你們: 沪 X 

找我、 你們必 要死在 你們的 罪孽中 。因 iJi! 我所去 的地方 、你 們不能 ii^ 人就說 、他說 我所去 的地方 、你 們不能 1 雅近他 

01 二一一 、 、 、 、 (二 i - . - 

要、 自盡麼 耶穌就 對他們 說你們 。是 從下頭 來的我 是從上 頭來的 你們是 這低 界的我 不是篤 這世界 :5g. 以我- 姆你們 

說、 你們必 耍死在 你們的 雜孽中 。你們 若不信 我是基 ^必 耍死在 你們的 罪孽, 們問他 ta: 是 iji 耶 、我就 =^化 

〇】二〈 、 、 、 、 Cr 七 

我起^ 誕、 你 們所說 的我還 許多 的話; i 斷你們 的是非 差我來 的是眞 的我在 他那: 來的就 傳在世 上他們 不知近 

耶穌 的話、 是措著 天父說 穌又, 對他 們說、 等你們 舉起人 子之後 、趨 知道我 是茶 督、 也知 道我作 1^、 沒;^ 一 件. H 著 S 己 

的意^ 行、 我父 怎樣敎 訓我、 我 怎樣說 §1 


29 And be lhat sent me is 

me : the Father hath not left me 
alone ; for I do always those things 
that please him. 

30 As he spake these words, many 
believed on him. 

31 Tiien said Jesus to those Jews 
winch believed on him,If ye continue 
in my word, then are ye my disciples 
indeed ; 

32 And ye shall know the truth, 
an(】 tl)<? truth shall make you free. 

33 ^ They answered him, We be 
Abraham's seed, and were never in 
bondage to any man : how sayest 
tliou, Ye shall be made free ? 

34 Jesus answered them, Verily, 
verily, I say unto you, Whosoever 
commitleth sin is the servant of sin. 

35 And the servant abicleth not 
in the house for ever : but the Son 
abidetli e\'er。 

36 If the Son tliorefore shall make 
you free, ye shall bo free indeed. 

37 I know that ye are Abraham's 
seed ; but ye seek to kill oie, because 
my word hath no place in you. 

38 I speak that whicli I have seen 
with uiv Father : and ye do that 
which ye have seen with your father. 

39 They answered and said unto 
him, Al)raliani is our father. Jesus 
saitb unto them, If ye were Abraham's 
children^ ye would do the works of 

40 But now ye seek to kill rn(', a 
man that hath told you the truth, 
which I have heard of God : this 
(lif】 not Abraham. 

41 Ye do the deeds of your father. 
Tlieii said they to him, We be not 
horn of fornication ; wo liave one 
Father, even God. 

42 Jesus said unto them, If God 
were your Father, ye would love rne : 
for I proceeded forth and came from 
Gvxl ; neither camG I of myself, but 
he sent nie. 

章 A 第翰約 2S1 

-一 ft , 9 . 、 IJl? 、 

差我 來的父 同我在 一 處我 的父不 離開我 不叫我 獨是在 這墓因 if 我常作 所喜 悅的事 耶穌說 了這話 就有許 多人信 

Olll 1 MMMMMHMHn 、 、 o- r 、 CM 一 二一- 

他耶穌 就對信 他的猶 太人說 你們若 常遵我 的道锂 就眞是 我的門 徒你們 必曉得 眞理眞 理必叫 你們得 以自主 他們囘 

答說、 我們是 的 子孫、 從來沒 有作過 人的奴 t 你怎 麼說、 叫 我們得 以自主 I 腳穌對 他們說 、我實 在吿訴 你們、 犯 

、 C 一: -iw 、 C 三六 , 、 

罪的人 就是罪 孽的奴 僕奴僕 不能常 住在家 裏兒子 常住在 家裏所 以天父 的兒子 若叫你 們得釋 放你們 就眞可 作自主 

0J 一 -.V 、 、 、 - 、 、 

的人我 知道你 們是亜 伯拉罕 的子孫 你們^ 要殺我 0ir 我 的道理 不在你 們心裏 我所說 的是我 在我父 那襄看 見過的 

你、 們所作 I 是在你 們的父 ^一^ 看 見過: gffi 們 is 合說、 就是我 們的父 。耶 穌對他 們說、 你 們若是 的子 

孫、 定 要作跑 W¥ 所作的 #1 在 我將從 神那裏 聽來的 眞理、 說 給你們 i 你們 倒耍 殺私, iMl. 沒 有作過 這樣的 

OEM 、 、 、 cral 一 、 

事你 們卻作 你們的 父所、 作的事 他們對 他說我 們不是 從淫亂 生的我 們只有 一 個 父就是 神 耶穌對 他們說 神若是 

你們 的父、 你們必 耍愛我 、因爲 我是從 祌那裹 來;^ 故不是 從自己 的意^ 來、 是 他差我 來的」 

262 St. JOHN, VIII. 

43 Why do ye not understand my 
speech ? even because ye cannot hear 
my word. 

44 Ye are of your father the devil, 
and the lusts of your father ye will 
do : lie was a murderer from the 
beginning, and abode not in the 
truth, because there is no truth in 
liira. When lie speaketh a lie, lie 
speaketh of his o"'n : for he is a 
liar, and the fktlier of it. 

45 And because I tell you the 
truth, ye believe me not. 

46 Which of you couviiiceth me 
of sill? And if I say the truth, why 
do ye not believe me? 

47 He that is of God heareth God's 
words : ye therefore hear them not, 
because ye are not of God. 

48 Tlien answered the Jews, and 
said unto him, Say we not well that 
thou art a Samaritan, and hast a 
devil ? 

49 Jesus answered, I have not a 
devil ; but I honour my Father, and 
ye do dishonour me. 

50 And I seek not mine own glory : 
there is one that seeketh and judgeth. 

51 Verily, verily, I 8ay unto you, 
If a man keep my saying, he sliall 
never see death. 

52 Then said the Jews unto him, 
Now we know that thou hast a devil. 
Abraham is dead, and the prophets ; 
and thou sayest, If a man keep my 
saying, 】ie shall never taste of death. 

Art thou greater than oar fa- 
ther Abraham, which is dead ? and 
the prophets are dead : whom makcst 
thou thyself? 

51 ,Tt 、; 5US answered, If I honour 
myself, ray lionour is nothing : it is 
iny Father that; lionoiiretli me ; of 
v. hom ye say , tiiat he is your God : 

55 Yet ye havo not known liini ; 
hut I know him : and if I .•^liould 
say, I know him not, I shall be a liar 
like unto yon : but I know him, and 
keep hh saying. 

章八第 翰 約 

一一一 , r0 、 、 

你們一 1 甚 麽不明 白我的 話呢. R 因不能 聽我的 道你們 是從你 們的父 g?^ 鬼那: si- 出來的 你們喜 歡 喱著你 們父的 私欲行 

他本 來是殺 人的、 不守眞 氣眞理 也不在 他心裏 ;他 說識言 、是 從自 rj 性情連 說的、 因爲他 本來是 說謊的 、&作 說謊 的人的 


、 , 、 r-g!lf 、 'III 圍 \ 

祌來的 、必聽 神的 話你們 不是從 神 來的所 以不聽 神的話 猶,^ 人囘 答說我 們說你 是撒^ 利 亞人並 是鬼附 

、 , C-E!*: 、 、 、 n$ 9 9 

著的這 話豈^ 錯 麽耶穌 說我不 是鬼附 著的我 尊敬我 的父你 們竟侮 慢我我 不求自 己的榮 耀有一 位 我求 耀定是 

〇sl 、 、 c,,511^= 、 O — 、 

非的我實在吿訴你們人若守我的道狸永遠不能死猶太人對他說現在我們知道你是.^附著的,1^!伯,1,! 死了衆先知 

、 、 , 五 III 、 、 

也都死 了你倒 說人若 守我的 道灘就 永遠不 死我祖 I 亞伯 拉罕死 了衆先 知也死 了難道 你比他 大麽你 將自己 當作 i:^ 麼 

五 、 、 〇 、 CSK- , 

人 呢耶穌 囘答說 我若榮 耀自己 我的榮 耀就虛 了榮耀 我的乃 是父就 是你們 所說是 你們的 神 你們不 認得他 我認得 

I 他、 我若 說不認 得他、 我就是 同你們 一 說卞 I 徂我也 認得. i 也守 他的道 i 

St. JOHN, IX. 

•56 Your father Abraham rejoiced 
to see my day : and lie saw it, and 
WHS glad. 

57 Then said the Jews unto Mm, 
Thou art not yet fifty years old, and 
liast dioii seen Abraham ? 

58 Jesus said unto them, Verily, 
erlly, I say unto you, Before Abrr.- 

ham was, I am. 

59 Then took tliey up sioiies to 
cast at hiiri : but Jesus liirl himseif, 
and went out of the temple, going 
through the midst of them, and so 
passed by. 


AND as Jmis passed by, he saw 
a man which was blind from 
Ms birth 

2 And his disciples asked him, say- 
ing, Master, who did sin, this man, 
or his parents, that he was born blind? 

3 Jesus answered, Neither hath 
this man sinned, nor his parents : but 
that the works of God should be 
made manifest in him. 

4 I must work the works of him 
that sent m'?, while- it is day : the 
night Cometh, wlien no man can work. 

5 As long a.s I am iu the world, I 
am the light of the world. 

6 When ho had thus spoken, he 
spat on tlie ground, and made clay of 
tliG spittle, and lie anointed the eyes 
of the blind man with the clay, 

7 And said unto 】iiin, Go, wash 
ill the pool of Siloatn, (which is by 
interpretation, Sent.) He went his 
way therefore, and washed, and came 

8 T The neicrhbours therefore, and 
they which before had seen him that 
lie was blind, said, Is not this he 
that sat and begged ? 

9 Soraosaicl, Tliisis he : others said, 
He is like him : but he said, I am he. 

10 Therefore .said they unto him, 
How were thiue eyes opened ; 

章九第 翰 約 263 

們 祖亞 伯拉罕 甚願看 見我的 日子看 見就喜 樂了猶 太.. ^就對 他說你 還沒有 五十歳 豈環見 過亞伯 拉罕呢 耶穌說 

、 \ 0a4J 、 、 : S 

我實在 吿訴你 們還沒 有亞伯 拉罕就 有了我 了他們 拿石頭 要砍耶 穌耶穌 躲避出 聖殿從 衆人中 間經過 就走了 

準 1 九章 

1 、 , 0-1 、 、 、 、 、 

耶穌 走的時 候看見 一 個人生 來就是 瞎服的 門徒問 耶穌說 夫子這 人生來 就是瞎 眼的是 誰的罪 是自己 的呢是 祖父母 

,争 、 on 、 

的呢耶 穌囘答 說不是 他自己 的罪也 不是他 父母的 罪是耍 在他身 上顯出 神的 作爲來 趁著白 日我應 當作差 我來的 

、 、 OW 、 0六 、 \ 

父的 事黑. 佼將 到就沒 有入能 作事了 我在世 上的時 候是世 上的光 耶穌說 完了這 話就吐 唾沫在 地上用 唾沫和 沉抹在 

瞎 十的眼 睛.. ^「對 他, I 你往 BS1 池 子裏去 tsuii 出來、 就 是泰差 遣的意 si 他去洗 了囘^ 就 能看見 1, 的鄰舍 

、 、 oft 、 、 、 、 , C 十 、 

同素常 見過他 是瞎眼 的都說 這不是 那向來 坐著討 飯的人 麼有人 說是他 又有人 說像他 他自己 說是我 衆人說 你的眼 

睛是 怎麽治 好的。 

264 St. JOHN, IX. 査九 第翰約 

1 1 He answered and said, A man 
that is called Jesus made clay, and 
anointed mine eyes, and said unto me, 
Go to the pool of Si loam, and wash : 
and 工 went fuid wasliod, and I received 

1 2 Then said they unto him, Where 
is he? Ho said, I kuow not. 

13 1 They brought to the Pharisees 
bim that aforetime was blind. 

14 And ifc was the sabbath day 
wlien Jesns made the clay, and opened 
l)is eyes. 

16 Then again the Pharisees also 
asked him liow lie had received his 
sig'ht- He said unto them, He put 
clay upon mi no eyes, and I v/aslied, 
and do see. 

16 Therefore sai<l some of the 
PhariseeSj This mai) is not of God, 
because he keepetii not the sabbath 
day. Others said, How can a niaa 
that is a sinner do sncli mi moles ? 
And there was a division among theui. 

17 They say untu tlie blind man 
again, What sayest thou of ! lim. that 
he hath opened thine eyes ? He said, 
He is a prophet. 

18 But the Jews did not believe 
concerning hini, that he i ad been 
blind^ and received his sight, until 
they called the parents of him that 
liad received his sight. 

19 Aiid they asked tliem, siiyiiig^ Is 
this your sou, who ye s;iy was born 
blind ? how tlieu clotli he now see? 

20 His parents answered t hen) and 
suid, We know that tills is our so。, 
and that he was born blind : 

21 But by wha t moans he now seeth , 
we know not ; or v/ho Imth opened 
iiis eyes, we know not : he is oi' age ; 
ask him : he shall spcuk for hini.sclf. 

22 Tliese icords sjKike his paront.Sj 
because they feared tlie Jews : for 
the Jews \m(\ agreed already, tluit if 
any man did confess t!)at he was 
Christ, he should he, put out of the 

+i 囘 答&^ 一 個入名 ^耶^ 他 9^ 抹我: g 眼睛、 對我 往 池子裏 去洗、 我去 一 洗、 就看 绝了。 i 人說、 那 個人在 

、 otr 、 、卞 a 、 〇+s 

那裹他 說我不 知道他 們就將 從前瞎 眼的. < 頒了去 見法利 ^人 耶穌和 泥治好 了瞎子 眼睛的 日子是 安息日 法利^ 人 

% , , C 十. *: , , 

也 問他眼 睛怎麼 能看見 了囘答 說他把 浞抹在 我眼睛 上我去 一 洗就看 見了法 利赛人 襄頭有 人說那 個人不 守安息 H 

斷 不是從 神那裏 來的。 又有 人說、 罪 人那裏 能作這 樣奇事 I 大家就 紛紛議 11 們又 問從前 瞎服的 人說、 給你 治好服 

、 、 n-f-fc l - 、 、十. ft , 

晴的你 說他是 怎樣的 人他說 是先知 ® 力人不 信他是 瞎眼後 來能看 見的就 ^了 他的父 母來問 他們說 這是你 的兒子 

麼、 就是所 說生來 是瞎服 的麼、 如 今他怎 麽能看 見呢。 i 父母囘 答說、 他 Bi^s 們的 兒子、 生 來就是 瞎 眼的、 這是我 們知道 :^。 


說這 §1 原來^ 人 已經商 議定一 U 若有 A 認耶 穌爲墓 I 必 iii- 將他趕 出敎氣 

章九 第翰約 


23 Therefore said his parents, He 
is of age ; ask him. 

24 Then again called tliey the man 
that was blind, and said unto 】iim, 
Give God the praise : we know that 
this man is a sinner. 

25 He answered and said, Whether 
lie be a sinner or no, I know not : one 
tiling I know, that, M'hereas I was 
blind, now I see, 

26 Then said they to him again, 
What did he to thee ? how opened he 
thine eyes ? 

27 He answered them, I have told 
you already^ aud ye did not hear : 
wherefore would ye hear it again ? 
will ye also be his disciples ? 

28 Then they reviled hiin,au(isai(l, 
Thou art his disciple ; but we are 
Moses, disciples. 

29 "We know that God spake unto 
Moses : as fo7' this fellow, we know 
not from whence he is. 

oOTheman answered and said unto 
thorn, Why herein is a marvellous 
thing, that ye know not from whence 
he is, and yet lie hath opened mine eyes. 

31 Now we know that God licareth 
not sinners : but if any man be a 
worshipper of God, and doeth his 
will, him he hearetli. 

32 Since the world began was it 
not heard that any man opened the 
eyes of one that was born blind. 

33 If this man were not of God, 
he eould do nothing. 

34 They auswered and said unto 
him, Thou wast altogether born in 
sinS; and (lost thou teach us? And 
they cast him out. 

35 Jesus heard that they had cast 
him out ; and when he had found 
him, he said unto him, Dost thou 
believe on the Son of God ? 

36 He answered and said, Who is 
iie,Lor(l,tliat I migl»t believe on Him? 

37 And Jesus said unto him. Thou 
bast both 'seen him, and it is lu; that 
talketh with thee. 

n 一 il 、 、 oils 、 、 、 ■ 

所以 他父母 說他歲 數大了 你們問 他罷法 利赛人 又叫了 從前瞎 眼的人 來對他 說你應 當將榮 耀歸與 祌我們 知道那 

個人 是犯罪 的人。 i 囘答說 、他是 犯罪的 人不是 、我不 知道、 但知道 這件事 、我從 前是瞎 眼的、 如今能 看見了 it 又問他 I 

他怎樣 作法、 怎 樣將你 服睛治 好了。 i 囘答 ^ 我已經 吿訴了 你們、 你 們不齓 篇甚麼 又耍聽 I 難道你 們也 要作他 徒 

良 i 們就罵 m 說、 你是他 的門徒 、我們 耳). ^ 的門化 1: 曉論 ^ 我們知 只是 這個人 我們不 知道他 從那裏 11 囘 

答說、 他治好 了我的 眼睛、 你們 倒不知 道他是 從那裹 來的、 這眞 是奇氣 i 們知 道犯 罪的人 祌必 不聽、 R 有敬 j 神、 遵 

他旨意 行的、 神 讒聽- i_s 一古 以來、 沒有 聽見人 能將生 來是瞎 子的眼 睛治好 r.^"?^ 個人若 不是從 神那裏 來:^ 就一 樣 

也不 能作。 i 們囘 答!^ 你 全身是 從罪孽 裹生出 來的、 還要敎 訓我們 良一他 們就將 他趕出 麟 ^聽 見他們 J 他趕 出敎 

會、 遇見 了他、 就對 他說、 你信 神的 兒子不 囘答 1^ 主阿、 誰是 祌的兒 阱 我信他 穌 lil^ 你 曾看見 I 現 在同你 

說話的 、就 是他。 . 

266 St. JOHN, X. 

耷十 第翰約 

38 And lie said, Lord, I believe. 
And he worshipped him. 

39 lAiul Jesus said, For judgment 
I am come into this world, that they 
which see not might see; and that 
they which see might be made blind. 

40 And some of the Pharisees 
which were with him heard these 
words, and said unto him, Are we 
blind also ? 

41 Jesus said unto them. If yo 
were blind, ye should have no sin : 
but now ye say, We see; therefore 
your sill rGmainetli. 


YERILY, verily, I say unto you, 
He that eutereth not by the 
door into the sheepfold, but climbeth 
up some other way, the same is a 
thief and a robber. 

2 But he that eutereth in by the 
door is the shepherd of the sheep. 

3 To him the porter openeth ; and 
the sheep hear his voice : and he 
calleth his own sheep by name, and 
leadeth them out, 

4 And when he putteth fortli his 
own sheep, he goeth before them, 
and the sheep follow him : for they 
know his voice. 

5 And a stranger will they not fol- 
low, but will flee from him ; for they 
know not the voice of strangers. 

6 This parable spake Jesus unto 
them ; but they understood not what 
things they were which he spake 
unto tliein. 

7 Then said Jesus unto them 
again, Yerily, verily, I say unto you, 
I am the door of the sheep. 

8 All that ever came before me 
arc thieves and robbers : hut the 
slieei) (lid not hear tlieni. 

9 I am the door : by me if any tuun 
enter in, lie shall be saved, and shall 
go ill and out, ami fiiul pastu re. 

S 說、 主阿、 我 信了、 就拜耶 穌滅穌 I 我 審判到 世上^ 叫不 能看見 的可以 1^3^ 能 見的反 瞎了眼 1 邊 w 法利? <聽 

見 這話、 就說、 我們也 是瞎眼 的麼^ 穌對他 們說、 你們若 眞是瞎 眼的、 就沒有 罪了。 如今你 們說能 1^ 見、 所 以你們 S 是有^ 



我 實茌吿 訴你們 人進羊 圈若不 從門進 去倒從 處跳進 去就是 竊贼就 是强盜 從門進 去的縫 牧羊 的人^ 門的. 树他 


iH. 不認得 別人的 聲音、 就不, W 隨別 人走、 必要 躱避。 &穌將 這比^ 吿訴 衆人、 只是他 們不明 白耶穌 說這話 、是 化.^ 麼总忍 b 

ij 、 、 c-tc ,勢, oft 、 , 

耶穌 又對- 缸們說 我實在 吿訴你 們我就 是羊的 門凡在 我以先 來的是 竊賊是 强盜羊 也不^ 他們 我是門 凡從我 進來的 

必耍 得救、 並且 出入得 草吃。 

St. JOHN, X. 

10 The thief comcth not, but for 
to steal, and to kill, and to destroy : 
I am come that they might have life, 
and that they raighi have it more 

】1 I am the good shepherd : tlio 
a;o(fd shepherd givetli his life for 
the sheep. 

12 Eat he that is a hireling, and 
not the shepherd, whose own the 
sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, 
nnd leaveth the sheep, and fleeth ; 
and the wolf catcheth them, and 
scatteretli the sheep. 

13 The hireling fleeth, because 
he is a hireling, and caretli not for 
the sheep. 

14 I am the good shepherd, and 
know my sheep, and am known of 

15 As the Father knoweth me, 
even so know I the Father : and I 
lay (lowu my life for the sheep. 

16 And other sheep I have, which 
are not of this fold : them also I 
must briug, and they shall hear my 
voice ; and there shall be one fold, 
and one shepherd. 

I 17 Therefore doth my Father love 
I me, because I lay down my life, that 
工 might take it again. 

18 No man taketh it from nie, but 
I lay it down of myself. I have power 
to lay it down, and I have power to 
take it again. This command nient 
have I received of my Father. 

19 ^ There was a division there- 
fore again among the Jews for these 

20 And many of them said, He 
hath a (levil, and is mad ; why bear 
ye him ? 

21 Others said. These are not the 
words of him that hath a devil. Can 
a devil open the eyes of the blind ? 

22 可 And it was at Jerusalem tlie 
feast of the dedication, and it was 
winter. r 

章 十 第 翰 約 267 

盗賊 來了、 無非 要偷? 殺害 〔耍 滅絕。 我艰了 、是耍 叫他們 得生命 、並且 越發興 盛。^ 是好 牧羊的 1^ 牧羊的 if 羊 捨命。 i 工 

不是牧 羊的、 羊也不 是他自 己的、 他看見 狼來; 就丢下 羊逃走 。狼拿 住羊、 羊就 都散了 處工因 爲是展 工、 就不看 顧羊、 逃走厶 

i 是好牧 羊的、 我認識 我的羊 、我的 羊也認 識我。 i 如父認 識我、 我也認 識父、 並且我 耍爲羊 捨命。 i 另外 有羊、 不是 這阁裹 

的、 我 必領他 們來、 他們也 必聽我 的驃昔 . ^來羊 必成爲 一 羣、 歸 一 個牧 人了. i 父愛我 、因 lit 我 將生命 捨去、 又必取 囘來。 m 

有人能 耷我的 生命、 是我自 己捨的 、我能 捨去、 我 也能取 囘來、 這是我 父所吩 咐我: gFi^ 人 篇 這話、 又紛紛 議論。 i 中有許 

多人說 、他 是被^ 附著 顚狂了 1 甚麼 II 他呢" 1^ 有人說 、這不 是被鬼 附著的 人說的 話、 鬼 能將瞎 子的眼 睛治好 g.〇_i^ 

W1¥S 有 重修聖 殿歡是 冬天時 

268 St, JOHN, X. 

23 And Jesus walked in the temple 
iu Solomon's porch. 

24 TIiGU came the Jews round 
about him, and said unto liim, flow 
long dost thou make us to doubt ? If 
thou be the Christ, tell us plainly. 

25 Jesus answered them, I told 
you, and ye believed not : the works 
that I do ill my Father's name, they 
bear witness of me. 

26 But ye believe not, because ye 
are not of my sheep, as I said imtoyou. 

27 My sheep hear my voice, and I 
know them, and they follow me : 

28 And I give unto them eternal 
life ; and they shall never perish, 
neither shall auy man pluck them 
out of my hand. 

29 My Father, which gave them 
me, is greater than all ; and no man 
is able to pluck them out of my 
Fatlier,s liand. 

30 I and my Father are one. 

31 Then the Jews took up stones 
again to stone him. 

32 Jesus answered them. Many 
good works have I shewed you from 
my Father ; for which of those works 
do ye stone me? 

33 The Jg、vs rtuswered him, sayiug, 
For a good work we stone thee not; 
but iov blasphemy; and because that 
thou, being a maii,makest thyself God. 

34 Jesus answered them, Is it not 
written in your law, I said, Ye are 

35 If he called them gocls, unto 
whom the word of God came, and the 
Scripture cannot be broken ; 

36 Say ye of liim, whom the Father 
hatli sanctified, and sent into the 
world, Thou blasplionest ; because I 
gaid, I am the Son of God ? 

37 If I do not the works of my 
Fallicr, believe me not. 

38 But if I do, tJioiigh ye believe 
not me, believe the works ; that ye 
Diay know, and believe, that the 
Father is in nic, atid I iu him. 

章 十第翰 約 

i 穌在 sgss:^ 的廊 下行走 i 到人園 著他說 、你^ 我們 i; 疑不 定到幾 時呢、 你若眞 是基^ t 明 明 的^! ; i 我們 1 

穌囘 答說、 我曾吿 訴你們 、你們 不信、 我奉 我父的 名所行 的事、 就 是我的 兒證、 fll 是你們 不信、 E!^ 你們 不是我 的羊、 這話我 

訴你氣 称的羊 聽我的 聲音、 我認 識他^ 他們也 跟隨^ ,又 g 給他 們永 叫他們 永不滅 .d 也沒: ^人能 從我手 ® 

奪 了他們 去我父 將羊賜 給我他 超乎一 有 之上沒 有人能 從我父 手裹奪 了他們 去我同 我父是 一 體的 當下^ 人又拾 

、 一 |一|一 , , 、 , OMMr 、 

起 石頭耍 砍耶穌 耶穌、 囘答說 我奉我 父的命 作許多 善事叫 你們看 你們 是爲那 一 件事拿 石頭砍 我呢猶 W 人說 我們不 

是!! !善事 拿石頭 砍你、 是 n! 你說惜 妄的話 、你本 是人、 反將 自己當 作神。 i 穌說、 你們律 法上、 豈沒有 記著我 :!? 稱你 們爲神 

cir>ji 、 、 、一 ti 六 、 、 、 

的 話麼經 上的話 是不可 廢的奉 神的命 的人經 上尙且 稱他爲 祌我父 使我成 聖又差 我到世 間 來自稱 爲祌的 子你們 

-Jl 「七 、 〇 一一一 rc N 、 、 

就說是 僭妄的 話麼我 t!; 不行 我父的 事你們 就不必 信我我 旣然行 了你們 雖然不 信我也 當信我 所行的 一;J!f- 叫你 們;^ 知 

道又信 父在我 襄面、 我 在父裘 is 

St. JOHN, XI. 

39 Therefore lliey sought again 
to take him ; but he escaped out of 
their hand, 

40 And went away again beyond 
Jordan into the place where John at 
first baptized ; and there he abode. 

41 And many resorted unto hira, 
and said, John did no miracle ; but 
all things that John spake of this 
man were true. 

42 And many believed ou bim there. 


OW a certain man was sick, 
named Lazaras,of Bethany, the 
town of Mary and her sister Martha. 

2 (It WRsthat Mary which anointed 
the Lord with oiutraent, and wiped 
his feet with her hair, whose brother 
Lazarus was sick.) 

3 Therefore his sisters sent unto 
him, sayiug, Lord, behold, be whom 
thou 】ovest is sick. 

4 When Jesus heard 'that^ he said, 
This sickness is not unto death, but 
for the glory of Go(!, that the Son of 
God might be glorified thereby. 

5 Now Jesus loved Martlm, and 
her sister, and Lazarus. 

6 Wlien he had heard therefore 
that he was sick, lie abode two days 
still in the i^ame place where he was. 

7 Then after that saith lie to his 
disciples, Let us go into Juclca again. 

8 His disciples say unto him; 
Master, the Jews of late sought to 
stone thee ; and goest thou thither i 

9 Jesus answered, Are there not 
t welve hours iii the day ? If any man 
walk in the clay, lie stumbleth not, 
because he Recti i the light of this world. 

10 But if a man 、valk in the niglit, 
lie stumbleth, because there is no 
light in him. 

11 These things said he : and alter 
liiat he saith unto them, Our friend 
Lazarus sleepeth ; but I go, tliat I 
111 uy^A wake him out of sleep. 

章一十 第翰約 269 

1 人又耍 拿他" 耶穌就 脫離他 們的手 往 il 河外去 、到了 從前 施洗的 地方、 就住 在那. :4e 許多人 去見: ^他 們說、 

1 一 Ji: 奇事 也沒有 作過、 然而他 指著這 個人所 說的話 、都 是眞的 1 那裏 信耶穌 的人、 就 多了。 

第 十一章 . 

^ 一 個患 病的人 Y 叫 、住在 、就 UEUis^sM 姊 妹所住 的讨子 ISIIS 就是 用香膏 抹主、 乂用頭 髮擦主 

的脚 的那個 婦人。 患病的 :^!、 是他 的兄弟 們姊錄 就差人 去見耶 穌說、 主阿、 你 所愛的 人病了 「^穌 聽見、 就說、 這病不 

至於死 、乃是 一!! n 神的 榮耀、 叫 神 的兒子 因此得 榮耀。 i 穌素來 愛惜跑 力和他 妹子、 旅 見, 病了、 仍在所 

、 、 I Cfc 、 、 、 C*J 

住的 地方躭 延了兩 天後來 對門徒 說我們 一 同再往 猶太去 罷門徒 說夫子 ^人 近來要 拿石頭 砍你還 往那裘 去麼耶 


一 13 沒有光 穌說完 了這話 、又說 、我 們的朋 友員斷 睡了、 我 去叫醒 了他。 

270 St. JOHN, XL 章 一十第 翰 約 

12 Then said his disciples, Lord, 
if he sleep, he shall do well. 

13 HowLeit Jesus spake of his 
death : but they thought that he had 
spoken of taking of rest in sleep. 

14 Then said Jesus unto them 
plainly, Lpzarufi is dead. 

15 And I am glad for your sakes 
that I was not there, to the intent 
ye may believe ; nevertheless let us 
go unto liim. 

16 Then said Thomas, which is 
called Didymus, unto his fellow dis- 
ciples, Let us also go, that we may 
(lie with him. 

17 Then when Jesus came, he 
found that he had lain in the grave 
four clays already, 

18 Now Bethany was nigh unto 
Jerusalem, about fifteen furlongs off: 

19 And 】nany of the Jews came 
to Martha and INfary, to comfort them 
conoerniiii^ tlieir brother. 

20 Then Martha, as soon as she 
liear J that Jesus was coming, went 

j arid met him : but Mary sat still in 
1 t;;o house. 

I 2i Tiieii said Martha unto Jesus, 
Lord, if thou batlst been here, my 
brother had not died. 

22 But I know, that even now, 
whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, 
God will give it thee. 

23 Jesus saith unto her, Tliy 
broc'.^-i' shall rise again. 

24 M .'111 ha saith unto him, I know 
that he sLall rise again in. the resur- 
rection at the last day. 

2.5 Jesus said unto her, I am the 
resi'rrection, and the life : he that 
beiicvetii in lue, though he were dead, 
yet sliall lie live : 

26 And whosoever livetli and 
l)dieveth in me shall never die. 
Believest thou this? 

27 She saith unto him, Yea, Lord : 
1 believe that thou art the Christ, 
Uie Son of God, wliicli should come 
into the world. 

■HI 、 、 , 〇十=1 \ 、 - 1 • — I 1 

門 徒說, 主阿他 旣睡了 就可以 好了耶 穌這話 是措著 他死說 的門徒 以爲是 說照常 睡【^;船 穌就 明明吿 訴他們 說、^ ^ 

死了 「i 不在 他那 氣我卻 111 你們 歡喜、 因 It 你們可 以信我 、如 今我們 一 间往 那裏去 fe^ 一 個 門徒^ § 又叫 M^^^H; 

、 十 -V \ 

的 徒說 我們也 去和他 一 同 死耶穌 到了那 裹知道 i 跑葬 在墳 墓奥、 已經四 日了。 離 不遠、 約 is 

許多 人、 到! 馬 利亞這 裏漱因 i! 他兄弟 死了、 要安 慰他。 i,^ 聽見耶 穌到了 、就 去迎接 t^lT^ 仍舊 坐在家 

裏。 大對耶 穌說、 主阿、 你若是 在這裏 、我兄 弟必不 至死、 i 然這樣 、我 卻知道 現在你 不拘向 神求 甚麼、 神 必要賜 給你。 

- 二一一 , 01 一四 、 、 i ^ ri 4 

耶 穌說你 兄弟必 定復活 大 I 說 我曉得 到了末 H 復活的 時候他 也必定 復活。 g 穌對 他說、 叫人 復活的 是我、 賜人 生命的 

也是我、信我的雖然死了、也必復活。;^活著信我的人、永遠不死、你信這個1^^主阿、是的、我信你是 神的兒 子、: 應當 

降世的 基督。 一 . 

St. JOHiX, XI. 章 一十; 翰約 271 

28 And when she had so said, slie 
went her way, and called Mary her 
sister secretly, saying, The Master is 
come, and calletli for thee. 

29 As soon as she heard that, she 
arose quickly, and came unto him. 

30 Now Jesus was not yet come 
inio the town, but was in that place 
where Martha met him. 

31 The Jews then which were 
with her in the house, and comforted 
her, when they saw Mary, that she 
rose up hastily and went out, followed 
her, saying, She goeth unto the grave 
to weep there. 

32 Then when Mary was come 
where Jesus was, and saw him, she 
fell down at his feet, saying unto him, 
Lord, if thou hadst been here, my 
brother had not died. 

33 When Jesus therefore saw her 
weeping, and the Jews also weeping 
which came with her, he groaned in 
the spirit, and was troubled, 

34 And said, Where have ye laid 
him ? They say unto him, Lord, 
come and see. 

35 Jesus wept. 

36 Then said the Jews, Behold 
how he loved him ! 

37 And some of them said, Could 
not this man, which opened the eyes 
of the blind, have caused that even 
this man should not have died ? 

38 Jesus therefore again groaniug 
ill himself cometh to the grave. It 
was a cave, and a stone lay upon it. 

39 Jesus said, Take ye away the 
stone. Martha, the sister of him that 
was dead, saith unto him, Lord, by 
this time lie stiuketh : for he liath 
been dead four days. 

40 Jesus saith unto her, Said I 
not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest 
believe, thou sliouldest see the glory 
oi God? 

&力 說完了 這話、 就囘. 喑暗的 招呼他 的妹子 wws 說、 夫子 來了叫 fesss 聽見 這話、 急忙 起來、 去見 耶穌^ 時耶穌 

、 0111 1 、 HMynn 、 % 

還沒有 進村子 仍舊在 馬大迎 接他的 地方那 些在馬 利亞家 裹安慰 馬利亞 的猶. H 人見 馬利 ISj 急 忙起來 出去就 跟隨他 

9 , C 二一 111 , , , , 9 

去說他 必往墳 墓那裏 s?H 去了 馬利亞 到了耶 穌那裏 看見耶 穌就俯 伏在他 脚前說 主阿你 若是在 這裏我 兄弟必 不至死 

攀穌看 見^^ 、和 同來的 人都哭 、就傷 起心來 、極 其悲慟 1! 而問他 們說、 你 們葬他 在甚麽 地方。 他們囘 答說、 請主來 

OSS 01 一 、 、 0-S 、 、 03 A 

看耶穌 哭了猶 太人說 你們看 他愛這 個人是 怎樣的 懇忉又 有人說 他能叫 瞎子的 眼睛看 見豈 不能^ 這 個人不 死麽耶 

,9 9 011 一 4i 、 、 、 

穌又 傷起心 來到了 墳墓前 墳墓是 一 個洞上 面放著 石頭耶 穌說你 們將石 頭挪開 那死人 的妹子 馬大對 他說主 阿已經 

、 〇0十 、 、 

四日 了屍首 臭了耶 穌對他 說我不 是說你 若信必 能看見 神的 榮耀麽 

272 St. JOHN, XI. 

章一十 第翰約 

41 Then they took away the stone 
from the place where the dead was 
laid. And Jesus lifted up his eyes, 
and said, Father, I tluuik theo that 
thou hast heard me. 

42 And I knew that thou hcarest 
me always : but because of the people 
wliicli stand by I said it, that they 
may believe that thou hast sent me. 

43 And when lie thus bad spoken, 
he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, 
come forth. 

44 And he that was dead came 
forth, bound hand and foot with 
graveclothes ; and his face was bound 
about with a napkiu. Jesus saith 
unto them, Loose hiiu, and let him go. 

45 Then many of the Jews which 
came to Mary, and had seen the 
things which Jesus (lid, believed on 

46 But some of them went their 
ways to the Pharisees, and told them 
what tilings Jesus had done. 

47 T[ Then jjatliered the chief 
priests and the Pharisees a council, 
and said, What do we? for this man 
doeth many miracles. 

48 If we let him t'lus alone, all 
men will believe on liim ; and the 
Romans shall come smd take away 
both our place and nation.. 

49 And one of tliein, named Caia- 
phas, being the high priest that same 
year, said unto them, Yc know no- 
thing at ail, 

50 Nor consider tliut it is expedient 
for us, that one man should die for 
the people, and that the whole nation 
perish not. 

51 And this spake he not of him- 
self: but being high priest that year, 
lic prophesied tliat Jesus should die 
for that nation ; 

52 And not for that nation only, 
but that also lie .should gather 
together in one the children of God 
tliat ■were .■rcattercil abroad. 

i 們就挪 開石頭 、離了 葬死人 的地方 。耶 穌舉目 s 美! 父旣 聽我、 我成謝 #称 知道你 常聽^ m 我說 這話、 是, tlm 圍站著 

、 OEnll _ 、 、 OEK 、 、 o 、 

的人叫 他們信 我是你 所差遣 的說完 就大聲 呼叫說 拉撒路 出來那 死人就 出來了 手脚裹 著布臉 上包著 帕+耶 穌說解 

、 CSS -, , , CE.{C 、 

開叫 他走那 些倒馬 利亞這 裏來的 猶太人 看見耶 穌所作 的事就 有許多 信他的 內中有 人去見 法利^ 人 將耶穌 所作的 

事吿訴 他們於 是衆祭 司長和 法利賽 人聚集 公會說 這人作 許多奇 事我們 當怎樣 辦呢我 們若. S 他這樣 衆人必 都信: S 

® 人必 來奪我 的地土 擄我的 人民內 中有一 個人 名叫該 S 法本年 作祭司 長對他 們說你 們不知 近甚麽 党不想 一 個 

人替百 姓死呀 通國不 滅絕就 是我 們的益 處這話 不是由 他自己 說的口 〈因他 本年作 祭司長 所以豫 先說耶 穌將耍 替 百 

姓死 耶穌不 但替這 一 國的 百姓死 也要使 散住在 四方的 神 的子民 合而爲 一 


53 Tlieii from that day forth tliev 
took counsel together for to put him 
to death. 

54 Jesus tlierefore walked no more 
openly among the Jews; but went 
thence imto a country near to the 
^'ildernesSjinto a city calledEphrainij 
and there continued with his disciples. 

55 , And the Jews^ passover was 
nigh at hand : and many went out 
of the country up to Jerusalem before 
the passover, to purify themselves. 

56 Then sought they for Jesus, 
and spake among themselves^ as they 
stood in the temple, What think ye, 
that he will not come to the feast ? 

57 Now both the chief priests and 
the Pharisees had given a command- 
ment, that, if any man knew where 
lie were, he should shew it, that they 
might take l】im。 


THEN Jcsiis six days before the 
passover came to Bethany, 
where Lazarus was which had been 
dead, whom he raised from the dead. 

2 There they made him a supper ; 
and Martha served : but Lazarus was 
one of them that sat at the tabU^ 
with him. 

3 Then took Mary a pound ofoiut- 
mout of spikenard, very costly, and a- 
\v anted the feet of Jesus,and wiped his 
feet witli her hair : and the house was 
filled with the odour of the ointment, 

4 Then sfiitli one of his disciples, 
Judas Iscariot, Simon's son, which 
should betray hira, 

5 Wliy was not this ointment sold 
for three hundred pence, and given 
to the poor ? 

3 This he said, not that he cared 
lor the poor ; but because he was a 
thief, and had the bag, and bare what 
was put therein. 

7 Then said Jesus, Let her aioiie : 
against the clay of my burying liath 
she kept this. 


章二十 第翰約 273 

i 此以後 、他們 商議耍 殺耶稣 M 以耶 穌不再 顯然在 人中間 行走、 從那 裏往靠 近曠野 的地方 去了、 到了 一 座城、 名叫 

、 rigta ■ - -- 〇 I ■ ■ ! 、 CKi 六 

就 和門徒 一 同居住 猶,^ 人 的逾越 節近了 有許多 人從鄕 下上耶 Is 撒冷去 耍在節 前潔淨 自己的 身子他 們尋找 

、 、 、 、 OS 七 、 、! I 

耶穌 姑在^ 殿 裹彼此 說你們 的意想 怎樣以 爲他來 過節不 來呢祭 司長和 法利赛 人已經 吩附衆 人說若 有人知 道耶穌 

在那裏 、就來 報明、 好去拿 I 

第 十二章 

1 、 » 、 Oil otm 、 

逾越節 前六日 耶穌到 了^^ 就是 拉撒路 I 死了 耶穌叫 他復活 的地方 在那褢 有人給 耶穌豫 備筵席 馬大伺 候拉撒 

〇一1一 、 、 % r 

也在 坐席的 人之內 sfWM 拿著 一 斤 至眞至 貴的那 達香膏 抹耶穌 的脚又 用自己 的頭髮 給他擦 淨滿屋 都是膏 的香氣 

I: 徒裏有 一 個要寶 耶穌的 以色加 畧^< 、是 的兒 他 111^ 這香膏 何不賣 三十兩 銀子、 賙濟 窮人呢 「&^ 這 _t 並非掛 

念窮- ^因 爲 他本 來是 i 又掌 管餞齓 常帶著 囊中所 收的銀 錢"" 耶 穌說、 m 他罷、 他存這 香.; li 是 一爲 我安葬 子用 的" 

274 St. JOHN, XII. 

SFor the poor always ye have with 
you ; but me ye have not always. 

9 Much people of the Jews there- 
fore knew that he was there : and 
they came not for Jesus, sake only, 
but that they might see Lazarus also, 
whom be had raised from the dead. 

10 ^ But the chief prie&ts consulted 
that they might put Lazarus also to 
death ; 

11 Because that by reason of him 
many of the Jews went away, and 
believed on Jesus. 

12 ^ On the next day much people 
that were come to the feast, when 
they heard that Jesus was coming 
to Jerusalem, 

13 Took branches of palm trees, 
and went forth to meet him, and 
cried, Hosanna : Blessed is the King 
of Israel that cometh in the name of 
the Lord. 

14 And Jesus, when he had found 
ii young ass, sat thereon ; as it is 

1 5 Fear not, daughter of Sion : 
heliold, tliy King cometh, sitting on 
an ass's colt. 

1 6 These things understood not his 
disciples at the first : but when Jesus 
was glorified, then remerubered they 
tliat these things were written of 
】iim, and that they liad done these 
tilings unto him. 

17 The people therefore that was 
with liira wlieii lie called Lazarus 
out of his grave, and raised hira 
from the clead^ bare record. 

18 For this cause tlio people also 
nict him, for that they hoard that 
he liad done this miracle. 

19 The Pharisees therefore said 
among themselves:, Perceive yc how 
ye prevail nothing? behold, (he 
world is gone after him. 

20 ^ And there were certain 
Greeks among them that came up 
to worship at the feast : 

章二十 第翰約 

f 們常有 窮人和 你們在 一 處、 只是不 能常; ^我 Is 多? <知 道耶穌 在那; 裘、 就都 出來、 不但要 看耶穌 、也 要着耶 穌從死 

十 、 卞 1 I 、 , 〇 十一 1 、 

裏救 活的: 祭司 長就商 議要連 拉撒路 也殺了 因爲許 多猶太 人看見 拉撒路 就去信 從耶酥 〇 次日 許多上 來過節 


、 、十 Kl、=^l 、 OT 六 、 

一 個驢駒 就騎上 便應了 經上所 記的話 說郇, 民不 要懼怕 你的王 騎著驢 駒來了 門 徒起 ifl 不明 白這; i^s 到 耶穌受 了榮耀 

之後、 線想起 這話是 指著他 記的、 並且 衆人果 然向他 作這樣 Mfl 耶 穌在一 處的、 有許多 人見證 耶穌救 活了: 撒路、 喚他 


隨 從他了 eoj:^ 節 下上來 fi 拜的人 、中間 有幾個 fWW 人。 


21 The same came therefore to 
Pin' lip, which was of Bethsaida of 
Galilee, and desired him, saying ;, Sir, 
we would see Jesus. 

22 Philip Cometh and telleth An- 
drew : and again Andrew and Philip 
tell Jesus. 

23 , And Jesus answered them, 
saying. The hour is come, that the 
Son of man should be glorified. 

24 Verily, verily , I say unto you, 
Except a corn of wlicat fall into the 
ground and (lie, it abicleth alone : but 
if it (lie, it bringeth forth much fruit. 

25 He that/loveth his life shall 
lose it ; and he that hatetli liis life 
in this world shall keep it unto life 

26 If any man serve me, let him 
follow me; and where I am, there 
shall also my servant be : if any man . 
serve me, him will my Father honour. 

27 Now is my soul troubled ; and 
what shall I say ? Father, save me 
from this hour : but for this cause 
came I unto this hour. 

28 Father, glorify thy name. Then 
canie there a voice from heaven, 
saying, I have both glorified it, and 
will glorify it again . 

29 The people therefore that stood 
by J and hoard it, said that it tliun- 
dercd : others said^ An angel spake 
to hira. 

30 Jesiis auswertid and said, This 
voice came not because of nu、 but 
for your sakes. 

31 Now is the judgment of this 
^vorld : now shvAl the prince of this 
world be cast out. 

32 And I, if I be lifted up from 
the earth, will draw all men unto me. 

33 This he said, signifyiug what 
death lie slionkl die. 

34 The people answered him, A\ e 
luive heard out of the law that Christ 
abidetii for ever : and liow sayest 
tliou, The Son of man must be 
lifted up? Avlio is this Son of man? 

章二十 第翰約 275 

i 們來見 mtis 的 、求 他說、 先生、 我們耍 耶派 ji,^ 去吿訴 《女, ^i、i^!^^ 同腿, 4^ 來 告訴耶 ©1 穌囘 答說、 

人子受 榮耀的 時候到 IJ、i 實在吿 訴你們 、一 粒 麥子、 不落在 地裏爛 〉.% 奮是一 粒、 若是 爛了、 就 結出許 多的子 粒來, S 惜 

、 、 、 C- 一大 、 、 、 

自己生 命的必 耍失喪 生命在 這世上 不愛惜 自己生 命的倒 可以保 全生命 到永生 人若服 事我就 當跟從 我我在 那裏服 

靠我 的也耍 在那裹 (人 若服 事我、 我父必 定重看 1^ 現在心 襄憂愁 、我 說甚麼 話繞好 ^ 願父救 我脫離 這時候 的苦難 、但 

我到了 這時候 特爲 耍受這 苦難。 i 父熒 耀你的 當時就 有聲音 從天上 下來說 、我 已經榮 耀了我 的名、 還耍 苒榮氣 g 

、 、 、 一一 一十、 、 J 二 

在旁邊 的衆人 聽見有 人說打 雷了叉 有人說 是天使 對他說 話耶穌 說這聲 昔不是 ii 我是 篇你們 現在是 世界受 審判的 

、 、 Cl 一二一 、 CM1 二 11 ■、 「二一一 E" 

時候這 世界的 主將耍 被我趕 岀去我 若被人 舉起來 離開地 必要引 衆人來 歸我耶 穌這話 是指著 自己怎 樣死: ^尔人 ^答 

說、 我們聽 見律法 上說、 基督永 存不死 、你怎 麼說、 人子 將要被 人舉起 ^ 這人 子是誰 i 

276 St. JOHN, XIL 章二十 第翰約 

35 Then Jesus said unto thorn, | 

Yet a little Avliile is the light with j 

you. Walk while ye have the light, i 
lest darkiiesy come upon yon : for he 

that M'alkoth in darkness knowetli j 

not whither he goeth. | 

30 Wiiile ye have light, believe in j 

the light) tlmt ye may be the children | 

of light. These things spake Jesus, | 

aud departed, and did hide himself j 

from them. ! 

37 可 But though he had done so 
many miracles before them, yet tliey 
believed not on him : 

38 That the saying of Esaias the 
prophet mic^ht be fulfilled, which he 
spake, Lord, who hath believed our 
report ? and to whom hath the arm 
of the Lord been revealed ? 

o9 Therefore they could not believe, 
because that Esaias said again, 

40 He hath blinded their eyes, aud 
hardened their heart; that theyshoiild 
not see with their eyes, nor understand 
with their heart, and be cou verted, 
and I should heal them. 

41 These things said Esaias, when 
he saw liis glory, unci spake of him. 

42 ^Nevertheless among the chief 
rulers also many believed on him ; i 
but because of the Pharisees they did 
not confess him^ lest they should be 
put out of tlie synagogue : 

43 For they loved the praise of 
】iien more than the praise of Gocl. 

44 T[ Jesus cried and saicl, He that j 
beliovoth on me, belie vet 1j not on me, 
but oil liim til at sent me. 

45 And he that seetli me seeth him i 
that sent rae. 

4G I urn coiue a light into the 、voi、l(l, 
that wliosoever beliovelJi on ine 
shell Id not abide in darkness. 

47 And if any man lioar my worcl^, 
:uul believe not, I judge him not : for j 
I came not to judge the world, hut 
to i?avc the world. 





時候說 這話。 i 而有 許多官 長信了 因懼怕 法利審 人將他 們趕出 敎會、 就不 敢認良 是他們 喜歡世 人躜类 #如 

祌讚美 〇 耶穌大 聲叫荖 說信我 的不是 信我是 信差我 來的父 看見我 就是看 見差我 來的父 我到世 上來乃 是光^ 凡信 



48 He til at rojectetli me, aiul 
rcceiveth not my words, hatli one 
that jndjieth him: the word tliat I 
have spoken, tlie samo shall judge 
liim in the \a^f uay. 

49 For I 1 1 M \- < ; n 1 s | )f )ken o f m yse 1 f ; 
but the Father which sent me, he 
gave me a comn)aadnient, what I 
should 8ay, and what I should speak. 

50 And I know that hiscommaiKl- 
ment is life everlasting : whatsoever 
I speak tlierefore, even as the Father 
said unto me, so I speak. 


NOW before the feast of the pass- 
over, when Jesus knew that 
his hour was come that lie should 
depart out of this world unto the 
Father, Imving loved his own which 
were in the world, he loved them 
unto the end. 

2 And supper being ended, the 
devil having now put into the heart 
of Judas Iscariot, SiiD(m,s son, to 
betray him ; 

3 Jesus knowing that the Father 
had fyiven all things into his hands, 
and that he was come from God, and 
went to God ; 

4 He riseth from supper, and laid 
aside 】iis garments ; and took a towel, 
and girded himself. 

,5 After that he poureth water into 
a basin, and began to wash the dis- 
ci pies' feet, and to wipe them with the 
towel wherewith he was girded. 

6 Then coraeth he to Simon Peter : 
and Peter saitli unto him. Lord, clost 
tlinu wash my feet? 

7 Jesus answered and said unto 
liim, What I do tliou knowest not 
now ; but thou shalt know hereafter. 

8 Peter saitli unto liim, Thoa sbalt 
never wash my feet, Jesus answered 
him, If I wash thee uot, thou hast 
no i>art with me. 

章三十 第翰約 277 

i 絕我、 不信我 道的人 、必 有定他 罪的; 就是 我所傳 的道^ 末 y 耍定 他的既 i 一爲 我不從 e: 己的意 S9 講、 差 我來的 父怎樣 

吩咐我 、我就 怎樣講 、怎様 說「称 也知 道他的 吩咐、 就是 永生、 所以我 說的話 、就 是照天 父吿訴 我的話 說的" 

第 土二章 

k 越節 以前、 耶 穌知道 S 己離 世歸父 的時候 近了、 在世- 旣然愛 他門徒 、到底 還是愛 他們。 ^ 晚 飯的時 魔 鬼巳經 將賣耶 

酥的意&5、放在鉀「【的2^子以,^5^1^的心一#穌知道天父將萬物交付他^^-並且知道自己是從 祌 出來、 也必歸 

到 神去 I" 於是 離席站 起來、 脫了 衣服、 拿 一 條手巾 自己蕩 上。^ 把水倒 在盆裏 (洗門 徒的脚 、用 自己所 繁的手 巾擦& 


耶穌囘 答說、 我若不 洗你、 你就和 我沒有 千涉。 

278 St. JOHN, XIII. 

Siruon Peter saith unto hira, 
i I'ord, not my feat only, but also ray 
iiamls and my head, 

.10 Jesus saith to Kim, He that is 
washed needeth not save to wash his 
feet, but is clean every whit : and ye 
im, clean, bat not all. 

• 1 1 For he knew who should betray 
l";n ; therefore said lie, Ye are not 
all clean. 

12 So after he Jiatl washed their 
feet, and had taken iiis garments, and 
was set down again, he said unto then), 
Kuow ye wliiit I liave done to you ? 

13 Ye call me ^Master and Lord : 
and ve say well ; for so I am 

14 If I then , your Lord and Master, 
imve washed your feet ; ye also ought 
to wash one another's feet. 

15 For I have given you an ex- 
ample, that ye should do as I liave 
(lone to you. 

16 Verily, verily, I say uuto yoii, 
Tlie servant is not greater than his 
lord ; neither he that is sent greater 
tliaii he that sent him. 

17 I f ye know these things, happy 
are ye if ye do them. 

18 , r speak not of you all: I know 
whom I iiave chosen : but that the 
Scripture may be fulfilled, He that 
eatcth bread with me hath lifted up 
his heel against me. 

19 Now I (ell yoM before it come, 
tlia.t, when it is come to pass, ye may 
l)elieve that I am he. 

20 Verily, verily, I say unto you, 
He that receivetli whomsoever I send 
nceiveth me; and he tliat receivetli 
me receivetli Jiini that sent me. 

21 When Josns luul tliiis said, lie 
、vas troubled in spirit, and testified, 
jm(l saiM, Verily, verily, I say unto 
ycm, that one of y(m shall betray nio. 

22 Then the disci ple.s looked one ou 
anotlicr, doubting of wlioni he -spake. 

23 Now there was leaning oii 
Jl',sus, l)u、:(>m uno of his disciples, 
whom Jesud loved. 

章 三十第 翰 約 

s:l::JS?yg^:他說、主阿、不但我的糊、連H^和•娘也耍.„^ffl:穌說、凡冼浴過的人、只須把脚 一 洗、 周 身就乾 淨了。 你們; 淨 I 

何一 你們不 4. 是乾淨 败蛇、 穌 知道: 的是誰 、所以 說你們 不全是 乾淨的 i 完他 們的脚 、耶穌 I 开上 ^ 服、 又 P 下、 對 

J 在^ 們身上 所作: ^們知 道這是 甚麽意 們稱 呼我夫 4: 稱呼我 .H^ 你們稱 呼的不 I 我 資在是 IgaJ^^M 

的. Hi 你 們的央 H.^ 且洗 你們的 斷你們 ^3 彼此洗 ^作榜 樣給你 們!^ 1^ 叫你們 照著我 的樣式 )^ 赏在 吿,^ 你氕僕 

人不能 比牛: 人大、 差人不 能比差 他的人 大^^ 們若明 白這 1 照著去 i 仏 就有福 這; 諸不是 指著你 們衆人 、我 所揀選 I 

我都知 道、^ 在要 應驗經 上所說 同我吃 飯的人 靡脚践 我的 l^lffs 沒有成 我先 吿訴你 钆藥已 成就、 你^ 就 5^ 以^ 

我、 是基督 1^ 實在 吿、. 踟你^ 接待我 所差遣 的《 ^就是 接待我 、接待 £^ 就是 接待差 遣我的 穌說 r 這些; ^T^ls^iB 、就 

說、 我實 在吿^ 你們、 你們 屮間有 一 個. < 要賣我 Tlis 徒彼此 對看、 不知道 說的是 誰„| ^耶穌 所愛的 I 個門徒 、挨近 耶穌的 

懷生著 f : i 


章三十 第翰約 


24 Simon Peter therefore beck- 
oned to liiWy tliat he should ask wlio 
it slioukl be of whom lie spake. 

25 He then lying on Jesus' breast 
.saitli unto hira, Lord, who is it? 

26 Jesus answered, He it is, to 
wlioni I slmil give a sop, when I have 
c1ippe<l it. And when he liad (lipped 
the sop, he gave it to Judas Iscuriot, 
the son of Simon. 

27 And after the so}) Satan entered 
into him. Then said Jesus unto him, 
That tlioa doest, do quickly. 

28 Now no man at the table knew 
for what intent lie spake tliisunto him. 

29 For some of them thought, 
because Judas liad the bag, that Jesus 
had said unto him. Buy those things 
tliat we have need of against the 
feast ; or, that he should give some- 
thing to the poor. 

30 He then, having received the 
sop, went immediately out ; and it 
was night. 

31 Therefore, when he was gone 
out, Jesus said, Now is the Son of 
mau glorified, and God is glorified 
in him. 

32 If God be glorified in him, God 
shall also glorify him in himself; and 
shall straightway glorify him. 

33 Li 1 1 le ch ikl ren , yet a little while 
I am with you. Ye sliall seek 
and as I said uiito tlie Jews, Whither 
I r^o, ye cannot come ; so now I say 
to you. 

34 A new commandment I give 
unto you 5 Tliat ye love one another ; 
as I have loved you, that ye also love 
one another. 

35 By this shall all men know that 
ye are tr»y disci pks, if yo have love 
one to another. 

3G , Simon Peter said unto liim. 
Lord, whither gopst thou ? Jesus an- 
swered liim, Whither I go, thou canst 
not follow nie now ; but tliou slialt 
follow lue afterwards. 

i^gl 點頭示 他問耶 穌是指 著誰說 麵就靠 近耶穌 的胸前 、問耶 穌說、 主阿、 是誰呢 "聊 穌說、 我泡 一 點貧 物給誰 

吃、 就是誰 「、耶 穌 就泡了 一 點食物、給1【的2^子^加匐猶^_」1,^受了這 一 點泡的 食物、 1^ 就入了 他的心 。耶 穌對他 

說、 你所要 作的、 快 作罷。 i 席的沒 有人知 道是一 1 甚麽對 他說這 5I!ii_i?= 人因舊 帶著錢 以爲耶 穌叫他 買節下 所用的 

、 〇一11 十 、 、 一一二 , , 、 

東 西去或 是叫他 賙濟貧 人猶大 受了那 一 點食物 立刻出 去那時 候是夜 間了他 出去以 後耶穌 說如今 人子得 著榮耀 

〇 311 , 、 0|一二| 一 、 

神因一 人 子也得 著榮耀 神 旣因人 子得著 榮耀自 己也耍 榮耀人 子並且 必耍快 快的榮 耀他衆 小子我 還有不 久的時 

、 、 、 、 、 、 〇 一一一 M 

候和 你們在 一 處後 來你們 必尋找 我但我 所去的 地方你 們不能 到我曾 吿訴 猶太人 如今又 吿訴你 們我賜 給你們 一 條 

新命 <^ 、就是 科你 們彼此 相!? I 我怎樣 愛你^ 你 們也當 怎樣相 Is: 們若 彼此相 I 衆人 就因此 可以知 道你們 是我的 g: 

徒 滅^1 就問耶 穌說、 主、 往那 裏去, 耶穌說 、我去 的地方 、你如 今不能 跟我去 、後來 必耍跟 我去。 , 

280 St. JOHN, XIV. 

37 Peicr said unto Iiim, Lord, why 
f-aiiaot I follow tliee now ? I will lay 
(,: o、vn my life for tliy i^akc. 

38 Jesus answered liim, Wilt thou 
lay (l<m'n thy life for my sake? Verily, 
verily, 1 say unto thee, The coJk 
shall not crow, till thou hast denied 
rae thrice. 


LET not your heart be troubled : 
. ye believe in Gocl, believe also 
in 】iie, 

2 111 my Father's house are many 
mmisicms: if it were not so, I would 
have told you. I go to prepare? a 
place for you. 

3 And if I go and prepare a place 
for you, I will come again, ami receive 
you unto my self ; that where I uui, 
there ye nmy he also. 

4 And wliither I go ye know, and 
the way ye know. 

5 Thomas saith unto him, Lord, 
we know not whither thou goest ; and 
1 魏' can 、ve know the way ? 

6 Jesns saitli unto him, I am the 
\va.v, tlu; truth, and the life : no mam 
C'oiuetli unto the Father, hut by me. 

7 If ye liad known me, ye should 
Imve known my Father also : and 
from henceforth ye know him, nnd 
luivc seen liini. 

8 丄) liilipsnhh uiitoliinij.ord, shew 
lis the 】',iitl"'r, and it suilicelli us. 

" Je.siis saith unto him, Have I 
l)MMi 80 long time with you, and yet 
hast thou not known me, Philip? lie 
"mt liatli seen me liath .seen tlic 
J^'alher ; and how say est thou (Jini, 
i Slit'、v us the Father ? 

10 Belie vest thou not that 1 am in 
-Ik' Father, and the Fatlior in me? 
tlie words that I speak unto you I 
speak not: of myself : but the Ftitlior 
tl、at dwelletli in ni(、, he doetli (lie 

鳶四十 第翰約 


三次 說不認 得我〕 

^眉 不 要褒秋 i 你們信 神、 也當 信我, &我父 的家一 4 有許多 的住^ 若 沒仏我 a-n:- 吿師 你們、 我 .}153iig„ ^們傲 備地 



我沒 有人、 能到我 父那. 发 Jif 你們若 認^、 就必 認識我 的父; 從今以 I 你們認 識父、 並 且已經 Is^ 父 1^ 説、 求 主叫我 

們得 見父、 我們 就知" 1 了一 穌對他 說、^ 、我同 你們在 一 處這樣長久、你還不認識我#3|^了我、就是1^見父、你怎樣^ 

說叫 我們得 見父" „i% 在父 褒面、 父在我 襄面、 你 不信」 我對你 們所說 的話、 不是 從我自 己的总 © 說的、 父住在 我.; - 而-我 

所作的 事都是 他作的 . 


章四十 第翰約 281 

11 Believe me that I am in the 
Father, and the Father iu me : or else 
believe me for tlie very \vorks, sake. 

12 Wril、', vorily, 工 say unto you, 
Ho that believetli on me, the works I do shall he do also; and greater 
works than those shall he do ; because 
I go unto my Father. 

13 And whatsoever ye shall ask 
in my name, tiiat will I do, that the 
Father may be glorified iu the Sou. 

14 If ye sliall ask any thing in my 
name, I will do it, 

15 T[ If ye love me, keep my com- 
mand meiit.s. 

16 And I will pray the Father, 
aud he shall give you another Com- 
forter, that he may abide with you 
for ever ; 

17 Even the Spirit of truth ; whom 
the world cannot receive, because it 
seeth him not, neither knoweth him : 
but ye know him : for he dwelleth 
with you, and shall be in you. 

18 I will not leave you comfort- 
less : I will Come to you, 

19 Yet a little while^ and the world 
seeth me no more ; but ye see me : 
because I live, ye shall live also. 

20 At that (lay ye shall know that 
I am in my Father, and ye iu me, 
and I in you. 

21 He that hath my command- 
ments^ and keepeth them, he it is 
that loveth me: and he that loveth 
me shall be loved of my Father , and 
I will love liim, and will manifest 
myself to liim. 

22 Judas saith auto him, not 
Ij^cariot, Lord, how is it that thou 
wilt mauiiest thyself unto us, and not 
unto the world ? 

23 Jesus answered and said unto 
him, If a man love me, he will keep 

j luy words : aud my Father will love 
! liim, and we will come unto him, and 
1 make our abode with him. 

十.- % \ > , G+= , , , 

你 們當信 我在父 襄面 父在我 褢面卽 或不信 看我所 行的事 也應常 信了我 實在吿 5ii 你們 我所作 的事信 我的. 也耍作 

並 且耍作 比這: 史大的 歡因爲 我歸到 我父那 裏去」 S 們靠我 的名、 無論求 甚麼、 我必 成就、 科 父因他 子 得榮氣 靠我的 

名求甚良我必成就1們若愛我、應當遵守我的誡4^称耍求父、父就耍另賜你們 一 位保 惠師、 或作 訓慰師 叫他永 、遠 同你們 

在一 處 _§是 眞埋的 聖靈、 世人不 能接受 ^ 因篇 看不見 t 也不 認得 I 只有你 們認得 I 因爲 他同你 們在一 處、 還 耍常; 

你們心 裏.! 不耍撇 下你們 如同孤 、我必 爯到你 們這裘 #§有 不多的 時候、 世人就 不能看 見我。 一.^ 、只有 你們耍 看兒 i 


這人是 愛我的 、愛我 的人、 必 蒙我父 愛他、 我也必 愛他、 並且我 耍顯現 出來給 他看。 一 個^^、不是:^4^5^1^問〕耶穌 

說、 主、 怎 麽要顯 現給. 我 們看、 不顯現 給世人 w^i 穌囘 答說、 人若 愛我、 就 必守我 的道、 我父必 愛他、 我們耍 到他那 裹去、 與他 

同住 U 

282 St. JOHN, XV. 

24 He that loveth me not keepetb 
not my sayings: ami the word which 
ye luar is not mine, but the Father,s 
which sent rae. 

25 These things have I spoken unto 
you, being yet present with you. 

26 Bat the Comforter, which is the 
Holy Ghost, whom the Father will 
send in my name, he shall teach you 
all thiDirs, and bring ail things to 
your ronjembrauce, wlmts (! ever I 
have unto you. 

27 Peace I leave with you, my 
peace 工 give unto you : not as the 
world gi vetli, give I unto you. Let 
not your heart be troubled, neitlier 
let it be afraid. 

28 Ye liave lieard how I '"aid nuto 
you, I go away J and come again unto 
yon. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, 
because I said, I go unto the Father : 
for my Father is greater than I. 

29 And now I have told you before 
it come to pass, that, when it is come 
to pass, ye might believe. 

30 Hereafter I will not talk mucli 
with you : ior the prince of this world 
cometli, and hath nothing in me. 

31 But that the world may know 
that 1 love the Father ; and as the 
Fatlier gave me coniinandinout, even 
so I do. ArisGj let iis go hence. 


AM the true vine, and my 
Father is the husbandinau. 

2 Every braucli in 】iie tliat beareth 
not fruit lie taketli away : and every 
branrJi lliat beareth fruit, he piiriz;etli 
it, that it may bring forth more fruit. 

3 Now ye are clean through the 
word which I liavo spoken imto yoii 

4 Abide in me, and I in you. As 
the branch oannot l)ear fruit of itsdf; 
except it abule iu tlie viwo ; no more 
can ye, exrvpt y(、 abide in tue. 

章五 十第翰 約 

1^ 愛我 的人、 就不守 我的道 、你們 所€^ 的、 不 是我的 是 差我來 的父的 同 你們在 一 返的時 &將這 沾吿拆 你們。 

膨有保 惠!; -Is 訓 師 就是我 父因我 的名、 將要 差來的 聖靈、 他要 將谷、 樣的 道理、 指敎 你乳並 "且叫 你們記 得我對 你們所 

說的 &11: 賜你們 年安、 我將 我的平 安賜與 你歡我 所賜與 你們的 半安、 不像、 肽人所 給的; 6- (义你 們心. 不 -lisl 也不要 

催怕 IS 們 §1^ 我說、 我要 去了、 必再到 你們這 來、 你 們若; HI 愛我、 就必 喜樂、 因 說我、 耍歸 到我父 、我父 是比我 


- J 一一二 、 \ C 


第 十五章 、 、 

• ^ 是與葡 萄樹、 我 父就是 栽培的 -^i 與。 P 連屬 不結果 子的、 枝子、 他必 剪除、 結果, 的就 必修现 乾淨、 叫、 他結 化子; 史 I、 & 

在你 們因一 H 我傳 給你們 的道、 都乾 淨了。 &們耍 常在我 襄面、 我 也常在 你們一 爪-面 子若不 在葡, 對樹 上、 必不能 自己結 

你 們若不 在我裹 也是如 ^ 

St. JOHN, XV. 

章五十 第翰約 283 

5 1 am the vine, ye (irc the brunches. 
He that abideth in me, and I in him, 
the same bringeth forth much fruit ; 
for without me ye cuu do nothing, 

6 If a man abide not in me, he is 
cast forth as a branch, and is with- 
ered ; and men gather them, and cast 
thcm'wxto the fire,aml they are burned. 

7 If ye abide in me, aiul my words 
abide in you, ye shall ask what ye 
will, aud it shall be done unto you. 

8 Herein is ruy Father glorified, 
that ye bear much fruit ; so shall ye 
be my disciples. 

9 A.s the Father liath 】ove(l rne, 
so liave I loved you : continue ye in 
my love. 

10 If ye keep my commandments, 
ye shall abide in my love; even as I 
have kept my Father's command- 
meiits, and abide in his love. 

11 These things have I spoken unto 
you, that my joy might remain in 
you, and that your joy might be full. 

12 This is my commandment, That 
ye love one another, as I liave loved 


1 3 Greater love hath no man than 
this, that a man lay down his life 
for his friends. 

14 Ye are my friends, if ye do 
whatsoever I command you. 

15 Henceforth I call you not ser- 
vants ; for the servant knoweth not 
wliat his lord doetli : but I have 
called you friends ; for all thing;s 
tliat I have lieard of iny Fattier I 
have made known unto you. 

16 Ye have not chosen tue, but I 
have chosen you, and ordained you, 
that ye sliould go and bring f(>rth 
fruit, and thai your fruit sliould 
remain ; that whatsoever ye shall 
ask of the Father in my name, he 
may give it you. 

17 Tluse tilings 工 cotmmuul you, 
that ye love cue another. 

18 If the world hate you, ye know 
tiiat it Lat( d me before it hated you. 

K1、、 % 、 、、 o 六 

我是葡 萄樹你 們是枝 子人若 常在我 裏面我 也常在 他裏面 就必耍 多多結 果子你 們若沒 有我也 必不能 作甚麼 人若離 


祈求就 必給你 們成全 ^們 若多結 果子、 我父 就必得 榮耀一 你們也 i; 是我 的門徒 h^.. 我愛 你們、 像天父 愛我、 你們就 當不失 


^你 們心 •:, &得著 我的喜 1^ 你們的 喜樂、 可 滿足, !! 們應 當彼此 相愛、 像我愛 你們一 般>£ 一就是 我的命 <^_^<H 朋友 捨.^ 

、 C 十 、 、 十五 、 、 

愛 人的事 沒有比 這個大 的我所 吩咐的 你們, 若能行 你們就 是我的 朋友了 從今以 後我不 稱你們 爲僕人 因薦僕 人不知 


你們 去結果 並且叫 你們的 果子、 可以 常存。 你們靠 我的名 、不拘 向父求 甚良父 就都賜 紛你^ 吩 附你們 這話、 是要叫 

你們 彼此相 上的 人若恨 你們、 你們 須知道 恨你們 以先、 已 經恨我 . 

284 St. JOHN, XVI. 

19 If ye were of the world, the 
world would love his own ; but because 
ye are not of the world, but I have 
clioseii you out of the work!, tliei'efoi'e 
the world liateth you. 

'20 Remember the word that I said 
unto you, The servant is not greater 
than his lord. If they have persecuted 
me, they will also persecute you ; if 
they have kept my saying, they will 
keep yours also. 

21 But all these things will they do 
uuto you for my name's sake, because 
tliey know not him that sent me. 

22 If I had not come and spoken 
unto them, they had not had sin ; but 
now they have no cloak for their sin. 

23 He that liatetli me hateth my 
Father also. 

24 If 1 had not clone among them 
the works which none other man did, 
they bad not had sin : but now have 
they both seen and hated both me 
and my Father. 

25 But this Cometh to pass, that 
the word might be fulfilled that is 
written in their law, Tliey hated me 
without a cause. 

26 But when the Comforter is 
come, whom I will send unto you 
from the Father, even the Spirit of 
truth, which proceedeth from the 
Father, he shall testiiy of nie : 

27 Aud ye also shall bear witness, 
because ye have been with me from 
tlie beginning;. ' 


THESE things have I spoken 
uuto you, that ye slioukl not be 

2 They shall put ycai out of tlie 
svnagogues: yea, the time oometh, 
tiiiit Mliosoeverkilletli you will think 
that he cloeth God service. 

3 And these tilings will they do 
unto you, because they have not 
known the Fatluir, nor inc. 

章六十 第翰約 


對你們 , I 僕人不 能比主 人大、 這句話 你們應 當記今 5 他們 旣然逼 迫我、 也必" J 逼迫你 乳若竹 、遒我 的站、 也必、 婴^ 你 

們的 話", 們禱 我的名 這樣待 你們、 是因爲 不認識 差我來 的父。 称若不 來敎訓 他歡他 們就沒 有罪、 現在他 們的罪 、無可 、推 

矮了。 ♦ 恨我 、也必 恨我父 II 若沒有 在他們 中問、 行過 別人未 曾行的 I 他們。 ^ 沒有罪 、現在 他們已 經看見 我和我 的父、 還 

恨我 ^ 我的 父」^ 們的律 法上說 、他 們無綠 無故的 恨我、 這句話 眞應驗 從父那 保 惠師。 或作訓 K 師來、 就#從 

父出來 的眞理 的聖靈 、他來 IK 就一 我作 見證 1 們 也必爲 我作見 d 因一 1 你們從 起頭就 和我在 一 氣 

第 十六章 、 、 。 

^你們 這話、 免得你 們後來 悔恨。 i 們要將 你們趕 出敎會 、並 且時候 將到了 凡殺你 們的. A 都自 己以爲 是舉奉 神 

_k 們不認 識父、 也不認 識我、 所以 要如此 待你眈 

St. JOiiX, XVI. 章六十 第翰約 2S5 

4 But these things have I told you, 
that wlieii the time si mil come, ye 
may remember tliat I told you of 
them. And these things T said not 
imto you at the beginning, because I 
was with you. j 

r) But now I go my way to him | 
that sent me ; and none of you asketli j 
me, W'litlier goest thou? i 

G But because I luxve said these j 
things unto you, sorrow hath filled ! 
your heart. j 

7 Nevertheless I tell you the truth ; i 
It is expedient for you that I go : 
uway : for if I go not away, the Com- | 
forter will not come unto you ; but if j 
I depart, I will send liim unto you. ! 

8 And when be is come, lie will ! 
reprove the world of sin, and of | 
righteousness, and of judgment : 

9 Of sin, because they believe not 
on me ; 

10 Of righteousness, because I go 
to my Father, and ye see me no more ; 

1 1 Of judgment, because the prince 
of this world is judged. 

12 I have yet many things to 
say imto you, but ye cannot bear 
them now. 

13 Howbeit when he, tlie Spirit of | 
truth, is come, be will guide yon into 
all truth : for he shall not speak of 
himself ; but whatsoever he shall 
hear, that shall he speak : aiul he 
will sliew you things to come. 

1-4 He shall glorify me: for he 
shali receive of mine, and shall shew 
it unto you. 

15 All things that the Father 
liatli are mine : therefore said I, 
tliat lie sliall take of mine, nnd shall 
bhew it imto you. 

16 A little while, and ye sliall I 
not see me: and again, a little while, 
and ye shall see me, because 工 go 
to the Father. 

E 、 、 , , OS 

我 將這事 吿訴你 們是要 你們到 那時候 想念我 對你們 所說的 話我從 前沒有 吿訴你 們因露 我還和 你們在 一 處 現在我 

耍囘到 差我來 的父那 裏去、 你們中 間倒沒 有人間 我往那 裹去. ilnl 我將這 話告訴 你們、 你 們滿心 憂愁。 &實在 吿訴你 ^ 

我去必 與你們 有益、 因一 1 我不去 、保惠 i 或作訓 i 就不 到你們 這裹^ 我去 r..- 就 差他來 0^ 旣來了 、必要 叫世上 的人、 爲罪 

義一爲 審判、 自己 責備自 pdlB 、是 因爲他 們不信 我!! i 是因 篇 我將 要囘到 我父那 裏去、 你 們不能 再見我 1 審判、 是因 



於我: 示你 ffls! 父所 有的、 都是 我的、 所 以說他 必將所 受於我 I 指示你 不多的 時候、 你們就 看不見 我了、 再等不 


286 St. JOHN, XVI. 

17 Then said some of Iiis disciples 
among themselves, WJiat is this that 
lie saitli unto us, A little while,' and 
ye slmll not see me: and again, a 
little while J and ye shall see me : and, 
Because I go to the Father ? 

18 They said therefore, What is 
this that he saith, A little while? 
we cannot tell what he saitli. 

19 Now Jesus knew that they were 
desirous to ask him, and said unto 
them. Do ye inquire amoug your- 
selves of that I said, A little while, 
and ye shall not see me : and again, 
a little while, and ye shall see me? 

20 Verily, verily, I say unto you, 
That ye shall weep and lament, but 
the world shall rejoice ; and ye shall 
be sorrowful, but your sorrow shall 
be turned into joy. 

21 A woman when she is in travail 
hath sorrow, because her hour is 
come: but as soon as she is delivered 
of the child, she remembereth no 
more the anguish, for joy that a 
man is born into the world. 

22 And yo now therefore have 
sorrow : but I will see you again, 
and your licart shall rejoice, and 
your joy no man taketli from you. 

23 And in that day ye shall ask me 
nothing. Verily, verily, Isa)' unto you, 
Wliatsoever ye shall ask tlie Father 
in luy name, he will give it you. 

24 Hitherto huvo yeaske<l nothing 
in my name : ask, and yc shall 
receive, that your joy may be full. 

25 These tilings have 1 spoloMi 
unto you in ])rov(-rbs : but the time 
Cometh J when I shall no mure spealc 
unto you in proverbs, but 工 shall 
sliew you plainly of the Fatlier. 

26 At that day ye shiill ask in my 
name : and I say not unto you, that 
】 will ])niy the Father ibr you : 

27 】?or the 】,、itlier lunisolf lovclli 
you, be (.'u use ye have loved mv and 
1 1 live believed tlmt 1 came out Irorn 
I God. 

章六十 第翰約 

&幾個 門徒彼 此對問 ,t 他說等 不多的 時:^ 你們 就看不 見我、 再等 不多的 時候、 你們 又耍看 w 我、^ 一 s^w^^ 父那" 

去、 這話是 S 麼意& 3 呢 們又說 、他說 不多的 時候、 到底 是甚麼 意想、 我們不 明白他 所說的 ^狐 穌知^ 4 們一, 乂^ 就對 J 

們說、 我說等 不多的 時候、 你 們就看 不見我 k 等不多 的時候 、你 們又要 1^ 見我、 你們 爲這話 此 和問麽 ^ 、货在 你們、 


就憂秋 t 了 2^ 子以後 、因一 世 上添了 一 個人、 就甚 歡喜、 忘了 從前釣 苦楚。 i 在你們 憂愁、 等到我 ffi: 兒 你們、 你們心 &就、 喜 

樂了、 並且 你們的 喜樂、 沒有人 能奪去 1 時 I 就是 一 樣事你 們也不 用問我 、我實 在吿訴 你們、 凡你 我: S 名澉 父的、 父 

必賜 與你們 IS 前你 們沒有 靠我的 名求過 薛險一 如今你 們求、 就 必得昏 這樣你 們的喜 樂、 必耍滿 w^,^ 現 在用比 ^^將這事 

吿訴 你們、 時候 將到、 我不再 m 比 #吿\ ^你 歡必 將父的 道明明 白白的 吿訴你 a ,時: ^你們 應當^ 我的名 祈.^ 我不說 

我 要10 你 們求父 自己愛 你們、 因爲你 們愛我 、又信 我是從 神那^ 來脉 


28 I came forth from the Father, 
and an] come into the world : again. 

I leave the world, and go to the 

20 His disciples said unto him, 
Lo, now speukest thou plainly, and 
spcakest no proverb. 

oO Now are wg sure that thou 
k newest all tilings, and neeciist not 
that any man should ask thee : by 
this v.T- i)elieve that thou earnest forth 
fn')in Goil. 

31 Jesus answered them, Do ye 
now believe ? 

32 Behold, the hour cometh, yea, 
is now come, that ye shall be j^cat- 
terecl, every man to his own, and 
shall leave me alone : and yet I am 
not alone, because the Father is 
Avith me. 

33 These things I have spoken 

II n to you, tliat in me ye might have 
peace. In the world ye shall have 
tribulation : but be of good cheer ; 
I have overcome the world. 


THESE words spake Jesus, and 
lifted np his eyes to ! leaven^ 
and said. Father, the hour is come ; 
glorify tliy Son, that thy Son also 
may glorify thee : 

2 As thou hast given him power 
over all flesl), that he should give 
etornal life to as many as thou hast 
given him. 

3 And this is life eternal, that 
they might know thee the only true 
Go(l, and Jesus Christ, whom thou 
liast sent. 

4 I have glorified thee on the 
earth : I have finished the work 
which thou gavest me to do. 

5 And now, O Father, glorify 
thou me with thine own self witli 
the glory which I had witli tliee 
before the world was. 

七 十 第 翰 約 287 

S 從父 那裹來 、到了 世上、 我又離 開世么 囘父那 裏去。 £ 徒說、 現 在你是 明說、 不再用 比吟生 j。g 們知道 你是 無所不 知的不 

必有人 問你、 所以 我們信 你是從 神那裹 來的. B 穌囘答 lili 現在 你們信 ill 候耍 到了、 就是 現今、 你們都 要分. 1 谷歸自 

、 、 、 oi 一 :!= • 、 、 

己 的地方 留下我 一 個人其 實不是 我獨自 在這裏 還有父 同我在 一 處我將 這事吿 1^ 你們是 耍叫 你們靠 我能得 1^ 安在 

世 上你們 一 定要受 苦難、 然而你 們不要 懼怕、 我巳經 勝了世 界了。 

第 十七章 

b 穌 說完了 這話、 就舉目 天說、 父阿、 時候到 了、 願你榮 耀你的 子、 &你的 % 子也榮 耀你。 ks 你 曾將管 现萬民 的權柄 

賜 給我、 叫我也 將永生 賜給你 所賜給 我的人 。i 識 你是獨 】 眞神、 t^, 且認識 你所差 來的耶 穌基^ 這 就是永 在世上 

、 、 03 、 、 

已^ 榮麓 你你所 託付我 作的事 我已經 成全了 如今求 父使我 同你享 榮耀就 是創造 天地以 先我同 你所有 的榮耀 

6 I have manifested tliy name un- 
to tlie men which thou gavest me out 
of the world : thine they were, and 
thou' gavest tliem me; and they have 
kept thy word. 

7 Now they have known that all 
tilings whatsoever thou hast given 
me are of thee. 

8 For I have given unto them the 
words wliicli thou gavest roe ; and 

• tlicy have received them, and have 
' ! known surely that 1 came out from I 
thee, and they have believed that I 
thou didst send me. j 

9 I pray for then] : I pray not for 
the world, but fov tliein whicli thou 
hast given me ; for they are thine. 

10 And all mine are tliiuo, and 
thine are mine ; and I aiu glorified 
ill them. 

11 And now I am no more in tlie 
world, but these are in the world, and 
I corue to thee. Holy Father, keep 
through thine own name those whom 
tiiou bast given me, that they may 
he one, as we are. 

12 While I was with them in the 
world, I kept them in thy name : 
those tlmt thou gavest me I have 
kept, and none of them is lost, but 
the son of perdition ; tliat the Scrip- 
ture might be fulfilled. 

13 Ami now come I to tliee ; and 
these tilings I speak in the world, 
tliat they might liave my joy (iilfillccl 
iu themselves. 

14 I have gi veu them thy word ; 
and the world hath hated them, be- 
cause tliey are not of the world, even 
as I am not of the world. 

15 I pray not that tliou shouklest 
take them out of the world, but tlmt 
thou shonldcst keep them from the 

1 (; Tliey are not of the world, even 
as I am not of the world. 

17 Sanctify them tliroiigli tliv 
truth : tliy word is truth. ' 

288 St. JOHN, XVIL 章 七十第 翰 約 

從世 上梳選 賜給我 的人、 我巳經 將你的 名指示 他們了 他們本 "ysi 你 的你將 他們賜 給我、 他們也 曾遵守 你的道 知 

道你 所賜給 我的、 都是從 你那. 出來: ^kil 你所 賜給我 的道、 我賜給 他們、 他們 p」 經受了 、一; :小 M 在知 道我是 從你那 ;製出 

求並且 信我是 你所差 雍:^ iss 們祈 氣不是 n! 世人 祈氟是 篇你所 賜給我 的人祈 他 們本是 Ji 乎你: ^ki^ 我 

的、 都是 屬你: g? 屬你的 、也是 膨我的 因他們 得了榮 ii^ 今 以後、 我不在 © 上了、 他 們在世 么我往 你那一 5^ 去.. 求 a 父 

保 守你所 賜給我 的人、 gr^ 們永信 你的名 、都 合而爲 一 、像 父和我 一 般。 i 同他 們在^ 的 時候、 也保守 他們、 使他們 信你的 

名、 凡你所 賜給我 的人、 我都保 全了、 其中沒 有失落 一 個、 R 失落 那該滅 G 的人 〔II 驗 經上所 記的! 在我 耍歸到 你那一 ei^ 

去、 我還 在世的 時候、 先說這 si 使 他們心 裏大得 我的喜 H 將你的 道银給 他們、 世人恨 他們、 他們 不和世 人同頓 (像 

我不和 世 人同額 一 !!紀不 求你^ 能們 離開使 s^.ns;.^ 你保: W 他們不 陷在罪 惡澳。 i 們不 和世人 同額、 像 我不和 世人同 

j 氣 i 你 es 你的眞 氣使仏 們成爲 潔红 的道就 是眞氣 


18 As thou liast sent me into the 
world, even so have I also sn\t them 
into the world. 

19 And for their sakes I sanctify 
myself, that they also might be sanc- 
tified through the truth. 

20 Neither pray I for these alone, 
but for them also which sliall believe 
oil me through their word ; 

21 That they all may be (me; as 
thou, Father, art in me, and I in 
thee, that they also may be one in 
us : that the world may believe that 
thou hast sent nie. 

22 And the glory which thou ga vest 
me I have given them ; that they 
may be one, even as we are one : 

23 I in them, and thou in me, 
that they may be made perfect in 
one ; and that the world may know 
that thou hast seut me, and hast 
loved them, as thou hast loved me. 

24 Father, I will that they also, 
whom thou hast given me^ be with 
me wliere I am ; that they may be- 
hold my glory, which thou liast given 
me: for thou lovedst me before the 
foundation of the world. 

25 O righteous Father, the world 
hath not known thee : but I have 
known thee, and these have known 
that thou hast sent me. 

26 And I have declared unto them 
thy name, and will declare it ; that 
the love wherewith thou hast loved 
me may be in them, and I in 


11 Jesus had spoken these 
words, he went forth with 
his disciples over the brook Cedroii, 
where was a garden, into tlie which 
he entered, and his disciples. 

2 And Judas also, which betrayed 
him, knew the place : for Jesus 
ofttimes resorted thither with his 

章 八十第 翰 約 289 

+n , o 卞 ft 、 01 一十 、 

你差 我到^ 上、 差他們 到世上 、我 M 他們成 、聖 他們 也因眞 瑰成聖 我不但 禱這些 人祈禱 也篇那 聽見他 們的詰 就 

信 我的人 禱、 他們 都合、 而爲 一、 父在我 lili 我在父 裏面、 叫他們 也這樣 在我們 .:^_ -面、 合而爲 一、 低人就 可以信 我是你 

所 差來败 1 賜給我 、的 榮耀、 我已經 賜給他 們、^ 他們 合丽爲 r 像 父和我 本來爲 一。 1 在 他們; 面、 你在我 裹面、 使 他們完 

完、 全全 的合 而爲、 一、 世人就 可以曉 得我是 你所差 來的、 並且 曉得你 愛他們 同愛我 一 阿、 我在 那裏、 願你所 、賜 給我的 

人、 也、 同我在 那裏、 叫他 們看見 你所^ f 我的 榮鉱因 一1 創造低 界以前 、你已 經愛我 L_!I8 的父、 世人不 認識你 、只 有我認 

識你、 這些人 也曉得 我是你 所差來 ^化 曾將你 的名指 示他們 知道一 還要指 示他們 、使你 所施給 我的慈 在他們 襄面、 我 

也在 他們裏 }d」 

" 第 十八章 、 I 、 、 。 

b 穌說完 了這話 、同門 徒岀來 、過了 小河、 在 那裏有 一 個 園子、 他們都 進去子 。& 耶穌的 也認得 那地方 、因一 1 耶穌 

屢次 和門徒 在那裏 聚集。 

290 St. JOHN, XVIII. 

3 Jjidas then, having received a 
band of men aiul officers from the 
chief priests aiul Pharisees, cometli 
thither with lanterns and torches 
and weapons. 

4 Jesus therefore, knowing all 
things that should come upon him, 
went for til, and said unto tlicm, 
Wiiom seek ye ? , 

5 Tiiey answered him, Jesus of 
Nazareth. Jesus saith unto them, 
I am he. And Judas also, which 
betrayed him, stood with them. . 

6 As so(jn then as he had said 
unto them, I am he, they went 
backward, and fell to the ground. 

7 Then asked he them again, 
Wliom seek ye? And they said, 
Jesus of Nazareth, 

8 Jesus answered, I have told you 
that I am he: if therefore ye seek 
me, let these go their way : 

9 the saying miglit be fiil- 
filled, which he spake, Of them which 
thou gavest me have I lost none. 

10 Then Simon Peter having a 
sword drew it, and smote the high 
priest's servant, and cut off his right 
car. The servant's name was Malchus. 

11 Then said Jesus nnto Peter, 
Put up thy sword into the sheath : 
the cup which ray Father liatii 
given me, shall I not drink it ? 

12 TIku the baud and the captain 
and officers of the Jews took Jesus, 
and bound him, 

13 And led him away to Annas 
first; for he was father in law to 
Caiapliap, which was the liigli priest 
that same year. 

14 Now Caiaphas was lie, which 
guvc counsel to the Jews, that it 
was expedient that one man should 
(lie for tlie people. 

15 And Simon Peter followed 
Jesus, and .so did another disciple : 
that disciple was Icnown unto the 
higli priest, and went in with Jesus 
into the palace of the high priest. 

章 八十第 翰 約 

就領著 一 隊兵、 和祭 司長同 法利赛 人的差 役拿著 火把燈 籠器械 來到園 一裘耶 穌知近 所耍臨 到自己 身上的 .. 

就出 來問他 們說、 你們尋 找誰。 ^們囘 答說、 尋找 人耶穌 1 耶穌說 、我 就是。 賣他的 & 和衆人 一 同站立 。&穌 1 說 

我就是 、衆人 就退後 、仆 倒在地 i 穌又問 他們說 、你 們尋找 誰.^ 答說、 尋找拿 撒勒人 耶穌。 鞭穌說 、我已 經吿^ 你們說 、我就 

是" 你 們若尋 找我、 可容這 些人去 就應了 耶穌從 前所說 你賜給 我的人 、我沒 有失落 一 個的 話了。 帶?^ 一 把几 

就拔 出來、 砍祭 司長的 僕人、 削掉他 的右耳 。那僕 人名叫 si 。取 穌對 1 說、 收 你的刀 入鞘。 我父給 我的那 一 盃、 我可以 

不喝麼 1 是那 一 隊乓; 和千 夫長並 §^ 人的 衙役、 將耶穌 捉住、 捆 鄉了" „ ^拉到 i 面前、 !就 是本年 作大祭 司的, j 

i 岳父 lis^ 從 前曾和 i5 人商議 說、) 個人替 百姓死 、是與 我們有 益的。 i 隨耶 穌的、 有 B^^fe 還有 一 個門 ^ 

是大祭 司素常 認識的 、這 門徒同 荖耶穌 進了大 祭司的 I I 

St. JOHN, Xym. 章八十 第翰約 291 

ir) But Pctei* stood at the door 
witliout. Then went out that other 
disolple, which was known unto the 
h\0\ priest, and spake unto her 
that kept the door, and brought in 

1 7 Then saith the damsel that 
kept the door unto Peter, Art not 

'• thou also one of this man's disciples? 

j He saith, I am not. 

j 18 And the servants and officers 
stood there, who had made a fire of 

I coals, for it was cold ; and tliey 
warmed themselves : aud Peter stood 
with them, and warmed himself. 

19 , The high priest then asked 
Jesus of his disciples, and of his 

20 Jesus answered I spake 
openly to the world ; I ever taught 
in the synagogue, and in the temple, 
whither the Jews always resort ; and 
ia secret Imve I said nothing. 

21 Wliy askest thou me ? ask 
them which heard me, what I have 
said unto them : behold, they know 
what I said. 

22 And when lie liacl thus spoken, 
one of the officers which stood by 
struck Jesus with the palm of his 
hand, saying, Answercst thou the 
high priest so? 

23 Jesus answered him, If I have 
spoken evil, bear witness of the evil : 
but if well, why smitcst thou me? 

24 jSTow Annas had sent him 
bound unto Caiaplias the high priest. 

25 And Simon Peter stood and 
Avarmccl himself. They said there- 
fore unto him, Art not thou also 
one of his disciples ? He denied it, 
and said, I am not. 

26 One of the servants of the high 
priest, being his kinsman whose ear 
Peter cut off, saitli, Did not I see 
thee in the garden with him? 

27 Peter then denied again ; and 
immtdiutely the cock crew. 

J; 、 、 HI 1 1 1 

彼 得站在 門外大 祭司所 認識的 那個門 徒出來 向看門 的說了 一 I 就額: ifflz 去。 i 門的了 鬟對 、你 豈不 是這人 

的 門徒麽 我 不是。 i 人和 差役 因爲天 氣寒^ 燒炭站 在那裏 火。 ^ 也同他 們站著 火。 |g 下大 祭司將 耶穌的 

門徒、 和耶穌 的道氣 盤問孤 穌囘 答說、 我常明 明對人 講道、 也常在 會堂和 聖殿裏 、就是 人聚集 的地方 敎訓人 、我 

私 下沒有 說甚麼 話。; ^爲 何問我 、可 問那聽 見的. = ^我傳 的 是甚, 既我所 講的、 他們 都知道 「義 穌說了 這話、 旁邊 站著的 差役、 

有^ 打 耶穌的 臉說、 你這樣 g 答大 祭司庐 ~§穌_1 若我 說的不 Bl^ 你可 以措證 我的不 忠我說 的是、 s.^ 麼打我 

時 就將耶 穌解到 大祭司 那襄 去、 或 作原來 那 已將耶 1 喊到 大祭司 58 法 那裏去 是捆著 解去: 時候 翻 

站著 I? 火、 有. 人對他 r^」 你不 是他的 門徒磨 \ !不承 氣說我 不是。 大祭司 的僕. ^、就 是被! 削 掉右耳 的那個 人的親 

戚、 說我 不是在 阖子裏 看見你 和他在 一 處 翻叉 不承, if 雞就 叫了。 

292 St. JOHN, XVIII. 章八十 第翰約 

28 1 Then led they Jesus from 
Caiaplms unto, the hall of judgment : I 
and it was early ; and they themselves | 
went not iuto the jiulgment hall, lest I 
tlj.ey should be deiiled ; but that they 
miglit eat the passover. , I 

29 Pilate then went out unto them, 
and said, What accusation bring yo 
against this man ? ^ " 

SOTlieyansweredaud said unto him, 
If he were not a malefactor, we would 
not have delivered him up unto thee. 

31 Tlieii said Pilate unto them, 
Take ye him, and judge him accord- 
ing to your law. The Jews therefore 
«iid unto him, It is not lawful for us 
to put auy mail to death : 

32 Tliat the saying of Jesus might 
!) e fulfilled, which he spake, signify- 
ing what death be sliould die. 

33 Then Pilate entered into the 
judgment liall again, and called 
Jesus, and said unto him, Art thou ! 
the King of the Jews? 

34 Jesus answered him, Sayest 
tliou this thing of thyself, or "clid 
others tell it thee of ine ? 

, 35 Pilate answered, Am I a Jew ? 
Thine own nation and tlie chief 
priests liave delivered thee unto me: 
what liast thou done "? 
• 3G Jesus answcrfcci. My kingdom 
】's not of this world : if my kingdom 
were of this world, then wouk? my 
servants figl】t,, that J should not be 
delivered to the Jews: but now is 
iny kingdom not from 】】en«'. 

37 Pilate tlioiefore said unto him, 
A rt tl"m a kiiiirtlien? Jcsnsansworwl, 
Thou sayest (liat I am a king. To 
llii.scnd was I burn, and for tin's cause 
came I into the world, tliat I sliould 
bear witness unto the truth. 】"-(jn""ie 
tluit is of'tlio truth lioaretli my voice. 

:化 Pilutc siiitli unto liim, Wliat is 
truth? And wl It'll lie had said this, 
lie went out again unto the Jews, and 
saiti' unto tlioni, I find in liini no 
fault at <dl. 

〇 衆 人拉著 耶穌從 那裹往 公堂去 、那時 正在淸 5L< 衆人不 進衙門 、恐 怕身體 l^, 了污穢 、不 能吃逾 越節的 煞羊。 g— 执 

f I 衆人 1 們 if 甚麼 frs 個人^ 人囘 答&适 人若不 是犯罪 I 我們就 不將他 解到你 ^^I^^J^^W 

們拉 他去、 按著你 們的律 法審^ 人說、 我們 沒有殺 人的權 & 就應驗 耶穌所 說自己 將耍怎 麼死的 ^^1-^$^ 

進衙 a 叫耶 穌來、 問他說 、你是 11 人的王 11 穌囘 答說、 這話是 你自己 說的呢 、是 有人吿 訴你的 呢滅掛 多說、 if 刺 

-力 I 人呢 k 你到 我這裏 來的、 是你 本地的 百姓、 和衆祭 司長、 你作 過甚麼 事呢。 聊穌說 、我的 國不是 這世上 的&^ 的國^ ^ 

這世上 的國、 我的 臣子必 一1 我 爭戰、 免得我 被賣給 人、 只 是我的 國不是 這世上 的國。 說、 這樣你 * 然是^ 麼 

穌囘答 說我是 ^爲 此降生 、我一 此到低 上來、 特一! I 眞理作 見氣凡 從眞理 的人、 必聽 我的浮 £船别 多說、 舆现是 ^麽 

呢 e 說完了 、又 出來、 到 人那 裹說、 我査 不出他 有甚麼 罪來。 7 


39 But ye Imve a custom, that I 
should release unto you one at the 
passover : will ye therefore tluit I 
release unto you the King of tlie 
Jews ? 

40 Then cried they all again, say- 
ing, Not this man, but Barubbas. 
Now Barabbas was a robber. 


(I-rEN Pilate therefore took Jesus, 
and scourged him. 

2 And the soldiers platted a crown 
of thorns, and put it on his head, and 
they put on him a purple robe, 

o And said, Hail, King of the 
Jews ! and they smote him with their 

4 Pilate therefore went forth again, 
and saith unto tliem, Behold, I bring 
hitu forth to you, that ye may know 
tliat 1 f5nd no fault in him, 

5 Then came Jesus forth, wearing 
the crown of thorns, and the purple 
robe. And Pilate saith unto them. 
Bell old the man ! 

When the cliief priests therefore 
and officers saw him, they cried out, 
saying, Crucify him, crucify him. 
Pilate saith unto them, Take ye him, 
and crucify Ji im : for I find no fault 
in hlui. 

7 The Jews answered him, We 
have a law, and by our law he ought 
to die, l)ecanse he made himself the 
Son of God. 

8 "If Wlieii Pilate therefore heard 
that saying, he was the more afraid ; 

9 Aud went again into the judg- 
ment hall, and saith unto Jesus, 
AV hence art thou ? But Jesus gave 
him no answer. 

10 Then saith Pilate unto him, 
Speakest thou not unto me? k no west 
thou not that I have power to crucify 
thee, and have power to release 

章九十 第翰約 2 9 3 

你們有 一 個規矩 每到逾 越節耍 我給你 們釋放 一 個 囚犯你 們耍我 释放猶 太人的 王不要 衆人喊 叫說不 耍釋放 這個人 

耍釋放 § 凹。 ilMS^ 是 强盜。 

第 十九章 G„ 、 II 。 

^田下 將耶穌 鞭打了 。lk 丁用枳 棘編作 1: 免、 戴在耶 穌頭么 又給 他穿上 紫色飽 ij 他說、 請 人的 王安。 他們 就用手 


、 、 六 、 、 、 〇 

出來^ 割對 他們說 你們看 這就是 那人祭 司長和 差役看 見耶穌 就大聲 說釘他 在十字 架上釕 他在十 字架上 彼拉多 

、 、 3-^ ! , . , , 、 、 

說你們 自己將 他釘在 十字架 上我査 不出他 冇茶麽 罪來^ 人囘 答說我 們有律 法按著 我們的 律法他 是當死 的因爲 

CK . 、、凡 、 、 十 、 

他 自稱是 祌的 a- 子 彼拉多 聽見這 ST 更加 害怕就 囘到公 堂問耶 穌說你 是那褢 來的耶 穌不囘 答彼拉 多又問 他說你 

不 囘答我 麼你豈 不知我 i?: 權柄 將你。 釣十 字架、 也 有權柄 將你釋 放麽。 

294 St, JOHN, XIX. 

11 Jesus answered, Thou could est 
have no power at all against me, 
except it whvq given thee from 
above : therefore he that delivered 
me unto thee liath tlie greater sin. 

12 And from thenceforth Pilate 
sought to release him : but the Jews 
cried out, saying, If thou let this 
man go, thou art not Cesar's friend : 
whosoever maketh himself a king 
speaketli against Cesar. 

13 , Wlien Pilate therefore lieard 
that saying, he brought Jesns fortli, 
and sat down in tlie judgment seat iu 
a place that is called the Pavement, 
but ill the Hebrew, Gabbatlm. 

14 And it was the }>reparatiou of 
the passover, and about the sixtli 
hour : and he saith unto the Jews, 
Behold your King! 

15 But they cried out, A \vu y with 
him, away with /〃'm, or ucify him. 
Pilate saith untothem, Shall I crucify 
your King ? The chief priests an- 
swered. We liave no king but Cesar, 

16 Then delivered he iiiin there- 
fore unto them to be crucfied. And 
tliey took Jesus^ and led him away. 

17 And he bearing his cross went 
forth into a place called the place 
of a skull, wliicli is called in the 
Hebrew Golgotha : 

18 Where they crucified him, and 
two others with him, on either side 
one, and Jesus in the midst. 

19 1 And Pilate wrote a title, and 
put it on tlie cross. And the writinj^ 

20 This title then rend many of 
the Jews ; for Ihe place where Jesus 
Avns crucified was nigh to tlie city : 
and it wus written in Hebrew, and 
Greok, and Latin. 

21 Til en said the chief priests of 
the Jews to Pilate, Write not, The 
K inj^ of the Jews ; but that he said, 
I 11 111 KiiiLT of tlie Jows. 

章九十 第翰約 

耶穌 囘答說 若不是 從上^ 賜給: ^你就 毫無害 我的權 枘所以 將我交 給你的 那人? 史重 了從此 彼拉多 想耍釋 放耶穌 


、 、 、 —— 、 — \ 十 a 、 OI I 

去到了 一 個地方稱爲鋪華石處希伯來的話叫作!^^在那裏^堂那日是豫備逾越節的日子約^:?午正彼拉多對猶 

^人說 、你 們看、 這是 你們的 nfi 們喊 說、 除滅他 、除 滅他、 釘他 在十字 架,^ 柳,^ .又 問他們 ^ 我可 以把 你們的 王釘在 

〇 、 、 〇 十六 I C 十七 

十字架 上麼衆 祭司長 囘答說 除了該 撒我們 沒有甚 麼王彼 拉多將 耶穌交 給他們 去釘十 字架他 們就將 耶穌拉 了去耶 

穌背著 自己的 十字架 出域: 到了 一 個地方 、名叫 髑髏良 31 的 :!^ 叫作 那逸釘 耶脉在 十字架 有兩個 

、 、 、 〇十*! 、 , =; 、 I I 一 十 

人 一 同釘著 一 個 在左邊 一 個 在右邊 耶穌在 中間彼 拉多寫 一 個牌 安在十 宇架上 寫的是 猶太人 的王拿 撒勒人 耶穌有 



22 Pilate answered, What I have 
written I have written. 

23 可 Then the soldiers, when they 
1 1 ad crucified Jesus, took liis garments, 
and made four parts, to every soldier 
a part ; and also his coat : now the 
coat was without seam, woven from 
the top throughout. 

24 They said therefore among 
themselves, Let us not rend it, but 
cost lots for it, whose it shall be: 
that the Scripture might be fulfilled, 
which saith, They parted my raiment 
among them, and for my vesture tliey 
did case lots. These things therefore 
the soldiers did. 

25 1 Now there stood by the cross 
of Jesus his mother, and his mother's 
sister, Mary the wife of Cleoplias, 
and Mary Magdalene. 

26 When Jesus therefore saw his 
mother, aucl the disciple standing by, 
whom he loved, he saith unto his 
mother, Woman, behold thy son ! 

27 Then saith lie to the disci ]>le, 
Beheld thy mother ! And from that 
hour tliat disciple took her unto his 
own home, 

28 T[ After this, Jesus knowing 
that all things were now accompl isli ed , 
that the Scripture miglit bo fulfilled, 
saith, I thirst. 

29 Now there was set a vessel fall 
of vinegar : and they filled a sponge 
witli vinegar, and put it upon hyssop, 
and put it to his mouth. 

30 When Jesus therefore had 
received the vinegar, he said, It is 
fiulshed : and he bowed 】iis head, 
and gave up the ghost. 

31 The Jews therefore, because it 
was the preparation, that the bodies 
should not remain upon tlie cross on 
the sabbath clay, (for that sabbath 
day was a high day,) besouglit Pilate 
tliat their legs might be broken, and 
that they might be taken away. 

章 九十第 翰 約 295 

人的衆 祭司長 、就求 說、 不要寫 人 的王、 耍寫他 自稱是 人的王 囘答說 、我所 寫的、 我已 經寫上 

三一 1 、 、 、 〇 、 、 、 I 

了兵丁 旣釘耶 穌在十 字架上 就把他 的衣服 分爲四 1^ 每人 一 分 還有他 一 俾裏衣 那件萬 衣是 上下 一 片 織成沒 有縫兒 


i 穌的 母親、 和 他母親 的姊妹 的妻子 仏還一 的^^ 在. h 字架 旁邊 站著。 i 穌 1^ 見他的 母親、 和他 

所 愛的那 一 個 門徒姑 在那一 就對他 母親! iii® 親、 這是你 的兒子 。,對 門徒說 、這是 你的母 ^從 那時、 那 門徒就 S 耶穌的 

母親、 到 自己家 甚去 H 來耶 穌知道 一 W 的事、 巳經成 全了、 又耍經 上的話 應驗、 就說、 我 渴了。 iS 那裏有 一 個 器皿、 盛滿了 

n , , ciii 十 , , , 、 I 一二 

酷 他們就 拿海絨 蘸了酷 綁在牛 膝草上 送到他 口耶穌 嘗了就 說成了 低下頭 便將靈 魂交與 神了 〇 這 日是豫 備安息 

日的 日子、 那 安息: n 是大安 息日。 不要 他們的 身體、 在安息 曰留在 十字架 .4 所以求 人打 折了他 們的腿 

骨、 拿下十 字架. 

296 St. JOHN, XX. 

32 Then came the soldiers, and 
brake the legs of the firs*.^ and of tlio 
other which was crucified with him. 

33 But wlion they came to Jesus, 
and saw that he was dead already, 
tlicy brake not his legs : 

;34 But one of the soldiers with a 
spear ; pierced his side, and forthwith 
came there out blood and water. 

35 And he that saw it bare record, 
and his record is true ; and lie 
knoweth that lie saith true, that ye 
might believe. 

36 For these things were done, 
that the Scripture should be fulfilled, 
A hoiie of him shall not. be broken. 

••',7 And again another Scripture 
saitli, Tliey shall look on him whom 
they pierced. 

38 1 And after this Josepli of 
Arimaiiiea, being a disciple of Jesus, 
but secretly for feur of the Jews, 
besought Pilate that lie might take 
away the body of Jesus : and Pilate 
gave him leave. He came therefore, 
kn<l took the body of Jesus. 

39 Aud there came also Nicodc- 
nins, (which at the first carjo to Jesus 
by nicrlit,) and broiiglit a mixture of 
aiyrrii and aloes, ;'. bout a hundred 
pound weight. 

40 Then took they the body of 
Jesus, and wound it in linen clothes 
with the s])ices, as the manner of the 
Jews is to bury. 

41 Now in the place wlicre he was 
crucified there was a garden ; aiul in 
the garden a new sepulchre, wliereiu 
was never man yet hiid. 

42 Til ere laid tliey Jesus therefore 
because of the Jews' preparation day ; 
for the sepulchre 、vas nigh at liand. 


「「H Vj first day of the week conieth 
丄 Mary Magdalene early, when 
it was yet dark, unto tlic sepulchre, 
and sceth tlie stone taken away from 
the sepulchre. 

章十二 第翰約 

g 是兵了 來到、 把 和耶穌 同釕的 兩個人 I 僦 一 個的 打折了 腿骨到 了耶穌 面前見 他巳、 死了就 不打折 他的、 腿骨^ 1 一 

個兵 拿棺扎 破他的 肋條、 就有 血和水 流出. 見這事 的人作 見^< 他見證 的話是 眞的、 他也知 道所說 是眞的 、可 以叫。 你 一 

們 Jssli 事成了 、一 1 要應 驗經上 的纤^ 經上 _ ^他的 骨頭、 一 根也不 折斷" 應 上又有 一 句說、 他們必 要仰 自己所 扎的人 b 

& 一 個 ils 人、 名叫^ i 是 耶穌的 門徒、 R 因怕 九就暗 暗的作 門徒、 這時候 、他 來求舰 询^、 准他 將耶穌 的身, 

領去。 ¥ 允准、 他 就將耶 穌的身 體領先 有 底 1^ 就是從 前夜一 3^ 來見耶 穌的、 拿著沒 藥和一 蓝薈、 約有 一 斤前來 一 

S 們就照 人安葬 的規矩 、將 耶穌的 身體、 用 細窳布 J 上香料 裘好了 耶穌釘 死的地 一個 園子、 園内有 一座新 

墳 鼠是從 來沒有 過人: ^£-„=是¥^ 人豫備 節的日 因爲那 墳墓相 I 就在 那一袭 MB 耶 I 

第 二十章 n II 。 。 

i^H 的頭 一 日、 淸 早天未 亮的時 候、^ ^的. 陶, 利 S 、來 到墳墓 那裏。 11;^ 見墓門 口的石 已經 挪開了 

St. JOHN, XX, 

2 Then she runneth, and cometh 
to Simon Peter, aud to the other 
disciple, whom Jesus lovecl, and saith 
unto them, They have taken away 
the Lord out of the sepulchre, and 
we know not where they have laid 

3 Peter tli ere fore went forth, and 
that other disciple, and came to the 

4 So ihey ran both togetiier : and 
the other disciple did outrun Peter, 
aud came first to the sepulchre. 

5 And he stooping down, and look- 
ing illy saw the lineu clothes lying ; 
yet went he not in. 

6 Then cometh Simon Peter follow- 
ing hiin, and went into the sepulchre, 
and sceth the linen clothes lie, 

7 And the napkiu, that was about 
his head, not lying with the liueu 
clotheSj but wrapped together in a 
place by itself. 

8 Then went in also that other 
disciple, which came first to the 
sepulchre, and he sa、v, aud believed. 

9 For as yet they knew not the 
Scripture, tJiat he must rise again 
from the dead. 

10 Then the disciples went away 
again unto their own home. 

11 , But Maiy stood without at 
the sepulchre ^veeping : and as she 
wept, she stooped clown, and looked 
into the sepulchre, 

12 And seeth two angels in white 
sitting, the one at the head, and the 
other at the feet, wliere the body of 
Jesus had lain. 

13 And tl icy say unto her, Woman, 
why weepest thou ? She saith unto 
tlK'm, Because they have taken away 
my Lord, and I know not where they 
have laid him. 

14 And when she had thus said, 
she turned herself back, and saw 
Jesus standing, aud knew not that it 
was Jesus. 

章十二 第翰約 297 


、 SI , 、 o 五 、 

門 徒就出 去往坡 葛那来 -去兩 個人同 跑那個 門徒比 彼得跑 得更快 先到了 墳墓前 低頭看 見細麻 布在那 惠只是 沒有進 

去西門 彼得隨 後到了 進墳墓 襄去看 見細靡 布在那 裏又看 見裹頭 的手巾 沒有和 麻布在 一 處另 在別處 疊著先 到墳墓 

、 〇 凡 〇十 0个1 

前的那 個門徒 也進去 看見縫 信了先 前他們 還不明 白按著 聖經耶 穌必要 從死裏 復活於 是兩個 門徒囘 來了馬 利亞站 

在境 墓旁邊 啼哭。 哭的 時候、 低頭 向墳墓 .les^ 觀看、 有雨個 天使、 穿著 白衣、 在安放 耶穌身 體的地 方坐著 、一 個在 頭前、 一 個 

、,; 十一一 一 、 、 、 十 EI 、 、 

在脚 後天使 說婦人 il 甚麽哭 他說有 人將我 主取出 去我不 知道放 在那裏 說了這 話就轉 身看見 耶穌站 著卻不 知道是 


298 St. JOHN, XX. 章十二 第翰約 

15 Jesus paitli unto her, Woman, 
wliy woepcst tlion ? whom seekcst 
tliou ? SliP, Huppo-^iiig him to he the 
o-jirdener, saitli unto him, Sir, if thou 
have borne him hence, tell ine where 
tliou hast laid him, and I will take 
liiin away. 

IT) Jesus suith unto her, Mary. 
Slio turned iierself, and saitli unto 
hini,]labboui 、, which is tosay, ?. iastor. 

17 Jesus saitii unto her, Touch me 
not ; for I am not yet ascended to my 
Fatlier : but go to my brethren, and 
say nnto them, I ascend unto ray 
Father, and your Father ; and to ray 
God, iind your God. 

18 Mfu'y Mag\laleiie came and told 
the disciples that she had seen the 
Lord, and that he had spoken these 
things unto her. 

19 TIThen the same day at evening, 
being the first day of the week, wlien 
the doors wei'esliutwliere the disciples 
were assembled for fear of the Jews, 
came Jesus and stood in the midst,.ind 
saith unto them, Peace he unto you. 

20 And when he liad so said, lie 
shewed unto them /(/.、• luuids and his 
side. Then were the disciples glad, 
when they saw the Lord . 

21 Then said Jesns to them again, 
Peace be unto you : as my Father 
liath .sent ine, even so send I you. 

22 And when he 】mfl said this, he 
brea tiled on them, and saitli unto 
them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost : 

23 Wlicsesoever sins ye rcir.'it, tlicy 
are remitted unto them ; and whoseso- 
ever -sins ye retain, they arc retained. 

24 , BiitTlioiuas, one of the twel vo, 
oiilled Didymus, 職." not with tlicin 
vvlien Jesus came. 

25 The other tHsci])lei5 therefore .said 
unto liim, AVe have seen the Lord. 
13 lit lie said unto tlicm, Except I shall 
see in Ills hands the print of tlie nails, 
ami put my iiagcr into tlie 】>rint of 
the; luiil.s, unci ti'.i'usl, my luuul into 
Jiis side, I will not believe. 



那.;3&|!去吿訴我^^兄說、我耍升上去見我的父、就是你們的父、見我的 神、 就是 你們的 ; 的 irt,!^ 就 去吿拆 

衆門 徒說、 已經看 見主了 、又將 主對他 說的話 、吿 訴他^ 〇"i=I 是七 日的第 一 ; =、 晚上門 徒在. 一 處聚 氣因, ^r:! 惯怕! ^人、 

將門 關上。 耶穌 來了、 站在當 中%?他 們說、 願你 們平安 1 了、 就將 他的手 和肋條 指給他 們看。 門徒 一:;^ 見主、 都歡容 了。, 穌乂 

對他 們說、 願你們 父差我 、我 也這樣 差你們 IS 完這詁 、向 衆人吹 一 口 氣說、 你們受 isil! 們赦誰 的罪、 誰: g 罪就赦 




2G , A ml after eight clays again his 
disciples were witiiin, and Tlioruas 
with them: then came Jesus, the doors 
being shut, and stood in the midst, 
and said, Peace be unto you. 

27 Then saith he to Thomas, Reach 
hither thy finger, and behold my 
hands ; and roach hither tliy !] and, 
and thrust tl into my side ; and be not 
faithless^ but believing. 

28 And Thomas answorcJ and said 
unto him, My Lord and my God. 

29 Jesus saith nnto liim, Thomas, 
because thou liast seen me, thou 
believed : blessed are they that have 
not seen, and yet have believed. 

30, And many other signstruly did 
Jesus in the })rfsence of his disciples, 
wliicli are not written in this book: 

31 But these are writteu, that ye 
might believe that Jesns is the Christ, 
the Son of God; and that believing ye 
might have life tlirougli liis name. 


AFTE R tl 1 ese tl \ i ngs Jcs n s 
sliewed himself Again to the 
disciples at the sea of Tiberias; and 
on this wise shewed he himself. 

2 Til ere were together Simon Peter, 
ami Thomas called Didymus^ and 
Xathanael of Can a in GaliU-Oj and 
the so)is of Zebedee, and two other 
of liis disciples. 

3 Simon Peter saith unto tliern, I 
go a fishing. They say unto him, 
\Ve also go with tliee. They went 
forth, aud entered into a sliip imme- 
diately ; and that night they caught 


4 But wheu the morning was now 
come, Jesus stood on the shore ; but 
the disciples knew uoi that It 、vas 

5 Then Jesus saith unto tlieni, 
Children, have ye any meat ? They 
auswered him, No, 

意' 一十二 第翰約 299 

f 了七日 、門 徒又在 屋裏、 iffl 也在。 那裏、 門關了 、耶穌 來站在 當中說 、願你 們平安 .?^對^\ 說、 伸過指 頭來摸 我的手 、伸過 

手來。 m 我的 肋條、 總 耍信、 不要疑 說、 我的主 、我的 神。 i 穌對 他說、 fi, 、你看 見我纔 ullek 沒有 看見就 信的、 更是有 

福的。聊穌在門徒面前、還作了許多奇事、沒有記在這書上.^11記這些事1§|-叫你們信耶穌是基督、是 ; 1 的兒子 、又 叫你們 


第二 十一意 , 

k 事 n 後、 耶穌在 iSfl 海邊、 又顯 現給門 徒看。 他顯現 的事、 記在下 llj^s^^f* 、同稱 irsw 的^ fsn. 的 1 

h.HMn . , 、 、 一一一 1 、 〇 、 U 

拿人拿 、但 業還有 li! 庇 太兩個 兒子又 1 兩個 門徒都 在那裏 西門彼 得對衆 人說我 要打魚 去他們 說我們 也耍同 去大家 

就出. 1^{上了 。氬這 一 夜沒有打著甚良^:亮了、耶穌站在岸上、門徒不知道是耶穌?|穌說、小子、你們;^^:^1麼吃的沒有。門徒 

同答說 、沒 i 仏 

300 St. JOHN, XXL 

6 And he said unto tlicm^Cast the 
net oil the right side of t lie ship, and 
ye shall find. They cast therefore, 
nnd now they \vere not able to draw 
it for the multitude of fishes. 

7 Therefore that disciple v、'hoin 
Jesus loved saith unto Peter, It is 
the Ijord. Now \vhen Simon Pt^cr 
heard that it was the Lord,hcgirt his 
fislier's coat unto him, (for he was 
naked j) and did cast himself into 
the sea. 

8 And the other disciples came in 
a little ship, (for they were not far 
from land, but as it were two hundred 
cubits,) dragging the net with fishes. 

9 As spoil then as they were come 
to laad, they saw a fire of coals there, 
and fish laid thereon, and bread. 

10 Jesus saith unto them, Bring of 
the fish whicli ye have now caught. 

1 1 Simon Peter wentnp^ ami d rew 
tlie net to land full of great fishes, a 
liundred and fifty and three : and for 
all there were so many, yet was not 
the net broken. 

12 Jesus saitli unto then】, Coido 
and (lino. And none of the disoiplos 
durst ask him, Who art thou ? know- 
ing tliat it was the Loi'cl, 

13 Jesus then cometh, and taketh 
bread, and givetli them, and fish 

14 This is now the third time that 
Jesus shewed himself to his disciples, 
after that he was risen from the dead. 

1 5 T[ So when tlicy Imd dined, 
Jc8iis -saith to Simon Peter, Simon, 
son of Jonas, lovest thou mo more 
than these ? He saith unto 】iim, Yea, 
Lord ; tliou knowest (Imt I love thee. 
He saitli unto ! liru, Fml my lambs. 

】G He .saitii to him again the 
second time, Simon, son of Jonas, 
lovest thou me ? Ho saith unto liini, 
Yea, Lord ; tl'oii knowest tlmt I love 
thee. He saitli unto ! lim, Vi\(\ u\y 

章一 十二 第翰約 

A \ 、 o 、 、 01* 、 I 

耶穌對 他們說 你們將 網撒在 船的右 邊必耍 得著他 們撒下 網去就 抆不上 來了因 爲负 i 共多耶 穌所愛 的那個 i: 徙對舰 

1.說 、是. 時候 著身、 一 聽見是 .Hi 就披 上一件 衣服、 跳 在海直 Ik 餘的 門徒、 因 不遠 、約々 二十丈 、就^ 

著 小船將 一 網魚拉 過來上 了岸看 見那墓 有炭火 並且有 魚有餅 放在炭 火上耶 穌對他 們說把 緣打的 <g 傘幾! 1^ 來西 W 

1 就去將 綱拉上 岸來、 魚滿 了綱、 有 一 百五十 三尾大 负 i 雖這 樣^ 綱卻沒 穌對他 們_ ^你們 來, ^門 徒 知 

、 O.H 二 % C 十 四 、 、 十 S 、 

道是主 不敢問 他說你 是誰耶 穌來了 將餅和 魚給他 們耶穌 從死奚 復活以 後顯現 給門徒 看這是 第三次 了衆人 吃完了 

耶穌對 M^il:, 說、 8. 的 子 B,s:: 、你比 這些人 更愛我 說、 主、 是: i 你知 道我愛 你了。 耶穌對 他說、 你牧^ 我的小 

C 十六 、 、 c、、、 o 9 o 

羊耶 穌二次 對他說 約拿的 兒子西 門你愛 我麽他 囘答說 主是的 你知道 我愛你 了耶穌 說你牧 我的羊 

St. JOHN, XXI. 章一十 二第翰 約 301 

17 He saith unto liini the third 
time, Simon, son of Jouas, loves t thou 
me? Peter was grieved because 
lie said iiuto liim the third time, 
Lovest thou me? And he said unto 
him, Lord, thou kuowest all things ; 
thou kuowest that I love thee. 
Jesus saith unto liim, Feed ray 
sheep. «• ■ 

18 Verily, verily, I say imto thee, 
Wh.Gii thou wast young, thou girdedst 
thyself, Jiud walkedst whitlier thou 
wonkiest: but when thou sbalt be 
old, thou shalt stretch forth thy 
Lands, and another shall gird thee, 
and carry thcc whither thou wculdest 

19 This spake he, .signifying; by 
what death he should glorify God. 
And when he had spoken this, he 
saith unto him, Follow me. 

20 Then Peter, turning about, seeth 
the disciple whom Jesus loved follow- 
ing ; wliich also leaned on his breast 
at supper, and said, Lord, which is 
lie that betrayeth thee ? 

21 Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, 
Lord, and wliat shall this man do ? 

22 Jesus suitli unto liim, If I will 
til at lie tarry till I conjee, what is that 
to lliee? follow thou me. 

23 Then went this saying abroad 
among the brethren, that that disciple 
should not die : yet Jesus said not 
unto him, He shall not die ; but, If 
I will tliat he tarry till I come, wlmt 
is that to thee? 

24 This is the disciple which testi- 
fietli of these things, and wrote these 
tilings : and we know that his testi- 
mony is true. 

25 And there are also many other 
tilings which Jesus did, the which, if 
they should be written every one, I 
suppose that even the world itself 
could not contain the books that 
should be written. Ameu. 

十 2;- 、 , O \ \- Q » 、 

三 次對他 說約拿 的兒子 西門你 愛我麼 彼得因 li 耶穌 一 連三 次問他 說你愛 我麼就 憂愁囘 答說主 是無所 不知的 你知, 

〇 、 十 < \ 、 , , , 、 

道我. 愛 你了耶 穌對他 說你牧 養我的 羊我實 在吿訴 你你年 幼的時 候自己 繋上帶 子任意 往來等 到老了 必耍伸 出手來 

、 十. A 、 , 、 , 一一十 , 

被 別人捆 娜拉你 到不願 意去的 地方耶 穌這話 是指著 彼得將 來怎樣 死榮耀 神 說完了 又對^ 說你跟 從我彼 得囘頭 

n?? 見耶 穌所愛 的那個 門徒、 在後 面跟隨 1 就是從 前晚飯 時候、 靠近耶 穌胸前 、問賣 主的是 誰的那 個門徒 看見他 、就問 

耶穌說 、主、 這個人 將來如 何。^ 穌囘 答說、 我若要 他活到 我來的 時候、 與你 何干、 你 跟從我 lis 兄中間 、就傅 說這個 門徒必 

不死。 其實 耶穌不 是說他 不死、 乃是說 我若要 他活到 我來的 時候、 與 你何干 II 這事作 見證一 又記在 書上的 、就 是這個 門徒、 

並 且我們 知道他 所見證 的是眞 的耶穌 所作的 事還有 許多若 件件都 記在書 上我想 世上就 装不下 那些書 了阿們 

傳 行徒使 



I <fe-»-Q , » 一 


THE former treatise liavc I made' 
O Theophilus, of all that Jesus 
began both to do and teach, 

2 Until the clay in which he was 
taken up, after that he through the 
Holy Ghost had given comraand- 
mciits unto the apostles whom he 
had chosen : 

3 To whom also he shewed himself 
alive after his passion by many infal- 
lible proofs, being seen of them forty 
days, and speaking of the things 
pertaining to the kingdom of God : 

4 Aud, being assembled together 
with them, commanded liiemthat they 
should not depart from Jerusalem, 
but wait for thepromiseoftlie Father, 
which, saith he, yc have heard of me. 

5 For John truly baptized with 
water : but ye shall bo baptized with 
the Holy Ghost not many days hence. 

6 When they therefore were come 
together, they asked of him, saying, 
Lord, wilt thou at this time restore 
again the kingdom to Israel ? 

7 And lie said un(o them, It is 
not for you to know the times or 
the seasons, which the Father hath 
put in his own power. 

8 But yc sliall receive power, after 
that the Holy Ghost is come upon 
you: and ye shall bo witnesses unto 
me both iu Jos usalein, and in all 
Judca, and in Samaria, aud unto 
tlie uttermost part of the earth. 

9 And when lie 】m(l spoken these 
things, wliile tlicy belicld, he was 
taken up ; and a cloud received liim 
out of their siglit. 


矿, Ms 阿、 蕲穌從 起頭直 到他託 聖靈賜 命< ^給所 徕 選的使 徒以後 升天的 H 子所 行的& w 傅的 

、 〇 一一 一、、 、 、 

道 我已經 都寫在 前書上 了他受 難以後 用許多 憑據向 使徒顯 明自己 復活四 十日間 在他們 面前顯 

、 〇四 、 、 1 ■ ! ■ 、 

現與他 們講論 神國的 道耶穌 與使徒 聚集的 時候吩 咐他們 說不要 離開耶 路撒冷 耍等到 父的應 

、 OS 、 、 〇 六、 

許 成就就 是你們 聽見我 說的約 翰是用 水施洗 你們不 多幾口 必耍受 靈 的洗他 們聚翁 的時候 Si! 

、 . 、 c 七 、 、 、 

耶 穌說主 耍興復 g 列國 就在這 時候麼 耶穌說 年!^ 日期是 父用自 己權柄 所定的 不是你 們可以 

曉得 等到 聖靈降 在你們 身上、 你們就 必得奢 能力、 並且在 全地、 以及天 

下 極遠的 地方、 一爲我 作見證 b 夢穌說 完這話 就升天 、門徒 都舰看 、萄 一 朵雲將 他接去 不 見了。 


10 And while they looked stead- 
fastly toward heaven as he went iip, 
beliokl, two men stood Uy them in 

11 W'liich also said, Ye men of 
Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into 
heaven ? this same Jesus, which is 
taken up from you into heaven, shall 
so come in like manner as ye have 
seen hjm go into heaven. 

12 Then ro turned tlicy unto Jeru- 
salem from the mount called Olivet, 
which is from Jerusalem a sabbath 

13 And when they were come in, 
tliey went up into an upper room, 
where abode both Peter, and James, 
and John, and Andrew, Philip, and 
Tliomas, Bartholomew, and jNIatt'hew, 
James the son of Alplieus, ami Simon 
Zelotes, and Judas ihe brother of 

14 These all continued with one 
accord in prayer and supplication, 
with the women, and Mary the mother 
of Jesus, and with bis brethren. 

15^[ And in those days Peter stood 
up in the midst of the disciples, and 
saiil, (the number of names together 
were about a hundred and twenty,) 

lij Men and brethren, this Scrip- 
ture must needs have been fulfilled, 
■which the Holy by tlie mouth 
of Davi<】 spa" before concerning 
Judas, which was guide to them 
that took Jesus. 

17 For he was numbered with us, 
auiHjacl obtained part of tin's ministry. 

18 Now tills man purchased a field 
with the reward of iniquity ; and fall- 
ing headlong, be burst asunder in 
the midst, and all his bowels gushed 

10 And it was known unto all the 
dwellers at Jerusalem ; insomuch as 
that field is called, in their proper 
tongue, Aceldama, that is to say, 
The (ield of blood. 

章 一第傳 行徒使 303 

f 他上升 的時候 、門 徒注目 望天、 忽然 有雨個 人身穿 白衣、 站在旁 邊說、 ink 、你們 i! 甚麼站 在這裏 、向天 觀看呢 、這離 

開 你們升 了天的 耶穌^ 們看見 他怎樣 升天、 後來他 必怎樣 降臨。 oi!i 徒從 SW3 囘 耶路撒 冷去一 這山離 、約有 

c .f 一一一 、 , , ,J , i. 、 , , 、! 、 -、 、 、 , 

息日 可走的 路程到 了就上 了樓房 彼得雅 各約翰 安得 烈腓力 多馬, ET 多羅買 馬太, ^ss 的兒 子雅各 稱銳的 西門和 


4*5 、 , 、十六 、 . 、 

那時 門徒聚 集約有 1 百 二十人 Jgffls 在他 們當中 說諸位 弟兄聖 靈藉. _^的 口在經 上豫先 指著領 人捉拿 耶穌的 

ffl? 所說 的話、 得了 應驗、 原是應 當的。 i 個人本 列在我 們數中 、與我 們同得 使徒的 職分。 i 用不義 之財、 買了 一 塊田、 後來 

\ 、 十. ft - . 、 、 — J 、 \ 

身子 仆倒肚 子裂開 腸子都 流出來 這是耶 路撒^ 的居民 都知道 的所以 按土音 給那塊 m 起名 叫作亜 革大馬 11 出來就 

是 血田的 意想。 

304 ACTS, II. 

20 For it is written in the book of 
Psalms, Let his habitation be desolate, 
and let no man dwell therein : and, 
His bishoprick let another take. 

21 Wherefore of these men which 
have conipanied with us all the time 
that the Lord Jesus went in and out 
among" us, 

22 Beginning from the baptism of 
John, unto that same day that he 
was taken up from us, must one be 
ordained to bo a witness witli us of 
his resurrection. 

23 And they appointed two, Joseph 
called Barsabas, wlio was surnamed 
Justus, and Matthias. 

24 And they prayed, and said, 
Thou, Lord, which knowest the hearts 
of all men, shew whether of these 
two thou hast chosen, 

25 Tliat he may take part of this 
ministry and apostleship, from which 
Judas by transgression fell, that he 
raiglit go to his own place. 

26 And they gave forth their lots ; 
and the lot fell upon Matthias; and 
he was numbered with the eleven 


AND when the day of Pentecost 
was fully come, they were all 
with one accord in one place. 

2 And suddenly there came a sound 
from heaven as of a rushing niiglity 
u'ind, aud it filled all the house where 
they were sitting. 

3 And there appeared unto them 
cloven tongues like as of fire, and it 
sat upon each of them. 

4 And they were all filled with 
the Hoiy Ghost, and began to speak 
with other tongues, as the Spirit gave 
them utterance. 

5 And Ihere were dwelling at 
Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of 
every nation uuder heaven. 

章 二第傳 行徒使 


施洗起 1^ 直到 主離開 我們升 天的; = 子爲止 、所 有常? PS 與我 們作同 伴的、 必須 在他們 中問立 一 個人、 和我 們同作 耶穌復 

活 的見辦 是選舉 兩個人 、一 個名^ 、又稱 又稱 51、 一 個名叫 is。i 們祈 禱說、 sluli^ 知. 近人 心的。 求你 

指示這 兩個人 、誰 是你 所揀。 選得這 使徒職 已經丢 棄這職 1^ 往自己 的地方 去了。 ,們於 是拈鼠 拈著了 1^ 

S 、就叫 他和十 一 個使徒 同列。 


1 、 91 , , oa 

五 句節到 了門徒 都同心 合意的 聚集在 一 處 忽然從 天上有 響聲下 來彷彿 一 陣大 風吹過 充滿了 他們所 坐的尾 子就看 

見 有火欲 形狀如 同舌頭 分開落 在谷人 的頭上 他們就 都充充 滿滿的 受了聖 靈照著 guj 靈 所賜給 他們的 口才說 起別國 

的 方言。 i 時有 虔誠的 人、 從 天下谷 國來、 寄居在 Ins 

ACTS, 11. 

6 Nowwlieu this was noised abroad, 
the multitude came together, and 
were confounded, because that every 
man heard them speak in his own 

7 And they were all amazed and 
marvelled, saying one to another, 
Behold, are not all these which speak 

8 And how hear we every man in 
our own tongue, wherein we were born? 

9 Partliians, and Medes,audElam- 
ites, and the dwellers in Mesopota- 

[ mia, and in Jucka, and Cappaclocia^ 
in Pontus, aud Asia, 

10 Phrygia, and Pamphylia, iu 
Egypt, and in the parts of Libya 
about Cyrene, and strangers of Rome, 
Jeu's and proselytes, 

11 Cretes and Arabians^ we do 
hear them speak iu our tongues the 
wonderful works of God. 

12 And they were all amazed, and 
were in doubt, saying one to another, 
What meaaeth this ? 

13 Others mocking said, These 
men are full of new wine. 

14 % But Peter, standing up with 
the eleven, lifted up his voice, and 
said unto tliem, Ye men of Judea, 
and all ye that dwell at Jerusalem, 
be this known, unto you^ and hearken 
to my words : 

15 For these are not drunken, as 
ye suppose^ seeing iC is but the third 
liour of the day. 

1 16 But this is that which was 
\ spoken by the prophet Joel ; 

17 And it shall come to pass in the 
last days, saith God, I will pour out 
of my Spirit upon all flesh : and 
your sous and your daughters shall 
】)rophesy, and your young men shall 
see visions, and your old men shall 
droarn dreams : 

18 And on my servants and on my 
handmaidens [ will pour out iu those 
days of my Spirit ; and they shall 

I prophesy : 

章 二第傳 行徒使 305 

?适 風 聲傅開 〔衆 人都來 聚會、 聽見 門徒按 著衆人 谷處的 鄕談說 話、 就甚諮 異。 i 希奇 驚評、 彼此對 問說、 這說話 不都是 1— 

11 人良|簽)我們各人、聽見他們說我們本地的話^:們5^跑人、^„^人31人、和住在^2^3、§、8^.^ 

^、tsBl 、& i、flwis^ 的人、 並靠近 的 sn 一 帶地方 的-^ 從! 1 來的客 1 或是 人、 或 是進敎 

的人、 AfiW 和 sl^ 人、 都聽 見他們 用我們 谷人的 鄕談、 講論 神的大 人因 此驚. ^ 心裏 猶疑、 彼此對 問說、 這到底 

十 一一一 , 十 、 、 I I 、 I , 

是甚 麼呢還 有人譏 笑說他 們無非 是新酒 喝醉了 〇 彼 得和十 一 個使徒 站起來 大聲說 ^ 人和 凡住在 路!^ 的人 

這件 事你們 不可不 知道、 請聽我 的話。 :i 們 猜疑這 些人是 醉了、 時候剛 郵巳, 初、 他們 不是醉 了.? ^是應 驗先知 ^的 話、: g 

說、 神說、 到了 末世、 我耍降 下我的 聖靈、 感動 萬人、 你們的 兒女、 耍說 豫言、 年少 的人、 要看見 異象、 年老的 人> 女得異 Ci 時 

我耍降 下我的 聖靈、 成動我 的僕婢 、叫他 們能說 豫言。 

306 ACTS, 11. 

19 Aai'l I will shew wonders iu 
heaven above, ami signs in the earth 
beneath ; blood, and fire, ami vapour 
of smoke : 

20 The sun shall be turned into 
darkness, a?id the raoon into blood, 
before that great and notable clay of 
the Lord come : 

21 And it sliall come to pass, that 
whosoe vev shall call on the name of 
the Lord shall be saved. 

22 Ye men of Israel, hear these 
words ; Josus of Nazareth, a man ap- 
proved of God among you by miracles 
and wonders and signs, wliich God 
did by liim in the midst of you, as ye 
yourselves also know : 

23 Him, being delivered by the 
determinate counsel and foreknow- 
ledge of God, ye have taken, and by- 
wicked handsliave crucified and slain : 

24 Whom God hath raised up, 
having loosed the pains of death : 
because it v,'as not possible that he 
should be hold en of it. 

25 For David speaketh concerning 
him, Iforesiiwthe I」orcl always before 
my face ; for he is on my right hand, 
that I should not be moved : 

26 Therefore did ray heart rejoice, 
and my tongue was glad ; moreover 
also my flesh shall rest in hope : 

27 Because thou wilt not leave my 
soul in hell, neither wilt thou suffer 
thine Holy One to see corruption. 

28 Thou hast made known to me 
the ways of life ; thou slialt make me 
lull of joy with thy countenance. 

29 Men brethren, lei uie freely 
speak unto you of the patriarch David, 
that he is botli deiid and buried, 
and his sepulclire is with n.s unto 
this day. 

;iO 'riicix'furo being a prophet, and 
knowing: tliat God Imd swoni with an 
oath to liiin, that of the fruit of his 
loins, according to the flesh, he would 
I raise up Christ to sit on his throne ; 

章 二第傳 行徒使 


到 以前。 禱吿主 名的人 、必耍 得救. 人、 請 SI 我 的話、 神藉著 ¥!¥ 人耶穌 、在 你們中 Si 施行 異能奇 isl. 妙蹯、 你 

們所知 道的。 這是 神在 你們中 sill! 他作 的明^ 照著 神 豫定的 M3„s_ii^ 你們藉 著無法 的人的 vi, 、將 他釘. 化在十 

字架, 41 而 他受難 死後、 神救 他復活 、因一 1% 不能 拘管他 。力 翻指著 耶穌說 、我看 見主常 在我的 服前、 主 在找右 氣卧我 

不至於 震勸、 i、3 我心裘 sfr^a 裏讚美 、我的 肉身在 墳慕裏 、還有 措望、 i 爲你 必不丢 棄我的 靈魂在 陰問、 必不^ 你的 

聖者朽 氣: i 已經 指示我 生命的 道路、 必使我 在你的 面前、 得著 滿足的 快樂。 i 兄們、 容我 明明的 向你們 說我祖 的 5^5^ 

他早已 死了、 葬埋 的墳墓 (到 今曰還 在我們 這裹。 是先知 、知道 神曾向 他起誓 、應 許在他 子孫. M 、叫 基督 降生爲 

人、 坐在 他的寶 座上。 


31 He, seeing this before, spake 
of the resurrection of Christ, that his 
.soul was not left in hell, neither liis 
flesh did see corruptioi:. 

32 This Jesus hath God raised up, 
whereof we all are witnesses. 

33 Therefore being by the right 
bund of God exalted, and having 
received of the Father the promise of 
the Holy Ghost, lie hath shed forth 
this, which ye now see and hear. 

34 For David is not ascended into 
the heavens : bat he sailh himself, 
Tiie LoKD said unto my Lord, Sit 
thou on my right hand, 

35 Until I make thy foes thy 

36 Therefore let all the house of 
Israel know assuredly, that God hath 
made that same Jesiis^ whom ye have 
crucified, both Lord and Christ. 

37 T Now whea they heard this, 
they were pricked in their heart, and 
said unto Peter and to the rest of the 
apostles, Men and brethren, what 
shall we do ? 

38 Then Peter said unto them. 
Repent, and be baptized every one 
of you in the name of Jesus Christ 
for the remission of siiis, and ye 
shall receive the gift of the Holy 

39 For the promise is unto you^ 
and to your children^ and to all that 
are afar off', even as many as the Lord 
our God shall call. 

40 And "with many other words 
did he testify and exhort, .saying, 
Save yourselves from this untoward 

41 T[Then they that gladly received 
his word Wcire baptized : and the 
same day there were added unto 
them about three thousand souls. 

42 And they continued steadfastly 
ia the apostles' doctrine and fellow- 
ship, and in breaking of broad, and 
in prayers. 

章 二第傳 行徒使 307 

一 一二、 、 、 0一一!= 、 

他有 先見之 明所以 論到基 督復活 的事說 不芸棄 他的靈 魂在陰 間不叫 他的肉 身朽壤 這耶穌 神已經 ^他復 活了我 

〇1一 二一一 、 、 CTS 、 、 

們都 是見證 所以耶 穌升在 神的右 邊受了 父所應 許的聖 靈就將 你們所 看見所 聽見的 降卜來 大衛並 沒有升 天他說 

* C!l 一 3 、 〇1 一一. K 、 yy i 

.H.. 曾對 我主說 你耍坐 在我的 右邊等 我將你 的仇敵 給你作 脚凳這 樣說來 w 色列 一 族的 人都應 當確實 的知道 你們釘 

在十字 架上的 耶穌、 神已 經立他 爲主、 爲基 督了。 1 人聽見 這話、 心如 刀扎、 就問 ^ 和其 餘的使 徒說、 諸位 弟兄、 我們應 

常怎樣 行呢。 i 询對他 們說、 你們谷 人應當 悔改、 奉耶穌 墓督的 名受洗 、使罪 得赦、 這 樣就必 蒙主賜 你們聖 iliif 這恩應 

, era 十 、 、 、 

許給 你們和 你們的 子孫並 一 在遠 方蒙主 我們的 神所 召的人 彼得叉 用許多 話警敎 勸勉他 們說你 們當救 自己離 

c-ra 1 、 , era 二 、 

開這 邪惡的 世代他 們中間 凡歡喜 聽信他 的話的 人都受 了洗那 一 日門徒 約增了 三千人 都恒心 遵守使 徒的敎 訓彼此 

和睦 如一、 常常 擘餅祈 i 

308 ACTS, III. 

43 And fear came upon every soul : 
and many wonders and signs were 
done by the apostles. 

44 Aiul all that believed were to- 
gether, and had all things common ; 

45 And sold their possessions and 
goods, and parted them to all men, 
as every man had need. 

46 And they, continuing daily witii 
one accord in the temple, and break- 
ing bread from house to house, did 
cat their meat with gladness and sin- 
gleness of heart, 

47 Praising God, and having favour 
with all the people. And the Lord 
added to the churcli daily such as 
should be saved. 


OAV Poter and John went up 
together into the temple at the 
hour of ])rayer, being the nintli hour. 

2 And a certain man lame from his 
mother^swomb \v a s ca r r ied ^ w h o m they 
laid daily at the gate of the temple 
which is called Beuutiful^ to ask alms 
of thera that entered into the temple; 

3 Who 5 seeing Peter and John about 
to go into the temple, asked an alms, 

4 And Peter, fastening his eyes 
upon liim with John, said, Look on us. 

5 And he gave heed unto them, 
expecting to receive something of 

6 Then Peter said, Silver and gold 
have I none ; but such as I have give 
I thee : In the name of Jesus Christ 
of Nazareth rise up and walk. 

7 And he took liim by the right 
hand, and lifted him up : and imme- 
diately his feet and ankle bones 
received strength. 

8 And he leaping up islo(,(J, ami 
walked, and entered with them into 
the ten)j)le, walking, and leaping, and 
praising G(k1. 

9 And all tlx? people saw liini 
walking iind praisiiij; God : 

i 三第傅 行徒使 

姓 不懼怕 、使 徒又施 行許多 異讀奇 14、 信的人 都常在 一 處、 凡 ia^ 冇無相 、# 過且資 了田產 家業、 照著谷 人的缺 2、 分給 

谷人。 i 們 天天同 心合意 的在聖 1 又在家 中雞餅 、歡喜 誠實、 一同飮 <0^^ 美 神、 百姓都 fa 他們、 主 將得救 的人、 天天加 



初禱吿 的時候 、彼 得約翰 一 同上 聖殿去 1^1 個人生 來是瘸 腿的、 天 天被入 瘙來、 放在 聖殿的 1 個門口 、那 門 名叫翻 

、 一一一 1 、 r 四 、 \ 

求上殿 的人施 捨看見 彼得約 翰將進 聖殿就 求他們 施捨: gli^ 注目看 他說你 看我^ 那人 就看著 他們指 望他們 

賙濟彼 得說金 銀我沒 有只將 我所^ 的捨給 你我奉 is 耶穌基 督的名 叫你起 來行走 於是拉 他的右 手抉他 迎來他 

的脚和 踝骨立 刻强健 了就跳 起來又 站立又 行走隨 他們進 了聖 殿 跳躍行 走讚美 神 姓郡 見 他行定 fs^ 神、 


10 And they knew that it was he 
whicli sat for alms at the Beautiful 
aate of the temple : and they were 
filled with wonder and ?»raazement at 
tliat which Imd happened iinlo him. 

11 And as the lame man wliicl) 
was healed held Peter and John, all 
tlie people rnn together unto them in 
tlie porch tliat is called JSolomon,s, 
greatly 、vou(lerit\g. 

12 ^ And when Peter saw it, he 
answered unto the people. Ye men of 
Israel, why marvel ye at this ? or 
wliy look ye so earnestly on us, as 
tliough by our own power or holiness 
we had made this man to walk ? 

13 The God of Abraham J and of 
Isaac, and of Jacob, tlio God of our 
fathers, hath glorified his Sou Jesus ; 
M'hora ye delivered up, and denied 
him in the presence of Pilate, when 
he was determined to let him go. 

】4 But ye denied the Holy One 
and the Just, and desired a murderer 
to be granted unto you ; 

15 And killed the Prince of life, 
whom God hath raised from tlie dead ; 
whereof we are witnesses, 

16 And his name, througli faith in 
his name, hath made this man stroug, 
whom ye see and know : yea, the 
faith which is by him hath given him 
til is perfect soundness in the presence 
of you all. 

17 And iiow^ brethren, I wot that 
through ignorance ye did it, as did 
also your rulers. 

18 But those things, which God 
before had shewed by the mouth of 
all iiis prophets, that Christ should 
suffer, he hath so fulfilled. 

19 ^ Repent ye therefore;, and be 
converted^ that your sins may be 
blotted out, when the times of refresh- 
ing shall come from the presence of 
the Lord ; 

20 And he simll send Jesus Christ, 
which before was prrached unto you : 

i 三第傳 行徒使 30 9 

i^, 且認 得他是 從前坐 在聖殿 翔門口 求賙濟 的人、 見 他全愈 就甚驚 駭詫思 M 人拉住 ^ti, 翰、 百姓 驚駭、 都跑到 sf: 


的虔誠、卧這人行走良^5别^?^雅,^的 神、 就 是我們 列祖的 神、 作了 這事、 榮耀 他兒子 耶穌、 你們 曾將耶 穌交付 

、 , , 、 . Of 四 、 十五 

彼拉多 彼拉多 擬定耍 釋放他 你們竟 在彼拉 多面前 棄絕他 你們棄 絕那聖 潔公義 的人反 求與你 們釋放 一 個 手你們 

殺了 那生命 的主; 祌卻^ 他從死 裏復活 、我們 i! 這事 作見氣 i 們信 奉耶穌 的名、 叫你們 所看見 所認得 的這個 人得强 

、 、 、 〇 十七 、 \ 〇十《: 

健耶 穌所賜 的信心 這人在 你們衆 人面前 得全愈 了弟兄 們我曉 得你們 作這事 是由於 不知你 們的官 長也是 這樣低 

從前 神藉衆 先知的 口說、 基督必 耍受害 、現在 你們這 樣行、 神叫 這話應 驗了。 i 以你們 應當悔 罪改氣 使你們 的罪過 

可得 塗抹、 這樣那 安舒的 日子、 就必從 主那裏 來到、 也必 差遣從 前向你 們所說 的耶穌 墓督降 i 

310 ACTS, IV. 

21 Whom the lipaven must receive 
until the times of restitution of all 
things, which God hiith spoken by 
the mouth of all liis holy prophets 
since the worla began. 

22 For Moses truly faid unto the 
fathers, A Prophet shall the Lord 
your God raise up unto you of your 
brethren, like iiuto me; him shall 
ye hear in all ihiiigs whatsoever he 
shall say unto you. 

23 And it shall come to pass, that 
every soul, which will not hear that 
Prophet, shall be destroyed from 
among the people. 

24 Yea, and all the prophets from 
Samuel ami those that follow after, 
as many as have spoken, have like- 
wise foretold of these days. 

25 Ye are the children of the pro- 
phets, and of the covenant which 
God made with our fathers, saying 
unto Abraham, And in thy seed 
shall all the kindreds of the earth 
be blessed. 

26 Unto you first God, having 
raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to 
bless you, in turning, away every 
one of you from his iniquities. 


AND as tliey spake unto the peo- 
ple, the priests, unci the captain 
of the temple, and the Sadducees, 
came upon them, 

2 Being friieved tliat they taught 
the people, unci preached tlirougli 
Jcsiis the resurrection from the dead. 

3 And they laid hands on them, 
and jxit them in hold unto the next 
day : for it was now eventide. 

•4 How be it many of them which 
hoard tlie word believed ; and the 
nnmlKT of tlio m (! a was al)out five 

5 1 And it oanie to pass on the 
morrow, tliat their nilor.°, and ciders, 
and scrihes, 

章 四第傳 行徒使 

天」 等待 萬物復 典的那 時候、 照著 神從古 以來託 衆傘: 先知所 説的氟 tl^ 吿 訴我們 祖宗説 、主你 ^ 的 

祌、 耍在你 們弟兄 中間、 立 一 位先知 像我、 凡他 所吩咐 你們的 \ ^、你 們 都當聽 ^氣^. ^不聽 從那先 知的、 必 在民問 滅絕」 I 微, 吸 

W 以來、 說豫莒 的衆 先知、 也都是 指著這 時候說 豫言。 i 們就是 光知的 子孫、 承受 神和 列祖所 立的約 神 與^ 伯抆 

If 立約說 、天下 萬國、 必都 因你的 子孫得 福。 ; i 抖他 《5? 子耶穌 降生: 先差遣 他來、 使你們 谷人侮 改罪惡 、得 pi 祉.^ 

第四章 、 、 

^徒對 iH 姓 講論的 時候、 衆祭司 艮和 管理舉 殿的、 並撒都 該人都 來了、 ^喜 悅他 們敎訓 -All 因耶 穌從死 死 

人都要 復活。 i 、是下 手拿住 他們、 因一 1 天已經 晚了、 將他們 囚在監 .1 等 明天審 I" 然而聽 道的八 、有許 多信服 I 數 目約仃 

五 千"^ <日 、官府 長老讀 書人。 


章 四第傳 行徒使 

6 And Annfis the priest, and 
CaiaphaSj and John, and Alexander, 
and as many as we)*e of the kindred 
of the higli ])riest, wfere gathered 
together at Jerusalem. 

7 And when they had set them 
in the midst, they asked, By wliat 
povi'er, or by what name, have ye 
done this ? 

8 Then Peter, filled with the Holy 
Ghost, said unto tliem, Ye rulers of 
the people, and elders of Israel, 

9 If we this day be examined of the 
good deed done to the impotent man, 
by what means lie is made whole ; 

10 Be it known unto you all, and 
to all the people of Israel, that by 
the name of Jesus Christ of Kazareth, 
whom ye crucified, whom God raised 
from the dead, even by him doth this 
man stand here before you whole. 

11 This is the stone which was set 
at nought of you builders, which is 
become the head of the corner. 

f 12 Neither is there salvation in 
any other : for there is none other 
name under heaven 2;iven. among, 
^leii, whereby we must be saved. J 

13 ^ Now wliGii they saw the 
boldness of Peter and John, and 
perceived that they were unlearned 
and ignorant men, they marvelled ; 
and they t ook knowledge of them 
that they liacl been with Jesus. 

14 And beholding the man which 
was 】 化 aled standing with them, they 
could say nothing against it. 

15 But when they had commanded 
them to go aside out of the council, 
they conferred among themselves, 

16 vSaying, What shall we do to 
these men? for that iucieed a notable 
miracle hath been done by them "is 
manifest to all them that dwell in 
Jerusaleai ; and we cannot deny it. 

17 But that it spread no further 
among the people, let us straitly 
threaten them, tliat they speak 
henceforth to no man in this name. 

* 大祭司 Is* 和 ^^大 、並大 祭司的 覿族、 都在耶 路撒冷 聚%叫 使徒站 在常中 、問他 們說、 你們 用甚麼 能.? =^ 

泰誰的 名作這 事呢。 M 蒙樂靈 大大的 慼動、 對 他們說 的官歉 3¥S 的長老 、今日 若因禱 我們向 病人所 行的好 153? 

問我們 是怎樣 蚪他全 愈的、 ^們和 民、 都應當 知道站 在你們 面前的 這人、 是因 著你們 所釕十 字架、 神所 復活的 

人耶 穌基督 的名、 得全 愈的。 151 耶穌 就是你 們匠人 所棄的 石頭、 巳經 成了房 屋的頭 塊石頭 t-^SSS^SST 

ml 、 . % IQ 十 111 、 、 

篇在 天下人 間沒有 賜下別 的名我 們可以 靠著得 救衆人 看見彼 得約翰 放膽辯 論又知 道他們 原是沒 有學問 的小民 

、 、 十 a 、 、 \+Kt 、 

便覺 希奇認 出他們 是跟從 耶穌的 只因看 見那治 好了的 人和他 們站在 一 處就無 話可說 先叫他 們出了 公會然 後彼此 

商議說 、船們 應當怎 樣處治 這兩個 A 、他 們顯然 行這大 奇事、 s¥s 的居民 都知道 、我 們也不 能說沒 恐怕 這事越 

發银揚 在民間 、必 須威嚇 他們、 抖他們 不再奉 這名敎 訓人。 

312 ACTS, IV. 

18 And they called them, and 
commanded them not to speak at all 
uor teach in the name of Jesus. 

19Biit Peter andJolm answered and 
said uuto them, Whether it be right 
in the sight of God to hearken unto 
you more than unto God, judge ye. 

20 For we cannot but ^peak the 
thinors which we have seen and heard. 

21 So when they had further 
threatened them, tliey let them go, 
finding nothing how they might 
punish tliem, because of the people : 
for all men glorified God for that 
which was done. 

22 For the mau was above forty 
years old, on whom this miracle of 
healing was shewed. 

23 ^ And being let go, they went 
to their own company, and reported 
all that the chief priests and elders 
had said unto them. • 

24 And when they heard that, 
tiioy lifted up their voice to God with 
one accord, and said, Lord, thou art 
God, which hast made heaven, and 
earth, and the sea, and all that in 
thcin is ; 、 

25 Who by the mouth of thy ser- 
vant David hast said, Why did the 
heathen rage, and the people imagine 
vain things? 

26 The kings of the earth stood up, 
and the rulers were gathered together 
against the Lord, and against his 
Christ. • 

27 For of a truth against thy holy 
child Jesus, whom thou hast anointed, 
both Herod, and Pontius Pilate, with 
the Gentiles, and the people of Israel, 
were gathered together, 

28 For to do whatsoever thy baud 
and thy counsel determined before to 
be (lone. 

29 And iiow, Lord, behold their 
threatenings : and grant unto thy 
servants^ tijat with all boklness tlioy 
may .speak tliy word, 

章 四第傅 行徒使 

+i 、是 叫了他 們兩個 人來, I 戒 他們、 萬不可 奉耶穌 的礼講 道敎訓 答說、 p 從 你們過 於聽從 #、 你 們自己 

說、 這在 祌面 前合狸 不合理 II 們所看 見所聽 見的氟 我們不 能不說 lisRm 懼怕百 ^無法 資打 他們、 就恐嚇 他們、 將 

他們 釋放、 因爲 百姓着 見他們 所行的 奇事、 都讚美 神爐 徒行奇 事醫好 的那人 ^ 四十 多歳了 。〇§ 徒旣被 釋放、 就往敎 

友那 裹去、 將祭司 長和長 老所說 的話、 都吿訴 他們。 #M 們聽見 k 心合怠 、大 聲禱吿 神說、 主、 是 神、 天地 海和其 中的一 物、 

都是主 造成的 你 的僕人 ^ 的 口 說、 異邦一 1 甚麼喧 啤( 萬民爲 ^麽 ii 謀 虛妄的 上的 王 興起、 仪伯聚 I 違 

逆主和 主所立 的某督 王和 異 邦人和 艮 果然聚 耍攻難 你抹齊 所立的 子 耶穌、 =ii 就 你的榴 

能、 和 你的意 旨所豫 定的事 1 在他 們恐嚇 我們、 求. 鑒察、 賜你僕 人大大 的放膽 傅你的 I 


30 By stretching forth tlu"ne hand 
to heal ; and tluit signs and wonders 
may bo done by the name of tl、y holy 
cl'iid Jesus. 

31 ^ And when they had prayed, 
the place was sliaken where they 
were assembled together ; and they 
were all filled with the Holy Ghost 
and they spake tiie word of God with 

32 And the multitude of them that 
believed were of one heart and of one 
soul : neither said any of them that 
aught of the things which he pos- 
sessed was his own ; but they had 
all things common. 

33 And with great power gave the 
apostles witijef^s of the resurrection 
of the Lord Jesus : and great grace 
was upon them all. 

34 Neither was there any among 
thera that lacked : for as many as 
were possessors of lands or houses 
sold them, and brought the prices of 
the tilings that were sold, 

35 And laid them down at the 
apostles' feet : and distribution was 
made unto every man according as 
he bad need. 

36 And Joses, who by the apostles 
Avas surnamed Barnabas^ (which is, 
being interpreted, The son of conso- 
】ation,) a Levite, and of the country 
of Cyprus, 

37Havi ng land , sold it, and brought 
tlie money- and laid it at the apostles^ 
feet. " ' 


BUT a certain man named Anan- 
ias, ^vith Sapphira his wife, 
sold a possession, 

2 And kept back part of tlie price, 
Iiis wife also being privy to it, and 
brought a certain part, and laid it at 
the apostles' feet. 

章 五第傳 行徒使 313 

■ 展你的 大能、 使我 們奉你 聖子耶 穌的名 b 治疾病 、行異 蹟奇箏 。〇i 禱已畢 、他們 聚會的 地方、 忽然 震勸、 他們都 足足的 

、 一 二 一、 、 、 、 OS 

受了 聖靈的 感動坦 然無懼 的宣講 祌的道 信道的 人都是 一 心 一 意有無 相通沒 有人說 我的東 西是我 的使徒 用大能 

見證 主耶穌 復活、 衆人 都蒙宏 中沒有 窮乏的 、因 I! 凡有田 產房屋 的人、 都將所 有的變 賣了、 將價 銀交與 使徒、 放在他 

們 脚前、 i 著谷 人所需 用的、 分給 各人 一 個 人、 生在 cSSl 、名叫 ^使徒 又與他 起名、 姊 ^sf 繙出來 、就 是勸慰 

子的意 &| ,有田 地變賣 將 儅銀放 在使徒 脚前。 


】 、 9 0- 一 , • , 

有 一 個人名 .盼0¥ 肱, S 同妻子 寶了田 產亞, ¥ ^將 價銀 I? 藏了 幾分他 妻子也 知道其 餘的幾 分拿來 放在使 

徒 脚前。 

314 ACTS, V. 

3 But Peter snid, Ananias, why 
liath Satan filled thino h(>art to lie to 
the Holy Ghost; and to Icpep back 
2 蕭 f' of the price of the land ? 

4 While it remained, was it not 
thine own ? and after it was sold, was 
it not in thiuo own power ? why bast 
thou conceived tliis thing in thine 
heart? thou Imst not lied unto men, 
but unto God. 

5 And Ananias hearing these 
words fell down, and gave up the 
ghost : and groat fear came on all 
tliem that heard tbo8e things. 

6 And the young men arose, 
wound \iim up, and carried him out, 
and bii ried him. 

7 And it was about the space of 
three hours after, when his wife, not 
knowing what was doue, came in, 

8 And Peter answered unto hei% 
Tell me wliether ye sold the laud for 
so iniicl) ? And she said, Yea, for so 

9 Then Peter said unto l】er, How 
is it that ye have agreed together to 
tempt the Spirit of the Lord ? behold, 
the feet of them which havo buried 
thy 】iasband are at the door, aud 
shall carry thee out. 

10 Til en foil slie down straightway 
at his feet, and yielded up the. ghost : 
and the young men carae in, and 
found her dead, and, carrying her 
forth, buried her by her husband. 

11 And great fear came upon all 
tlje church, and upon as many as 
licarH these tilings. 

12 T[ And by tlie hands of the 
apostles wore many signs and wonders 
wroiiglit among the people ; (aud 
they wore all with one accord in 
Solomon's porch. 

1 3 And of the rest durst no man 
join himself to them : but the people 
magiiifif'd thorn. 

14 Ami hclievors were the more 
added to the Lord, multitudes l)(>tli 
of men and wornoii ;) 

章 五第傳 行徒使 

is 說蹄 s, 亞) 怎麼^ 迷或了 你的心 k 你欺瞞 趣靈、 將田地 的惯氣 藏了幾 一;^ 沒有 w 、不 是你 的良已 Isr 、銀 

子不 是你作 主§&i! 甚麼 存這樣 的心、 你不是 欺 瞞人、 是欺瞞 神了 lils^ll 見這 Sis 、就 仆倒斷 了氣、 聽見這 事的人 

都 甚權怕 1\ 年的門 徒起來 他装 殺齓出 s^l 過了 一 個半 時辰、 他的妻 子進來 、還不 知道這 slf%—t. 問 他說、 你們一 

的惜銀 、就是 這個麼 、你吿 訴我" I 說、 就是這 #® !又對 他說、 你們焉 甚麼; S 、試探 卞-的 總雷。 堙葬 你丈夫 的人、 已到 iz 口、 

也耍將 你擡出 去、^ 人立刻 仆倒、 在; 的脚 前也斷 了氣。 少年人 進來、 見他 已死、 就搔 出去、 埋 在他丈 夬傍氣 &敎? ^聽 

% 0十1一 , 、 Q£ 、 

見這事 的人都 甚懼怕 使徒在 民間行 了許多 異蹬奇 事信的 人都同 心合意 的聚集 在^^ 的廊 下其餘 的人不 敢親近 

他們 、一, H 姓卻尊 赏他們 ii 主的男 子婦女 、添入 敎中的 、越 發加多 1 

15 Insomuch that they brought 
forth the sick into the streets, and 
】ai(l them on beds and conches, that 
at the least the shadow of Peter 
passing by might overshadow some 
of tliem. 

16 There came also a multitude out 
of the cities round about unto Jeru- 
salem, bringing sick folks, and them, 
which were vexed with uncleaiispirits: 
and they were healed every one. 

17 ^[ Then tlie high priest rose up, 
and all tiiey that were with him, 
(wliich is the sect of the SadduceesJ 
and were filled with indignation, 

18 And laid their hands on the 
apostles, and put tlietu in the com- 
mon prison. 

19 But the angel of the Lord by 
night opened the prison doors, and 
brought them forth, and said, 

20 G(), stand and speak in the 
temple tt> the people all the words 
of this life. • 

21 And when they heard that, they 
entered into the temple early in the 
morning, and taught. But the high 
priest came, and they that were with 
hinij and called the council together, 
and all the senate of the cliildreu 
of Israel, and sent to the prison to 
have them brought. 

22 But when the officers came, 
and found them not in the prison, 
they returned, and told, 

23 Sayingj The prison truly found 
we shut with all safety, and the 
keepers standing without before the 
doors : but when we had opened, 
we found no man within. 

24 Now when the liigl» priest and 
the captain of the temple and the 
chief priests hoaixl tliese things, they 
doubted of them whereunto this 
would ^row. 

25 Then came one and told them, 
saying, Behold, the men whom ye 
put in prison are standing iu the 
temple, and teaching the people. 

ACTS, V. 章五第 冬 行 徒 使 315 

十 5 、 , , 0+六 , 

甚至有 人將病 人擡到 街前放 在牀榻 上指望 彼得從 此經過 他的影 蔭茈 在他們 身上有 許多人 從四面 的城邑 帶著病 

, 、 十七 、 P 十 、 、 

人和被 邪鬼纏 磨的來 到耶路 撒冷都 被使徒 治好了 大祭司 和他的 同人撒 都該敎 人都滿 心恨怒 就起來 下手拿 住使徒 

收在 1&S 的使者 、夜間 開了監 門、 領他 們出來 1i 你們上 聖殿去 站著、 將 這生命 的道、 全講與 百姓聽 1^ 徒聽見 這話、 就早 

晨上^ 殿去 傳敎。 大祭 司和他 的同人 來了、 聚齊公 會的人 、和 31¥ 族的衆 長老、 就打發 人到監 裏去、 將 使徒提 出來。 S 役 

到了監 裹「 不見 使徒、 就囘來 報與大 祭司說 1 們看見 ^獄關 鎖嚴密 、看守 的人站 在門外 、及至 開了門 ^義面 並不見 一 個人。 

W 祭司和 管理聖 殿的、 並衆 祭司長 見這話 、都心 裏不安 、不知 這事將 來如何 1 化人來 吿訴他 們說、 你們收 在監裏 的人、 如 

今站 在幾殿 裹敎訓 百姓。 

316 ACTS', V. 

26 Then went the captain with the 
officers, and brought them without 
violence : for they feared the people, 
lest they should liave been stoned. 

27 And when they had brought 
tiiem, they set ^Am before the council : 
and the 】"'gli priest asked them, 

28 Saying, Did not we straitly 
command you that ye should not 
teach in this name? and, behold, 
ye have filled Jerusalem with your 
doctrine, and intend to bring this 
mail's blood upon us. 

29 可 Then Peter and the other 
apostles answered and said, We ought 
to obey God rather than men. 

30 The God of our fathers raised 
up Jesus, whom ye slew and lianged 
on a tree. 

31 Him hath God exalted with 
his right hand io be a Prince and 
a Saviour^ for to give repentance to 
Israel, and forgiveness ot sins. 

32 And we are his witnesses of 
these things ; and so is also the Holy 
Ghost, whom God hath given to them 
lliat obey him. 

33 1[ When they heard that, they 
were cut to the heart, and took 
counsel to slay them. 

34 Then stood there up oiio in the 
council, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel, 
a doctor of the law, had in reputation 
among all the j)eople, and commanded 

j to put the apostles forth a little 
I space ; 

I 35 And said unto them, Ye men 
j of Israel, take lieed to yourselves 
i what ye intend to do as touch 
these men, 、 

3G For before these days rose up 
Tlieudaib, boasting hi msel fto bo some- 
l)0(ly; to who'.Tj a number of men, 
about four hundred, joined them- 
selves : who \vas shiin ; and all, as 
many as obeyed liim, were scuttorod, 
and brop.ght to nouirht. 

章 五第傳 行徒使 

^、是 管理 ^殿: s 帶著差 役去、 將使徒 拿來、 不敢用 强暴、 恐怕百 s 用石頭 砍他們 「§ 到了. k 他們站 在公會 當中、 大 祭司問 


們 身上彼 得和其 餘的使 徒囘答 說聽從 神過於 聽從人 是應當 的你們 懣在木 頭上殺 害的耶 穌我們 列祖的 神已經 

^他 復活。 i 又卧 他升在 自己的 右邊、 立他作 君王、 作 救主、 賜恩與 人、 使他們 能侮改 、得蒙 赦罪。 ^們-!;:! ; t 作這 

事的 見證、 神 所賜與 信從他 的人的 聖靈、 也作這 事的見 gloS 會 的人聽 見大? i 商議 耍殺使 iilJIt 會 中有一 個 法利^ 

八、 名叫 Is: 、是& 姓所敬 重的敎 法師、 他站 起來、 吩附 人將使 徒暫且 帶到外 面去。 旗對衆 人說、 人、 你們處 治這些 



37 After this man rose up Judas 
of Galilee in the days of the taxing, 
and drew away much people after 
him ; he also perished ; and all, 
even as many as obeyed him, were 

38 And now I say unto you, Refrain 
from these men, and let them alone : 
for if this counsel or this work be of 
men, it will come to nought : 

39 But if it be of God, ye cannot 
overthrow it ; lest liaply ye be found 
even to fight against God. 

40 And to him they agreed : and 
wlieu they had called the apostles, 
and beaten them, they coninianded 
that they should not speak in the 
name of Jesus, and let them go. 

41 f And they departed from the 
presence of the council, rejoicing 
that they were counted worthy to 
suffer si 1 a me for his name. 

42 And daily in the temple, and 
in every house, they ceased not to 
tpacli and preach Jesus Christ. 


AND in those days, when the 
number of the disciples was 
multiplied, there arose a murmuring 
of the Grecians against the Hebrews, 
because their widows were neglected 
in the daily ministration. 

2 Then the twelve called the multi- 
tude of the disciples unto them, and 
said, It is not reason that we should 
leave the word of God, and serve 

o Wherefore, brethren, look ye 
out among you seven men of honest 
report, lull of the Holy Ghost and 
wisdom, whom we may appoint over 
this business. 

4 But we will give ourselves con- 
tinually to prayer, and to the ministry 
of the word. 

章 六第傳 行徒使 31? 

s 後報名 上册的 時候、 又有 iss 的! 起來、 引 誘許多 百姓隨 從他、 他也滅 a 隨從他 的人也 都散了 i 在我勸 你們、 不 

耍管理 他們、 任憑他 們罷、 他們所 謀的、 所行的 、若是 出於人 、必耍 是出於 神、 你們不 但不能 叫他敗 氣倒恐 怕你們 

、 、 、 、 〇En 、 

叛逆了 神。 II 人聽從 他的話 叫了使 徒來將 他們責 打吩附 他們不 可用耶 穌的名 傳敎就 釋放了 他們使 徒離了 公會因 

爲自 a 得爲 或 作因爲 主看他 W 配爲 耶穌的 名受辱 都甚歡 喜就每 B 在^ 殿在 家裏不 住的敎 訓人宣 講耶穌 是基督 


霡時門 徒已經 多了、 有說 ¥is 話的 i^- 人因天 天賙濟 的時候 他們中 間的寡 婦沒有 分著就 向希伯 來人發 十二 

使徒 招集衆 門徒、 對他 們說、 我 們不傅 神的道 、倒 去管理 飯食、 是. 不應當 :^"^ 兄們 須要在 你們中 si 揀 選七個 有好名 1 

、 、 cs 

受 驟大 大的感 動智慧 充足的 人我們 派他管 理這事 我們就 專心以 祈禱傳 道爲事 

318 ACTS, VI. 

5 , And the saying pleased the 
whole multitude : and they chose 
Stephen, a man full of faith and of 
the Holy Ghost, and Philip, and 
Pi'ocliorus, and Nicauor, and Timon, 
and Parmenas, and Nicolas a pro- 
selyte of Antioch ; 

6 Whom they set before the apos- 
tles : and when they bad prayed^ 
they laid their hands on them. 

7 And the word of God increased; 
and the number of the disciples mul- 
tiplied in Jerusalem greatly ; and a 
great company of the priests were 
obedient to the faith. 

8 And Stephen, fall of faith and 
power, did great wonders and mira- 
cles among the people. 

9 1 Then the)»e arose certain of 
the synagogue, Vvhich is called the 
synagogue of the Libertines, and 
Cyrenians, and Alexandrians, and of 
them of Cilicia and of Asia, disputing 
witli Stephen. 

10 Aud they were not able to resist 
the Nvisdom and the spirit hj ivhich 
he spake. 

11 Then they suborned men, v/liich 
said, We have heard him speak 
blasphemous words against Moses, 
and against God. 

1 2 And they stirred up the people, 
and the elders, aud tlie scribes, and 
came upon him, and caught hiiii, and 
brouglit him to the council, 

13 And set up false witnesses, 
w'hicli said, This 】uim ceaselh not to 
speak blasphemous words against this 
holy place, nnd the law : 

14 For we have h( ard liim say, 
tliat this Jesiis of Kazan'th sliall 
destroy this place, and shall change 
tlie cufctomswhioli Moses delivered us. 

15 And all that sat in llie council, 
looking steadfastly on liim, saw his 
fii<:o us it had been the face of an 

章 六第傅 行徒使 

人聽了 這話、 都葛悅 、就 揀選了 他是 深有信 >i 大大 被樂 -靈成 動的。 又揀選 g^,^sft 周 呷、 术,, &並 

I I — 、 OA 、 C- 七、、 I . • 

進敎的 ^『f 阿人尼 哥拉叫 他們站 在使徒 面前使 徒禱吿 了將手 按在他 們頭上 神的道 漸漸典 旺在服 路撒冷 門 徒的 

數目、 加增的 ^多、 也有 許多祭 司順從 信服. b^8s< 有信心 能力、 在民 間多行 異蹟奇 lelle 時有 利百地 哪會常 1 並^ 

1、 亞力 山大、 swl、sws 、谷 處會堂 的人、 起來與 fsllg 辨論 「碑 ^ 辨 論的時 I 大有智 Ir^ 被 il- 成 1 那些人 不能勝 

過他。 使出人 來述吿 他說、 我們聽 見這人 說藝瀆 和 祌 的話了 們又 聲動了 百姓和 長老並 讀嘗人 、就來 < ^他、 將 

+ 3 9 十 B , 9 


方、 改學 所傅給 我們的 典禮力 公會 坐荖 的人、 都注目 觀看, 看 見他的 容貌、 彷彿大 使的, 容 I 


章 七第條 行徒使 319 


厂 「II EN said the liigli priest, Are 
丄 these things so ? 

2 And he said, Men, brethren, and 
fatliers, hearken ; The God of glory 
appeared unto our father Abraham, 
when he was iu Mesopotamia, before 
he dwelt in Charran, 

3 Aud said unto iiim, Get thee out 
of thy country, and from thy kindred, 
aud come into the land which I shall 
shew thee. 

4 Then came he out of the laud of 
the Chaldeans, and tl welt in. Charran : 
aud from tlience, when his father was 
dead, he removed hi in into this land, 
where! a ye now dwell. 

5 And lie gave him none inherit- 
ance ill it, no, not so much as to set 
his foot on : yet lie promised that he 
would give it to him for a possession, 
and to his seed after him, when as yet 
he had no child. 

6 And Gorl spake on tliis wise, 
That his seed should sojourn in a 
strange laud ; aud that they should 
bring them into bondage, and entreat 
them evil four hundred years. 

? And the nation to whom they 
shall be in bondage will I judge, said 
God : and after that sliall they come 
forth, and serve rue in this place. 

8 And he gave him the covenant 
of circumcision ; and so Abraham 
begat Isaac, aud circumcised liim 
the eighth clay ; aud Isaac begat 
Jacob; and Jacob begat the twelve 

9 And the patriarchs, moved with 
envy, sold Joseph into Egypt : but 
God was with him, 

10 And delivered him out of all 
liis afflictions, and gave hiai favour 
and wisdom in the sight of Pharaoh 
king of Egypt ; and he made him 
governor over Egypt and all his 

第七章 ,1 

k 祭司問 ffls 說、 這第杲 然有的 說、 諸位父 兄請聽 、當 H 我們的 祖亞伯 拉罕、 還在 沒有遷 到^" 

、 、 111 、 、 、 ora 1 - 圍 - ,. 

居住 的時候 尊榮的 神向他 顯現對 他說你 應當離 了本地 別了親 族往我 所耍措 示你的 地方去 亞伯拉 罕就離 了迦勒 

1 地、 柱 3 去住。 他父親 死後、 祌又^ 他從 那裏遷 到你們 現在所 住的地 i„ ^&這 個地. 神並沒 有賜他 產業、 連立足 

之地 也沒有 賜他、 但應許 必將這 地方賜 與他、 和他 的子孫 爲業、 那 時候他 還沒有 2^ 子。 § 又說、 他的 子孫、 必耍 寄居別 i 

那國 的人、 耍逼勒 他們作 奴僕、 苦待 他們四 百年。 i 又說、 我必責 罰那逼 勒他們 作奴僕 的國、 後 來他們 必耍出 I 在這地 

方服 事我。 i 叉和^ ^sff 設立割 禮的約 、後! 了 W 撒、 到第八 H 、給他 行了割 fiis 生^ 鋼初 生十、 一 一位 

始祖。 % 們嫉妒 M 必、 將他費 與-^ 、帶到 國去、 rl 保佑 % 拯救 他脫離 各樣患 li 使他在 5^ 王 面前、 有智慧 、蒙恩 

窬、 1派 他總狸 國和 望的 全家。 

320 ACTS, V 工 I. 

章 七第傅 行徒使 

11 Now there came a denrtli over 
all the land of Egypt and Channan, 
and great affliction : and our fathers 
found no sustenance. 

12 But when Jacob heard that 
there was corn in Egypl, he sent out 
our fathers first. 

13 And at the second time Joseph 
was made known to his brethren; 
and Josepl I's ki nd red was made 
known unto Pluiraoh. 

14 Then sent Josepl ami called 
】iis fatlier Jacob to him, and all 】iis 
kindred, threescore and fifteen souls. 

15 So Jacob went down into Egypt, 
and died, he, and our fathers^ 

16 And were carried over into 
Sycliem^ and laid in the sepulchre 
that Abraham bought for a sum of 
money of the sons of Emm or, the 
father of Sycheni. 

17 But wlien the time of the pro- 
mise drew nigh^ which God bad 
sworn to Abraluim, the people grew 
and multiplied in Egypt, 

18 Till another king arose, which 
knew not Joseph. 

19 Tlie same dealt subtilely with 
our kim】red, and evil entreated our 
fathers, so that they cast out their 
young children, to the end they 
might not live, 

20 In whicli time Moses was born, 
ami was exceeding fair, and nourished 
up ill his father's house tiiree months : 

21 And wiieu he was cast out, 
Pluiraoli^s danglitor took 】】im up, and 
nourished him for her own son. 

22 -And Moses was learned in all 
the wisdom of the Egyptians, and 
was mighty iu words aud in deeds. 

23 And wlien he was full forty 
years old, it came into his heart to 
visit 】)is bretlircu tho children of 

24 A iii] hoeitig ujic of ihem sufler 
wrong, Ire dc feuded him,Knd avenged 
hi ill that was oppressed, iuid smote 
the Egyptian : 

i 來 5^ 和 11 遍地、 都遭 了饑荒 大難、 我們 的祖宗 就絕了 mli,^ 聽 見在, g 有裰、 先打發 我們的 fi 宗 往那; 盟去。 i 二 

、 , C 十 El 、 a?w -11 

.^^-去的時候約瑟與弟兄相認法老緣曉得約瑟的親族約瑟打發弟兄請父親雅各和全家共七十五人同來雅,^就往,例 一 

J ■ 、 、 十六 I 、 ,1 ! 一 

及去了 後來和 我們的 祖宗都 死在那 裏子孫 遷柩到 叙劍葬 在亞伯 拉罕用 銀從哈 抹的: 十 孫買來 的坡地 是 

的父。 秦發誓 應許, #,11. 的話、 將應 驗的時 :^,i3,, 判 興盛繁 NN^S 到新 王登仏 不知道 害 我們的 

宗族、 困苦 我們的 列祖、 叫他 們丢棄 嬰孩、 不許存 時 1 生出來 、俊美 非凡、 在 父親家 r4 憮養三 個月。 i 就 HIi 了 他、^ 

萄的女 兒拾去 、養爲 自己的 子。 i 來 Is 盡得了 1^ 人的學 氣說話 行事、 都 有才氣 i 到了 四十歲 、心奥 想去看 望他的 . 

第兄 的 子孫。 1 了那襄 、看見 一 個人受 ¥S 人的菟 就保護 替他報 將那 人 打死。 


j 25 For he supposed his brethren 
I would have un-lerstood how tliat God 
by his band would deliver thorn ; but 
I they understood not. 

26 And the next day he shewed 
himself unto them as they strove, and 
would have set them at one again, 
saying, Sirs, ye are brethren ; why do 
ye wrong one to another? 

27 But lie that did his neighbour 
wrong thrust him away, saying, Who 
madetiieea ruler and a judge over us? 

28 Wilt thou kill me, as thou 
didst the Eg:vptian yesterday ? 

29 Then fled Moses at this say:ag, 
and was a stranger in the land of 
Madiaiij M^hore he begat two sens. 

30 And when forty years were ex- 
pired, there appeared to him in the 
wilderness of mount Sin a an angel of 
the Lord in a flame of fire in a Wsh. 

31 Whea M^xses saw it, he won- 
dered at the sight : and as he drew 
near to behold it, the voice of the 
Lord came unto bira, 

32 Saying, I am the God of thy 
fathers, the God of Abraham, and the 
God of Lsaac, and the God of Jacob. 
Then Moses trembled, and durst not 

33Thensaid tiieLord toliim^PutoflP 
thy shoes from thy feet : for the place 
where thou staudest is holy ground. 

34 I have seen, I have seen the 
affliction of my people which is in 
Egy pt, and I have heard their groan- 
ing, and am come down to deliver 
them. And now come, I will send 
thee into Egypt. 

35 This Moses whom they refused, 
saying, Who made thee a ruler and 
a judge? the same did God send lo 
be a ruler and a deliverer by the 
liand of tlio angel whicli appeared 
to hiru ill the bush. 

3G He brought them out, after tl; at 
he had shewed wonders and signs iu 
the land of Egypt, and in the Reel sea, 
and in the wilderness forty years. 

窒七 第傳 行徒使 321 

_ll 以爲弟 兄 必明白 神要 藉他的 極救 他們、 無奈 他們不 明白^ 日遇 見兩個 3¥S 人爭鬪 、就 勸他們 和睦、 說 你們是 

弟兄一 甚麼 自相欺 侮呢。 i 無瑰 的人、 拒卻 他說、 誰立你 作我們 的官、 審 問我們 iCi 也耍 殺我、 傺昨: n 殺那 人! IS® 

、 、 . 、 、 911 十 、 == 、 、 、 

聽見 這話就 逃走了 往米田 去住在 那裏生 了兩個 兒子過 了四十 年主的 使者在 西乃山 的曠野 荆棘火 焰中向 Is 顯現 

一1二 、 、 、 、s-l 、 y 、 

靡 li 見了異 象便覺 希奇進 前觀看 聽見主 的聲昔 向他說 我是你 祖宗的 神就 是亜伯 拉罕的 神 3 撒的 神 雅谷的 

9 011:1= 、 、 、 〇1 一一 H I 、 

神摩西 戰戰兢 兢不敢 觀看主 對他說 將你脚 上的輳 脫了因 il 你所 站立的 地方是 聖地 我的百 姓在伊 及所受 的苦楚 

、 、 、 、 、 I 2HJ , 

我已經 看見了 他們哀 痛的聲 音我已 經聽見 了我如 今降臨 耍極救 他們你 來我差 遣你往 伊及去 g 姓曾 拒絕摩 西說誰 

立你作 官審問 我們、 神卻 託那在 荆棘中 顯現的 使者、 立這 爲民 艮極 救百軌 難領百 在 55 地、 在 SS 在嚒 

野、 四 十年常 行異蹬 奇事。 


ACTS, VII. 章 七第傳 行徒使 

37 1 This is that Moses, which said 
unto the cliiklren of Israel, A Prophet 
shall the Lord your God raise up 
unto you of your bretliren, like unto 
me ; him shall ye hear. 

38 This is he, that was in the 
church in the wilderness with the 
angel which spake to him in the 
moiuit Sina, and vnth our fathers : 
vdio received the lively oracles to 
give unto us : 

39 To whom our fathers would not 
obey, but thrust him from tbcra, and 
in their hearts turned back agaiu 
into Egypt, 

40 Saving unto Aaron, Make lis 
gods to go before us: for as for this 
Moses, which brought us out of the 
land of Egypt, we wot not what is 
become of him. . 

41 And they made a calf in those 
davs, and offered sacrifice unto the 
idol, and rejoiced in the works of 
their own hands. 

42 Then God turned, and gave 
them up to worship the host of 
heaven ; as it is written in the book 
of the prophets, O ye house of Israel, 
have ye offered to me slaia beasts 
and sacrifices by the space of forty 
years in the wilderness ? 

43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle 
of Moloch, and the star of your god 
Remphan, figures which ye made to 
worship them : and I will carry you 
away bcyoud Babylon. 

44 Our fathers had the tabernacle 
of. witness in the wilderness, as lie 
had appointed, speaking uuto Moses, 
that lie should make it according to 
the ft! si lion that be had seen. 

45 Which also our fathers tliut 
caine after brouglit in with Jesus into 
the possession of the Gentiles, whom 
God drave out before the face of our 
luthnrs, unto the days of David ; 

46 入 Vlio found favour before God, 
and desired to find a tabcrnucle for 
the Ooil of Jacob. 

; 曾對: 主 你們的 m,^ 在你們 弟兄中 立 一 位 先知像 化你們 必常聽 民會 在喊^ 的 s 候天 

便在 山; J.1 曉諭 §、§ 往來在 天使和 我們祖 宗中間 、聽 受生命 的道、 將這道 ^我^ 、們祖 宗不肯 聽從、 反报絕 

他、 心 裏想耍 去、^ 對^ 愉說、 你且篇 我們造 神像、 引導 我們、 因一爲 那領我 們出^ 的 我們不 知道他 往那. 及去 

了。 |1 時他 們造了 一 個牛 犢像、 向他 獻祭、 他 們因自 己的手 所做的 歡郡直 i 了。 i 就離棄 他們、 I 憑他們 天 上的、 H 

月星辰 ^ 先知 書上 所寫的 話說、 ggl. 人、 你們四 十年間 、在 躕野獻 牲畜、 獻 祭物、 wjgi 舞 我氣 I 們 擡著一 i 的帳 B 、和 

你 們的神 星 的傺、 那雨個 像就是 你們篇 耍敬拜 造的、 因此我 必叫你 們遷到 外" f 去酷們 祖宗在 唢野有 收:. 俘 

律法的 帳慕、 或 作有作 帳幕 這帳 幕是那 位曉諭 的、 命 MS 照著所 看見的 樣式做 ^1 來我 們祖宗 承受 帐到 

神在我 們祖宗 面前、 趕逐了 異邦入 、我 們祖宗 就隨同 、將 這帳慕 擡進異 邦人的 地方、 直存到 ^的 時候。 ^在 

t 面前蒙 rati 一 1 铜谷的 神、 建 造聖匦 II 


47 But Solomon built him a house. 

4S Howbeit the Most High dwell- 
eth not in temples made with iiands ; 
as gaitli the prophet, 

49 Heaven is my throne, and earth 
is my footstool : what house will ye 
build me? saitli the Lord : or what is 
the place of my rest? 

50 Hath not my liand made all 
these things ? 

51 ^ Ye stiffuecked and uncircum- 
cised in heart and ears, ye do always 
resist the Holy Ghost : as your 
fathers did, so do ye. 

52 Which of the prophets have 
not your fathers persecuted ? aud 
they have slain them which shewed 
before of the coining of the Just 
One ; of whom ye have been now 
the betrayers and murderers : 

53 Who have received the law by 
the disposition of angels, and have 
not kept it. 

54 , When they lieard these things, 
tliey were cut to the heart, and they 
gnashed on hira with their teeth. 

55 But he, being full of the Holy 
Ghost, looked up steadfastly into 
heaven, and saw the glory of God, 
and Jesus standing on the right 
hand of God, 

56 And said, Behold, I see the 
heavens opened, and the Son of man 
standing on the right baud of God. 

57 Then they cried out v/ith a loud 
voice, and stopped their ears, aud ran 
upon him with one accord, 

58 And cast him out of the city, 
and stoned him : and the witnesses 
laid down their clothes at a young 
man's feet, whose name was Saul. 

59 Aud they stoned Stephen, call- 
ing upon God, and saying, Lord 
Jesus, rtceive my spirit. 

60 And lie kneeled down, and cried 
with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this 
sin to their charge. And when he 
had said this, he tell asleep. 

章 七第傳 行徒使 32 3 

II 後 s§ 神造成 這殿飼 而至上 的主、 不住人 手所造 的殿、 就如 先知所 言、. SI 說、 天是我 的座位 、地 是我的 脚樊、 你們一 

、 CI? Con 1 、 、 、 、一. 


* 五-一 * 、 、 \ ^ 

你 們祖宗 怎樣你 們也怎 樣那一 個先知 不被你 們祖宗 逼迫先 知說義 人耍來 你們祖 宗就殺 害先知 如今你 們又將 那義一 

53 、 osa 、 、 05a 

人賣了 殺了你 們得了 天使所 傳的律 法竟不 遵守衆 人聽見 這話心 裏忿怒 就切齒 的恨司 提反司 提反大 大的被 ^靈球 

、 , 、 . 五六 、 、 OS 七 、 

勸 注目望 天看見 神的 榮耀也 看見耶 穌站在 神的右 邊就說 我看見 天開人 子站在 神的右 邊衆人 大骤喊 抖掩著 

、 sfc N 、 、 、 、 on A 

耳朵 一 齊擁上 來將他 推到城 外用石 頭砍他 作見證 的人脫 了衣服 放在一 個少年 人的脚 前少年 人名叫 婦羅他 們用石 

頭 砍的時 候司提 反禱吿 說求主 耶穌接 收我的 靈魂叉 跪下大 聲呼卧 說主不 耍將這 罪歸在 他們身 上說完 這話就 死了一 

^文 作就, 了 ^ 見他死 了也歡 ili 一 

324 ACTS, VIII. 


AND Saul was consenting unto 
his death. Aud at that time 
there was a great persecution against 
tlie cliurch which was at Jerusalem ; 
and they were all scattered abroad 
throughout the regions of J udea aud 
Samaria, except tlie apostles. 

2 Ami devout men carried Stephen 
to his burial, and made great lamen- 
tation over him. 

3 As for Saul, he made havoc of 
the church, entering into every house, 
and haling men aud women commit- 
ted them to prison. 

4 Therefore they that were scatter- 
ed abroad went every where preach- 
iug the word . 

5 Then Philip went down to the 
city of Samaria, and preached Christ 
unto them. 

6 Aud the people with one accord 
gave heed unto those things, which 
Philip spake, bearing and seeing the 
miracles which lie did. . 

7 For unclean spirits, crying with 
loud voice, came out of many that 
were possessed with them : and many 
faketi with palsies, and that wcve 
lame, were licaled. 

8 And there was great joy in that 

9 But there was a certain imn, 
called Simon, which beforetime in the 
same city used sorcery, and bewitched 
the people of Samaria, giving out that 
himself was some great one : 

10 To whom tliey all gave heed, 
from the least to the groatest, saying, 
This man is the great power of God. 

: 1 And to him they luid regard, 
because that of long time he had 
1)',' wit died them with sorceries. 

12 But wlion tlioy believed Philip 
preaching llie things coiiceruint]; tlio 
kingdom of God, and the name of 
Jesus Christ, they were Imptized, 
both men and women. 

章 八第傳 行徒使 


k 時候、 在 SWll 的敎會 、大遭 逼迫、 除了使 徒以^ 門徒都 分散在 和 1-^^^ 各地方 虔誠 的-^ 將司 提反收 

OS , 、 、 OS 、 OS - 1 M1M : 

葬了、 爲 他捶胸 大哭! 殘害敎 會進谷 人的家 捉拿男 女下在 藍嘉那 分散的 人往谷 處去傳 福音腓 力往撒 • 妈利 亞的一 

個城去 、宣 講基督 的道、 與那 裏的人 聽。. !人看 見聽見 所行的 奇事、 就都專 心聽他 的道。 ^爲 有許多 被邪, m 附的人 、邪 

鬼大聲 呼叫、 從那些 人身上 出來、 還有許 多療瘋 ^魏 腿的、 都得全 愈了。 紧城裏 的人大 大的歡 喜。^ 一 個人 名叫" # 素來 

在那 城裹行 邪術、 迷 lifWWl 的百勉 、妄 自尊大 1^ 少沒有 不隨從 他的、 都說這 人大有 神 的能力 TiI5ft" 隨從他 、因一 H 他 

用 邪術迷 或他們 已久。 至 來傳 神國 的福音 、和耶 穌基督 的名、 衆人就 信從他 、男 女都受 了洗。 


V6 Then Simon himself believed 
also ; and wheu he was baptized, he 
continued with Philip, and wonder- 
ed, beholding the miracles and signs 
which were done. 

14 Now when tlie apostles wliich 
were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria 
had received the word of God, they 
sent unto them Peter and John : 

15 Who, when they were come 
clown, prayed for them, that they 
niiglit receive the Holy Ghost : 

16 (For as yet he was fallen upon 
none of them : only they were baptized 
in the name of the Lord Jesus.) 

17 Then laid they their hands on 
them, and they received the Holy 

18 And when Simon saw that 
through laying on of the apostles, 
hands the Holy Ghost was given, he 
offered thetn money, 

1 9 Saying, Give me also this power, 
that on whomsoever I lay bands, he 
may receive the Holy Ghost. 

20 But Peter said unto him, Thy 
money perish with thee, because thou 
hast thought that the gift of God 
may be purchased with money. 

21 Thou hast neither part nor lot 
in this matter : for thy heart is not 
right in the sight of God. 

22 Repent therefore of this thy 
wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps 
the ihoiight of thine heart may be 
forgiven thee. 

23 For I perceive that thou art in 
the gall of bitterness, and in the 
bond of iniquity. 

24 Then answerer] Simon, and 
said, Pray ye to the Lord for me, 
tliat none ot these tilings which ye 
Jiave spoken come upon me. 

25 And they, wheu they had 
testified and preached the word of 
the Lord, returned to Jerusalem, 
and pre.^.ched the gospel in many 
villages of the Samaritans* 

章 八第傳 行徒使 325 

sl—g 也信了 、受 了洗、 後 來常同 在 一 處、 看見 所行 的異蹟 奇事、 甚 是詫異 。3i 徒在 耶路撒 冷聽見 gss 人、 信從 

, 十五 、 、 〇十六 

了 神的 道就差 遣彼得 約翰往 那裏去 兩個人 到了就 爲 他 們禱吿 使他們 可以受 聖靈因 if 聖 靈還沒 有降給 他們一 個 

, G 十 3? 、 七 KT 、 、 

人他們 R 皋主 耶穌的 名受了 洗於是 使徒按 手在他 們頭上 他們就 受了壁 靈西門 看見便 徒按手 便有壁 靈賜下 就獻銀 

子與 使徒、 lir 這權抦 給我、 叫 我手按 著誰、 誰就可 以得荖 聖靈。 i 一對 他說、 願你 的銀子 與你一 同滅 13、 因一 :€ 你想 神的 

恩賜、 可以 用銀子 。^與 這 道無分 無關、 因爲在 神面 你 的心不 f^i! 當悔改 這罪惡 、祈求 或者 你心澳 的惡今 i 

or H 、 O 二 a 、 、 , $0 

可得 赦免我 看你滿 心毒惡 被罪纒 繞西門 囘答說 你們一 1 我 求主使 你們所 說的災 禍沒有 一 樣臨 到我身 上使徒 旣證明 

主的 ^ 宣傅與 衆.^ 就囘 耶路撒 冷去、 一 路在撒馬利亞許多村莊、傅揚福!1^」 

326 ACTS, VIII. 

章 八第傳 行徒使 

2G Aud the angel of the Lord 
spake unto Philip, saying, Arise, and 
go toward the south, unto the way 
that goeth duwa from Jerusalem 
unto Gaza, which is desert. 

27 And he aroso and went : and, 
behold, a man of Ethiopia, a eunuch 
of great authority under Candace 
queen ot the Ethiopians, who had the 
charge of all her treasure, and bad 
come to Jerusalem for to worship, . 

28 Was returning, and sitting in 
his chariot read Esaias the prophet. 

29 Then the Spirit said unto 
Philip, Go near, and join thyself ro 
this chariot. 

30 And Philip ran thither to him, 
and heard him read the prophet 
Esaias, aud said, Understand est thou 
what thou readest ? 

31 Aud he said, How can I, ex- 
cept some man should guide me? 
And he desired Philip that he would 
come up and sit with him. 

82 The place of the Scripture 
which he read was this, He was led 
as a sheep to the slaughter ; and like 
a latnb dumb before his shearer, so 
opened he not his mouth : 

33 In his humiliation his judg- 
ment was taken away : and who 
shall declare his generation ? for his 
life is taken from the earth. 

34 And the eunuch answered 
Philip, and said, I pray thee, of 
wliom speaketh the prophet this? of 
himself, or of some other man ? 

35 Then Philip opened his mouth, 
and began at the same Scripture, 
aiul preached unto him Jesus. 

36 Aiul as they went on their way, 
they came unto a certain water : and 
the eunuch said, See, here is water ; 
、,vlmt doth hinder me to be baptized ? 

37 AikI Philip said, If thou be- 
lifivest witli all thine heart, thou 
may est. And he answcrod and «ik】, 
I believe lliat Jesus Christ is the 
ScMi of God. 

i 主的 使者對 1^ 說起夾 -、, 间南. 任那從 sl^ 到 1 的跻 上去、 邪, 站是 噴野。 犹 起身前 一 個 f^l^ 的太 

齋是 女王 的大 tiii 所有 的銀^ 他上 I 耶^^ , ^禮拜 神 去了。 i 在: 來、 坐在車 上>1 知 的。 

靈吿 說、 你往 前去、 貼近 那車走 3 麟^ 跑上 前去、 聽見太 ,.5.- 先知, ^ffl 的^ 就問 他說、 你 所念的 t 你明白 I 

多!^ 一沒 有人指 敎我、 怎能 明白呢 M 於是請 ^上車 同坐" # ^念 的那篇 書說、 他像羊 被人拉 到死地 、像 羊、, ^「法 剪 羊毛的 A 

手下、 閉 口無聲 1 卑微的 時候、 人不按 著公義 審問他 、他的 生命被 滅在世 、誰 能述說 與他同 世的入 ^ 罪 I 或作? 的牛 -命既 

滅 fli 他的 年代呢 監, 對腓 力說、 請問 先知說 這話、 是指 著誰、 是指著 a: 己呢、 是指 著別人 州 就從這 寄上開 I 

傳耶 穌的福 音給他 %r 在路上 行走、 到了 有水的 地方、 太纖說 、這裏 有水、 我受洗 有何妨 I 划說、 你若. ^化 一 心相信 、就 

可以 一,^ 他囘 答說、 我 信耶穌 墓督是 神的 s^f^ 


38 And l)ecommaiiclecl the chariot 
to stand still : and they went down 
both into the water, both Philip and 
the eunuch ; and lie baptized him. 

39 And when they were come up 
out of the water, the Spirit of the 
Lord caught away Philip, that the 
eunuch saw him no more : and he 
went on his way rejoicing. 

40 But Pliilip was found at Azotus: 
and passing through he preached in 
all the cities, till he came to Cesarea. 


AND Saul, yet breathing out 
threatenings and slaughter 
against the disciples of the Lord, 
went unto the liigh priest, 

2 And desired of him letters to 
Damascus to the synagogues, that if 
lie found any of this way, whether 
they were men or women, he might 
bring them bound unto Jerusalem. 

3 And as he journeyed^ he came 
near Damascus: au(] suddenly there 
shinecl round about him a light from 
heaven : 

4 And he fell to the earth, and 
heard a voice saying iinto liim^ Saul, 
Saul, why persecutest thou me? 

5 And lie said, Who art thou, 
Lord ? And the Lord said, I am Jesus 
whom thou persecutest : it is hard 
for thee to kick against the pricks. 

6 And he trembling and astonished 
said, L/orcl, what wilt thou have n)e 
to do ? Ami the Lord said unto him. 
Arise, and go into the city, and it 
shall be told thee what them must do. 

7 And the men which journeyed 
with him stood speechless, hearing a 
voico, but seeing no man. 

8 And Saul arose from the earth ; 
and w'lieri his eyes were opened, he 
saw no man : but they led him by the 
hand, and brought Aim in to Damascus. 

9 Ami he was three days without 
gight, and neither did eat nor drink. 

章 丸第傳 行徒使 327 

,是 s?f 停 住、^ 和太監 1 一入 同下水 裏去、 就與 他施、 水裏 上來、 主的 聖靈、 忽然將 划 引去、 太監. 沒有苒 兒. i 

就歡 歡喜喜 的仍舊 行路。 g 來人 遇見^ 在§^ 他遍走 谷城、 宣傳福 昔、 直到 


仍 然口吐 、耍殺 害主的 門徒、 去 見大祭 大祭司 寫文書 、給 wa 各會堂 、交他 帶去、 准他將 1 舞信從 這道的 

人、 無論男 女都鎖 歡解往 isn 來。 §s 將到 ssi 正走的 時候、 忽然從 天上有 ^四 面照著 1, 就仆倒 在地、 聽見有 

聲音 向他說 iWiS 、你 if 甚麼 逼迫我 l,s^% ;、 你是誰 、主說 、我就 是你所 逼迫的 耶穌、 你用脚 Si, 刺是 難的。 is 戰戰 

兢的說 、主要 我作 甚麽。 主說、 你起來 、進 城去、 有人 耍將你 所當作 的事措 示你。 k 仃 的人啞 口無言 、站 在那 r4 聽見 ¥t 卻看 

不見人 從地上 起來、 瞎開 服睛、 不能 看見甚 有.^ 拉他 的手、 頜他進 73iJ 城。 一 IIH 不能看 見、^ 不進 飮贫。 

328 ACTS, IX. 

10 ^ And there was a certain dis- 
ciple at Dama.scuSj named Ananias ; 
and to him said the Lord in a vision, 
Ananias. And he said, Behold, I am 
here, Lord. < 

11 And the Lord said unto him, 
Arise, and go into the street which is 
called Straight, and inquire in the 
house of Judas for one called Saul, of 
Tarsus : for behold , he pruyeth, 

12 And liath seen in a vision a 
man named Ananias coming iu, and 
putting his hand on him, that lie 
might receive his sight. 

13 Then Ananias answered. Lord, 
I have heard by many of this man, 
liOM' much evil he hath done to thy 
saints at Jerusalem : 

14 And here he liath authority 
from the chief priests to bind all that 
call on thy name. 

15 But tlie Lord said unto him, 
Go thy way : for he is a chosen vessel 
unto me, to boar my name before the 
Gentiles, and kings, and the children 
of Israel : 

IG For I will shew hiiu how great 
things he must suffer for my name's 

17 And Ananias went his way, ami 
entered into the lionse ; and putting 
his liancls on him paid, Brother Saul, 
the Lord, even Jcsus, that appeared 
unto thee in the way as thou earnest, 
hath sent me, that thou mightest 
receive thy sight, and be filled with 
the Holy Ghost. 

18 And immediately there fell from 
his eyes as it had been scales: and he 
received sight forthwith, and arose, 
and was baptized. 

19 Aud when he had received 
meat, lie was strengtlieued. Then was 
Saul certain days with the di.sciples 
wliioli were at ] )umascns. 

20 Ami straightway he preached 
Christ in the synagogues, that he is 
the Son of God. 

%〜 九第傳 行徒使 

十 I = M= , , 、 o 、 、 O 十 1 、 , nu 、 

在大 馬色有 一 個門徒 名叫亞 拿尼亞 主在異 象中對 他說亞 拿尼亞 他說主 我在這 裏主對 他說起 釆往直 街上去 lili,.^ 

家尋訪 一 個 ^ 人名叫 ^ 的、 他正 祈禱、 i 在異 象中、 看見 一 個. < ^名叫 sfws 、進來 與他按 手、^ 他能 一;;? 見。 lsl¥wl^ 

、 、 、 ; . 「 :- - _ 1 卜 \ 十四 • 、 

對答說 主我聽 見許多 人說那 個人在 ^ww^ 多 多的苦 害你的 1? 徒 並且到 這一及 來是從 衆祭司 長那^ 得了核 枘鎖綁 

禱吿 主名的 人主對 ffi 拿尼亞 說你口 〈管去 他是我 所揀選 的器皿 叫他在 異邦人 和君王 並^: ^人 面前宣 揚我的 

十六 、 C 十七 、 、 、 , \ 、 

名我也 耍指示 他將來 爲我的 名必受 許多苦 難亞拿 尼亞就 去了進 了那家 手按掃 羅說兄 弟婦雜 阿你來 的時候 在路上 

向你 顯現的 主耶穌 差遣我 來呌你 能看見 又足足 的蒙^ 靈 感動婦 M 的服睛 彷彿 有负鱗 立時脫 落下來 他就能 I;;? 見 

了、 於是 起來受 了洗。 i 了飲 ^身體 就覺强 仏!1在„^3 與門徒 同住了 數日、 _^在 谷會堂 .:::s 基督是 神的 子。 


21 But all that heard him were 
amazed, and said ; Is not this he 
that destroyed them which called on 
this name in Jerusalem, and came 
hither for tl)at intent, that he might 
bring them bound unto the chief 

22 But Saul increased the more in 
strength, and confounded the Jews 
which dwelt at Damascus, proving 
that this is very Christ. 

23 And after that many days 
were fulfilled^ the Jews took counsel 
to kill him : 

24 But their laying wait was known 
of Saul. And they watched the gates 
day ami night to kill luin. 

25 Then the disciples took him by 
night, and let him down by the wall 
in a basket. 

26 And wliea Saul was come to 
Jerusalem, lie assayed to join himself 
to the disciples : but they were all 
afraid of him, and believed not that, 
lie \vas a disciple. 

27 Bwt Barnabas look hiai, and 
brought him to the apostles, and 
declared unto them bow he Imd seen 
the Lord in the way, and that he had 
spoken to hi in, and how he had 
preached boldly at Damascus in the 
name of Jesus. 

28 An-"! he was with them coming 
in and going out at Jerusalem. 

29 And he spake boldly in the 
name of the Lord Jesus, and disputed 
against tlie Grecians : but they went 
about to slay \vm, 

30 ]Vhich when the brethren knew, 
they brought him down to Cesarea, 
and sent him forth to Tarsus. 

31 Theu had the churches rest 
throughout all Judea and Galilee and 
Samaria, and wore edified ; aud walk- 
ing in the fear of the Lord, and in 
the comfort of the Holy Ghost, were 

章 九第傳 行 徒 使 3 2 9 

_< ^聽見 的人、 都詫 異說這 不是在 耶路撒 冷迫害 禱吿這 名的人 的麼、 他到 這襄來 不是特 禱鎖綁 這樣的 解 交衆祭 扶 

劇的心 志更加 堅固、 駁 倒住在 的 §^ 人、 辨明耶 穌是基 tli 了許多 日子、 人同 謀殺害 們 的計謀 

、 oils 9 一一. K ! 1 、 

被掃羅 知道了 他們又 晝夜在 城門守 候耍殺 他門徒 就在夜 間用筐 子將他 從城上 整下來 掃羅到 了耶路 撒冷想 ^門徒 

結交、 門徒都 怕他、 不 信他是 門徒。 卻引 他去見 使徒、 將他 在路上 如何看 見主、 主如 何向他 說話、 他茌 33 如佝奉 


人 講論辯 臥他們 圖謀耍 殺他。 i 兄知 道了、 就 送他到 SiWS 、遣 他往^ 去。 累時 i^i 地 wsisww^ 的 諸敎會 

都平安 、德行 建立、 凡事敬 畏主、 蒙塞靈 的安尉 f 人數就 越發增 多了。 

330 ACTS, IX. 

32 1 And it came to j^ass, as Peter 
passed throughout all quarters^ he 
came down also to the saints which 
dwelt at Lyclda. 、 

33 And there he found a certain 
mail named Eneas, which had kept 
liis bed eight years, and was sick of 
the palsy. 

34 And Peter .said unto him, Eneay, 
Jesus Christ maketh thee whole : 
arise, and make thy bed. Ami he 
arose immediately. 

35 And all that dwelt at Lydda and 
Saroii saw hi inland turned to the Lord. 

36 T[ Now there Avas at Jo[)pa u 
certain disciplenameclTabitha, which 
by interpretation is called Dorcas : 
this woman was full of good works 
and alrasdeeds wliich she did. 

37 And it came to pass in those 
days, that she was sick, and died : 
whom when they had washed, they 
laid her in an upper chamber. 

38 And forasmuch as Lydda was 
nigh to Joppa, and the disciples had 
lieai'd tliat Peter wa^ tliere, they seat 
unto him two men, desiring him that 
he would not delay to come to them. 

39 Then Peter arose and went 
with them. Wlien lie was como, they 
brought him into the u])per chamber: 
and all the widows stood by 】iini 
weeping, and shewing the coats and 
garments which Dorcas mml(?, while 
.she was with them. 

40 But Peter put them all forth, 
and kneeled down, and prayed : and 
turning him to the body said, Tahitha, 
arise. And she opened her eyes : ami 
when she saw Peter, she sat up. 

41 And lie gave her his hand, and 
lifted Jm* up ; nn(] when lieluid called 
the saints and widows, he presented 
li(T alive. 

4- And it wasknown throughout all 
Joppa: and many believed in the Lord. 

4'3 And it cauio to pass, that lie 
tarried many days in Jop[)a with one 
Simon a tanner. 

章 九第傅 行徒使 

_ 衝得周 流四方 、往! SI? 去、 見那 褢居住 的聖徒 那裹 遇見 一 個人、 名^^ W1 、忠 儺艇的 < 辆、 在牀上 躺臥八 年。: 對 他說、 

^0 ^職耶 穌某督 酱好你 :1 起 ^ 收拾 你的 t 他就起 來了. 1 在^ 和 的人都 !;;?: 見 r 他、 就 1^ 服 f 主: v^5^^ 有一 

個女徒 、名叫 大比大 、繙 lilw. 話、 就 是多, 加、 他多行 善事、 廣 濟窮八 eli 那時 候忠病 死了、 身體 洗淨、 停在^ 離 不 

聽見 細得在 那裹、 就遣兩 個人去 求他來 、不: 耍遲处 【i 擷起來 、與 兩個人 同行。 到了、 就有 人頗他 上樓、 很 K-:^^ 繞-微 

糊哭泣 、將^ 活著 時候所 做的衣 服給他 lil 得叫 他們郤 出去、 自己跪 下祈氣 轉身對 著死人 說、^ < ^起 氣,. 他立 刻,^ 

開眼晴 、看見 8:、 就 坐起來 手拉他 起來、 叫衆墨 徒和募 婦進來 、使 他們看 dnj 經 復活了 1 糊合城 的人、 都知 

、 OS- myN 、 o 

這事就 有許多 入信了 主彼得 在約帕 許多日 子住在 一 個皮匠 家襄 



T^HERE was a certain niau ia 
Cesarea called Corm'lius, a 
centurion of the band called the 
Italian band, 

2 A devout man, and one that 
feared God with all Lis house, which 
I gave much alms to the people, and 
I prayed to God always. 
I 3 He saw in a vision evidently, 
j about the ninth hour of the clay, an 
I angel of God coming in to hira, and 
! saying unto him, Cornelius, 

4 And when he looked on him, lie 
was afraid, and t^aid, What is it, 
Lord ? And he said unto him. Thy 
prayers and thine alms are come up 
for a memorial before God. 

5 Am、 now send men to Joppa, 
and call for one Simon, whose sur- 
name is Poter : 

6 He lodgeth with one Simon a 
tanner, whose house is by the sea 
side : he shall tell thee what thou 
oughtest to do. 

7 And when the angel which spake 
nnto Cornelius was departed, he 
called two of his household servants, 
and a devout soldier of tliem that 
waited on him continually ; 

8 And when he had declared all 
these things nuto tliem, he sent them 
to Joppa. 

9 , On the morrow, as they weut 
on their journey J and drew nigh unto 
the city, Peter went up upon the 

I housetop to pray about the sixth hour: 

10 And he became very hungry, 
and would have eaten : but while they 
made ready, he fell into a trance^ 

11 And saw heaven opened, and 
a certain vessel descending nnto 
liiru, as it had been a great sheet 
knit at the four corners, and let 
tlown to the oarth : 

丄 2 Wliereiri were all manner of 
fourfooted beasts of the farth, and 
wilil beasts, and creeping things, and 
fowls of the air. 

意十^ 傅 行徒使 33 i 

第十 童 

531s 有 一 個.^ 、名叫 —s^ 、是 營 裏的百 SIS 一他和 他全家 都是虔 誠人、 敬畏 神、大大調濟^3姓、常常祈禱 

祌 1^1 日約在 申-羽 、他 得了異 5^ 明 明看見 神的使者進1到他面前1|1^^!1^^注目看天^8駭說、主、甚麼 

事呢。天使說、你的祈禱賙濟、已經上^^蒙 神記念 1.^" 你 現在當 遺人柱 去、 請那稱 呼^ 的^, 來 。&住 在海邊 一 個 

皮匠^ I 家裹、 他要將 你應當 作的事 措示你 咐他 的天使 去後、 使^ 兩個 僕人、 和常服 事他的 1 個虔^ 兵 丁.^ 

^這話 都吿訴 他們、 差遣 他們往 n 去 b^H 他們將 近那城 、還在 路上、 約在 午正時 1^、 上房 祈禱、 |_得 餓了: 要吃那 

家的.<正豫備販的時候、^魂遊象1^^見天開了、有一 物降下、形戕如同 一 疋大布 、繁荖 四角、 鎚在 地上。 i 面有地 t 四 

足 的牲畜 、野 ^見 蟲-和 天 上的雀 ail 

332 ACT8, X. 

章 十第傳 行徒使 

13 And there ca ine a voice to him, 
Rise, Peter ; kill, and eat. 

14 But Peter said, Not so, Lord ; 
for I have never eaten any thing 
that is common or unclean. 

15 And the voice spaJcG unto him 
again the second time, What God 
hath cleansed, that call not ihou 

16 This w as done thrice : and the 
vessel w as recei ved up again into 

17 Now while Peter doubted in 
himself what this vision which he 
had seen should mean, behold, the 
men which were sent from Cornelius 
had made inquiry for Simon's house, 
ami stood before the gate, 

18 And called, and asked whether 
Simon, which was suruamed Peter, 
were lodged there. 

19 , While Peter thought on the 
vision 5 the Spirit said unto him, 
Behold, ihroe men seek thee. 

20 Arise therefore, and get thee 
down, and go with them, doubting 
nothing: for I have sent them. 

21 Then Poter went clown to the 
men which were sent unto him from 
Cornelias ; and said, Behold, I am 
he whom ye seek : what i's the (; a use 
wherefore ye are come ? 

22 And tliey said, Cornelius the 
centurion, a just man, and one that 
learetli God, and of good report 
among all the nation of the Jews, 
was warned from God, by a holy 
angel to send for thee into his 
house, ami to hear words of tlice. 

23 Til en called lie tlicni in, and 
lodged them. And on tlie morrow 
Peter went away with them, and 
certain brethren from Joppa accom- 
panied him. 

24 And the morrow after thvy 
entered into Ccsarea. And Cornelius 
waited for them, and had called to- 
gether his kinsmen and near friends. 

十 =1 、 , :! 十 E 、 、 、 、 O 七 W 、 

就有 聲昔對 他說: 起來宰 了吃彼 if 說 主阿斷 乎不可 凡粗俗 和不潔 淨的物 我從來 沒有吃 過那^ 音又說 祌所潔 

、 十. K 、 ot 七 11 、 、 、、 

淨的你 不!? 以爲 粗俗這 樣有三 次後來 那物收 囘天上 去了彼 得心一 正在 猶疑不 知所看 見的異 象是甚 麼意^ 哥尼流 

、 , 〇 十 rC 、 〇 十 .A , - 

所差遣 的人已 經尋到 WE: 的 家站在 門外叫 人出來 問這裏 有稱呼 彼得的 西門住 荖沒有 彼得還 思想那 異象聖 i. 貼對他 

說 有三個 人來尋 找你起 來下去 和他們 一 同前 往不耍 疑或是 我差他 們來的 彼得下 來見! h;? 尼流 所差來 的人說 我就是 

你們所 尋找的 、你 們來有 甚麽事 呢。: S 們說、 百夫 長^? S 是 一 個義人 、敬畏 歉爲 S5a 國所稱 li 他愛 in 天使 指示、 叫 

、 Q 三-一 9 、 1= 

他請你 到他家 去聽你 的敎訓 彼,! 請他 們進來 住宿次 H 和他們 同去還 有約帕 的幾個 ^兄 跟隨他 去又次 H 他們 到了 

slFe.^s^B 經請 了近親 密友、 等 候他乳 


童 十第條 行徒使 333 

25 And as Peter was coming In, 
Cornelius met him, and fell down 
at his feet, and worshipped him. 

26 But Peter took him up, saying, 
Stand np ; I myself also am a man. 

27 And as he talked with him^ he 
wen t in, and found many ^that were 
come together. 

28 And lie said unto them. Ye 
know how that it is au unlawful 
thing for a man that is a Jew to keep 
company, or corae unto one of an- 
other nation ; but God hath shewed 
me that I should not call any man 
common or unclean. 

29 Therefore came I unto you 
without gainsaying, as soon as I was 
sent for : I ask therefore for what 
intent ye have sent for me? 

30 And Cornelius said^ Four days 
ago 工 was fasting until this hour ; 
and at the ninth hour I prayed in 
mv house, and, behold, a man stood 
before me in bright clothing', 

31 And said, Cornelius, thy prayer 
is heard, and thine alms are had in 
remembrance iu the sight of God. 

32 ' Send therefore to Joppa^ and 
call hither Sitnou, whose surname is 
Peter ; he is lodged in the house of 
one Simon a tanner by the sea side : 
wlio, when he cometh, shall speak 
unto thee. 

33 Immediately therefore I sent 
to thee ; and thou hast well done that 
tliou ait come. Now therefore are 
we all here present before God, to 
liear all things that are communded 
theo of God. 

34 ^Theii Peter opened his mouth, 
and said^ Of a truth I perceive that 
God is no respecter of persons : 

35 But \n every nation lie that 
fearcth him, lul worketli lighteous- 
lU'SS, is acce{)te(l with him. 

3G The word which God sent unto 
the children of Israel, preachini:^ peace 
— b"esusC 資! { g i^^ ^^^ 

敬 了 




















神 開 

託 B 

他 15«、 

* 我 

^ 眞 

^ 曉 
的 得 













約 i 
帕 II 


西 I 
門 I 
W 邊 
話。 皮 
彼 P 







我 5 



























哥 i 










作 多 

粗 人 f 
俗 在 

不 那 

潔 裏 
淨 聚 

的。 集。 
所 5 對 S 
以 他 
我 P 

見 你 
你 們 

請 道 

我、 猶 
就 太 
不 人 
推 與 
辭 異 
而 邦 
來、 人 
現 親 
在 近 
問 來 
你 往、 

2 是 
請 不 

我 合 

來、 律 

是 的、 

m 佴 

jS 神 
事。 已 

哥? 經 
尼 I 

流 I 示 
說、 我、 
四 無 

前 甚 
我 麼 
禁 人、 
食 都 
到 不 

了 可 

來 J 


"r n: 

n" :.〜 u \f ― I, m u If 

.0 1 進去、 就迎接 I 俯伏在 他脚前 拜他。 is 拉他 起來、 說你 起來、 我也是 At 翻和他 說著話 、進到 裏面、 看見許 

334 ACTS, X. 章 十 傳 行徒使 

3/ That word, I say, ye know, 
which was published throughout all 
Judca, and began from Galilee, after 
tlie baptism which John preached ; 

38 How God anointed Jesus of 
Nazareth witii the Holy Ghost and 
with power: who went about doing 
good, and healing all that were 
oppressed of the devil ; for God was 
witli hini. 

39 And we are witnesses of all 
things Avhich he did both in the land 
of tlie Jews, and in Jerusalem ; whom 
they slew and hanged on a tree : 

40 Him God raised up the third 
day, and shewed him openly ; 

41 Not to all the people, but unto 
witnesses chosen before of God, even 
to us, who did oat and drink with 
liim after he rose from tlie dead. 

42 And he commanded us lo 
preach unto the people and to testify 
that it is he which was ordained of 
God to be the Judge of quick ami 

43 To 】iim give all the prophets 
witness, that through his name who- 
soever belieyeth in him shall receive 
remission of sins. 

44 ^ While Peter yet spake these 
words, the Holy Ghost fell on all 
them which heard the word. 

45 Aud they of the clrcumcisioQ 
which believed were astonished, as 
many as came with Peler, because 
tliat on the Gentiles also was poured 
out the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

46 For they heard them speak with 
tongues, and 聰 giiify God. Then 
auswered Peter, 

47 Can any man forbirl water, that 
these should not be l)aptizpd, \v])ich 
liave received the Holy Giiost as mcH 
as we? 

48 And lie oommanded them to be 
baptized in the name of the Lord. 
Then prayed tlicy him to tarry cer- 
tain days. 

i 道在: i¥ 傅敎施 洗以後 、從 傳起、 傳遍了 地方、 1賜聖靈大能與#¥1.人耶穌>^-他爲基督.^-5都::11^^你們 

知道: S 、耶 穌蒙 神的 默佑、 周遊 四方行 赛事、 轉好 凡被魔 勢制伏 的人。 i 在 全地、 在 filW 城一復 所行的 一 

們都&1!他作見!^人!宽將他憑在木頭上、殺害^^雜第三日、 神 叫他復 顯現與 入看。 f 仏是顯 人氣 是顯與 祌豫先 

所揀 20 他作 見證的 人看、 就是我 們這些 在他復 活以後 、與他 一 同飮食 的人" § 穌又吩 咐我們 在民間 ^道、 證他是 

神所 立定、 審判 活人死 人的主 II 先 知也一 M 他作 見證, 恋凡 信他的 A 、必因 他的名 得蒙赦 s^s—t 還 說道話 的時: iig 降 

im 1 ^聽 道的 人和彼 得同來 的奉割 禮的門 徒見異 邦人也 受了聖 靈的 恩賜就 都詫異 ^!爲聽 見他們 別 國的方 

言、 讚美 神 爲大。 il 搠說、 這些人 旣受了 靈 和我們 一 樣、 誰能禁 止用水 與他們 施洗呢 「i 盼附車 主的名 與他們 施^ 他 

們又; II i.^ 住了幾 



AND the apostles and brethren 
that were in Jndea heard 
t'hat the Gen(iles had also received 
the word of God. 

2 And when Peter was come up 
to Jerusalem, tliey that were of the 
circumcision contended with him, 

3 Sayiug, Thou wentest iu to men 
u n circ u m cise tl , and clidst eat with 

4 But Peter reheai'secl the matter 
from the beginning, and expounded 
it by order xmio them^ saying, 

5 I was in the city of Joppa pray- 
ing : and in a trance I saw a vision, 
A certain vessel descend^ as it had 
been a great sheet, let down from 
heaven by four corners ; and it came 
even to me : 

6 Upon the wliich wlieu I had 
fastened mine eyes, I considered^ and 
saw fourfooted beasts of the earthy 
and wild beasts^ and creeping thinj>;s^ 
and fowls of the air. 

7 And I heard a voice saying unto 
me, Arise, Peter ; slay and cat. 

8 But I sai(】, Not so. Lord : for 
nothing comraou or unclean huth at 
any time entered into my mouth. 

9 But the voice answered me 
again from heaven, What God hath 
cleansed^ that call not thou common. 

10 And this was done three times : 
and all were drawn up again into 

11 Aucl, bell old, immediately there 
were three men already come unto 
the house where I was, sent from 
Cesarea unto me. 

•1 2 And tlie Spirit bade me go with 
them, nothing doubting. Moreover 
these six brethren accoinpanied me, 
and we entered into the man's house : 

13 And he shewed us how he had 
seen au nngcl in his house, which 
stood and .^aid unto him, Stnd men 
to Joppa, and call for Simon, whose 
surname is Peter : 

章 一十第 {#行{/1: 使 335 


J 、 I 、 Cll 、 ,一 1 、 

異邦人 岜信泰 神的道便徒和在猶太的衆^6兄都聽見了彼得囘到^,^^泰割禮的門徒責備他說你進未受割膿 

的 人家氣 和他們 一 同吃 飯了。 就開 n 將這 事挨次 吿訴他 們說、 I 在 IS 城鹿 祈禱的 時候、 魂遊 象外、 霜見 異象、 有 一 

物 降下、 形狀如 IS 一 疋大 *l^、i5gl 角、 從天 下、 落到 我面前 1§ 注目 觀一一 11^ 內中有 地上四 足的牲 野 和天 上的雀 

鳥 r& 又聽見 有聲昔 對我說 、徵 f 起來、 宰了吃 。&說 、主阿 、斷乎 不可、 凡粗俗 不潔淨 的物、 從 來沒有 入過我 的口。 i 聲昔 從天 

上又教 我說、 神所潔 淨的、 你 不可看 爲粗俗 1_3樣 有三次 、後 來就都 收囘天 上去了 1^ 當那 ^ 、有三 個人站 在我所 住的房 

、 m 十 = 、 、 、 ♦ 、 

門 外是從 該撒利 亜差來 見我的 1^ 靈 吩咐我 和他們 同去不 耍疑或 我就去 了還有 這六個 弟兄和 我同去 我們都 進了那 

十" - 、 、 、 I" 、 

人的 家裏那 人吿訴 我們說 我看見 一 位天使 站在我 屋裏對 我說你 遣人往 i 去請 那稱呼 i 的^ 來 

336 ACTS, XI. 

14 Who shall tell thee words, 
vvliereby thou and all thy house shall 
be saved. 

15 And as 1 began to speak, the 
Holy Ghost fell on them, as on us at 
the beginning. 

16 Then remembered I the word 
of the Lord, how tliat lie sai(l, John 
indeed baptized with water ; but ye 
shall be baptized with tlieHoly Ghost. 

17 Forasmuch then as God gave 
lliera the like gift as he did unto us, 
who believed on the Lord Jesus 
Christ, what was I, that I could 
withstand God ? 

IS When they heard those things, 
tliey held their peace, and glorified 
God, saying, Tlien hath God also 
to the Gentiles granted repentance 
unto life. 

19 Now they wliich were scat- 
tered abroad upon the persecution 
that aroso about Stephen travelled 
as far as Pheiiice, and Cyprus, and 
Antiocb; preaching the word to none 
but unto the Jews only. 

20 And gome of them were men 
of Cyprus and Cyreno, which, when 
they were come to Antioch, spake 
unto the Grecians; preaching the 
Lord Jesus. 

21 And the hand of the Lord was 
with them : and a great number 
believed, and turned unto the Lord. 

22 T[ Then tidings of these things 
came unto the ears of tl!e church 
M'hich was in Jerusalem : and tliey 
sent forth Barnabas, tlmt lie should 
go as far as Autiodi. 

23 Who, when he came, and had 
seen the grace of God, was glad, and 
exhorted them tluit Avilh purpose 
of heart t!»ey would cleave unto tlie 

24 For lie was a good man, and 
full of the Holy Ghost and of fiiitli : 
and mucli people was added unto tlie 

章一 十第傳 行徒使 

他耍將 能使你 和你全 家得救 的道講 與你聽 我剛開 講聖靈 就降臨 慼勸他 們像當 ;初降 臨成^ 我們 .一 樣 我就想 起主的 

話說、 § 是用水 施洗、 將來 你們必 nffi 靈 的洗。 i 旣賜恩 與他們 、和 賜恩與 我們這 些信主 耶穌基 督的人 一 ^我是 I 

十 、 、 、 、! D 

竟 敢攔阻 神呢衆 人聽見 這話就 不言語 了只讚 is- 神說 現在我 們知道 神也 賜恩與 異邦人 使他們 悔改得 永生了 

3 一 

遇難 之後、 那些 遭逼迫 四散的 門徒、 徧行谷 露到了 腓尼基 居比路 安提^ 只 講道與 1^ 人 中 s^^-<、.ls 一 

n 九到了 sn. 宣傳 主耶穌 的福昔 、與說 ¥WS 話的! ^人 i% 施大能 保佑他 t 信道歸 主的人 數就多 一.^ & ¥1 一 

S1 的敎會 、聽見 這信息 、就遣 SS, 往 去.! 到了 那裏、 看見那 的 人受了 神的恩賜、就番§:^勸衆人堅心事 

舉. Hssis 是 一 個好. < 、足 足的被 is 感動、 大布 此存許 多人歸 服了. 


25 Then departed Barnabas to 
Tarsus, for to seek Saul : 

26 A-ud when he bad found him, 
lie brov'iglit liim unto Antioch. Ami 
it came to pass, that a whole year 
they assembled tliem selves with the 
cliurcli, and taught much people. 
And the disciples were called Chris- 
tians first in Antioch. 

27 And ill these days came 
prophets from Jerusalem unto An- 

28 Aud there stood up one of them 
named Agabus, and signified by the 
Spirit that there should be great 
dearth tliroiigliout all the world : 
which came to pass in the days of 
Clautlius Cesar. , 

29 Then the disciples, every man 
according to his ability, determined 
to send relief unto the brethren which 
dwelt in Judca : 

30 Which also they did, and sent 
it to the elders by the hands of 
Barnabas and Saul. 


OW about that time Herod tlie 
king stretched forth his hands 
to vox certain of the church. 

2 And lie killed James the brother 
of John with the sword. 

3 And because he saw it pleased 
the Jews, he proceeded further to 
take Peter also. (Then were the days 
of unleavened bread.) 

4 Aud when he liad apprelionded 
liioi, lie put him in prison, and 
delivered him to four quaternions of 
soldiers to keep hira ; intending after 
Easter to bring him forth to the 

5 Peter therefore was kept in 
prison : but prayer was made without 
ceasing of the church unto God for 

章二 十第傳 行徒使 337 

_£;§又往51去、尋訪1!^見他、就領他往8^去、他們一 一 人有 一 年的 工夫、 同在敎 會中、 敎訓 r 許多人 、門 徒稱爲 

基 利斯低 亜尼、 ii 督 n 徙 是從 起首。 i 時 有幾個 先知從 耶路撒 冷來到 中有 一 人名^ 在敎會 

中站 起來、 受了^ 靈的 感動、 說天下 將有大 饑荒、 這話到 革老丢 該撒的 時候、 果然應 驗了。 g 是門徒 立定主 巧{ 谷人 照各人 

的力量 招資、 送到 、賙濟 那裏的 弟兄。 i 們 就這樣 1 仏將招 資託巴 拿巴掃 羅送柱 ^的衆 長老那 裹去。 

第 十二章 

k 時 #¥王1^ 手苦害 敎中幾 個.<% 了^ 的兄弟 見 人喜歡 這事、 又拿了 那 時正是 除酵節 拿了 

彼得就 收在監 裏交付 十六個 兵丁看 守要等 到逾越 節後提 他出來 隨著百 勉的意 &b 辦现; ^被 囚在監 敎中人 切切的 

他祈禱 ^ 

i38 ACTS, XII. 章二 十第傅 行 徙 使 

G And when Herod would liave 
brought him forth, the same night 
Potor was sleeping between two 
soldiers, bourn] with two chains : 
nncl the keepers before tlie door 
kept tlie prison. 

7 And, 1)l>1k)1(1, the angel of the 
Loril came upon him, and a light 
shiuecl in tlic prison : and lie smote 
Peter on the side, and raised him 
n[), saying, Arise up quickly. And 
his dm ins fell off from his hands. 

8 And the angel said unto him, 
Gird thyself, and bind on tliy sandals: 
and so he did. And he saith unto 
Iiim, Cast thy garment about thee, 
and follow me. 

9 And he went out, and followed 
him ; and wist not that it was true 
wliich was done by the aiigel; but 
thought he saw a vision. 

】0 XV^ien they were past the first 
and the second ward, they came unto 
tlie iron gate that Icadetli unto the 
city ; which opened to them of his 
own :i ceo I'd : and they weut out, and 
passed on through one street ; and 
lortliwith the angel departed from 

11 And when Peter was come to 
himself, he 5^aicl, Now I know of a 
surety, that the Lord hath sent 】iis 
angolj and hatli delivered me out of 
the Imnd of Ilerod, and from all 
the expectation of the people of 
the Jews. 

12 And when he Iiad considered 
the thing y lie came to the liouso of 
Mary the niolher of Jolm, whose 
surname was Mark ; where many 
wero gathered together praying, 

13 And as Peter Ic nocked at the 
door of tlie gn to, a damsel came to 
hearken^ UKmcd Rhoda. 

14 And wlion slie knew Pctor^s 
voice, slie opened not the gate for 
gladness, but ran in, and told 】io、v 
Peter stood before the gate. 

^^耍提他出來的前一 夜、 他被 兩條鐵 謎飽著 、睡存 雨侗兵 丁當中 、監. 1: 外還一 w 兵了 看守。 1^ 然有主 的使^ 站 在傍? I^、 屋 

裹 M 光照 耀、 天使拍 I 的 脇下、 拍醒了 I 說快快 起來、 那雨條 鐵鏈、 就從他 手上脫 落下來 15- 使對他 上帶、 5^ 上 

,就 依從他 的話。 天使 又說、 穿上 衣服、 跟隨我 來。^ 讪就 跟隨他 出來、 不 知天便 所作: 不 M( 以爲見 過^ 一 曆 

ml 一暦^^^來到臨街的1門、那門自己開了、出到外邊、過 一 條街、 天使就 離開他 去了。 醒 S 過來 說、 我如八 i 〈知? f5 主 

差遣他 的使者 、救 我脱離 #W 的手、 不叫 人稱願 「i 念之問 、就 往稱呼 的! 的^ 親 家去、 那 :..;!^ 許多人 

, \十0 、 、 、 \ 

聚翁 祈禱彼 得叩 外門有 一 個使 女名^ 羅 大出來 探聽^ 得是! 的聲昔 歡喜之 極門也 顧不得 ^跑進 去吿^ 衆人說 

■i 門外。 

ACTS, X Il- 

ls And they said unto hor, Thou 
art mad. But she constantly affirmed 
that it was even so. Then said they, 
It is his angel. 

16 But Peter continued knocking : 
and when they had opened the door, 
and saw him, they were astonished. 

17 But he, beckoning unto tliem 
with the hand to hold their peace, 
declared unto them how the Lord 
had brought him out of the prison. 
And lie said, Go shew these things 
unto James, and to the bretliren. 
And he departed, and went into an- 
other place. 

18 Now as soon as it was day, 
there was no small stir aniong tlie 
soldiers, what was become of Peter. 

19 And when Herod luid sought 
for hinij and found him not, he 
examined the keepers, and command- 
ed that they should be put to death. 
And lie went down from Judea to 
Cesaroa, and there abode. 

20 And Herod \vas highly dis- 
pleased witli them of Tyre and Sidon: 
but they came witli one accord to 
! lim^ and, having made Blastus the 
king,s cliamberlaiu ilieir friend, de- 
sired peace ; because their country 
was nourislied by the king's country. 

21 And upon a set day Herod, 
arrayed in royal apparel^ sat upon 
his throne, and made au oration 
unto them. 

22 And the people gave a shout, 
saying. It is the voice of a god, and 
i^ot of a man. 

23 And immediately the angel of 
the Lord smote him, because he gave 
not God the glory : and he was eaten 
of worms, and gave up ihe ghost. 

24 But the word of God grew 
and multiplied. 

25 And Barnabas and Saul returned 
from Jerusalem^ when they had ful- 
filled their ministry, and took with 
them John, whose sum a me was Mark 

章二 十第傅 行徒使 339 

4>驀 , , , , , 十. K • 、 9 t]u b A 

衆 人說你 颠狂了 使女極 力說是 這樣的 衆人說 必是他 的天使 彼得不 住的叩 門他們 開了門 看見他 就甚驚 J^;^ 糾搖手 

^他們 :,^ 耍作 1 將 主救他 出監. 的事吿 訴他們 。又 吩咐他 們將這 事轉吿 訴辦免 和衆弟 0! 於是出 去往^ 處 去了。 iT 

、 十 ft , , 、 考 、 

天亮 兵丁甚 是驚慌 不知彼 得柱那 裹去了 希律尋 找他尋 不見就 審問看 守的兵 丁吩咐 人拉去 殺了後 來,^ 離了 8^ 

往 iSSl 去、 住在那 裏。 oil 惱怒 §BSW 的百勉 、這 二城的 百姓、 3?§ 他們 】 帶地方 都從王 的地土 得齓就 一 心來 

託王 的内侍 m^sTg 求和。 定了 一 個日子 、穽上 朝服、 坐在位 么對百 勉講了 一 話。 is!^ 大驟說 、這 是祌 說的外 W 、不 

是世 人說的 話希律 沒有歸 榮耀與 神主的 使者立 刻罰他 他爲蟲 所咬氣 絶死了 神的 道從此 廣傅越 發與盛 ES3 

和 ^ 辦完 了施捨 的事、 就 從耶路 撒冷囘 去、 帶 領稱呼 的^ 同去 ( 

340 ACTS, XIII. 

章三 十第佛 行 徒 使 


NOW there were in the clinreh 
t'lat 、、.jis at Antiocli certain 
piopliots and teachers; as Barnabas, 
and Simeon tliat was called Niger, 
ami Lucius of Cyienc, and Manaeu, 
"•liidi had been brought up with 
Herod the tolraicli, and Saul. 

2 As tlicy raiiiistered to the Lord, 
ami fasted, tlie Holy Ghost paid, 
Separate me Banuibas and Saul ior 
the work wherennto I have called 

3 And when tliey had fasted and 
prayed, and laid their hands on them, 
tlicy sent them away. 

4 If So they, being sent forth 
by the Holy Ghost, departed unto 
Selcucia ; and from thence they 
sailed to Cyprus. 

5 And when they were at Salaniis, 
they preached the word of God in 
tlic synagogues of the Jews : and 
tlicy had also Julia to their minister. 

6 And w hen they had gone l lirongh 
tlie isle unto Paphos, they found a 
certain sorcerer, a prophet, a 
Jew, whose name was Bar-jesiis : 

7 Which was with the deputy of 
llio country, Sergins Paul us, a ptu- 
(Iciit man ; who called for IWimbas 
and Saul, and desired lo hear the 
word of God. 

8 But Ely mas the sorcerer (for so 
is liis name by interpretation) with- 
stood them, seeking to turn away 
the doputy from the faitli. 

Tlien Saul, (who also is called 
Paul,) filled with llie Holy Ghost, 
bc't Ills eyes ou bim, 

10 And said, O full of all subtilly 
and all niiscliief", thou cliild of tlie 
devil, thou enemy of all riglitcous- 
ncas, wilt tlioii not cease to pervert 
tlie riglit ways of the Lord? 

第 十三章 


們秦奉 主禁食 的時候 、聖 靈說、 應 當-^ 我分派 IHISM 去 作我所 WIS 他們作 的事。 k 是禁 祈禱、 按手在 他們! S 上、 打 

發他 們去。 t 人旣 被聖靈 差遣、 來到 。從那 惠泛海 、注 去" k 了 m 、在 i^A. 的谷會 w>if 宣傅 神的, I;;: 刻 

¥ 隨從: 助他們 。&海 島上 走過、 到了 遇 一 個有法術假充先知的§^人!^^叫^^113人常和方伯^^^1接 

交、 士求保 羅是通 達人、 請了 和 1 來、 要聽 他們講 神的 道。^ Iw^ 父稱^ # 、繩 出來、 就是^ 法術的 、他 擺阻他 

們、 耍叫方 伯不信 你旨又 名皿那 時被疆 靈大大 成勸、 注目 看他^ 你這 魔勉: 子、 滿心詭 詐奸惡 、與衆 善爲敵 、你燈 

亂主的 .fi 迫、 耍到幾 時爲止 ,1 

ACTS, XIII. 章 三 十 第 傳 行 徒使 34L 

11 And now, behold, the hand of 
<he I'ord is upon thee, and thou 
slialt be blind, not seeing the sun for 
a season. And immediately there fell 
oil him 11 mist aud a darkness ; and 
lie went about seeking some to lead 
liim by the hand. 

12 Then tlie deputy, wlien he saw 
wluit was done, believed^ being 
astonished at the doctrine of the 

13 Now wlien Paul and bis com- 
pany loosed from Paphos, they came 
to Perga in Pamphylia : and John 
departing from them returned to 

14 ^ But when they departed from 
Perga, they came to Antiocli in 
Pisidia, and went into tlie synagogue 
on the habbatli day, and sat down. 

15 And after the reading of the 
law and the prophets, tlie rulers of 
the synagogue sent unto them say- 
ing. Ye men and brethren, if ye have 
any word of exliortation for the 
people, say on. 

16 Tlien Paul etood up, and 
beckoning with his hand said, Men 
of Israel, and ye that fear God, give 

1 7 The God of tliis people of Israel 
chose our fathers, and exalted the 
people when they dwelt as strangers 
in the land of Egypt, and with a high 
arm brought he ihcm out of it. 

18 And aboiit the time of forty 
years suffered lie their manners in 
the wilderness. 

19 And when lie liacl destroyed 
seven nations in the land of Ciianaan, 
he divided their 】ancl to tliem by lot, 

20 And after that he gave unto 
them judges about tlie space of four 
hnud reel and fifty years, until Samuel 
the prophet 

21 And afterward they desired a 
king: and God gave unto them Saul 
the son of Cis, a man of the tribe of 
Benjnniin, by tlie space offorly years. 

f 在主耍 懲治你 、你必 瞎服、 且不 能看見 H 光、 他的肌 睛立刻 昏蒙 黑暗、 四下 求人領 他行走 1^ 伯看見 所作的 II 主的 

m 彼覺詫 艮就信 從了。 S. 顯和 同人從 〔來到 的 Siai 在那 裏別了 他們、 1^31^ 去。 1 們離 了.^ 

¥ 柱前行 、來到 US 的 ffls 安息 :《 進 會堂坐 一.^」i3 中讀 完了律 法和先 知的軎 、管會 堂的造 A 對他 們說、 I 一 位兄台 

冇^ 的 講。 就站 起來、 舉手說 3^ 人和 凡敬畏 祌的人 請氣 iJi 初 1^ 民的 祌、 揀選 我們的 祖宗、 後 

來民在 寄居、 舯救拔 他們、 川 一 is 之力 額他們 出來、 力在喊 野撫養 他們、 約有四 十年。 i 了 11 地方 七族的 人民、 將 

那地土 分賜他 們爲氣 i 後 ii 他們設 立士師 、直 到先知 的 時候、 約有四 H 五十 年。 i 來", 姓要一 個 祌 就爲他 

們設立 雅惻 支派中 的兒子 1 作王、 判羅作 王四十 J# 

342 ACTS, XLir. 章三 十第傅 行徒使 

22 And when he had removed him, 
he raised up ii uto them David to be 
their king; to wiiom also he gave 
testimony, and said, I liave found 
David the son of Josso, a man after 
mine own heart, wiucli shall fulfil all 
my will. 

23 Of til is man's seed hath God, 
according to his prouiisfi, raised unto 
Israel a Saviour, Jesus : 

24 When John liad first preached 
before liis coming the baptism of 
repentance to all tlie people of Israel. 

25 And as John fulfilled liis course, 
he said, Whom think yc that I am ? 
I am not he. But, behold, there 
Cometh one after mo, wliosc shoes of 
his feet 1 am not worthy to loose. 

2G Men and brethren, cliildron of 
the stock of Abraham, and wliosoover 
among you feareth God, to you is the 
word of tins salvation sent. 

27 For they tliat dwell at Jerusa- 
lem, and their rulers, because they 
knew him not, nor yet tlie voices of 
tlio prophets which arc read every 
sabbath day, {hey have fulfilled them 
in condemning him. 

28 And though tlioy found iiocause 
of (Iciith in him, yet desired tlioy 
Pilate that lie should be slain. 

2 9 And when they had fulfilled all 
that was written of Mm, they took 
hitn down from the tree, and hiid him 
in :i sepiilclirc. 

30 But God iniscd him from the 
dead : 

31 And lie was seen many clays of 
them which came up with liim from 
Galilee to Jcrii.salem, who are his 
witnesses unto tlie people. 

32 And Me (]i clnrc unto you glad 
tidings, how (liut the ])roiniso wliich 
was made unto the (at hers, 

33 Gocl liRtli fulfilled tlie same 
unto us their children, in tliat liclnith 
raised up Jesus again ; as it is also 
written in the second psalm, Tliou art 
my Son, this day liuve 1 hoi^ol ton thee. 


這^ 王的後 代中、 神已經照著所應許的、爲5111.人立了救.^^就是耶1願穌還沒有出來^糊先傅侮改的洗禮、飢; 

民. 1,1 將作完 他的職 ifr^ 你們以 爲我是 亂我不 是基氤 有在我 以後來 的人、 我 就是一 ^ 他解 、叱 "liT 不配的 Ii 

位 iES 兄、 辯询! 的子孫 、和 你們中 Si 敬畏 神的人 >m 救世 的道、 是賜與 你們的 "im 的 115 民、 和 他們: sl!&ws 不 

認識 基督、 不 明白毎 安息: n 所讀 衆先知 的書、 就定了 他死罪 、應驗 先知的 豫!; 然査不 出他有 當死的 、? M 求^^ 殺 

01 一 A 、 、 n + o 一一一 一 Ifl I 

他 旣應了 經上措 著他所 記的話 就將他 從木頭 上取下 來葬在 墳慕裏 神 卻叫他 從死一 俊活他 多=被 那從加 利利趿 

隨他到 ful 的人 看見、 這 些人如 今在民 間 一霸他 作見氣 現 在報好 信息與 你們、 祌所 應許列 、- 3 經 向我們 

這作 子孫的 應驗、 叫耶穌 從死襄 復活了 。卽 如聖詩 第二篇 上記著 lil^ 你 是我的 么我今 = 生你。 


34 And as concerning that he 
raised him up from the drad, now no 
more to return to corruption, lie said 
on this wise, I will give you the sure 
mercies of David. 

35 Wherefore lie saith also in 
another psalm, Thou shalt not suffer 
tliiiie Holy One to see corruption. 

36 For David, after he had served 
his own generation by the will of 
God, fell on sleep, and was laid 
unto his fathers, and saw corruption : 

37 But he, whom God raised again, 
saw no corruption. 

38 , Be it known unto you there- 
fore, men and brethren, that through 
this mail is preached unto you the 
forgiveness of sins : 

39 And by liim all tliat believe are 
justified from all things, from which 
ye could not be justified by the law 
of Mosrs. 

40 Beware therefore, lest that come 
upon you, which is spoken of in the 
prophets ; 

41 Behold, ye despisers, and won- 
der, and perish : for I work a, work 
ill your clays, a work which ye shall 
in no wise believe, though a man 
declare it unto you. 

42 And when the Jews were 
gone out of tlie synagogue, the 
Gentiles besought that these words 
might be preached to them the next 

43 Now when tlie congregation was 
broken many of the Jews and 
religious proselytes followed Paul and 
Barnabas ; who, speaking to them, 
persuaded them to continue in tlie 
grace of God. 

44 T[ And the next sabbath day 
came almost the whole city together 
to hear the word of God. 

45 But when the Jews saw the 
multitudeSjthey were filled vvitheavy, 
and spake against those things which 
were spoken by Paul, contradicting 
nnd blaspheming. 

章三 十第傳 行徒使 343 

Is 、 , , 、 013 、 

論到 紳叫他從死惠復活永不歸於朽壤經上又說我必將所許大衛永無變i^Ma!f;恩賜與你們又 一 篇 上說你 必不叫 

〇一|一< 1 、 、 、 G1 一一 

你的 者 朽壊大 ¥ 遵 神的旨 意完了 一生的 事或作 爲他那 1 世的人 識了心 死了歸 到他祖 宗那裏 就朽壤 了惟獨 神所復 

活的 他並沒 巧朽壊 諸位 弟兄你 們當知 綠這人 有赦罪 的道現 在宣傅 與你們 你們露 摩西的 律法所 不得赦 J„s 的罪 佴信 

、 o^r 、 、wll 、 、 、 、 

這人就 都得著 赦免了 現在你 們應當 謹慎恐 怕先知 所說的 應在你 們身上 先知說 你們這 貌視正 道的人 必要觀 看驚駭 

滅. 13、 因 i! 我當 你們的 時候、 耍行 1 伴大事 、雖 有人吿 lit 你們、 你 們也是 不信。 〇17^ 人出了 會堂、 異邦人 請兩位 使徒、 到下 

、 crain 、 、 、 、 

安息: " 苒向他 們宣講 這道會 中人散 後猶太 人和虔 誠進敎 的人多 有跟從 保羅巴 拿巴的 兩人又 與他們 講道勸 他們恆 

心倚 $S 祌的 恩到下 安息 H 合城的 人幾乎 都來聚 集要聽 神的 道猶太 人看見 人這樣 多就滿 心妒嫉 辯驳保 雜所講 

的道、 辯駁的 辯駁、 毀該的 毀謗。 

344 ACTS, XIV. 

4G Then Paul and Barnabas waxed 
bold, and said, It was neco.s>ai-y that 
tlie word of God should first liave 
been spokou to you : but seeing ye 
put it from yoiij and .jii(lge your- 
selves unworthy of evcrla^f iiig life, 
lo, \vc turn to the Gentiles. 

47 For so liatli the Lord com- 
manded us, saying, I have set thee 
to be a light of the Gentiles, that 
lliou shouldcst be for salvation unto 
the ends of the eartli. 

48 And when tlie Gentiles lieanl 
til is, they wore glad, and i^lorificd tlie 
word of tlie Lord : and ! is many as 
were ordained to eternal life believed. 

49 And the word of the Lord was 
published tlircnighout all tlie region. 

'。0 But the Jews stir ml up the 
dfivout and honourable women, and 
tlie chief men of the city, and raised 
persecution against Paul and Barna- 
bas, and expelled them out of their 

51 But tliey shook off tlie dust of 
tiicir feet against thoni, and came 
unto Iconinm. 

52 And the disciples were filled 
with joy, and witli the Holy Ghost. 


AND it came to pass in rconium, 
tliat (hey went both together 
ink) the syiiiigogne of the Jews, and 
so spake, that a great nuiltitiitlo both 
of (lie Jews ami also of the Greeks 

2 Eiit tlio unbelieving Jews .stirred 
iipthcCieutilc's, mid made (heir niiiuls 
evil alK'clcd ageinsl, the brctliren. 

S Long time tlicrefbre abode (hey 
spcakiiiu; boldl/ in tlic Lord, wliich 
gave testimony unto tlic word of his 
gr:ice, n.n(l gi niitcd signs and won- 
ders to l)t- (lone by tlioir liands. 

4 Jiiit tlic! rmiltilude of tlie ci(y 
、vas divided : :iiul part held witli the 
.T (! \vp, :in(l p u t with (he apostles. 

章 四十第 % 行 f 漆 使 、 、 、 I 1 

保, € 和。^ t 拿巴 於膽說 神的道 先講與 你們^ 是應常 的、 口 (MI 你們 Hi; 棄 這道自 己以爲 不配, 倂永生 、我們 就轉向 邦 A 

13^ 去。. sfm 樣吩附 我們說 、我已 經立 你作^ 邦人 的光、 使 你施行 極救: K 到地! 邦 A 聽兒 所講的 氣就& 、直: :.^ 

譜^ 主的道 凡主、 所豫定 得永生 的人、 都信服 1.^1 是 主的道 ffi 遍了那 一 帶地方 1 那 入挑唆 許多: 严 < 誠 婦人、 和 


第 十四章 


£們1 一一人 就在那 i 了多日 、倚 lii 、主叫 他們能 行§ 奇事、 I 他 衆 M 幻分 M 、& 

5. 人的、 饤 附從使 徙的。 ! If} 

ACTS, XtV. 章四十 lil 傅 行 徙 使 345 

5 And when there was an assault 
made both of the Gentiles, and also 
of Uie Jews with llieir rulers, to use 
them tlospitefally, and to stone them, 

G They were ware of it, and fled 
unto Lystra and Derbe, cities of 
Lycaonia, and unto the region that 
lietli round about : 

7 And there they preached the 

8 And there sat a certain man 
at Lystra, impotent in liis feet, being 
a cripple from his mother's womb, 
who never liad walked : 

9 The same heard Paul speak : 
who steadfastly beholding liini, and 
perceiving that he had faith to be 

10 Said with a loud voice, Stand 
upright on thy feet. And he leaped 
ami walked. 

1 1 And when the people saw what 
l\iul had done, they lifted up their 
voices, saying in the speech of 
I<ycaouia, The gods are corae clown 
to as in the likeness of men. 

12 And t!iey called Barnabas, 
Juj)i(er ; and 】)a'dl, Mercurius, be- 
cause he war! the chief speaker. 

13 Tlien tlie pticpt of Jupiter, 
which Nvas before their city, brought 
ox( II and garlands unto the gates, 
and would have done .^crifice with 
the people. 

14 Which wlion the apostles, Bar- 
nabas and Pai;), lu'iu'cl of, they rent 
their clothes, and ran in among the 
people, crying ouf, 

15 A nd saying, Sirs, why do ye 
these things? We also arc men of like 
passions with yon, and preach unto 
you that ye should turn from these 
vanities unto the living God , wliich 
made heaven, and cartli, and the sea, 
and all things that are therein : 

16 Who in jiracs past suffered all 
nations to walk in their own ways. 

猶 太人和 他們的 官長並 異邦人 一 起 來耍. 凌辱使 徒用石 頭砍他 們使徒 知道了 就逃往 呂高尼 的路司 得特 庇兩^ 诚 

和周 園 的地 方去。 & 那 mf 城 裏坐著 一 個人、生來就是瘤腿:^兩脚無.?^從來沒有行氣,聽§講^^保 

fc. 、、! -、、 , 0.M , 

羅注 目看他 知道他 有信心 可得全 愈就大 聲說你 起來兩 脚站穩 了那人 立刻跳 起來行 走衆人 It!^ 見保 羅所作 的事就 ffl 

— 、 、 C 十-一 、 、 、 

呂 高尼的 方言大 聲說有 舯藉著 人形降 臨在我 們中間 了衆人 就稱巴 拿巴爲 丢斯因 -鬆保 羅說話 領頭就 稱他爲 希耳米 

i- . 、 、 、 C 十 、 、 

城外丢 欺廟的 祭司帝 著牛傘 著花箍 來到? : 前耍和 衆人獻 祭與他 們巴, S 保雜 二使徒 聽見這 事就衛 開衣服 跑到衆 

人 中間、 喊叫說 甚麼 這樣行 ^ 我們 也是九 性情和 你們一 i 我們 傳福音 與你們 、爲 叫你們 離棄這 些虛偽 的齓歸 

向创 造天地 海和其 中萬物 的永生 i • 在 從前的 世代、 任憑萬 國各從 其道。 

346 ACTS, XIV. 

17 Nevertheless he left not himself 
without witness, iu tliat he did good, 
anil gave us raiu from heaven, and 
i'ruitful seasons, filling our hearts 
with food and gladness. 

18 And with these sayings scarce 
restrained they the people, tlmt they 
had not (lone sacrifice unto tlicm. 

19, And there came thither certain 
Jews from Antlocli and Iconiiim, who 
persuaded the people, and, having 
stoned Paul, drew him out of the 
city, supposing he had been dead. 

20 Howbeit, as the disciples stood 
round about him, lie rose up, and 
came into the city : and the next 
(lay he departed with Barnabas to 

21 And when they had preached 
tlie gospel to that city, and hadtauglit 
many, tliey returned again to Lystra, 
and to Icoiiium, aud Antioch, 

22 Confirming the souls of the 
disciples, and exhorting them to 
continue in the faith, and that we 
must through much tribulation enter 
into the kingdom of God. . 

23 And when they had ordained 
them elders in every chureli, aud had 
prayed with fasting, they commend- 
ed them to the Lord, on whom they 

24 And after they had passed 
throughout Pisidia, they came to 

25 And when tlicy Imd preached 
the word in Perga, they went down 
into Altnlia: 

2G A 1.(1 thence sailed to Antioch, 
from whence llioy had boon recom- 
mended to the grace of (Jod for the 
work wliicli they fiiliillcd. 

27 And when they were come, and 
had gathered the church togctlicr, 
they rehearsed all thatGcd liad done 
、v it'll tlicni, and how ho liad opened 
(he door of faith unto the CJcn tiles. 

28 And tliere llioy abode long 
time witli tlie disciples. 

章 四十第 傳 行 徒 使 

i 而爲 自己 未嘗不 顯出證 據來、 就如常 施恩與 ^ 從天 降雨、 賞賜璺 年使我 們飮^ 飽足滿 心喜^ 二 人說了 這話僅 债的止 

住 fc 姓 不獻祭 與他們 1 來 有幾個 人、 從 和 來、 挑唆了 衆人、 就 ffl 石頭砍 ^以 爲砍死 T 、便 他到城 

外。 £徒圓 繞 荖他、 忽然站 起來、 走進 城去、 次曰同 離 開那氣 往§^ 人 在那城 s^fn 、收 了許多 

囘 IwisssT 去 1 固門徒 的心、 働他 們恆心 信主、 乂說、 我 們耍進 舯的國 、必 須經歴 許多艱 氣一" 一 Ail 

會衷、 選? 老、 祈禱 禁食、 將他 們交付 他們所 信的主 1】 人經過 來到 。& 3 講近、 後來下 ^利 去從那 

裹 坐船囘 去。 從前敎 會將二 人交付 舯、 求 神施恩 、使他 們能去 辦现現 在已經 辦完的 f 是在這 地方。 那 7、 就 

寅 In , 

聚藥敎 會的人 、述說 神爲 他們所 行的事 义說、 神 n! 異邦 人開了 信道的 門二人 就在安 提 阿同 門徒住 了^.^ 

ACTS, XV. 章五 十第傅 行徒使 347 


AND certain men which came 
down from Jiulea lauglit the 
bretliicn, and mid, Except ye be 
circumcised after iJie manner of 
Moses, ye cannot be saved. 

2 Wlien therefore Paul and Bar- 
nabas had no small dissension and 
disputation with them, they deter- 
mined that Paul and Barnabas^ and 
certain other of them, should go up 
to Jerusalem unto the apostles ami 
eklrrs about this question. 

3 And being brought on their way 
by the chincli, they passed through 
Plieiiice ami Samaria, declariiif^ the 
conversion of the Geutiles: and they 
caused great joy unto all thebretliren. 

4 And when tliey were come to 
Jeruj^alem, tliey were received of the 
ch u rchj and of the apostles and 
elders, and they declared all things 
tliat God had done with them. 

5 Jkit there rose up certain of the 
sect of the Pharisees which believed, 
saying, That it was needful to cir- 
cumcise them, and to com maud them 
to ki^ep the law of Moses. 

6 ^ And the apostles and elders 
came together for to consider of this 

7 And when there had been mucli 
disputing, Peter rose ii p, and said 
unto them, Men and brethren, ye 
kuoiv liow that a good while ago God 
made choice among us, that tlic 
Gentiles by my mouth should liear 
t!ic word of the gospclj and believe. 

8 And God, which k nowelh the 
hoar ts, ba re the m w itn ess, giving 
(hem the Holy Ghost, even as he did 
unto us; 

9 And put no difference between 
US and tliem, purifying their hearts 
by fliitl', 

10 Now therefore why tempt ye 
God, to put a yoke upon the neck of 
the disciples, which neither our 
fathers nor we were able to bear ? 

第 十五章 

i;^ 幾 個人從 下來、 向兄弟 傅講說 、你們 若不遵 § 的 例受割 i 就不能 得^_^^^ 與他 們大大 的爭競 辯論、 衆 

門徒定 意差遣 ^isi 和敎 中幾個 A、p 這 端上耶 路攧冷 .115 問使徒 和長老 「k 是敎 會送他 們起行 〔他 們經過 

lisw&l 隨 處傅說 異邦. = ^、歸 主的事 、衆弟 兄聽見 、都甚 歡# 到了 ml^ 敎會 的.^ 和使 徒並長 老、 都接 待他^ 他們 

就述說 祌 i! 他們 所行。 的 IsSf 幾個信 主的法 利赛敎 門人站 起來說 、應 當叫異 邦人受 割禮、 吩附他 們遵守 Is 的律: 

^ 徒長 老聚! ^商識 這事。 i 人 大大的 爭論、 ■ 站起來 、對他 們說、 諸位 弟兄、 你 們知道 t! 從前在 我們中 問揀選 了我、 宣 

11 福昔與 異邦人 、使他 們從我 口中聽 道信主 #且 靈察 人心的 神、 賜聖靈 與他 們和賜 我們一 樣、 爲他們 作了見 lik 他 

們的心 、因 信得了 潔淨、 並不 分他們 我們。 I 在一 甚麽 試探 祌、 耍 將我們 列祖和 我們所 不能負 的軛、 放在門 徒的頸 1^ 上 


348 ACTS, XV. 

11 But we believe that tlirongli 
the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ 
we shall be saved, even as they. 

12 f Then all tlie multitude kept 
silence, and gave audience to Barna- 
bas and Paul, declaring what miracles 
and wonders God had wrought anion g 
llie Gentiles by them. ■ 

13 t And after they bad held their 
peace, James answered, saying, Men 
and brethren, hearken imto me: 

14 Simeon hath declared how God 
at the first did visit the Gentiles, to 
take out of them a people for his 

15 And to this agree the words 
of the prophets; as it is written, 

16 After this I will relurn, and 
will build agaiu the tabernacle of 

I David, which is fallen down ; and I 
will build again the ruins thereof, 
and I will set it up : 

17 That the residue of men might 
feck after the Lord, and all the 
Gentiles, upon - whom my name is 
called, saith the Lord, who doeth all 
these things. 

18 Known unto God are all his 
works f rora thebeginning ofthe world. 

19 Wherefore my sentence is, that 
we trouble not them, which from 
among the Gentiles are turned to 
God : 

20 But that we write imto tliem, 
that they abstain from pollutions of 
idols, aiid/?-om fornication, and from 
things strangled, and from blood. 

21 For Moses old time Imtli in 
every city (hem tliat preach him, 
being read in Uie synagogues every 
suhbutli (lay. 

22 Thon pl<>asc(l it the apostles 
ami eldlorfi, with the whole c-lmrch, 
to seiul clioscn men of their own 
company to Aniiocli with Paul and 
IWmdms ; namely, Judas sur named 
]3iu?al)ns, ami Silius, cliicf men among 
tlie brethren : 

章五十 m 條行 {,11 使 

i 們信我 們;. 诚主 耶穌基 督的恩 得救、 與 他們一 樣。 i 人都 默默無 對他們 ?^」 說 i; 如何在 邦人. 用 

他們 施行許 多異蹟 奇事。 i 完了、 ^便說 、諸位 弟兄、 請聽我 的話" W 總^ 述説 神從前 眷願與 邦人、 從 他們中 『此棟 邀 


造 建立。 is^ 以外 的人、 和奉 我名的 一 邦-^ 都 求. h5 這話 是成 就這寧 的主說 It.^ E 所作: ^從太 > 初的 SI 他 

就都知 道了。 g 以按我 的意見 、不 可攪擾 那從異 邦歸附 舯的 人。! 當寫信 吩附他 ^禁戒 俩像的 .巧^ 和, 姦仏又 ^戒吃 



名 的。 於是寫 信交給 他們、 信 內說、 


23 And tliey wrote letters by tliem 
after this manner ; The apostles and 
elders and brethrcnscncZ greeting imto 
the brethren which are of tlie Gentiles 
in Antioch and Syria and Cilicia : 

24 Forasmuch as we have 】iearcl, 
tliat certain which went out from us 
liave troubled you witli ^vords, siib- 
\ erting your souls, saying, Ye must 
be circumcised, and keep tJie law ; to 
whom we gave no such commandment: 

25 It seemed good unto us, being 
asseml'led with one accord, lo send 
chosen nicii unto you with our bclovGfl 
Barnabas and Paul, 

26 Meii that have hazarded their 
lives for the uaine of our Lord 
Jesus Christ. 

27 We have sent therefore Jiidas 
and Silas, who shall also tell you the 
same things by mouth. 

28 For it seemed good (o the Holy 
Ghost, and fo us, to lay upon yoii no 
greater burden than these necessary 
tilings ; 

29 That ye abstain from meats 
offered lo idols, and from blood, and 
from things strangled, and from for- 
nication : from which if ye keep your- 
selves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well. 

30 So when they were dismissed, 
tliey came to Aiitiocli : and when 
they had gathered the multitude 
together, they delivered the epistle : 

31 Which when they had read, 
they rejoiced for the consolation. 

32 Aud Judas and Silas, being 
prophets also themselves, exhorted 
the brethren with, many words, aud 
confirmed them. 

33 And after they liad tarried there 
a space, they were let go in peace 
from the brethren unto the apostles. 

34 Notwithstanding it pleased 
Silas to abide there still. 

35 Paul also aud Barnabas con- 
tinued in Autioch, teaching and 
preaching the word of the Lord, 
with many others also. 

章五 十第傳 行徒使 349 

§ 徒長老 和弟 兄們、 請安提 阿叙利 亞基利 家的異 邦奉敎 的衆弟 兄安。 g 們聽 見我們 中間有 幾個人 出去、 用言語 褪擾你 

們 ts 你們 的心、 說你們 必須舉 割氣守 ^ 的律法 、其實 我們沒 有這樣 吩咐" g 以 g 們同心 合意的 議定、 揀選 幾個. < 、差 

他們同 我們所 親愛, H 我主耶 穌基督 的名、 不顧 性命的 S3、M 往你們 邠裏去 。i 們 就差了 ffl^tpM 也叫 他們述 

說信 內的話 .ilHuii 和我們 定意不 將甚麼 重氣放 在你們 身上、 惟有這 幾件耍 緊的事 、§ 是禁戒 吃祭偶 傺的物 和血、 並 

、 、 、 、 CI= 十 、 =l=u 、 、 

勒死的 牲畜也 禁戒犯 姦淫的 事你們 若能自 禁不犯 就好了 願你們 1^ 安他們 泰了差 遺就往 安提 阿去聚 僂衆人 交付書 

一一一 I 、 、 oiiii 一 、 , CIllln 、 

信衆人 看了因 _H 信上 安慰的 甚是歡 喜猶大 西拉也 是先知 就用許 多話勸 勉弟兄 堅固他 們的心 住了多 H 弟兄 打發 

CH1 四 0-S — 、 、 

他們平 平安安 的囘到 差遣他 們的人 那裏去 惟有西 拉决意 住在那 澳保羅 巴拿巴 仍住在 提阿 和許多 弟兄敎 訓人宣 

講 主福音 的道。 

350 ACTS, XVI. 章六 十第傅 行徒使 

36 1 And some clays after, Paul 
said uii< (-, Barnabas, Let us go again 
aiid visit our brethren in every city 
where we have preached the word 
of the Lord, and see how they do. 

37 And Barnabas determined to 
/akc witli them John, whose surname 
"•£is Mark. 

38 But Paul though not good to 
take liim with (hem, who departed 
from them from Pampliylia, and 
went not with them to the work. 

39 And the contention was so sharp 
between tlieni, that tlioy departed 
asunder one from the other : aud so 
Baina))as took Mark, and sailed 
unto Cyprus ; 

40 And Paul chose Silas, and 
departed, being recommended by the 
brctliren unto the grace of God. 

41 And he went through Syria and 
Cilicia, confirming the chu relies, 


came he to Deibe and 
丄 Lystra: aud, behold, a certain 
disciple \vas there, named Timotliens, 
the son of a certain Avoman, which a Jewess, aud believed ; but 
liis fatlier was a Greek : 

2 Which was well reported of by 
the brethren that were at Lystra 
and Iconium. 一 

3 Him would Paul have to go forth 
with liiiu ; and took aud clicumcised 
! liiu bcciuisc of the. Jews -which were 
ill tliose (juai icrs: lor they 】、'uew all 
that his jatlier -Nvas a Greek. 

. 4 Ami as they v/ent (hrougli the 

for to keep, that were ordained of 
the apo6t!es and elders Avhicli were 
at Jernsalem. 

5 And .so Ave re the chu relics estab- 
I'slicd in the faith, and increased in 
number daily. 

過了数 =s« 對 sij 說我們 從前在 許多城 is^ 宜傳主 的道、 如今 我們須 fe^ 邪些 城去、 pg^Jes 兄光 s 如 ft^^J:^ 

srny 帶稱 fTli. 的 §5 去 從前在 離開 他們、 沒有和 他們同 去傅敎 、就以 爲不可 帶他去 C 一 3r 

iicf 論、 逸至彼 此分開 (i3sii;^ji> 、坐船 往^ 去 1 翻 揀選! 也起行 、弟兄 lg 他求主 施恩保 I 船就 :^. 遍 

堅 固衆敎 會。 

第 十六章 

^到了 。在 那裹有 一 個門 徒名叫 他母 親是信 主的! ^人、 他父親 :ll-i,fw 人、 twlf 和 

免兄、 都稱譖 他。^ 耍帶他 同去、 因 if! 住 在那些 地方的 g ^人、 就給 他行 了釗氣 人都 知逍他 父親是 是 

經 行谷城 將 耶路撒 冷的使 徒和長 老所 擬定的 條親, 條 與他們 遵守。 ^ 此谷敎 心越 ^.--Mi 人数: "Iz 曾 hI 


6Now when they had gone through- 
out Plirygia and tlic region ofGalatia, 
and were forbiddoii of the Holy 
Ghost to preach the word in Asia, 

7 After lliey were come to My si a, 
they assayed to go into Bitliyniii : but 
llic Spirit suffered them not, 

8 And they passing by Mysia came 
down to Trc^s, 

9 And a visieii appeared to Paul 
ill the night; There stood a man of 
Macedonia^ and prayed him, saying, 
Come over into Macedonia, and help 

10 And after he had seen the vision, 
irnmcdiatoly we endeavoured to go 
into Macedonia, assuredly gathering 
that tlie Lord liad called us for to 
preach the gospel unto tliera. 

1 1 Therefore loosing from Troas, 
we came with a straight course to 
Samothracia, and the next day to 
Neapolis ; 

12 And from thence to Philippi, 
which is the chief city of that part of 
Macedonia^ and a colony : and we 
were in tliatcityabiding certain days, 

13 And on the sabbath we went 
out of the city by a river side, where 
prayer was wont to be made ; and we 
sat down, and spake unto the women 
which resorted thither. 

14 T[ And a certain woman named 
Lydia, a seller of purple, of the city 
of Thyatira^ which worshipped God, 
Iioard us: whose heart the Lord 
opened, that she attended unto tlie 
things which were spoken of Paul. 

15 And when sbe was baptized, 
ami lier household, she besought us, 
saying, If ye have judged mc to he 
faith fill to the Lord, come into my 
house, and abide there. And she 
const rni lad us. 

16 T[ And it came to pass, as we 
went to praye